SD Gundam Fan Fiction ❯ PYP ❯ Chapter 12: Strength ( Chapter 12 )

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Pick Your PairingBy: May-VeggieGirl1
The gist is: YOU all tell me what you want me to write. ^_^ Pairings, pretty much pairings, but I will do introspective views of characters and friendships. It'll be short and sweet, staying in character as much as I can. So, I don't have anything else to say, get going with the requests!Idea Contrived/ Requested by: Me, but inspired from Episode 35. -.o If you haven't seen it, it's a moment between Bakunetsumaru and Tallgeese.Chapter 12: Strength

I felt his touch and flinched, not expecting it. But even more so of what I had not expected, it was gentle and full of kindness. Kindness, of all things!
I looked up at his smiling face, confused. It was too honest, too pure, and his words tied a knot in me.

Why, I felt my head throb with the word. Why Why Why! Is he not your enemy? Are you not his? Had you not tortured and taunted and slammed him into the ground, raking him across with giant claws of the griffon? Were you not merciless to him? What is the meaning of such kindness as if you were kin and not foe?

He held me up as my weakened, battered body continued to give in to the defeat from Deathscythe and Epyon. Give in, fall down, and give up. Die alone in this dark cave but here he holds me... here he believes in me. Faith in my pride, faith in my strength to overcome.
But I was the one overcome as I relaxed from my struggles and gave myself to him, my face falling into his chest, exhausted.

I have the strength to overcome, but, no doubt, the greatest strength of all is with him.