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Pick Your Pairing
By: May-VeggieGirl1
The gist is: YOU all tell me what you want me to write. ^_^ Pairings, pretty much pairings, but I will do introspective views of characters and friendships. It'll be short and sweet, staying in character as much as I can. So, I don't have anything else to say, get going with the requests!
Idea Contrived/ Requested by: Tenshi-chan! (Tenshi-No-Miko@dA) :3 And what a challenging pairing it is! I hope you like it, hahaha! ^^;
Man, this is like a full-out fic man. Oh, and about the twelve containers, yes I did count how many zakos were holding containers. Come on, it just makes SENSE.
Chapter 15: One

There was only one organic in all the galaxies that Sazabi was unusually fond of.

Red and squishy, flecked with black speckles like little beady eyes, and just waiting to be plucked from the flowering organism. The commander was fond of taking it's life, oh so carefully, and bringing it to his quarters for some deep, dark purpose. He used the term 'fond' with an air of danger and delicacy, especially unnerving Zapper, Grappler, and Destroyer whenever mentioning it. The mere thought became so intimidating that none of them ever questioned it- and Sazabi chuckled to himself in the confines of his steel-lined room.
That was just the way he wanted it. Underlings need to stay ignorant afterall.

But when Zapper returned from scouting the new world with these things called 'raspberries', Sazabi was furious. He had Zapper picking out bolts stuck in his charred cogs for a week, such a wrath was unleashed upon him. The zako infantry was reduced by half and still, discrete as they were being initially, the Dark Axis had not found 'it' in the new land. Time was dwindling, the invasion had to go on.
So finally, Sazabi decided to search one last time- by himself.

Quietly he landed in the open field, like a ninja if the Zakorello gate hadn't murmured "Relloooww..." in it's wake. His red eye glared as the yellow being disappeared from the spatial realm and he silently, with disgust, sized up the new world for himself.

"Now," He deep voice murmured aloud in thought. "Where are you?" He trotted through the grassy field, careless crushing and kicking wildlife aside. A snake hissed and lunged at him but he swatted it away effortlessly. He was here on a specific mission and he was going to either find it or petrify everything to Kingdom come in one shot!
Sazabi reached a clearing a top a hill, beginning to accept that it didn't reside in this worthless new world when he was struck by the sight of soft yellow in the bushes. What kind of freak-creature was that, he mused, mono eye narrowing. Fluffy yellow animals were certainly a new aspect to him and just before he dismissed the object of sunshine, it turned- revealing a girl! A human girl with long, golden hair, perfectly curled at the edges and deep purple eyes as her pale fingers fumbled in the bush. Sazabi's souldrive struck cold as he froze in place, fearing she would see him. If the humans became suspicious, their preemptive strike would be completely ruined!
Still, despite his caution, her eyes inevitably settled on the large red figure atop the hill, sticking out like a sore thumb and still as a statue.

"Oh, hello there," Her voice curled like her hair and smiled at him, tilting her head slightly. Her initial reaction relieved him for only a moment, for he did not know how robots of this world greeted or regarded a human. Were they their masters or comrades? Sazabi tried to play it safe, slowly replying.

"Yes. Hello."

"What are you doing here," She asked with bubbly glee as she emerged fully out of the bush, showing her blue and white dainty dress and tiny feet like a porcelain doll. The girl was almost unreal like a mannequin but so full of life. He stared unabashed and fumbled for an appropriate response.

"I--was--looking for something."

"So I am!" The blonde female held up a braided basket, top uncovered and revealing- exactly what he was looking for! He swore mentally and tensed up. Has she taken them all? Was he going to kill her to get them? "You see," She continued, completely oblivious to his dark look. "I love making cakes for all my friends and family. My grandmother's seventieth birthday is tomorrow and I was going to give her this big, three layered cake with sweetened jam for icing, since she doesn't care much for the sugar glaze. But silly me, I ran out of strawberries to top it off with!" He edged carefully down the hill until he was naturally looming over her, her story passing him completely.


"You agree that real, fresh fruit like wild strawberries makes the perfect touch to baked goods, yes?" Her eyes set expectantly on him again as he flinched and quickly withdrew his sneaking hands behind his back. Sazabi shifted under her gaze, sweating nervously. Why did everything have to be so COMPLICATED!

"I-I don't really know..." He admitted sheepishly as she blinked, still staring.

"Well, what do you top your cakes with?"

"I don't have any cakes..." Sazabi made an irritated noise while setting his sights back to his object of desire. "Look, I'm just here toe get some strawberries and head back home. Would you mind giving some to me?" The girl's smile returned as she held up her basket.

"In that case, I have a better idea!" She twirled past him and laughed carelessly, holding up the petite basket with both hands. "How about we go back to my house and I use some of the leftover batter to make you some cake too?"

"No, that's okay, I just need the-"

"And we can top it off with some of the strawberries too!" She smiled radiantly as her dress blended against the blue sky. Sazabi frowned as she began to head home without anymore question, her mind clearly set.

"Listen," He started again, his voice more demanding now as he followed her. "I don't want any cake!"

On the other side of the metal soundproof doors- the Zako Zako Hour zako's worst enemy of all- the three lieutenants gathered around the charting table feverishly, discussing the Commander's extended leave-of-absence.
"He's been gone for hours! I knew we should have sent at least one Zako to keep contact with him!" Zapper slammed his spiked fists on the table, visibly seething. "They've probably discover the Commander and are ambushing him as we speak!" Grappler rolled his eye.

"From the view I've seen, that place couldn't stop a giant butterfly if it sat on them much less handle the Commander."

"But he said that he wouldn't be gone for more than thirty minutes! We have no choice but to storm Neotopia immediately!"

"Yeah! Blow them up! Destroy them all!"

"You idiot," Grappler yelled back. "He never gave us any orders to do that! If you go on in there and start attacking without permission, he'll be the one to kill you!"

"He'll kill me if I don't!" Zapper stood up, grabbing his heathawk. "Commander has already made it clear that Neotopia is my objective! If anything were to happen to him while he is there undercover would be a failure on my part!"

"Wouldn't be the first time," Grappler grumbled and Zapper poked his face next to his.

"Wanna say that to my face?!" Suddenly, the doors clinked and rolled back, startling the three of them as a shadowed figure entered... it was the Commander himself! Destroyer stared, completely dumbfounded as Zapper and Grappler flinched instinctively, quickly facing at rigid attention.

"C-Commander, sir!" They both stammered as he hovered over the two smaller robots.

"Are the preparations I asked earlier ready?" Zapper tucked away his heathawk.

"Yes sir! The kamusai is loaded and ready for launch at your orders, sir!"

"Ready the Zakos and coordinates and fill twelve BagguBaggu containers to be deployed at once. You will move out at 15:00. Is that clear?"

"Yes sir, Commander, sir!" With a prompt salute, Zapper quickly headed out to dish out orders. Grappler watched him leave and nervously continued to stand there.

"Commander, sir, if I may ask, why only twelve? We used hundreds at once in Lacroa without any trouble..." Grappler paused, shrinking a little under Sazabi's cold stare. "..Did you... find it?" After a moment of suspense, Sazabi turned away and opened the back door.

"This new world is so utterly defenseless, it won't need more than twelve." And with a slam, the door closed and left the two lieutenants alone to their silence.

In his quarters, the Commander of the Dark Axis sat very still, only a single light from the corner of the room keeping it from the pitch darkness. He listened to the deep mechanical whir of the Magnamusai, something he's known all his life and found comfort in, and stared emptily ahead at a small, round-shaped object sitting on his desk next to rolled up plans of domination. Pink ribbon laces of icing around it's edges, the cake was big enough for one person to enjoy alone with great red strawberries gathered around the top. But it stayed there virtually untouched.
Sazabi didn't really know what to do with it. He didn't want to eat it, or it's strawberry crown, as he initially had planned. He certainly didn't want to destroy it or give it away. But keeping the thing was greatly... unsuitable. He was the Commander of an empire bent on destroying all natural lifeforms- and here he was with this delicate cake like some orphaned child! Absurd, it was!
But he did nothing but sit there and stare at it, and remember how much time he has already wasted watching it come up from a pile of goo to something refined. He thought about the bizarre human girl with deep purple eyes who brought him- her worst nightmare- into her humble home and rattled on endlessly about such flirting things, it made him sick.
But he endured it, so to speak. What for? So he could sit here, just like this, and not know what to do.

As Sazabi stared at it contemplating, he slowly began to accept that there may be two organics in all the galaxies he was unusually fond of.