SD Gundam Fan Fiction ❯ Taishi's Betrayal ❯ The Storm ( Chapter 9 )

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Taishi's Betrayal
By: May-VeggieGirl1

Hi again! This chapter and the next will b fairly long. Let's see my reviews here...! People, trust me when I say, YOU DON'T WANT TO KNOW THE RELATION BETWEEN BAKU AND KIBAO!!! *shivers* Kai...hidden powers...if it floats your boat, sure. My inspiration is going down the drain so if anyone has any ideas I could work with, it is appreciated. This is a funny chapter!! I pity poor Baku...
Btw, BAKU PLUSHIE IS MINE!!!! _/++ Back off people, I'm going to copywrite it soon! XP

Baku stretched out like a cat on threw the covers off. The moment he walked out of his room, Ybaso was standing over him.
"Where are you going?"
"To take a shower then have breakfast. Duh."
"You don't need a shower. I'll bring in your breakfast, so get back in there." Ybaso shoves Baku back in his room and shuts the door. Baku fumes quietly.
"Of course I need a shower- Kibaomaru touched me!!!" Ybaso opened the door again, for once not able to argue with that reasoning.
"Fine, but once your done go back to bed." Ybaso continued down the hallway. He raised an invisible eyebrow.
"What am I, grounded?" Baku shrugs it off and goes to take his shower.

Someone knocked on Zero's door.
"Come in." Baku poked his head in.
"Hey Zero. I heard you got hurt or something along those lines?"
"Bakunetsumaru, your supposed to be in bed!" He snorted.
"Not you too...I don't even know why you people are even enforcing this!!"
"Baku, you got a concussion back there..." He blinked.
"Uh, so?"
"So?! Concussion's can be serious Bakunetsumaru!! "
"But is it?"
"Yes!...Well, it will be...I just..."
"I know, I know. Your just looking out for me. So, where are ya' hurt?"
"I basically broke my leg."
"That bites. Well, I better get back to my room before Ybasomaru finds me!" Baku goes to leave.
"Wait Baku!" He turns back to Zero.
"Well...I was just wondering..." Ybaso comes in the room and Baku begins to sweat.
"Uh...Zero wanted me!!"
"Does it seem like I care what your excuse is?" Zero interrupts.
"Do you ever care what the excuse is?"
"NO." Ybaso grabs Baku by the horn thingie and drags him out of the room. Zero sighs.
"I don't want to bring trouble...but I have to know..." Zero struggles to stand up and flies out his window.

Baku looked around the corner to see if the cost was clear. He sneaked into Zero's room and huffed.
"You wanted to kn-" He noticed Zero was gone and there was an open window. He looked out it and up at the clouds, becoming dark gray. "Lucky, you have wings..." Ybaso opened the door again, stream coming off his head. "Ack! Not again!!" Ybaso drags him by the foot down the hallway as Baku claws the ground. "Noooooo!!! Not the room!!! I don't wanna go back!!!" Guneagle, passing by, stop and watched the scene.
"I'm not even going to ask."

Baku pried at his window.
"Who the hell would put a lock on the OUTSIDE of a window?!" He picks up his alarm clock. "Oh fuck it! Anything to get out of here!! Plus, it'll rid me of the annoying beeping every morning!" He throws the clock against the window and breaks both of them. He peers out the broken glass, then remembers he's at the SDG base- high above the ground. "Damn it! Oh well." He scales the base using his swords. Ybaso opens a window and looks out at him. Baku notices and almost cries. "NO! WHY?!" Ybaso grabs his back and pulls him in.
"I don't think so...Will you stop trying to escape?!"
"No! Never!!!"

Baku sat on his bed, frustrated. They nailed up his window, locked the door from the outside, and put security guards and camera's out in the hallway. He jumps up and bangs on the door. "LET ME OUT OF HERE!!! I'll give you a cookie!" The security guard pauses.
"What kind of cookie...?" (T_T And they wonder how Cobramaru snuck on...)

Ybaso walked up to Captain, Shute, and Guneagle playing go fish.
"I have to go out. Make sure Bakunetsumaru doesn't leave his room."
"Uh-huh. Captain, do you have a Jack?" Ybaso sweat drops and leaves.

"FREEE!!!" He jumps on Entengo. "Let's get out of here!!!" Entengo neighs and runs off.

Baku dismounted Entengo near the forest. It was raining now, not very hard but raining. He sighed and looked out of a bush at Zero sitting near the river, staring at the water. "Hey Zero." Zero jumped as Baku stood behind him.
"Your supposed to be at the base!!"
"Well, after many futile attempts, I managed to persuade someone to let me go!"
"Giving them a cookie." Zero face faulted. "What did you want to ask me earlier?"
"Well...I wanted to know if you were...over Taishi..." Baku sat down next to Zero and was quiet for a moment.
"...I'll always love Taishi. No matter what he does, I'll love him because he's my brother." Baku threw a stone at the water. "But for some reason, I feel better about it. My head feels much clearer now." He looked down. "Yet still I miss him a lot."
"...What do you feel about the statement, 'It's better to love and lost then to never have loved at all'?"
"Well, I guess it depends on the person. What do you think about it?"
"...I never had a brother or sister, so it does get lonely. But what I saw happen to you..." Zero also looked down. "...I really worry about you, Bakunetsumaru. Baku, I just want to make sure your okay with everything. As I said, I never had a sibling but,...with you around, it feels like you are a little brother." Zero hugged Baku's mid-section. "In a way...I guess I sorta love you..." Sudden panic rose in Baku. It wasn't the words, it was the gesture that made him uncomfortable. ...I...What...? Baku pushed himself away from Zero and ran away. Zero sat there, confused. He looked back at the rising waves in the river and hung his head in his hands. "...Can I do anything right? Does he hate me now?" Zero's tears were cloaked by the rain.
Ybaso, who was waiting for a good moment to alert them of his presence, became cross and chased after Baku.

Baku slowed to a stop and panted. Suddenly, something came up from behind him and pushed him in a puddle of mud. He pulled himself to his knees as Ybaso grabbed him and lifted him off his feet.
"What the hell?!"
"I-I'm sorry I left the base..."
"I'm not talking about that! Zero's supposed to be your friend!"
"He is!"
"Then why the hell did you go and hurt him like that?! He didn't deserve that!!"
"I...I...I don't know...I freaked out. It just came out..." Tears swelled in his eyes. "I didn't want to hurt him..." The rain began to pour harder. Ybaso snorted and put him back on his feet, seeing fear in Baku's eyes.
"Get back to the base..." He turned and left. Baku shakily got Entengo and returned to the base.

Baku laid in bed and listen to the rain fiercely pound on the roof. What happened back there? He rolled over on his side. Poor Zero...Ybasomaru's mad at me, and Zero probably hates me also... He hugged his pillow and sniffed. Ybasomaru was right...Zero didn't deserve that. I have to meditate to figure out what's going on...But I can't. I can't take off my face and see what's behind it... He stood up and left his room. He sat down in a chair near Captain and Guneagle. Keiko came in with Nana.
"...Why are you up here?" Shute noticed him and frowned.
"Baku, you're supposed to be in bed!"
"Can I know what's going on?" Nana went to put his horn in her mouth but Keiko pulled her away.
"Neotopia is being hit with floods! This is the only safe place to hide out." Captain nodded.
"It's especially bad near river's and the seaside." Wait, that's where I left Zero! Baku ran out of the room.

Entengo came to a halt when they approached the widening river. He hopped off her and searched for Zero.
"Zero!! Zero, where are you?!"
"Baku!!" Baku turned and found Zero clinging onto a branch in the fast moving river.
"Zero, hang on!" He grabbed his sword by the blade and outstretched the handle out to Zero. He struggled to get a hold of it.
"It's too far away!!" Zero coughed. The branch he was grasping broke and sent him under water.
"Zero!!" Baku threw his sword to the side and dived into the water. Under the water, Baku grabbed Zero and tried to get back to the surface. He managed to pull his head up. Zero forced his head up also. "We have to get out quick!!!"
"Waterfall!!!" Zero turned his head around and saw the edge becoming closer. Entengo ran along side of them on the shore. They were pulled back under again. Baku grabbed on to a rock right in front of the waterfall and pulled them up again. Zero clung on to the rock also. They panted heavily as the rushing water tried to pull them down with the falls. Baku turned to Entengo. "Entengo, go back to the base and get help!!!" She nodded and ran off. "Just hang on, Zero!" Zero's hand slipped.
"Baku!" Baku grabbed onto Zero cape with his other hand. The cape ripped as Zero went over the edge of the waterfall.
"ZERO!!" Baku hand slipped also as he too plumetted the falls.

HAHAHA!! Brotherly experience! ^_^; Taishi falls, Baku falls! Why I'm smiling about this is beyond me! Will Baku and Zero survive? I have a creepy beginning to the next chapter, which will be right up!!