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Taishi's Betrayal
By: May-VeggieGirl1


Yay! Thank you shocked and disturbed readers (and those who were not disturbed)!! Yes, I sick in da mind. I HAVE GREAT NEWS!! I just saved a bunch on money on my car insurance by- no really I do. I FINALLY CREATED A PLOT!!! -.- Most of you probably didn't know this fic was plotless...Well it was !! Mu ha ha ha ha!!! I put some of my ideas with a song and a little bit of HLFR and some of your thoughts to create a plot! ...Wait, I'm not sure if I used some of your ideas or not, but w/e.
Btw, DO NOT DE-NY THE HOTNESS OF HAO!!! I took a spoon he licked and kept it for myself...O_o I have problems...If any of you happen to know a psychiatrist...(no, just kidding! My best anime pal's parents are psychiatrists)
Yes, the song is ANOTHER LP song. Sry, I'm lurve them!!
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*btw, don't forget the main category of this fic is psychological!!

Zero looked around at his strange surroundings. It appeared that he was at the SDG base. He, Captain, Shute, and Baku were goofing off-wait, how did he get over there? Zero walked up to himself and waved his hand in his face. His counter part did not respond and continued what he was doing- bickering with Baku. Zero watched the four of them when he swore he heard someone crying. He turned around to find a small sad Baku watching the happy four. Zero approached him, but he immediately hid behind a box.
"Hey what's wrong little guy? Is something wrong?" The mini Baku backed away when Zero came closer.
"Stay away from me!!" The mini pouted then Zero reached his hand out to him.
"Don't be afraid. Do you know who I am?" A spark of electricity snapped at Zero's hand, but he pulled it back before it burned him.
"I don't care who you are! Stay away!!" Zero gave the mini some space.
"Are you the one called Bakunetsumaru?" The tiny Baku looked over at the happy-go-lucky one then returned his venomous gaze back to Zero.
"My name is none of your concern. Forget you ever saw me." The little one began to walk away. The Baku bickering with the Zero copy said something to them (which Zero could not hear the four) and followed behind the mini.
"...He follows, even though he can't see the mini..." Zero thought out loud.

Zero bolted up and collided heads with Ybaso.
"Ow..." Zero held his sore head.
"Sorry, I was trying to wake up sleeping beauty here..." Ybaso shakes Baku.
"So, I was...dreaming?"
"I'd say so...wake up idiot!!" Baku sleepily opened his eyes and stared face to face with Ybaso.
"AH!! It's the face of death itself!!!" Zero sweat dropped.
"If you make me wait fifty more seconds for you in this cave I will be..." Ybaso picked up Zero and held him under one arm then walked out of the cave. "You have working legs-walk." Baku miserably tagged along behind.

"Phase one is now complete sir!!"
"Alright, continue as planned. Alert me if there are any interruptions."
"Yes sir, Zako!"

Shute watched the drop of water slide down the window. He sighed irritably and rested his head against the cool glass.
"Is there anything to do up here Captain?"
"There's plenty to do up here Shute."
"I mean anything that's not boring..."
"What do you mean by 'boring'?"
"Oh, nevermind..." Suddenly the power went out. "Uh...Captain, didn't you say that we had back up generators at the base?"
"That's strange. We do. Perhaps they're malfunctioning..."
"Captain, look down there!!!" Shute pointed out the window at a small white and purple thing floating in air and a red and blue thing with purple on it by it's side. (Guess who?) He got a close up of them.
"It's Tallgeese and his allies!!" Captain and Shute rushed to the main sector and stepped out into the rain. "Tallgeese! Zero's not here!" Tallgeese, Mercurius, and Vayeate land on the deck.
"We're not here for the knight..."
"Huh? You're always here for Zero-or the spirit egg...And we don't have either!"
"We're here for Captain...We created this storm to single you out..."
"How'd you, oh yeah wind and lightning...but how'd you get the rain to come down like this?" A vein bulged out of Tallgeese's head.
"I'm the Knight of the Tempest!!"
" is tempest like another word for storm?" Captain, Vayeate, Mercurius, and Tallgeese fall over. (I didn't know either till recently...)
"Ugh, let's just get this over with!!" Vayeate and Mercurius create an electrical tornado. Tallgeese quickly merged with the Griffin. Shute struggled to stay on the ground.
"Shute, get inside the base!!"
"But Captain-"
"Do it!!" Shute quickly got inside and ran to Juli and Haro.
"Tallgeese and some 2 other knights are attacking Captain!! Can't Guneagle help?!"
"We can't launch anything without our power, Shute..." Guneagle came up behind them.
"I could try to take off on my own from up here..."
"Yeah! What's the worst that could happen!?"
"...I could fall and hit the ground below then drown in the floods."
"But we have to help Captain!" Guneagle looked at Shute.
"I'll try my best Shute!"

"Keep up Bakunetsumaru. I'm not going to fetch you again." Baku jogged to get catch up to Ybaso. His stomach growled.
"I'm hungry..." Ybaso gave him the cold shoulder. Zero noticed.
"I think he's still mad..." As I thought. He's still angry... Baku looked down sadly.
"Can we please get something to eat?" Ybaso looked up and stopped walking.
"...I had a feeling they were behind this..."
"Behind what?" Baku stood next to Ybaso. "Who anyways?" Ybaso grabbed Baku by the arm.
"Hang on, we're going to speed things up." Ybaso ran off.

Btw, it's still almost completely Baku POV. Now I hafta clean my room. e_e Zero will have more dreams! But what does it mean?