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Toki Days
A Tokimeki Memorial - Happy Days Crossover / Slightly AU, Romance, Comedy, Drama, Parody
by Sailor Enlil
Tokimeki Memorial: Forever With You story with a flavor of Happy Days
Synopsis: Shiori Fujisaki starts her 2nd year in Kirameki Highschool with vague memories of her childhood. On the first day of school when she arrives at the gate, Rei Ijuuin, the Principal's grandson, makes his usual grand entrance via a limousine and cheering girls, a routine he's gone through since junior high. However, a new male transfer student in a black leather jacket arrives as a passenger on a motorcycle, and when he removes his helmet, he's dashingly handsome with a greased hairdo and carries himself like a debonair gentleman, effectively drawing the girls away from Rei. Meanwhile, as Shiori looks at him, she gets a nagging feeling in her heart that there's something strangely familiar about him.
Tokimeki Memorial is property of Konami; Happy Days is the creation of Garry Marshall and property of the American Broadcasting Company
Chapter prologue
(Morning, Tuesday, April 1, 1997, Classroom of 2-A)
"Stand! Bow! Be seated!"
As soon as the class sat down, the teacher made an announcement.
"Class, you're going to have a new student. He recently arrived from America and only completed his transfer process this morning. Please make him feel welcome." he said, which started a wave of murmurs from the class. A few moments later, someone walked in with a black leather jacket slung over his shoulder, causing the class to go silent.
The newcomer turned to the blackboard and wrote his name on it. When he finished, stepped aside and faced the class. On the board was written "Fonzureri Akito". He then introduced himself.
"Ohayo minna! My name is Akito Fonzureri, but my friends call me Fonzu." he said, causing gasps and moans of awe from the class.
"It's Fonzu-kun!" whispered one girl.
"It's him!" said another.
Shiori could only stare. In fact she was so out of it that she didn't even notice that Fonzu actually glanced at her for a moment.
Opening Theme
Nichi, Tsuki, Toki Days
Ka, Sui, Toki Days
Moku, Kana, Toki Days
Tsuchi, what a day
Groovin' all week with you
These days are all
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Sayonara grey sky, hello aoi.
When I hold you it's so sugoi.
Feels so right, it can't be wrong.
Rockin' and rollin' all week long.
These days are all,
Share them with me (Those Toki Days)
These days are all
Tokimeki (Itoshii)
These Toki Days are yours and mine (These Toki Days are yours and mine), Toki Days
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Chapter 2: Eyyy! It's Fonzu!
"What a cool guy!"
The murmurs from the girls continued. Meanwhile most of the guys felt a twinge of jealousy, most especially Rei Ijuuin.
"Hmmph! Just what's so good about him?" he muttered.
"Anyway, please tell everyone about yourself, Fonzureri-kun" said the teacher.
"I was born on February 14, 1979 -" he started, but the mention of his birthday resulted in louder murmurs.
"Whaaa! His birthday is Valentine's day!"
"I'll give him a really good chocolate!"
Shiori had a different reaction. She was actually stunned to learn that he shared exactly the same birthday she did.
"Quiet!" yelled the teacher. The class fell silent. "Please continue."
"As I said, I was born on February 14, 1979 here in Japan. But when I reached the age of four, my family moved to a town called Milwaukee in Wisconsin, United states, where I went to school up to junior high, and first year in Highschool."
"May I ask a question?" said Yoshio, raising his hand.
"Yes Saotome-kun?" said the teacher.
"You're Japanese but grew up in America?"
"Actually, I'm half-Japanese half-American" said Fonzu, starting up more murmurs. "My mother is Japanese while my father is American. The place I grew up in in America, Milwaukee, was my father's home town."
"Anything else you would like to add?" asked the teacher.
"I don't have any particular favorite food, but I like almost anything with Parsely added." Again the murmurs abounded.
"Haaa! So that's what I should put into his bento!"
"Ahem!" coughed the teacher, silencing the class again. "How about sports and hobbies?" he asked.
"I can play most kinds of sports, especially basketball and baseball"
Shiori's mind piqued. While she's good at all sports, her favorite was basketball.
"I like listening to Rock Music, especially 50's rock music by the way, but 80's too" continued Fonzu.
"Ehhh?" the girls gasped. Shiori wondered about his taste in music, considering she preferred classical.
"Really? 50's? We have the same taste here" said the teacher.
"Acutally, it was quite popular in a restaurant I often went to in Milwaukee. Also, my father loved it too." said Fonzu.
"I'd like to know something" said Rei.
"Be my guest Ijuuin-kun" said the teacher.
"What's with the motorcycle you rode in this morning? Is it not as convinient as a car?" he asked with a smirk.
"Actually, I love motorcycles, though I can't drive one just yet. Besides, cars can get stuck in traffic. Motorcycles will just run circles around them" he said with a grin.
"Wooooo!" went the class, noticing the good comeback he had against Rei.
"That's right. There's a motto I live by as a result of that. Live fast, love hard, and don't let anyone use your kanzashi!" said Fonzu while making a few cool jestures with his hands.
Rei went dumbstruck. He just couldn't figure out Fonzu at this point. The girls simply went dreamy eyed.
"What about the jacket you keep carrying?" asked another guy.
"Ah, a present from a friend in America. Plus it's great to have on while riding motorcycles of course, especially when it's cold."
"Um, can I ask something?" Shiori finally said.
"Yes Fujisaki-kun" said the teacher.
"Um, what's your dream in the future?"
"Ah, good question. I'd like to conquer the world with Rock and Roll!"
"Waaa!" the girls murmured.
"You mean you will be a singer?" asked one girl.
"Yes, singing is one of my hobbies. And as I said, Rock Music, 50's and 80's"
"Can you sing one song for us?" asked another girl.
"Well, I need to be in the mood first. Besides I don't think our teacher will give us time for that."
"Awwwww" the girls moaned.
"Don't worry. If you have a band club I think I'll join in" said Fonzu, getting the girls' hopes up.
"Hey! You can join us then! My companion here and I are starting a Rock Band club!" said Yoshio, pointing to Potsu right next to him.
"Okay, I'll think about that" Fonzu replied.
Shiori fell into deep thought. "That's quite a dream you have there Fonzu-kun" she thought. She had a thing for guys with ambitious dreams as long as they followed them.
"Alright class I think that's enough for now. You may take any vacant seat. I think there's one next to Saotome-kun" said the teacher.
"Thank you" said Fonzu, proceeding to the seat which happened to be the second row from the rear and next to the windows - several seats directly behind Shiori.
"Well prepare for your first subject class I'll see you in our subject later" said the teacher.
"Stand, Bow, Sit" went the class President, before the teacher left.
"Hey Fonzu-san" said Yoshio.
"Yeah Saotome-san?"
"Um, thanks for your help this morning."
"No problemo!" went Fonzu.
"You seem to be pretty good with girls, if you don't mind my saying." said Potsu. "By the way, I'm Yoshio's friend, Wataru Wakaba, but everybody calls me Potsu."
"Nice to meet you Postu-san. Well, where I grew up it was like a game to go date girls, so I had to like train myself"
"You have a girlfriend?" asked Yoshio.
"No I don't actually" replied Fonzu.
"Why not?" asked Potsu.
"Well, there is someone I have in mind, but she's here in Japan."
"Oh?" said Yoshio and Potsu in unison.
"Yeah. Before I went to America, I once knew a girl my age. She and I played together and had fun. I admit wishing I could see her again."
"What's her name?" asked Yoshio.
"Well, I don't remember. It's been 12 years" Fonzu lied. The truth was he remebered the girl's name and where exactly she is right now, but wanted to keep it a secret for the moment.
"Oh, too bad. I'm the expert at girls' information around here!" said Yoshio.
"Girls' information?" asked Fonzu.
"Yeah, things like their names, 3-sizes, birthdays, bloodtypes, clubs, phone numbers, you know the works! You need to know anything about a girl? You got it! I guarantee it!"
"Unfortunately, Yoshio here has no luck with girls himself" Potsu butted in.
"Mou!!!" moaned Yoshio, knowing this was the truth. Despite being a girl database, he himself was unlucky in love.
"You know, you don't really need special tricks to get a girl. Just be the nice guy. Recall what happened this morning? That's just an example. Just remember the favor you owe Kisaragi-san. That'll be a start. But don't go too fast ya hear?" said Fonzu.
"Oh so that's what it was all about," teased Potsu. "Hey Yoshio! There's your chance!"
"Uh, yeah." said Yoshio sheepishly while rubbing the back of his head.
Nobody realized that Shiori was overhearing the conversation. Particulary about Fonzu's childhood friend.
"So he knew a girl his age 12 years ago here in Japan." Shiori thought. "That's interesting. Huh? Why am I thinking about this so much? Wait - 12 years ago. I - I don't remember anything back then! But -" Shiori's mind was in a turmoil. Something was stirring her memories, but it was still too vague. She was snapped out of her reverie by a girl's voice.
"Yoshio-kuuuuuun!" a very hyper voice rang out. It belonged to a girl with short red hair.
"Oh Yuko-chan!" said Yoshio.
"Oy! Onii-chan!" piped a younger sounding voice, which belonged to a girl with her brown hair tied in a ponytail, and who was Yuko's companion.
"Oh, hi Yumi-chan" Yoshio sighed, earning a glare from his little sister.
"Yoshio-kun! Konnichiwa! Say is this that Fonzu-kun everyone's talking about?" Yuko asked, referring to Fonzu.
"Yep this is him!" said Yoshio.
"Hello! I'm Yuko. Yuko Asahina!"
"How do you do, Asahina-san?"
"I'm fine! Oh, please call me Yuko!"
"Sure thing Yuko-san."
"So what's new Yuko-chan?" asked Yoshio.
"Oh just checking out our new student here." winked Yuko.
"Yeah he's quite a guy. Hey Fonzu, how about joining our band club?" said Yoshio.
"Hmm, I need to think about it first though. Besides can you do 50's and 80's American Rock Music?" asked Fonzu.
"I think we can manage. Just show us some CD's if you have any."
"You got it man!"
"Hmm 50's and 80's Rock Music? Not bad" said Yuko.
"Yeah it's great, especially for parties" said Fonzu.
"You party a lot?" asked Yuko.
"Well, it was like a party every time I hung out at that diner back in America" said Fonzu wistfully.
"Wow! It must have been a lot of fun!" said Yumi.
"Sure was." replied Fonzu.
"Hey, maybe you can like show us what it was like in those times at our hangout!" suggested Yoshio.
"Where's that?" asked Fonzu.
"The arcade center in town. It has a diner named Aoi's Drive-In that serves the most delicious food."
"Hmm, maybe."
"Come on! Please???" begged Yuko.
"Onegai! Fonzu-sempai!" pleaded Yumi.
"Eyyyy! The Fonzu's mission is to bring joy and laughter into everybody's hearts, especially the female gender. So I'll go and make Yuko-san and little Ichigo-chan here very very happy!"
"Yeah!" shouted Yuko.
"Ehh? Ichigo-chan?" said Yumi with a confused look on her face.
"Fonzu-san, you're talking about my imoto-chan here." said Yoshio apprehensively. Despite their sibling rivalry, Yoshio was very protective of Yumi.
"Not in THAT way, Saotome-san" said Fonzu flatly.
"ONII-CHAN NO ECCHI!!!" barked Yumi.
"Eecch! Yumi-chan! I'm not like that!!!" said Yoshio.
"Oh yeah?" said Yumi, lounging at Yoshio and wrestling him to the floor.
"AAAAGGGH! LEMME GO!!!" yelled Yoshio.
"Um, they're like this all the time" said Yuko.
Fonzu just sweatdropped. "Hmm, looks like Saotome-san is losing."
"Mou! Stop it you two!" a girls' voice scolded.
"Shiori-chan!" said Yoshio.
"Shiori-sempai!" said Yumi.
"Whatever issues you two have please keep them at home!" said the long haired redhead, who stood over the two siblings.
"Yeah sure!" said Yoshio.
"Alright" said Yumi, who quickly looked at her brother and stuck out her tongue.
"Oh Fonzu-san, have you met Shiori-chan yet?" asked Yoshio.
"Oh hello" said Fonzu.
"Uh, hi, Fonzu-kun" said Shiori nervously, though she didn't know why she felt that way.
"This is Shiori Fujisaki, the best student in Kirameki Highschool." said Yoshio. "Straight-A's, all around athlete, LOVES Basketball," he said, emphasizing the last item.
"Mou! Yoshio-kun!" chided Shiori, who began to blush.
"And happens to also be born on Valentines Day" finished Yoshio, nudging Fonzu. Shiori cringed.
"Oh, what a coincidence." said Fonzu, giving his trademark smile. “How do you do, Fujisaki-san?”
"Uh, please call me Shiori" said Shiori hesitantly, before the bell rang signifying the end of lunchbreak.
"Well we'll talk later then, Shiori-san?" said Fonzu.
"Um, sure" said Shiori, who made her way back to her seat.
"Man she's acting strangely" said Yoshio.
"Yeah I never saw her so nervous before" said Yumi.
"Hey, maybe she's fallen for you Fonzu-kun!" teased Yuko.
"Heyyyy! Hold your horses there! We only just met today!" said Fonzu, pretending to be defensive.
"Hehe! Well, we better go Yumi-chan" said Yuko.
"Oh yeah! Bye Fonzu-sempai! Nice meeting you!" said Yumi.
"Bye guys!" said Yuko, before she took off with Yumi.
Just then the teacher for the next period arrived.
[After school]
"Boy your sister is one tough lily" said Fonzu, on his way out to the gate.
"Yeah. Tell me about it." replied Yoshio, still feeling humiliated after losing that "wrestling match" he had with Yumi at lunchbreak.
"You sure got my advice back there all wrong. Life fast, die young, you'll make a great lookin' corpse!" joked Fonzu.
"Thanks a lot man!" said Yoshio flatly. "Oh so you goin' out with us today?"
"Um, excuse me, um, Fonzu-kun?" they were approached by a girl with short blue hair.
"Yes?" said Fonzu.
"Um, I'm Saki Nijino manager of the baseball club. I heard you're into baseball. I was thinking maybe you could join us?" said Saki.
"Hmm, well I don't know yet. Let me think it over. I like baseball, but I'm more into basketball actually." said Fonzu.
"Oh, I see" said Saki with a bit of disappointment.
"Well, if you have a tryout or allow guest players maybe I'll swing by sometime. What do you say? Hmm?" asked Fonzu with a smile.
"Oh!" Saki gasped "He's so handsome!" she thought dreamily. "Okay!" replied Saki happily. "I'll see you then!" Then she left quickly, trying to hide the blush in her face.
"Woa Fonzu-san just how do you do that?" asked Yoshio.
"Beats me!" said Fonzu with a grin. "When you're this cool THEY'RE OUT TO EAT YA!" he said while holding his hands out like claws.
"Yeah right." said Yoshio, sweatdropping. "So you going with us?"
"Um, maybe another time. I still got things to do for today."
"Alright. But you gotta come okay?"
"Yeah sure! Well, my ride's here" said Fonzu, noticing the Harley motorcycle.
Ending theme
Sayonara grey sky, hello aoi.
When I hold you it's so sugoi.
Feels so right, it can't be wrong.
Rockin' and rollin' all week long.
These days are all,
Share them with me (Those Toki Days)
These days are all
Tokimeki (Itoshii)
These Toki Days are yours and mine (These Toki Days are yours and mine), Toki Days
Ending Theme Ends
Chapter Epiloge
The Harley-Davidson bike sped down the road carrying its two riders. Upon reaching a kid's park, the passenger spoke up.
"Hey Shinobu-neesan! Let's stop here for a minute." said Fonzu.
"Alright", replied the driver, pulling over at the park's entrance and shutting the engine. Fonzu got off first, took off his helmet setting it on its holster on the bike. Then the driver took off her helmet, revealing a raven haired woman with dark brown eyes who had some resemblance to Fonzu (perhaps one would mistake her for his sister, she's actually his older cousin). After she set her helmet on the bike, both of them walked into the park. Fonzu led the pair to a tree at one end. The tree had a pair of notches carved on the trunk.
"Man was it that long ago." he said, has he ran his finger among those notches.
"Sure must have been, Fonzu-kun" replied Shinobu.
"Twelve years" commented Fonzu. Afterwards they walked towards one of the benches and sat down. Fonzu took out his wallet, then pulled a picture out, looking at it thoughtfully (if this was an anime/manga, the contents of the picture remained hidden from the viewers).
"I hope she remembers me soon" he said to himself.
"You really got it bad for her huh?" asked Shinobu thoughtfully.
Unknown to them, Shiori was at the park's entrance spying on the pair, though she couldn't hear what they were saying. She left the school ahead of Fonzu and company and was on her way home when she spotted Fonzu and his companion on the motorbike when they passed her then suddenly pulled over at the park just a few yards ahead of her.
"It's strange, like I remember something happening here. But what?" she thought, then left before she could be seen and went home.
A/N: Well what do you think?
Caught the Happy Days jokes and puns yet? First there's the "Live fast, love hard, and don't let anybody use your kanzashi!" line. This came from "Live fast, love hard, and don't let anybody use your comb!" line which I believe was the result of Fonz losing his comb in one episode and his suspect is a girl named Leather. I replaced comb with kanzashi since that's the first Japanese hair accessory I could find. Next is what Fonzu said when Yuko and Yumi begged him to go to the arcades with them. It's a parody of the line "Since it is the Fonz's task to bring joy and laughter into everybodies hearts, especially the female gender, I am going to make Leather and the Suedes very, very happy", replacing Leather with Yuko and "the Suedes" (an all-girls rock band that Joanie tried to join) with "Ichigo-chan" (the nickname Fonzu's going to use on Yumi from this point on :D), and like Richie, Yoshio takes exception to Fonzu getting really "friendly" with his sister (just like he does in the game). Last is a blatant rip "Live fast, die young, you'll make a great lookin' corpse!" I can't seem to write a good parody so I left it as is. Also, I decided to make the arcade center (which is one of the game's dating spots) the "Toki Days Gang's" afterschool hangout named Aoi's Drive-In, the equivalent of Arnold's Drive-In in Happy Days (but Fonzu won't have his "office", as opposed to in Happy Days where Fonzie had a place he used as a kind of meeting room - it was actually the Men's Restroom at the diner). I modified it to include a snack bar (I don't think the original arcade center had any restaurant or other dining facility), so now it's kinda like the Crown Game Center in Sailor Moon :), though it's not really a Drive-In restaurant, "Drive-In" is just added for flair like the way many Japanese buildings and products use English words for the same purpose even if the end result, particularly to an English speaker, is absurd. Of course I named the manager of the place Aoi Takamuchi, with “Aoi” the closest Japanese name I could think of to "Al" (think of him as a combination of the newer diner manager Alfred “Al” Delvecchio, and Arnold, the original owner of Arnold's Drive in whose real name in the series was Matsuo Takahashi and was played by Pat Moria aka “Miyagi” from The Karate Kid).
Shinobu is an OC who'll only make appearances when giving Fonzu a ride on the Harley (for now he lives some considerable distance from KHS so he needs the ride, until I move him to Yoshio's place, just like Fonz lived above the Cunninghams' garage; no I won't make him Shiori's neighbor like the player was in the game). No major role in the fanfic (nope she is not based on the Happy Days character Leather).
Notice I made changes to Shiori as well. First, since it's possible to set Shiori's birthday in the game, and making her birthday the same as the player can result in a special event in some versions of the game, I set both Fonzu's and Shiori's birthdays to February 14 (hehehe, actually, that's what I did playing the SNES version, in which the game ends in March 1 1999, and Feb 14 was a Sunday, so when I was going after Shiori, I took her on our last date in the game on that day before eventually winning her for the first time, and in the process, celebrated our birthdays on our final date, as well as Valentine's Day). Next, in this particular fiction, Shiori doesn't remember her childhood (and the fact that she had a childhood friend in the form of a boy who shared the same birthday as her), but Fonzu does remember his. I added this to create some drama. Don't worry she'll eventually remember, but not before a number of other events happen, eg between Fonzu and the other Tokimemo girls - he's already met Mio, Yumi, Yuko, and Saki. Prepare for sparks to fly when Mira, Yukari, Yuina, Ayako, Nozomi, and Megumi are introduced to him, and there's also the matter of our favorite mysterious Koala-haired girl as well who'll very certainly pursue him :). And of course, given Rei's secret (which nobody knows yet), something just might happen between "him" and Fonzu.