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Toki Days
A Tokimeki Memorial - Happy Days Crossover / Slightly AU, Romance, Comedy, Drama, Parody
by Sailor Enlil
Tokimeki Memorial: Forever With You story with a flavor of Happy Days
Synopsis: Shiori Fujisaki starts her 2nd year in Kirameki Highschool with vague memories of her childhood. On the first day of school when she arrives at the gate, Rei Ijuuin, the Principal's grandson, makes his usual grand entrance via a limousine and cheering girls, a routine he's gone through since junior high. However, a new male transfer student in a black leather jacket arrives as a passenger on a motorcycle, and when he removes his helmet, he's dashingly handsome with a greased hairdo and carries himself like a debonair gentleman, effectively drawing the girls away from Rei. Meanwhile, as Shiori looks at him, she gets a nagging feeling in her heart that there's something strangely familiar about him.
Tokimeki Memorial is property of Konami; Happy Days is the creation of Garry Marshall and property of the American Broadcasting Company
Chapter prologue
(Saturday, April 12, 1997, School Library, After School Hours)
"Here you go Saotome-san" said Mio, handing Yoshio a book titled 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'.
"Thank you, Kisaragi-san"
"That book is one of my favorite Shakesphere stories. A great read. I hope it'll do for your homework"
"I really appreciate it."
"Well, I'll be at the General Works section for awhile, but do approach me if you need any more help."
"Sure! Will do!” he said a bit too loudly when a book came flying into the back of his head with a thud. “Owww!”
“Quiet in the library!” hissed one of the student librarians, who apparently threw the book at him.
Mou!” moaned Yoshio.
"Fufufufu!" giggled Mio. “Better keep your voice down, Saotome-san” she whispered.
“I'll try to remember that” Yoshio whispered back.
Ja!” said Mio as she left for another section of the library while Yoshio took she gave him to one of the reading tables. He prepared his notebook to take down notes for his homework.
"She sure is great girl, for a bookworm." thought Yoshio.
Opening Theme
Nichi, Tsuki, Toki Days
Ka, Sui, Toki Days
Moku, Kana, Toki Days
Tsuchi, what a day
Groovin' all week with you
These days are all,
Tokimeki (Those Toki Days)
These days are all
Share them with me (Itoshii)
Sayonara grey sky, hello aoi.
When I hold you it's so sugoi.
Feels so right, it can't be wrong.
Rockin' and rollin' all week long.
These days are all,
Share them with me (Those Toki Days)
These days are all
Tokimeki (Itoshii)
These Toki Days are yours and mine (These Toki Days are yours and mine), Toki Days
Opening Theme Ends
Chapter 8: Old Flame
Yoshio scribbled on his notebook as he took notes from the book he was reading. He was buried in his study that he didn't notice someone took a seat next to him.
"Hey, Yoshio-kun," his companion said softly.
Yoshio snapped out of what he was doing and realized Yuko was seated next to him.
"Oh hi, Yuko-chan" he greeted back.
"What'ya doin?"
"Just gathering notes for the Shakesphere assignment"
"Fufufu! You of all people getting serious with homework?"
"Hey, I gotta make my own way don't I?"
Yuko giggled at his remark then fell silent. After a moment of thought she spoke up again. "You know, it's been almost 3 years since we first met, Yoshio-kun."
Yoshio froze. He was afraid Yuko would bring up this old buried issue one of these days. "Yeah, it sure was."
It was in the beginning of Summer of 1994 when Yoshio Saotome first met Yuko Asahina. Both of them were in their 2nd year in Junior high in different schools. Yoshio was a hardworking student back then with decent grades, but his life was rather monotonous and uneventful.
He met Yuko during an interschool club meeting and they became friends rather quickly. Just like she is now, she was quite a chatterbox, talking about the latest in fashion, entertainment, and the hottest places to have fun, while slacking off at school. Yoshio was rather amused, and a bit irked that he knew almost nothing about those kinds of things. The more time he spent with her, the more interested he became in having fun. They went on their first date in August at the amusement park, going on all the rides and watching all the shows, but Yuko's favorite was the Jet Coaster, which they rode three times on that day alone, followed by the night parade. This was the beginning of a string of dates they went on almost every weekend. They grew closer and closer, and on Christmas Eve at Aoi's Drive-In, the very place that would eventually become their frequent afterschool hangout (as well as the current gang's hangout), they had their first kiss, signifying that they became a steady couple. Over the months they went on like crazy. In the process Yumi became best friends with Yuko and occasionally joined the fun, much to Yoshio's irritation.
Unfortunately the times they spent together took their toll. Yoshio's grades began to slip. From being an above average student, he dropped to below average. His parents took noticed and blamed Yuko for his lack of performance and told Yoshio to break up with her. Faced with the pressure, he did just that. On what would have been the anniversary of their first encounter, he broke the news, right at the same place they went steady, at Aoi's Drive-in.
"Yes Yoshio-kun?"
"I'm afraid I have to tell you something, rather unpleasant"
"what is it?"
"I'm afraid we can't see each other anymore"
"I'm sorry. I mean, it's been fun being with you, but, things haven't been going well for me lately, like school and stuff"
"Yoshio-kun... why?"
"I'm really sorry. My parents ordered to break up with you, in fact with the exception of today, I'm grounded."
Yoshio couldn't forget the look on Yuko's face after that. She cried uncontrollably and it pained him. They never saw each other for a while, and Yoshio missed her greatly. Yumi berated him for breaking Yuko's heart, and that's when their sibling rivalry began. Over the months, Yoshio's feelings for Yuko eventually cooled off. However, his academic performance never improved. He didn't want to blame Yuko for it, but Yuko also felt guilty and avoided him, not even answering phone calls from him after his grounding was lifted.
They met again upon entering Kirameki Highschool, about a year after their breakup, and, after some talk, they decided to become friends. Yoshio was also reunited with his old childhood friend Potsu whom he promptly introduced to Yuko, starting the gang they are now. He also befriended Shiori, later introducing her to their new group as well. It was then that Yoshio started his hobby of being a girl database to block away thoughts of his past relationship with Yuko, while attempting to find another girl to go out with. For awhile he actually took a liking to Shiori given that she was a real beauty and a very friendly girl, but the fact that she was a Straight-A student intimidated him, and he was afraid he might become a bother to her, in much the same way his grades suffered after meeting Yuko. Besides, he learned later that Shiori had no intention of going steady with anyone, hearing of numerous instances of Shiori rejecting offers from boys to go out with them.
He was very much relieved that things settled down with the gang, which now included Yumi, and they all remained close friends. Meantime his efforts to even get close to any girl enough to even ask her on a date were futile, until Fonzu arrived in Kirameki Highschool in the second year and inadvertedly introduced him to Mio, which became a big start for him.
Yoshio had hoped things would remain peaceful in his current highschool life and with his friends, especially with Yuko, but he dreaded the inevitable moment when Yuko would bring up the past. That moment came now.
You and I, in this moment
Holding the night so close
Hanging on, still unbroken
While outside the thunder rolls
"Um, Yoshio-kun," Yuko began, but Yoshio cut her off.
"I know what you're gonna say Yuko-chan."
"To tell you the truth, I, I just couldn't forget, about us..."
"(sigh) You know we can't go back, Yuko-chan"
"Do you, still blame me for what happened?"
"No, of course not Yuko-chan."
"Then why..."
"I, I just don't have those feelings for you anymore."
Listen now, you can hear our heartbeat
Warm against life's bitter cold
These are the days
The sweetest days we'll know
Yuko was stunned. "What? I... I can't... I don't believe this. Yoshio-kun, how... Is it Kisaragi-san? Are you in love with her now?"
Yoshio couldn't answer her. He didn't want to hurt her feelings nor make her think that Mio was just a substitute for her. He did take a liking to Mio after his first date with her, but it was different from the times he spent with Yuko.
After Yoshio remained silent, Yuko went on. "So that's it?" she said flatly.
"I'm sorry" Yoshio said guiltily.
Yuko could only stare in disbelief. The guy she was in love with no longer felt anything for her. She took it hard, and tears formed in her eyes. "I... Yoshio-kun... (sniff)"
"Yuko-chan, I, I did love you back then," Yoshio admitted.
There are times that scare me
Were rattle the house like a wind
Both of ours so unbending
We battle the fear within
Yuko burst into tears hearing that. "I... I still love you, Yoshio-kun..." she whimpered.
Yoshio fought back the tears in his own eyes upon hearing her admission. "Yuko-chan..." he began, but Yuko cut him off, placing her finger on his lips.
"Please don't say anything more." Yuko pleaded. "Just, just for once, please, hold me"
"Please... just... hold... me... I just... want... to be... held... in your arms... one more time... please" said Yuko between sobs.
All the while, life is rushing by us
Hold it now and don't let go
These are the days
The sweetest days we'll know
Yoshio didn't have the heart to refuse Yuko's pleadings any longer. Though he was afraid of whether or not his feelings for her might come back, he just couldn't bear to see her crying. He scooted a little closer to her and took her into a hug, letting her burrow her head onto his chest. Her scent intoxicated him. Her sobs melted his heart. Her tears burned on his chest. He rocked her back and forth in an attempt to calm her down, without success.
As Yoshio held Yuko in his arms, all the memories he had with her flashed back into his mind. His first encounter with her at the club meeting. The times he talked with her after school and over the phone. His first date with her and every date after. Their first kiss on Christmas Eve at Aoi's Drive-In. And the day he broke up with her at that very same place.
Yoshio held on to Yuko for a few more minutes. When she calmed down a bit, she let go and pulled herself off of him. Her eyes were red and puffy from crying, and Yoshio was full of pity at the sight of it.
So we'll whisper a dream here in the darkness
Watching the stars till they're gone
And then even the memories have all faded away
These days go on and on
"Yoshio-kun," murmured Yuko.
"Arigato... I... I really appreciate it."
Yoshio didn't have the words and kept silent.
"I'll stay friends with you from now on, if that's what you want."
"Yeah, sure, that's fine with me." said Yoshio with a pang of regret.
Listen now, you can hear our heartbeat
Hold me now and don't let go
These are the days
Every day is the sweetest day we'll know
These are the days
The sweetest days we'll know
"I just hope you won't hate me for what happened."
"Yuko-chan, I could never hate you."
"Th-thank you."
Yoshio wiped a few teardrops from Yuko's cheeks with his thumb. "You okay?" he whispered.
"Hai," she replied almost inaudiably. She then slowly got up. "I'll, see you later, okay?"
"Yeah sure."
With that, Yuko turned and slowly walked away. Yoshio looked at her retreating form with a heavy heart, until she disappeared through the library doors.
Ending theme
Sayonara grey sky, hello aoi.
When I hold you it's so sugoi.
Feels so right, it can't be wrong.
Rockin' and rollin' all week long.
These days are all,
Share them with me (Those Toki Days)
These days are all
Tokimeki (Itoshii)
These Toki Days are yours and mine (These Toki Days are yours and mine), Toki Days
Ending Theme Ends
Chapter Epiloge
Yoshio turned back to the desk he was sitting at, and bowed his head. "Man I'm an idiot!" he murmured.
"No you're not." replied a male voice from above.
"Eh?" Yoshio gasped, then looked at the source of the voice for a moment before facing back down. "How long have you been here Fonzu-san?"
Fonzu didn't answer, but took the seat Yuko was seated previously. "You alright buddy?"
"I don't know." Yoshio replied. "I thought it was totally over between us."
"There will always be some lingering feelings behind," said Fonzu. "but keeping it buried won't make it go away. It was right of you guys to talk it over."
"I was scared Fonzu-san," Yoshio admitted. "that, I might fall for her again."
"It's alright to feel scared," said Fonzu "but you'll have to face it sooner or later. And you did very well."
"Maybe. I'm worried about Yuko-chan though."
"I'm sure she'll be alright."
"I hope so."
Nearby, Shiori happened to be behind one of the bookshelves and also heard the whole thing since Yuko and Yoshio started talking. Yoshio never told her about his old relationship with Yuko, and she was surprised, and sad, to find out.
"I'm sorry you had to go through all that Yoshio-kun." Shiori said silently. "Thanks for being there for us, Fonzu-kun."
Song credits: The Sweetest Days by Vanessa Williams
A/N: This chapter was inspired by a few things. First, I heard that many Tokimemo fanfic writers tend to pair Yoshio and Yuko because they seem to get along, after all, when you meet Yuko in the game after bumping into her 3 times, Yoshio introduces her personally, implying that they're friends. However, Yoshio in the game doesn't seem to go after Yuko for himself, and observant gamers, myself included, note that his AI tends to go towards Mio (he did end up with Mio in two games I've played, though he also ended up with Megumi, Saki, and Nozomi, but only once each so far). Also, since in this fic Yoshio is playing the counterpart for Happy Days' Richie, I took an episode from the series as another inspiration. It's episode 19, “Who's Sorry Now”, when Richie meets an ex-girlfriend of his, Arlene Nestrock, who wants to revive their relationship (the episode shows flashbacks of their relationship, including a few funny scenes like Richie falling down the front stairs of Arlene's house after taking her home), but Richie turns her down. I decided to kill two birds with one stone and perhaps please Yuko fans and at the same time follow the game's cannon by modelling Yoshio and Yuko's relationship from that episode and giving them a past, so here, Yuko is Yoshio's ex-girlfriend, and rather than go back to Yuko, Yoshio decides to move on and take an interest in Mio (after all Richie met another girl as well, Lori Beth, who he married later on, and they met in a library :)).
Next chapter is Fonzu and Shiori's awaited date at the Neighborhood Park, where more talks of the past will take place.