Warcraft Fan Fiction ❯ Uprising of the Sindorei ❯ It Starts ( Chapter 2 )

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Chapter 2:It starts
©Again this story was thought of and made by me,Jensen Jones.2009(AN:Woot,2nd chapter is up.Hope the first ch.was okay.Once more,I do not own World of warcraft.It belongs to Blizz but I do own the characters and the plot.enjoy)Everything was nearly complete.They had all the alliance towers except for the north and south and they even had both of the mines.Kellis inwardly smiled at whoever claimed them both.Probably a rogue or druid.The warlock leaned back against the south bunker with his arms folded as he waited for it to burn.As most of the horde scurried around,trying to clear out some of the area,Kellis' mind played back what happened only a few minutes ago.He looked like a fool infront of his whole group..only because of that one damn alliance draenei.Just thinking about it made his blood boil and he swore to himself again that he'd find her and tear her apart.Sleikin,Kellis' little imp minion,skipped back to his master after killing off a lower level."Your plans are brillant,master and might I say you are doing a magnificent job,"Sleikin muttered.

Kellis,however,did not respond to this compliment.He only stared off into the distance.The imp cocked his head to the side in question."Sire,we are about to win!Does that not excite you?Does it not want to make you go to Ironforge and slaughter all the alliance?Oh,how they fear us horde and yet,they do nothing to defend themselves!"he exclaimed while doing a backflip.

Again,the warlock did not show any signs of listening.Sleikin started to become annoyed with this behavior of his."Grrr...you infuriate me,it's unbelivable.I obey you,kill a few alliance here,some there.Throw a firebolt you say,do this do that and this is the thanks I get in return?"he questioned.The bloodelf snapped out of his trance to look down at his minion who backed up a tad after seeing the darkness in his master's eyes."What thanks do you want?"His master questioned back.The imp sighed and kicked some snow around with his clawed feet."Just some conversations won't hurt,you know?I mean,you summon me to do some dirty work for you then I get dismissed and it's really lonely in that place.No one to talk to,no one to kill.It gets boring master!A little talking won't kill you.It's the least you can do for dismissing me to that aweful place."Kellis rolled his eyes at how childish his minion was being."If I converse with you as you say,will you be quiet?"The minion laughed demonically and flipped again."Of course,of course.I'll be most grateful."

Kellis gazed up for a second to see the north bunker already burning.All they had to do is wait for the south."Soooo.....what's been troubling you?"This question brought the warlock's eyes back to his minion and he narrowed his eyes at him."I am not troubled."Sleikin meerily grinned and jumped up and down."Oh yes you are.You forget that i've been with you since the beginning and can read you like a book."Kellis growled in his throat at the imp's statement.It was true but he wouldn't let him know that."I,for the last time,am not troubled."Sleikin had a feeling he was pushing it but he just wanted to know what was on his master's mind."....yes..you are.."the imp grinned.The bloodelf had enough and brought up his fist and glared down at his minion.Sleikin's eyes widened and he brought up his hands to defend himself."NO MASTER.PLEASE DON'T!"

Slaven came around the corner on his undead horse after securing the graveyard and he was surprised to see Sleikin laying on the ground with a large lump on his head and Kellis looking calm as ever.The undead chuckled and rode up to his friend."I take it he pissed you off again?"Kellis allowed a smirk to pass his lips."He seems to enjoy doing that lately.How goes our defense?"Slaven looked over his shoulder as horde started to show up,ready to storm into the alliance base."All of our bases are fine.Defense is doing a fine job at holding them back and we are ready to kill Vanndar."Kellis pushed himself off the bunker."Excellent."Slaven went ahead to get the other horde ready and Kellis followed on foot,until a loud orc horn sounded.The bloodelf peeked over his shoulder to see the south bunker burning.Now,they were ready to charge the base.~~~~~~~Meanwhile,at the Exodar~~~~~~~~"You sure you'll be okay on your own?I can go with you as an escourt?"Eladore pleaded.Reia smiled as she climbed onto her Elekk and turned back to her friend."I'll be fine really.I mean,what could go wrong?"the hunter questioned.The night elf sighed to herself and returned her gaze back to Reia."You are going near the lumber camp right?""Yes,but only to observe.Prophet Velen just wants me to scout the area.He heard some weird things we're going on so the horde might be up to something,"Reia replied."Just don't be reckless and kill any horde you see because they will show you no mercy,"the rogue admitted.Reia grabbed the reins of her mount and looked at the gates of her city."Leave them to me.Luna and I can handle our own."Eladore's eyes were drawn to the large frostsaber beside the elephant mount as she stretched out her paws and let out a roar."Just promise me you'll come back.That place is way to close to Orgrimmar and who knows what type of horde will show."Reia only laughed a little and hid it behind her palm."You worry too much and that's why you're going to form wrinkles soon."The nightelf,no matter how worried she was,could only smile at her friend's antics.The hunter waved goodbye to Eladore and motioned her Elekk to head off toward Ashenvale.
~~~~~~~~~In Undercity~~~~~~~~~Kellis,Slaven,Blackhorn,and Sen'jin exited the portal to Alterac Valley and immediately,Blackhorn fell to his rear from exhuastion."That was some intense battle."Sen'jin cracked his fingers,"Who'd knew that the alliance would make one last push?Such ignorance."Slaven looked back at them."We at least won,right?"Both troll and tauren nodded.Kellis stopped his stride when he heard a familiar sound in the air.He closed his eyes to listen intently and it took a few moments to figure out what it was.The undead noticed that the warlock's head was hanging down and his appearance made it seem as if someone died."You alright?"he asked.Kellis raised his head as his hair shielded his eyes."It's Lady Sylvanas.She's singing again."The others kept quiet and listened for her voice.It was distinct but Sen'jin and Blackhorn did not understand the language for she sung in Thalassian."What does she say,mon?"Sen'jin wondered.Kellis looked back,the corners of his lips raised in a small smile."I do not have the heart to say."

Sen'jin decided to just leave it at that and not ask anymore.The bloodelf went back to listening to the depressing song and was reminded of his home,Silvermoon and of his people.He had not been there or visited for awhile.Just thinking about it..his mind was set.Turning to Slaven,he rested his gloved hand on his bony shoulder."My friend,I shall return soon.Right now,I must visit my home."Slaven nodded,understanding Kellis' decision.The warlock,without saying another word,summoned his dreadsteed underneath his feet and the horse issued his master to climb on."Where is he going?"Blackhorn asked while getting to his feet finally.Kellis rode off into the Undercity,heading for Silvermoon."He just needs time to think i supose,"Slaven answered.~~~~~~Silvermoon~~~~It was quiet.More quiet then usual.As Kellis exited the portal room,he noticed the leader of Silvermoon talking with his supervisors and it seemed to be an urgent matter.Kellis walked down the slope,all the while keeping his eyes on Lor'themar."What matter has come upon us,my lord?"Kellis asked.Lor'themar turned around at the voice and a smile came to his face."Ah,Kellis.I have not seen you since you left about 6 months ago.You look more mature and stronger I see."Kellis couldn't help but smile at the comment.Lor'themar was the best ruler they could have at the moment and Kellis looked up to him almost like a father figure.The bloodelf leader went over and embraced the young warlock.Kellis could only return it.

"It's good to see you again but we have more urgent matters to attend to,"he said in a serious tone while pulling away."And what might that be?"Kellis asked with a raised eyebrow.Rubbing the back of his neck,Lor'themar replied,"Well..it seems the orcs at the Lumber mill in Ashenvale are having some alliance trouble.They're not being attacked from what I heard but Thrall has asked that we go assisst them somehow."Kellis' eyebrows drew together."An..alliance you say?""Yes..I think the scout told me that she was a hunter."In the back of his mind,the warlock tried to put two and two together.Hunter..and a female..could this be...nah,couldn't.What chance did he have on ending her life now?One to a million he calculated.But...still..it nagged at the back of his mind.He wouldn't miss this chance."Allow me to go and clean up this mess for you,my lord."The leader's mouth parted..about to say something but rethought it."You..sure?All alone?"Kellis bowed before the leader and smiled demonically so that Lor'themar couldn't see."It would be...my pleasure."(AN:wow,that took awhile but glad it's done.)