X/1999 Fan Fiction / Yami No Matsuei Fan Fiction ❯ Requim ❯ Pandora's Box ( Chapter 3 )

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By: Lacus Klein

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Chapter Four

Pandora's Box

"You were dreaming again, weren't you?"

Kamui's voice brought Myobi out of her quiet thoughts. She turned and looked over at him, curled up beside her. "You have good intuition." she commented.

"You dream a lot. I do too, so I know what it's like to wake from them." Kamui told her.

Myobi smiled at him. It had been two weeks since Kamui was reborn, and everything had gone smoother then she'd expected. Having him as her companion made her feel better. But the dreams were still there.

At the foot of the bed, Lucky looked up. "Those shinigami brought on your dreams. Your memories." he said quietly.

"I know." Myobi said. "Such rotten timing."

"You realize they're looking for me." Kamui told her.

Myobi smiled up at him, wrapping her arms around his shoulders. "Yes, but they cannot have you. You are my family now. Just you and Lucky." she said sweetly.

"I have pledged to watch over you as Lucky has. You are my master now, because you gave me life." Kamui said quietly.

"Do not call me your master Kamui. I have told Lucky the same. I am your family, not your master." Myobi told him.

Kamui smiled down at her. "You gave us life, so it's our way of thanking you." he said.

"But I do not care. Life is such a waste anyways. Only you and Lucky are worthy of such." Myobi replied.

The two laid back, and Myobi settled against his chest. For a moment, they were quiet. Then Lucky spoke up. "So what of the shinigami?" he asked quietly.

Myobi smiled. "We'll just have to deal with them. Tomorrow, we'll seek them out. Then we'll finish them." she told them.

************************************************************************ *************

Tatsumi and Watari sat at the table in silence. Neither had said much since the night before. The thought of Myobi being discovered was enough to scare them, but knowing that she was doing this was almost too much. Finally, Watari looked up. "So, what's the plan?" he said softly.

Tatsumi sighed, pushing his glasses up. "I don't know." he admitted.

"We have to stop her. But I doubt she even remembers us." Watari said.

"She probably wouldn't." Tatsumi agreed. "She was so young when she was taken away."

Watari sat back and sighed. He felt rather torn now. No matter how much they loved their daughter, they couldn't let her go on doing such things. "Maybe we should contact Akiko." he finally suggested.

"No. Not yet. We have to wait until we fully understand what she's up to." Tatsumi said.

"But that may be too late Seii. Myobi's already proven that she's more then willing to fight if she has to." Watari argued.

Their conversation was interrupted by a strange sound nearby. Both looked up to see a dark shape dart into the alleyway down the side walk. "What the?" Watari started.

"Come on." Tatsumi said, getting up and leaving the money on the table. Watari quickly followed him into the alley.

In the alley, the dark shape looked back at them from a doorway. Red eyes glared at them, then it darted inside. "What is that?" Watari said.

"Let's follow it." Tatsumi said, grabbing his hand and pulling him inside.

The building was an abandoned apartment complex. The walls were filled with graffedi, and most of the doors and windows were broken. The shape was nowhere in sight. "What was that?" Watari whispered.

"It looked familiar. Think back." Tatsumi told him.

Suddenly, it hit Watari. Those eyes. The same eyes described by the shinigami who had been attacked over fourteen years ago. "My God, so Myobi did create it." he whispered.

A sound behind them made them both turn. The shadows began to move, forming blackened forms of men. "We're surrounded." Tatsumi said as he and Watari stood back to back.

"A trap?" Watari suddenly realized out loud.

"Looks like we have no choice. We'll have to fight after all." Tatsumi said, raising his hand. Myobi's not the only one who can control shadows, he thought.

Behind him, Watari pulled out some spell cards. I'm glad I took his hobby up, he thought. He'd needed something more to distract him from losing Myobi.

************************************************************************ *********************

Up on the building, Myobi watched them destroy her conjures. She stomped her foot. "No fair! No fair!" she said.

"They're good." Kamui noted, standing behind her.

"Of course. That's the shadow master and his partner. The best in Meifu, eh Myobi?" Lucky said.

"You be quiet. I don't care who they are." Myobi said, crossing her arms. "I won't accept defeat so easily."

"You do realize you're talking about your own parents." Lucky said.

"I said be quiet Lucky. I don't care who they are. I want them gone." Myobi told him.

Kamui walked over and laid his hands on her shoulders. "Enough Myobi. We have bigger things to worry about then this menial battle." he told her.

Myobi smiled, turning to face him. "Kamui, Lucky, I'm sorry. I suppose I do get carried away." she apologized sweetly.

Lucky rubbed against her leg. "You're just angry. You really should leave those two for later." he suggested.

"I suppose you're right." Myobi said, looking back at the window and her defeated conjures. "We will."

************************************************************************ *****************

"Unbelievable." Watari said, catching his breath.

By him, Tatsumi looked at the conjure cards used. "She's gotten good. These are top grade conjures." he noted.

Suddenly, Watari looked over at the window. "Seii, look!" he said, gesturing to the outside building across the street.

Tatsumi followed his gaze and stared in shock. Standing on the roof of the building was a girl with long blond hair. With her was a young man and a strange animal. "Myobi!" he said.

Both immediately ran out to the roof. Standing there, they looked across at them. Myobi looked back for a moment, then smiled. Turning to Kamui, she nodded and they took off, jumping away on the ajoining roof tops. "I don't believe it." Watari whispered, falling to his knees.

Tatsumi stood still, shaking his head. Myobi was indeed still alive. But now, what would they do?


Notes: Okay, a couple little things. First, yes Kamui seems OOC. In a way, he is. He's devoted to Myobi like Lucky is because she gave him new life. He sees her as his master and above equal. That may sound odd, but please go with it. And also, yes Myobi is rather demented. She only thinks of Kamui and Lucky as her family and she wants to kill her parents, whom she believes abandoned her. Why does she believe that? That's coming later. She also controls paper conjures, which she used against her parents. Watari, since losing his daughter, as also learned this and uses it. Hope that clarifies a little. Any question, please feel free to ask or email me.