Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan Fiction / Beyblade Fan Fiction ❯ The Decisions We Make ❯ The Date ( Chapter 10 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Wingzero: Wow, I can't believe this story has come to an end.

SilNekomon: But all good things must come to end. Sadly.

Ryou: Yay. Fluff!

Bakura: ^________________________________^

Yami: What's he smiling about?

Wingzero: He got to French kiss Ryou.

Kurama: That's all. You'd think he won the lottery by that smile or robbed the pharaoh's tomb of all the gold.

Yami: >_< He had better not.

Kurama: You never know.

Wingzero: You're next Kurama!

Kurama: O_O!!!! Why me?

Wingzero: Don't worry. *huggles Kurama* You'll be paired up with Yusuke unless you want to be paired up with Genkai.

Kurama: XO Heck no!!!

Genkai: *glares daggers at Kurama* What's wrong with being paired up with me?

Kurama: Nothing. Nothing at all.

Wingzero: I shall remain neutral.

SilNekomon: Ditto.

Wingzero: Where's your twin?

SilNekomon: Um, terrorizing the neighborhood?

Wingzero: >_< Dang.

EbonyNekomon: Actually, I was Hillary hunting.

Wingzero: For those of you who don't know, she's this annoying brat from Beyblade V Force. I can't stand her. She makes Tea look good! She keeps tagging along Tyson and Kenny. Plus she makes Tyson's life a living nightmare. Ugh, she is the worst class representative I've ever known. Not to mention, she has an annoying voice and screams pathetically.

DS: Now that's a statement.

In the afternoon, we had spent most of it moving in Bakura's belongings into Wing's house. Since my father wasn't around that much and my mother was deceased, I wanted to live there, because it sometimes became really lonely in there. Besides, Yami also wanted someone to make sure that Bakura was kept in line so who better than his sister and her hikari. Maybe Bakura wanted to move here, since there was several training equipment and a training area. He could get used to living here, though he would have to tolerate DS and Wing. If that was the price to pay, then so be it.

The Bladebreakers had to leave earlier than the rest of us. Kai wanted them to prepare for the tournament which was coming up fast. They didn't become the world champions without training hard. Kenny had gone with them, to see if the upgrades he had done on their blades weren't causing any trouble. Tyson complained about the long training hours, but out of all of them, he had drastically improved the most.

I was currently taking a bath while my yami was placing a few items around in our shared room. He said something about putting his touches to it. I didn't want to argue with him, because I was tired and just wanted to go to sleep. We had gone out for dinner as none of us wanted to cook and the yamis were banned from cooking. Seto had paid for all of our dinner, because some of us were broke. Needless to say, I wasn't one of them. Malik had some money, but it wasn't enough. Joey was broke, since he had spent his cash on supplies for his sister and mom. We tried offering him some money, though he wouldn't accept it. He said he didn't take charity, but some how we managed to convince him to accept some cash on the behalf of his family.


//What is it hikari?//

/I was just thinking………/

//What are you thinking about?//

/What will we tell my father? I mean about you, us, and living here?/

//So who cares? He doesn't pay much attention to you and he hardly spends enough time here.//

/That wasn't nice, but it is true. I'm sure that he wouldn't mind./

//As long as you are happy, I'm sure he'll agree to it.//


//No problem.//

/What do you think you're…………………….. doing?/

//So I like the show.//

/Why don't you watch yourself take a bath?/

//Because I don't have much curves and you look nicer.//

I felt a sudden rush of heat to my cheeks. /You're embarrassing me./

//To who?//

/Never mind. Why don't you go organize our room?/ I wanted him out of the room while I dry myself off and changed.

//I'm already finished.//

/Then why don't you go bother Wing or her yami?/

//Because they're annoying and I wanted to spend time with you.//

/Well………./ Suddenly, I felt a warm cloth around me. My yami had pulled the curtain back, without me noticing it and wrapped a dry towel around me. He had another one over his shoulder and picked it up to dry my hair. Gently rubbing it, he dried my hair and I almost fell asleep in his arms. I never knew he could be this gentle.

//You aren't going to fall asleep in the bath tub?// Bakura teased me.

My sleepy eyes looked towards his amused brown ones. /Knock it off./

//I know what will wake you up.// He lifted my chin up and bent down to reach my lips with his.

His kiss was gentle, but passionate at the same time. I soon felt something run up against my bottom lip, followed by some nips when I didn't respond. Then it hit me; I opened my mouth, which Bakura took advantage of and explored it to the fullest. His pink flesh ran against my teeth, causing me to moan and grip his shirt. Then we played with our tongues.

"Now we need to finish drying you," Bakura murmured huskily in my ear.

"Okay," I whispered back. My eyes were fluttering as he led me towards my bedroom. I don't remember much after that, except for changing and falling asleep in my bed.

The next morning, I woke up to find myself curled against my darker half's side. He had one of his arms protectively wrapped around my waist, keeping me from going anywhere or someone from taking me away from him. The corners of my lips turned upwards as I watched him sleep so peacefully and content. It had been ages; scratch that, I never saw him with that expression. When I tried to get up, he tightened his grip on me.

"I have to get to school," I pouted to him.

"Why not skip it?" Bakura groaned. He used his other hand to put the pillow over his face.

"That means I'll have to spend time catching up and less time with you," I informed him. He released me immediately and allowed me to do my business in the bathroom. "Have you thought of what you're going to be doing today?" I called out from the bathroom.

"Yes, I know what I will be doing," Bakura answered back. "Don't worry, I won't be terrorizing the neighborhood or the city."

"You had better not," I said sternly. I doubted that the others would stand back and let him. Knowing Yami, he wouldn't hesitate to send my darker half to the shadow realm. That included his sister and their hikaris.

He must have felt my unease. "You worry too much. I won't do anything to endanger my life."

"How do I know that?" I asked him curiously. I had finished getting ready for school and waltzed out of the bathroom.

"I wouldn't be able to do this," Bakura said slyly as he rubbed a certain part of me.

I moaned with pleasure and moved towards that part towards the warmth. "Come on Kura, you know I have to get to school." Suddenly, I felt something warm and wet. I tried to get out, but he held me there attacking me, not beating me up. Soon, I saw white lights flash before my eyes and felt myself explode.

My darker half was licking his lips before he kissed me deeply. I tasted something sweet that wasn't there before. Now what was it? I didn't have time to think as Bakura ushered me out of my room and towards the kitchen. On top of the table, there were a few pieces of toast as well as a couple burnt pieces. He must have figured out how to use the toaster by experimenting with it. I hoped that he didn't try sticking a fork or knife in it. That was the last thing I needed, an electrocuted yami.

"What's the matter?" Bakura asked. Concern was written all over his face.

"I never thought you to learn how to operate modern devices," I said nervously as I scratched the back of my head. Both Yami and his sister required incentives to learn. For Yami, it was plain as daylight. It was his hikari. Those eyes should be registered as lethal weapons. They brought down the great pharaoh. Oh crap, now I was starting to sound like my yami. Was that a good thing? Never mind.

"I'm not like that pharaoh," Bakura pouted. He had his arms across his chest and was acting like a little child at the moment.

I had to bite into some of the toast before I busted up laughing. I had to admit he did a good job with learning how to use them, even though he burnt a couple of toasts along the way. At least, he didn't burn Wing's house down. How would I explain it to her? It was then we noticed both hikari and yami trudging down the stairs.

"Bakura, what do you think you're doing in my kitchen?" Wing's vein was about to explode as she located my darker half in the kitchen, slowly inching away from her.

"He was making me breakfast," I informed her, once I swallowed the bite. It was a miracle he didn't cause any damage to the room.

"One of my rules is no yamis in the kitchen!" Wing said, about to lunge at Bakura who wisely retreated to his soul room before he was sent to the hospital again by a hikari.

"Looks like someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning," I teased her, but remained behind the table.

"If you were only here the last time my yami was cooking something," Wing sighed. She glanced over at the coffee machine and noticed that it hadn't been started so she went ahead with it. "Would you like some?"

"Yes please?" I asked politely. Gods knew I needed the caffeine to stay awake. After all, today was going to be a busy day. I was on my first date with my yami, even if it was a group date. At least he couldn't beat me up or anything.

"At least I'm not the only one who needs their caffeine in the morning," Wing said half-heartedly. She had poured in the water and now was placing the filter in with the coffee grind. "I wish we had more hours in a day."

"You said it," I agreed with her.

The rest of the morning went by rather quickly. Tea wasn't hanging around us, which was the only good thing that happened before lunch. Yami had enrolled himself in the school, though he was behind in most of the subjects. The teachers didn't know what to do with him so they placed him in the same class as us. I don't think my darker half should be allowed to attend school. It was hazardous for the teachers' and students' health.

During lunch we gathered all around the tree. DS, Yami, and surprisingly Bakura joined us for this short period of rest. Yami kept a close eye on his sister and Kai. He didn't exactly trust the captain of the Bladebreaker team. Joey must have been rubbing off on him with the way he had been very overprotective of his sister. Kai meanwhile was fidgeting in his seat. He noticed how protective her brother had become towards her. Normally, he wouldn't give a rip if the older brother was overprotective, but this was no ordinary human. He was a spirit that had been trapped within the Millennium Puzzle for a long time. Ray and Wing were whispering about this and that. They didn't care what they were talking about as long as they were together. Tyson and Max shared their lunches together, but of course, Tyson ate more than his blonde boyfriend. Bakura and I settled on sitting together without yelling, screaming, or fighting. I laid my head on his shoulders as he fed me. Yami and Yugi were doing almost the same thing, except Yugi was sitting on the pharaoh's lap. Kenny typed away as he ate lunch.

Later that day, we had spent an hour or two getting ready for the huge date. Since there were enough bathrooms for all of us, we didn't waste time fighting over it. Wing said that she really needed to take a bath after training so hard. I didn't train as hard as her, but I trained nevertheless. Besides, I liked taking warm baths. It was relaxing. When that becomes the highlight of your day, you knew you had to get a life. DS didn't like taking a bath, but her hikari practically forced her and I didn't want my yami to smell bad when we go out tonight. Bakura protested like DS, though he caved in sooner than she did.

When I headed out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around my waist, I noticed that Bakura was in a semi-formal kimono. A matching feminine one was on the bed. I slowly walked up to the bed and touched the kimono. "Is this for me?"

"Hai," Bakura responded. "Wing wanted us to go in kimonos so she lent you one of hers. She would have given you a male version, but I'm already wearing it."

"No fair," I pouted. I wanted to wear that, but he got to it first.

"Anyways, you're more like a girl than me," Bakura teased his lighter half, who was now extremely pissed off and growling. "Now now, that look isn't very lady like."

"Fine, I'll wear it, but next time you're wearing it," I sighed in reluctance.

"Can't," Bakura said to which I gave him a curious look. He picked up the kimono and placed it in front of him. "See it's too small for me." Then he placed it up against me. "It fits you perfectly. You know you may have to borrow some of Wing's clothes when we go out on a date." If I didn't know better, I could have sworn he was hatching a plan in that mind of his.

"Why would you want me to wear her clothes?" I raised my brow at him, to which he laughed.

"You should see what she wears," Bakura said slyly as possible.

"Oh really," I said, rolling my eyes. I have seen her day in and day out for a long time and she pretty much wore the same thing. Maybe, it was because the times I saw her, it was during our training, but then we went to the same school. Oh yeah, how could I forget we both had two wear school uniforms so scratch that out.

"Yes, did you know she likes leather?" Bakura smirked.

"I'm guessing you want me to wear it?" I asked, knowing the answer. I was right. He DID want me to wear the leather.

"Hikari, you should know better," Bakura scolded me teasingly. "You should know I want you to wear that. I have seen she owns a couple of leather skirts and a few short skirts too!"

"Yami!!!" I cursed out loud while blushing a bright red. I swiped the kimono and stalked off towards the bathroom. I couldn't believe what my yami just told me.

"You look cute when you're mad," Bakura teased me in a loving manner through the door.

I nearly fell over from shock. That was the last thing I thought my yami would say. I never knew his vocabulary included the word cute. "Keep that up Kura and one of these days, I'm going to die from a heart attack."

Laughter erupted from the other room. "You're too young to die from that."

"Yeah," I said sheepishly. "I was exaggerating."

"Of course," Bakura said teasing me again.

I had finally changed into the kimono after a few interruptions from my darker half who was trying to take a peek at me in my birthday suit. Honestly, couldn't he stand in a front of a mirror and look at himself. We were almost the same looking, but he told me it wasn't the same, because he doesn't have any feminine curves. I ended up coming out of the bathroom and throwing a pillow at him for that remark.

Bakura responded by pouncing on me and pinning me to the bed. I tried to move around but he was too heavy for me. That was when I felt warm air against my neck. It was the only warning before a pair of lips started placing kisses on my neck. I moaned from each touch when suddenly I felt something painful but pleasuring where my neck and shoulder connected. Now it felt incredibly wonderful in that spot.

//You like that. Don't you, hikari?// Bakura said in a husky voice through our link.

I had enough sense to nod my head. I was currently in la la land at the time. The heat went down to my lower regions where suddenly something was on my thing sucking at it. I moaned very loudly and clutched the bed, trying to not move. It was very hard not to. `Please, please,' was what I could only think as the heat became even worse. The heat was removed to only have cold air blown. I arched my back while moaning very loudly. The heat came back onto me and continued until I felt myself explode. I collapsed on my bed breathing very hard.

//You're tasty.// Bakura laid next to me on the bed as I curled up against his warm, muscular body. We had some before we were going to leave for the fair.

A knock came from the door followed by some giggling. "Did the two of you have fun?"

"Hai!" I called out from inside my room. "Is it time to leave?"

"No," she responded. "Everyone hasn't arrived here. The Bladebreakers should be arriving shortly. Seto has been piled up with work though I don't think he would want to upset his boyfriend. Malik is already here, laughing his rear off at the sound you two have been creating. Yugi just called me and told me they left."

"Malik is here?" I gasped out. If I knew him, the Egyptian will most likely tease us to no ends about it.

"He sure is," that voice floated through the door only to be accompanied by laughter. "I think the entire neighborhood heard your activities." My response was blushing a bright red.

"Good," Bakura said with a firm voice. "Now they know you're mine." He pulled me closer to himself. "And you know how possessive I can be."

"Very!" the two of them chirped outside.

"Let's leave the two love birds be," Wing suggested.

"Aw, but I wanted to watch or at least hear," Malik pouted. I heard a few scuffling sounds before a certain Egyptian yelping. Great, now she must be pulling him by his ear. "You don't have to be THAT forceful!"

"With you, YES!" Wing yelled out loud exasperated. I heard the both of them walking away from the door. I was glad that she considered my privacy, though at times, she found it amusing when she `accidentally' stumbled onto my little scenes. I was thankful I was fully clothed when she did.

Later that hour, Malik, DS, my yami, and I waited patiently for the others to arrive. Malik's boyfriend would arrive with our ride. He wanted to ride his motorcycle there, but we wouldn't fit on it. Anyways, I bet Seto wouldn't allow him to ride it as long as he had a ride available for him. DS was out of her soul room and had prepared for our huge date gathering. Joey and his little sister were the next people to arrive. He made sure that no one harmed his little sister, which reminded me of Yami and his sister. They were both very overprotective of their sisters. Mai arrived earlier than Seto, which was astounding, because she usually arrived later than everyone. Tristan was the next to come, followed by Seto. Now all we were waiting for was the Bladebreakers. They turned up as the last people, because Kai had been training them.

We all piled into the car. Kai acted normal. He had ridden in limos before, but some other people, whom I won't name, were being rather rambunctious. I seriously thought Seto and the yamis would strangle the `children' on sight. We had managed to calm down the `children' before they were severely injured.

As soon as we arrived at the fair, we split up into separate groups. Bakura, Seto, Malik, Kenny, and I went off in one direction. It was an obvious reason why we were grouped together. We were the smart and sensible ones. I was only kidding, but we got along without breaking out in argument. Kai, Ray, DS, Wingzero, Yami, and Yugi decided to go find a game they can try. You could tell why DS and Wing went together along with their boyfriends. DS went to make sure her hikari wasn't harmed by Ray. Yami went, because he didn't want Kai to touch his sister. Seriously, Joey must have rubbed off on the spirit. Tristan, Joey, Tyson, Serenity, Mai, and Max wandered off to find an amusing game. You could obviously guess why Joey wanted to be in this group as well as Tristan.

"Where are we heading first?" Kenny asked us. "The others are heading towards the games area and the rides."

"Why don't we try one of the games?" I suggested. I wanted to try some of the games while we were there. Maybe Bakura might win me something.

"What would you like to try first?" Bakura asked me. I was surprised he even agreed to it in the first place.

"Let's wander around until we find something," Seto spoke absent mindedly and that was what we did.

We wandered around looking at the different stands. Kenny spotted a stand selling small trinkets. He bought a few key chains with duel monsters on them. One of them was of the Blue Eyes White Dragon. Another was one of a white tiger. There was another dragon, a Red Eyes Black Dragon. It was obvious he bought these for his team mates. I wandered around the stand looking for a Change of Hearts plushie key chain. When I was about to give up, Bakura popped out of nowhere scaring me half to death as well as showing me the keychain I wanted. Malik scouted for something. I thought it was another duel monster and I was right. He wanted a Dragon of Ra plushie keychain while Seto bought a few for himself and his little brother.

I noticed a small games stand with a tank in it. At first I had wondered what it was when Kenny informed me it was the fish game. You have these scoopers made of paper, which made it hard to catch the gold fish. I tugged on Bakura's arm and pointed over towards the fish game. He sighed, but agreed with it anyways, because he knew I always wanted a pet. If I had this, I wouldn't want to get a cat or a dog or a mouse.

Malik too noticed it and tugged his boyfriend over there. I paid for a couple of those paddle things. (Hey, I don't know what to call them.) Scanning around the aquarium, I tried to find a fish that was close to the surface, because the paper breaks if left under water for a long time. I saw one swimming towards the surface and placed the catcher into it, but I wasn't quick enough and the paper broke. My darker half chuckled at me and he picked up the other paddle thing. He repeated what I did, but he managed to catch a gold fish with the flick of his wrist. Malik had managed to catch around half a dozen fishes by the time he was through. I had only one, but the Egyptian blonde gave me a couple of his.

Once we were finished, we met up with the other hikaris and yamis. Yami had been keeping a constant eye on Kai, because he had his arm around his little sister's waist. Yugi tried his best to keep his darker half calm, but he was barely keeping his yami from strangling Kai. Ray and Wing were keeping an eye on Yami, because they knew they might have to step in and break up the fight.

"What did you guys do?" Wing asked us as they approached us.

"We bought some plushies and won a few goldfish," I answered. I held up the bag of gold fish and so did Malik. "What did you do?"

"We won a few prizes," Ray answered. He was currently holding a few plushies. I noticed Yugi holding onto a Dark Magician, a Celtic Guardian, a Mystical Elf, and a Scyther, the sky dragon. DS had a few items as well.

I led Bakura away from the group as they were chatting about the games they played. We played a few games until my money pouch became very light. I then strolled over and bought dinner before padding over towards where Bakura was sitting. He was watching the fire flies in the sky. I sat next to him when he pulled me onto his lap. As a spirit, he didn't require food to survive, but he sometimes liked to eat.

"Kura?" I said out of the blue.

"What is it hikari?"

"I was just thinking about the future," I sighed as I continued to eat my dinner.

"What about the future?" Bakura was now shifting uncomfortably.

"I was thinking about having a family," I hesitated in saying.

"So you want to be with a woman?" Bakura asked with an underlying growl to his tone.

"No, I want only you," I assured him with a squeeze on his thigh. "I was thinking of adopting if that's all right with you."

"I think that will be fine," Bakura said with a smirk. "At least I won't have to listen to you complaining during pregnancy."

"What are you talking about?" I asked, raising a brow. I knew men cannot become pregnant even if we wanted to.

"Never mind," Bakura muttered a little too quickly for my liking.

"Are you saying there is a way I can become pregnant?" I asked bewildered.

"Yes," Bakura said hesitatingly but when he saw me glare he quickly explained. "You see there is a spell to make men pregnant, because a long time ago, there were these two lovers. Unfortunately, they were both men and one of them happened to be the crown prince of Egypt so they had the high priest develop a spell that would allow his mate to carry a child."

"And you happen to know this spell?" I questioned him suspiciously.

"I know of the spell, but I can't perform it," Bakura sighed.

"Then it must be either Yami or Seto," I spoke softly. "Do you think it would be possible if I could…" My voice trailed off.

"It's your body," Bakura scoffed, though I can tell he was very eager to have a son of his very own. "You can do it if you want to."

"I think I will when the time is right," I sighed, continuing to eat my dinner. Suddenly, I felt something touch my hair when I noticed a sakura flower in my hair. Bakura had placed it there while I was eating. I never knew he could be that gentle. He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me closer to him. I wondered why he was doing that when I noticed a few guys looking in our direction.

"Why can't they find their own date?" Bakura growled. When the light passed over them, I noticed it was the people from the tournament. Weevil, Rex, and this other person were standing there chatting with a few other people.

"Just ignore them," I whispered to him. Turning around, I placed a small kiss on his cheek. "They're not worth the effort."

"I guess you're right," Bakura scowled, still glaring daggers at them. He placed his head on top of my shoulder. I felt his warm breath on my neck.

"Do you want a girl or a boy?" I asked him.

"A boy," he answered immediately. Now why wasn't that a surprise to me.

"I hope I would end up with a girl," I sighed as he nuzzled me affectionately.

"I suppose I can handle raising two children," Bakura said hesitantly.

"You're not going to be the one carrying them," I protested, slapping his shoulder awkwardly.

Bakura laughed at my expense. "You've got me there. I'll have to enter this `education facilities' you attend or something if I want to provide for our children."

"I suppose you can attend a junior college," I said thoughtfully. "And then transfer into a four year university."

"Yeah, whatever we do or wherever we go, we'll do it together," Bakura said. He leaned closer towards me and captured my lips in a passionate kiss. I responded with equal enthusiasm.

Tonight, the stars shined brighter than ever over the two lovers.


Wingzero: Okay. *flexes fingers* Now to get started with the Yu Yu Hakusho fic.

Kurama: *sarcastically* Aren't we all thrilled?

Wingzero: v_v Keep that up and I'll pair you with Hillary from Beyblade V Force!

Kurama: *shuts up instantly*

Wingzero: Good.

SilNekomon & EbonyNekomon: *using Hillary for a scratching post*

Hillary: *screeching her head off about killer cats*

Tea: Wow, you actually found someone who you hate more than me!

Wingzero: Yeah, I know. It's quite a surprise.

Tea: So no more torture? *is hopeful*

Wingzero: *smirks* Yes torture! But not as much as before.

Tea: Thanks, I think.

Hillary: X_x!!!!!

Kurama: *joins the twin Digimon and lashes his rose whip against Hillary*

Yusuke: *uses her as target practice for his spirit gun*

Wingzero: *disappears in a shower of silver and white sparkles*