Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan Fiction / Beyblade Fan Fiction ❯ The Decisions We Make ❯ Help? ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Wingzero: This fic just kind of popped into my head while I was doing my chores. Please do not flame me if you don't like the idea.

Death Scythe: Or suffer my wrath!

Wingzero: Well anyways, me and my yami also appear in this. Sorry to all you Ray fans out there, but I kinda like him. *blush*

Death Scythe: Right.

Wingzero: And I'm gonna hook my yami up with Kai, from the Bladebreakers!

Death Scythe: AIBOU!!!!!

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Hi my name is Ryou Bakura. I don't have much to say about myself except that I'm sick and tired of being used as a punching bag for my yami. It all started when my father brought back the millennium ring. If I would have known then that this artifact contained a violent soul, I would have refused to wear it. I thought it was the best thing my father could ever give me. He also mentioned that it was in some way connected to the game duel monsters.

Later on I discovered the psychotic soul sealed within it. He used me to cause horrible things to my friends. That was the reason I had none in the first place. My abusive yami scared everyone away. Not only that, he used me as a way to vent his anger. I became a target for aibou abuse, if there ever was such a thing. Several nights I prayed this nightmare would end. One time I even tried to get rid of the cursed thing, but my yami beat me up three times worse when I did. Since then, I haven't tried.

Out of the blue, Maximillion Pegasus decided to host a duelist tournament on his island. I thought it would be great to enter, unfortunately it was invite only. However, I was invited. My yami was actually pleased when I told him I decided to enter that he just yelled at me. On the island, he began taking over our body to search for the millennium items. I had managed to stumble across Yugi Motou and his friends.

Yami Bakura decided he wanted the millennium puzzle so he placed our souls into our favorite cards. I was stuck in the Change of Hearts card. Tristan was placed in the Cyber Commander. Yugi became the Dark Magician while Joey took the form of the Flame Swordsman. When my yami was about to grab the item, another person took over Yugi's body. It was Yami, who we later discover. He played against my yami. Yami Bakura made the game difficult by trying to get rid of Yugi and his friends. Fortunately, Yami saved everyone including me. My yami was sent to the graveyard instead of me.

I thought that was the end of it. During our stay at the castle, he managed to break out of the shadow realm again. This time he stole Pegasus' millennium eye. I had nothing to do with it, of course.

From there everything went down hill. At home, I was constantly abused by my yami. He tortured me physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I thought it couldn't get any worse, but I was wrong. He came up with new ideas to make my life as miserable as possible. What did I do wrong to him?

Another weekend gone by. School was the only real place I found to be a safe haven. Despite what everyone says, I love going to school, not because of the learning. I don't have to deal with my yami beating up on me, since he wouldn't dare do it public especially around Yugi's yami.

Heading off to school, I didn't hear a single word from my yami. He was being unusually quiet. When I checked up on him, I discovered he was still sleeping. I didn't want to disturb him so I left him as is. Anyways, I wasn't feeling particularly suicidal this morning. I hadn't expect to arrive at school early. Two females stood around looking for something. I can't tell what.

The smaller one had long hair that went a little past her shoulder blades. Her silver hair glistened in the morning sun. I couldn't see her eyes that well, but I guessed they were a pale blue with hints of silver in them. The other person had the same hair style as her partner, but she had black hair. Her eyes were similar to Yami Yugi's except it was a shade brighter.

Walking up to them, I greeted them. "Hi, do you need help?"

"Yes," the shorter one answered. "I was looking for my homeroom." She showed me her class schedule. She was in the same classes I was. "I just transferred here."

"I can show you around if you'd like me to," I offered hoping she would accept it. "After class. We have the same schedule."

"Thank you," she said politely. She held out her hand for me to shake. "My name is Michelle but everyone calls me Wingzero."

"Nice to meet you, Wingzero," I responded with a firm handshake. Man she has a strong grip. "My name is Ryou Bakura."

"Do you play duel monsters?" she asked me.

"Doesn't everybody?" I smiled.

"Maybe we can duel some time," she suggested. "My favorite is the Dark Magician."

"That's one of my friend's favorite card," I said recalling the incident at the island. Yugi had chosen the Dark Magician as his favorite card.

"This is Danni," she said hastily. "She's my older sister."

"Nice to meet you too," I said politely. She just looked at me.

"Not much of a talker," Wingzero giggled. Her sister rolled her eyes.

Suddenly my ring started glowing and pointed to my new friend. She must have a millennium item. "By any chance, do you have a millennium item?"

She was startled by my question, but calmed down. "Yes I do, I assume you have one."

"Unfortunately I do," I sighed wishing that I could crawl into a hole.

"What do you mean by that?" Danni asked me.

"I ended up with an abusive yami," I answered truthfully.

Wingzero placed her hand on my arm. "I'm sorry. If there's anyway we can help, feel free to ask. My yami and I will gladly knock some sense into yours."

"Where is your yami?" I asked looking around.

Wingzero giggled before pointing to Danni. "She's my yami. Danni is just the name she uses with official stuff. Her real name is Death Scythe, but I call her DS."

Now, I saw why she changed her name. Who would accept a person named Death Scythe? "She resembles you, but how come your hair isn't the same color?"

"I don't know," Wingzero answered looking at her yami's hair and her own.

"My yami and I share the same hairstyle," I said, then pausing to think. "Yugi and his yami also share the same hairstyle."

"Three millennium items already discovered," Death Scythe said.

"Actually six," I corrected her. "Malik and his sister Isis have the other two. Pegasus used to have the millennium eye before my yami stole it from him."

"What's your yami's name?" Wingzero asked curiously.

"Bakura," I answered quickly.

Death Scythe started to growl at the mention of my yami's name. "That soul stealer, tomb robber. I thought they had him sealed up for several millennia."

"You've heard of him?" I asked now curious.

"Unfortunately," she still growled. "I was the younger sister of the pharaoh when he sealed up that thief."

"You know Yami?" I asked, once again.


"He's the former pharaoh," I answered her.

Death Scythe shrugged. "I haven't seen him for awhile. I wonder how he's doing ever since we sealed the shadow games."

Looking at her watch, Wingzero hastily said. "We should be getting to homeroom."

Wingzero's yami disappeared into the millennium ball before the two of us took off running. I hoped and prayed my yami didn't hear our conversation. The two of us ended up a few minutes before the bell rang. We were breathing heavily when we entered the classroom. My friends looked up to notice the both of us. They each wore wide smiles on their faces.

Our teacher stood in front of the class waiting for me to sit down before he announced our new classmate. I sat down in a chair near the gang.

"We have a transfer student joining our class, please welcome Michelle Soto (my real name but I prefer to go by Wingzero) to our class," he said in a sort of monotone voice. "She comes to us from America. Please tell us a little about yourself."

"Well, I like reading and writing books. I'm currently learning karate (I wish) and I like weight lifting."

"Please take a seat behind Joey," the teacher instructed. "Joey, will you please raise your hand?" A blond boy raised his hand.

She walked over to the seat and sat down in it while placing her bags on the floor. I wondered how strong she was. Maybe she can take on my yami. Laughing inwardly, I thought about the idea of him being beaten by a girl.

School was boring as usual; however, Wingzero seemed to be interested in the lessons. She apparently had taken language classes on Japanese. During lunch I introduced her to my friends.

"This is Yugi, Joey, Tristan, Tea, and the one over there is Seto," I said naming each one.

"So you're the one who holds the millennium puzzle with the pharaoh in it," Wingzero said startling everyone. Before anyone could speak she continued, "My yami speaks about him all the time."

Yugi's puzzle began to glow and Yami appeared beside his light. His mouth hung open at the sight of Wingzero's millennium ball.

Suddenly Death Scythe arrived on the scene. "Big brother, it has been a long time. Hasn't it?" She smirked at his response.

Closing his mouth, Yami stared at her for a second. "You haven't changed a bit, Lareina."

She shrugged her shoulders. "You haven't changed either. I see you found a partner."

"As do you," Yami replied. The others watched as the two spirits reminisced.

"Can someone tell me what's going on?" Joey interrupted.

"Lareina is my younger sister," Yami explained to the rest of the group.

"I go by the name of Death Scythe," Death Scythe said coolly.

"You're not going to kill us?" Tristan asked nervously.

"Not unless you do anything to harm my aibou, then no," Death Scythe replied with no emotion. "Or you make her cry."

Mental note to self: do not make Wingzero cry. One abusive yami is enough, I don't want another one.

"What do they call you?" Wingzero asked Yami.

"My friends call me Yami," Yami stated the rather obvious. Well, that was to us.

"Maybe we can hang out sometime?" Yugi chirped.

"DS, can we?" Wingzero tugged on her yami's arm.

"Very well," Death Scythe answered.

Out of nowhere, my yami decided to make an appearance. Why did he have to show up of all times? Why now?

"The pharaoh's sister," my yami sneered. "I wonder when you'd show yourself." He stalked around her like a predator ready to make a kill.

Death Scythe stood her ground and didn't even flinch. With one quick movement, she pinned my yami on the ground. My yami screamed and yelled at her, but her strength overpowered his. "You'd better not think of stealing my aibou's millennium ball or her soul. Otherwise you'll be facing me and next time I won't go easy on you." She disappeared into her soul room leaving my yami stunned.

I had to hold my laugh attack back or my yami would beat me senseless. This was too good to be true. My yami getting beat up by a girl with just one move. If I only had a camcorder. It was priceless. The others were rolling on the ground laughing except for Yami. He stood there with a smile on his face. He actually looked proud at his sister's accomplishment. Soon he also went back into his soul room leaving my yami the only one left behind.

"Not one word!" my yami growled at me. He abruptly left.

"That was interesting," Tea commented.

"I agree," Tristan agreed.

Later that afternoon, I rushed to where Wingzero and her yami were chatting. "Hi," I said trying to breathe.

Both of them greeted me. Apparently Death Scythe didn't apply for school. Well, that was one thing our yamis had in common besides being spirits trapped in millennium items for who knows how long.

"What are the two of you up to this afternoon?" I asked. I had wanted to spend time with them, since I would like to get to know them more. Also I liked her yami.

"I'm going shopping with my boyfriend," Wingzero smiled. "He's a beyblader."

"What's that?" I asked. The only game I knew well was duel monsters.

"It's a game," she answered. "It's too hard to explain."

"I see," I said wondering who it could possibly be.

"Don't you have to meet Ray somewhere?" her yami teased her.

"That's right," she jumped up and snatched her backpack. "Gotta run, nice talking to you" She took off faster than I thought.

Death Scythe shrugged her shoulders before going down the street. I was left alone. I wondered if I should go home. The others had already said they were busy. So off to home I go.

Upon reaching home, my yami decided to come out. I entered the kitchen looking for an afternoon snack when he showed up and grabbed my collar. "You are not to be with her." It was more of a command rather than suggestion.

"She has a boyfriend," I tried to say, but I stuttered.

"Oh really," he threw me into the family room.

My shoulder was in pain from the impact. I tried to stand up except he picked me up again and threw me against the wall. This time, I think I'm going to need a chiropractor. Instead of getting up, I waited for him to come to me.

A solid object connected with my stomach sending me gasping for air. This was going to leave a bruise. The pain signal traveled up my spine into my brain. Man, did he have to be this cruel? Probably he was still angry at having Death Scythe beat him up in front of the others.

"You think that was funny," he mocked me.

"I wasn't even laughing," I protested.

Yami Bakura grabbed my collar bone and slammed me against the wall. I could feel my bones smashing against the unrelenting object. "You dare challenge me, SLAVE!"

I shook my head, answering no. My voice had decided to take a vacation so I couldn't speak my response. Again, he slammed me.

Trying to drown out the pain, I tried thinking of other things. Things that I liked such as cooking or my garden. I loved trying new recipes. Often my friends would come over to try my latest creation or I'd bring it to them. Most of them were a hit. Joey wasn't hard to please, since he liked every single one of them.

Finally it was over. I struggled to the bathroom. At least my yami didn't damage my face that much. I guess he didn't want anyone to start suspecting anything. He must be in his soul room by now. I gingerly tried performing first aid on myself. Man this bites.

After patching myself up, I decided I need to learn how to defend myself. Perhaps Wingzero and her yami will teach me. They seemed friendly enough. I heaved my backpack on with great difficulty due to the bruises I've acquired and made my way over to her house.

Good thing she gave all of us her new address. She said it would take some time getting used to Japan, since she was born and raised in America. They have strange things over there. Once at her house, I rang the doorbell.

Nothing happened for the next moment. Then a guy wearing a red bandana with a yin-yang symbol appeared. He wore a white shirt and blue pants.

"How may I help you?" he said looking at my bruises and cuts.

"Is Wingzero or Death Scythe around?" I asked hoping I had found the right house.

"They're both here," he said leading me into the house.

"You're Ray?" I asked remembering the conversation we had.

"How did you know my name?" Ray asked. "Do you keep up with bey blading?"

"I'm more of a duelist," I answered with a small smile.

"Same as my girlfriend," Ray smiled as we entered the living area. Wingzero was slouching on the couch while her yami sat upside down on the chair next to her.

When we entered, Death Scythe immediately straightened herself. "What happened to you?" Her voice full of concern.

Wingzero helped me onto the couch. "It's okay if you don't tell us, we understand."

"It's my yami," I admitted.

During our entire conversation, Ray was completely confused. Wingzero explained the missing parts to him. By the time we were finished discussing, Death Scythe wanted to rip my yami's head off.

"I don't think it will be necessary," Wingzero said trying to calm her yami down, while Ray was trying to not get into a fight with the angry dark one. I can't blame him.

"What should I do?" I asked desperately.

"I think you should learn how to defend yourself," Wingzero answered. She was holding onto her boyfriend's arm.

"I agree," Death Scythe said.

"But how am I going to come here without my yami knowing," I sulked.

"Just tell him you've decided to take up ballet," Ray suggested.

"I think you're right," I said. Yami Bakura wouldn't dare step into a dance studio. He'd go ballistic.

"Tomorrow will be your first lesson," Wingzero smiled.

Wingzero: I hope you like it.

Ray: I'm sure they will.

Death Scythe: They had better.

Wingzero: You'll scare them away.

Kai: Ray, what are you doing here?

Ray: Hanging out?

Kai: You're not dating her?

Wingzero: So what if he is?

Kai: You can't date her and be on the team.

Wingzero: Says who?

Kai: Me the team captain.

Ray: It doesn't mean I'm going to miss practice.

Kai: Humph!

Wingzero: DS, please do something about HIM!

Death Scythe: My pleasure.

Kai: O_O *runs for his life*

Death Scythe: MWUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *runs after him*

Ray: Shouldn't we stop them?

Wingzero: Nah.

Ray: But she could hurt him.

Wingzero: *whispers* She has a crush on him.

Ray: O.O

Wingzero: *giggles* Please review. Ja Ne!