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Wingzero: Anyways, here's the chapter.

DS: It's more on the psychological side.

Wingzero: Yup.

Ryou: ………………


"What happened?" Wing asked as Kai and her yami helped me with my luggage.

"I think we should be sitting," I said nervously. Seriously, I didn't know how they were going to react to it.

"Okay," the other said in unison as we all sat around the living room.

I shifted nervously in my seat as seven pairs of eyes watched me. The Bladebreakers had decided to stop by Wing's place as two of their girlfriends live there. Lately, they have been hanging around here too much. Well, I would be hypocritical if I said anything about it, because I too have been spending a lot of time there.

"So what happened?" Wing asked, trying to get the conversation started.

"Well, after you had left, my yami decided to pay a visit," I said while they continued to stare at me. "He started to……………." My voice trailed off.

"Beat you up?" Kai filled in the blank for me.

"Yes," I nodded my head in shame.

"But you don't have any new injuries," Tyson pointed out an obvious fact.

"I can't see any too," Max backed up his boyfriend.

"That's because my training kicked in," I answered softly.

"That would have happened sooner or later," DS said with a frown. "I just didn't think it would happen this soon."

"Me either," Wing agreed with her yami.

"I don't know what I'm going to do," I sighed as I buried my face in my hands and leaned against my lap with my elbows.

"You could stay here?" Wing suggested.

"Yes, please," I mumbled through my hands.

"There's a spare room you can use," DS mentioned.

"Thank you," I said grateful that not all my friends had abandoned me.

"How did the others react?" Kenny asked, when he looked up from his laptop.

"They didn't take it too well, considering I sent Bakura to the hospital," I said with sorrow.

"Good for you," Kai said coldly. "You're standing up for yourself."

"But I could have almost killed him," I nearly cried out.

"He could have nearly killed you," Kai pointed out that missed fact.

"True," Ray spoke up for the first time in this conversation. "Don't blame yourself. It will only hurt you in the long run."

"He's right," Wing agreed with her boyfriend.

"You shouldn't blame yourself for defending," Kai said coldly.

"However you do need to learn how to control your power," Wing said. "I'll help you there."

"True," I said before we talked about other things. They understood that I didn't want to talk about it any more. After some time, the Bladebreakers had to leave.

I couldn't believe what had happened this afternoon. It started with an innocent visit to the park. We were having a good time, until my yami decided to make his presence known. Well, he came out of his soul room to find out what was the cause of the disturbance. The Bladebreakers had a charity match to attend, which they rushed of to in quite a hurry. My yami didn't care whether we were in public and attacked me. Even though the others were there, they were too caught up in their partners to even notice me being used as a punching bag. However, my training kicked in and I defended myself, only causing Bakura to grow even angry at me. He took it up a level and used his shadow powers against me, but I also used my powers, light based of course. In the end, I nearly killed him. Worst of all, they're all taking his side. Why wouldn't they believe me? Maybe it was because I was taking lessons behind their backs.

Wing allowed me to use their spare bedroom. Her parents weren't home that often, since they went on business trips (not really but can't have `em there). I understood how she felt with her parents not in her life. My father didn't spend much time with me as he was usually on his archaeological digs. Like her, my father didn't have a clue about my yami. It wasn't like we had to try really hard to conceal our darker halves. Yugi had told his grandfather about his darker half, because they spent so much time together.

Anyways the Bladebreakers left in the early evening, since they had to finish their homework and eat dinner. With Tyson's appetite, I was surprised he hadn't eaten them out of their home. Fortunately, his team mates forced him to go on a diet and exercise, because the last time he made a pig of himself, he had to be sidelined due to a stomach ache. He kind of reminded me of Joey in several ways. Ack, I shouldn't be thinking about that. They abandoned me, when I needed them the most. I wished I could call and ask how Bakura was doing, but I doubt I would receive a warm welcome.

Around the time the beybladers left, I started cooking dinner. Although DS and Wing were good fighters, they could only cook simple recipes (um, I really do). Since I was staying at their home, I thought it would polite of me to cook them dinner. After all, they weren't expecting me to turn up on their steps, asking for a place to stay. As I was stirring the soup, Wing came into the kitchen, looking for something to drink.

"Would you like me to check on your yami?" She asked me, with concern in her voice.

"Yes, please," I choked out. I didn't look over towards her.

"I never did teach you how to control your powers when in that state," Wing said with regret.

"What do you mean?" I asked her curiously. This time, I glanced over towards her before returning to my cooking.

"Light based powers are heightened when the user is very emotional," Wing answered the question. I could feel her behind me, though she wasn't standing very close to me.

"So that's what happened," I mused out loud. "I wondered how I could have so much power behind my counterattack."

"You must have been very emotional," Wing said thoughtfully. "I know it was hard for me to control my powers when I was very emotional. Eventually, I learned how."

"Is it hard to learn?" I asked, not wanting a repeat performance.

"The concept is not hard," Wing sighed. I wondered why she did that. "But putting it into practice is. It takes time. Fortunately for me, I wasn't an emotional person to begin with, but I do have my times."

"I understand," I said, continuing to cook dinner.

"Since when did you learn how to cook?" She asked me, changing the topic. I was grateful for it, because I didn't want to talk about it any more.

"I picked it up, since my father usually went on his archaeological expeditions often," I replied. "So I had to learn how to make my own meals and in time, I came up with my own recipes."

"That's good, cause my yami and I can't cook," Wing admitted sheepishly.

"Well, you do know the basics," I tried to cheer her up.

"True," Wing said. "At least I don't burn the food."

"Huh?" I blinked a few times.

"My yami kept burning the food until I banned her from the kitchen," Wing giggled. I could feel her move away from me and to the breakfast table.

"Oh, does she at least know how to operate a microwave?" I inquired.

"She knows how to boil water and use the microwave, but that's about it," she said.

"My yami doesn't even know how to use the microwave," I sheepishly admitted. "He doesn't ask for help, because he thinks that's weak."

"So then he never learned," Wing concluded from my confession.

"Yeah," I sighed. "I'm almost finished here."

"Thanks for cooking," Wing said with gratefulness. "It's been awhile since I've had a good home cooked meal."

"I thought you learned how to cook somewhat," I said as I turned off the stove.

"Yeah but I need recipes," Wing confessed as she started setting the table.

"Oh, I see," I said.

"Well, DS is hanging around the house doing whatever yamis do," Wing said. "Besides they don't eat."

"My yami doesn't eat unless he feels like it," I said with a hint of sorrow.

"Maybe we should change the subject," Wing suggested. She had noticed my depressed state.

"Okay," I agreed with her. Secretly, I wanted her to change the subject.

"So what shall we talk about then?" She asked me. I had placed the food on the table along with two bowls of soup.

"I don't know," I said exasperated before sitting down. "It's just been a rough day for me."

"Oh okay," Wing said understandingly. "I guess you don't want to discuss anything related to our powers, seeing as they're the cause of this mess."

I nodded my head to answer yes. "Maybe I shouldn't have been taking lessons in the first place. None of this would have happened."

"Or maybe it could be the other way around," Wing said very seriously. "You know your yami was becoming more and more violent. One of these days, he's going to send you to the hospital or even worse……….."

I shuddered at the thought. "I wouldn't want to go there. Perhaps it was for the better I learned how to defend myself."

"You'd be surprised at how many people will try to take advantage of you," Wing said while stirring her soup. It was too hot to be eaten right away.

"I know," I sighed, staring at my interesting dinner.

Suddenly, Wing narrowed her eyes and concentrated on her soup, before digging in. When she saw the confused look on my face, she told me, "I used my powers to cool it down."

"You can do that?" I blinked. "I thought our powers were for only fighting and defending ourselves."

"Don't be silly," Wing teased me. "Our powers can be used different ways. You just have to know hot to manipulate them."

"Maybe you can show me something other than fighting?" I asked hopefully.

"Sure," she replied. "I don't mind. Besides, we have much more time, now that we're living together and the others know about it."

For the rest of the dinner, we discussed our powers, not related to fighting. I found out that we also can manipulate the five elements of earth: fire, wind, water, earth, and thunder. However, we couldn't use darkness, as it was the opposite element of our power basis. I didn't know our power can be used in so many ways. Wing told me she learned a lot, but she hadn't learned everything there was to know about our power. Anyways, at least she knew more than me.

While Wing was taking a shower, I decided to unpack my belongings and placing them in the spare bedroom or should I say my new room. This room already held a desk, a dresser, bed, and a small nightstand. It seemed reasonable to keep this room sparsely furnished, seeing as it was rarely used. Besides, it would be expensive for them to buy additional equipment or furniture for someone who was going stay there for such a short amount of time.

Tomorrow was going to be nerve wracking, especially after how they reacted yesterday. I don't know if I could face them again, but my education was important; therefore, I needed to go to school even if I didn't want to. Taking a deep breath, I kept telling myself I can go through with this. I have the Bladebreakers, Wing, and her yami with me. They hadn't abandoned me, like some people.

As I was unpacking I ran across pictures of the gang. At first I wanted to burn them, but then I decided against it. What if in the future, I wanted to look at them? Then I decided just to bury them underneath my pile of belongings until that time comes. I seriously doubt that it will be any time soon. The heaviest items I brought were my textbooks. When I unloaded them, I was grateful for those weight lifting lessons. I couldn't have carried all of them before then. Then again, there were several things I couldn't do back then.

After I had finished packing, I went into the bathroom while carrying my pajamas and a towel, which I found in a drawer. The spare bedroom had a bathroom, a small one, but it at least had one. They had two bathrooms on the first floor and three on the second. I wondered why they had so many bathrooms, if there were only two of them. Wing told me her parents had bought this house and planned on having more children. They just never got around to making more children. Since they hardly were around, I guessed it was for the better, seeing as they were doing a lousy job with one child.

Peeling off my clothes, I narrowed my eyes at the multiple bruises and cuts I have all over my body. I looked at them with disgust. My yami had taken to using me as his personal punching bag over time. I know the physical pain will heal eventually, but what about the emotional pain? That would be with me for the rest of my life. Hopefully, my new friends can help me start the healing process. I knew Wing can help me, as we were both hikaris.

I allowed the water to run so I could get the water to the right temperature. Then I hopped into the shower, fully intend on enjoying this. It was the first night, I was without my yami. My first night without getting beaten and I was going to enjoy it while I had the chance. Not that Wing would kick me out. For once in my life, I could relax and not worry about being beaten. Not to mention having to hide my wounds from nosy friends. True, Yugi was curious, but he was curious in a helpful way.

No, I should stop dwelling in the past and concentrate on the future. I casually picked up the shampoo and squirted it into the palm of my hand before lathering it into my hair. Such a simple task, wish my life was as simple as that. If only my yami treated me the way Yami treats Yugi, then this wouldn't happen.

I know I should stop reading those fairy tales. They were nothing but lies. The real world wasn't like that. If it was, then it would be too good to be true. Why couldn't life be like that? Why couldn't it have those fairy tale endings? Alas, life was anything but kind and compassionate. It takes out your soul and ripped it to shreds until there was nothing that resembled your soul. Just great, I had gotten myself all depressed. I didn't need that going into tomorrow.

Rinsing out the shampoo, I wondered how I was going to act around them. Everything was going to be different, as they saw me in a different way. I wished thing would stay the same, the way they used to be, but I knew they weren't going to treat me the way they used to, now that Bakura was in the hospital. If they only knew what had happened, but they wouldn't believe me to begin with. I have told them too many lies so I was partly to blame for that.

I was taking longer than I should in here. Quickly lathering in the conditioner and washing my body, I made good time. Glancing at the clock, I realized it was only nine at night. I needed my rest after an emotionally exhausting day, but I didn't want to sleep with my hair wet so I allowed it to dry naturally before going to bed, which took about an hour. While I was waiting, I decided to crash in the entertainment room and watched tv. Wing was surfing the net in her bedroom, while DS was also in the entertainment room. I don't have a clue what she was doing, but she seemed to enjoy it.

The following morning I woke up later than I had originally planned, but it was a good thing Wing had set her alarm. DS had woken me up rather rudely. I was glad she didn't beat me up. That was the last thing I needed today. I've escaped Bakura's beatings; I don't need another person doing the same thing.

Someone was cooking something. I followed my nose, thinking that it was either Wing or her yami, when I remembered what Wing had told me. Wing had banned her yami from the kitchen, because she couldn't cook anything without burning the food. My yami would burn down the entire house, because he didn't know how to operate a stove. As I approached the kitchen, I noticed Wing flipping pancakes.

"Good morning," She said a little too enthusiastically for this time of the morning.

"There's nothing good about mornings," I grumbled as I took a seat.

"Sure there is," Wing said, continuing to make our breakfast.

"Not this one anyways," I sighed as I banged my head against the table.

"Oh that's right," she said, realizing what I had meant.

"Yeah," I mumbled. Suddenly, I heard a plate being placed in front of me. I glanced up to find a stack of pancakes, waiting to be eaten.

"They're not the best," Wing sheepishly admitted. "I got it out of a recipe book and altered some of the ingredients, because I didn't like the taste."

"I'm sure they can't be that bad," I tried to sound reassuring, like the way she did when I was training. She kept encouraging me, when I berated myself.

"You're right," she agreed with me. "I could have burned them like a certain person."

We both laughed at that inside joke. I took a bite out of it and complimented her. "It's good. You shouldn't be ashamed of yourself."

"Thanks," she smiled back at me, before getting her own plate.

"What am I going to do about them?" I remembered I'd have to face them sooner or later.

"Well, you don't have to go to school," Wing suggested. "You haven't missed a day, even with everything going on."

"True, but then what would they think?" I asked her.

"I don't know," she answered me truthfully. "Does it matter what they think?"

"I guess not," I shrugged.

"Good, then you should act that way if they start treating you badly," Wing said with confidence in her voice.

"What if they think I'm acting arrogant," I spoke my concern.

"So would it matter to you?" She asked me. Even though it sounded rude, it was true. Why should I care what they thought of me.

"You're right," I agreed with her on that point. "I shouldn't let them get to me." Still, there was this nagging feeling I had. It was probably my conscious.

"And anyways, you've got us," Wing reminded me. "The Bladebreakers, my yami, and me."

"You've all been such a big help to me," I sighed, wishing I could do more for them.

"It was nothing," she said casually, before looking at the clock. "We'd better hurry if we want to make it to school on time." She finished off the rest of her pancakes in a hurry.

I too followed suit. This was going to be a long day. I just knew it.

Ryou: You're just going to end there?

Wingzero: Well, I wanted the school scene to be another chapter.

DS: That would make a good starting point.

Ray: What are we doing here?

Kenny: Don't ask me.

Seto: *making out with Malik in the closet*

Wingzero: I so did not hear that.

Ray: No comments.

Tyson: Okay. That was weird.

Max: You'd think they'd get a room or something.

Wingzero: *points to the closet* That is something.

Max: You know what I mean.

Kai: *walks off to practice for the beyblade tournament*