Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan Fiction / Beyblade Fan Fiction ❯ The Decisions We Make ❯ Push Me & I'll Push Right Back! ( Chapter 5 )

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Wingzero: This is one of the saddest chapters of this fic so far.

DS: Oh how's that?

Wingzero: Someone will die.

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As I leaned against my bedroom door, I thought about the past two months since I met my instructors and started taking lessons from them. It had been a nightmare trying to keep my yami out both physically and mentally. As you notice, I have been gaining weight due to the increase in muscle. I have to thank Wing, her boyfriend, and DS for that. They helped me when it came to weight lifting. Wing said that I needed more muscle in order for me to control my power better. Oh, she was in the process of teaching me how to harness my light based powers, since her yami didn't understand nor used them, and Ray had no clue about magic or anything other than his bit beast. However, he helped when it came to hand to hand combat.

In the first week, we did a little weight lifting, but we mostly worked on technique. DS said I needed to get down the basics before we moved onto the advanced skills. Also, I haven't trained my body to do physical activities, so we had to start off slowly. I guessed it would be a work out for those three since they had been training much longer than I have. By the way, Kai had started to hang around the place. He would sit in the back, and once in awhile, he gave a few pointers or corrected my mistakes. From the way he looked, he appeared he could beat up my darker half without even breaking a sweat.

During the second week, the three of them decided to take it up a level. They increased the time I spent on weight lifting and decreased on the technique since I have mostly gotten the hang of it. In addition to it, they asked me if I could run or jog in my spare time. It had something to do with cardiovascular exercise. I wasn't one to argue, since they knew what they were doing. In the middle of the week, I started to lightly jog around the neighborhood. My darker half kept wondering where I went, but I told him I was taking a walk. He said only sissies take walks, before vanishing into his soul room.

With my progress, Wing and DS added about fifteen to twenty minutes to my training session. They said I would need to rest in between exercises. Something in the area of, allowing my muscles to rest. The third week was just as hard as the second week. When I had just gotten used to the weights I have been using, they increased my load. Ray explained to me if I never challenge myself, I wouldn't go far. I guessed he was right. Kai even agreed to that. He constantly challenged himself.

Things have turned for the worse in the fourth week. My yami's anger started to increase drastically, which meant a worse pounding for me. I had trouble keeping up in classes with my beatings and training session. Fortunately, I had good friends. Tyson and Max became very good friends with me within a matter of a couple of weeks. Kenny and I also became good friends. Kai, I don't know where I stand, but from the looks in his eyes, I can tell he understood me on a certain level, though I have no clue how. Ray, Wing, and DS were my very best friends. They were like a second family to me. It was something Yugi and my other friends couldn't match up to. There was something about my new friends, that made me want to reach out to them and befriend them, even if it took awhile.

Around the fifth week, Wing began teaching me how to harness my powers. We started off with something small, such as levitation. At first, I couldn't even budge a penny. At the end of the week, I was able to move a dinner plate, without dropping it. Wing constantly watched me during these exercises, because she knew it can become dangerous, when left unsupervised. She told me about the time DS was teaching her. DS nearly had a knife in her rear end, because she wasn't paying close attention to her hikari. I doubled over in laughter when I heard that. From there we moved onto shields. They came in handy when defending yourself. I learned that you can make one out of any of the basic elements or their different forms: earth, wind, fire, water, thunder, ice, and metal. Kai and Ray had chosen this week to stay clear of this house, since they had no powers of their own.

For the sixth week, we moved from the defensive to the offensive portion. Wing showed me how to gather my energy and use it as a weapon. She demonstrated by blasting rocks as I tossed them. By the way, we were in her backyard. DS would have a fit if we did it indoors. After awhile, I managed to control my energy and shoot rocks. For me, they had to be stationary seeing as I was learning for the first time. It only came out as short bursts of energy. I still continued my weight lifting and hand to hand combat. Now it seemed there wasn't enough time to do all of them. So we decided that I should lift weights on my own, so I can concentrate on the other two. Bakura didn't like my absences and started trying to find out where the dance studio was. Fortunately for me, DS covered my back and told him to back off.

The following week proved to be no different. We worked on the regular things. Wing wanted me to learn how to create energy attacks. When I first started them, I felt completely drained. Now, I only felt tired after our training sessions. I guessed that was why they wanted me to do weight lifting and aerobics. This was physically exhausting. I managed to destroy larger rocks and other objects that they brought from who knows where. As for my aim, I can proudly say that I hit my target most of the time, even if it was moving.

Last week, they had taught me how to integrate my energy attacks into my martial art skills. I must admit I looked like an idiot the first time I tried this. It was hard conjuring up energy and trying to remember the moves at the same time. Wing told me she started out like that when she was learning. I was glad to hear that, because I thought I looked like a fool. Okay, so I haven't mastered my powers yet, but I was on the way. That led to thinking about Yugi. Yami said that he hasn't had any practice or skill in this area. I wondered if he was teaching his aibou. Suddenly, I felt a wave of sadness course throughout my body. It should be Bakura teaching me, not that I was complaining. I kind of felt jealous when I saw those two together. They made a cute couple, even if they resembled each other. On the lighter side, Kai finally asked DS out on her first date. You should have seen the way Yami looked when he asked. It was priceless. He glared daggers as he went on about treating his little sister, making sure she was safe, being home on time, and above all no making out.

Suddenly, someone banged on my bedroom door, demanding to know where I have been. I could tell Bakura woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. I hated Mondays with a passion. My darker half seemed grumpier than usual; plus I have to wake up early. This was not my day. I sighed before answering, "I was at practice!"

In fact, that was true. I was at practice, just not the one he thought I was at. I told him I was taking ballet lessons, when reality I was learning how to defend myself, and harness my powers. Good thing, I haven't let it slip or I'd have a lot of explaining to do.

"You can't be spending all that time doing ballet!" Bakura retorted through the door. He emphasized the last word with disgust.

I knew he hated ballet, because he deemed it as one of the weaker things to do. He also considered art, cooking, and several others to be weak hobbies. I enjoyed cooking and art, which in turn, made him think I was weak. Not to mention, I told him I was taking ballet lessons. "I have to work out, because I need the endurance."

"You work out?" Bakura scoffed at the idea.

"Jogging," I informed him.

"It figures," Bakura said with an amused tone. I don't like the sound of that voice, because it meant he was up to something.

Since I already received my "lesson," I didn't think Bakura would beat the living daylights out of me again. Then again, he did seem to be angry, but I don't know what or why. Maybe he was starting to notice the changes in me. Nah, it couldn't be, could it?

"You've been gaining weight," Bakura said, trying to catch me off guard.

I never knew he kept an eye on my body. Perhaps, it was when he was throwing me around. He will definitely know something was up. "I have?"

"Yeah, you're much heavier to throw around," Bakura growled at me.

"Maybe I should go on a diet, eh?" I said nervously, while scratching the back of my head.

"Maybe you should," Bakura scowled. "I don't want you to end up fat, because I will."

Typical, he only thought of himself. "I'll be sure to pick up healthy food at the grocery."

"You had better," Bakura snapped before turning and storming downstairs.

The phone rang causing me to jump up in surprise. Answering the phone, I discovered it to be Tyson and Max. Well, Max was trying to talk except his boyfriend kept interrupting him or trying to talk to me. I giggled at their antics. If only my yami could see me more than a punching bag. Deep down inside of me, I had a feeling he wouldn't.

"So what are you planning to do on Friday?" Max asked me.

"Nothing," I answered back.

"We were wondering if you wanted to on a quadruple date," Tyson interrupted his boyfriend.

"Quadruple date?" I asked with confusion.

"Yeah with all the practice you've been doing, we thought you earned a break," Max said shoving his boyfriend off the phone.

"Oh, so who's coming?" I asked out of curiosity.

"Me and my boyfriend are definitely coming. Kai and Ray are bringing their girlfriends. We'll hook you up with someone."

"Max, I don't know about this," I said warily.

"Come on!" Max persisted. "I know we can find you someone. How bout Malik?"

"Malik is taken, I think," I said quickly.

"Oh by who?" Max inquired with an innocent voice.

"Seto," I sighed. I wish I had a boyfriend or girlfriend. Hey, I wasn't picky.

"No way!!" Max yelled into the phone, nearly causing me to go deaf.

"Yes, I couldn't believe it myself," I said, rubbing my ear. "I see them exchange glances, go off together, and who knows what."

"I see," Max said. I could tell he was grinning.

"What is it?" Tyson's voice carried in the background.

"Nothing," Max called back to his lover. "Then how about Joey or Tristan?"

"Why are you trying to set me up with guys?" I asked out loud.

"I thought you were into boys," Max said, sounding on the verge on crying.

"It's okay," I assured him. "I guess I'm more of a bi."

"So how about Joey or Tristan," Max said.

"They're into girls, and I think both of them have dates," I sighed once again.

"Don't worry we'll find someone for yah!" Max cheered.

"See you at school," I said after glancing at my clock. It was about time I should be going to bed. I had weight lifting first thing in the morning.

"Bye!" the happy couple chorused before hanging up the phone.

The following day, Bakura made his appearance. We were sitting in the park enjoying the crisp autumn afternoon. I was right about the couples. Yugi snuggled against his darker half, who was glaring daggers at Kai. DS leaned against him, not doing much; since she knew his health was in danger just by being this close to him. Malik was sitting on Seto's lap, who was currently playing with his blonde hair. Tyson and Max were goofing off as usual. Ray and Wing were sparring, which was unusual to see them doing it in public. Kenny was trying to make a hologram projector for his girlfriend. I felt like a third wheel.

Out of nowhere, Kenny yelled. "Oh no, we were supposed to be at a charity match this afternoon!" When was that?

"Since when did we have that scheduled?" their cold team captain asked.

Out of nowhere, Kenny yelled. "Oh no, we were supposed to be at a charity match this afternoon!" When was that?

"Since when did we have that scheduled?" their cold team captain asked.

"Mr. Dickenson sent us a letter a few days ago," Kenny said closing his laptop.

"He did?" Ray blinked with disbelief.

"How come we never saw it?" Tyson asked, once they had finished their antics.

"Yeah," Max backed up his lover.

"It was on the refrigerator the entire time," Kenny practically exclaimed.

"Oh," the other Bladebreakers chorused before their mad dash out of the park with Wing and DS running behind them.

At this point, my yami decided to come out and see what was causing all the commotion. "What's going on?"

"The Bladebreakers just remembered they had a charity match to attend," Yami answered unphased by my yami's anger.

"You could have left the ring home!" Bakura turned and growled at me.

I looked down to my ring. It had become a habit to wear it everyday. "I got used to wearing it."

"That's no excuse!" He said closing the gap between us.

If the others were paying attention, they would have notice Bakura threatening me. I was definitely sure Yami would come to my rescue. Joey and Tristan certainly would teach Bakura a thing or two about messing with their friends. Soon I felt Bakura's grip on me. The last thing I saw before I closed my eyes was his fist coming towards me.

When I opened my eyes, I found I had inadvertently caught his fist. He stood there wide eyed, not believing what he was seeing. My other half backed off and tried attacking me using more force. I nimbly dodged it, although unintentional on my part.

That only served to aggravate him even further. Before I knew it, he was gathering his energy to attack me, when my reflexes kicked in. I didn't know how, but I managed to summon up enough energy and throw it in a short amount of time. Two flashes of light clashed against each other, followed by a huge gust of wind. I had to put up my shield in order to maintain my ground.

When the dust had finally settled, I couldn't locate Bakura. The others were shielded by the other millennium items and their holders. I glanced around, hoping to find my yami. Suddenly, I heard Yugi cry out. He found my yami, but that wasn't troubling him. I ran over to his side, only to find my yami on the verge of death. What have I done?

"How could you do this?" Yugi exclaimed at me. I saw his emotions pour out by the way he spoke to me: anger, pain, mistrust, and confusion.

"I didn't mean to," I said backing up a little.

"I never knew you could stoop to this low," Joey said with a little hurt in his voice.

"You guys, it was an accident, really," I tried to sound reassuring.

"That was harsh even for him," Tristan added to my guilt.

"I told you it was an accident," I insisted. Meanwhile, the girls had taken to tending Bakura's injuries while the billionaire called for an ambulance.

"I have never seen you use your powers before," Malik said with suspicion. "Why start now?"

"Bakura wouldn't teach me so someone else has been," I said honestly.

"You meant to kill him!" Yugi exclaimed with anger.

"No, I didn't!" I returned back to him. "I never meant to kill anyone!"

"What are you hiding?" Yami asked when his face was inches away from mine.

"I've been working out," I informed Yugi's darker half.

"No, I mean what have you been hiding?" Yami asked with little patience.

"I've been taking lessons," I said.

"From who?" Yami persisted with the questions.

"They wish to remain anonymous," I answered, not wanting my new friends to get into trouble.

"I hope you're happy!" Yugi exclaimed.

I couldn't take any more so I did the only thing I could think of. I bolted out of there. Running, I couldn't hear my former friends yelling at me. From the way they reacted, I don't think they wanted to be my friends. Immediately, I headed towards my house and slammed the front door as I rushed towards my room.

Tears streamed down my face, as I took in today's events. What had started out as a fun filled day almost ended in tragedy. I started packing all my belongings; well, everything that I wanted to take with me. My father was on another excavation so he wasn't around. Then again, he wasn't around the house that much.

Where should I go? I knew running away wouldn't solve anything, but I couldn't face my friends or yami when he come out of the hospital. No, I will have to find another place. Maybe Wing would allow me to stay at her place. She had a very large house, now that I thought about it. I wondered how she got all that cash to spend.

Oh great, they were all at the charity match. A couple hours had passed, since I left the park. They should be done by now. I'll just have to go over to her house and knock on the door. With that solved, I lugged my belongings onto a wagon careful not to topple the huge pile.

Fifteen minutes later, I arrived at Wing's door. I hesitated for a few minutes before knocking. A second later, Kai answered the door. He had an amused look, when he saw my belongings. "What do you want?"

"That's no way to talk to him," DS said playfully.

"I was wondering if I could stay here for a bit," I asked nervously.

"What's wrong?" DS asked full of concern.

"My yami and I got into a fight today," I answered her. "I almost killed him."

DS gasped but said nothing as she ushered me into their home. Kai brought in my belongings as the others began to ask questions. When I told them a brief summary, the Bladebreakers felt sorry for me. They had already known from the beginning my yami's abuse. When I finally started to fight back, they shunned me.

Wingzero: Such a sad ending.

DS: You know they would never do that.

Wingzero: Yeah, but this is an angst fic.

DS: Oh.

Ray: Is he going to die?

Wingzero: Of course not! How can he and Ryou hook up if he's six feet under?

Ray: That would be hard.

Kai: Yah think?

Ryou: *bawling*

Ray: It's just a fic.

Ryou: But it seemed so real!

Kai: --U

Ray: *attempts to comfort Ryou*

Wingzero: *tries to help Ray*