Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan Fiction ❯ Destiny Kills ❯ Chapter Two ( Chapter 2 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Chapter Two:

I stood in the Pharaoh's doorway to his room, my clothes still dripping wet. No one had questioned him on bringing me home, my state of clothing or even where I had come from. The Pharaoh glanced over his shoulder, his eyes raking over my body and I shook a bit. The gaze on his face told me that I was now his. I licked my lips, and moved forward as he motioned me to.

"You need new clothing," he said, tossing several garments onto his large bed. "You aren't going to wear the mark of a slave anymore."

"Oh no! I couldn't," I stuttered, still shaking a bit from the chilly water. He looked back at him, his face saying otherwise and I shrunk down into myself. I saw his face fall at my reaction and he shook his head and in a couple strides, he was over at my side. Putting his fingers under my chin, he made me look up at him again.

"Oh, aibou, please don't avoid my gaze. I've searched a many years for you and I've finally found you. Don't turn your eyes away from mine. Please don't."

I stared at the Pharaoh. I couldn't really begin to understand that he was begging me in his own little way. I'd never seen this great man beg of something before. I shook my head, unable to really speak anything.

"So, are you going to keep what you're doing?" he asked, bending down a bit and giving me a smile. I shook my head and he led me forward, sitting down on the bed and grabbing the silky looking objects. "Here, they might be a little bit big on you but they'll work for now. Until I can have new ones made for you." he gave me a wide smile, handing me a tunic of gold coloring.

"I couldn't wear this," I said softly, looking to the other side, attempting not to meet his gaze. He let out a breath and stood up, yanking my wet clothing off of my body. I gulped, trying to pull away from his hands but he was a little too quick for me.

"There," he said proudly, smirking as he pulled the hem down to my knees. "These are definitely too big on you." he chuckled, his eyes smiling. I swallowed, tugging at the material; it felt so foreign to my body as I stood under the gaze of his smiling eyes.

"Does this please you?" I asked in a quiet voice. He let down his smile, showing he was confused as he understood my tone.

"This makes me happy, if it makes you happy." he said just as quietly, standing up. "But, you must meet the others. Come."


"Ah! Priest!" Pharaoh yelled, waving his arms to get the attention of a tall man a few yards ahead of him. The priest turned and looked back at us before smiling widely. The priest had startling blue eyes that seemed to pierce my soul. I wondered if he could see the dirtiness to me or if he knew all the things I had done because of my master.

"Ah, my Pharaoh." he said, his voice a velvet soft sound that made me cringe for I wasn't worthy to be here or in their prescence. "Is this your lad you've searched for?" he asked, finally looking at me better. I gulped, attempting to hide behind the Pharaoh.

"Ah! Yes, he is!" Pharaoh said happily, turning around to wrap his arm around my shoulder and push me forward just a bit. "Aibou, this is Priest Seto. He's the one you go to if you have any problems."


"Oh great," the priest sighed as a blond haired boy came running out and wrapped his gangly arms around the tall priest. "Jou, what have I told you!" Seto gently scolded, smiling happily at the youth. I cocked my head sideways, stumped at the display of tenderness.

"That confuses him," Jou said, everyone suddenly looking at me. I gulped and ducked behind the Pharaoh.

"Ah, aibo," he said softly, looking down at me with such tenderness that it made my heart hurt at the sight.

"He's a quiet one," Jou said, removing himself from Priest Seto and walking to my side. I tried to disappear into the Pharaoh at that point. He chuckled and moved away for the both of us.

"Move gently Jou, this one's been scarred and he's not like everyone else here." Priest Seto said from behind us. "Move gently,"