Animaniacs Fan Fiction ❯ Yakko's Curse ❯ Therapy ( Chapter 2 )

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Piece by piece, and with strength he didn't know he had, the young boy sawed through flesh and bone. His mind was telling him that this was the only way to make sure his younger siblings wouldn't get hurt. They had already been hurt so much…It wouldn't do to let them stand up again.

"What vere your feelings for zis Yakko?" Dr. Scratchansniff asked calmly

"I didn't feel anything while I was doing it," Yakko replied. "I just know I had to do it."

They were standing there, for the umpteenth time, watching as a young Yakko sawed his parents into pieces. By this time, the doctor was quite used to the gory imagery. He walked over to the busy boy, ignoring the blood that pooled around his feet.

"Vat do you zink of it now?"

"I'm disgusted with myself." Yakko's voice was trembling with raw emotion. "I can't believe I did it, but…"


"I'd do it again if I had to."

The doctor nodded. "I zee. Vell, I zink ve've covered this scene enough for today. You never show me vat happens when you get Vakko and Dot. Can you show me zat?"

Yakko nodded, taking a deep breath and the scene dissolved and recrystalized. They were in the children's room. Yakko picked Dot up—she was such a small child—and shook Wakko awake.

"Wha—?" Wakko asked. Suddenly everything froze. The doctor looked at Yakko.

"D-don't laugh at him. He still speaks slower than normal most of the time, but he's mostly healed." That said, the boy waved his hand again, immersing them in the younger Yakko's thoughts and sensations yet again.

"Wha do, Yak?" Wakko asked slowly, sitting up.

"We're going outside, Wakko!"

"Night, Yakko!" Dot yawned. "No outside! Bed."

"No, we're going outside and to set a fire."

Yakko struggled to hold his sister in one hand and guide his brother with the other. Wakko moved to go through the front door and Yakko grabbed his scruff hard, viciously yanking him around the couch so that he couldn't see their parents in pieces. The oldest Warner child threw Wakko in front of him then looked back at the bloody, gory mess in the living room floor. He swallowed and pushed them out the back door.

"Moon!" Wakko struggled to say, pointing up.

"Yes, the moon is very bright," Yakko said kindly.

He set his siblings out in the yard. Now…how was he to set fire to the house? He needed a lighter or a match…He looked around and saw a log. He reached one hand over, a gloveless hand, and pulled off a twig. He concentrated all his mind on the twig in front of him…Dr. Scratchansniff gasped as, in a very cartoonish way, the twig twitched and shuddered until it formed a perfect match.

"You veren't lying!" the human breathed.

"Yeah," Yakko said as his younger self struck the match and set it against the wood of their home. "I wasn't lying. What I saw and did in that house caused me to become zany."

Dot and Wakko both clapped as the flames consumed the building.

"Pretty fire!" Dot laughed.

Wakko was staring hard at the younger version of his older brother. "Why red?"


Yakko looked down and had a brief panic attack. What could he do? What would he say?! He swallowed, and got an idea. He was thirsty!

"It's juice!" Yakko said triumphantly then waved his hand in front of his body. When he brought it up, he cupped both hands together and there were three grape juice packs. Wakko and Dot both squealed and grabbed one. They sucked down the juice as the flames went higher and higher. Dot suddenly got a worried look on her face.

"Where Mommy?" she asked.

Again, there was a panic attack. He couldn't just say 'dead.' Neither of his siblings understood death. He didn't want them to. Ever. And he didn't want them to know of the abuse. So he did the only thing that made sense in his mind. He decided to remove their memories.

"We don't have a Mommy."

Both of them looked confused. "Daddy?" Wakko asked.

"We don't have a Daddy either!" Yakko said firmly.


"No!" Yakko snapped fiercely. "We have no parents."

"Why not?" Dot asked; it was one of her favorite questions.

"Because…because we're too special to have parents."

"How we special?" Dot asked.

"We're special…because we're zany!" Yakko exclaimed; it was a word he'd just learned and it fit how he felt really well.

"What's zany?" Wakko asked.


Without any thought at all, Yakko reached inside himself and threw out his hands toward the fire. The fire burned blood red. Dot and Wakko clapped. Yakko turned the colors of the fire many times, entertaining his siblings. Dr. Scratchansniff hummed. What would happen next? Yakko had never told him anything past this.

Yakko suddenly frowned as the faint sound of sirens called from far down the road.

"Come, sibs," he said in a tone of superiority. "And I'll teach you how to be zany, too!"

He took Dot in one hand and brought a lick of flame to hover brightly in front of him with the other. Then he grabbed his little brother's hand. They walked away. Instead of shattering, like all of Yakko's memories did, this one melted slowly away, the three Warners laughing in the darkness.

Yakko nearly collapsed as the office solidified around him again. Dr. Scratchansniff caught the swaying figure and helped him to sit.

"Ja, zat vas gut. Very gut!" the doctor encouraged.

"I still wouldn't have held it together through the whole thing," Yakko sighed tiredly.

"Zat is fine, Yakko. Ve are making great progress."

Yakko looked up sadly, tears in his eyes. "No we aren't."

Dr. Scratchansniff embraced the boy, stroking his back. "It is very hard, Yakko, I understand."

Yakko clutched at the doctor, shivering as he cried. He soon cried himself out and lay limply on the couch with his head in the human's lap. He sighed, feeling such a huge sense of relief. He couldn't cry real tears in front of his siblings. It would turn their worlds upside down. He lazily reached over and pulled out a pencil.

"Try to turn this into a pen," he said quietly.

Dr. Scratchansniff cringed as he took it. Yakko was teaching him the zany abilities, and the poor doctor wasn't very good. He could do it sometimes, but always with disastrous consequences.

"C'mon doc," Yakko encouraged. "Just like I showed ya."

The doctor sighed. He let the odd, tingly feeling fill him up as he concentrated on the pencil, willing it to change into a pen. The structure of the writing utensil slowly change from the bottom up. When it was halfway changed, ink suddenly started spurting everywhere. Dr. Scratchansniff yelped and tried to throw it away, but it was glued to his hand. Yakko calmly reached up and the tingling sensation in the doctor's arm increased. The ink stopped flowing and the pen appeared seamlessly.

"Drat," the doctor growled. "How do you do zat?"

Yakko laughed. "I had seven nonexistent years to master it. And to teach my siblings how to master it."

The doctor sighed softly. "I'll never get it."

"You're not putting enough force into it. You're too hesitant about it. Don't think about it, just do it, okay?" Yakko waved his hand and the ink that was still drying formed into sparkling grape juice, which filled two tall glasses. "Grape juice?"

"Zank you."

They sat there and drank in companionable silence. When they had finished, Yakko yawned.

"Time for bed, doc."

"Ja, I agree."

The pillow and the blanket were retrieved and, as per usual, the doctor tucked him in and kissed his head gently.

"Night, doc."

"Good night Yakko. I zhall zee you tomorrow ven you're zany again, ja?"

"Of course."

Dr. Scratchansniff stretched and shut off the main light before slipping into his desk chair and flipping on his desk lamp. He shuffled papers, listening to the Warner brother's breathing deepen as sleep descended on him. The good doctor yawned himself. He had a few things to go over before those special guests came by tomorrow. He checked the clock. One in the morning. Oh well, he thought, better get started and maybe I'll be done before two.

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