Count Duckula Fan Fiction ❯ Igor's Daughter 2: The Undead Reborn ❯ Chapter 5

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Hello everyone, and welcome to the sequel to Igor's Daughter.

This story is set after Be Careful What you Wish For.

Characters (except for Vivian) (c) Cosgrove Hall
Story, Vivian (c) to me, Steffie

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Igor's Daughter 2: The Undead Reborn part 4

*The next morning*

Vivian was curled up into a tight ball as she shivered while she mumbled under his breath. The poor woman was in severe pain.
"The pain must stop now..." The vulture sobbed as she got to her feet. With a lot of effort, the woman wobbled all the way to the dungeon, where she knew her father would be. She clutched the voodoo doll of her father with a strong grip, as if her life depended on it.

*Much later*

Although she lost her footing and tripped a few times, Vivian had finally reached the dungeon. Since she was extremely weak from the pain, she decided to crawl inside. Her eyes darkened when she noticed the sleeping form of her father. The young woman grinned when she noticed a guillotine a few feet away from her. She crawled towards it until she was right in front of it. She place the voodoo doll right underneath the blade. She grabbed hold of the string and pulled. Before the guillotine could slice the voodoo doll's head clean off, Vivian was pushed out of the way; and the voodoo doll was thrown a few feet away from the guillotine before it had lost its head. The young vulture gasped when she realized the one who pushed her and threw the doll away was her own father.

"What is going on here?" Igor demanded when he noticed the voodoo doll looked a lot like him. He was about to give Vivian an angry lecture when the young vulture screamed in pain as she collapsed onto the floor. She then curled herself into a tight ball as she whimpered in pain.
"What's up with her?" Duckula wondered out loud after he teleported himself next to his butler; and noticed Vivian's state.
'Oh no, I was afraid of this.' Igor thought to himself. He didn't even notice his master next to him.
'What do you mean, Igor?' Duckula cocked an eyebrow in confusion as he read his butler's mind.
'When I had first created Vivian, I was young and quite inexperienced in black magic. I didn't understand the risks involved.'
'Oh really?'

'The spell I used to create Vivian was the same spell many necromancers used to gain immortality. The spell was supposed to create a younger body for the necromancer to use when they were too old. Since their younger body wouldn't have a soul, they can simply travel from their old body to a new one.'
'Wait, that means--'
'Vivian was supposed to be my spare body. But, since I was still young enough to have children of my own, the spell had transformed my spare body into a soulless daughter instead.'
'So, what does that mean, then?'
"I guess she had heard those words I had said when she finally transformed into ash; and the words were forever buried in her heart."

'What does that mean exactly?'
'Vivian is experiencing heartbreak like how one would experience extreme physical pain, since her body's not able to cope with emotions. That's one of the side-effects of being a homunculus. There's only one way for me to stop this...' Igor made a bee-line towards the small pile of torture equipment closest to the guillotine; and searched through the various torture equipment until he had found a sharp knife. The mallard's eyes widened as he watched the elderly vulture sneaked up to his daughter; and started to chant.

"Igor, what are you--" Duckula pondered out loud. He quacked in fright and covered his eyes when Igor suddenly made a big dash on Vivian's palm; and a smaller one on the wrist. The mallard peeped through his fingers and watched in interest when his butler did the same thing to himself. The vulture's chants became more loud when he pressed his wrist against his child's. His and her blood blended together and turned black because of Igor's spell.

After several minutes of chanting, Igor had stopped with his chants. Vivian opened her eyes up and smiled in relief. To Igor's surprise, she wrapped her arms around him to embrace him. Duckula overheard the woman sobbed in softness in her father's ear that she's extremely sorry for what she had done. After the hug, the female stated that she'll help Nanny fix dinner.

"What did you do?" the young count asked Igor the moment the brunette was out of earshot. The vulture looked surprised to see the young waterfowl for a second; and his expression became neutral again.
"M'Lord, I simply made sure she won't experience such emotional pain ever again."
"Well, that's a relief. Come Igor, let's go to the kitchen before Nanny and Vivian destroy the entire castle..."
"Very well, M'Lord."

As the master of the castle and his faithful butler stopped the castle from being destroyed, I fear I must bid ye farewell!

Goodnight out there...whatever you are!

The End