Fake Fan Fiction ❯ The Unexpected II ❯ A New Case ( Chapter 2 )

[ Y - Young Adult: Not suitable for readers under 16 ]

Title: The Unexpected II
Rating: R
Fandom: FAKE
Pairings: Ryo/Dee (mostly), some Dee/Ryo
Warnings: Yaoi, Male/male, MPREG, AU If you don't like, don't read!
Disclaimer: FAKE is not mine. We have Sanami Matoh for giving us Dee, Ryo and the rest of the 27th precinct characters. Any OCs appearing in this fic are mine.
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January 23, 2006
“Dee it's lunch time,” Drake stated, looking appalled. He was entering the office Dee shared with Ryo, JJ trailing behind him. “Why are you still working?”
The thoughtful look on Dee's face smoothed out as he looked up at his friends. “Technically, it's lunch when Ryo and Ted come back from the lunch run,” he remarked with a smirk.
“So you work?” JJ asked. “Boy, this baby has you all out of whack.” He sat down in a chair next to Dee's desk. His eyes opened in amazement. “Calla lilies? Orchids? Don't tell me your latest case is a florist hit,” he laughed.
Drake pulled up a chair that was near Ryo's desk to sit next to his partner, and picked up a sheet of paper from the pile strewn across Dee's desk. “Nah. Not florist. I'd say wedding planner. Invitations, Dee?” He held up the paper that had color printouts of several styles of invitations.
“C'mon guys. Give me a break. I'm trying to get this done before Ryo get back,” Dee stated, looking at his computer monitor.
“Dee, if you think you can plan an entire wedding in the time it takes Ryo to pick up lunch from the place around the corner, I'd say your brain is fried,” JJ said.
Dee chuckled. “Not a whole wedding, you moron. I'm just getting ideas.”
“I thought Ryo was in on the planning. Especially with all those places he's been looking at,” Drake remarked. He gave Dee an amused smile.
“That's the problem,” Dee said with a sigh.
“There's a problem with having your wedding reception at the Four Seasons?” JJ asked amazed.
Dee nodded. “Maybe not for you, but yeah, it is to me. But I can't tell Ryo that until I know what it is I really want. So that's what I'm doing.”
“Oh.” JJ leaned on Dee's desk, looking over the printouts carefully. “So any idea where you want to get married?” he asked.
“In New York,” Dee replied. “Other than that…. I'm not sure. I'd love outdoors, but it will be too cold. And no, I don't want to wait until after the baby is born. That's way too long a wait. It'll be bad enough just waiting for the baby to be born. I'd go apeshit if there was also a wedding at some point after that.”
Drake smirked, waving the paper he still held in his hand. “Why wait that long? Late spring/early summer would be just perfect for a garden wedding. And it would be time enough before the baby is born.”
Dee sighed again, finally giving both his friends his attention. “Because I want to look halfway decent in my wedding photos. Not all bloated and swollen and looking like a cow next to Ryo,” was Dee's immediate response.
Drake chuckled at Dee's mounting distress. “You know what Ryo would say about that, don't you?”
Dee nodded. “Yeah yeah. I know. Give him another three months, then we'll see.” Dee opened his desk drawer to take out a bag of chocolate chunk cookies.
Drake laughed knowingly, while JJ gently nudged Drake in the ribs. The smaller man looked amused.
JJ moved closer to Dee. “Speaking of, I didn't get a chance to say hello to my little niece or nephew.”
Dee groaned. “Honestly, JJ. Ryo's gonna start getting jealous again.” He leaned back in his chair, nibbling on a cookie. “Now, can't you just wave to the chibi?”
JJ chuckled, leaning even closer to Dee. “Hi there little one,” he stated, waving at Dee's belly.
Drake laughed. “Honestly, JJ.”
“But I'm so jealous,” JJ remarked.
Drake sighed. “I thought we went over this. Several times, since New Year's.”
“Yeah, we did. I remember. Dee and Ryo are together. Dee's having Ryo's baby, they're getting married, blah blah blah. I meant I'm jealous because I want to have a little JJ chibi.”
Dee snorted. “I feel I need to point out that the little JJ chibi will have no mix of me there.”
“Of course not!” JJ remarked. “Because you're having a little Dee and Ryo chibi.”
Dee smiled softly. “Yeah, I am.”
Drake looked up toward the door. “I think I hear them, Dee.”
Quickly Dee gathered his papers and shoved them into a folder. He had just placed the folder in a desk drawer as Ryo and Ted entered.
“Hey, somebody call my partner and tell him to get here before his lunch is gone,” Ted stated as he set the bags he carried on Dee's desk.
Ryo put his bags down next to the ones Ted set, and leaned over to briefly kiss Dee. “Are you hungry?” he asked, smiling at Dee.
Dee nodded.
Ryo grinned wickedly, still staring down at Dee. “So you didn't kill your appetite with cookies?”
“Never,” Dee exclaimed indignantly.
Drake, JJ and Ted laughed, knowing how true that was. Dee could eat cookies all he wanted and still be hungry for lunch.
Drake slyly indicated the package of cookies still on Dee's desk.
Ryo laughed. “Yeah, I noticed. That's why I asked. And don't pout, Dee.” He kissed Dee again, then grabbed the package to put back in the supply drawer. He busied himself setting out his partner's lunch which Ted already had out of the bag.
Marty entered the office. “I smell lunch.”
“Yeah, you do,” Ted replied, sitting down to eat his. “Yours is there, partner. Next to Dee.” He smirked.
“I trust Ryo will keep it safe for me,” Marty remarked, going to the desk. “Unlike some people, I know, partner.” He collected his lunch and settled with Ted at Ryo's desk.
JJ passed Drake his partner's burger and fries. “Ted's right. Here, you better grab it quick,” he said, taking his own lunch. “Before Dee eats it.”
“Hey!” Dee fumed.
Ryo sat on the corner of Dee's desk. He laughed, shaking his head affectionately.
“Don't start, Ryo,” Dee warned.
“I wouldn't think of it,” Ryo remarked, then bit into his burger.
Dee gave Ryo a mild glare then started on his lunch, ignoring the snickering going around the office.
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After work, Dee and Ryo set out to look at some baby items together. The first stop was a small boutique on Madison Avenue in the upper 70's. Dee balked at the prices. Indulgently he walked through the store, looking at various items. After he picked up a pair of tiny socks that cost $26, he turned to Ryo. “So what do you like here?” he asked. He put the socks back with a grimace.
Ryo shrugged. “I thought I did on Saturday, but now I'm not so sure.”
“Trying to decide if it was you or Elena who liked it?”
Ryo nodded, looking rueful.
“So what did Elena like?”
Ryo made a gesture to indicate the store. He looked at Dee and they both laughed.
Dee took Ryo's hand and held it. “Ryo, I want nice things for our baby, but this is more than we can afford. It's going to be expensive enough getting everything we need. And we still have Bikky's expenses. Since when did being on the school basketball team become so friggin' expensive? I don't remember Penguin having to put out money except for my uniform and shoes.”
Ryo nodded in agreement. “Yeah. I thought Mom and Dad paid enough for the soccer and baseball teams, but it seems like nothing compared to keeping Biks on the basketball team.”
Dee sighed. “Imagine what we'll be paying by the time the chibi is ready to play team sports.”
Ryo covered the hand holding his with his other hand. “Look babe. How about we find a Babies-R-Us or something like that. I know we won't end up having to buy everything ourselves, but we can't assume what we will get as gifts.”
Dee nodded. “Sounds right. Besides, at this point I can only give a general idea. I won't be able to really decide on anything until we know if it's a girl or a boy.”
Ryo rubbed his thumb lightly across Dee's hand. “General idea for now,” he agreed. “Ooh, we better start moving. The man behind the counter is eyeing us like we're suspects.”
Dee snorted. “As if I can fit a crib in my pocket,” he said, rolling his eyes, then laughed. “C'mon, let's get out of here.”
*** *** ***
Their shopping trip was successful. They went to a couple of larger stores that offered variety and quality. Left on their own to decide, and talking to sales clerks, they had solid ideas of what they would choose from for final selections on the basic large items.
More important to Dee was every time he pointed out something he liked, Ryo ohhed, when Ryo showed him something, he ahhed.
If only it would be so easy for their wedding.
Somehow despite Dee being three months, they came home with two packages of newborn undershirts. One package was green and said, “I LOVE PAPA” and the other in yellow, declaring, “I LOVE DADDY”. A little pair of booties also found its way into their purchase.
Dee was delighted their expedition had gone so well. After dinner, they sat in the living room with some lists from both packets the men had received during Dee's first doctor visit and made some notes to reference later.
As much fun as Ryo had, he was regretting their next major shopping trip. He watched as Dee went into their bedroom. He shook his head, slightly amused. When they got home, Dee rushed out of his work clothes and into a pair of sweats he had bought the week before. Ryo knew Dee could not keep wearing clothing a couple of sizes larger than his normal size. His fiance was still wearing the same work clothes, but Ryo knew they were getting tighter on Dee. Ryo learned the hard way the week before that Carrier clothes was a sensitive subject around Dee. To Dee, giving into wearing those clothes was admitting he was `getting fat'. It amazed Ryo how Dee could be so into the pregnancy in many ways, yet kicking and fighting in others.
Dee returned with his laptop and sat next to Ryo on the couch. Bikky was sitting on the floor, talking to Ryo when Dee returned. It was time for them to watch a movie. Dee sitting with his laptop was nothing new, as he usually played around with some graphic art during the time, or surfed the web. Ryo noticed of late, Dee's web surfing was on sites for expectant Carriers. When something caught his interest, Dee would start talking about it with Ryo, and most times including Bikky. Yet Dee would manage to also watch the movie, and join in talk about it as they watched.
That was how they once again settled into a routine family evening.
Dee glanced over to assure Ryo was paying attention to the movie and shifted ever so slightly so Ryo could not see the screen. He went to the email he noticed from JJ with some links the platinum haired detective thought Dee would be interested to at least look at, if nothing else.
Dee checked out some of the links and was impressed with JJ's selections. There were links for both reception venues and for the ceremony, with a few that held both. Most of the places were not so high priced as what Ryo expected Dee to choose from, but they had their own charm and elegance. It was more than Dee thought he might settle for, but he did not feel himself start to break out in cold sweats like he did looking at Elena's choices.
There were other links to wedding sites with ideas for the details. Dee already had a good idea of what flowers he would like for the wedding. Thankfully there were only a few favorites that he did not share with Ryo, or Ryo with him. It would be easy enough to assure they both had their favorite flowers included. Dee felt himself breathe easier. They had friends who were willing to help pull the wedding together. It started to feel as if they could be married by the deadline Dee had picked. Dee started to take notes and narrow his selection.
The Chelsea Piers on the West Side held the most interest for Dee, liking both the Lighthouse and Pier 60. It was possible they could have the ceremony and reception in the same place or at least in the same area. He had been to Chelsea Piers many times to play basketball and for exercise, but he never considered they had restaurants nice enough to be wedding venues. He wondered what other options they might have for a ceremony there. Dee knew he had to take a trip there to check it out for himself, making the trip with his mind not on basketball or racquetball.
Once finished with the links, he felt much better about the wedding. He was certain Ryo would love his selections and they could go from there. He set the laptop aside and snuggled closer to Ryo, making himself comfortable, his head on Ryo's shoulder.
By the end of the movie, Dee was sleeping lightly with his head on Ryo's lap. Ryo ran his fingers softly through Dee's hair, occasionally smiling down at his loved one. His other hand rested on the swell of Dee's stomach. Bikky was getting ready for bed. Ryo decided they should do the same. Dee was sleeping more at nights in the last week or so, and Ryo was glad for it. Dee needed his rest. Calling it an early night seemed like a good idea.
He woke Dee up by stroking his stomach. Dark green eyes fluttered open and looked up at Ryo. Dee smiled upon seeing Ryo looking down at him, a tender look on his face.
It was not much longer after that they found themselves in bed, softly caressing and stroking as they kissed. When they made love that night, it was gentle and tender before Dee fell asleep in Ryo's arms. As usual lately, Ryo stayed up a little longer, enjoying watching Dee sleep before his eyes closed and he fell asleep.
~/~ ~/~ ~/~ ~/~ ~/~ ~/~ ~/~ ~/~ ~/~ ~/~ ~/~ ~/~ ~/~ ~/~ ~/~ ~/~
January 24, 2005
“This is just charming, Dee,” Diana crowed, walking up to Dee in one of the banquet rooms of Pier 60. “I like this better.”
JJ nodded his head in agreement.
Dee was looking out to the terrace beyond the room and the Hudson River. “I think I'd like the terrace too. It is an all weather deck.”
“I think the terrace would be a lovely place for the ceremony, Dee,” Diana added, standing next to Dee and looking out at the terrace.
“I like it a lot,” Dee stated. “But the Lighthouse is just as nice.”
“Well, once you talk it over with Ryo, see what's available for when you want to be married,” Diana suggested. “That might help you decide which one to take.”
Dee nodded. “Yeah. I guess like Ryo suggested, we'll see what dates they have open within the timeframe we have.”
JJ stood on the other side of Dee, looking back over the room. “With some event lighting, this place would be grand,” he stated enthusiastically. “And yet still within your comfort level.”
Dee's attention went from the terrace to JJ. “Event lighting? I mean, other than maybe some candlelight, I think it looks fine.”
“Dee, didn't you go through my list?” Diana asked.
“Halfway,” Dee replied. “But I really wanted to check this place soon.”
“Lighting is important for the mood, Dee,” Diana said. “So is event setting. I already checked that we are allowed to bring outside event planners to set up. This has so much potential, Dee. Oh, the possibilities!”
JJ was bouncing excitedly, looking around the place with wild eyes as he planned in his head.
Dee shrugged helplessly, looking a little nervous. “The reason I wanted to see this place is because I like how it looks already. I don't see why we need to add much extra.”
Diana rolled her eyes. “Oh my, I never thought you can be so naïve, you sweet lamb.”
Dee pouted. “I'm not naïve. I like it as it is. Is there anything wrong with that?”
JJ patted Dee on the shoulder. “It's okay for now, Dee.” He glanced pointedly at Diana, then to Dee, said, “We're taking baby steps anyway. We have a reception venue and a possible ceremony site. Isn't that right, Diana?”
Diana nodded. “Oh yes, definitely. Excellent choices too, I might add. I'm sure even the MacLeans will be impressed with the quaint charm.”
Dee glared at Diana, knowing when he was being placated. “Diana… JJ…,” he warned.
“It's fine, Dee,” Diana assured him. “As I said, very lovely and charming. Any waterfront reception adds its own elegance. I didn't realize they had such ambiance tucked away in these piers.”
Dee finally laughed. “Right under the main club house too. Hell, until yesterday I thought it was just a sports complex.”
“Later I'll show you some examples of what we mean,” Diana said. “If you don't like it, at least you still have very lovely selections for the reception.”
“Sure, Diana.” Dee strode away from Diana and JJ to a nearby table, where he gathered up the information packets. He looked back at his companions. “Are we ready now?” His head still spun from all the questions Diana and JJ asked the event representative. “Before Ryo starts to wonder what's taking us so long at 1PP.”
“At least we did what we said we were doing first,” Diana stated. “Assisting Dee in looking up some things for his case.”
JJ chuckled as he wrapped his scarf around his neck and buttoned his coat. “Let's go. But if anyone asks about how long we were gone, we'll say you got hit with that sickness again,” he said to Dee.
Dee was buttoning his own coat, and grinned at JJ. “Yeah. That is a convenient excuse, isn't it?” He winked at JJ.
“Save it, Dee,” Diana warned. “I know that look and faking it will not get you less paperwork. It will just be waiting for you to return.”
Dee sighed as they started to walk across the room to the exit. As they came out on the walkway along the pier toward where they parked, Dee glared at Diana. “I thought you said I'd like what you had for me?” he asked.
“Oh well,” Diana shrugged. “I might have been wrong,” she stated innocently, then laughed. “At least you're still allowed to do some things other than push paper for this case.”
Dee groaned. “Gee, thanks for putting everything into proper perspective for me,” he muttered, adjusting his scarf.
Diana and JJ laughed.
As they walked, Dee noticed a yacht alongside the pier. It was long and glass enclosed vessel. He stopped, staring down at it in fascination.
Diana and JJ took a few more steps before the realized they had lost Dee. They looked back find him leaning against the railing of the pier and looking at a dinner yacht. Diana smiled and nudged JJ knowingly. JJ shook his head, amused. They both walked back to join Dee.
“That might give the prices of those wedding packages Ryo has some serious competition, Dee,” Diana stated.
Dee continued to study the boat. “Be nice to do something different.”
JJ sighed heavily. “There goes the event planners and all those lusciously grand ideas I had to present to you for your perusal.”
“It won't hurt to take a quick look see, if we can,” Diana stated. “We'll say Dee took a while recovering and we stopped to get him something to eat.” She winked at Dee. “If nothing else, we can probably get a brochure for this boat.”
Dee nodded. “I'd like that.”
“Are you serious?” JJ asked, finding himself following Dee and Diana down the ramp to the boat. “I guess you are,” he sighed.
They toured the yacht and collected information for that one and several others run by the same company, including prices for wedding packages. Once again, Diana asked questions. This time JJ remained quiet, looking uneasily around.
“Don't you like it?” Dee asked. “It has a certain charm and it's different. That's what I like about it. It's not a hotel, manor, or townhouse. It's on the water. I don't know why, but a waterfront wedding appeals to me.”
“Dee, this isn't waterfront,” JJ pointed out. “This will be right in the middle of the water.”
Dee shook his head. “No worse than taking a ferry, like over to Staten Island,” he laughed. “Geez JJ, I'm not planning on getting married in the middle of the Atlantic. It just circles Manhattan. No big deal.” Dee grinned. “But different.”
JJ's cell phone rang. Diana and Dee watched as JJ answered his phone. “It's Drake,” he told them, then took out his notebook.
“Now what?” Dee sighed.
Dee and Diana waited as JJ took notes while he spoke to on the phone.
JJ said goodbye to his partner and hung up the phone. “Crime scene. Ryo and Drake are already there. They want me there.” He looked at Diana. “You and Dee can go back.” He glanced apologetically at Dee.
“Now wait a minute. Why do I have to go back?”
“Because Ryo specifically requested that you stay away from this one, Dee. It's particularly gruesome and that sickness you're going to pretend you had to explain what took us so long will be very real,” JJ replied.
Dee opened his mouth to protest, but snapped it shut, getting angry at himself. He knew that he could not get too close to corpses lately. He would get violently ill, especially if the body had been sitting for a while before being found. He sighed and nodded. “Diana, if you want to go along, I'll drive one of the cars back.”
“Do you mind, Dee?”
“Of course I mind,” Dee snapped, annoyed. “But that shouldn't stop you. Go. I'll drive myself back and go on being fuckin' useless… again.”
“Dee,” Diana stated, feeling sorry for him.
Dee waved her off brusquely, clenching the portfolio for the yacht along with the information packets for Pier 60 and the Lighthouse and started to walk off the yacht onto the boarding ramp. “I'll meet you back at the station. Later.”
Diana and JJ hurried along to catch up with Dee. “At least we can all walk together,” JJ stated, “Especially since the two cars are parked close to each other.”
“Fine,” Dee muttered, but remained quiet for the rest of the walk, despite JJ and Diana's attempts at conversation.
At the cars, they split up. Diana and JJ got into the car JJ had taken out, and Dee got into the car him and Diana arrived in. He did not wave as he dropped his folders on the passenger seat and pulled the car out.
He drove along the driveway off the pier and onto the Westside Highway, aware that he was being tailed. He made a few turns to head north on the Westside Highway. He lost JJ and Diana along the way. He knew he was speeding, but he could not stop himself. His frustration and anger lent to his speed until he got off the exit to head east toward the 27th Precinct. A few blocks from the station house, he pulled over next to a hydrant and put his head down on the steering wheel, finally allowing himself to do what he had been wanting to do since he left the pier. He cried. Which only made him more angry at himself. A few minutes later, he roughly wiped his eyes, and pulled the car out of the parking space and drove on until he entered the garage for the 27th precinct. He spent the rest of the afternoon on his research.
At 4 o'clock, Dee debated should he call Ryo or not, so he knew what he was supposed to do. He could wait there, and continue working until Ryo got back, or if Ryo was going to take longer, he could go home and get dinner started.
Before he came to a decision, the phone rang.
“Criminal Investigation, Dee Laytner speaking,” he answered.
“Hi Dee,” he heard Ryo's voice. He sounded exhausted.
“Hey baby. Are you almost wrapped up there?”
“Hate to say no. I'm just calling to tell you don't wait for me. You might as well head home. I'll call you when I get away from here.”
“Babe, you sound wiped.”
Ryo sighed. “I'll tell you about it when I finally get home. Would you mind having some dinner waiting for me, Dee? Nothing too heavy. Maybe some soup and a sandwich sounds good. I don't think I can stomach anything heavy.”
“Sure,” Dee replied. “Anything you want. It sounds like I should also have a nice warm bath drawn for you.”
“For us, Dee. When I get home, I want to just sit down and hold you in my arms.”
He heard Ryo mutter a curse under his breath. “I'll talk to you at home. I'll call a few more times so you know my progress toward getting home. Give Bikky my apologies for working late tonight.”
“He understands,” Dee replied. “He's been a detective's son for years now. If you're not home by the time we have dinner, we'll probably settle down and watch the game while we're waiting for you.”
“Thanks, Dee. I gotta go. I love you.”
“Love you too, Ryo.”
He listened as the phone disconnected, and leaned back in his seat, looking at the pile of paperwork he was currently working on. Diana had a cold case for him to look into. She was hoping it would help her tie into a current case of hers. For Dee, this particular case meant hours of research, digging through old archives and going through old folders, compiling information and attempting to find current addresses. He was given permission for limited legwork, as long as he had Ryo or Diana along. He was yet at the point to consider legwork.
Dee leaned forward, resting his elbows on the desk and placed his head between his hands. He wanted to be out there with the others, poking around a crime scene and getting fresh scents to track down a suspect, rather than going through musty old files. Coming to a decision to go home, he collected a few folders and put them in a pocket for files in his laptop case, checking to make sure the reception folios were in there, and left the office.
He was starting to get a headache, and he hoped he would have a chance to lay down for even a half hour before Bikky got home.
~/~ ~/~ ~/~ ~/~ ~/~ ~/~ ~/~ ~/~ ~/~ ~/~ ~/~ ~/~ ~/~ ~/~ ~/~ ~/~
Dee got home before Bikky. He took a quick shower, and put on the pajamas Ryo had given him for Christmas. He was not hungry yet, but had some fruit while he put the ingredients for chicken stew in the crockpot. Once it was on, he went into the bedroom. He intended to take a nap for a half hour before getting up and continue with making dinner.
Dee ended up waking to being kissed. He opened his eyes to smile up at Ryo.
“Dinnertime, sleepyhead,” Ryo said softly, running his fingers through Dee's hair.
“What time is it?” Dee asked.
“Not too late to have some of this before dinner,” Ryo replied, nuzzling Dee's ear.
Dee moaned, then realized there was an urgency in Ryo that was different than most times. He put an arm around Ryo to pull his partner down alongside him on the bed. Immediately Ryo snuggled up against him, seeking out Dee's lips.
“I love you,” Ryo intoned before deeply kissing Dee.
Dee held Ryo tighter as they kissed. When they broke apart for air, Dee studied Ryo's face. He noticed worry lines he didn't see before. “What happened there, baby?” he asked.
Ryo shook his head. “I don't want to talk about it,” he said roughly, burying his face in Dee's neck.
“It's bothering you, I want to know.”
“You'll probably know in the morning. And no, I didn't bring any work home with me. I just want to forgot it tonight,” Ryo replied. “All I want to do is hold you.” Ryo kissed Dee deeply, his hands roaming across familiar and loved plains and angles of his loved one's body.
Ryo continued to kiss him with a passion that made Dee whimper. He lost track of everything but what Ryo's mouth, tongue and hands were doing to him. He looked up in surprise when Ryo pulled away, sitting up with a heavy sigh. Ryo ran his hands through his mussed brown hair.
Noticing Dee looking up at him with dazed eyes and a confused frown, Ryo smiled down at him, caressing his cheek. “Later for more. Bikky was kind enough to wait, so we can all eat together.
Dee echoed Ryo's sigh of not long before, but he had long become accustomed to putting his sex life on hold for Bikky. It got easier as feelings of concern for the boy's welfare grew into parental feelings. Dee smiled up at Ryo, covering his hand.
“Soon enough there will be two kids needing attention,” Dee smiled, sitting up.
Ryo nodded. The hand on the cheek moved to Dee's abdomen and rubbed it gently. “Are you feeling okay?” he asked. “Bikky said he looked in on you when he got home, and you looked like you were hurting while you slept.”
“I had a pretty bad headache by the time I got home. But it's gone now.”
“You didn't have to make dinner then, Dee….”
“Throwing some stuff in a crockpot is hardly any trouble,” Dee assured Ryo.
Ryo chuckled. “This coming from the man who had no patience to heat up a can of soup on the stovetop.”
“Hey, that was back in my single days. I'm domesticated now.”
Ryo smirked at Dee. “Yeah, you are. And quite a good cook too.” He got off the bed, pulling Dee by his hand. “In fact, I just might make you do all the cooking around here.”
Dee allowed Ryo to lead them out of the bedroom. “I knew it!” Dee crowed, laughing. “You just wanna keep me barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen!”
“That's right, Dee,” Ryo winked, laughing with Dee. “Busted.”
Dee snorted. “Keep dreaming, sweetheart. Didn't I hear you're next when we're ready for another? Huh?” He started to tickle Ryo as they entered the dining room.
“I give. Yes! Yes!” Ryo cried out laughing, unsuccessfully attempting to get away from Dee's attack.
“Geez you two. Not in the dining room.”
Dee snorted and bit back his retort of, “At least not when you're around.” He just glared at Bikky. He noticed Bikky had the table set and was sitting at the table.
Ryo laughed as he noticed the same. Ruffling Bikky's blond hair, he said, “Now that's a hint someone is ready to eat, if I ever saw one.” He touched Dee's arm. “Why don't you sit down and I'll get this fine stew you made for us served. I don't think we need sandwiches with this.”
“I do,” Bikky remarked.
Dee laughed. “Just the stew for me, please,” he said, sitting down at the table with Bikky.
“Three stews and one sandwich coming right up,” Ryo stated and went into the kitchen.
~/~ ~/~ ~/~ ~/~ ~/~ ~/~ ~/~ ~/~ ~/~ ~/~ ~/~ ~/~ ~/~ ~/~ ~/~ ~/~
Dee awoke from the sound of a choking gasp coming from behind him. He started to move at the same time Ryo was sitting up, running both hands through his hair.
Ryo was sweaty and his breathing was ragged. It sounded as if he had sobbed, before he attempted to calm his breathing.
Dee sat up and faced his lover. “Ryo? Are you all right, baby?”
Ryo nodded, taking in a deep breath. “Yeah. It was just a dream.” He looked at Dee, then reached out to take his hand. “I'm fine now.”
Dee moved closer to Ryo. “Just a dream? Or a nightmare?”
“I don't want to talk about it,” Ryo replied. It was the same reply Ryo had given him all night long whenever Dee noticed something was bothering Ryo. Dee had a strong feeling what it was.
He gathered Ryo in his arms, leaning them back against the headboard. “Baby,” he started, gently nuzzling the side of Ryo's face, “don't think you have to protect me from cases. Especially if it's affecting you like this.”
Ryo sighed, leaning further into Dee's hold. He shook his head. “I wish I could protect you from it, because if what I saw is getting to me, then I don't want to think about what you'll feel when you get a briefing tomorrow. Please Dee. I just don't want to talk about it anymore right now.”
Dee heard the unspoken plea. He shifted again and gathered Ryo so the other man was half on him and held him close.
Ryo clung onto Dee and held on for his life. Deciding instead of giving into his fears and anger, he kissed Dee. He needed it. He needed to feel Dee in his arms, to feel his lover's heartbeat against his chest, the swell of their baby between them. If he ever lost them - Dee and the baby - Ryo did not know what he would do. Bad enough, once they got an ID, he would have to go talk to the family of the man they found in a basement trash room. No way was he going to allow Dee to go with him.
As long as the psycho who killed that man was loose, Ryo had a need to lock Dee away from the world. It was pretty obvious it was a hate crime. Ryo wanted that killer off the streets now so he would not harm anymore pregnant Carriers and their unborn children. So Ryo would not have any nightmares of Dee being a victim of the hatred. Such as the nightmare he just had. He had relived his afternoon in his dreams, only the man they found had Dee's face.
Ryo choked back tears that threatened to spill. He moved his lips along Dee's jaw, moving them so he could get his arms firmer around Dee.
“Baby, you're shaking,” Dee stated concerned. “What's wrong?”
Ryo shook his head. “Just keep holding me. Please Dee. Don't let go for now.”
“I won't.”
“I'm sorry I had you stay away this afternoon, but…,” Ryo felt he had to apologize. “I just couldn't handle knowing you were in the area. You'll understand tomorrow. Just right now, hold me. Let me hold you. Please, Dee.”
“Of course, baby. Anything.”
“I love you, Dee. I love you so damn much,” Ryo stated, his mouth going to Dee's.
“Love you too, Ryo,” Dee replied, meeting Ryo's mouth for a kiss.
Dee decided not to push Ryo. He would talk when he was ready. Dee already had a good idea what it was, while hoping he was wrong. He did the only thing he could do until Ryo was ready to say more, he held onto Ryo, covering his face with kisses and murmuring how much he loved him, until Ryo finally fell asleep, still holding onto Dee.
~/~ ~/~ ~/~ ~/~ ~/~ ~/~ ~/~ ~/~ ~/~ ~/~ ~/~ ~/~ ~/~ ~/~ ~/~ ~/~
January 25, 2006
Dee stared at the folder in disbelief. He had come across hate crimes before, including one that involved a Carrier. That was early in his career as a detective. He had faced down hatred for including men as his choice for lovers.
What he read went beyond extreme prejudice and into madness. He could not believe someone could do something like that. Especially to an innocent unborn baby. Just because his parent was a Carrier.
He felt the hands on his shoulders tighten. He looked up at Ryo, who stood behind him, explaining in a flat monotone, what they had encountered at the crime scene. Ryo gestured to the file.
“We found the victim, cut open across his front.” Ryo shook his head. “What we didn't expect to find was… I mean, we weren't allowed to touch the body until CSU showed up, so we didn't know…” Dee watched as Ryo visibly paled. “I just happened to have noticed something odd about a pile of trash… so I crotched down for a closer look. I…I didn't expect to find… the… baby.”
Dee put his hands on Ryo's and squeezed them tightly. He gritted his teeth. “The bastard.” His voice was harsh.
“Dee,” Drake said gently. “I really don't want you to see the crime scene photos.”
Dee looked over to Drake. “I don't want to, but….” He shrugged helplessly.
Ryo moved to lean against his partner's desk. Automatically Dee's hands went down to rest on his abdomen protectively. Ryo gazed down at Dee. “Dee,” he said firmly, “if you want to help out on the case, fine. But you will not go on the streets for this case. Not even accompanied.”
Dee's head snapped up and his mouth was ready to protest when he looked at Ryo's face. The words failed to come.
“Last night's nightmare,” Ryo continued. “Instead of the face of our victim, it was your face.”
Dee's look turned to concern.
“So you can understand why I want you to stay in the station. Please, Dee?”
Dee nodded. “I'll do what I can from this end.”
Ryo leaned over to kiss him. “Thank you.”
The door to their office opened and they heard Jim's voice. “Oh God, they're at it again. I swear you two, ever since you came out about things….”
Dee laughed. “Jealous, Jimbo? What do you have for us?”
“A wallet was recovered from the scene. It was found later after you guys left to do a canvas,” Jim explained. “The name matches the ID I got, so we have a current address.” He dropped a folder on Dee's desk. “Unfortunately, it's clean of other fingerprints or any other incriminating marks to ID the perp.
Ryo snatched the folder up and started to look through it.
Dee pulled the envelope that sat on his desk closer. “God help me, but I can't help it,” he said.
“That might not be a good idea,” Drake said.
Ryo put the folder down and took the envelope from Dee's hand. “Nah. Let him. Maybe I can convince him to really be careful until we find this bastard.” He took the photos out of the envelope and dropped them before Dee. He glanced at the others in the office with them. “Make a path, guys. He's going to charge soon.”
Dee had his hand to his mouth at the first photo. At the second, he never made it getting out of his chair. Thankfully Ryo noticed what was to happen and had the wastepaper basket at the ready. He held Dee, rubbing his back as Dee threw up into the basket.
Drake was already moving to get some water for Dee.
Chief Smith entered the office and glanced at the activity. “Dammit, you morons! You let Dee look at the photos?” he roared.
“He wanted to see them, Chief,” Ryo explained, still holding Dee and rubbing his back. “Easy baby. Take a deep breath,” he said to Dee.
Jim shook his head. “So you're going to avoid the labor, but you're still a breathing coach, huh, Ryo?”
Ryo glared at Jim. Dee was reaching for the water Drake held out for him.
Ryo's attention went back to the Chief. “I let him, Chief. Because I want him to know what's out there right now, so he doesn't decide to do something stupid.”
Chief shook his head, then sighed. “I'll have to admit, that might work. Randy, Commissioner Rose wants to see you and me in his office. As soon as Dee is okay, head on down there. Okay?”
Ryo nodded.
“I'm fine now, Ryo,” Dee said, sitting back in his seat, one hand resting on the swell of his abdomen.
“Yes. Go see what's going on. Drake and I will start working with what Jimbo has for us until JJ gets back. I want this bastard off the streets as soon as possible.”
Ryo leaned over for a brief kiss, wiping Dee's mouth with a tissue. “Be back soon, love.”
Dee nodded at Ryo. “I'll be waiting.”
*** *** ***
“WHAT!?!” Ryo roared, leaning on the Commissioner's desk.
Chief Smith moved next to Ryo, placing a hand on his back. “Randy, you have to understand.”
Ryo turned to face the Chief. “I can understand wanting Dee taken off the case, but Chief….”
“I want both of you off the case, Randy.” Chief looked slightly uncomfortable.
“What?” Ryo demanded, forgetting the man he inquired was a superior.
“Ryo,” the commissioner spoke up. “We do expect you to do one thing more for this case, before handing it over to Adams and Parker.” Ryo glared in his direction. “You are probably the most likely one to talk to any family. I'm going to go along with you. You do understand why you're the most likely candidate.”
Ryo nodded. “I do. I'll go, but I'm going to regret hearing that question when it comes, you know. But I do know how I'd feel if it was Dee…. You know.” The nightmare from the night before threatened to haunt Ryo again.
“When it's asked, just remember we will keep Dee safe,” Rose stated. “He's going to hate it, but until we find our victim, I do not want him alone anywhere around the area of our precinct. If you can't be with him, make sure someone else is. Or he stays indoors.”
Ryo let out a puff of air. “Dee's gonna pop. It's bad enough to keep him behind a desk for just this case, but for all cases?” Ryo sighed. “But I'm with you on that. Thanks for backing me up on this.”
“We stick together and look out for our own, Randy,” Chief said. “You know that. And Dee… well, he's become something special around here. You know many here will go out on a limb for him these days.”
Ryo smiled at this superiors. “Thank you.” The smile left his face. “But as for me, I don't understand how this qualifies me to be taken off the case? Because I'm too close because my fiancé is a pregnant Carrier? Then how come we don't take parents off child cases? And I should have been taken off those cases too, and Dee. Why now?”
Rose sighed heavily. “Because we don't have males here who gave birth to their own kids, Ryo. Dee's the first. That's why. Carriers, while common, are still not the status quo. And I see where your mind is. I'll admit so is mine. We both see this killer as a threat to Dee. I can't have you out on the streets thinking like that, Ryo. I'm going to be watching Adams and Parker, because they are Dee's friends. If need, I will determine if this case needs to be handed off to another team. But, do not let it stop you from doing research. Off the record, of course. Just do not take steps to apprehend our suspect. Is that clear?”
Ryo nodded.
Chief placed a beefy hand on Ryo's shoulder. “Now go back and finish the prelims, including information on family.”
“Yes sir.” He started to walk out of the office and turned back. “You do realize, however, that I have more at stake to find this son of a bitch?”
“Which is why I'm allowing you to research,” Rose replied. “You're flying a desk on this one, Ryo. Unofficially, of course. Any information you or Dee dig up, you turn over to me to be handed to whoever is handling the case.”
Ryo nodded. “Yes sir.”
“Let me know when we have an address of relatives, Ryo,” Rose called out.
“I will, Commissioner. I should go back and check on Dee.”
“Go ahead. And remember, do not let Dee go out on the streets alone in the area. That's a direct order,” Rose said.
“You can count on that.” Ryo left the office.
~/~ ~/~ ~/~ ~/~ ~/~ ~/~ ~/~ ~/~ ~/~ ~/~ ~/~ ~/~ ~/~ ~/~ ~/~ ~/~
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