Fake Fan Fiction ❯ The Unexpected II ❯ Wedding Bell Blues ( Chapter 4 )

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Title: The Unexpected II
Chapter 4
Rating: R
Fandom: FAKE
Pairings: Ryo/Dee (mostly), some Dee/Ryo
Warnings: Yaoi, Male/male, MPREG, AU If you don't like, don't read!
Disclaimer: FAKE is not mine. We have Sanami Matoh for giving us Dee, Ryo and the rest of the 27th precinct characters. Any OCs appearing in this fic are mine.
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January 28, 2006
It was a bright sunny, if not chilly day. Between the sun and newly fallen snow from the night before and earlier that morning covering the grass, sunglasses were needed against the glare. It was a picturesque winter park scene, with children playing in and snow and riding on sleds.
The foursome made their careful way along the path in Central Park from the parking lot to the Tavern on the Green.
Dee walked between Elena and Ryo, being careful of his footing, despite the cleared path. There were wet patches and Dee did not want to take a chance of discovering a slippery spot. Elena had an arm around Dee's as they walked. On his other side, Ryo maintained a gentle hand on Dee's lower back. Rick walked behind the three.
“We're going to have such a wonderful brunch,” Elena gushed. “This place is most delightful. Isn't it, Dee?”
Dee nodded indulgently. The four of them had gone there several times before, since Ryo had first introduced his then work partner and budding best friend to his aunt and uncle. It was the first time they had gone to the well known restaurant as two couples. “Yes, we are,” he agreed.
Behind them Rick rolled his eyes. Ryo happened to have glanced behind them to catch his uncle. He winked, grinning at Rick. “And remember, Dee,” Ryo said, rubbing a small circle where his hand rested on Dee's back, “order away, because we're not paying.”
Elena leaned forward to look across Dee and glare at Ryo, while Rick gaffawed. Ryo looked at his aunt innocently. “No? We're paying?” he asked.
“Of course, we're paying. We are the ones pulling you two out for a nice meal in a fine establishment,” Elena stated.
“Now Elena, I'm sure the boys don't need us to eat in nice places,” Rick replied.
“I didn't say they don't. But with a detective's pay, I'm sure it's not as often as they'd like. Isn't that right?” she asked Dee and Ryo.
“Well, take out usually works just fine for us,” Ryo replied. “We save the nice places for special occasions. Makes them more special.” He winked at Dee, who grinned back at him.
“Besides, since both Ryo and I know how to cook, it's not like we have to always buy out,” Dee stated.
“You boys are just so adorable,” Elena stated, squeezing Dee's arm.
Dee allowed himself to be lead up the walk to the front entrance of the restaurant on the perimeter of Central Park, with Ryo at his side. They remained silent as they went through the motions of being taken to their table in one of the many elegant sections of the restaurant, allowing the talking, wheeling and dealing for a prime table to Elena.
Seated at their table, Elena smiled over at Dee. “That shirt looks good on you, Dee. It's more your color than Rick's.”
“Well…. Thanks,” he said to Elena. Dee looked over to Rick. “Thanks for the clothes.”
When Rick and Elena arrived early, Rick had given Dee a suitcase of his clothes since the younger man was slight in build comparing to Rick.
Rick laughed. “I'll have to admit they fit you better than when Elena was at that point in pregnancy and started to steal my things.”
“Oh you,” Elena chuckled, lightly slapping Rick's arm.
“I do appreciate it,” Dee stated sincerely, touched by the gesture. “It's not like I can grab Ryo's clothes to relieve the problem since we're more or less the same build.”
Ryo shook his head. “Yet he still managed to take over a few of my sweaters,” Ryo chuckled. “But this should do for a few more weeks.”
Dee frowned a little, knowing what Ryo meant. In a few more weeks, Ryo was expecting Dee to give up trying to wear normal clothing and finally start to wear Carrier clothing.
“Oh why the pout, sweetness?” Elena asked.
“C'mon Dee,” Ryo said. “Didn't Vince talk to you about that yesterday?”
“Yeah, he did. And I don't have to like everything he says,” Dee replied. “So can we just drop the topic for now, please.”
“I don't know about anyone else,” Rick spoke up, “but I'm starving. Elena fed the kids before we left, but decided we could wait until we got here to eat. Sadistic woman, your aunt can be sometimes, Ryo.”
Ryo laughed. “Oh yes indeed. I know she can.”
“You two stop picking on me,” Elena pouted.
“Oh why the pout, auntie dear?” Ryo asked way too innocently.
Dee nearly choked on the water he was sipping. Placing the glass down, he joined Ryo and Rick in laughter.
“Fine. It's pick on Elena day today,” Elena started, picking up her menu. “Like that's never happened before.”
All three men opened their mouths with a comeback, but Elena was spared when a waiter came to take their drink orders. Their conversation turned to general topics. The night before, Ryo had called his aunt and uncle, specifically requesting no mention of the Carrier that was killed. It was stressful subject for both Dee and Ryo. They talked about Stefen, Dani and Bikky. At times the baby would come up, once again reaffirming Elena and Rick's excitement. They paused in their talk as they gave their orders.
When the waiter walked away, Elena asked about the appointment the day before. Dee easily answered her questions. This was the type of enthusiasm Dee enjoyed from Ryo's guardians. No pressure, just happiness and excitement about the baby, and their relationship. Some mention of the wedding came up, but nothing too pressing. Again, just excitement that they were planning on getting married. Dee had no doubt that Rick and Elena were happy for the two of them, and glad that he was the one their nephew decided to spend his life with. It made him feel good.
It was a shame that they were halfway through the main course when things started to go downhill.
“Oh look,” Elena gushed, looking out a window. “It looks like there's a wedding here in one of the other rooms. I should have known when I couldn't get a reservation for the Crystal Room.”
“It's a good thing we got here when we did,” Ryo mused. “I'll bet the parking lot is filling up by now.”
Rick suddenly looked uncomfortable, becoming more interested in his food than was necessary. Dee wished he had the same option.
“I'd bet a wedding here would be just lovely,” Elena purred. “I don't know why we didn't think of it. Dee, wouldn't it be grand to add this place to your selections?”
Dee nodded. “Yeah. It is nice,” he agreed. He had to admit to himself that the Victorian style restaurant was a good option to him. It was opulent, yet still quaint and warm. Dee liked the place and had always enjoyed when he had a chance to go there. Unfortunately it was not any of the places he had compiled and planned to present to Ryo soon.
“I wouldn't pick this room,” Elena said, looking around. “It's lovely enough for a nice Saturday brunch, but not for my favorite nephews' wedding.”
Dee tried to occupy himself with cutting his steak and hoped to be spared from replying. He cursed himself for the hundredth time since this started. He had never had a problem to say what was on his mind before, and most times, still did not. He just could not find it in him to go directly against Elena with this. Mostly because he knew her heart was in the right place. He did not want to appear to be ungrateful for her support, or hurt her feelings. It was obvious she had long ago made grand plans for her only nephew's wedding. For all Dee knew, she could have been planning it shortly after becoming Ryo's guardian. Hell, Dee mused not for the first time, this could have been something both Elena and Ryo's mother had started to work out when Ryo was a teenager or younger. Boys were not known to plan their weddings since they were five years old, so the older women in their lives did that planning for them. Especially in well to do families such as theirs.
There was an order people of money did things. Dee learned this through his life, seeming to always look in from the outside. On the whole he was glad of that. There was something unnatural about it to Dee. Even as down to earth that Elena was most times, there were others when her upbringing would show.
The fact that there was not an engagement party or newspaper announcements in the social section was only because the majority of the MacLeans were still processing one of their own planning a gay wedding and had fathered a child with a Carrier. A Carrier who was from a low breeding stock as far as most of Ryo's family was concerned. They were yet to figure out how to handle proper social etiquette without making themselves look bad - or like the bad guys.
Dee hoped they could forge ahead and be married before something was worked out. Engagement photos had been taken, at Elena's request, a couple of weeks back and waiting for Dee to decide on an invitation design, so the announcement cares could go out to family and friends.
Dee gazed at Ryo as Elena spoke, feeling guilty for being glad Ryo's fortune had been cut off with his parents, the majority of their assets still frozen. They would most probably stay that way, since Ryo showed zero interest in getting any of it back. He had accomplished the single one thing he had wanted the most surrounding his parents' death. He had cleared their names and proven their innocence. Everything else seemed trivial to Ryo.
Yet, Dee mused, having a little extra money to play with would be nice given their current situation. The thought of getting a car after the baby was born fluttered in his mind several times, making it easier to get around with the baby. The thought of crowded subway trains and his newborn did not sit well with Dee. The car itself they might able to swing, provided it was a used one. It was the insurance, and having a guaranteed parking space, preferably near to the building they lived in that would cost more than they could afford. Having a little extra money could also mean not being afraid to spend a little more and give both the baby and Bikky better things than he had for himself. Now he would have to cut back on some of the things he enjoyed to do for Bikky.
“Dee, darling, you're quiet,” Elena broke into his thoughts. “What room would you pick here for a wedding?”
Dee shrugged, playing with his food. “I don't know. It's all very nice.”
“Well, I think both the Crystal Room and Pavilion would be just grand,” she stated. “Matter of fact, we can have a tent set up just outside for the ceremony itself.” She reached across the table to grab Dee's right hand. “You did say you would have liked to have an outdoor wedding. Unfortunately it's too cold to stand under the sky itself, but a tent could be lovely. With heating lamps and candles. Oh Dee, that would be just delightful. And we'll be surrounded by the beauty of the park. What do you say, sweetness? I know several event coordinators who do miracles with tents. I'll give them a call today and have them send over their portfolios for you and Ryo to go over.”
Dee bit back a groan of more folders to look at from Elena. More over extravagant, over priced… just over everything. He hid the groan and bought himself some time to reply by shoving a thick French fry into his mouth.
“We can look over the tent idea,” Ryo replied with a smile, turning his attention to Dee and smiling. “That might be a wonderful compromise. What do you think, Dee?”
Dee mutely nodded, still chewing the French fry. He was partial to the idea. A tent ceremony did sound like a good compromise to an outdoor wedding in the winter, but not at the extremes he knew Elena was going to push on them.
“That's settled then. I'll get those designs over to you ASAP, because we don't have much time to make final choices. There's still so much to do and choose. Flowers, invitations, lighting… oh, I could go on forever.”
“And if you do, these two will never get married, dove,” Rick piped in.
Both Dee and Ryo chuckled at Rick's quip.
“Oh hush you. What do you know about weddings anyway? All you needed was the date and time to be ready to get picked up.” Elena shook her head fondly. “It's just a given with men. Oh, I didn't mean you two. You're different. You'll make the basic choices and then be given dates and times, of course,” she said to Ryo and Dee.
Dee's eyes opened wide. “I would like a little more input,” Dee stated.
Elena patted his hand. “Don't be silly, lamb. Despite you having that baby and having a physical relationship with my darling nephew, you're not that gay to handle such a task, Dee. Leave all the details to those who were meant to do these things.”
“But…” Dee attempted to protest.
He had already lost Elena's attention as she muttered to herself. “Of course, we need to look over some of those other places and see what options we have to outdoor in terms of a tent. Maybe a rooftop wedding at the Le Meridien. Oh definitely an option. I'll call them too, and see if they can accommodate us. Then next week, we'll all sit down again. You give me a place and a package, and your stationery pattern and we'll get this wedding on the road. No later than the end of March, right Dee?”
Dee nodded, finally at a loss for words. He had no idea how to get out of this delicately and get back control of his wedding.
He felt Ryo's arm go around his shoulders. Ryo pulled him close for a kiss. “Isn't this just wonderful, Dee? Leave it to Elena and by next week, we'll know exactly when we'll be getting married.” He kissed Dee again.
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Dee was in a definite bad mood by the time they returned from their afternoon with Rick and Elena. Elena continued to ramble on and on about her wedding ideas for the rest of her time with them. She had went as far as start picking out their wedding theme and colors. Which was just as well, according to Ryo, since the two of them could not seem to come up with it themselves. At Elena's request, they had stopped in the office of an decorative arts consultant who specialized in nurseries and provided them with drafts of his concept on how the nursery would look like.
Rich and Elena dropped them off in front of their building, and the older couple had driven of to head back to their home on Long Island. They entered the apartment and Dee tossed all the folders, portfolios and draft paper into the trash can on the way to get a snack.
“Dee, what is wrong with you?” Ryo asked, following Dee, seeming more than slightly annoyed. “You were almost rude to Elena and Rick when they dropped us off.” His eyes went to the trash can. “I can't believe that's how you're considering, Dee.”
Dee pulled out a container of ice cream and a spoon, and upon opening the lid, started to shovel the ice cream right out of the container to his mouth. As he ate, he wandered about the kitchen, deciding on what else he wanted, but not sure until he saw it. A few months before, Dee would have soothed his frustrations out with a cigarette, or three. Since he had stopped smoking that day in Los Angeles, he had started to rely on snack food for an outlet.
“Dee!” Ryo called out sharply.
Dee twirled around, only to shut his eyes for a moment to fight off the wave of dizziness from the sudden move. “What?” he asked, getting his bearing again.
Ryo pointed to the trash can. “That man spent a lot of time working on those nursery designs.”
“And he can shove them off on some other sucker, because I didn't ask him to do it for us,” Dee remarked. “I don't want some stranger who never saw that room decide what our baby should have. What the fuck was Monday all about anyway, Ryo? What happened to the items we have in mind when it's time to start working on the nursery?”
Ryo shrugged. “Okay, fine. But Elena has a point of bringing in professional to do the work in there. So we go back to him with our choices and let him redo the designs.”
Dee shook his head. “No!”
Dee looked up at Ryo. “I do not want a stranger designing or working on the nursery for our baby, Ryo. No.”
“Then who the hell is going to do the actual work, Dee? You?” Ryo actually snorted.
“Yes, me.” Dee went to the stove and turned on the burner under the tea kettle.
“Yeah right. By the time you feel we can start selecting and buying things for the nursery, you'll be way too pregnant to do anything like that,” Ryo commented.
Dee slammed the tea kettle on the stove. He bit his lip against any reply that he might regret later.
“You have to be kidding me, Dee?”
Dee took a deep breath. “I figured me and you. It won't be as daunting as what we did with the apartment. We can ask for help from Barry, maybe even the guys at work. That's what I want, Ryo. I want us, I want people who care about this baby to do the nursery.” Dee turned and leaned against a counter, picking up his ice cream again. “I want that nursery to be built in love, Ryo. Can't you fuckin' understand that?”
Ryo drew a deep breath. Dee watched all the fire leave Ryo. “Oh god, baby. I'm sorry,” Ryo stated softly. He took a tentative step toward Dee. “I'm so freakin' sorry. Putting it that way, you're right. But Dee, please. You can pick and choose anything you like, but leave the heavy duty work for the rest of us. Okay?” He closed the distance between them, and gently removing the ice cream container from Dee's hold, he set it on the counter and pulled Dee into a hug. “Please, baby?”
Dee put his arms around Ryo and placed his head next to Ryo's. “Yeah. So long as I can still direct,” he stated.
“Of course,” Ryo agreed, tilting his head to compensate for the slight difference in their height and kissed Dee. “Mmm… chocolate raspberry truffle.” He closed in for a second kiss, deeper, causing Dee to moan into the kiss. “I love you, Dee,” Ryo intoned.
“I love you too, Ryo,” Dee sighed, going in for another kiss.
The tea kettle started to whistle as they continued to kiss, Dee pressed up against the counter. Ryo pulled back, smiling at Dee. He ran a hand through Dee's dark hair, which fell onto his face. “You know what I think?”
“Hm?” Dee asked.
“I think you need to lay down for a bit.”
“Only if I have help,” Dee grinned. He turned to pick up the ice cream and scooped out a spoonful. He held it out in offer to Ryo, who opened his mouth. Dee's eyes went wide with delight as he watched Ryo slowly and sensuously eat the ice cream from the spoon. As Dee pulled the empty spoon away from Ryo, the older man gazed up at Dee, licking his lips.
“I think the tea can wait,” Dee said, reaching blindly to find the top to the container.
Ryo reached behind Dee and held it out. Dee closed the container and when Ryo moved away, he went to put away the ice cream. Ryo turned off the burner, and held his hand out to Dee. “C'mon baby. Let's relax a little.”
Dee grinned as he put his hand in Ryo's and allowed himself to be lead to the bedroom. “I like your method of relaxing,” he stated, leaning forward to lightly brush his lips on Ryo's ear.
“Oh, you're going to get it for that,” Ryo replied, shivering.
“I hope so,” Dee replied.
~+~ ~+~ ~+~ ~+~ ~+~ ~+~ ~+~ ~+~~+~ ~+~ ~+~ ~+~
Bikky excused himself to go to his room after the three finished cleaning up after dinner. Dee was in the den, pulling together everything on what he wanted to show Ryo on what he wanted for a wedding. He realized despite adding through the week, thanks to suggestions from Diana and JJ, that his heart was set on the glass covered dinner yacht. He hoped they would be able to get it on a date within their range.
He heard the phone ring and Ryo calling out from the living room that he'd get it. When he heard Ryo greet his grandfather, Dee knew he had some time to kill, so he sat down at the desk in the den and worked in making his collection of wedding choices more presentable.
Ryo noticed the phone number on caller ID. “Good evening, Grandfather,” he answered politely.
“Randy, my boy. How are you doing?”
“Very well. And you?” he asked.
“As well as can be expected.”
Ryo heard the hesitation in his grandfather's reply. “Family giving you angst again?”
“As always. And then we have the uproar and excitement you caused by announcing your plans to marry - and your upcoming fatherhood.”
Ryo sighed. “Look, why don't you get right to the point, Grandfather. You're calling about the wedding money, aren't you?”
“It's yours, Randy. You are a MacLean. You have the full amount to spend.”
“Thank you, Grandfather.”
“Your Grandmother is in a bit of a tizzy, I fear. We still expect proper etiquette, no matter how untraditional your plans are. Most of the distant relatives are unaware of your upcoming wedding, Randy. And I expect them to learn the proper way - sending announcement cards.”
“I will, Grandfather. Just as soon as we decide on the stationery.”
“What's taking you so long? You're getting married by when? The end of March. Randy, son, that's hardly enough time to plan out a proper wedding. There's parties to attend and details.”
“We'll pass on the parties,” Ryo said, shuddering.
“It's the MacLean way. You're lucky your Aunt Elena is such an exceptional organizer. She is certain you'll have the wedding of your dreams and then some in time. I do wish you would wait.”
“Why? Hoping I'd decide I don't want to marry Dee?”
“I did not say that, Randy.”
“You don't have to, Grandfather.”
“I'm not overjoyed with your decision, Randy, but it is your life. And a legal wedding is a legal wedding and the family right is yours. I was talking to your Grandmother the other day and I have to admit, we're not all that surprised.”
Ryo snorted. “About what? My marrying Dee? Or being gay?”
“Both. What we are surprised is that it is Dee with child,” his grandfather remarked. “Not that Carriers were ever in our family until your mother, mind you.”
Ryo blew out a breath. “So tell me how come I'm finding out all of this now? About Carriers in my mother's family and how they infiltrated the pure MacLean bloodline with not only Asian blood, but Carriers.”
“Randy, relax. I'm not calling you to fight. Just to confirm things. And I promised your grandmother to talk to you about some things.”
Ryo sat down on the couch, noting Dee remained in the den. Whenever the MacLeans called, however rare, his lover would stay in another room.
“Randy, I just need to know this is absolutely what you want.”
“Grandfather, if I had to choose between Dee and my family, Dee would win.”
For a very long minute there was silence.
“I'm glad you feel that way. This is a hard life you're choosing for yourself,” his grandfather said quietly into the uncomfortable silence. There was just something subtle in the tone that suggested Franklin MacLean was not glad at all.
“You speak as if I just hooked up with Dee,” Ryo remarked.
“Randy, I cannot say I condone such behavior, but playing with a boytoy is much different than marrying one and raising a family.”
“Grandfather,” Ryo stated a little gruffly, “Dee's not a boytoy. And we have been raising a son together. Remember Bikky? And it's a little too late to change my mind about the new baby. It's already on the way, and I'm not giving it, or Dee, up for anything.”
“Bikky. Oh yes. The street urchin you felt sorry for. He hasn't run away with what little in anything of value you have yet?” the elder MacLean haughtily remarked.
“No!” Ryo growled. “Bikky is a wonderful son, and we're terribly proud of him.”
“You are your father's son, I'm afraid. As the only child to my eldest son, you should be my heir. However your father made that impossible when he cut most of his fortune by his own choice.”
“Meaning he married my mother,” Ryo stated.
“We gave him chances to redeem himself. To redeem you. Just as we offered to you a chance to have what your father tossed away. But what do you choose with your life? The Army, as a commoner at that.”
“It's called enlisted, Grandfather.”
“We could have obtained an appointment in West Point for you.”
Ryo shook his head. “I didn't want to go to West Point.”
“You gave up on college,” his grandfather continued.
“I took classes while I was in the Army, then got my law bachelor's after.”
“In what type of college?”
“Does it matter?”
“Yes, Randall, it does.”
“Don't call me that.”
“You became a low paying cop, live in a dump, became a detective.” His grandfather sighed. “At least your father chose a reputable and lucrative career.”
“We've been through this already, Grandfather. Lots of times.”
“And like your father, you choose a commoner. If you must be involved with men, you could have at least picked a Carrier that was from better breeding stock.”
“Look Grandfather. I am getting married to Dee, and we're pregnant. If you don't want to give me the money, just say so and we'll figure out something. I've gotten by without you, I can get married without you too.”
“As I said, the money is yours, Randall. If I take away your birthright, then you will have nothing other than your name. You are intending on keeping it, I hope.”
“Yes,” Ryo replied. “I am.”
“So Dee is taking your name? Well, he is the pregnant one.”
“And I am also changing my name. We decided we will combine our names. Laytner-MacLean. That will be our last name.”
His grandfather sighed. “I am getting too old for this. I went through it enough with your father. Expect the American Express card within a day or two. Your grandmother will be calling you at some point this week, expecting you and your fiancé to join her for dinner one day soon. Meanwhile I have matters to attend to. It has been nice speaking to you, Randy.”
“Thank you for the wedding,” Ryo stated. “And tell Grandma I look forward to hearing from her. Good night.”
He hung up the phone, placed the receiver on the coffee table, and dropped his head in his hands. What was he doing? he wondered about taking the wedding money from his grandfather. Somewhere, somehow there was going to be a catch.
He leaned back in against the soft comfortable back of the couch, and looked around at the apartment. They had fine quality furniture, even if it was not some designer name or needed to be insured with Llyods of London or some other company that handled insurance for antiques and fine art. The apartment was tastefully appointed, and very large. He did great with his life - with Dee he did it. Dee provided the means to afford it. Together they created a beautiful apartment that was also a home. Together, they gave a real home to Bikky. The change in Bikky was obvious since they all moved in together. The boy was still prone to trouble, and still had most of his street kid ways, but a lot of the anger from his earlier life was gone. Bikky enjoyed having two loving fathers, and yet felt comfortable enough to tease not only Dee, but Ryo, at times. They were a family to be proud of, no matter what someone else might say about it. Now they were bringing a baby into the world and to be part of their family.
His grandfather would never understand what being truly happy was all about. He had half a mind to tell Dee all the things his grandfather had to say and let Dee at him. After he had the money. He kept himself from doing that because he knew why he was doing what he was.
It was for Dee. Dee deserved a beautiful wedding to make up for his hard start in life. Because Dee was wonderful and beautiful and loving and kind… and Dee deserved a big beautiful wedding and so much more.
~+~ ~+~ ~+~ ~+~ ~+~ ~+~ ~+~ ~+~~+~ ~+~ ~+~ ~+~
“Ryo?” Dee called, entering the living room.
“Oh hey Dee. Everything okay?”
Dee nodded, looking down at Ryo on the couch. “Ignore him,” he said.
“I'm trying. It should be easy because he's not going to make me change my mind and I told him enough times.”
“He's trying to break us up?”
“No. He would not stoop so low. Besides, he dealt with my dad. He knows a brick wall when he sees one. He did say I'm my father's son, after all.” Ryo smiled up at him. “At least we are getting the wedding money.”
“Okay,” Dee said, sitting down next to Ryo and placing his arm around his shoulder. “Explain to me about this money. Because I'm lost here about something.”
“What's that?”
“Why do we have to plan to spend so much? Why can't we take some of the money to put toward Bikky and the chibi?”
“It doesn't work that way. We might luck out through my grandmother to get the chibi set up with a trust fund. That would be the account for that. We can do quite well with wedding gifts too. My family has been known to not only give material things, but money. Just to fling it around to show they have it, of course. Which would benefit us. So the more of my relatives we have at our wedding, the better off we're going to be financially to get by after. Then, if I know Grandma, you, my darling pregnant fiancé, will have to endure a baby shower at some extravagant place with lots of relatives who won't know how to act around a pregnant man, but we'll make out like bandits with baby things and more money.” He leaned over to kiss Dee's nose, smiling. “But fear not, I'll be there to share your embarrassment and help you getaway with the loot.”
Dee looked as if he did not know how to react. “I guess I have a few more months before worrying about that, if it happens.”
Ryo nodded. “Yeah. Now, the wedding money is just that. The inner circle of this branch of MacLeans have access to a special account put aside only for wedding expenses. Because no MacLean should have a simple wedding. My mother agreed to it. It turned out to be to her advantage.”
Dee leaned against Ryo. “I'm sure. But like Elena did mention earlier, unlike your mom, I haven't been planning my wedding since I was five.”
“Oh? So when did you start planning yours?” Ryo asked, teasing Dee.
Dee grinned. “About two months after I met you.”
“Dee,” Ryo sighed, turning his head to kiss Dee properly. “So anyway, that is why wedding money should be used only for a wedding. Most times, the fiancé will also come from a family of well means and add their own amount to the wedding. We don't really have that option, Dee. Without this money, we might as well go to City Hall tomorrow and get married. Because we shouldn't spend what we have on a wedding. Not with a baby on the way.”
Dee nodded. “And here I thought you were losing your common sense about money.” He chuckled. “Okay, fine. We have money to spend on a wedding.” He briefly kissed Ryo, then stood up, holding Ryo's hand and pulling him up with him.
“Then we're in agreement over this?”
“Yes.” He studied Ryo as he pulled him into the dining room. “Okay, I know that look. Spill.”
“Look Dee, I don't care if we meet with Elena or not next weekend,” Ryo said with a sigh. “But we have the money now.”
“At some point tonight I know I'm going to hear from you about a date.”
“And the problem?”
“The problem is that I'm tired of you bitching about having no plans yet, but you don't pick anything to give me something to work with. Hell, Dee, we don't even have wedding stationary picked out.”
“You make it sound as if it's my fault.”
“It is, Dee. You're the reason we're at a standstill here, with time ticking away, so don't blame me with this. I've been doing everything I can to get this show on the road. And you have plenty to choose from.”
Dee released his hold on Ryo's hand and frowned. “I don't like `em,” he replied.
Ryo rolled his eyes, feeling frustrated. “Here we go again. You don't like any of those beautiful weddings Elena was kind enough to inquire about for us. Fine. So what do you like, Dee? Did you even take time to consider that? Or have you been putting all your energy into complaining about what you don't want.”
Dee's eyes narrowed. “What are you trying to say here?”
“That at times you have a habit of complaining, yet take no action for a solution.”
Dee clenched his jaw. “Oh, so what you're saying is that I'm the problem, huh?” He turned away from Ryo and strode into the den, his temper on a fast rise.
Ryo should had noticed the shift of a downward mood swing.
It had been a trying day for Dee. He had attempted to get into a better mood once they returned home. Only for the time he had a little bedroom playtime with Ryo he felt the mood leave completely. Every time he thought he was feeling better, he felt himself once again being backed into the proverbial corner because of the wedding planning. He did not like that feeling before he was prone to mood swings. It was worse now. His emotions were fast out of control as he entered the den and not in a good way. He wanted to sit down and cry, he wanted to scream and yell in frustration, and he wanted to get angry and snap at Ryo for allowing Elena to take over the wedding planning. All at the same time.
“Ha! I knew it,” Ryo remarked, taking Dee's walking away as a dismissal.
“You know shit,” Dee snapped, picking up the plastic expanding folder. He went back into the dining room and dropped it on the table before Ryo. “I've been busy plenty. Here. My ideas for a wedding.”
Ryo looked up at Dee, then down to the folder. He opened it and except for a few folios, it was all printouts from the internet.
Ryo flipped through the various papers, looking at what Dee was offering for their wedding. He put them aside and picked up the first of the folios. “Chelsea Piers?” he asked, amazed.
“Yeah. There's two really nice places there….”
Ryo snorted. “Can we advertise that we're low class anymore than this?” he asked.
“Low class? Ryo, have you even looked at the prices? Especially including the ceremony there,” Dee pointed out.
Ryo shook his head, his mouth a tight line. “It's under a gym, Dee.”
Dee grinned. “So? Have you gotten to know me? Besides, it's call a health club and a spa. We go to the Field House there because we can't afford membership to the `club'. But to be honest, that's my second choice.”
“Oh? So what's your first?”
Dee slid out the folios for the yacht. “This.”
Ryo barely glanced at it. “No way, Dee. Don't be stupid,” he said quickly.
Dee's anger rose as quickly as his hurt. Any small reign he had on his swirling emotions had snapped. All he had put up with Elena's suggestions and Ryo barely glanced at his before saying no. “Stupid?” he yelled, blowing up. “Just what the fuck is so stupid about it? From what I hear, it's all the rage with the rich and snobby.”
“For one thing I couldn't fit everyone,” Ryo remarked calmly. He attempted to remain sensible, and make Dee see reason. He also hoped to calm his lover down. Dee was visibly on a bad down swing, fueled with anger. Ryo needed to soothe Dee, but wondered who was going to soothe his own emotions which were not on the good side. He saw Dee as being stubborn and refusing to take a good look at all options available to him, as well as being selfish. Ryo felt his anger shift and he was ready to finally get it all out in the open once and for all.
“Exactly,” Dee crowed. “Gives us a reason to cut the guest list to under 250.”
“I need more than that, Dee. Especially if my family is paying for it, anyone who wants to go should be allowed. Besides, didn't you just hear what I said about inviting as many of my family as possible?”
“I don't want them all there, Ryo!” Dee roared, his face red. “Your family gathers for train wrecks. They stare and gawk and talk with their noses up in the air. I don't want that on my wedding day, Ryo.” Dee felt himself near tears with frustration. If he could get married without any of Ryo's family, other than Elena and Rick, he would be a happy man.
“If we gave them more than what they're expecting from us, they're less likely to gawk at you,” Ryo snapped back, his last nerve finally stepped on. He was tired of backing down, tiptoeing around, afraid that he might upset Dee. Maybe if they finally let it out, they could sit down and concentrate on the important matters at hand. Like getting married.
“That's making me feel better, Ryo,” Dee said, his eyes flashing.
“It's true, and we both know it,” Ryo remarked. “We need to give them a wedding to take their eyes off the freaks.”
Dee's eyes widened and hurt replaced anger for a moment. Dee rested his hand on his swollen abdomen and took a step back from Ryo.
“Dee, I didn't mean that's how I feel. But them… c'mon Dee, even you admitted that much.”
Dee dropped his hand and balled both hands into fists. “Screw it, Ryo!” he roared. “They can keep their fuckin' money and their high assed wedding and all that phony bullshit. I don't want it!”
“And do what then?” Ryo demanded. “On what we have? We just went over this, Dee. We can't afford anything decent on our own. We need help. So I get my due from my family, we suck it up for a day and get married. How many others do you know from where you came from had a wedding grand enough for a prince? Huh, Dee?”
In his current state, Dee's mind filtered out and centered on key things: “from where you came from” and sucking it up for Ryo's family on their wedding day. On his wedding day.
“You know what?” Dee yelled. “I don't give a shit about what they want. I really don't care much about what you want either right now. It's MY FUCKIN' WEDDING and if I want to get married in the streets between two flaming garbage cans by some bum I paid to have ordained for the day, then that's what I'm going to fuckin' do! Get it. MY WEDDING! Not Elena's, not the tight-assed MacLeans. MINE!”
“Then you'll be getting married by yourself, because I won't be at `your' wedding,” Ryo snapped out without thinking.
Dee's eyes flashed with raw fury. “You bastard!” he screamed furious. “You goddamn fucking bastard!” He shot through the dining room, shoving Ryo out of the way, into the living room. A moment later, Ryo heard the bedroom door slam shut.
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