Fake Fan Fiction ❯ The Unexpected II ❯ Aftermath ( Chapter 5 )

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Title: The Unexpected II
Chapter 5
Rating: R
Fandom: FAKE
Pairings: Ryo/Dee (mostly), some Dee/Ryo
Warnings: Yaoi, Male/male, MPREG, AU If you don't like, don't read!
Disclaimer: FAKE is not mine. We have Sanami Matoh for giving us Dee, Ryo and the rest of the 27th precinct characters. Any OCs appearing in this fic are mine.
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Ryo sighed, slumping against the display wall unit. His first impulse was to go after Dee, let him know he did not mean it as it sounded. He wanted to go to `their' wedding. He decided against going into the bedroom just then. They were both stressed and high strung from wedding plans and work. The Carrier case was wearing them out, despite two days of attempting to ignore it. Unsuccessfully. You can't just ignore something like that. Especially with Dee being pregnant. It was harder fighting to maintain a normal life than to give into fears. Dee's hormones were raging out of control at that moment. Ryo realized it when Dee's face, right to the roots of his hair, down to his shoulders turned red. There was no reasoning with Dee at times like that.
Ryo knew had had to cool down himself, get a grip. His talk with his grandfather disturbed him more than he first admitted to himself. He finally understood what his father had gone through to marry his mother. The only thing that had kept a lid on his own rising stress levels and anger was knowing despite everything, his father had married his mother. They had done quite well on their own without any help from his grandfather's family, and Ryo was certain he would prove the same thing with Dee to his family. As far as Ryo was concerned they were on their way all ready.
If he went into the bedroom now, there would not be any making up. They would just end up taking more cheap shots at their backgrounds in anger, toss out more harsh words to regret later. And who knows what Dee would twist them into when he was in a mood. This was not just any mood. It was a major one.
It was best just to leave Dee on his own for a while.
He considered postponing the wedding. He did warn Dee that if he felt things were getting too stressful with planning, he would hold it off until after the baby was born. It would be best for Dee and the baby. At least both would be healthy then.
Ryo found himself once again cursing himself for stupidity. He really lost control of his temper and was starting to regret it. While he was taking a guilt trip, he cursed his earlier stupidity. If he didn't take two years to finally admit to something that was pretty obvious from the start, and then take another year to decide he could not live apart from Dee, they could have been married already. Then they would only have the baby to concentrate on.
Ryo got up and went into the kitchen. He needed to do something constructive until either Dee came out of the bedroom or he felt enough time had gone by to go in and smooth things over with Dee. He decided to make chocolate yogurt mousse parfaits, knowing Dee loved them. He would use Dee's latest fruit combo in it - bananas and raspberries. Hopefully by then, they both would be calm enough to make up over Ryo's peace offering.
Then deal again with Dee. Ryo sighed. He had to admit, the more he thought about it, the more he came to the conclusion that a wedding at this time just might not be healthy for Dee or the baby. They could take their time planning without a fast approaching deadline, and not have to spare anything.
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Bikky was in his room, changing CDs when he heard them. It was not one of Ryo's snits when Dee would do something stupid. The arguing had been worse in the last couple of weeks. His dads were arguing again. Bikky hated when they did that lately. It was because it seemed to happen quite often. He understood Dee getting in moods at times. Other kids at the meetings shared similar stories on when their Carrier dads would get unreasonable for a while. Bikky learned to just stay clear of Dee for the time and then later let Dee know he loved him.
Too bad Ryo did not learn as well. Ryo could still be quite dense. That's when they would argue. At least they made up quickly enough after. Then there was the wedding planning. Bikky had to admit to himself that half the time Ryo was not dense, but just plain stubborn and stupid. Why was it so important to have all that rich people stuff, Bikky wondered. Ryo never seemed to care much about it before.
Bikky could tell Dee was uncomfortable with all the places Ryo expected Dee to choose from. He heard Dee mention once that he would prefer to use most of the wedding money on Bikky and the baby.
Bikky found himself on Dee's side. He felt sorry for Dee, because as much as Bikky also loved his other dad, Ryo was just being stupid and annoying.
Before he had a chance to change his CD, he heard their voices get louder in the dining room. They said things he had never heard them say to each other before. He found himself standing at the door listening. Dee was angry, but Bikky knew enough about his adopted father to tell the anger was to hide how upset he really was. The way they fought and the words said scared Bikky. Then he heard Ryo say the impossible, followed shortly by Dee storming to their bedroom.
After a few minutes of quiet, he dared to peak his head out the door. He heard Ryo in the kitchen. Quickly he went from his room to the dining room, and slipped into the living room without Ryo noticing him. He went to the door of his dads' bedroom.
Softly he knocked on the door. Dee did not sound right to Bikky at the end, and he wanted to make sure he was okay. Dee did not reply to the knock. Bikky put his ear to the door and almost gasped at what he heard. Dee was crying. He was crying harder than he had during Settling.
That worried Bikky more. He almost ran right to Ryo, but decided to check on Dee first, make sure he was feeling well. Bikky was afraid something was wrong with the baby now because of Dee's anger. He had to make sure first. He also knew Ryo enough that even if his other adopted father was still furious at Dee, he'd freak at the mere thought that something was wrong. He did not want to frighten Ryo if it was not necessary. His dads may have been fighting a lot lately, but he also knew they still loved each other very much and worried about the other. Especially Ryo these days when it came to Dee.
Bikky would make sure nothing was wrong with Dee, that he was just upset, so Ryo would not worry about it, then he'd get Ryo. And if Dee did need help but couldn't move, he would grab the phone while he rushed to get Ryo.
He tried the door knob and the door opened. He poked his head in.
“Dee?” he asked, looking over to the bed. “Dee!” he cried out, rushing into the room, toward the bed.
Dee was curled up in a ball on the bed, hugging a pillow - Ryo's pillow, Bikky noted. He was crying hysterically, his body shaking from the sobs. It did not relieve any of Bikky's fear, because he knew it could not be a good thing for Dee. He had heard about how being really upset could cause a miscarriage.
He climbed up onto the bed and lightly touched Dee's back. “Dee, don't cry, please,” he pleaded. “Ryo's just being a jerk right now, but it'll be okay.”
Dee froze for a moment when Bikky touched him and started to speak, then visibly tried to pull himself together, with no success.
“Ah dammit, Bikky,” he sniffled between sobs that he could not stop. “I don't want you to see me….”
“I don't care, Dee. I understand. But you need to be calm. This can't be good for the baby, you know.”
“I'm trying, kiddo,” Dee cried, hugging the pillow tighter.
Bikky managed to hug onto Dee. “It'll be all right. You and Ryo will make up, Ryo will admit to acting like a jerk and….”
“He wants to call off the wedding,” Dee gasped. “He said he wouldn't go to it. That means he doesn't want to get married anymore.”
“I don't think he meant it that way, Dee,” Bikky said, still hugging his dad. Bikky could see the thought of Ryo not wanting to marry Dee hurt his adopted father more than he could bear.
“I'm trying to tell myself that, Biks. But…” Dee sobbed again.
“It's going to be okay, Dee. You love each other too much.
“I'm not so sure. The truth came out in anger and it's obvious we're too different. I'm not good enough for his family. Not just because I'm a guy, but because I'm some poor asshole Ryo thought he fell in love with. His family hates me.”
“Like Ryo cares what they think,” Bikky snorted. “Besides, Aunt Elena and Uncle Rick don't hate you.”
“I'm not so sure now. I was a bit of a jerk today myself.”
“Dee,” Bikky tried to console him. “I'll bet no more than usual. And they still like you.”
“Bikky,” Dee said, shaking his head.. He tried to curl away from Bikky. “Look, I know how it works. First we put off the wedding. Then next Ryo will be saying it's best he moves out for a while. Before I know it, he'll be gone, over. Except when I give him the baby on his weekends. Otherwise, it'll be just me and the chibi.”
“No it won't,” Bikky insisted. “Ryo would never do that. He loves you too much to leave you. And…” Bikky rested his head on Dee's side, “if Ryo actually could do something stupid like that, I'd stay with you, Dee.”
“Get out of here,” Dee said, sniffling.
“Really. I'd want to stay with you and my baby brother or sister, and help you. If that ever happened. But it won't, Dee. I just know that. Ryo may be acting like a jerk now, but he's not an asshole.” He watched as Dee started to sob hysterically again. “Dee?”
“It hurts, Biks.”
“What does, Dee? Should I call Vince?”
“Not that type of hurt. I mean… life without Ryo. It hurts to think of it. Of you having to choose between us. I want us to always be a family. I need you both in my life.” Dee buried his face in the pillow.
Bikky knew it was not good and he would not be able to calm Dee down. Only one thing would.
“Dee, I gotta go for a moment. But, I love you Dee. You're the best dad anyone can have.”
Dee put an arm around Bikky and hugged him.
“I gotta go for now, but try to calm down, Dee. Think about the chibi.”
“I'm trying.”
Bikky quickly kissed Dee's cheek, noting it was hot. Dee's arms were flushed now. He had to get Ryo and quick.
He gave Dee a quick squeeze and jumped off the bed to run to the kitchen.
~+~ ~+~ ~+~ ~+~ ~+~ ~+~ ~+~ ~+~~+~ ~+~ ~+~ ~+~
“Ryo!” Bikky called out, running into the kitchen.
Ryo was adding whipped cream to the top layer of the parfaits. The spoon froze in mid-action as he turned to the upset teen.
“What is it, Bikky?” Ryo asked.
“Dee,” Bikky gasped. “He's not well, Ryo.”
“I would imagine he's a little upset,” Ryo said, trying to stay calm. Bikky had to be over reacting. He hoped that was all.
“He's crying,” Bikky said, his large blue eyes blaming Ryo.
“He'll get weepy at times, Bikky,” Ryo tried to reason. He set the spoon down and started to wipe his hands, just in case. If nothing else, Bikky's interruption was a sign it was time to go in the bedroom and sort things out with Dee.
“No!” Bikky yelled. “He's really crying, Ryo. Worse than settling. He thinks you're leaving him, Ryo and it's really messing him up. You need to help him.”
Ryo started to frown. “Leave Dee? Never.” Ryo looked worried, “How is he?”
“He's looking all red, even his neck and from what I saw of his chest. And he's really hot too, Ryo. Like he's got a really bad fever. Ryo, I'm scared. I heard that's not good.”
Ryo did not want to frighten Bikky more than he was. “Bikky, put these away, please,” he said, rushing from the kitchen. “I'll call you if I need something.”
He hurried through the apartment. He had figured Dee was going to be upset, even cry a little. It came with being pregnant, Ryo learned. Dee was still yet learning that, which usually made it worse than it should be when he finally let it out.
He was already feeling guilty for Dee being upset, but if what Bikky said was true… Ryo shuddered, hoping it wasn't. He braced himself as he opened the door to the bedroom.
He was greeted by Dee's uncontrollable sobbing.
“Oh God!” Ryo rushed toward the man curled up in the center of the bed. “Oh God, baby… Dee.” He sat on the bed, pulling Dee into a sitting position and into his arms. Bikky was right about the heat. Dee felt as if he was burning up.
Dee fell against Ryo, limp and still crying.
“I'm so sorry,” Ryo apologized, kissing a hot forehead.
“I… I thought….” Dee gasped, then sobbed more. “That you were… g-going to… leave.”
“No way, Dee,” Ryo assured him. “Don't ever think that. You're stuck with me. I'm not going anywhere.”
Dee buried his face in Ryo's chest and continued to cry. Ryo sensed something different about the sobbing. Dee was now crying with relief, but was still very much upset.
And very overheated. Even his arms were flushed.
“Dee, I need you to go with me into the bathroom. I need to cool you down, baby. Okay?”
Dee nodded, but made no other move, still crying into Ryo's chest.
“Hey now,” Ryo spoke gently. “I'm not going anywhere without you. Okay? But I need you to move with me. Dee, c'mon. We need to take care of this now.”
It took a bit of effort, but Ryo managed to get Dee into the bathroom. “Shower first, then you soak,” Ryo said, mentally walking himself through the instructions from the information packet.
Bikky poked his head in from the hall door in the back of the bathroom. “Is Dee okay?” he asked, sounding scared. “You need anything?”
“Get me some water from the fridge, please Bikky.” Ryo replied, supporting Dee as he got him into the tub.
Bikky ran without replying.
Overheating, Ryo had read and heard from Vince, was common enough for a pregnant Carrier. In female pregnancies, faster metabolisms were normal. With Carriers, it would hit more. The male body was not only compensating for the fetus, but for the uterine sac and adjusting to new levels of hormones it never dealt with before.
If the Carrier normally had a faster metabolism, the flashes were more frequent and lasted longer. Ryo heard stories of Carriers going through winter without coats when it hit.
Dee had a faster metabolism normally. Which was why he was moaning now about suddenly having to watch his weight. His metabolism usually allowed him to eat whatever he wanted and burn it off. Ryo noticed in the last few days, Dee was already having flashes, either by noting a slight sweat when others around him were cool, or his face looking a little flushed. That was normal and fine, as long as it didn't last too long or Dee's skin started to feel overheated. No sweat was not a good sign either.
This was different than the slight flushes or needing to open his coat for a while. He was radiating heat from his body, the flush red and spreading on his body, down his front and back and to his legs. With no sweat. Ryo was more than worried. If he could not get Dee's body temperature down quick, it could be dangerous to Dee, the baby or both, even fatal.
Ryo spared no thought except on his task of getting Dee out of his clothes, and under the cool spray of the shower. He thanked Bikky who came in with a cold bottle of water, telling Ryo he put another in the freezer. After Bikky left, he stripped off his own clothes to climb into the shower, using touch, along with soft words of love to further calm Dee.
By the time Ryo was running the cool water for Dee to sit in for a while, the sobbing turned to hiccups. Ryo wrapped a towel around his waist and sat on the edge of the tube, urging Dee to drink all the water left in the bottle.
He ran his fingers through Dee's wet hair. “I love you,” he found himself saying again.
“Join me?” Dee asked, almost shyly.
“Not this time, baby. It's not that I don't want to, but not until you're completely cooled down. You don't need my body heat right now.”
This time when Dee looked up at Ryo, the look was far from shy.
“Later for body heat,” Ryo chuckled, “along with other kinds of heat. I want you to cool down and relax. And let me explain myself. I didn't mean what it probably sounded to you. I love you, Dee. I want to marry you. Okay?” He leaned over to kiss Dee.
Dee nodded his head. “I'm sorry. I was having a bad day already and then….” He looked down. “I over reacted. But when you told me I was stupid….”
Ryo's eyes went wide. “Oh my God! Dee, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to sound so harsh. I guess I was testy over my grandfather's call. I meant to say that you and a boat might not be a good idea for now.”
“Why not? I don't get any motion sickness.”
Ryo rolled his eyes. “Dee, love, sweetheart, these days you get up too fast and your stomach lurches and your head spins. And do I have to remind you about LA?”
“I was hoping to forget that,” Dee grumbled.
“Yeah. Can't blame you. But before you'd just get a little nervous flying. The last time you were violently ill. I don't want the same thing to happen on your wedding day. I don't think you want to say, `I do' to a toilet.”
Dee leaned back with a groan. “I'm an idiot.”
“We can still hold off, you know, if that's what you really want. So what if the chibi is there for our wedding?”
Dee took Ryo's hand. “Because I can barely stand waiting to hold the chibi. If I also have to wait longer to be your husband, I'd go insane. That's why I don't want to wait.”
Ryo smiled tenderly, caressing Dee's check. “You're way too sweet at times,” he said lovingly. “Look, let's take a break from this wedding stuff for a day or two. Then me and you sit down and talk. What we like, what we don't like, and why. Then go from there. Take me to some of those places you like, if you want.”
Dee let out a heavy sigh. “It's not that I hate those places, Ryo. It's just too… rich… and I don't belong. And like you pointed out about a wedding on a boat, I don't want to feel uncomfortable on the most important day of my life.”
“Aw Dee. I'm sorry I didn't consider that. You seem okay when we go out with Rick and Elena, and Diana. And then there was my cousin's wedding last year. I didn't think to ask you about that. And I'm terribly sorry.”
Guilt flashed in Ryo's eyes as he noted Dee was close to his normal coloring, except for his face and ears. It was all his fault what happened to Dee. Thank goodness he was able to get a handle on the situation, or he would have been responsible for losing the baby and Dee.
“Ryo?” Dee asked concerned.
Ryo did not know he was crying until one of Dee's fingers wiped at the tears. “Don't baby. Please. It's okay now. We're okay. Don't blame yourself.”
“I'd have never forgive myself,” Ryo stated mournfully, hit with guilt again.
“Ryo? Dee?” they heard Bikky call into the bathroom. “Everything okay now?”
“Yeah, Biks. It's okay,” Dee replied.
“I have the water that was in the freezer with me.”
“Bring it in, please, Bikky,” Ryo replied.
Bikky entered, his eyes immediately going to Dee, checking to assure Dee was okay. He held out the bottle to Dee. “Here, Dee.”
“Thanks, Bikky.” Dee smiled up at Bikky. “For everything.”
“It's cool, Dee. Yell if you need anything. I'll be in my room.” Bikky scampered out of the bathroom.
~+~ ~+~ ~+~ ~+~ ~+~ ~+~ ~+~ ~+~~+~ ~+~ ~+~ ~+~
Dee sat in the easy chair, a cup of chamomile tea on the end table next to his book. On his lap rested the journal as he wrote down what he ate that day, and recorded the headache he was currently hoping would go completely away soon. His face still felt warm and he was certain it was flushed. He decided to make mention of that too. Especially since the rest of him was comfortably cozy under the blanket he had on his lap. He was still sniffling too, but that had started to happen enough in the last few weeks, and Dee figured his sinuses would continue to keep him sniffling for at least most of the night.
Ryo walked into the living room from the den, and put on the radio, setting it to a soft rock station. He leaned down to kiss Dee's forehead. “Are you comfortable enough, love?” he asked, sparing a hand to tuck the blanket better around Dee.
Dee nodded, looking up. He noted Ryo still looked guilty and fear was still in his eyes. Ryo's eyes were studying Dee like a hawk.
Dee nodded, smiling up at Ryo. “I'm fine now.” He took the hand still absently toying with the blanket in his. “Relax.” He scooted over in the chair. “Here. I'll be even happier with you sitting next to me.”
Ryo sat in the offered space, putting his arms around Dee and holding him close. “God, I am so sorry, Dee,” Ryo apologized again, his voice trembling a little.
Dee kissed him lightly. “It's okay now,” he assured Ryo. “Besides, it wasn't all your fault. If I had given you a chance to explain before pitching a fit and acting like a prima donna, we could have avoided the worst of it.”
Ryo chuckled. “I don't think you had a choice holding it in any longer, especially with your hormones running errant these days. But I swear, Dee, I never wanted to make you cry like that, and I pray I never will again.”
Dee's eyes stung with new tears, but were brought forth by the love and commitment in Ryo's voice as he spoke.
“Dee?” Ryo asked, uncertainly, kissing Dee's eyelids. “What's wrong, baby?”
“Nothing. These type of tears are okay,” Dee sighed, his own voice telling how loved and protected he felt at that moment. He snuggled more into Ryo, and rested his head on his lover's shoulder. After letting out a sigh, he said, “I'm sorry. I'm just an emotional wreck tonight and now you're going to have to deal with all the weeping tonight.” Dee lifted his head to gaze at Ryo. “And don't you dare start apologizing.”
Ryo nuzzled the side of Dee's head, the dark hair tickling his lips. “Well, I am sorry. And I'll gladly deal with the weeping. I'll deal with anything that comes with having you.”
“Good,” Dee smiled. “Then you wouldn't mind if you keep holding me for a while longer”
“Baby, I'll hold you all through the night and then some,” Ryo replied. He smiled gently as Dee rested his head on Ryo's shoulder again. He rubbed his face against the dark head, tightening his hold. “I love you, Dee. Never forget that, because I'm going to keep loving you forever.”
“Good. `Cause that's the same way I feel.” Dee shifted so he could drape his legs across Ryo's.
“C'mere you,” Ryo chuckled, moving them both so Dee ended up sitting in his lap. “Better?”
“Yes,” Dee sighed, burrowing into Ryo's hold.
They were still in that position when they heard the front door open. Bikky entered and walked over to them. For once, he made no smart comment on how he found his dads. He smiled at the obvious sign that they had made up and Ryo was now taking care of Dee.
He held up the plastic bag he carried. “I got us some knishes from around the corner,” he announced with a big grin.
Dee smiled at Bikky. “Way to go, Biks!”
Ryo smiled warmly at Bikky and winked. “Thank you, Bikky.”
Bikky grinned at Ryo. Knishes was one of Dee's comfort foods and one he was able to indulge in.
They ate the knishes in the living room, Bikky sitting on the floor before the chair the two still sat in, Dee still settled in Ryo's lap. They talked for a while until Bikky excused himself to get ready for bed.
They remained sitting as they were, occasionally sharing kisses until Ryo noticed Dee had fallen asleep. Despite Dee still on his lap, Ryo felt too comfortable to move. So he hugged Dee tighter, listening to the rock station. Ryo found himself grinning and softly singing along, gazing at the man sleeping in his lap.
“I said I love you, and that's forever and this I promise from the heart…” Ryo continued to sing with Billie Joel's “Just the Way You Are”. He held Dee tighter as he softly sang along. “I couldn't love you any better. I love you just the way you are.”
Dee opened his eyes, smiling up at Ryo, until the song was finished. “I love you,” he sighed happily.
“Love you too, Dee. More than anything.” He leaned his head to kiss Dee lightly.
As they broke the kiss, Dee stretched marginally before starting to move from Ryo's lap. “Let's go to bed,” he suggested. He held his hand down to Ryo.
Ryo grasped Dee's hand in his and got up to his feet. His arm automatically went around Dee and together they walked across the living room toward the bedroom.
~+~ ~+~ ~+~ ~+~ ~+~ ~+~ ~+~ ~+~~+~ ~+~ ~+~ ~+~
January 29, 2006
“We really appreciate it, and it was an awesome thought, Aunt Elena,” Ryo spoke to his aunt on the phone in the office he shared with Dee. “But Dee and I have to pass on the nursery design. No, it's not that. He did a wonderful job on the sketches, but it's just not what we want for the baby's room. Elena, Dee doesn't want a professional that isn't a close friend, at the least, working on the baby's room, and once he explained why, I have to agree with him.”
Ryo rolled his eyes as he leaned back in his seat. He looked across his deak to Dee.
Dee shook his head. “Tell her she's welcome to join us. We'll give her a screwdriver and show her what to do.”
Ryo's eyes widened and a blush crept along his cheeks. “Well sheesh,” he remarked. “Dee, she heard you and said she knows how to screw quite well.”
Dee broke out in laughter. “Well, depends on the meaning,” he said with a grin.
“She can do that quite well too,” Ryo stated with a snicker. He winced as the volume over the receiver increased.
“Oh hey!” Dee yelped. “She says things like that to her nephew?”
Ryo chuckled again and said to his aunt, “No thank you. You're my aunt and I'm getting married.” To Dee, he said, “Be thankful your mother is a nun.”
Dee laughed. “She still can be pretty bad that way too, in her own way.”
Ryo nodded. “Yup. And make us look like the perverts.” He winked at Dee. Into the receiver he said, “Look Elena, Dee wants to pick out everything and anyone who is family or a good friend can help us when it's time to redo the room. We also have Barry, who is a licensed contractor. Yes, yes. Dee agreed to direct only, but I figure I'd let him set the lamps, maybe the mobile and stuff like that where he wants. And we'd value your opinion and advice. But please, that's all we really need. Well, that and your continued love and support, of course.” He smiled as he listened to his aunt. “Aunt Elena? That goes for the wedding too. Not that gay or not, Dee and I want more hands on with the decision making. In fact, we want the first choices to be ours.”
Dee chuckled at Ryo's face and the slight blush. He got up and went over to Ryo's desk, holding out his hand.
Ryo shook his head. “Hold on, Elena. Dee wants to speak to you.” As he handed his cell phone to Dee, he mouthed, “Good luck,” and winked.
Dee took the phone from Ryo. “Aunt Elena, it's Dee,” he greeted you. “And how are you this fine Sunday afternoon?”
“Hello Dee,” Elena greeted brightly. Any worries of his mood the night before causing any insult to her was gone. “Other than having to work, how are you doing?”
“Fine,” Dee replied. “Very good. Uh Elena, look, first I want to apologize for yesterday. Unfortunately I wasn't in the best of moods.”
“That's okay, sweetness. Rick still swears you're not as bad as me, and he's jealous of Ryo.”
Dee chuckled. “If I wasn't trying to be totally sincere here, because you're making it hard.”
Elena laughed. “Dee, after we dropped you two off, I'll admit I was in a bit of a huff, but Rick gave me a good talking to. In fact, it appears you were not the only one biting your lip and holding back. And Rick is right. I should have asked before doing anything major, like hiring a designer for the nursery. I'm sorry, Dee.”
“I realized why it's so hard to just open my mouth and tell you when I don't like something. Because your hearts in the right place, Elena. And for that I'm eternally grateful.”
“Don't be afraid to say no to me, Dee. Promise me that, sunshine.”
“Sure.” Dee was smiling.
“And I promise to give you room to say what is on your mind. Rick said he'd make sure of that, too, if I forgot. I'm so sorry, Dee. I got carried away. To be honest, after Ryo's parents were killed, I would worry about him. He did not attach himself to anyone or apply what it takes for a relationship to work. He dated here and there. I knew what it was whenever he had a girlfriend. He wanted someone around when he didn't want to be alone. Only he started to realize he still felt alone. So there were bigger gaps between girlfriends, and his time with them grew shorter until he stopped trying. I was worried he'd be alone his entire life. Then you showed up. I saw the change in him long before you two became the sweet couple you are now. So to hear he was ready to get married, and news of the baby right on top… well… I was so excited that Ryo finally found someone to settle down with. It was what I wanted the most for him. And getting to know you, I was doubly excited, because I knew you would return what he finally dared to reach out to have. By the time I found out you were more than just friends, I came to love you too, Dee. Because you were so good to Ryo. I also started to see you found in him something you almost started to believe you wouldn't. There was just something special about the two of you, and it made me very happy. But Dee, the one thing I never expected of you was to give my nephew a child. So hearing about the baby pushed me over the edge. I think I'm more ecstatic over it because of that. Instead of it being Ryo, I know what a beautiful gift you're giving my baby boy, and I love you more for it, Dee. And I want to give you what I feel you deserve - the world on a platter. And here I go again.” Elena let out a loud sigh.
Dee laughed as he sat on the edge of Ryo's desk. “Elena, you're a darling and I'm glad you're Ryo's aunt.” He winked down at Ryo, who was leaning back in his chair, obviously enjoying watching Dee speak to his aunt. “Elena, can I ask you a personal question?”
“Of course, sweetness.”
“Did you ever have to, like pause from talking when you were pregnant?”
Ryo broke out in laughter at Dee's question, and green eyes that twinkled with mischief.
“Oh no,” Elena replied with a laugh. “Breathlessness did not stop me from that. Ask Rick. I just got more comfortable to be able to keep going.”
“Elena, I love you,” Dee remarked happily with a laugh. “Look, Ryo and I are going to work out our own wedding. But we will need help. Can I put you down as one of our trusted assistants?”
“You sure could, darling one. And no more interference unless you ask. Baby included.”
“Thank you.”
“You will keep me updated on your progress?”
“Of course.”
Dee paused as the phones on their desks rang and Ryo answering. He watched as his partner paled, writing down notes.
“Elena, we have to go. Duty calls.”
“Dee, tell Elena I love her and will call on Friday,” Ryo quickly said, covering the receiver with his hand as he spoke then went back to the call.
Dee relayed Ryo's message, and after saying his own goodbye, disconnected Ryo's cell phone. “What do we have?” he asked, looking down at the pad Ryo scribbled in.
Ryo looked up at Dee, pain in his eyes. “Another Carrier it looks like. And we're the only two around to take it.”
Dee winced. He wanted to work on the case, but was not so certain he wanted to see anything first hand.
Dee shook his head. Despite all the changes in his life, he was still a detective and had a job to do. “I'm okay.” He stood up and went over to his desk to grab a few things.
“I'm going to call Chief,” Ryo said. “Maybe they can pull someone in to meet us there. Other than we're supposed to be pulled from this case, it's almost time to call it a day. You shouldn't be working more than your eight hours.”
Dee shrugged. “We'll see when we get there. But it's best Chief knows we're going out on this one.”
Ryo nodded. “Go get a car checked out and I'll meet you at the garage.”
“Deal.” He grabbed his coat and left the office.
Ryo met Dee where he said he would, Dee already having gone through the check on the car. After they settled in the car, and Dee started it up, Ryo said, “Chief said we have to go on this, but he's livid about it. He's going to find someone to pull in to relieve us.”
Dee simply nodded as he pulled the car out of the parking space and through the garage, deciding not to say anything about his not leaving the building and being out in the area except for coming and going.
As he navigated the car through the traffic, Dee found out no one forgot about him. “Dee, I'll go to the body,” Ryo stated. “You can start gathering information. And make sure you have a uniform with you at all times. Do not even cross the street alone. Okay? I'll trust you'll be keeping yourself safe while doing your job. Right?”
“Yes, I'll be careful,” Dee assured Ryo.
“Two now.” Ryo frowned as he went over his notes while Dee drove. “Either we have a copy cat or we have more proof it's a hate crime.”
Dee shrugged. “I have a feeling we're up against more than a killer.
Upon coming in that morning, they discovered while they had been fighting over wedding details, Drake and JJ were called in on a night off to go to the morgue because the autopsy finally was being done.
“What do you mean, Dee?”
“I mean the autopsy was pushed off again till a time when they had nothing important to do.” Dee's voice had an edge to it as he continued. “Unfortunately they did not have to push it off. You saw JJ's side notes from last night. When the autopsy was finally done, it was the only body left. They waited until they took care of all the `normal' people.”
Ryo sighed heavily. “Hate crimes are the worst, because whatever prejudices are behind the crime always shows up somewhere in the justice system.”
“Doesn't make it very `just' then, huh?” Dee replied.
Ryo's cell phone rang as Dee pulled the squad car up along two patrol cars.
“Hello?” Ryo asked, not moving to get out of the car yet.
“Ryo, it's Marty. I'm going to be leaving the house in fifteen and head your way. I just got off the phone with Ted. He'd be a bit later, but he'll be meeting me.”
“Great,” Ryo stated, opening the door and starting to get out of the car. “Thanks, Marty. Sorry you had to be called in on a day off.”
“No probs, dude. Crazy day in the city today, from what I hear. Chief said everyone else out at a scene is held up because of CSU. They're short-handed and backed p. Meaning it's going to suck to be me and Ted, `cause we'll be backed up waiting for them too.”
“Great,” Ryo grumped, slamming the car door shut.
“Don't worry about it. You and Dee are to go back once I get there. Then hope you don't get called out to anything else requiring CSU.”
“Or anything else that doesn't. It's after three, meaning when you get here, Dee and I will be going back to call it a night. Anyway, I'll see you soon, Marty. And once again, thanks.”
“Later, Ryo.”
Dee walked around the car to stand next to Ryo, looking around, his eyes scanning faces, activity and anything else that might be useful. Ryo had been doing the same as he spoke to Ted.
Together they went over to the uniform in charge of keeping the crowd back. They took out their badges.
“You're the detectives, huh?” the uniform asked. When they nodded, he added, “Sorry you got stuck with this one.” He jerked his head to indicate two cops in the background.
Dee frowned, his hand unconsciously going to his stomach. “What do we have?” he asked, hard eyes on the uniform.
The other man snorted. “One carrier less in this world, judging from the slash in his front and the little mess nearby.”
Dee paled visibly as Ryo glared harshly. “You're a rookie at the 27th, aren't you?”
“How long have you been here?”
“A week.”
“Well, you'll learn fast enough that comments like that have no place doing this job,” Ryo snapped, eyes on the name tag. “Hernandez.”
Dee was staring at him with a challenge. “We'll be expecting copies of your report by morning up in CI,” he stated. He touched Ryo's arm. “Ryo, I see Ferguson over there. I'll nab him to assist me.”
“Okay. Make sure you stick with him,” Ryo replied. “I'll check in with you once I get a once over of the scene.” He pushed his way past Hernandez. “And I'll be dealing with you later,” Ryo informed the cop. He headed over where the two other uniforms hovered.
~+~ ~+~ ~+~ ~+~ ~+~ ~+~ ~+~ ~+~~+~ ~+~ ~+~ ~+~
The scene was gruesome. Despite best intentions to stay away, and attempts to keep Dee from seeing the worse of it, Dee still ended up viewing the body before the body bag was zipped up and it was carted away. He found a corner to throw up with Ferguson assuring that Dee had his privacy and made sure Dee stayed safe.
Hernandez wandered by at one point and hearing Dee in the darkness behind the uniformed cop, sneered. “Oh man. You'd think if he was a detective, he'd be used to stuff like this. I heard stories about detectives cracking jokes over dead bodies.”
Ferguson nodded his head. “Dee's been known to toss out the worse of the jokes in his time, but that only says just how distressing something is to him. Most of the guys in CI usually don't resort to that. And if you heard stories about stuff like that, then you'll know that if such a thing comes out of any detective's mouth, it's to let off steam so they can do their job.”
Hernandez indicated behind Ferguson. “This one doesn't seem like he can do his job very well.”
Ferguson's eyes narrowed. “Dee's among the best of them, which is why he's in CI.” His eyes turned sympathetic for the man he guarded. “This case is particularly rough on Dee. I'm amazed they sent him out. He's supposed to be staying away from gory crime scenes for a few months anyway. This should have been the last one to send him out to.”
Hernandez glared at Ferguson in question. “Oh? Why's that?” he asked, still managing a sneer in his tone.
Dee stepped out from behind Ferguson, wiping his mouth with the sleeve of his shirt. “Dude, I'm so sorry you had to deal with that,” he stated.
“It's okay, Dee. “
Dee nodded, his eyes settling on Hernandez. “I guess the chibi did not appreciate having to see that.”
“What's a chibi?” Hernandez asked.
Ferguson smirked. “What Dee calls that little one he's carrying.”
Dee nodded, placing his hand on his tummy.
Ferguson grasped Dee by his arm. “Now we're going to go sit down in the car a bit, because I am not going to have my head chewed off by Ryo, your chief or the Commissioner for not taking care of you. If you will excuse us,” he said to Hernandez and lead Dee to the squad car.
Dee allowed himself to be lead to the car, but not before turning his head to smirk at Hernandez.
~+~ ~+~ ~+~ ~+~ ~+~ ~+~ ~+~ ~+~~+~ ~+~ ~+~ ~+~
January 30, 2006
“Well, hey!” Drake's voice greeted Dee and Ryo as they entered the CI office.
“Must be nice to make your own hours,” JJ remarked, looking up from his work.
Any further teasing was put to an abrupt halt by Ryo's glare. Dee hardly acknowledged them as he went into the office he shared with Ryo.
“Sorry,” Drake said, holding up his hands. “We thought you'd both appreciate a little humor.”
Ryo gave Drake a weak grin. “You could try. We had a rough weekend.”
JJ nodded, placing his hand on the folder he was reading from. “One guess why. I thought you were working first shift yesterday?”
“We were. But that call,” Ryo pointed to the folder, “came late in the shift. By the time Marty and Ted showed up, Chief had called back. So with a matching MO, both him and Rose made an appearance. This kill was a fresh one, so Dee and I were allowed to join the canvas and get whatever we could. Dee had already started it anyway. By the time CSU arrived, Rose managed to get the duty ME to agree to an autopsy last night. Thankfully Cantrell is a daddy himself.”
Drake smirked. “That's the one who did the autopsy on Saturday, you may have noticed. He was pissed over our first vic. Someone attempted to push that back again, but he put a stop to it and did the autopsy himself.”
Ryo nodded. “He did last night's too. We hope we don't need to use this, but the Commissioner managed to pull an order putting him on duty for any other Carriers.”
“That's good news,” JJ said. “I mean, that we have that back-up. Not that I want him to find himself busy.”
“I know what you mean, JJ,” Ryo assured him. “So we had a few hours to kill until the autopsy, which both Chief and the Commissioner gave me permission to be there with Ted and Marty. So Dee and I came back here to start on the reports. Dee stayed behind some, making a few calls. Rose drove Dee home and left a message on my cell after he dropped Dee off. That was after 10. It was after 1 am when Marty dropped me off at home.” Ryo sighed. “At least Dee was exhausted enough to fall asleep before I got home. But something happened, because Bikky was sleeping in the bed with Dee. Bikky told me this morning that Dee was upset a little, but seemed better with someone around.
Drake gave Ryo an encouraging smile. “We'll get the son of a bitch, Ryo. Don't worry. And he won't touch Dee.”
Ryo knew his fears were showing. He had no chance of hiding it anymore. Not after keeping a tight reign on them when around Dee. “Thanks.”
“You guys eat breakfast yet?” JJ asked.
Ryo shook his head. “We both didn't feel like eating much. I know I should have pushed some yogurt or something on Dee, but he made it clear this morning he was not hungry. He had tea and I had coffee and that was breakfast for us.”
“Well then, you're both going to eat, whether you want to or not. Dee needs it, even if he gets a little nauseous after. It's better than what could happen if he doesn't eat,” JJ said. “And you… well, we have to make sure you're taken care of so Dee doesn't worry about you. So I'm running around the corner and getting breakfast for everyone.”
“JJ,” Ryo started to protest, then thought better of it. JJ was looking at him, daring him to say no. “Thanks. I'll be in the office with Dee. We'll be out in a bit so we can start putting our heads together.”
JJ gave Ryo a thumbs up and left the office.
“If you guys need something, yell,” Drake said as he watched Ryo go to his office.
“I will.” Ryo walked into the office and closed the door behind him.
Ryo smiled at Dee as he approached this dark haired lover, who was already on the phone.
He sat down at his own desk and sighed inwardly. It was easier to hide his fears from Dee while awake. He had no control when he sleep. The nightmare he had the night before kept him, Dee and Bikky up for a couple of hours, before the family fell asleep in their large bed. That killer had to be caught soon, or Ryo would have to choose between sleeping in another bed from Dee, or staying awake. The last one actually seemed like the easier choice to Ryo, because he needed to feel Dee next to him. He could only imagine what his nightmares would be like sleeping in an empty bed without Dee.
“Before I forgot,” he said to Dee, “JJ says we're eating breakfast like it or not. Seems he's appointed himself our keeper.”
“He wouldn't force us to eat if you didn't say anything,” Dee remarked, hanging up the phone. “But I guess we should eat something if we expect to keep going. Especially if we're not getting much sleep at nights while this bastard is loose.”
Ryo gritted his teeth. That son of a bitch needed to be caught and soon.
*** *** ***