Fake Fan Fiction ❯ The Unexpected II ❯ Caged ( Chapter 6 )

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Title: The Unexpected II
Chapter 6 - Caged
Rating: R
Fandom: FAKE
Pairings: Ryo/Dee (mostly), some Dee/Ryo
Warnings: Yaoi, Male/male, MPREG, AU If you don't like, don't read!
Disclaimer: FAKE is not mine. We have Sanami Matoh for giving us Dee, Ryo and the rest of the 27th precinct characters. Any OCs appearing in this fic are mine.
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January 31, 2006
The week had been a stressful one at work, and it carried over into their evenings. CI were working hard on the Carrier case, but it was not their only case. After Sunday, Dee did not get to go outside except for going to and coming from work. They were still met at the subway by either Drake and JJ, or Ted and Marty and were given rides home at the end of the day.
Despite getting sick after catching a glimpse of the victims, Dee still thrived on being actively involved with the case, even if it lasted a day. Finding himself once again stuck behind a desk and kept indoors was a downer for Dee. It did not stop him from plugging away on the case anyway he could. He still had his other case for Diana he still worked on, if for nothing else, but to keep himself busy so he would not dwell too much on his current situation.
Ryo also felt the loss of being officially pulled off the Carrier case once again, especially since he was the only one in CI who was at both crime scenes. He was given a new case on Monday, but still found time to do what he could with the Carrier case.
Ted and Marty did what they could in between their own caseload. It was Drake and JJ's main case, but everyone pitched in. The press conference after the first case put it in the public light, making it high profile. The press handled it objectively at the worse. Rose had a second press conference Monday afternoon. Missing persons was instructed to report any Carrier reported to CI.
Commissioner Rose had a talk with Hernandez and his immediate supervisor about comments heard on Sunday while at the scene. Ryo was instructed to stay clear of Hernandez whenever possible for a while, because he had more than a few harsh words to say to the rookie as he left the scene.
Whenever Dee was downstairs and Hernandez was around, Dee tried his best to put distance between them. Hernandez, in turn, would ignore Dee, acting as if he did not exist. Which helped Dee stay out of trouble. As long as all Hernandez did was ignore him, Dee decided he could deal with it. Hernandez would just be another of those at the precinct who refused to deal with him unless absolutely necessary. Which made Hernandez not very popular with most of the others at the 27th precinct. The only ones Hernandez had as friends were the few others who felt as he did about Carriers, especially Carriers who were cops. Meanwhile the news seemed to spread more among the 27th about Dee.
Ryo and Dee had left early on Monday to meet with Mark's parents at the school. Only the mother showed up, stating at the start of the meeting that her husband could not make it due to work commitments. Later during the meeting, much to her embarrassment, she admitted her husband refused to be in the same room as a Carrier. Mark had gotten all his prejudices from his father, they found out. His mother tried her best to steer the boy right, but his father had more influence over him than his mother. The father's prejudices that he passed onto his son did not stop with Carriers.
Ryo and Dee were surprised to find out Mark had it for Bikky from the start because of his skin color. As Mark's mother talked on, they heard he had some harsh things to say about Bikky's mother for daring to have anything to do with a black man. Bikky's situation with Mark got worse for being raised by and eventually adopted by two white men. The mother did not want to go deep into what her husband thought of Ryo and Dee, but the two men had very strong ideas from what they did hear.
Dee and Ryo made enough of a fuss that the principal was pulled into the conference. In the end, Mark was issued a warning that he would be suspended if he was overheard saying anything hateful, whether it was about Bikky or in general. The third time he would be expelled. He was also to be made an example to the rest of the students thinking about doing the same.
The principal assured Dee and Ryo that they would once again remind the students with sensitivity training and that her school did not condone any talk that killing was justified. Ryo pointed out such attitudes in children led to incidents where students came into school with guns, killing teachers and fellow students. Ryo impressed that no school should go through it, especially one where his son attended. The principal whole-heartedly agreed with Ryo, promising to work in correcting that flaw, including calling in assistance in the way of local police coming in to talk to the students.
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Jim stared at the assembled men in the main CI office. “I should get something back to give us an ID in a day or two,” he assured them.
“And until then?” JJ asked, shaking his head. “Someone is waiting for a loved one to come home.”
Jim rolled his eyes. “We go through this almost every time. As much as I like to have the image, I'm not a miracle worker - not without having something to work with. And I have nothing on this second victim.”
“Second victims,” Dee said softly. He had been unusually subdued throughout Jim's briefing.
Jim stared at Dee. “Excuse me, Dee.”
Dee looked up from the file he had been studying while Jim spoke. “We're talking as if only there were only two people killed when there were four.”
“Semantics, Dee,” Jim said.
Dee lifted a folder. “We have four autopsies - that means we have four victims, so take your semantics and shove it, Jim.”
Ryo moved to rub Dee's back soothingly.
Drake shook his head. “Unfortunately the little ones do not help much in finding identities.”
Dee glared up at Jim. “Is that right, Jimbo?”
Jim shrugged. “The fetuses were cut up in hopes that we might have more to go on, but no dice this time, Dee. Sorry.”
JJ picked up another file and opened it to look through the papers inside. It contained reports of pregnant Carriers who were missing in the tri-state area.*
Jim shook his head. “As much as it pains me to say this, but our victim does not match any of the descriptions in there.”
Ryo gritted his teeth. “Please let these guys just decided to leave home to escape a bad situation or something. I don't want any of them to show up as a new victim.”
“I hate to add to the bad news here, but it's been two days now, and with the time of death determined at early Saturday morning, we're on four days now and nothing reported in,” Jim added.
“Maybe we're not monitoring to a broad enough area?” JJ asked.
Dee shook his head. “Unless you want us to pull missing persons for the U.S. We're already pulling from the tri-state area.”
“Maybe we should,” Ryo said.
Dee shrugged. “You talk to Rose about getting more than what we have then.”
“Aw dammit,” Marty remarked. “Don't tell me there's more freakin' brick walls we're hitting?”
Dee shrugged again. “Let's face it, whatever laws to protect Carriers were lucky to get passed, and most probably with good cause.” Dee once again was amazed at how something that he had little previous knowledge of had become so big an issue in his life.
Ryo sighed. “I guess talking to Rose won't do any good, huh?”
Dee shook his head. “If it was possible to get more, he'd get it. I'm certain he's still working on it.”
“Yeah, huh?” Ryo smirked at Dee.
“What?” Dee asked, looking up at Ryo.
“Still trying to get used to this. Hm? Did I just hear Dee Laytner make a statement that put confidence in our Commissioner Rose?” Ryo asked.
“Fuck you, Ryo,” Dee stated.
Ryo raised an eyebrow, with a suggestive grin meant only for Dee.
Marty's jaw dropped at Ryo's silent response. Ted stared in amazement. Drake and JJ chuckled and Jim broke out in laughter.
Not much could faze Jim. He was also the one who sensed more than what was on the surface with Ryo, and determined once Ryo accepted certain things, more would slip to the surface once in a while. That was one of those moments to Jim, and as always took delight when privileged to his theory once again proving true.
Drake and JJ had been over Dee and Ryo's place several times since New Year's. Being in the home of the engaged couple, they were treated to more than what they saw at work. They still found it amazing, but stopped looking shocked.
Only Ted and Marty were getting used to Ryo seeming to come out of his shell at times.
Dee was laughing too, shaking his head. “Maybe later,” he remarked, glad for the chance to laugh.
Ryo finally joined in the laughter.
Ted stood up and stretched. “All right then. If there's nothing more, Marty and I have a drug ring we need to be breaking. If we come across anything, we'll let you know.”
Marty also stood up. “Our next meeting is when?”
“Fifteen hundred,” Drake replied. “Unless you're out on a case. In which case, you'll both be filled in if there's more to add to what we have.”
Marty nodded and started for the door. “We'll be out and about town for a few hours. We should be back by lunch, I hope.”
“Yeah. We'll call on the way back in to see if anyone wants lunch delivered,” Ted said, following Marty. “Later.”
“JJ and I have an interview with our first vic's MOP, so we best be on our way too,” Drake stated.
“Good luck,” Ryo called out as JJ and Drake waved, leaving the office.
“I need to go make up some more concoctions,” Jim remarked, grinning wickedly.
“Go,” Dee remarked. “And you're the last person we'll ask to bring us lunch.”
Ryo chuckled as Jim left. He lightly touched Dee's arm. “We might as well go into our office. You look a little tired, Dee.”
Dee sighed. “More like weary,” he replied, allowing Ryo to pull him to his feet. “How much longer do you have to hang around?”
“A few more minutes, at least,” Ryo replied, closing the door to their office behind them.
Dee walked over to gaze out a window. Ryo stood by the door, watching his fiancé. “If you prefer, I can put it off a bit. It's not like I made an appointment or anything. Just hoping to find an informant on a stoop that she spends most of her day sitting on.”
Dee shook his head. “Nah. You have a job to do. Don't mind me.”
“I just get lonely in here. That's all. At least until this crap, I was allowed to leave the building to investigate. Now I'm sitting here watching everyone leave but me.” He settled a hand on his abdomen, rubbing gently. “And while it's getting to be a little obvious, it still doesn't feel like I'm so pregnant that I can't be doing something useful on the outside.”
Ryo crossed the distance to stand next to Dee. He placed one hand over Dee's, and his other on the small of Dee's back. “You're not useless, Dee. You just can't go out there. Yeah, I know you're thinking that it should be okay as long as you're with someone, but do you want to take that chance? Do you want to spend time out there more than necessary, exposing yourself to whoever is killing those poor men? I know I don't want that to happen to you.” He leaned closer to kiss Dee's cheek.
“No,” Dee said softly.
Dee slumped to lean against the window frame, his arms wrapped around his abdomen. “Ever since I found out about the baby, sometimes I get scared, Ryo. Can I really do this? Will I make a good father? Normal stuff, so Vince says.”
Ryo nodded in agreement, moving closer to Dee, coming up behind him.
“But this… knowing people can do something like that… and I can't carry my gun to protect myself. I feel like this is out of my control. And.. that bastard scares the fuck outta me,” Dee stated low, still gazing out the window.
Ryo put his arms around Dee, holding him tight. “It's okay, baby,” he murmured.
“Ryo, I'm scared,” Dee admitted. “I mean even when I'm out there with you or someone… I wonder if he's there nearby, watching, waiting… wanting to… Dammit! I'm terrified of him and what he could do.”
“We'll keep you and the chibi safe, Dee. I have lots of help with that, and you know that. And we all can carry guns. In fact, I have two now.” Ryo pulled Dee closer, softly kissing the side of Dee's head.
“It's just… God, I can't stop thinking about it. I pray that poor bastard wasn't still alive when he was cut open.” Dee let out a loud sob, snuggling further against Ryo. “Holy God, Ryo… if someone tried to open me up other than a scheduled c-section, I'd go insane. I don't want to lose my baby.” He started to cry, burying his face in Ryo's neck.
Ryo shifted them so he could sit on a file cabinet and got Dee to straddle him, holding Dee tightly. Dee wrapped his arms around Ryo and held on, still crying into his neck.
“No one's taking that baby from you, Dee,” Ryo said, his tone hard. “Because no one is taking you or our baby away from me. God help any bastards that try.”
Dee tried to pull himself together. “I'm sorry, Ryo,” he sniffed. “I'm just so fuckin' confused. I want to be out there and find this son of a bitch, and I want to hide like I've never wanted to in my life.”
“It's fine, Dee. That's understandable.”
Dee pulled away slightly and kissed Ryo. “I'm holding you up from doing what you need to do. You should go now.”
Ryo shook his head, gently wiping the tears from Dee's cheek with his fingertips. “Not until I know you're okay.”
“I'm fine. I'm going to be scared until we catch this bastard. And then have normal things to be scared about until the baby is born.” Dee smiled at Ryo. “Besides, I have you to make me feel safe.”
“Dee….” Ryo pulled Dee to him again, kissing him passionately, until Dee pulled away.
“Go on, you,” Dee said with a soft smile. “Before I decide to lock the door for more of that, and then some.”
Ryo laughed. “In your dreams. Are you going to be all right?” Ryo asked, caressing Dee's cheek.
Dee nodded. “Yeah. I might take some time in between actually working to see if we have any better luck getting somewhere to have a wedding.” He smiled at Ryo, leaning close again. He kissed Ryo's lips, his tongue lightly licking Ryo's lower lip. “Thank you, Ryo. I love you.”
Ryo returned the kiss. “Love you too.”
“Be careful out there,” Dee said as Ryo pulled away.
“I will. I won't do that to you, Dee. If I'm going to take longer, I'll call and let you know. If not, I should be back by lunch too.”
Dee nodded and watched Ryo go. With a sigh, he still sat by the window, looking out, still wishing he could go out there and do what he loved to do. He shook his head, finally standing up. As much as he loved to go out investigating crimes, he loved Ryo more. He loved Bikky, and would not intentionally do anything stupid and cause the boy to lose a dad again. And he loved the baby growing inside him.
He went to his desk and sitting down, went back to work.
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February 3, 2006
Tuesday and Wednesday nights were spent talking about their wedding and making their own selection of wedding sites which included most of Dee's, and even one from Elena's. A few others were added as they both browsed at options on the internet, using one of the wedding sites. They came upon the site for a place called Bridgewaters, and Dee instantly had his first choice for wedding and reception. The place was located near the South Street Seaport, and was named for the view of the Brooklyn Bridge from the facilities. Remembering the night Ryo finally confessed his love to Dee, there was no place better to have their wedding as far as Dee was concerned. Ryo had to agree with the romantic in Dee - it was perfect. It was also upscale enough to spare him from hearing grumbling from his family.
On Wednesday night they started to make calls for available dates and continued on through Thursday at work. Dee made the majority of the calls, since he spent most his day in the office, while Ryo was out on a crime scene for a theft. They had started with Bridgewaters, and to their disappointment, they were told the venue was booked solid until early summer, but their name would be put down on a list in case something canceled before the end of March. Dee was willing to push it a little and pushed it to the end of April. He did not expect anything to open up. He did not have that type of luck. Yet Dee still managed to hope. He was getting married to Ryo, after all, his two years of waiting and hoping paying off more than he had dared to hope back then.
As they continued to call each place on their list, they encountered the same replies and put themselves on a waiting list, not expecting anything to come of it. Ryo could see Dee was getting more upset with each call that basically told him he would have to wait to be married.
Ryo walked into the den, finding Dee sitting before the computer, getting phone numbers for more places to call. Ryo noticed the folios from Elena was once again sitting on the desk. Dee let out a sigh as he sat back in the chair, idly doodling after writing down another phone number.
Ryo came up from behind Dee and hugged him around the neck, kissing his head. “All those places on the internet are not the end all of places to get married, baby,” he said softly. “New York's a big city and somewhere out there is a place that has an opening before the end of March.”
Dee leaned his head back, giving Ryo a soft smile. “You're probably right. Our problem is finding it.”
Ryo snorted as he started to rub Dee's chest. “That should stop us? We're detectives, remember? If we can find criminals, we can find a place to get married.”
Dee nodded. “Yeah, you're right. It's out there. I just hope it doesn't take as long as some of our more elusive cases. I'd hate to see us still making calls by March 24th.”
Ryo rested his chin on Dee's shoulder. “I know it won't be what you're hoping for, but if it comes to that, I have a suggestion that I'm willing to go through.”
“Yeah? What's that?” Dee asked.
“If we can't get anything, say, by the end of this month, then I'm going to take you to City Hall, where we're going to be married. Then we can start planning the wedding to come later. Because I can't wait that long either to be your husband.” He turned his head to kiss Dee. “So?”
Dee smiled as he moved his head to get kissed better. “Not my first choice for a wedding ceremony, but it's better than no wedding until fall. We'll be legally married, and that's the important thing.”
“I'd say it is,” Ryo grinned.
“So yeah, if you're willing, so am I.” Dee turned so he could kiss Ryo back. “I love you.”
“Love you too, and I hate seeing you so sad.” The hand on Dee's chest strayed down to the swell of Dee's abdomen.
“I have you,” Dee replied. “So I'm not sad. Especially now.” Dee smiled as he moved his head for another kiss.
The kiss was interrupted by Dee's cell phone ringing. He picked it up from his desk and looked at the number. His eyes widened. “Oh my God,” he uttered, answering his phone. “Hello. Dee Laytner speaking.”
“Mr. Laytner, this is Aileen from Bridgewaters. We spoke a few days ago. We had a cancellation this morning and you are the only one on our waiting list that falls into the time frame.”
Dee's mouth dropped. “Umm… really? What date would that be?”
“March 11th. Would that be an acceptable date for you?”
“That would be perfect,” Dee stated happily. “I'll have to talk to my fiancé first, but….”
“Dee, if it's an opening, take it,” Ryo whispered into Dee's ear, hugging him.
“Okay, fiancé said to ask when do you need a deposit.”
Aileen laughed. “I can pencil you in for hold on the date until Monday.”
“What time are the offices open until?” Dee asked.
“Five o'clock.”
Dee looked at Ryo. “Would you be able to see us this afternoon? Because after today, our next day off is Wednesday.”
“If you can make it, yes we can. If not, you can call by Monday and give us a credit card number to confirm the date, then on Wednesday you can come in to work out the details.”
“Want to go put a deposit on Bridgewaters for March 11th, baby?” Dee asked Ryo.
“Now?” Ryo asked.
“In a little while. Don't want to make them think we're that desperate. They might hike up the prices.” Dee chuckled.
Aileen laughed. “Don't worry, Mr. Laytner. As of now, you're the only ones in bidding for that date. The prices will remain.”
Dee laughed. “We'll be there after lunch.”
“Fine. I will see you and your fiancé then. Good bye, Mr. Laytner.”
“Good bye, and thank you.” Dee disconnected his phone and jumped out of his chair, crushing Ryo to him in a hug. “We have Bridgewaters! Oh holy shit! Baby, we have Bridgewaters!”
Ryo managed to hug Dee back, laughing. He leaned up to kiss Dee. “Yes, we do.”
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February 6, 2006
“This is getting old,” Marty complained. “I hope you two didn't get sent out again?” he asked Dee.
“No. Drake and JJ were here when the call came in. They're out right now for the autopsy,” Dee replied, leaning back in his chair and sipping a ginger ale.
“That bites,” Ted grumped. “This asshole needs to be off the streets.”
“Tell me about it,” Ryo sighed from his spot, standing behind Dee. He placed his hands on Dee's shoulders and started to massage them. “Now for some good news. Dee and I have a place for the reception. Unfortunately when we went there to sign the contract, we found out that we can't do the ceremony there, but the reception place really is the bulk of it..”
Dee nodded. “We'll figure out something. Worse comes to worse, we'll let Elena put up a tent in Battery Park or something.”
Ryo chuckled. “Don't scare me, Dee,” Ryo joked.
“That's great, guys!” Ted said. “So when's the date?”
“March 11,” Dee replied.
“That's less than a month,” Marty remarked.
“More than five weeks,” Ryo said. “We're on it. We called Elena. Diana and JJ knows. We have a wedding we're planning.” He patted Dee's shoulders. “We still need invitations. And if most of the family gets the announcements and save the date cards at the same time as the ceremony, I'd be hearing it from my grandfather about proper etiquette,” he remarked to Dee, thinking aloud.
“We'll send the announcements out 2 days before the invitations,” Dee replied with a smirk. “And save the date is when a wedding is far in the future. So invitations alone will do quite well.” When Ryo looked at him in question, Dee laughed. “You forget my mother comes from a wealthy family. I asked her about these things when you got abducted by kids when we over there.”
Ryo smacked his forehead. “I forgot about that.”
“And guess what, babe?” Dee said, grinning devilishly. “I got a call from Mother this morning while you were out. Turns out I wasn't counting in any `cousins' of mine.”
“You have cousins coming to the wedding?” Ryo asked. “Why didn't you say something until now.”
“It slipped my mind. Probably because it's a scary thought that I have wealthy cousins coming to the wedding.”
“Yeah,” Ryo replied, slightly nervous. “Definitely.”
Ted started to laugh. “Oh crap! I forgot, but your mother does come from a family of means.”
“How many cousins are we talking?” Ryo asked in interest, sitting on the edge of Dee's desk.
“No more than 10. They always felt it was a shame that Mother devoted her life to God and never had children to carry on the family for her. Then suddenly I appeared at the orphanage one night in Jess' arms. I don't know them very well, but I've met them before.” He looked amused. “And as rich as they are, they're nothing like your family.”
“Don't start, Dee,” Ryo warned, only half joking.
“Well, they're not. Imagine suggesting to your grandfather to go to McGillicuddy's for lunch.” Dee laughed. “But they're the ones who didn't write Mother off as a lost cause, didn't turn their backs on me for being bisexual, and according to Mother, are excited as anything when they found out about the chibi.”
“Well, we can't deny them entrance to the wedding then,” Ryo smiled, realizing it was the first time he had heard anything about any family on Dee's side, except for Mother and Jess. From the way Dee spoke, it appeared they had adopted Dee into their family as Mother Maria's son. Ryo was glad about that. He was also happy knowing there would be cousins on Dee's side for the guest list, rich or not. He leaned over to kiss Dee's nose. “Now I need to head out for the Jensen case and see if I can find her husband or not.”
“Better you than me, `cause I'd kick his ass if I find him,” Dee grumbled.
“I keep telling myself that I shouldn't give into what I'd love to do. Anyway, Ted and Marty will amuse you until they finally have some work to do. Love you.”
“Love you too baby,” Dee smiled, leaning up to grab another quick kiss from Ryo. “You know the drill.”
“Yes, yes. I've been really good about it, haven't I? Have I made you worry unnecessarily?”
Dee shook his head. “No. And I'd like to keep it that way. I'll see you later.”
Ryo went over to his desk to grab some items. On the way out, he grabbed his coat. “Take care, Dee. See ya later,” he added to Marty and Ted.
Ted stood up. “You look a little tired, Dee. How about we go into our own space and let you close your eyes for 10 or 20? We'll wake you up.”
Dee looked up at Ted hopefully. “Would you? Great. I didn't get much sleep last night.”
“Yeah. It shows. Go on. I'm sure we won't even have to worry about Chief or Rose.”
Dee smirked. “We don't. Rose said that I should close my eyes for 10 minutes if I need it. We might be getting a small couch in here.”
Dee laughed. “That or a futon.”
“Frame futon or Japanese?” Marty asked.
“Japanese. Thick mat on the floor. Then we can roll it up and stuff it somewhere when it's not being used.”
Ted laughed. “I can't wait for, oh say, 3 months from now or more. Would love to see you try to get up from laying on the floor.”
“Shut up, dude. I thought you were going to let me take a nap.”
“We will. We'll be going over the files from the latest victim in the meantime,” Marty assured Dee. “Later.”
“Yeah. And thanks.”
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“Dee,” Commissioner Rose called from the door going to the hallway.
Dee looked up from his paperwork, nibbling on the end of his pen. “Hm? Oh hi Commissioner. What can I do for you?”
“It's more like what I can do for you. You'll be getting a call from Ryo in a few minutes. He just checked in from 1PP and looking at the time, I told him to go home. I offered to drive you home tonight.”
Dee smiled. “We've been doing this a lot, sir. Are you sure Ryo won't get jealous?”
Rose smirked. “He's your fiancé. You tell me.”
Dee laughed. “I'm sure he's going to tell me he'll feel better if I accept the ride, so I accept the ride, sir.”
“Great. Dee, I didn't ask Ryo, but I was wondering if I can treat you both to dinner. Close to where you live, since there are so many charming and chic places. I would just like to sit down with the two of you away from the job and find out how you are doing.”
Dee gazed at the Commissioner. “In other words, when we have our little talks here, it's still too formal?”
“You're perceptive, Dee. That's always worked for you. Yes. I'd like us to have a little time and drop titles, if you and Ryo would like. You can tell me when I drive you home. I'll see you in about 20, Dee.”
“Yes, sir. Thank you.”
Dee watched the Commissioner leave the office, closing the door at the same time the phone started to ring. He picked it up. “Hello Ryo,” he stated, then laughed at Ryo's surprised response.
~\~ ~\~ ~\~ ~\~ ~\~ ~\~ ~\~ ~\~ ~\~ ~\~ ~\~ ~\~ ~\~ ~\~ ~\~ ~\~ ~\~ ~\~
Dee looked across the table at their companions. He was glad Ryo thought to invite Diana. Dee told the Commissioner since the two men were close friends with her outside of work, it might help to make dinner more relaxing, as Rose wished it to be.
It did accomplish that, even if Dee felt strange calling the man that part of his mind still associated as `the enemy' by his given name to the Commissioner's face.
They settled for a small bistro on Ryo and Dee's recommendation. The couple had been there before with Elena and Rick. Diana and Rose had never been to it before, but upon completion of the first course, the two announced it would not be their last time.
For the first part of dinner, the four talked about things in general.. During the main course, conversation centered on Dee and Ryo.
“I hear you have a wedding date,” Rose stated.
“Yes, we do,” Ryo grinned. “We have a reception site booked, but we're still working on where to have the ceremony. We could only get Bridgewaters from eight to midnight.”
Diana nodded. “To throw a ceremony in, while it's an option for them, would be too rushed. Especially for Dee. So they're still looking for options to have a ceremony. Besides, they would need to get another room for a ceremony,” she explained to Rose. “They were only able to get two and need all that space for the reception.”
“Bridgewaters, you say?” Rose asked, looking at Dee and Ryo.
Both men smiled and joined hands without looking or fumbling. “Yeah,” Dee replied. “We were lucky to get it, only because of a cancellation. But it was our first choice, so we're overjoyed with having the reception there.”
Diana laughed. `After you were talked out of having the wedding on a yacht, Dee.”
“A yacht?” Rose sounded surprised.
“Well,” Dee said, looking rueful, “it seemed like a good idea at the time. It was different, while classy and upscale to appease Ryo's relatives, but comfortable enough for me,” Dee stated. “Until Ryo pointed out that being on the water might not be the best of times for me.” He sighed.
“I can imagine, even if it would make for a lovely wedding,” Rose replied. “However Bridgewaters is an excellent choice. I attended a wedding for an acquaintance of mine there. It was very lovely. And if you have the Bridge room, the view of the Brooklyn Bridge is breathtaking.”
“We do have it as one of our room,” Ryo said, smiling wide.
Diana snorted and Rose looked confused.
Dee grinned widely. “We were at the Promenade in Brooklyn when Ryo first told me that he loved me. The day we consider our anniversary.”
“And you managed to get the perfect place to celebrate your marriage,” Diana exclaimed excitedly.
“Yes, it does seem fitting,” Rose agreed. “I just hope you can obtain a site for the ceremony.”
Ryo laughed, patting Dee's hand. “We have a last resort plan, if we have to.”
Dee chuckled. “Even if at first I was half joking.”
“May I inquire what that might be?” Rose asked.
The other three exchanged a look and laughed.
“They're thinking of letting Ryo's Aunt Elena loose with putting up a tent in Battery Park,” Diana replied.
“We already inquired about getting a permit and if we need to, it shouldn't be a problem,” Ryo added.
“That sounds intriguing. Are you both open to an outdoor wedding?” Rose asked.
“Dee's been wanting one since we got engaged. But how outdoor will a tent be?” Ryo added. “Knowing my aunt, we'll have torches and heating lamps everywhere. And probably drive Dee into the cold outside.”
“So your body temperature is already on the rise, huh?” Rose asked.
“Already?” Dee remarked. “I'm officially in the second trimester. And it's going to be hell when it starts getting warm, if this is any indication.”
“Are you already in the second trimester, Dee?” Rose replied. “How time goes by.”
“For you,” Dee said. “I'm looking at five more months to go.”
Ryo put his arm around Dee's shoulders. “We're both very anxious to have the little one born,” he said with a warm smile.
Diana snorted. “For you, my dear Ryo, that's five months of putting up with Dee's moods.”
Dee made a face at Diana, while Ryo chuckled. “I love him anyway,” Ryo said and lightly kissed Dee. The kiss seemed to prevent Dee from making further comments of protest on the subject.
“What about an atrium?” Rose asked. “For the ceremony. I've been to a few and they can be quite enchanting.”
Dee groaned. “And where will we find an atrium to squeeze 350 people?”
“In other words, where will we fit 225 MacLeans,” Ryo laughed.
“There is one right here downtown,” Rose stated. “Rooftop. It encompasses the entire width of the building.”
“I doubt we could book it,” Ryo sighed. “Especially at this time.”
“The building is owned by a family friend. Why don't you let me give her a call and inquire if you can use it on March 11?” Rose asked.
Dee and Ryo shared a look that seemed to cover an entire conversation. “If she says yes, we'll have to look at it first,” Ryo replied for them. “Other than that, well,” he shrugged and looked embarrassed, “we're not worried about the cost.”
“If it's the right place, I agreed with Ryo. It doesn't matter how much we spend,” Dee said happily.
“You'll love it. It already looks like an inside garden, but with additional arrangements, it will be enchanting,” Rose said.
“If you can get your friend to rent it out, then we'll be most willing to look at it,” Dee remarked with a grin.
“Delightful,” Rose said. “I'll give her a call tomorrow.”
~\~ ~\~ ~\~ ~\~ ~\~ ~\~ ~\~ ~\~ ~\~ ~\~ ~\~ ~\~ ~\~ ~\~ ~\~ ~\~ ~\~ ~\~
February 7, 2006
“Ryo,” Rose called out as Ryo entered the precinct, removing his gloves. The Commissioner walked across the busy lobby.
”Hello Commissioner,” Ryo greeted.
“It's cold out there today, yes?” Rose asked, noting Ryo shaking off the cold.
“Very,” Ryo replied. “Dee should be glad he gets to stay inside. Even he was bundled up this morning coming in. The subway stations were cold.”
“Only to open his coat once inside a train,” Rose remarked.
“Hell, it was so crowded and hot in the train, even I opened my coat. Dee was sweating. I need to watch him. Going back out into the cold with a sweat can't be good,” Ryo said with a frown.
“At least getting rides home should lessen the chance of him getting sick. He's still in the office, last I checked in with him a while ago. I was just on my way up there when I noticed you. Which is just as well. Better having the two of you.”
“Good news, I hope.”
“I think you will find this particular item so. In the meantime, from what Dee said, we both have lots of catching up with the Carrier case.”
“Oh? Did they make some headway? That would be good news too.”
“I agree. I doubt they are close to having a suspect, but Campbell was speaking to them when I called.”
“Let's go then.”
The two men turned, Ryo noticing Hernandez was leaning on the front desk, glaring at both him and Rose. Janet and her partner stood to the side, already noticing and ready to go into action, if needed.
Rose placed a hand flat on Ryo's back and pushed him in the direction of the elevator. “Just keep moving, Ryo,” the Commissioner insisted, “and don't give him any cause to start more trouble.”
“You're think being a minority himself,” Ryo mused.
“You're sounding like Dee now,” Rose chuckled. “It amazes me how he still has that outlook on life.”
Ryo smiled. “And I hope he never stops. It's one of the few things remaining untouched despite Dee's hard life. Somehow there's still a little innocence in him.”
Rose nodded. “It helps keep him from becoming one of those jaded cops. It's a shame that some are jaded so early in their careers. They'll burn out faster than they can get past probation. Just remember, Hernandez or any of the others make a move more than try to look scary, they'll be dealt with.”
“Hopefully before it's too late,” Ryo sighed, getting into the elevator with the Commissioner. He gave a slight, polite smile to the others who were in the elevator with them.
“Don't you go burning out on us, Ryo. Keep the faith,” Rose remarked.
Ryo was getting weary from worry. Not only from whoever had killed the Carriers, but anyone around them who felt Dee was a freak. He had no idea when someone might decide to do something about it, endangering the baby, or Dee. He was sick of having nightmares of discovering Dee to be the Carrier killer's next victim. He wanted to be able to only concentrate on the happiness in his life, and planning a wedding, looking forward to becoming a father, and all the normal worries that came with it.
Ryo merely nodded.
~\~ ~\~ ~\~ ~\~ ~\~ ~\~ ~\~ ~\~ ~\~ ~\~ ~\~ ~\~ ~\~ ~\~ ~\~ ~\~ ~\~ ~\~
“Dee, are you okay?” Jim asked, looking at the man leaning against a filing cabinet in his office.
“What do you want me to do?” Dee asked, sounding distressed. “Ryo is going to freak, you know.”
Drake sighed. “Dee, it's okay to say you're freaking too.”
Dee ran a hand through his hair. “You're telling me the third victim lived three blocks from us.” He buried his face in his hands. “I'm never going to see the outside again, you know.” He sighed heavily, shaking his head.
JJ opened his mouth to say something, but paused as the door opened. The four men watched as Ryo entered with the Commissioner.
“Any word on the elusive husband?” Dee asked Ryo, walking the few steps to sit down behind his desk. He was glad for the momentary distraction. He was also hoping to avoid Ryo from finding out their latest discovery, even if for a few minutes.
“Not yet, but I have a feeling he's hiding out at his brother's, even if said brother says he didn't hear from him,” Ryo replied, filling Dee in on his latest leads in the Jensen case, and to catch a man who put his wife in the hospital.
“Oh?” Dee asked, interested.
“He's been seen late at night on the block his brother lives,” Ryo explained.
“Ah. Sounds likely then. I guess that means you'll be working later hours soon.” Dee attempted to not sound disappointed.
Ryo nodded. “Just until I can get him. It shouldn't be more than a few days at the most.” He looked around at those who were in the office already. “Why do I get a bad feeling here?”
Dee dropped his elbows on the desk and rested his chin in his hands.
“What happened?” Rose asked. “What's going on with the Carrier case?”
“We have an ID and address on Cassidy,” Jim announced about their third victim.
“And?” Ryo asked.
“He lived on Broome Street,” Dee remarked gloomily.
“Oh.” Ryo studied Dee. “We're still working on where the vics were actually abducted, aren't we?”
“Yeah,” JJ replied. “Our second vic has an ID too. Mike Parsons. He was in New York on a business trip from Miami, so we found out.”
Dee nodded. “His company called in Missing Persons since he didn't show up at work so far this week. They said he never answered his home phone or cell. Someone from the firm went to his house and no answer. So they called Missing Persons and as soon as Carrier was mentioned it was routed to us. I made a call to the airline with flight information I obtained from his supervisor. He never checked in for his return flight. Drake and JJ are preparing to go the hotel he was staying, since he never checked out from there either.” Dee picked up a photo from his desk. “This is our victim. They emailed a few photos of him from the Holiday party.”
Ryo walked over to take the photo from Dee's hands. “Yeah, that's him,” he confirmed. “Any family?”
“His mother is flying up to identify the body,” Drake remarked quietly. “There was mention of a boyfriend, but seems they were on the outs or something over Mike taking this trip. I believe he's coming up too.”
Ryo leaned heavily against the desk. “Goddammit.”
“Ryo, I hate to ask,” Rose started.
“Of course, I'll speak to them when they get here,” Ryo said.
“Dee, I think this time, you should be with Ryo. Assure them that we are doing everything we can to bring his murderer to justice,” Rose added.
Dee nodded. “No problem.”
Ryo looked behind him at Dee. “And we're going to talk later.”
Dee sighed wearily. “I know. I know.”
“Drake and I are working on finding a common point where our killer might have noticed each man,” JJ said.
Everyone nodded. “Good,” Rose said. “You're all doing a fine job with this, gentlemen. Of course, we all have more personal reasons at stake here.” His eyes fell on Dee.
Dee's computer chimed indicating incoming email. He looked at his computer. “More on Cassidy,” Dee announced. “And… holy shit. His MOP is Vince.” Dee looked up at Ryo.
Rose sighed. “It's damn hard keeping you two out of this case. I'm giving you two the task of interviewing Cassidy's MOP. Any ETA on when Parsons' kin are arriving?”
Drake nodded. “They should be here late afternoon.”
“Then after Ryo and Dee speak to them, I want you and JJ to take them to the morgue for positive identification.” He looked to Jim. “Is the body set for release?”
“By tomorrow, early afternoon the latest,” Jim said. “I can't see any reason to keep them any longer.”
Rose nodded, then looked back to Drake and JJ. “If you encounter any problem with it, you contact me immediately. Is that clear?”
“Yes sir,” Drake replied.
“I hope we don't,” JJ groaned.
“Again, good work gentlemen. Now if you don't mind, may I have a word with Dee and Ryo in private?” Rose asked, his eyes settling on the morose man sitting at his desk, nibbling on a dark chocolate bar that seemed to appear from nowhere.
“Oh sure, sir,” JJ said, standing up. He picked up the files Jim had come in with. “Why don't we take this in our office,” he said to the others.
“Yeah,” Drake agreed. He picked up the files from Dee's desk. “I'll have these duplicated for you two,” he stated to Dee and Ryo.
“Thanks, Drake,” Ryo replied, going to stand next to Dee behind the desk.
“One more thing, gentlemen,” Rose called out. “Unless you have scheduled appointments to make, I want you all to concentrate on this case for the rest of the day. Inform Marty and Ted this includes them. When we have the next press conference, I do not want us to look like we're dragging our asses like everyone else seem to be.”
“Yes sir,” Drake and JJ agreed. “Later.”
They watched as Jim followed Drake and JJ into the next office and closed the door.
Ryo opened a desk drawer, and looked in. “Where did this come from?” he asked Dee.
“The Good Carrier fairy left them for me?” Dee replied hopefully.
Ryo shook his head, but for the first time since they started talking about the case, grinned, looking amused. “Don't eat it all at one time.”
Dee grinned innocently up at Ryo.
Ryo and Rose both laughed at the look.
“Now, after that rather morose conversation we just had, I have some good news for you. Darlene has agreed to rent out the rooftop atrium to you, should you decide to take it. Tomorrow, if you like you can go and take a look.” He took out a business card from the inner pocket of his suit jacket. “This is the address and Darlene's numbers, including her cell. You can call her anytime today and tomorrow.”
Ryo leaned down to hug Dee. “I have a good feeling about this,” he said to Dee.
Dee was smiling. “So do I. We'll check it out. Assuming we don't end up working tomorrow.”
“You're both guaranteed tomorrow off. Everyone is getting at least one day off for now. Ryo, you might end up having to come in on Thursday, but Dee, you will take that day off too.”
“But Commissioner,” Dee started to protest.
“Dee, your work schedule is the approved schedule for pregnant officers. It's bad enough I looked the other way and allowed you to put in a 14 hour day on Sunday. And unfortunately, there may be more days like that out of necessity. So I'm enforcing you to take your scheduled days off,” Rose explained. “Besides, I might have to use you in other areas concerning the case. Prejudice of Carriers seem to be common on the political level. However, on the other side, I have the HRC stating to come down on us, and apparently there are more pro-Carriers among the general population. Meaning we might start hearing more cries about how we're not interested in finding the killer if we don't soon. I might need your help in assuring the public our intentions are honorable.”
“Oh,” Dee uttered. “I understand, sir.”
“Would you be willing?”
“Yes. Of course. I'm not ashamed of being pregnant.”
“That will be all for now. All of you keep me updated on any new developments. Chief will be in tomorrow and I'll update him.”
“Thank you, sir,” Ryo said. “For getting an okay on the atrium.”
“I'm certain you'll both love it,” Rose stated. “I'll talk to you soon.” He started to leave the office.
“Later, sir,” Dee called out.
When Rose left, Dee leaned back in his seat and looked up at Ryo, rubbing his stomach. “Well, that was interesting.”
Ryo snickered. “You're telling me. But what the hell. It's a place to have a ceremony.”
Dee nodded. “Yeah. I'll give her a call sometime this afternoon and set something up for tomorrow. Assuming I can leave the apartment to go look at it, that is.”
“As long as I can have your gun along with mine,” Ryo stated.
“Good.” Ryo leaned down to seal the deal with a kiss.
~\~ ~\~ ~\~ ~\~ ~\~ ~\~ ~\~ ~\~ ~\~ ~\~ ~\~ ~\~ ~\~ ~\~ ~\~ ~\~ ~\~ ~\~
*Tri-state area = New York State, New Jersey and Connecticut.
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