Fake Fan Fiction ❯ The Unexpected II ❯ The Final Countdown ( Chapter 20 )

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Title: The Unexpected II
Chapter 19 - The Final Countdown
Rating: R
Fandom: FAKE
Pairings: Ryo/Dee (mostly), some Dee/Ryo
Warnings: Yaoi, Male/male, MPREG, AU If you don't like, don't read!
Disclaimer: FAKE is not mine. We have Sanami Matoh for giving us Dee, Ryo and the rest of the 27th precinct characters. Any OCs appearing in this fic are mine.
A/N: Once again, big *HUGS* and thanks to Gracie Musica for not only helping with the first scene of this chapter, but for suggesting it. Thanks for loaning me your Ryo muse in giving Dee and Ryo a fun evening out at the movies. You're the best, lady!
Beta by Dawn -- *hugs*
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March 9, 2006
Early evening Ryo and Dee met up with Mother to have dinner with her family who had flown in from Ireland earlier. Ryo was introduced to Dee's family. The meal was enjoyable. Mother's family had just as much money as Ryo's, yet they acted so differently from most of his own family. They were more down to earth, and who did not let money dictate how they acted. The fact that they took over a backroom of an Irish bar and grill for their meal told Ryo much about the Lanes. Ryo guessed that they probably drank like the Irish too, but for Dee's sake only soft drinks were consumed in the room. Dee and Ryo had both dressed nice but comfortable for the dinner, and noticed so had the members of Mother's family. The family gushed over Dee and his baby pooch as they called his swell. The older women told everyone how they remembered Dee as a wee one, which was the last time they saw him.
It was obvious to Ryo that Mother's family accepted Dee as her son, and one of their own. By the end of the evening as they parted for the night, they had embraced Ryo as one of their own too. Dee was beaming as they made their way out of the bar, and Ryo shared his feelings. They were extremely lucky to have family who accepted them, and traveled from overseas to share their big day.
It was still early enough for Ryo to suggest that they catch a movie in a small theater that played foreign films a few blocks from their building. Ryo's reasoning was if they stayed out for a couple more hours, Dee would be ready to call it a night when they got home and fall asleep. As hyped up as Dee was, Ryo knew the other man would never get to sleep at a decent time if they went right home. Yet a movie was just relaxing enough to not overtax Dee at the end of a very busy, exciting day.
Earlier that morning at work, their co-workers had thrown them a surprise wedding shower. They had left work at lunch, starting their leave for the wedding and honeymoon.
Before meeting up with Mother and her family, they had gone for their final fitting of their wedding suits. Instead of bringing the suits home, Marcel had assured them that all the suits for the wedding would be delivered to the suites set aside for pre-ceremony preparations in the luxury office/condo building the wedding ceremony was to take place in.
Dee protested a little when Ryo suggested the movie, but gave in, realizing that he was given extra time to be outside, instead of locked up in their apartment.
Inside the small movie theater, they sat in the back row. Dee had his arm around Ryo, his head resting against his soon-to-be husband's shoulder. “So tell me why we're watching a French movie with subtitles?” he whispered.
“Because there were no Japanese movies playing?” Ryo replied, also in a whisper. He giggled when Dee turned his head to glare mildly at him. “Because it's artsy and we're culturing the chibi. Bikky's too far gone, but not this one.” He gently rubbed the swell of Dee's belly. “Isn't that right, Chibi?”
“And you're hoping I'm not too far gone either, huh?” Dee asked, and kissed the side of Ryo's head.
Ryo smiled at Dee. “I could care less about you. I love you just the way you are.” He captured Dee's lips for a proper kiss. He pulled his head away just enough to whisper to Dee's mouth, “And because it's so artsy, the theater is nice and empty.” He kissed Dee again.
Dee rubbed Ryo's shoulder as they kissed. “Oh? Shall we make like teenagers two days before we get married,” he asked, still in a whisper.
Ryo laughed as he noticed the bounce of excitement from Dee as he mentioned their getting married. “No,” Ryo said. He lightly kissed Dee and pulled his head away. “We're trying to instill some culture here.”
Dee pouted, but settled back down to watch the movie. It did not matter what they did, as long as he did it with Ryo. If Ryo wanted to watch some artsy French movie with subtitles, he would deal with it. Besides, the artist in Dee could not help but pay attention to the experimental ways the movie was filmed, how shadows were more pronounced during key moments. It was actually a decent film, but he was not about to admit that to Ryo.
On the screen, the two leading characters found themselves in a beautiful garden, and started to kiss. Dee's eyes widened, as the two characters were male. Somehow he missed that fact when Ryo read the review to him earlier. Then again, he only half listened. He knew they would go no matter, but at the time he could care less what a critic had to say about it.
Dee realized what was supposed to be just kissing was very erotic. And now they were slowly starting to undress themselves.
Ryo was still rubbing his bump. “Chibi, your Daddy's a bad man,” Ryo softly said, amused, unaware of what was happening on the screen.
Dee's eyes went back to the screen and moaned slightly as he watched one of the men fondle the other. “Chibi, your Papa's the bad man,” he said just as softly as Ryo, careful not to get them kicked out. “Taking us to this movie.” He chuckled and turned his head to nibble on Ryo's earlobe.
Ryo chuckled softly, turning his head for a kiss. He stroked Dee's hair as they indulged in the kiss. Dee's hand strayed to rub Ryo's chest through the soft cotton of Ryo's shirt.
“Mmm, Dee….” Ryo sighed, breaking the kiss for air. He took a few deep breaths, willing himself not to jump Dee and take him right there.
“Hm?” Dee chuckled, sensing Ryo's urgency. He rested his head against his lover's. “You know, this is our last night together unmarried.” Dee mused in a whisper.
“I know.” Ryo smiled softly, running his fingers through Dee's hair. “I'm going to miss you tomorrow night.”
Dee sighed. “You think they'll let us see each other at breakfast on Saturday?”
“Doubtful. You know Mother, and now you know ObÄsan. Plus I believe Elena is in agreement with this new formed alliance they have.” Ryo kissed Dee's nose. “But we have cell phones.” He grinned at Dee.
“That was scary to find out those two were in cahoots even before yesterday through Elena.
Ryo laughed softly. “Were you all that surprised? `Cause when I think about it, I'm not. I know ObÄsan and Mother very well.” He grinned at Dee, licking his lips. He continued to stroke Dee's hair.
Dee smiled back at Ryo, then went back to watching the movie.
Ryo settled comfortably next to Dee and returned his attention to the screen. He looked at Dee as the other man made a breathless gasp that Ryo started to know very well. He rubbed the bump again. “Maybe Chibi doesn't like the movie if he's moving.”
Dee sighed under Ryo's touch, his eyes riveted to the screen. “Jeez, what's the rating on this again?” he asked.
“None,” Ryo replied.
“Figures. I should know better about these foreign unrated flicks.” He placed his hand next to Ryo's. “Hey Chibi, you won't be seeing this one again for quite a few years.”
“The sign at the box office did say it's not recommended for under 18,” Ryo said.
“I missed that.”
Ryo laughed. “It's not that bad.”
“Well, I can understand why it would say that.”
“Well, it's not dirty, like your basic porn flick, but damn… it's very sensual, erotic, and hot.” Dee tugged at the collar of his shirt.
Ryo grinned and whispered into Dee's ear, “Are you sure it's not because you're close to your hot lover?” He licked the shell of the ear.
“There's that,” Dee agreed with a smile, shivering from what Ryo was doing to him. “But… this is raising the bar a bit.”
He pointed to the screen, where the couple were starting to make slow, but passionate love.
Ryo looked back to the screen, taking in the sex scene. “Ooh… yeah, you're right about that.”
“I think we need to find out if this one's on DVD,” Dee mused.
Ryo grinned ruefully. “Didn't realize it was so racy.” He laughed, then kissed Dee.
Dee went back to rubbing Ryo's chest as they kissed, opening a button of Ryo's shirt.
Ryo grinned at Dee. “Mmm, love. You're in quite a mood tonight, aren't you?
“Well, I was more in the mood to go home to cuddle and then some,” Dee admitted with a small grin. “And now this movie.” He leered at Ryo.
Smiling, Ryo pulled Dee until the other man ended up sitting in his lap.
“Good thing we picked the last row,” Dee chuckled and kissed Ryo.
Ryo laughed, returning the kiss.
“I guess we're the only ones crazy enough to go see a French film,” Dee remarked when they broke the kiss.
“Or it's been running long enough,” Ryo said, then laughed low. He pulled Dee's head close to kiss him again.
Dee passionately kissed Ryo back, his arms going around his soon-to-be husband as he started to press the other man into the seat.
“Dee…” Ryo moaned softly. “Damn.” He let out a sigh.
“Hmm?” Dee asked, nuzzling along Ryo's jaw.
“You know,” Ryo whispered in Dee's ear, his voice deepened with passion. “I'm tempted to just do you right here, right now.”
“I'm tempted to open our flies and then make myself comfortable in your lap again,” was Dee's reply.
Ryo shook his head, trying to clear it from the fog of passion before he found himself doing something they both would regret if caught. “You know,” he said, teasing Dee, “I was so hoping to hold off until our wedding night, but….”
“I thought that was for tomorrow night?”
Ryo stroked Dee's hair, gazing at Dee's face. “You've had so much excitement for one day,” he replied, turning serious. “The wedding shower this morning at work, then meeting your family for dinner tonight. I was thinking that we'd watch this movie to unwind, and then take you home and tuck you in for a good night's sleep.”
Dee was grinning at Ryo. “It was a long day, but a good one. Especially hearing everyone in my family tell me what a handsome man I'm getting married to. And see how some of those women were eyeing you. Even the older ones. Can't blame them.” He lightly kissed Ryo's lips.
“I'm marrying quite a handsome man too,” Ryo said with a smile, his fingers still running through Dee's dark, thick locks.
“So I've been hearing since your family arrived,” Dee remarked, grinning. He rubbed his nose against Ryo's and sighed happily. “I'm so happy,” he stated. “I mean, both our families here for our wedding, giving us their blessings.”
Ryo's other hand had strayed between them and was gently rubbing Dee's tummy. “I agree.” He kissed Dee softly.
“I guess the ones that might have started trouble didn't want to deal with traveling overseas,” Dee mused.
“And just as well they stay overseas,” Ryo remarked. He kissed Dee lightly. “Although I'd still be marrying you, even if I didn't have anyone's blessing.”
Dee smiled lovingly. “Me too,” he agreed. “But just knowing we have family on our side… it makes the day all that more special in a way, if you know what I mean.” His smile brightened. “And ObÄsan… that woman had me in tears. She's wonderful.”
Ryo gently stroked Dee's face, his smile matching Dee's. “'Cause you're so good for me. She could tell.”
Dee leaned into Ryo's touch. “I intend to be so for the rest of our lives,” he intoned, then bent his head for another kiss.
“I know,” Ryo said into the kiss.
“I love you, Ryo.”
“I love you, too, Dee. More than anything.”
Dee felt his eyes get misty and realized another of those teary eyed moments was approaching. He cleared his throat and asked, “Hey, what are they doing now in that movie?” He turned his head to look at the screen.
Ryo laughed softly, pulled Dee closer to him. “I don't care.” He started to stroke Dee's hair again.
Dee looked back at Ryo, past the moment and grinned. “Oh? So, wanna tell me what you do care about?” He looked down at Ryo with an impish smile.
“You, silly.” Ryo smiled up at Dee. “Who else would I care about?”
“Ahh…” De slid a finger between the buttons of Ryo's dress shirt. Ryo continued to smile at him as his finger stroked the smooth skin of Ryo's chest. “Ohh! No tee under your shirt tonight, stud?”
Ryo laughed. “Forgot,” he replied.
“So sexy,” Dee murmured as he continued to stroke Ryo's chest softly.
Ryo made an appreciative sound as he continued to smile at Dee, his fingers still running soothingly through the silky hair.
“You know,” Dee softly mused, “about waiting until our wedding night. Just thought to let you know that Chibi sleeps better after we have sex. She's going to be so unhappy tomorrow night.”
The hand that was rubbing Dee's bump went under the shirt and continued to rub the swell. “I'm sorry to hear about that,” Ryo said. He looked down to the bump. “Sorry about that, Chibi.”
“Well, anyway, she'd be really happy if she doesn't have to deal with two nights in a row….” Dee leered at Ryo, licking his lips.
Ryo laughed softly. “No, Dee.”
Dee pouted for a reply.
Ryo softly patted Dee's tummy before pulling his hand out from under Dee's shirt.
Dee attempted to squirm a little in Ryo's lap, licking his lips again, staring at Ryo.
Ryo shook his head. “You're exhausted already, Dee. If we made love now, you'd barely be able to walk home.”
“Aww….” This time Dee's pout was genuine. “Well, is this allowed?” He kissed Ryo again.
“Mmm, kisses are always allowed.” Ryo laughed softly, threading his fingers through Dee's hair. His other hand rested on Dee's stomach again.
Dee let out a heavy sigh. “As much as this film actually is interesting, can we go home and get more comfortable please?”
Ryo checked his watch. “Hmm…. Well okay,” he said in a teasing tone. “I guess if we go home, I'll do you.” As Dee started to leer at Ryo, he added, “If you promise to go to sleep right after.”
Dee nodded his head, and deeply kissed Ryo. “I always sleep better after too.” He smiled at Ryo.
Rubbing Dee's tummy gently, Ryo giggled softly. “I know you do. So does Chibi really sleep better? I can't feel him yet.”
“Yes she does,” Dee replied and chuckled at their personal use of pronouns for the baby. “Even Vince said it's good for her. When I'm relaxed, so is she. And that relaxes me very much, thank you.” He kissed Ryo's nose. “And don't worry. Now that I'm feeling Chibi, you will be soon enough. Because I know she's anxious to let her Papa know she's there.”
“I know he's there,” Ryo said with a laugh. “I saw the sonogram photo, remember?” He lowered his head a little to make as if talking to Dee's stomach. “You still look like a blob.”
“It should look different next month,” Dee remarked. He chuckled. “When we find out if Chibi really is a She or a He.”
“You want a girl, don't you?”
“It doesn't matter. Like I said, I look at that sonogram picture and it says `She' to me. But here?” He pointed to the swell of his tummy. “Maybe it could be a `He'.” Dee shrugged. “I just don't want to say `It'. So since she looks like a girl to me, until we know for sure, I'm going to say she.”
“I…” Ryo started, then smiled softly. “Is it wrong of me to say I hope she looks like Mom if it's a girl?”
“Since I have no clue what my real mother looks like, or if I had one, then I hope so too. `Cause she'll also look a lot like her Papa.” Dee's smile was gentle.
“I'm sure your mother was beautiful,” Ryo said. “I mean, you had to get your looks from somewhere.”
Dee shrugged. “I'll never know. So I concentrate on what I do know. And that is, your mother was very beautiful, and she took after her mother. That's good enough for me if we have a girl.”
Ryo kissed Dee. “I hope our baby has your pretty eyes,” he softly said, stroking Dee's cheek. “Mine are so boring.”
“You have gorgeous eyes. Dark, exotic, hell, I could stare into your eyes all day and never be bored.”
“Flatterer,” Ryo commented. “Yours are the pretty ones.”
“I speak the truth. Wasn't it your eyes that was the first thing I noticed about you?” Dee asked.
“It was,” Ryo replied with a soft smile. “You nearly knocked me into the wall staring at them.”
“Because I found them so beautiful to gaze into,” Dee remarked, grinning. “I didn't know it then, but looking back, at that moment, I was already a goner for you.”
“You are a flatterer,” Ryo said, blushing.
Dee kissed one of Ryo's heated cheeks.
“I know when I was a goner,” Ryo said.
“Oh? When?”
“When you kissed me. That first one,” Ryo admitted.
Dee grinned. “That was why you put that barricade up between us on our desks?”
“Yes. You scared me. I wasn't expecting to be attracted to my partner. Much less, my male partner.”
“Yeah, well, and now the day after tomorrow, you're getting married to that male partner.”
“Yes, I am,” Ryo said, then kissed Dee again. “Okay love. Let's go home.”
“Good. Just remember the name of this movie.”
“Roger that. It's on our ticket stubs anyway,” Ryo replied.
“Hey, you think they might have it in the Bahamas?” Dee asked.
“Some islands are French owned, so it's worth a shot.”
“Good. I think I'd like to finish watching this in the privacy of our suite.” Dee caressed Ryo's cheek for a moment before standing up. He held out his hand toward Ryo.
Ryo took Dee's hand with a smile, then laughed as Dee gave a slight tug. He stood up, leaning into Dee's arms.
Dee kissed Ryo again. “C'mon, my handsome husband to be. Let's go home and enjoy one last night living in sin.”
“Mmm… living in sin…” As they started to leave the theater, Ryo glanced up at Dee. “I do have just one more night to violate you.” He grinned wickedly at Dee. “My innocent.”
Dee chuckled as he patted his bump. “Not so innocent, judging by this.”
“Hmm…” Ryo also patted the bump. “I agree. You're not innocent at all.”
Dee took Ryo's hand in his as they made their way to the street. “I might be a nun's son, but trust me, I ain't no Virgin Mary,” Dee joked, with a wink.
Ryo laughed, shaking his head.
“But you can still violate me,” Dee added. “All you want.”
“I like the sound of that. How about we violate each other?” Ryo asked. He patted Dee's swell again. “You won't be able to violate me too much longer.”
“Tell me about it!” Dee remarked with a laugh. “I guess the honeymoon comes at a good time.” As they continued to leisurely walk down the street in the direction to their place, Dee said, “You know, it's all your fault.” He smiled teasingly at Ryo. “I mean if you didn't violate me in the kitchen that time, I'd still be just violating you.”
“You weren't complaining at the time,” Ryo stated, laughing. “Quite the opposite, if memory serves me right.”
“Baby, I had no choice.” Dee shivered slightly, licking his lips. “Damn, just thinking about that night makes me want to do it right here.”
“Wait until we get home, and I will.” Ryo squeezed the hand holding his. With a wicked grin, he leaned up slightly and managed to lick Dee's earlobe.
Dee shivered again. “Stop teasing me and let's keep walking, please. Or someone is going to get a surprise in their hallway.”
Ryo giggled, and managed to stop them to nibble more on Dee's ear. Dee squirmed and giggled, then pouted when Ryo pulled away to continue their walk.
As they walked the few blocks to their apartment, Ryo kept teasing Dee. He had been assured that none of the Carriers killed had been with someone when they were abducted. Should the killer decide to make an exception with Dee, Ryo was prepared, since his gun was holstered under his sports jacket that evening.
Inside the lobby of their building, Dee pressed the button for the elevator and pushed Ryo against the wall.
Ryo laughed softly as his back hit the wall, kissing Dee back. “Patience, lover,” he said into the kiss. He laughed as Dee pouted.
When the elevator doors open, Dee pulled Ryo into the elevator and hit the button for their floor.
Ryo continued to laugh at Dee's impatience. His laughter turned into a moan as Dee started to nibble his neck. Dee's hand slid from Ryo's abs down toward his crotch. Ryo moaned again. “Dee… calm down… We're almost home. Besides, we don't have anything with us.”
“Baby, at the moment I'm so horny, I'd never notice what we don't have.”
“I know, lover, I know.” Ryo grabbed onto the hand that almost latched onto his rapidly growing bulge in his pants and laced their fingers together. “Later you will.”
Dee was busy trying to rub up against Ryo, and not paying much attention to reason. Ryo pushed back a little. Dee sighed and looked at the lights on the panel in the elevator. “Almost there.”
Ryo kissed his nose, squeezing Dee's hands. “It's those damn hormones, isn't it? You're getting into that phase lately.”
“This keeps up, you know you're not going to be able to touch me at all when we're at work.”
Ryo giggled. “I know. Or in the streets. In cabs. This could be interesting.”
“It's not that funny,” Dee remarked with a pout as the elevator stopped and the doors opened.
Ryo pushed Dee away and then pulled him out of the elevator, into the hall and toward the entryway of their apartment.
Dee whimpered, trying not to rub himself as Ryo unlocked the door. Once he had the door open, Ryo kissed Dee, moving them into the apartment. He kicked the front door closed and fumbled behind Dee to lock it.
Dee's hands were under Ryo's now open coat and pulling his shirt out from his pants.
Assured that the door was properly locked, Ryo allowed his coat to drop on the floor, his sports jacket following, as he pushed Dee into the bedroom, his hands starting to remove Dee's clothes. Dee's coat hit the floor a few feet from Ryo's as the two made their way toward the bedroom.
Ryo was amazed they made it into their bedroom. Dee's shirt came off and tossed toward a corner. They paused so Ryo could remove his holster and shove it into the nearby wardrobe for the time.
Dee tweaked one of Ryo's nipples as they kissed hard and passionately, Ryo's hands roaming along Dee's strong back muscles. “Dee,” Ryo moaned softly. He managed to pull himself away from Dee when they were a few feet from the bed. With a grin, he quickly picked Dee up and carefully dropped him onto the bed.
Taken by surprise by the action, Dee let out a squeak, then laughed as Ryo climbed on the bed, hovering over him. Dee pulled Ryo down. “Come here, sexy.”
“Hang on a moment,” Ryo said, kissing Dee heatedly, pressing him into the mattress, while still being careful not to lay on Dee's abdomen. Dee was squirming under Ryo, starting to moan. Ryo reached out for the nightstand, and grabbed the lube. “Now you're gonna get it,” he stated to Dee.
“I hope so,” was all Dee was able to utter as Ryo started to remove the last remaining articles of clothing.
*** *** *** *** ***
March 10, 2006
As the attendants started to arrive for the rehearsal, they all found it was not hard to find the exact location once they arrived at the correct address of the office/luxury condo tower.
“This place looks pretty posh,” Drake commented to the others from CI. They were allowed to leave work an hour early to make it on time for the rehearsal.
“Hey, if Rose suggested it, you know it's posh,” Ted commented, looking up at the building.
“Both Ryo and Dee decided to go upscale,” JJ said, also looking up.
There was just a slight edge to his tone that caused Drake to nudge him. “Remember that Dee wanted this too,” Drake reminded him. “He's not being forced into anything he doesn't like. You sat with them for some of the planning. Remember how excited Dee would start to get?”
“I know. I know. It's just….” JJ sighed and glanced up at Drake. He indicated the building before them. “It just doesn't feel like Dee to me.”
“Hey, as long as the man is happy and they can afford it, let Dee have the wedding he wants, man,” Marty said. His eyes were on the waiting limousine, and the man who left the building to get in. Marty figured it was some CEO of some company. With a shrug, Marty started to walk into the building, the others following.
“Hell, I doubt I could afford a cheap wedding,” Ted remarked when they were in the lobby. “So I'm really looking forward to all the parties planned for this weekend.”
JJ sniffed. “That would mean an entire weekend you don't have to pay for food and alcohol.”
“You got that right,” Ted grinned.
“Sorry, JJ, but I'm with Ted on that,” Drake remarked with a smile. “I wonder if they'll serve some of that rich people stuff at the reception, like caviar or something like that?”
Marty slapped Ted on the arm. “If you can't afford a cheap wedding, then you should be thankful you haven't landed a girlfriend to hang on long enough to get there yet.” He laughed at the face Ted made.
“Ass,” Ted commented. “Well now. Lookie this,” he exclaimed, pointing to a sign in the middle of the lobby.
“You think we need to use elevator 2?” Marty laughed.
“Let's see here,” Drake commented as he also pointed to the sign that had an arrow going toward the elevators. “It says Laytner-MacLean wedding, elevator 2. Atrium Express. Gee!” He laughed, looking at the others.
“Let's go,” JJ said, walking in the direction of the elevators. He pushed the button to go up for the elevator marked 2.
When the doors opened, Marty exclaimed, “A glass elevator! How cool is this?”
“Yeah, nice touch, I'm sure,” JJ sighed.
Drake shook his head. “Stop the grumbling, huh? What's with you anyway. Until now, you were all excited about this wedding. Besides, you don't have a problem wearing pink.”
JJ chuckled. “No, I don't. And you need to wear it because Dee and Ryo made you my partner in the procession. And I'm wearing pink!”
“Better you two, than us,” Ted chuckled.
“I look horrible in pink,” Drake complained as the elevator made its way up to the top floor.
“You look fine,” JJ assured him.
“Yeah, well imagine me in yellow,” Ted stated.
“It'll go well with that red hair of yours,” JJ said. “I even told Dee and Ryo that when they were working out the colors for the wedding party.”
“You all just need to suck it up,” Marty quipped. “It's not like they're making us wear dresses. And I think it's a nice touch to the tuxes. Not to mention it's such a fine cut, the tuxes they picked for us, wouldn't you say?”
“Carlotto Zupinolio is an awesome designer,” JJ agreed. “But the prices for his suits are just a little out of reach, even for me. So I'm glad I get to wear one.”
“I'm amazed that they're letting us keep the suits after the wedding,” Ted said. “Don't they like have to return wedding clothes to the store or something afterward?”
JJ shook his head. “Only if you're wearing hand me downs. These suits were custom fitted for us. Mine's going into a bag and wait for another chance to wear it.”
“I agree. I love the thought of getting to keep our tuxes,” Marty stated. “In fact, I intend to put it on one of these months and take Darla out for a nice meal and some dancing.”
Ted rolled his eyes. “How quaint.”
JJ poked Ted in his arm. “And that's why you'll always be a groomsman and never a groom.”
“I guess I should consider myself lucky,” Ted sighed. “At least I'm still free,” he stated.”
“Do I want to know how much those things cost?” Drake asked.
Marty laughed. “Dude, you don't want to know. One thing to consider is that in that shop where we were fitted, there ain't one price tag to be seen.”
“Best for Dee,” JJ sighed. “Oh, Dee knows a lot of money was spent on everything, but he doesn't want to know specifics. He nearly fainted when he found out what it cost them for the wedding coordinator alone, so Ryo told me.”
Marty laughed. “Yeah, I guess it was a little hard to keep that cost from him if he's signing the contract.”
The elevator came to a stop and the doors opened. Ted's eyes opened wide. “Holy mother…”
JJ laughed at the others' reactions. Suddenly seeing the start of Dee and Ryo's visions for the wedding turning into a reality, he found himself coming out of his strange funk and starting to get excited. “It's no where near done for tomorrow either,” he commented as they started to walk down the hallway constructed of silk material giving it an appearance of walking through a tent. They noticed the tables set up in intervals down the hallway.
Halfway down was Dee, Ryo, Mother and the children from the orphanage. The children were all smiles and excited. Mother was as happy as they could remember her seeing. Ryo had an aura about him that made it hard to be grumpy around him. And Dee was just beside himself with excitement and happiness.
“Nice set up you have going here,” Marty commented in greeting as they approached the group.
“Not even done yet,” Ryo stated, with a smile.
“So JJ was telling us,” Ted replied.
“It already looks great,” Dee said, his voice dancing with excitement. “I can't wait until we see it tomorrow.”
They took a few minutes for the others to say hello to Mother.
“Everyone else is inside,” Ryo stated. “Mother had just arrived with the children only a few minutes before you.”
Sharon, their wedding coordinator, came walking out from the doorway leading into the main section of the atrium. “Is this the last of everyone?” she asked. When Dee and Ryo nodded their heads, she smiled. “Well then, shall we get this run on the road?”
“Hell yes!” Dee exclaimed, then looked ruefully at Mother.
Mother fondly tugged his ear. “Get in there, Dee.”
“Yes, Mother.”
Inside the atrium, once again mouths dropped as the men from CI gazed around the partially construction chamber for the wedding. White wood folding chairs made up the two seating sections on each side of the center aisle. White chiffon ribbons were strung along the end seats on each side of the aisle. Every so many rows there were columns. From the ceiling hung white netting of lights, with hanging panels criss-crossing lower in the wedding colors. On the far sides of the two sections of seating were piles of chairs indicating other sections were still in construction.
“Wow!” Ted remarked. “How many people are coming to this shindig?” he asked.
“A lot,” Dee remarked with a grin. “The chairs are still naked, and all the flowers will be arriving tomorrow afternoon so they'll be fresh for the ceremony.”
Drake was looking around the area. “Um Dee? Ryo? I hate to break it to you, but there are already flowers here. Flowers and trees and bushes.”
Ryo laughed. “That's why it's called an atrium. Dee means the specialized flowers for decoration. You'll understand when you see tomorrow.”
Everyone paused at the sound of bells jingling. Mother was walking toward the children holding sticks that had big bells attached to them and started to give them out.
The others in the wedding party got up from their seats and joined the group. After a few minutes of greeting, once again Sharon came up to them with a man that Dee and Ryo greeted, the soon-to-be married couple obviously having met him before.
To the rest of the assembled wedding party, Sharon spoke. “Okay everyone. This is Daniel, and he's going to help everyone get down the aisle with fashion and hopefully before the music ends.” She laughed and patted Dee's cheek. “Don't worry, darling one. Daniel has a total success record. And no one has tripped down the center aisle either. So relax. We'll do this.”
Dee took a deep breath. “It seemed so easy when we went over the points in the music but now….”
“That's why we're rehearsing early. No one is leaving until we get this right,” Daniel stated. “And so far, no one on my shift has ever missed reservations for the dinner afterward.”
“Oh goodie,” Elena exclaimed. “Because we have the Crystal Room at Tavern on the Green reserved for 8 tonight.”
“And you'll make it, my dear lady,” Daniel stated with a smile. “But I do suggest we get things started. Everyone can grab a seat and get comfortable while we play the song Dee and Ryo selected for the most important walk these two will take.”
Dee took Ryo's hand in his and smiled warmly, his face flushed from excitement. Ryo leaned against Dee with a bright sunny smile.
“I hope you like our selection. Dee actually picked it,” Ryo said. “But when I heard it, I had to agree with him that it's perfect. We're not going for some slow number here.”
“Agreed,” Daniel said. “Personally, I think it's the best song I've had to work with for a processional ever. It's upbeat, lively, yet traditional Celtic. So, if one of my people would ever be so kind as to flip the switch, here we go.”
The first strains of the song started off almost like a waltz with just violins, then the tempo of the song changed as the rest of the orchestra joined in. It was as Daniel described it, upbeat, lively and beautiful. Many of the wedding party were staring at Dee and Ryo halfway through the first run of the song, smiling. From the faces looking at the nearly wedded couple, they also agreed it was perfect for their wedding. In the middle, the change gave the song almost a fairy tale feel to it while still keeping the basic melody. It went back to the basic strains of the song. As it ended, some of the women were wiping their eyes. Dee was attempting to wipe his own eyes unnoticed until Ryo pulled out a hankie and handed it to Dee. Everyone laughed and Dee turned a lovely shade of crimson.
Ryo laughed, kissing Dee. “Don't mind my beautiful very soon to be husband here,” he announced to their wedding attendants. “But I had to be prepared since Dee has been having bouts of the vapors since we woke up this morning.” He grinned at Dee, and kissed his red faced fiancé again.
Dee made a face at Ryo, sticking his tongue out. “Vapors!” he exclaimed. “You and your fantasy books. I'll give you vapors,” Dee threatened, sounding amused rather than annoyed, know matter how hard he tried to come across otherwise.
Ryo smirked, his dark eyes twinkling. “You are already. All day long.”
Their wedding party laughed at Ryo's comment and the look on Dee's face.
“The song is just lovely,” Diana exclaimed. “And… I don't know why, but it fits you.”
“It fits the overall feel that Dee and Ryo want to convey for this wedding,” Sharon explained. “And that is for everyone to know what their love feels like.”
Mother nodded. “It does that indeed.” She too was dabbing her eyes.
After the song was played a few more times, the next time it was played, Daniel talked over it, explaining what was expected to happen and who would be making their entrance. “Now don't worry,” he stated after the song ended and the atrium was silent for the moment. “Someone will be at the main door, lining everyone up and telling them when it's their cue to start walking into the atrium and down the main aisle. Now I'm going to play it one more time to hear the children and their part in this, then we're going to head into the corridor and start lining up.”
Sharon left the wedding party to Daniel's capable hands as she went about, making her rounds with the vendors who were setting up, assuring everything would be as Dee and Ryo expected the next day, and even more beautiful than they hoped.
An hour later, everyone sat in chairs in the hallway, watching as blue strips of gauze were draped from the white silk, along with strings of lights. Refreshments were broken out for the practicing party and everyone sat and talked. Ryo and Dee did not leave each other's side, holding hands or an arm around the other. Sometimes they appeared as if they forgot there were others there, as they shared something private, gazing into each other's eyes. Dee needed the hankie a few more times, and once even held it out to Ryo, who at one point, his eyes got misty.
A half hour after their break, Daniel proclaimed the last few walk throughs a complete success. By then, Japanese lanterns of different shapes in wedding colors were being hung from the ceiling hanging lower than the netting and drapes. Two more sections of chairs were set up on each side of the two main sections. They ran through it a few more times before Daniel decided everyone was ready for the big walk the next day.
There were a few more surprises tossed in during their practice time that made mouths dropped, women giggle and even some weep with happiness. Dee kept apologizing for wet eyes, blaming it on the baby. Everyone knew the baby had something to do with Dee's lack of control over his `vapors' as Ryo kept teasing him lovingly, but mostly were tears generated was from his deep feelings of love for the man he was going to marry in 24 hours.
After another break, they ran through the ceremony with their clergy. Once again, people were surprised at the choice of clergy and the ceremony picked. It was basic and the most that the rest of the wedding party had to do was stand around until it was their time to give a brief contribution to the ceremony. Upon completion of the ceremony run through, everyone agreed it fit Ryo and Dee. To them, it was unique and beautiful and seemed to encompass their love.
It was just after 7pm when the rehearsal was declared a success and everyone could leave.
Ryo stood up on a planter for one of the trees at the front by the altar and called for everyone's attention. “Okay, I'm hoping everyone parked at the garage we suggested.” As nods came from all around from those who drove, he added, “And hopefully you stated you were with the Laytner-MacLean wedding party?” Again heads nodded. “Good. Then you don't have to worry if you leave your cars where they are until later tonight after dinner. And don't worry about how much it will cost ya, because Dee and I are paying for your parking tonight. And for all parking tomorrow. Oh, one other thing - the transportation for everyone to get up to our meal in Central Park. So if everyone will meet Dee and me in the lobby, we'll take you out to our transport.”
Excited chatter erupted among the children, who were already seeing better things than they were accustomed too. Earlier in the day, Dee sat down with them and told them to not get spoiled, but to remember this event and know that there will always be a chance for better things. The children already had better than most orphans, thanks to fundraiser drives Dee and Ryo put on. Yet, Dee knew they were getting very spoiled from the wedding. And it was all right as long as they did not let it affect them adversely.
While everyone made their way down to the lobby in groups, Dee and Ryo stayed behind to consult again with Sharon and a few of their vendors. Mother, Rick and Elena stayed behind. The next to the last group before the five were the children escorted by one of the helpers at the orphanage. At last, Dee and Ryo, flanked by their “parents” entered the elevator to meet everyone in the lobby.
They led the large group out of the building, and waiting for them was the same bus that had been used for Dee's bachelor party. There were cold soft drinks waiting for them on the bus as everyone settled down for a few hours of dinner and partying at the world famous Tavern on the Green.
Ryo's family from Japan and Dee's from Ireland were waiting for them as the bus arrived, having been invited to join the festivities. Dee had also invited his college friends, and Ryo asked Kevin to also join them. They figured those who had traveled far to share their wedding day should also have an extra party to look forward to.
Along with dinner was karaoke, dancing, toasting from the wedding party and families to the happy grooms and returned from Dee and Ryo. The bus pulled up at the garage downtown around midnight. Dee was already half asleep, leaning against Ryo with his eyes closed.
On the sidewalk, they said goodbye to their friends until the next day. Then Dee and Ryo were given a few private minutes to say goodnight. Thanks to joint planning between Mother and ObÄsan, with a little help from Elena, the grooms would not see each other until it was time to head up to the atrium for the ceremony. Ryo was to go back to the hotel with his grandmother, and spend the day with his family until it was time to leave for the ceremony. Dee was going with Mother and her family to the hotel the relatives from Ireland were staying at. He would spend his pre-wedding time with his family. Bikky was to stay at the orphanage, along with Carol, to assist with getting the excited children to bed that night, and to help with getting them ready to leave later the next day.
Ryo pulled Dee into his arms and kissed him soundly. Resting his head against Dee's forehead he grinned. “Just think. We're almost married. The next time I see you will be just before we get to walk down the aisle again.”
Dee's eyes misted up as he took a deep breath. “Oh God! It's happening. It's really really happening! I just wish I could spend tonight in your arms.”
“Tomorrow, Dee. Tomorrow and the rest of our lives, we can spend the night in each others' arms as husband and husband.”
Dee smirked a little as his fingers brushed a couple of stray tears from Ryo's eyes. “I love you, Ryo. Just getting married to you is a dream come true.”
“I know, Dee. I feel the same. Which is why I'm glad we decided to go the way we did with the wedding. Why shouldn't the entire affair also be a dream come true?”
Dee giggled. “I guess I'm getting a fairy tale wedding after all.”
“You deserve it, Dee. God, baby, do you deserve it.”
“We deserve it, Ryo.”
“Of course,” Ryo agreed with a smile and met Dee's mouth for a sweet lingering kiss.
“I can't wait to see everything when it's all done tomorrow. Tonight, even under construction it looked… magical.”
“'Cause we are, Dee. Our love is magic.”
“It is.” Dee rested a hand on his bump. “After all, the chibi is proof to that.”
Ryo laughed and pulled away from Dee far enough to lean over and kiss Dee's tummy. “Sweet dreams, little chibi. I'll see you when you're ready to go down the aisle with your daddy.”
Dee ran his fingers through Ryo's hair as the other man spoke. Ryo kissed the tummy again and straightened up.
“I don't want to say goodnight,” Dee groaned.
“It's only for one night, Dee.”
“How am I supposed to sleep?”
“You gotta try. Tomorrow is going to be a very long day. And you don't want to conk out on your wedding night, now do you?”
Dee shook his head, making a horrified. “God forbid that should happen.”
“Then try to go to sleep. Do those relaxation techniques you've been learning to help with the pregnancy. I'm sure they'll help. And if you find you can't get to sleep unless you hear my voice, then you have your cell. Call me. I don't care if you wake me or not. Who knows, I might even be calling you.”
“Okay. As long as we both know we can call each other.”
“Of course. Now, the sooner we say goodnight, the sooner we get to our hotels. The sooner that happens, the sooner we can try to get to sleep and when we wake up, we're going to be busy and suddenly… I'll be watching the world's most gorgeous man coming down the aisle to spend the rest of his life with little ol' me.”
“You're not old. And you're the most gorgeous man,” Dee argued with a chuckle.
“We both are the two most gorgeous men in the world. Okay?” Ryo stated with a breathy laugh.
“Agreed. Because we are. That's why we're so perfect for each other.”
“That and so many other reasons, Dee. Now kiss me and go join your family, love.”
“I guess.”
The kissed passionately until they had to break for air. “Wow!” Dee exclaimed.
“You think that's something? Just wait and see what I have planned for you when we're told we can kiss each other,” Ryo stated with a smile and a wink.
“I can hardly wait. Besides that would mean we'll be married.”
“Yes it would.”
Dee hugged Ryo again and kissed him lightly. “Good night, Ryo. I love you.”
“I love you too, Dee. More than anything. I'll see you in our dreams tomorrow, gorgeous.” He lightly kissed Dee again and leaned over to give another kiss to their unborn child. He smiled lovingly at the man he was going to marry the next day. “Tomorrow Dee.”
“Yeah,” Dee said softly. “Tomorrow.”
The two men smiled and then walked away in different directions toward their waiting families.
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