Fake Fan Fiction ❯ The Unexpected II ❯ The Wedding Part 1 ( Chapter 24 )

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Title: The Unexpected II
Chapter 23 - The Wedding, Part 1
Rating: R
Fandom: FAKE
Pairings: Ryo/Dee (mostly), some Dee/Ryo
Warnings: Yaoi, Male/male, MPREG, AU If you don't like, don't read!
Disclaimer: FAKE is not mine. We have Sanami Matoh for giving us Dee, Ryo and the rest of the 27th precinct characters. Any OCs appearing in this fic are mine.
A/N: Just a reminder about whenever Akira, Ryo's grandmother, uses Dee's name. The literal translation of the katakana for Dee is `Dei'. There's a slight difference in infliction when saying `Dee' and `Dei' using Japanese pronunciation, even if they both more or less come out to `Dee'. Akira and the rest of Ryo's family speak English well enough to make the difference. Thus most of Ryo's Japanese relatives call him `Dee'. However, Akira does not, even if she could. She prefers it, and her special way of bringing Dee into the family. So whenever she is speaking, you will notice that Dee's name is spelled `Dei'.
So I'm going to attempt a posting marathon over the weekend and see if we can get past this wedding. The Unexpected II is complete in draft form. I don't plan to start writing part III until some time in September, I think. (I'm going to take a break in August to write some more Torchwood fics, including a FAKE/Torchwood crossover with the most talented Gracie Musica, over at our LiveJournals).
Vince and David were enjoying some of the fine cheese and bread, along with champagne, when they noticed Estelle approach them with an elderly Japanese woman dressed in a very expensive, beautiful kimono. David, having volunteered time as a costumer in community theater knew the elderly woman's kimono cost the most out of all the Japanese outfits there, and that the cheapest paid kimono among the guests still cost a small fortune. When the couple first arrived, it did not take them long to figure all the Japanese guests were family of Ryo's, with the exception of Dee's three friends that they met at the bachelor party.
Estelle was smiling as she came up to them. “Good afternoon, Dr. Siworski. I'm so glad you and your husband could make this glorious occasion,” she greeted. “Is this your handsome husband?” she asked of David. “My, but you are much better looking in person than those photos your husband keeps in his office.”
Vince laughed, “David, this most delightful woman is Ryo's grandmother.” To Estelle he said, “I would not miss this for the world. I'm actually `out of town' today and hoping nothing comes up that one of my associates cannot handle. And please, Mrs. MacLean, call me Vince.”
David extended his hand to Estelle. “Pleased to meet you, ma'am.”
“Pleasure is all mine,” Estelle smiled. “And please, call me Estelle. Vince, I thought we've been through this already when we first met. And that goes, for you, too, young man,” she added to David. “Gentlemen, may I introduce you to Ryo's other grandmother, Akira Aoki. Aoki-san, this is Dee's doctor, Vince Siworski and his husband, David.”
Vince smiled at the Japanese woman and bowed. “I'm very pleased to meet you, Aoki-san. I would have said that in Japanese, but I forgot how, I'm afraid.”
Akira laughed. “Don't worry. I do not expect the world to know Japanese. That is why I learned English at a young age. Came in handy when my daughter brought home an American.” She winked at Vince. “She took after her mother, as Ryo's grandfather was Australian,” she added with a laugh. “I am very honored to met you and your husband.” She looked behind the couple. “And are these your children?”
Vince looked down, smiling proudly at this children. “Yes. That's Jason and Hannah. They're a little shy, I'm afraid. Especially with so many people around. We could only get a sitter to cover for the reception.”
“My, they are the darling ones,” Estelle cooed. She smiled fondly. “To think there's going to be a little one for me to spoil again soon.”
“If you mean Dee, yes you will,” Vince stated.
“Ladies and gentlemen,” a voice called over a loudspeaker. “We ask that everyone start moving inside the atrium and take your seats. The ceremony will be starting in approximately ten minutes. If you did not sign the guest registry, there will be time to do so now before taking your seat. On behalf of Randy Ryo MacLean and Dee Lane Laytner, we welcome you to this joyous union of love.”
The chatter grew to an excited level as ushers started to guide the guests through the entrance to the atrium.
“I guess that's our cue to go find a seat,” Vince said to the two women.
Estelle smiled at them. “Enjoy yourselves, gentlemen. And I hope to talk to you more at the reception.”
“I'm looking forward to it, ma'am,” Vince replied with a grin. He lifted Jason to carry the shy toddler into the atrium.
“We'll see you later, Mrs. MacLean… uh, Estelle,” David corrected at the elder woman's stern look. “Aoki-san. It's a pleasure to meet you.” He took their daughter by her hand. “Ready to go inside and see Dee and Ryo get married?”
“I will see you two later,” Akira said.
The little girl waved at the women, calling out, “Bye Ryo's grandmas.“ The adults laughed at the young girl. As they started for the doors, she looked up at David. “Will we see Bikky too, Papa?”
“Of course, you'll see Bikky,” David replied, escorting his daughter inside, following Vince.
Estelle and Akira went to join the rest of the immediate family, who stayed in the hallway, chattering on about Vince and David's children, and how Estelle found Vince to be a fine doctor and worthy to assist bringing their great-grandchild into the world. After joining Dee and Ryo for Dee's last visit to see his doctor, Estelle had done some research on Vince's reputation among MOPs and was quite pleased to discover he was among the best in the tri-state area. It made her appreciate the doctor more.
Vince stopped just inside the atrium, stepping to the side to allow other guests to enter. “Holy God,” he exclaimed.
“What is it?” David asked.
“Would you look at this set up?”
David laughed. “Well, do you think such a grand entrance as that hallway would follow a rather plain looking ceremony area?” He looked around the atrium. “Isn't it pretty in here, Hannah?” he asked their daughter.
The little girl nodded her head. “Yup. Very!” She was gazing around with wide eyes.
David smirked at Vince and poked his husband in the side. “You know Dee and Ryo. What else were you expecting?”
“I know Dee and Ryo are detectives, so I was expecting something beautiful on a detective's pay level.”
“And yet you already met Ryo's grandmother. Couldn't you tell she came from money?” David asked.
“I knew. It's just, well, Ryo acts so not like someone from a family like this. But I guess when it comes to Dee, he's willing to go all out,” Vince replied.
“Well, let's sign this rather unusual guest registry and find some seats before the good ones are all gone,” Vince said.
They went over to the guest registry, which was a bare cherry blossom tree, and scrolls in wedding colors, all pre-printed for guests to fill out the information, along with any personal messages to the family. As it was situated on a long table on one of the far sides beyond the last section of seats and not against a window, the strategically scattered papers allowed guests to flock around the table and write out their scrolls without holding anyone up. Vince and David were far from the only ones at the table. When the scrolls were filled out, guests were to roll them up, and slip a ribbon around them. The ribbons had glittery loops that could be hung on one of the hooks on the tree branches. The table also had floral arrangements and candles much like the ones in the hallway.
David allowed Vince to fill out the main section as he looked around more. Hanging from the glass ceiling was white lighting netting. From the netting hung Japanese lanterns and icicle lighting in wedding colors. The sky above was still visible through the lights.
There were six sections of seats, the two innermost sections having the most chairs to a row and most rows, with the other sections becoming smaller, with less rows and chairs to a row. All the chairs were white wood and covered with white organza chair covers. The first four rows of the two main sections had dark blue ribbons tied around them, the bows having a calla lily and blue iris attached. All the other chairs in the atrium had the same white chair covers, and the calla lily and blue iris as part of the bow in the back, but the ribbons were of the other wedding colors. One row was pink ribbons going across the atrium, the next yellow, then lavender and light blue.
David took the pen when Vince nudged him to sign his name and add his own personal message. He then had Hannah and Jason scribble their names on the bottom.
Vince let David roll up the scroll and hang it on the tree. Once David had their message hanging, he looked across the table.
Nudging Vince, David asked low, “Hey, isn't that their boss?”
Vince glanced across the table, and nodded. “Yeah, that's Commissioner Rose.”
“He looks lonely, doesn't he?” David asked.
“For now. At the end of the ceremony, he's to escort Diana, from what I understand,” Vince explained.
“Still… something about him. Kinda sad. And at an occasion like this,” David mused.
Vince picked up Jason again, and took David's hand with his free hand. David took Hannah's hand and allowed Vince to lead them to find seats. An usher came over to Vince, pointing to the side aisle on the left, stating there were seats there. The doctor thanked the man, and the family started to walk in the indicated direction.
“There's history there,” Vince explained as they went up the first side aisle. He noticed an usher wave to him and indicated four seats. “I believe we have reserved seating,” Vince said with a chuckle, realizing that while ushers were helping guests find seats, they were most definitely being directed from the start.
“History?” David asked.
“Yeah. Apparently the Commissioner met Ryo and Dee during their vacation in England - back before they became lovers. The Commissioner had an eye for Ryo, so when he got back to the States, he got a transfer to the 27th.” He gave David a level gaze.
They stopped at one of the dark blue rows at the front on the left side before the usher. Looking at the ribbons, Vince stated to the usher, “I'm sorry, but we're not immediate family.”
“You're the MOP,” the usher explained. “Most of the immediate family will be seated together on the other side, so Dee and Ryo requested this side be filled with honored guests. As Dee's MOP, you were placed very highly on that list.” The usher gestured for them to enter the row with a smile. “Please do enjoy the ceremony.”
“Many thanks,” Vince replied, amazed. He stopped at the fifth seat from the center aisle, which was the first available one. He picked up the program and Japanese style rounded fan that was designed in wedding colors, with the initial logo, Dee and Ryo's names and date on the fan. He seated Hannah in the chair, smiling charmingly at the other guests, who appeared to be slightly younger than Dee and Ryo. All the women were dressed in high fashion designer gowns and expensive jewelry, but their demeanor was less stuffy than those they had passed in the other rows. Vince figured them to be the younger generation of MacLeans, who according to Ryo, were in complete support of his marriage to Dee and looking forward to the birth of the baby. Removing the items from the next two chairs, he settled Jason next to his sister, and then sat down himself, with David taking the last seat next to the MOP.
He leaned to David and said low, “We'll switch seats again in a few minutes, but for now, I suppose you want to finish our topic.”
David nodded. “So this Commissioner transferred just to chase after Ryo?”
“Exactly. And from the get-go, Dee and him did not hit it off very well. They yelled and screamed at each other more than spoke. Always trying to outdo each other. And that's just from personalities. Add in that Berkeley was trying to get Ryo for himself, it made the situation violable between the two men.”
“And now he's at Ryo's wedding to Dee, huh? He seemed okay at the bachelor parties,” David commented.
“I guess it really hits being here, at the wedding itself,” Vince replied.
“Why bother coming at all?” David asked.
“Didn't you notice that he was with Diana at the parties? They're dating, sort of. According to Dee, once he found out that Dee was expecting, he stopped going after Ryo, finally accepting that he'll never get him.”
“Ryo and Dee belong together,” David stated.
“Obviously, if this wedding is any indication. Seems that Berkeley also once had a work partner who was a Carrier. The partnership ended in tragedy when his partner went into labor while they were trapped in a dangerous situation. Both the partner and baby died. And Dee reminds him a lot of that partner. So now he's taking the big brother approach to Dee, instead of chasing after Ryo.” Vince chuckled.
“I thrive on gossip,” David stated with a laugh. “I guess he's only now getting closure on that attempt with Ryo, huh?”
“Exactly. He'll be fine when he has to escort Diana for the rest of the festivities.”
David opened the card stock program with a smile. “Now, let's finally get a clue to what else they have planned for us.”
“The music selection is quite lovely, wouldn't you say?” Eunice asked. She was sitting next to Hannah and leaned over once she noticed the strangers looking at the programs.
“Oh yes,” David replied, also leaning over. “I'm a Vivaldi man myself.”
“I like the touch of some of the Celtic music,” Vince stated. “Especially that dulcimer player.”
“She's exquisite indeed,” Eunice stated. “By the way, I'm Eunice MacAllister, but don't let the last name fool you. My grandmother was born a MacLean. I'm one of Ryo's cousins. And this is my cousin, Wilbert.”
“Pleased to meet you, Eunice. I'm Vince and this is my husband David, and these two beautiful kids are our children.”
“Oh, you Carriers too?” she asked.
“He is,” David replied amused. “He did all the hard work.” David was aware that Berkeley Rose was seatting himself behind them in the second row. Despite history and any feelings the Commissioner was currently resolving, it was obvious that he was also selected to be one of the VIP guests. David was not sure if it was because the happy couple to be married that day decided he was close enough to them for the honor, or if it was only because his escort was Dee and Ryo's Maid of Honor.
“Are you Ryo's friends? Dee's? Or both?” she asked, making friendly conversation, while being curious of the two strangers.
“I'm Dee's MOP,” Vince replied. “We just found out that placed us seating here in the VIP section.”
Eunice smiled brightly at him. “Well of course, it does. You're the one who's taking care of Dee and that little baby of his.” She fluttered her fingers to indicate behind them. “Some of the old dinosaurs out there may feel otherwise, but on the whole, once the family got used to it, they are quite excited about the newest heir of the MacLean family.”
“I intend to make sure Dee and the baby get through this as easy as possible,” Vince stated.
“I believe you. Estelle, Ryo's grandmother, said she did some research on Dee's doctor and she is quite pleased with what she found out. She says that Dee has the finest MOP there can be in New York City.”
Vince started to blush at the praise. “I'm just doing my job and enjoy what I do, ma'am.”
“Oh, don't ma'am me, Vince. I'm younger than you,” Eunice stated with a giggle.
The music came to a stop for a few seconds, then the strains of Vivaldi's “Winter” was heard.
Eunice looked at the program. “Oh! The Prelude is starting. This is when the elder family is escorted in! This is so exciting!”
Vince laughed. “Yes. Yes, it is.”
They all looked to the back of the room, to find Barry and Eddie, looking suave in their Italian tuxedos make their way down the aisle.
On Eddie's arm, walked Akira, looking regal and proud, smiling brightly as they made their way down the center aisle to the front row on the right. Behind Eddie, walked Barry, with Estelle on his arm. She also looked radiant as she smiled at the gathered guests who came for her grandson's wedding. Immediately behind them was Franklin, escorting Clarisse. Mother's Irish first cousin was also all smiles as she walked down the aisle to the strains of “Winter”. After them walked Siobhan, and Akira's other children, Ryo's aunts and uncles, along with their spouses.
Already seated in the second row on the right side were their children, Ryo's cousins, which included Emiko's husband and children. Eddie's wife, Akemi sat with the other Japanese guests, that included Dee's friends, and their families. Two more of Mother's first cousins and their spouses also sat in the VIP section, while the rest of the assorted families of Aokis and Lanes sat in the first few rows right behind the VIP section.
## ## ## ## ##
Dee and Ryo became aware of the elevator doors opening from the applause of their wedding party. Everyone was gathered around, watching as the grooms had their arms around each other. Flashes went off, as photos were being taken. With big smiles, they quickly hugged tighter, and then hand in hand, they left the elevator.
The hallway was filled with wolf whistles and various other sounds of appreciation for the two handsome grooms in their wedding suits. The grooms were all smiles as they joined their wedding party. They were aware that pictures were still being taken.
Dee felt like a celebrity as they quickly went past each attendant, giving a personal greeting and once again thanking them for being a part of their big day. Ryo maintained a hand on Dee's back as they went to everyone. Dee felt as if his soul was soaring, as if he was invincible and could do anything. Just looking at their wedding party gathered, dressed and ready for the big walk made him feel that way. The men looked dashing in their color coordinated designer tuxedos. Even Ted and Drake looked sharp, for once, their clothes having no wrinkles, not even the smallest. The women were gorgeous, a sea of pastel colors and designer gowns. The bouquets had come out better than Dee had imagined. Everyone was full of smiles and good cheer. The atmosphere was festive.
Dee wanted it to remain that way. Which was why he loved the song they picked for the Processional. Why they worked so hard the night before for the walk. No one was to slowly, solemnly step down the aisle, nor was there any marching. They were going to walk lively, joyfully and hopefully have lots of fun too.
Dee grinned at Ryo, who stood next to him. “Do we have the best looking wedding party, or what?” he asked, loud enough to be heard by everyone.
Ryo nodded. “Oh God, yes. Just goes to show how lucky we are.” He smiled at their attendants. “Everyone looks amazing!”
Giggles and thanks went around the wedding party.
Dee glanced over to notice the children from the orphanage and his mouth dropped. “Oh my, they look so adorable,” he remarked, moving forward to join the group of children, who stood with a couple of workers from the orphanage, who had helped the little ones get ready in their suite.
“What?” Ryo asked, then looked where Dee was heading. “Aw, would you look at them.” He followed Dee over to the children. He watched as Dee spoke to each of them, telling them how wonderful they looked, calling the little girls princesses, and had all the children giggling happily. The children were all happy to make their `big brother' so happy on his wedding day.
Ryo also told them how great they looked. Each child was holding a cherry blossom branch with unopened blooms. The branches had bells tied and hanging by glittery ribbons in the pastels wedding colors. The girls had flower wreathes in their hair, and the boys had boutonnières like the best men and grooms.
Unable to have all the orphans in the wedding party, Dee had decided to select those between ages of 5 - 13. Mother had agreed with him that the ones under five would grow restless and start to wander and who knew what else young ones were capable of doing during the ceremony. So the children under 5 sat in the VIP section on Dee's side, along with the older ones over 12, as Dee's family. The reason Dee stopped at twelve-years-old was because it came out to an even number of girls and boys.
As soon as the happy couple finished getting hugs from the children, they were escorted to start lining up by the door to the atrium, as they were to lead off the Processional.
Dee and Ryo turned to find the more immediate child in their family come up to them, all grins.
Ryo gazed at his son, who wore the same style tuxedo as the groomsmen, his vest and tie being the same dark blue as Carol and Diana's gowns. Carol was with him, wide eyes fixed on the two grooms, smiling brightly.
“You look very handsome today, Biks,” Ryo said with a smile. He smiled more, as Dee chuckled with amused, when Bikky blushed.
“Hey kiddo,” Dee stated. “You have the looks, nothing to blush about flaunting it.”
“Yeah well…” Bikky looked at his two fathers. “You guys look… different. But a good different. Especially you, Dee. And wow… white?”
Dee grinned, standing tall and proud in his wedding suit. “White for me, yes. I liked the style of the suit, but somehow the darker colors just didn't have the right look as white. So here I am.”
Carol giggled. “I doubt anyone will believe that you're a virgin, Dee.”
Ryo could not help but snort at her teasing.
“Yeah, Dee,” Bikky laughed. “Especially with this,” he gently poked Dee in the belly.
“Hey now,” he warned the giggling girl. He glanced down at Bikky, trying to grab his son's retreating hand. “Bikky.” He chuckled. “That's not the look I mean.” His eyes fell on Carol. “And speaking of looks, you look gorgeous, Princess.”
“Oh definitely,” Ryo agreed. “Did you pick that out on your own?”
Carol nodded. “It was hard, with all those gorgeous gowns to choose from. But this is it.”
“It's beautiful, Carol,” Ryo said. “Bikky, doesn't she look amazing today?
Carol wore a dark blue satin strapless gown, with a shirred bodice that hung over the A-line skirt. The bodice had a pink ribbon weaving in and out down along the left side and tied in a bow at the bottom. The skirt flared out slightly at the bottom.
Ryo nudged Dee when Bikky started to blush, as he stammered something that sounded like, “She always looks amazing.”
Dee smirked, reaching out to ruffle Bikky's hair, and stopping himself before he did, realizing he did not want to mess the boy's blonde hair just before they started the ceremony.
The wedding party had already been called to start lining up behind the children. There was excited chatter and laughs as everyone got into place and be ready once the music started and the doors opened.
Dee looked at their wedding party again, smiling in appreciation, as the family was joined by Mother and Elena. The women looked extremely elegant, from the gowns chosen by Ryo and him, to the accessories they had carefully selected. Hair was swept up and held by rhinestone combs and clasps. Make-up was done perfect - looking more on the natural side, enhancing the natural beauty each woman possessed. Dee and Ryo had chosen the same shoes for all the women, in colors to match the gowns. The heels were barely 3 inches, and the style selected not only to go well with all the gowns, but were highly recommended for their comfort.
The pink gowns, which were worn by Julie and Ryo's cousin, Jocelyn MacLean, had A-line skirts which flared at the bottom. The strapless crepe gowns had bodices that gathered and asymmetrical, the left side longer than the right. The two women were matched to walk down the aisle as partners.
Elina and Janet were partnered and in yellow. Janet was all smiles as the gown repair was a success. Both grooms were informed of the drama that unfolded in the groomswomen's suite, but were assured it was all under control, as long as they were allowed the slight delay in proceedings. No one could tell from Janet's high spirits that not very long before, she was in tears, and resigned that she would not be able to participate in the wedding after all.
Their yellow satin gowns were strapless. A-line skirts flared at the bottom. A wide sash in the same color and the material went around below the bust line and gathered on the left side, leaving two wider diagonal panels handing down almost the length of the skirt. The panels fluttered like a trail when the women walked.
Darla and Emiko were in pastel light blue. They had draped necklines in the front and low slung backs. A streamer of chiffon covered the right shoulder, while a thin streamer went across the left shoulder, giving the bodice an asymmetrical one shoulder look. The thin streamer met the wider one mid-back and the two streamers hung down the length of the skirt.
Elisa, the women Dee knew from his days in the orphanage and Karen, who was also a friend of Dee's from his Academy days were selected to wear lavender. The lavender gowns were made of Charmeuse. Their satin gowns had A-line skirts with little flair at the bottom. The bodices were one shouldered, with a rhinestone strap going over the left shoulder and attaching to the lower cut on that side. On the right side at the waist was a gathered panel that hung down almost the length of the skirt. The panel was an extension of the sleeveless shoulder on the right side, hanging down before it was pinned to the waist.
All the gowns were ordered in extra length to give them the extra touch of being formal.
“Are you getting your last long eyeful of female eye candy before getting married?” Dee heard Ryo's teasing voice ask him.
Dee laughed. “I'm just enjoying seeing how beautiful everyone looks. Those gowns are amazing.”
Ryo chuckled, hugging Dee. “I can't believe we picked them out.” He leaned up to lightly peck Dee's cheek. “And you're allowed to look, as long as that's all you do.”
Dee pulled Ryo into a hug. “Aw hell, baby, I hardly notice anyone but you. But that's okay. You can look.”
“It's called appreciating beauty,” Ryo corrected with a wink.
“Oh yes. The art form and all that. Yup, know all about it.” He laughed again as Daniel came up to them.
“That little lady in there can belt out a song, can she?” the wedding choreographer asked them.
“That she can,” Dee agreed. “Caroline belongs to the church choir and always gets to sing in the lead female position.”
“Not that you would know much about that from experience,” Mother said, her eyes glittering as she gazed at her son.
“Well…” Dee shrugged.
“That's okay, Dee. It's my fault that your beliefs are somewhat twisted from what they teach you outside our church. You're a good man with good intentions, and you help others. That's all the faith I expect of you,” she said.
Dee smiled at her.
“Are you gentlemen ready? Because Caroline is winding down that beautiful song. The wedding party is all lined up and waiting for the doors to open and…”
“Oh my God, this is it!” Elena squealed, excited, her eyes watering from joy. She hugged Ryo to her. “Come, sweetheart. We need to take our places to make sure our grooms will walk through the door after everyone else.”
Mother, Dee and Daniel laughed as Ryo endured his excited aunt's attention. As usual, since they entered the entrance, photos were being taken of the moment.
Dee put his hand on Ryo's shoulder, giving it a loving squeeze. “You better go. Don't worry, Mother and I will be right behind you.”
Ryo looked at Dee, smiling lovingly. “Damn, I'm about ready to imitate my crazy aunt here. I love you, Dee. See you at the altar.”
“Love you too. Wait for me.”
Ryo looked back as he was being dragged by Elena to get into place, as directed by Daniel. He winked at Dee, grinning, as Elena once again unnecessarily dusted off his suit and made sure his tie was straight.
Mother laughed, hugging Dee to her. “Oh darling! I'm so excited!”
Dee felt all the joy of the moment bubble up as they were able to hear Caroline finish her song, and the applause. As they took their place behind Ryo and Elena, Dee looked down the long line of their wedding party. He was astounded and amazed that they had such a big wedding party. Yet, Sharon had assured them for the number of guests at the ceremony, along with it being set as formal, it was just right for a family of MacLean stature.
“Once I started to know I wanted to marry Ryo, I never dreamed our wedding would be like this,” Dee quietly said to Mother. His voice broke. He didn't want to be quiet. He wanted to yell at the top of his lungs and let everyone know how wonderful he felt at that moment.
As they heard Caroline say the words that would prepare the guests for the start of the Processional, Dee could not help it. With a huge grin, he yelled out, “I'M GETTING MARRIED!!! TO RYO!!!!!” and let out a whoop of joy.
Ryo added his own whoop to Dee's. The wedding party burst into laughter, clapping and cheering the grooms on.
Then they were given the clue to be ready. The atrium was now quiet as the Processional song was cued up to be played from speakers placed for the best surround sound effect.
At any second the music would start, and the doors would open.
Then a wedding party in very high spirits and full of excitement would start the procession down the center aisle.
Followed by two very ecstatic grooms anxious to meet the woman waiting in the front, who would legally marry them.
## ## ## ## ##
Berkeley Rose watched the procession down the center aisle of the closest living relatives other than the two women who were to walk the grooms down the aisle. He had to admit that Ryo and Dee had planned a very upscale, elegant wedding. It was as Ryo kept bragging at the bachelor party, there was a magical quality in the air, and the décor played a big part in getting that feeling across. From the various lighting hanging from the glass ceiling, to the arches of wedding flowers that were set every fifth row, down to the columns between the arches with beautiful floral arrangements of calla lilies and blue irises with large hurricane lamps set in the center and candles flickering within.
Starting from five rows in, in the middle of the center aisle, there was a Japanese style wooden bridge that crossed over to the platform where the altar was set up. There was enough space on each side of the bridge for someone to pass. Rose figured there was a reason for that. The odd looking altar was under a square canopy decorated with flowers in the same design as the arches going down the aisle. On each corner hung ribbons in wedding colors, and some Japanese and Celtic good luck charms. Behind the back of the trellis stood a red torii gate, and beyond that, the view of New York City, including the Empire State building.
When he looked to his left, past the two other sections of seats that were filled, he was able to see the taller buildings of the World Financial Center, Battery Park City and New Jersey beyond light trimmed ceiling to floor windows. On his left, was Brooklyn and a glimpse of the Brooklyn Bridge could be seen from the northeast corner. No matter what view, the softly falling snow just added to the magical quality of the inside.
He had been to two weddings in this location before, and as beautiful as they had been, Ryo and Dee's wedding so far surpassed both in beauty and elegance. Being it was Ryo's wedding, he was not surprised. He smiled, wondering what Dee, who everyone knew would consider himself a street rat, was thinking of what they had planned for their big day. The grooms made it very known that the two of them had planned for this wedding, and Dee usually was the one who found something to toss in for consideration. Much to his surprise, he discovered early during the arrival reception that it was Dee who selected Vivaldi to be the main choice of the classical music played. He never knew that Dee enjoyed listening to Vivaldi while relaxing.
This was it, he thought to himself, looking around again. If he did not yet, it was time to let Ryo go. The part-Japanese man belonged to Dee. Rose already knew that, but upon arrival of the atrium, it finally hit him. Ryo was getting married to Dee, and even he could not deny that Dee was good for the part-Japanese man. With a baby on the way.
It was definitely time to say goodbye to his fantasies of one day finally having Ryo MacLean for his own. He knew he could never give him everything Dee had done - not where it truly mattered to Ryo. He was not sure if he was able to fully commit himself, had he ever had the chance to get Ryo. It was best the way things turned out. Dee Laytner loved Ryo with his heart and soul. It was hard not to notice that once the happy couple finally came out of hiding their relationship. There was no one else except the other.
“You truly do belong to each other,” he stated sadly, and not as the insult he had passed to Dee in the past. Of course, he had meant as work partners at the time, since he was not supposed to be aware of the real relationship between the two. Yet he knew. He had known shortly after they had become lovers. Something changed between them, and Rose was certain he knew what it was. In conversation since they admitted being together, he knew he was right. He was hurt to discover that Diana had known all along, from the day after the two partners had first slept together. It was Diana who played a major role in Ryo's decision to finally consummate their odd courting ritual of almost two years. Which was why both men had asked her to be their Maid of Honor. The grooms wanted to express their gratitude of the role she played almost three years before, wanting her to have a major part of their wedding.
The quartet had stopped playing “Winter”, and the doors to the hallway had been longed closed. From what Rose knew of the planning, that meant the wedding party was on their way up to gather in the entrance and get ready for their walk down the aisle, preceding the main event. Another song started up and Rose realized that among the instruments was a koto player. The song sounded traditional Japanese. Rose checked the program, noting the next song under “Prelude” was a love song from a Kabuki production.
The excitement inside was mounting as the song continued, the guests knowing that the next song would be the last before the big moment. Despite the cool air flowing through the atrium, that made the wind chimes at the alter chime gently, guests used the fans that they found on their seats as a ceremony favor.
Rose picked up his fan and stared at it. “L-M” stood out in dark blue among the wavy stripes on the fan, next to it their names, “Ryo & Dee” with “March 11, 2006” under their names. There were decorative scrolls and dragonflies patterns in contrasting colors to the stripes.
If it was not for the fact that he became fond of the men and women under him at the 27th precinct, it should have meant it was time for him to transfer out of the city and go back to Upstate NY, where he had called home. That was the past. He found he enjoyed living in the hub of the most exciting city in the United States, rather than visiting from Upstate. He found New York to be more exciting than even Los Angeles. New York had its share of celebrities living there, of movies and television shows being filmed. He never considered himself a country boy. He enjoyed his lifestyle of sophisticated city man and found he now called New York City home. Knowing that Diana was planning to relocate from Los Angeles to New York City helped in making the decision to stay. He knew Diana wanted to be closer to Ryo and Dee once the baby was born, to spoil it as an aunt.
Perhaps once she finally made that move and settled in, he should start considering taking another step in their relationship. They had been dating exclusively whenever Diana was in New York City since Dee and Ryo's New Year's Eve party. However, when she was back in Los Angeles, they were open to date others. That could all change once Diana was living in New York.
How was he so blind to see what was there in front of him all this time? All the planning and scheming to get Ryo, when the other man was never his, and there was Diana, just waiting for her chance for him to notice her.
He was a fool. It was time to stop being one. This wedding was the perfect time to make it happen.
The music stopped. The excitement grew as a teenager of around 16 walked over to a side platform on the northeast side. She was one of Mother Maria's orphans. According to the program, she was to sing the final song before the processional started. The quartet started up again, this time accompanied by a piano and the dulcimer player, as the young lady started to sing a Celtic classic, “With All My Heart”. Her voice was clear and strong. She sang like an angel, bringing tears to some of the women's eyes, if the lifting of handkerchiefs to dab daintily at eyes were any indication.
When she was done, she smiled out to the crowd as applause showed the guests' appreciation of the beauty of her singing. “Ladies and Gentlemen,” she said, holding her hands out to quiet the guests, “welcome to the wedding of Ryo MacLean and Dee Laytner. It's time to get this party started.” She smiled again and left the platform and joined the older orphans who sat in the VIP section of the left side.
From what Rose could tell, the left side was Dee's guests and family, as well as Ryo's Japanese relatives. The right side was the MacLean family and friends. Friends and acquaintances of both Ryo and Dee sat wherever they found a seat, regardless of sides. The closer family members from all three families sat together in the VIP section on the left side.
All heads turned to the back of the atrium and the door when suddenly all the lighting, except for the candles went out.
This was it. The sound of laughter and excitement came from the other side of the door following muffled yells, as the guests fell quiet, waiting for the big moment to finally arrive.
The ceremony was about to begin.
## ## ## ## ##
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