Fake Fan Fiction ❯ The Unexpected II ❯ The Reception ( Chapter 27 )

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Title: The Unexpected II
Chapter 26 - The Reception
Rating: R
Fandom: FAKE
Pairings: Ryo/Dee (mostly), some Dee/Ryo
Warnings: Yaoi, Male/male, MPREG, AU If you don't like, don't read!
Disclaimer: FAKE is not mine. We have Sanami Matoh for giving us Dee, Ryo and the rest of the 27th precinct characters. Any OCs appearing in this fic are mine.
A/N: Anyone up for one more chapter? I'm going to start calling this the wedding weekend. LOL! I think this is the last one for tonight. Once I get through the wedding, the rest of The Unexpected II will be posted through the month of August.
# # # # # # # #
Dee stepped out of the bathroom as Ryo was putting on his jacket. Not very long before, the alarm woke them from their nap, and they started to get ready to leave for their reception.
“I got a call that our carriage awaits us downstairs,” Ryo informed Dee, buttoning up the jacket.
Dee smiled, appreciative eyes fixed on Ryo as he put on his own jacket. “I guess that means time to start getting out of here for sure, huh?”
Ryo nodded. He came over to Dee, offering the white winter coat to go with Dee's suit. Ryo fussed for a few moments, making sure Dee's shirt was tucked in, the button of the jacket was settled where it should be. He checked for any lines or creases that shouldn't be there. All he could think of was how perfect Dee looked. “Put on your coat,” he said, smiling up at his new husband. Ryo was also holding a dark charcoal coat. The coat was custom made, like Dee's, to go with the suit.
“Thanks.” Dee leaned over to kiss Ryo as he took his coat. “Husband.” Dee's grin grew as he spoke the single word.
Ryo's smile was bright. “Yes,” he sighed happily. He started to put on his coat.
The two continued to share glances as they prepared to go out in the cold weather for an open carriage ride to Bridgewaters.
In his coat, with his scarf hanging open around his neck, Ryo looked around the room. “Looks like we got everything into our bags,” he commented.
“If not, I'm sure someone will make sure we get it at breakfast tomorrow,” Dee assured Ryo. “Honestly, everything I need for later tonight, either I'm wearing or I never took it out of my bag.”
Dee smiled at Ryo as he moved close. He started to tuck Ryo's blue scarf inside his husband's coat. “Now I really can't wait to get to the Pierre,” he commented. “You look amazing.”
Ryo laughed, pleased. “So here I am, over dressed in a coat, tuxedo and scarf, and now I look amazing?” he teased. He glanced slyly up at Dee.
“You always do. But….” Dee sighed happily, then licked his lips. “Something about gazing at my husband all dressed and ready to go to our wedding reception is tempting me to make us late.”
Ryo laughed again. “Now don't you start,” he warned lightly. He reached out to tuck Dee's scarf in his coat. “'Cause my willpower is almost non-existent by now. I'm anxious too, but before we know it, we'll be on our way to the Pierre. I'm sure the next few hours will go by quickly.” His smile turned into a leer. “Then I promise you, the waiting will make it so much better. I'll make sure of that.”
“You mean there's better?” Dee asked. “Because it's always incredible with you.”
“You'll see,” Ryo said with a teasing wink. “Now, we need to get going. But how about a kiss first?”
“I'd love to.” Dee cupped Ryo's face in his hands, drawing the slightly shorter man closer until their bodies met. Ryo's arms were around Dee's neck when their mouth met. As they kissed, the fingers on one of Ryo's hands softly played with Dee's dark, thick hair.
They kissed for several minutes, neither one wanting it to end yet. Although they had kissed a million times before, it was always enjoyable. They were yet to have enough. But this time, like every kiss they shared since the ceremony, it seemed to have a new dimension to it.
Ryo marveled on how kissing Dee, his husband, was different than Dee, his lover. As he felt the kiss deepen, and not just by Dee, he knew they had to stop, or they would never make it anywhere else that night, honeymoon suite at the Pierre Hotel included.
“Dee,” he sighed, reluctantly pulling away, but still holding onto his husband. “As much as I could spend the next few hours just doing this… we have to leave.”
Dee groaned, then drew a ragged breath. “Y-yeah. We should.” He kissed Ryo's nose. “Let's get this over with already. Being married made me hornier than I already was.” He grinned at Ryo.
“Agreed.” Ryo lightly kissed Dee's lips. “Just remember the wait will make it better.”
“I should know,” Dee said with a soft smile. “Because that first time we did it was worth waiting two years for.”
“And this will only be two days. Only thing is we're married now.”
“Yes, we are.” Dee's smile widened.
They pulled apart to collect their overnight bags. Hand in hand, they left the suite. In the elevator, with the lights of the city night twinkling beyond them, along with the softly falling snow, their bodies gravitated to each other again to share a kiss that ended only when the elevator doors opened to the lobby.
As they exited the building, arms around the other, they discovered more than just the hansom cab waiting for them. One of Elena's photographer friends was also there, getting the moment on film.
Dee's eyes lit with glee when he saw the horse drawn carriage waiting. It was decorated with small Japanese lanterns in pastel colors and framed with white and blue lights. Dee had agreed with Ryo about hiring a hansom cab and having it decorated, but he let Ryo work out how. Ryo requested it, wanting to surprise Dee.
Ryo grinned at Dee. “You like?”
Dee nodded. “Oh yes! Now I feel like we're two princes.” He laughed. “I'm glad none of the decorations were ruined in the mishap.”
“Me too.” Ryo nodded to the driver and climbed up into the carriage. He held out his hand for Dee to take. “You'll have your leading moments, love, but this time, accept my help,” he said.
Dee smiled up at Ryo, aware that the driver was now standing near him. The woman dressed in a heavy wool coat with faux fur-lined collar and a top hat did not touch him, yet hovered, should Dee or Ryo require an additional hand. Dee reached out and allowed Ryo to take his hand. Suddenly he understood. Under normal circumstances, Dee would have had no trouble getting into the carriage. Once again he was reminded that things were different at the moment and will continue to be for a few more months.
Ryo kept a firm grip on Dee and once he was able to, had his other arm around Dee's waist, steadying him. Once Dee was in the carriage with him, instead of releasing him, Ryo pulled Dee closer and kissed him. “I love you, Dee,” he sighed.
Dee smiled as he returned the kiss. “Love you too.”
They sat at the same time, Ryo reaching for the blankets provided and covered their laps and legs. There was a small electric heater lamp providing some additional warmth. Ryo did not mind the cold at all. He enjoyed snuggling next to Dee, who appeared to be not as cold as Ryo, and melted against his husband's side when Dee placed an arm around him.
They looked over to the photographer for a few quick posed photos to go along with all the candid shots the man had gotten, and then they were on their way. The back of the carriage had a big white sign, framed with lights, that displayed in big black hand-painted letters, “JUST MARRIED!”
They alternated between kissing and looking at their surroundings as the carriage made its way down Fletcher Street, going east. They crossed Front Street and continued to South Street. People walking along the sidewalks stopped to look, some waving and calling out well wishes to the newlyweds. Giggling, Dee and Ryo would wave back, grinning. The carriage made a left turn on South Street, going down two blocks, with the FDR Drive above and slightly to the right of the street. Cars that passed honked their horns in greeting.
When the hansom cab approached Fulton Street it made another left turn. With some direction from a traffic cop, it was allowed to go a little up along the street that was otherwise closed to traffic. It came to a stop, and the driver looked back to them.
“This is as far as I could go, gentlemen,” she said.
Dee and Ryo both nodded, already aware of the situation on Fulton Street in front of the Fulton Market.
“That's fine,” Dee assured her, smiling.
“Would you like to join the reception?” Ryo asked, buying time for Elena's friend to catch up with them. “I understand you'll have to wait for us. It would be better to wait somewhere warm with plenty of good food and even dancing.”
“Oh, I couldn't,” the driver said.
“You could,” Dee remarked, flashing her a charming smile. “It's our wedding and we already made arrangements for the driver of our getaway carriage to be part of festivities. Better than finding an icicle down here when we're ready to leave.”
“Well… that would be wonderful. Thank you.”
Ryo winked at her. “No. Thank you. I understand you had quite a rough afternoon. Time to relax for a while. Once you got things secured here, just go to the elevator. We'll let them know you're part of the wedding.”
“And don't worry about someone taking the carriage,” Dee assured her. “From what I understand more like that fine fellow in blue will be patrolling the street, and making sure it's still there when we all come down.”
She smiled her thanks at the two men and started to climb down from her perch in the front, once again waiting, should one of them need an additional hand.
Elena's friend came over, camera posed and already taking photos as Ryo and Dee stood up to depart from the carriage. People walking down the street stopped to watch the two men. Some shook their heads in disgust and continued on, while others remained where they were, wanting to watch the newlyweds, not caring that they were two men.
Ryo jumped down from the carriage with a flourish as camera flashes went off.
“Show off,” Dee chuckled. “Just for that….” He stuck his hand down for Ryo to take it.
“Of course,” Ryo replied, and helped Dee.
It became apparent to the bystanders that Dee was pregnant. That caused some of them to hurry along their way. Yet, still others stayed and watched.
Once both of Dee's feet was on the ground, he pulled Ryo close for another kiss. Those still remaining to watch started to clap and cheer as the newlyweds kissed.
Hand in hand, with the photographer in front of them, they started to walk up the block toward the entrance to Bridgewaters, which was halfway up the block. As they walked, the bystanders who stopped to watched, started to follow the couple, clapping their hands and cheering. It made their walk seem more festive than it already was.
It was a cold night in Manhattan, with snow flurries still lightly fluttering down. The street was shoveled and the rock salt made the flurries melt as they touched the ground. There was some snow build up along the building. To Dee, there wasn't a more pleasant night in NY than that one. Despite his panic earlier in the day, the snow made everything seem more magical than it already felt to him. He smiled at Ryo and they stopped for a quick kiss before continuing on.
Inside the entrance to Bridgewaters, they were met by Sharon and one of her assistants. The grooms noticed there were security men in the lobby. An assistant took coats, scarves and overnight bags from the two men as they shed their outer wear. Sharon came over to them.
“Let's give everyone a few minutes to get into the Bridge Room to greet you. I just called up to let them know you're here,” Sharon instructed.
Both men nodded and shared another kiss. Sharon smiled at the happy couple.
“I trust you're both pleased with the day so far?” she asked.
“Oh, very much,” Ryo said with a smile. “Everything was just beautiful. More than we envisioned. Thank you, Sharon.”
“I had good visions and designs to work with,” she said. “Besides, grand upscale weddings in limited time are my specialty. This was one of my easiest ones. I'm almost embarrassed to be charging what I am.”
“Even if it was coming out of my own pocket, it would still be worth every bit of it,” Dee assured her. “Really. It's been amazing.”
“It helped that you're an artist and can also do blueprints and diagrams. I don't usually get that.” She smiled again at the men. “Now… while everything is going smoothly upstairs, and there's people happily stuffing their faces on all that fine food being served, while they listen to good jazz, there's something I need to tell you.”
Dee frowned a little. “Is it very serious?”
“On?” Ryo prompted.
“On how important it is that your wedding cake is already here or not.” She held her hands out toward both men, who started to open their mouths. “It'll be here soon. I just got a call not that long ago, and it's on the way.”
“But it was supposed to be on the way here about the time of the ceremony,” Dee protested. “What happened?”
“Another traffic mishap,” Sharon explained. “My apologies. But the snow seemed to have caused fender benders all over the city. Unfortunately, the van transporting your cake was in one of them.”
“It's not your fault,” Ryo assured her, gripping Dee's hand tightly, hoping to keep Dee from going into a panic. “How bad was the damage?”
“Three layers survived intact, but two had to be made again.”
Ryo nodded. “Fine. Injuries? Damage to the vehicle?”
“No injuries. Minimal to the vehicle. Of course the insurance will cover it,” Sharon answered. “And thankfully no glass cracked or broken. Because if that had happened, they would have had to make the cake from scratch.”
Dee took a deep breath. “Okay. So now the cake is all done again and on its way. And hopefully there won't be another traffic accident on the way. What's the ETA?”
Ryo looked over at Dee, surprised at the calm of his dark haired husband's voice. Instead of the anxiety Ryo was expecting, Dee seemed to be handling it like another case. Dee felt Ryo's eyes on him and flashed Ryo a quick grin. A grin that told Ryo he was up to something. Ryo waited to see what it was.
“Fifteen minutes. Twenty at the most.”
Dee nodded and pursed his lips in though. “That'll work. We still have another hour after dinner is over anyway, so anytime before we're to cut it would be good.” To Ryo, he asked, “Right?”
“Of course.” He grinned at Dee. “I already told you, everything could all fall to hell right now, as long as we're married.”
Dee leaned over to kiss Ryo, smiling. “Agreed. So… let's have a little fun with it then.”
“Like?” Ryo asked.
Sharon listened to the two men. She was used to them working together like they were. That was how they worked out the wedding arrangements with her. She could only imagine how they were working together on a case. They were perfectly matched. It was no wonder the two work partners became life partners.
“Let's have the cake make a grand entrance when it arrives,” Dee replied.
Ryo giggled. “Shall we instruct the band to play something like, `Sugar, Sugar' when it arrives?”
Dee's grin grew wider. “Something like that. Sure. Let them announce the cake in, and play some type of song about sweets.
“Since it's your idea, I'll leave you to the music,” Ryo said and chuckled. “All I ask is that you don't have `em play `Candy Man'.”
“What's wrong with that song?”
“Nothing,” Ryo replied. “When I was a kid. But becoming a cop… let's just keep the candy men out of our wedding please.”
“You got it.” Dee laughed at the street reference for a drug pusher.
“So are you gentlemen ready to go up?” Sharon asked. She had been listening to them, her mind already in gear on what Dee suggested for the cake's arrival.
Together they entered the elevator. “So what do you suggest, Dee?” she asked. “Tell me what you want, then just concentrate on your reception.”
“Um…” Dee smirked and leaned over to whisper in the wedding coordinator's ear.
Ryo watched as her grin grew. “I swear, if I didn't trust you, Dee, I'd think you're telling her some wickedly naughty things.”
Dee and Sharon broke out in laughter. “Naughty yes,” Dee remarked. “But not in the way I'm naughty with you.” He leaned toward Ryo and nipped his nose.
“Hey!” Ryo pulled Dee close and kissed him.
Sharon laughed with delight, enjoying watching the happy newlyweds.
The elevator doors opened and they stepped out onto the terrace. Dee and Ryo got a glance through the windows of the Terrace Room and smiled.
“Wow!” Dee remarked. “Looking good.”
“Wait until you see the Bridge Room,” Sharon stated. “Especially that set up of yours you wanted for you and your wedding party. I think your attendants loved it, if the looks on their faces were any indication.”
“Good,” Ryo said. “I'm glad.” He was aware of the assistant leaving them with their coats and bags, going off to the coat room. He placed his arm around Dee's waist.
“And of course, when you have the time, you must see the Museum Club. Your guests were most impressed with their cocktail hour,” Sharon added. “Excuse me.” She spoke into the headpiece she wore, informing someone that they were upstairs and about to enter the foyer.
Ryo smiled at Dee. “Are you ready, love?”
Dee nodded. “Definitely. Actually I'm starting to get hungry anyway.”
“There's plenty of food,” Ryo said. “And yeah, me too. Might as well eat up, `cause we're going to need energy later tonight.”
“Oh? Is that so?” Dee winked and lightly kissed Ryo. “Then lead me to the food.”
“We're going to lead you to your table first,” Sharon laughed. “They're ready for you.”
Dee took Ryo's hand. “C'mon Mr. Laytner-MacLean. Time to party.”
Ryo laughed as he allowed Dee to lead him through the foyer. Apparently all the guests wanted to be in the main room when the newlyweds were announced because they saw no one in the foyer, and the Terrance Room was empty except for the staff.
As they got near the door, one of the singers said into his microphone, “Alright everyone! Time to give the newlyweds a great big welcome!” The band started to play “Whenever I Call You Friend”, which was selected by Dee and Ryo after changing their mind through 3 other songs in the wedding planning.
“I present to you, Ryo and Dee Laytner-MacLean!” the singer announced as the couple entered the room.
Guests started to clap and cheer as they entered and walked across the dance floor toward the platform.
“Oh holy….” Dee gasped, finally seeing the set up other than what he drew. “My God, Ryo…”
“It's beautiful,” Ryo agreed, squeezing Dee's hand. “It's all beautiful. Just like everything today.”
“Yeah, huh?” Dee put his arm around Ryo's waist as they came to stand before the platform. He stopped them to pull Ryo closer for a kiss, to the delight of their guests.
The wedding party, and family were all standing and clapping.
When they broke the kiss, Ryo fanned himself with his free hand, pretending as if he was faint. Dee laughed and Ryo hugged him. Together they went up the two steps in the center of the platform, waving to the attendants at the first row of tables, then to Bikky and Carol, their best men and Maid of Honor, and finally paused at the last row of tables to hug and kiss Mother, Estelle, Elena and Akira, and hug and shake hands with Franklin and Rick.
As the song approached the end, Dee and Ryo went over to the round table at the center of the platform. They stood, holding hands and waving to the guests, while photos were taken. Once more they kissed, before finally sitting down.
Ryo looked at Dee and chuckled. “Wanna borrow my hankie?” he asked. He gently wiped at Dee's cheek.
Dee grinned, not minding the tears of happiness, as he did the same to Ryo. “Only if you'll borrow mine.”
They grinned at each other and rested their foreheads together.
“At our grooms' request, toasting will be made after everyone gets to eat,” one of the women in the band announced. “So, please feel free to go back to that delightful buffet and enjoy.”
“Yeah, we wanna eat too,” Dee stated, loud enough for their families to hear. The elders laughed.
Mother looked over at him. “We as in you and Ryo?” she asked slyly.
“We as in Chibi and me. But Ryo can eat too,” Dee replied.
“Why I thank you for your kindness, Mr. Laytner-MacLean,” Ryo drawled sarcastically, then laughed. “So now that we made it all the way in, time to head out again and get some grub.”
“That's what I'm saying,” Dee laughed. They kissed again, then followed some of the wedding party to make their way into the other room for food.
*** *** ***
All the guests and wedding party, including grooms were seated and enjoying their meal. At one point, Ryo and Dee noticed Sharon going over to the children's table. Dee went back to eating his food, while Ryo watched on in curiosity as Sharon spoke to the young ones, and watched their mounting excitement. He cast a few glances over at Dee, who appeared to not notice them, but Ryo knew better. Other guests had noticed when the children all got up, and were quietly lead out of the room, some of them still giggling.
Mother looked back to Dee and Ryo in question, as did Elena and Rick since Dani and Stefen were included. Others in the wedding party were curious too, wondering if the grooms had anything to do with it, or was it a surprise for them.
Ryo shrugged, honestly having no idea what was going on. Dee merely grinned. Instead of responding to Mother, Elena and Rick's questioning looks, he leaned over to whisper to Ryo, “I'm pretty sure the cake is finally here.”
Ryo glanced at Dee, remembering his husband whispering to their wedding coordinator in the elevator. He started to chuckle and kissed Dee's cheek. “I can't wait to see what you planned,” he replied.
When the band finished playing the current song, most of the musicians put down their instruments as one of the women picked up a microphone. “We have to interrupt everyone for an important arrival,” she announced. “If everyone would please remain seated so we have a clear path for the latecomer, that would be fantastic. Thank you.”
She paused, looking back toward the doorway, as guests started to murmur in speculation of who could be so important to warrant such a grand entrance, and after the newlyweds at that. On the wedding party platform, all eyes were on Ryo and Dee, wondering if they had any idea what was going on. Ryo still shrugged, having some idea, but not everything. Dee attempted to look innocent in his answering gaze to their attendants and guests, but did not succeed.
“Without further ado,” the woman continued, “we'll just start the music and…” She smiled. Two other singers joined her at the microphone, while some of the musicians started playing “Lullaby League and Lollipop Guild” from The Wizard of Oz. The children entered, signing the song and giggling. They looked excited as they walked along, some skipping, others hopping. They surrounded the five layer wedding cake being wheeled in on a cart.
Most of the children sang off key, some messing up the words, but hearing children's voices and laughter made up for it during the impromptu performance. Guests laughed delightedly and photos were taken as the procession made its way to the corner designated for the cake. Mother, Elena and Rick laughed.
“How sweet!” Diana crooned, and everyone at the tables agreed.
Ryo looked at Dee, pleased at what his husband came up with for the cake's arrival. Dee grinned and winked. “Munchkins,” he stated. He took Ryo's hand in his and squeezed it.
“It's perfect,” Ryo remarked, leaning to kiss Dee's cheek.
Together, they watched, along with everyone else. When it was time to transfer the cake over to the table set up for it, the children stood around, as if on guard. They clapped their hands and continued to sing until the cake was set in its place of honor.
Dee and Ryo were on their feet by the last notes, applauding the children. Dee put two fingers in his mouth to whistle. The rest of the guests took example from their hosts and also gave the children a standing ovation. The children giggled and waved.
They were led back to their table, chatting excitedly as guests settled back down to eat and admire the 5 layer mostly square cake. Instead of being evenly stacked, each layer was set in a different angle over the one below it. The cake was blue fondant. On the edges of each layer were fondant cherry blossoms and calla lilies, along with real Asiatic lilies. The bottom layer had wide spaced small blossoms in purple icing. The layer above it had leaf scrolls in pink, the third had yellow piping made to look like swags going around the top half of the layer. The next one was plain, except for the kanji for “love” in silver. The top layer was an octagon shaped cake, with vertical piping in blue made to look like vines. It was topped with cherry blossoms and lilies.
On the table, around the base of the cake, an arrangement of all the wedding flowers was set into place, including candles in small hurricane glasses. The table itself was a block of Plexiglas. Once the arrangement was complete, the caterer turned toward the stage.
We're not done yet,” the woman with the microphone said. “But I think our grooms should do the countdown. So, we'll just start up the music and whenever they're ready they can signal to throw the switch.”
All eyes went back to Ryo and Dee. Ryo knew exactly what they meant, since there was one more touch to the arrangement. He did not know what song Dee had chosen, but he was ready. He placed his arm around Dee's waist, pulling him close, smiling more as Dee's arm went around his waist. Ryo started to break out in laughter as the band started to play the main theme from “2001: A Space Odyssey”.
“Anytime you want,” Dee whispered into Ryo's ear. Ryo grinned back.
Some chuckles went about the room, along with others cheering the choice of music.
As the song went into the drum intro, Ryo lightly scratched Dee's back. “Just after…,” he started.
“Got it,” Dee replied.
At the right part, just after the drums, both men raised their free arms into the air. The clear white Plexiglas table suddenly was flooded with light. All the wedding colors seemed to beam from the floor.
More cheers followed as the cake setting was complete, with the Brooklyn Bridge beyond the ironwork screen and candles.
“Well, that was fun,” the woman said with a laugh. “And a very lovely arrangement for a most beautiful wedding cake. Would everyone agree?”
The guests responded with applause. Some voices called out “YES!” The men in the wedding party made a couple of joking remarks to the newlyweds.
“Now for your continued dining pleasure, we'll go back to our regular programming,” the singer said to chuckles around the room.
As everyone settled back to their meals, eyes going to the cake and the grooms, Ryo hugged Dee, laughing. “That was fun,” he agreed.
Dee hugged Ryo back, stealing a quick kiss. “Yup, it was,” he grinned.
They sat down and Ryo took Dee's hand. “I think it worked out well.”
Dee nodded as he lifted the hand holding his to kiss it. “Yeah, it did. To be honest, I'm glad it worked out this way. I mean, I feel sorry for everyone involved because of the accident, and all the extra work that went into recreating most of the cake, but I think I liked this better than it just sitting there all arranged as people entered the room.”
Ryo nodded, and covered Dee's hand with his other. “Oh definitely.” He looked at Dee's near empty plates. “Are you ready for seconds?” he asked.
Dee laughed. “I guess getting married and all the excitement made me a little hungry.”
Ryo grinned ruefully at Dee, his eyes going to his own plates, which matched Dee's. “I think I understand.”
“Well then, onto more food. The problem with the buffet is that I know I won't be able to eat everything I want.”
Ryo chuckled and kissed Dee's nose. “But you're going to try anyway.”
“Of course,” Dee remarked with a grin.
They both looked up as they realized they heard the sound of crystal chiming, to see their guests clinking forks against the glassware. It had started from the table with Barry, Eddie and Diana. With grins, they moved closer so they could kiss. Ryo placed his hand on the back of Dee's head as they kissed to the loud approval of their guests. Some of the guests who were going to get more food, raised their hands in the air, cheering.
They pulled apart briefly, to gaze in the other's eyes, both men smiling.
“More food?” Ryo asked.
Dee moved in again for another kiss before replying, “Sure.”
Laughing, the two men stood up and started to go down the steps of the platform. Bikky and Carol got up and followed them, talking to the two as they made their way into the Terrace Room. They talked to the other guests as they filled their plates, and were shortly joined by Mother and Akira. Akira made sure Dee had a plate with everything from the sushi bar that he was permitted to eat, and along with her plate, carried it back to their tables. They stopped to briefly speak to other guests on the return trip, but they had planned it out that once the dancing started, they would mingle more with the guests.
Throughout the rest of the meal time, they would be prompted to kiss because someone started to cling their glassware, causing others to do the same. Dee and Ryo both knew this would stand out as a meal to remember for the rest of their lives.
Ryo picked up a fried eel sushi piece and dipped it in the low sodium dipping sauce, holding it out for Dee to eat. He smiled as Dee's mouth came closer.
“Just think, Dee, this is our first dinner as a married couple,” he remarked.
Dee's mouth was full, but it did not stop the beautiful smile in reply. One, like most of the dark haired detective's smiles that day, that reached his eyes, making them glow.
It became apparent that dinner was over by guests starting to wander to other tables and start mingling, and the level of talking went up. Even those in the wedding party with family sitting at the designated table went over to talk. There were still a few guests making one more trip to the buffet. Dee and Ryo were by the children's table, talking to the children, after returning from getting drinks in the Museum Club. The two men were very pleased and impressed with the set up, but not surprised. With the ceremony arrangement, the buffet in the Terrace room and the set up in the Bridge Room, they had come to expect something better than they envisioned, and they were right.
Until they finally made their way to that side of the reception venue, one of the family made sure there was ginger ale for Dee, while waiters went around the room, including the wedding party platform, offering wine to those eating.
Mother had come over to join them as they talked to the children, along with JJ, Marty and Darla.
The waiters started to go around the room, filling flute shaped glasses with champagne or sparkling cider, depending on each person's preference. The waiter assigned to the wedding party platform started to do the same, including the children's and spouses' tables.
Mother touched Dee's arm. “Sweetheart, I do believe you and your husband should get back to your table,” she said with a warm loving smile.
Dee hugged his mother to him and kissed her forehead. “I think you're right.”
JJ chuckled. “It's time for roasting the grooms.” He looked at the kids, grinning. “Are you ready to watch lots of people have fun at your big brother and his husband's expense?”
The kids all clapped their hands. “YAY!” came the general response.
“How about you two?” Diana asked Dani and Stefen. “Are you ready to watch your cousin turn red?”
Dani giggled. “Yeah!”
“Cousin Ryo always used to turn red,” Stefen replied.
“Oh? Is that so, rugrat?” Ryo remarked, pretending to give his younger cousin a nuggie.
Stefen laughed, squirming at Ryo's attention.
“Get him, cousin Ryo!” Dani clapped.
Dee started to laugh, noticing Bikky and Carol coming up to them. He nudged Ryo, to get the other man's attention. Ryo turned to look and noticed the same thing Dee did. The boy they called their son looked more like a handsome young man, and being an excellent escort to his lovely date. They exchanged a quick glance, realizing that they would have to start keeping a closer eye on the two longtime friends, as they were certain love was definitely blossoming between the two teens.
The rest of the wedding party was returning to their seats. Barry caught Dee's eye and hooked a finger to beckon them to return to their table of honor.
“Oh oh,” Ryo remarked, also seeing it, linking his arm around Dee's. “If that was ever a summon of doom.”
“Tell me about it,” Dee agreed, with a mock put upon sigh.
“C'mon along, darlings and get into place,” Mother remarked, gently pushing Dee forward.
“Yeah, stop holding things up, you two,” JJ stated, walking ahead of them to take his place.
Dee sighed again, then winked at Ryo, who giggled. Together, they walked with Mother and Diana back to take their seats.
Dee glanced over at the table where Barry, Eddie and Diana sat, and getting ready to deliver their toasts. He looked back to the children's table. “Mother,” he called out.
“Yes, Dee,” Mother asked, turning away from her conversation with Franklin and Estelle at their table.
“Are you sure it's okay to keep the kids in here for this? I mean, it's bound to get a bit raunchy,” Dee said.
Mother nodded, smiling. “I'm sure most of it will fly over the younger ones' heads anyway. They'll giggle and laugh just because everyone else is.”
“And what about the older ones?”
“When have you ever known me to shelter my children from the real world, Dee?” she asked.
“Well…” Dee replied ruefully. “I seemed to have missed a few things growing up.”
“That was you, not me,” Mother replied. “Your father was a narcotics detective and you got the talk about drugs from both him and me.”
“Maybe you delivered those talks a little too well,” Dee stated, thinking about Arnon. Dee had been blind about his friend's addiction, never once believing any of his gang could be involved with drugs until it was too late and his friend was found dead at the age of fifteen. Dee had never been blind about it since then, and noticed the first signs in Tommy a year later. He took a deep breath. “Anyway, if you think they'll be okay, then they'll be okay.”
Mother smiled at him. “Of course, I do.”
Estelle looked at Franklin. “What was it we said at family gatherings that included young ones?”
Franklin laughed. “That would be, “Do not try this at home, kiddies, or you could find yourself in a corner with a sore rump.”
Elena heard the conversation from her seat and laughed. “We still say that, Father.”
“Of course, some of them never seemed to listen,” Franklin stated, his eyes going to Ryo.
“Oh tell me about it!” Elena laughed. “Our little Ryo was quite the spitfire when he was young.” She smiled over at her nephew who started to blush, as Dee laughed. “I'm glad to see that spitfire coming back.”
Dee winked at Elena. “He never left. Believe me on that.” He laughed as Ryo jokingly punched his arm.
“Oh geez…” Ryo sighed, rolling his eyes as everyone within hearing laughed.
Chuckling at the exchange on the level above him, Barry stood up and gave the band the pre-arranged signal for them to take their break after finishing their current song. A couple of wireless microphones were brought over to the platform by a member of the technical crew. Barry accepted one with a big grin.
“Can I have everyone's attention, please?” he asked into the microphone.
The conversations stopped and people went back to their tables.
“It's time to toast the newlyweds,” Barry stated, his grin getting bigger. “I'm Barry Wilson, Dee's best man. I'll tell you, it's about damn time I finally have my chance to get back at Dee from when he was my best man.” He turned to give Dee a comical menacing glare.
Dee broke out in laughter as chuckles went around the room.
“From what I've been told, and believe me that Dee had proved everyone right, it's the best man's job to embarrass the hell out of the groom.”
More laughter and some shouts of agreement came from the guests.
“Ah yes,” Barry continued, his eyes resting on Dee. “Revenge is sweet indeed,” he crooned. Turning back to the guests, he raised a finger, as if to make a point. “However, just in case no one noticed, but…” in a false whisper he said, “we have two grooms.”
Amid laughter and cheers from the guests and wedding party, Barry turned to stare at Ryo.
“Oh God help me,” Ryo laughed.
“So…” Barry raised an eyebrow, his attention going back out to the guests. “We have two best men!” he exclaimed, causing more laughter.
Dee laughed along with everyone else, enjoying watching the man he considered his brother entertain their guests. From the moment he decided that Barry was going to be his best man, he knew for certain that the guests were not going to be bored with some long winded corny toast. Barry did well in front of people and always enjoyed the chance to entertain anyone he could get their attention.
Barry looked to the man next to him. “Eddie?” he asked.
“Yes, Barry?” Eddie asked, appearing to look up in surprise at the man speaking.
In an announcer's voice, Barry asked, “Are you ready to fulfill your obligations of a best man?”
Eddie snapped up from his seat to his feet, and saluted. “Sir! Yes sir! I am.” He rubbed his hands together, chuckling, looking back at Ryo. “Oh indeed I am!” Looking out at the guests, he accepted the second microphone. “You see folks, Ryo also proved those people right, `cause he embarrassed the hell outta me too at my wedding. And he didn't stop there. He went right on to embarrass my beautiful, sweet innocent Japanese bride.”
“Ohhh,” Barry exclaimed, exaggerated, prompting the guests to follow his example as Eddie turned to grin wickedly at Ryo.
Ryo covered his face. “Oh shit,” he moaned. “I'm toast.”
Eddie laughed. “I believe that's why it's called `a toast'.”
More laughter. Dee took Ryo's hand in his, also laughing. “Don't worry, love. We'll get through this together.” He made a mock pained look. “Somehow.” He followed it up with an exaggerated gulp. Those who noticed laughed at Dee.
“We should be so lucky,” Ryo sighed, then gave Dee a small grin, placing his other hand over Dee's.
“Hey now,” Barry exclaimed. “It's your wedding day. We should hope you both get lucky tonight.”
Hysterical laughter went around the room, along with applause. The man who still sat behind the drums on the stage, punctuated Barry's comment with a sting.
“If you keep dragging this out, no one will be getting lucky!” Dee exclaimed, causing more laughter.
Eddie laughed. To Barry, he stated, “You're right.” He took out a five dollar bill and handed it to Barry. “Dee is bossy.” As everyone, including Ryo laughed, Eddie introduced himself, “I'm Eddie Stewart, and for those of you who noticed earlier today at the ceremony, I'm Ryo's best man. Now….” He glanced back to the grooms. “Dee might be thinking that he's safe from me, since we met just last weekend, but let me tell you,” his attention went back to the guests, “Dee's the type of character that from the time I first met him and the time I spent around him this week, I have plenty of ammunition.”
Barry cleared his throat among more laughing. “You might also think that since Eddie and I met this week, we'd be launching separate attacks. Don't be fooled. We managed to find time this week to get together, compare notes on the grooms and decided we're going to hit them both at the same time.”
Ryo and Dee looked at each other genuinely surprised, gulped, then looked back to their best men as the guests laughed and applauded.
“So, let me start,” Barry remarked. “I've known Dee since we were five. For those who know him, it might be hard to believe that he was once shy.”
Hysterical laughter erupted through the room from those who did know Dee. Dee shook his head, not surprised that would be Barry's first dig. Ryo laughed too, even if he did know it was true. He had heard enough stories of Dee as a toddler from Mother.
“Of course, we are talking five years old. Don't know what happened since,” Barry shrugged. More laughs.
Together Barry and Eddie went into a routine, going back and forth through the best men speech, roasting the newlyweds. Barry touched on some of Dee's crazier stunts as a kid and teen, while Eddie entertained with some more enlightening and equally funny for the audience, and embarrassing for Ryo, stories from their military days. There was a dig while pointing out the lack of rice being thrown at any point at the couple, stating they did not need help, as they appeared to be very fertile already. The two men ended with their sincerest blessings and wishes for a long and happy marriage.
The toasting went on, with Diana next. Families were not much gentler, especially Elena, and Mother. Despite being a nun, Mother had a wicked sense of humor, and had the ability to make a dirty joke without actually saying anything dirty. She had always loved to indulge herself when Dee was around, since it usually caused an indignant yelp from her son, and she could enjoy watching Dee being very obviously embarrassed. From halfway through the best men speech, Ryo and Dee's faces were glowing red, either in embarrassment or from laughing so hard, plenty of times from a combination.
Upon the end of the toasts, Dee and Ryo stood, glasses held up and together they thanked family, friends and co-workers for the support, love and sharing their important day with them.
The toasts concluded as the ringing of crystal signaled the two men to kiss again. Ryo turned to face Dee, his arms going around Dee's neck and pulling him close, as Dee slid his arms around Ryo's waist, and they kissed soundly. The majority of the guests and all the wedding party were on their feet, applauding the happy couple.
Ryo smiled as they pulled briefly apart, their eyes meeting. “Here's to your inner marshmallow,” he said softly to Dee, referring to a line from Barry during the best man speech. Barry had mentioned that Dee was waiting for the right man to bring out his inner marshmallow.
“I'm always sweet on you, hubby,” Dee replied, and kissed Ryo again.