Fake Fan Fiction ❯ The Unexpected II ❯ Party! Party! ( Chapter 28 )

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Title: The Unexpected II
Chapter 27 - Party! Party!
Rating: R
Fandom: FAKE
Pairings: Ryo/Dee (mostly), some Dee/Ryo
Warnings: Yaoi, Male/male, MPREG, AU If you don't like, don't read!
Disclaimer: FAKE is not mine. We have Sanami Matoh for giving us Dee, Ryo and the rest of the 27th precinct characters. Any OCs appearing in this fic are mine.
A/N: Anyone up for one more chapter? I'm going to start calling this the wedding weekend. LOL! I think this is the last one for tonight. Once I get through the wedding, the rest of The Unexpected II will be posted through the month of August.
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Dee and Ryo had started to mingle with the guests who sat in the front tables. Ryo looked smug, as he noted with satisfaction every table had a decent mix. Some of the older MacLeans sat with a combination of friends, neighbors or co-workers of the couple. Scattered among the tables were also various members of Lanes and Aokis. Some tables the tension was evident, while others there seemed to be no tension at all.
Dee had also noticed that among the tables further back, now that dinner was over, people were exchanging seats to form a little clique among the MacLeans who were still not convinced Ryo had made the right choice. He had also noticed that from one or two of the tables in the back, he was getting glares, but when he looked over in the general direction, he would be greeted with big phony smiles planted on their faces.
The band returned from their break, having had a chance to eat some of the food and were tuning their instruments.
Ryo looked over in the direction of the stage. Taking Dee's hand in his, he smiled and leaned over to kiss Dee's cheek. “Dancing, some cake, a little more dancing, and the reception is over,” he quietly said to Dee.
“Then we have the after party,” was Dee's reply.
“Only for an hour. Then…” Ryo left his sentence hanging, raising an eyebrow as he watched the grin spread on Dee's face.
“It's wedding night time!” Dee remarked, a little louder than he intended.
Ryo shook his head laughing as their co-workers yelled out some comments, while Ryo and Dee's younger cousins laughed. The Japanese cousins covered their mouths, blushing a little while they giggled. “Um yeah, wedding night time,” Ryo replied.
Dee moved to kiss Ryo lightly on the lips, smiling. “I love you,” he whispered.
Ryo put his arms around Dee. “I love you too. So so much.” They kissed again, causing crystal to start chiming.
A clique of biddies in a back table wrinkled their noses. “What nerve. Such a vulgar display. It should be illegal to do that sort of thing in public. Or even private,” one of Ryo's great aunts commented, while the others agreed.
“I'm sure it has nothing to do with them being gay,” they heard Estelle's voice come from behind them. “I guess anything to do with love is vulgar when one has not known what that is for over 50 years.”
The woman turned in surprise to face Estelle, while the other biddies made themselves busy going through their bags, or looking elsewhere around the room.
“Honestly, Estelle, I'm surprised you let this farce go this far.”
“Which farce would you be referring to?” Estelle asked.
“This joke of a wedding. Two men getting married, as if they really have any business being together.”
“It's not a joke, Addie. The two lads are very much in love, and that means they belong together.”
Addie shook her head in disgust. “I can't believe you managed to talk Franklin into allowing this. And to claim we now have that… that freak in our family, why it's….”
Estelle stepped closer to the woman, clenching her purse tightly. “I think that's enough, Addie.”
“You deny that Randy married a freak of nature?”
“Dee is not a freak!” Estelle exclaimed. “He is a wonderful and fine man, who loves my Randy, and will treat him better than any woman out there. And…” she pointed a menacing finger in Addie's face, “I don't care if Dee is a man. He has the ability to conceive and is now Carrying the MacLean heir.”
“How wonderful… our family is being passed down to a monster child. I never thought I'd see the day.”
“Then why are you here?” Estelle demanded.
“To mourn the end of what a fine family we used to be.”
Estelle reached around the woman to pick up a martini filled glass and threw it in Addie's face. “Get out,” the MacLean matriarch growled. “Get out and I never want to see your face at any family function again.”
Addie jumped up with a squawk. “How dare you?!? Fine. I'll have my own functions and you and your freaks are not allowed!” she yelled.
Heads were turning in their direction. Dee and Ryo also glanced over to see what the disturbance was.
Ryo shook his head. “There goes Grandma chasing out the undesirables.” He chuckled.
Dee frowned a little, having faintly caught the word freak. “Shouldn't that be us as the `undesirables'?” he commented.
“Oh Dee, don't listen to windbags like Addie and her crew,” Eunice stated from her seat and closest to Dee. “Her and her likes are bound to dry up and turn to dust soon enough, leaving the family to our generation. And we have no problem with gays, Carriers and cute little babies born to two of the most gorgeous men I ever saw in my life.”
Heads around their table nodded, even those who were not MacLeans.
“You are also very welcome in the Aokis, Dee,” Ryo's cousin Aiko said. “Obasan loves you. And our family, as traditional as we are, do not bow to prejudice.”
Dee smiled at Eunice and Aiko. “Thank you. It means a lot to me.”
“Love is love, Dee,” one of the hard working class Hispanic church goers from St. Joseph's stated. “And I can see you and Ryo love each other very much. Don't let narrow-minded fools ruin this most beautiful day of yours.”
Dee smiled his thanks to the man.
One of his own cousins from Ireland winked at him. “You don't want me to start next, do you,” the young man remarked.
Dee shook his head. “No, Spencer, I don't. But I hear your message. Thank you, too.”
Ryo was rubbing Dee's back reassuringly. Everyone sitting at the table near them started to chime their crystal, making others do the same. Ryo smiled, pulling Dee into his arms. “See? There are some people who do like to watch two beautiful men kiss.”
Dee laughed and met Ryo halfway as they kissed, with those at the tables close to them cheering them on.
Ryo pulled away slightly and said softly to Dee, “We're married now. So everyone can get up and walk out on us. It won't stop me from staying married to you, nor will it stop me from having our first dance.”
Dee laughed, hugging Ryo tighter. “You're right, because I feel the same. It doesn't matter what everyone thinks or says, we're married now, and I swear you're stuck with me forever.”
“And a day,” Ryo pointed out.
“Can I ask our grooms to come down to the dance floor?” they heard one of the male singers ask from the stage. “We also invite everyone else to follow them and gather around the newlyweds.”
“Ah,” Ryo remarked. “Speaking of, I think it's time to swoon in your arms.” He winked impishly at Dee.
“You can swoon, only if I can do vapors,” Dee remarked with a laugh. He lightly kissed Ryo again, before taking his husband's hand in his. “If everyone will excuse us - or just get up and come along,” Dee said.
Everyone around them laughed as they stood up to follow as Dee lead Ryo to the dance floor. Other guests were getting up to head over to the dance floor. Except for Addie, who was only a few seconds ahead of the security guards, as she and her biddy crew left the reception.
Estelle shook her head as she noticed Franklin looking for her. Her eyes went to her grandson and his new husband as they made their way across the large room to the area designated for dancing. To Estelle, her grandson was a fine and decent man, who worked hard for his money. He believed in his work as a detective because he liked to help others, and did what he could to make the city a safer place to live and travel to. Dee had the same beliefs in his job as Randy. What she liked about Dee was despite his background and his job, he was not jaded. He still had an almost innocent quality about him when it came to his belief in the human race. It was no wonder he would find out he was a Carrier. What she loved about Dee was he treated Randy as Estelle always felt her grandson should be treated by his significant other. It was a bit surprising at first to discover his significant other was another man, but after listening to her grandson talk about their relationship, or just about Dee, and then formally meeting Dee as her grandson's fiancé, she had no doubt that Dee was the only person who could make Randy as happy as she wished for her grandson. Add in the baby on the way, Estelle could not but give her full support and love to the couple.
“Mrs. MacLean,” a man in his 30's, wearing a designer suit called to her as she watched Franklin stand near the front, searching for her.
“Yes, Albert,” she replied to her assistant.
“Will you be wanting the same for that crew as Harriet?”
Estelle nodded. “Oh, indeed yes I do. Buy out everything you can of their family business shares - in Dee's name.”
Albert laughed. “I do love the way you think. You should hurry now. You don't want to miss your grandson's first married dance.”
“Wouldn't miss it for the world. I'll talk to you later, Albert.” Estelle rushed off, waving to get Franklin's attention. She met up with him at the edge of the dance floor. Guests parted as they made their way toward the front of the circle surrounding Dee and Ryo.
There was still a handful of MacLeans who stayed behind and gathered together at one table, starting to talk about the gall of those two men and how appalled they were over family monarchs' support of such a travesty. And to throw poor Addie out of the reception like she was trash. Estelle MacLean was out of control, or so the little group agreed. They felt Franklin and Estelle should have disowned Randy, rather than mock something as sacred and traditional as a MacLean wedding. They spoke of Dee as a freak, on how gays should not be allowed to marry, and how both Randy and Dee did not belong to the MacLeans as far as they were concerned. They mocked and talked at a back table of an expensive $160 a plate wedding reception, still eating the fine food and drinking the top shelf beverages provided to the guests. They made fun of the Aokis, deciding the Japanese whores deserved freaks like Randy and Dee.
All in all, among complimenting the chef on the food that was selected by Randy and Dee, they decided it was a bleak day for the MacLean family.
Meanwhile, on the dance floor, Ryo and Dee stood in the center with supporting family, friends and co-workers surrounding them.
“Ryo and Dee have picked a song that they told me sums up the best how they feel about each other. So if you would excuse us as we attempt to do justice to this beautiful timeless tribute of love,” the singer addressed everyone on the dance floor, “everyone, I present to you for their first dance - Dee and Ryo Laytner-MacLean. They are the best thing that ever happened to them.”
As the guest applauded, all the lights on the dance floor area went out for a moment. As the music started, a spotlight came on the happy couple. The light was white with the L-M insignia in blue on the floor. Dee and Ryo placed their arms around the other's waist as the band played “You're the Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me” made popular by Glady Knight and the Pips.
The couple danced in a slow circle, never taking their eyes from the other. At one point Ryo transferred his arms around Dee's neck. Dee pulled him close to kiss him softly, sighing happily. He started to sing the chorus along with the singer, “If anyone should ever write my life story, for whatever reason there might be, you'll be there between each line of pain and glory… `cause you're the best thing that ever happened… to me.”
Ryo's arms left Dee's neck and settled on the baby swell, his smile bigger. The band went into the next verse, and Ryo softly sang along as Dee put his arms around Ryo's neck. “..there have been times when times were hard, but always somehow I made it through, cause for every moment that I spent hurting, there was a moment that I spent on just loving you.”
Together, with mouths close, they sang the chorus.
The couple hardly noticed the crowd gathered around them, except for one moment for Ryo. It was not lost to Ryo that he had the love of his life, who was a man, in his arms as they danced close, while his family, their friends and co-workers looked on. He could not remember a larger crowd to be this intimate with Dee in front of, and he loved the feeling.
They switched their arms' positions as the song played on. As the closing notes of the song were played, with arms still around each other, they kissed.
The guests applauded and cheered as Ryo and Dee stopped dancing but did not move apart when the music stopped. They continued to gaze in the other's eyes, grinning happily. Both men seemed to be glowing.
JJ sniffled and took out a pink textured handkerchief, that matched his vest and tie, to dab this eyes. “That was just lovely,” he sighed. “I hope when I get married - if I ever do - I want it to be as lovely as this.”
Drake gulped, his eyes going around at all the décor', realizing he could not even estimate how much everything cost, and simply nodded. “Yeah, me too,” he finished lamely.
When Dee and Ryo finally pulled apart, Mother was called up to the dance floor. “Dee asked his mother to pick the song for the next dance. I understand this was a special song when Dee was a little boy. Are you ready?”
Mother smiled at Dee, then toward the stage, nodding. Dee put his arms around his mother, smiling at her. “How lucky I am. First I get to dance with my handsome husband, and now I get to dance with a beautiful woman.”
Mother batted at him playfully, blushing. “Oh Dee, stop.”
“But you are,” Dee replied, kissing her wrinkled forehead. “You're my mom.”
The music started and Dee's grin grew as mother and son fell into step, dancing to a rendition of Helen Reddy's “You and Me Against the World”.
Ryo stood along the front of the circle, with Elena next to him, watching his husband smile down at the woman who, in all ways except for giving birth, was his mother.
“You and me against the world. Sometimes it feels like you and me against the world. When all the others turn their backs and walk away, you can count on me to stay,” one of the female singers sang.
Mother and son slowly swayed in time to the song Ryo remembered Mother telling him was one of the songs a much younger Dee would dance with her, in the solitude of her room or the attic. Mother loved to dance, and Dee would always be the first to ask if he could be her dance partner. As a result, despite his background and reputation as a `street rat”, Dee was able to dance to anything along with the best of them. The first time Ryo found himself fluidly waltzing with Dee, he was amazed, but the more they danced together, the less amazed Ryo was, and thrilled to have a dance partner like Dee.
“Remember when the circus came to town, and you were frightened by the clown?” Mother looked up and smiled at Dee as the singer sang on. “Wasn't it nice to be around someone that you knew? Someone who was big and strong and looking out for you.” Dee grinned back at her.
Dee rested his head against his mother's head, smiling fondly at childhood memories. Memories where he was loved, protected, never knew what it meant to be alone. He never cared about finding his biological parents because he had someone he called “mommy” as a young child, and even a “daddy”. Mother and Jess were more than enough for him to call his parents. He wished Jess could have been with them then, but he was certain in his own way, he was.
“You and me against the world. Sometimes it feels like you and me against the world. And for all the times we've cried, I always felt that the odds were on our side.”
Mother held her son tightly. From the first time baby Dee was placed in her arms, she knew there was something different about that baby. He would never be one of the many other babies that came and went in her time at the orphanage. Dee became her son. He clung to her, wailed and cried whenever he felt he could be taken from his mother. He hid behind her around other adults besides those who worked at the orphanage. He became her son, her pride and joy. Even with many other children around, there were times when it was just her and Dee. When Dee came of age to leave the orphanage and go off on his own, he left for college in Japan. He wrote home and called, saying he loved it there, and how he could have remained there. Two things made Dee return to New York City upon graduation: to become a cop in the city his father was a detective, to fulfill a promise made upon Jess' death, and to be close to his mother.
At first Dee's visits would be months between, but he had the Academy and a part time job working with Barry's construction company. He also had his art. Four months later, upon graduating the police academy, Dee put the majority of his time and effort in his new job, knowing it was a career. He would still call her in between his visits. He always made sure he was around for holidays, and if she ever needed some repairs, all she needed to do was call, and Dee would make the time to help her. After the old building was destroyed in a bombing, and Dee thought he had lost his mother, he started to show up more than every few months. He would bring Ryo around with him half the time. By the time the two moved in together, Dee and Ryo would go to the orphanage every other week, at least. They would pool in their resources and do more in helping out the children, much to Mother's chagrin. She already thought Dee did enough, put enough of his money toward the children, but obviously Dee, and Ryo, did not think so.
Throughout his life, every major thing that happened in Dee's life, he would go to her shortly and let her know. That included when Dee and Ryo first became a couple. When they decided to move in together. Most recently when they found out there was a baby on the way, and on Christmas Day when Dee could not wait to show off his engagement ring to her.
Both were lost in thoughts of what they meant to the other. It did not matter that she did not give birth to Dee. They were mother and son, united, and dancing at her son's wedding.
Ryo smiled, watching Dee's face flush warmly with his memories. He took Elena's hand and squeezed it. Elena, who was like a second mom. The woman who did everything she could to be there for Ryo as a mother.
At that moment, while he watched Dee and Mother dance, he knew that she was not his mother. He wished his mom was there with them, that he could dance with her to a special song as his husband did with his mom. Tears filled his eyes and his vision of Dee and Mother blurred. Off to the side, he swore he saw his mother, looking as lovely as the last time he saw her. She held out her arms as if to invite him for a dance. For the rest of the song, while a part of his mind was aware of Dee and Mother, another part of his mind, danced with his mom.
“And when one of us is gone, and one of us is left to carry on, then remembering will have to do. Our memories alone will get us through. Think about the days of me and you, Of you and me against the world.”
In his mind's dance, Rayna told him how handsome he had become, how proud she was of him. She told him both her and his dad were excited about the baby, and how they loved Dee. She told him everything he wanted to hear from his mother.
Suddenly he found himself with Dee standing before him, looking concerned, with Elena griping his arm. The music had stopped. Dee and Mother had finished their dance, and everyone was waiting for the next couple to take the floor.
“Ryo, what's wrong?” Dee was asking him, putting an arm around Ryo.
Ryo smiled up at Dee. “Nothing,” he honestly replied as Dee wiped the tears on his cheek. “Everything's right, Dee. I'll tell you about it later.” He leaned up to kiss his husband and then turned to Elena. “I guess we're waiting for me to get my shit together so I can have a dance with this lovely lady?”
Elena laughed. After a quick study, she came to the same conclusion as Dee. Whatever had happened, whatever caused the tears was a good thing, and to let it go. She squeezed his hand. “If that lovely lady is me, then you're right.”
Ryo lead her out to the middle of the dance floor.
“Ryo also allowed his aunt to pick the song for their dance. Elena has picked, “I Hope You Dance” by LeAnn Womack.”
Elena smiled at Ryo as he put an arm around her waist, taking her hand in his. “Ah Elena,” he smiled at his aunt.
“It's true, Ryo. You know that's how I always felt, especially after we lost your parents.”
“I know,” he said, leaning down to kiss the side of her head as the band started to play the song.
If Ryo could not have his mother with him, he was glad he had Elena. When his parents died, she took Ryo in, when she did not have to. Her own parents were in Europe at the time of Frank and Rayna's deaths. Upon hearing the news while in Paris, Estelle had a minor heart attack, which kept them both in Paris well past their son's burial. Ryo knew that as much as they loved him, had they been in the States at the time, they would have felt he was old enough to be on his own. He still had some of his parents' assets that were not frozen upon the investigation of their murder. He probably could have managed on his own, except Elena knew he needed the emotional support. She gave him a home to stay in until he was ready for his first tentative steps on his own. At the age of twenty, he joined the Army. He had put on his wish list in boot camp to be stationed in Japan, hoping to get to spend some time with his Grandmother, who refused to return to New York after burying her daughter. He was surprised when his luck held and he was stationed in the Kanto Plain area, at Camp Zama. Kamakura was a short ride away, no further than going to Tokyo, and was the local beach area. He spent every other weekend at the family home with Akira and his Japanese family. When he got out of the Army and went back to New York, hoping to enter the police academy soon, he had planned to return to Japan for vacations, but it never happened. The one time he took a vacation out of the country, it was to England. Yet he remained in constant touch with his grandmother and her family through phone calls and eventually emails.
Upon his return to New York, Elena made it clear her home was still his. He had moved back in with Elena and Rick, saving his money otherwise spent on rent until a few months before he found out he had made detective. He had just settled into the apartment on East 15th Street when he went to his first day in Criminal Investigations at the 27th Precinct.
The day he met Dee, the man who was now his new husband.
After Ryo and Elena's dance, the band started to play the Rodgers-Hart standard, “Manhattan”. Ryo danced with Mother, and Dee with Elena. Midway through the song, they acquired new dance partners. Ryo danced with Akira, and Dee with Estelle, while Mother danced with Franklin, and Elena with Rick. Into the next song, Dee and Ryo switched partners, with Dee dancing with Akira, and Ryo with Estelle. The song ended with Ryo and Dee dancing together again, family paired off and joined by their wedding party.
The next song Dee and Ryo stood on the sidelines, allowing for their wedding party to dance to a rendition of Wang Chung's “Everybody Have Fun”. While they had some same sex pairing in the party, they knew some of those pairs were not inclined that way. The women were more open to dance together for a bit before moving to other partners, to let the heterosexual men feel less uncomfortable.
Drake found himself at first having to dance with JJ. His body was rigid and he maintained a distance. All the while, his instinct was to pull JJ's lithe, compact body close to his and hold him tight as they danced. He wanted to kiss JJ, tell him how handsome he looked right then, but he did not dare. So he put more distance between them than necessary. It did not go unnoticed by Ryo and Dee, who frowned a little when their eyes settled on the two partners. It was with relief when Drake grabbed onto Janet as a dance partner for the rest of the song. JJ's eyes started to well up with tears, but he bravely shook them off and accepted a dance with Pedro.
The next song, “Let's Get This Party Started”, opened the dance floor to everyone, and for the rest of the evening, there would be dancing, with a pause between for the newlyweds to cut the cake.
Dee and Ryo danced the next song, before they went wandering off out of the room. They stopped in the Terrace Room for a small plate with something to nibble on, then went onto the Museum Club, where after getting some refreshments, they settled down on a couch. The music was still able to be heard, the room vibrating with the beat. Dee leaned against Ryo, placing his feet up on a small table with a sigh.
Other guests on their way to get more drinks or to go out on the terrace for fresh air or a smoke stopped to speak to the happy couple, who got more comfortable on the couch as they enjoyed their snack and drinks, and holding the other.
It was in the third song that some of their wedding party ambled out for something cold to drink, and found the grooms still on the couch. They had moved positions and now Dee was leaning back against the arm of the couch, with his bare feet on Ryo's lap, while Ryo gently massaged Dee's feet, as they watched their guests go by, talking and sharing laughs with them.
Later at one point, while Ryo and Dee were on the terrace overlooking South Street and the East River, a few more photos were taken of the couple, including some with the Brooklyn Bridge in the background.
When they returned to the Bridge Room, carrying more beverages and plates with something to nibble on, they went to the platform, intending to sit at their table for a song or two, before getting up and dancing more. As they approached the table, they noticed Mother and Akira were taking a break from mingling and dancing. Estelle and Franklin were mingling with guests, making sure to talk to everyone, not just their own family members. Ryo was proud of his grandparents, knowing they had come a long way from when they first found out that he was getting married to a man. He realized that despite any arguments he found himself in with them in the past, especially with his grandfather, the elder MacLeans still loved him unconditionally. They not only accepted the marriage, but they embraced Dee as one of their own, and announced that their child, no matter how untraditional in a very traditional family, was the next MacLean heir. His grandparents looked forward to having the chance to see their great grandchild. If anything else, it only made the day more special to Ryo than it already was. He smiled at his other grandmother as they stopped so Dee could quietly speak to Mother, asking if she was enjoying herself. It did not take long for the four to engage in a conversation as Ryo and Dee sat at their table. Akira also accepted Dee as family, and it was obvious by the way Dee spoke to the elder Japanese woman that he was very fond of her too.
Mother and Akira left them when the two best men came over to ask the women to dance. Dee smiled as he watched Mother head down the steps, escorted by Barry, while Eddie escorted Akira. Mother loved to dance, but did not get much a chance anymore. As sweet as most of the children under her guidance can be, she would tell Dee he was the only one of her boys who would ask to dance with her in the orphanage.
Dee and Ryo sat out another song, sitting close and watching their guests enjoy the reception.
Dee sighed happily. “For the most part, this turned out wonderful. Not too many incidents that we feared, huh?”
Ryo laughed. “I think Grandma flushed out anyone who might make a bigger scene before it could happen.” He took Dee's hand in his and kissed it. “We could be alone right now, and it'll still be perfect.”
Dee nodded. “Yeah. But….” His eyes went back to their guests and he had a soft smile on his face. “It means so much to see so many people who are with us on this.”
“I know. I feel the same way. I'm glad we went all out. It seems to scream out loud that we're married and fuck anyone who doesn't like it.” Ryo winked impishly at Dee.
Dee laughed and leaned over to lightly kiss Ryo's lips. “I love it when you say things like that.”
“Does it turn you on?” Ryo grinned, rubbing his nose against Dee's.
“Yes,” Dee grinned back.
“Then I guess I better hold off on the dirty talk to you until we're ready to head to the hotel.” He quickly kissed Dee and pulled away, laughing at the look Dee gave him.
“Just for that, you better talk dirty to me later,” Dee warned, then laughed.
“I just might,” Ryo replied.
“Oh, you're teasing me now.”
“Yes. I am.” Ryo grinned and laughed more.
“Listen, I think they're playing one of our songs,” Dee said as the band started to play, “Be My Baby”. “May I have this dance with my handsome husband?”
Ryo took Dee's hand and stood up. “Of course.” Together, the happy couple went down the steps and joined their guests as they danced to the song.
When the song finished, Ryo went up toward the stage, getting the band's attention. One of the singers came to the edge. Dee, along with their guests on the dance floor, watched, wondering what Ryo was up to.
“He loves you so much,” Dee heard JJ softly say from next to him.
Dee smiled at JJ. “Yeah, he does. I'm sorry, JJ. But you and I were never meant to be.”
JJ nodded sadly. “I know that. I look at Ryo with you, and I know I could never love you the way he does. You're lucky, Dee. You didn't just marry the man you love. You married your other half.” He smiled at Dee, pointing a finger at him. “So in the far off future, should you ever do anything to jeopardize what you have, I'll kick your ass.”
Dee laughed. “Don't worry. I know what I have and never want to risk losing it. Any of it - Ryo, Bikky, the baby. I want it all.”
JJ hugged Dee, then pulled away sniffling. “Oh oh, I think you're going to be in the spotlight again.”
Dee snorted. “I've been in the spotlight all freakin' day long, JJ, in case you haven't noticed.”
“Yeah well….”
“Hey, is there anything I should know?” Ryo broke in, grinning at Dee and JJ.
“No. JJ was just telling me how lucky I am and promising to kick my ass if I get stupid enough to mess things up,” Dee remarked.
“Okay, I'll let him live for hugging you then.” Ryo chuckled and slapped JJ on his shoulder. “If you don't mind, I need Dee.”
“Have fun,” JJ said.
“What are you up to?” Dee asked as Ryo pulled him to the center of the dance floor. Once again, their guests surrounded them, as lights went down again.
“We just got this very special request from Ryo to Dee,” one of the female singers announced. “We're just going to start the song.”
Dee's eyes went wide for a moment, before they started to glitter with unshed tears as the band started to play, “With Arms Wide Open”. To Dee's further surprise, he realized Ryo was wearing a wireless microphone. As Ryo pulled Dee into his arms to dance, Ryo sang along to the music. Lights swirled around the couple as the newlyweds danced to the song about a father welcoming his unborn child. Tears streaked Dee's face and his smile seemed to glow as he gazed lovingly at Ryo. As their guests watched, some had to dab their eyes from the beauty of the moment. Everyone was smiling. As the song went into the last verse, the families were invited to join in the dance. Estelle and Franklin went onto the dance floor first, dancing next to Ryo and Dee, and further setting the example for the rest of the MacLeans, reaffirming that Dee and Ryo's unborn child was a MacLean, with no further argument. Barry escorted Mother to join Estelle and Franklin, while Tsubasa escorted Akira. Elena and Rick joined the group, followed by Ryo's other aunts and uncles, along with Clarisse and Siobhan. By the end of the song, there were assorted Lanes, MacLeans and Aokis surrounding the inner group.
As the last notes of the song played, Ryo had his hands on Dee's waist and he bent down to kiss the swell. “That's for you, Chibi,” Ryo murmured lovingly to their child. Dee's fingers went through Ryo's locks, smiling down at his husband. When Ryo straightened up, Dee pulled him close for a kiss. “Thank you,” he sighed happily. “Thank you so much.” With his head against Ryo's, he turned to look at the others who still stood close. “Thank you everyone.”
Applause filled the room as the immediate family members embraced the two men.
At that moment, three families became one.
Ryo was aware of it when he saw MacLeans and Aokis joined in combined support, alongside of Lanes. It was his turn to weep at the beauty of that moment, hoping it was a sign of times to come.
“I'm so happy,” Ryo whispered to Dee, before he cupped his dark haired husband's face and kissed him.
The group left the dance floor and headed for the Museum Club, where they settled on the couch with Ryo and Dee just to carry on the moment and further the bond as a united front.
Inside the band continued to play music for guests to dance. JJ had gone back to the platform, where he sat by himself, watching guests still on the other side of the room mingle, while the majority danced. Among them was Drake, dancing with different woman. JJ knew it did not mean anything to Drake, that he was just dancing. It was the way they had planned it. Especially at that moment. He did not want them to come out to their friends that day, taking any of the spotlight from Ryo and Dee. JJ expected Drake to make his rounds, dancing with various women. JJ was supposed to be dancing with anyone he wanted. Only he did not feel like it. Especially after watching Dee and Ryo. JJ wanted what Dee had. He was sure Drake was it for him, as Ryo was for Dee, but he wanted more. He wanted to dance in front of family and friends with Drake. He wanted to feel the same support Dee and Ryo received throughout the day. JJ wanted to start thinking about what he would want for his wedding, and feel like one day, he too, could start a family.
He watched as Drake came off the dance floor with one of Ryo's female cousins, both of them laughing, seeming to enjoy the other's company. He could not help but feel jealous. He wanted to be with Drake, mingle with other guests, share secret jokes in the way they had for years, long before Drake admitted to loving him. Even those things they would do together before then was off limits that day, as far as Drake was concerned. It made JJ resentful.
He was brought out of his thoughts when Tsubasa came up to him. “Why the long face?” Tsubasa asked, as he sat down next to JJ.
JJ shrugged. “I didn't think I had one. Just wanting to dance, I guess, and not having a dance partner.”
Tsubasa had a drink from his glass and chuckled. “If that's your only problem, then let's dance.”
JJ looked surprised. “C'mon. We can't.”
It was Tsubasa's turn to look surprised. “We can't? Why?”
“B-because… I'm gay. And you're married. To a woman.”
Tsubasa laughed as he stood up. “I asked you to dance. Not check into a love motel.” He held out his hand toward JJ. “So we dance?”
JJ did not know what to say, other than mutely nod his head. He stood up and took Tsubasa's hand, allowing the other man who was only slightly taller than him to lead him to the dance floor.
By the next song, he found himself dancing with David, and then Vince. The song after, one of Dee's female cousins and Yuki. He vaguely was aware that the newlyweds were back and had also split off, dancing with friends of theirs.
As much fun as JJ was having, he also knew he was mad at Drake. Extremely pissed would more sum it up.
The music stopped as a singer asked everyone to gather over by the cake. Dee and Ryo, hand in hand, strolled across the room to take their place over by the wedding cake. Sharon stood near the table and gestured for them to go between the screen and the table. Dee looked over at the space and Sharon laughed.
“Of course we made sure there was room enough for both of you to fit behind there, Dee,” she said with a wink. “And still have room for your husband.”
Dee blushed slightly as Ryo broke out in laughter. Ryo's arm went around his waist and started to guide Dee to the indicated space as the guests watched on.
The band played an instrumental version of “I Say A Little Prayer” as Ryo and Dee posed with the cake before them, all smiles. They could not help but kiss again before taking the knife to cut the cake. With Dee holding onto the handle and Ryo's hand holding Dee's, they made the first cut into the bottom layer of the cake. They paused so Ryo could hold the handle as Dee held Ryo's hand for the second slice. Ryo continued to make the small cut between the first two while Dee took a plate from the table. He held it for Ryo to pick up the slice with the cake server that matched the knife and put it on the plate. As Ryo put down the server, Dee picked up two forks, handing one to Ryo.
Pictures were being taken as the couple cut their cake, with the Brooklyn Bridge standing out beyond the window and through the screen backdrop.
Together, they cut off a piece from the plate Dee held. With a smile, Dee held out his fork for Ryo to take the cake from.
“Mmm… delicious,” Ryo remarked, his eyes gleaming. The bottom layer was chocolate raspberry mousse torte. He held out his fork to Dee, who ate the piece with an impish grin.
“Yes, it is. We get more than this, do we?” Dee joked.
“Of course,” Ryo laughed, pulling Dee to him. “It's our cake, so we can get a little of each layer.”
“Oh yes, please!” Dee exclaimed, also laughing.
From what they had gathered speaking to Mother, Estelle and Akira, most of their guests would eat the chocolate raspberry mousse torte, so they selected that for the largest layer. The next layer was tiramisu, the middle was a truffle torte. The layer after that was triple vanilla with raspberries and the small top layer was triple vanilla, for the minority of guests who preferred something simple to the fancier type of cake and fillings. The cake was large enough and the way it was to be cut up, each guest could have more than one piece, should they not be able to make up their minds on one type.
To more applause, the couple kissed, licking frosting off the other's lips. Someone handed them two flute shaped glasses filled with sparkling cider, and they held them up toward their guests. They intertwined their arms and drank from the glass, and kissed again.
As the cake was cut up, more pictures were taken of Ryo and Dee finishing the slice on the plate Dee still held, feeding each other. They were asked to move so there could be photos of the two away from the screen, and have an unobstructed view of the Brooklyn Bridge behind the happy couple.
Dee and Ryo joined the rest of the wedding party at the platform as cake, along with coffee and tea was served. The band continued to play dance music, since there was no set time for guests to sit and eat their cake. If once they had their cake, they chose to walk around, or get up to dance a song, it was encouraged.
Much to Ryo and Dee's chagrin, as cake plates were being taken away, the band was announcing it was time for the Chicken Dance, at Estelle's request. They groaned as they went to join the rest of the guests on the dance floor. To Dee's amusement, he managed to get out of doing the dance, along with a few other pregnant guests of theirs. Ryo, had no such luck, as he was surrounded by his grandparents, expecting to lead off the dance. Dee laughed so hard, he barely made it to the restroom at the end of the song, while a red faced Ryo was hugged and kissed by his family. Dee returned from the restroom in time for the bunny hop, which somehow Ryo had managed to get JJ to lead off, to everyone's amusement. Dee joined Ryo and their families for that song. The next song found Dee and Ryo leading all their family and friends in a conga line that went around the room.
After that song, Dee and Ryo found themselves sitting at the closest table, both flushed from laughter, while Dee caught his breath. Once again, as guests came up to talk to them, Ryo had Dee's shoes off and feet in his lap to massage Dee's feet.
“He takes such good care of me,” Dee announced to Yuki, Martha and Eunice, who were closest to them.
“I see,” Yuki agreed with a grin.
“He better,” Eunice replied.
“You're both so adorable together,” was Martha's remark.
As Vince and David walked by, Vince grinned at Dee. “I guess it's safe to assume Ryo already has that part under control. It'll really come in handy when those ankles start swelling up.” His grin turned wicked as Dee blanched at the thought of having swollen ankles.
“Ryo, keep massaging,” Dee remarked.
Ryo joined Vince and David's laughter. “Yes, Mast-tah,” Ryo drawled, gently patting Dee's feet. “Relax Dee. You'll survive it, just like everything else having this baby. So chill.” Ryo smiled lovingly at Dee.
Dee sighed, then smiled at Ryo as Vince and David went off to speak to other guests.
Once again, they had found their way to sit at their table at the platform. As Ryo had earlier promised to Dee, if felt as if they had just arrived when they realized there was only a half hour left to the reception. It was time for them to give their surprise to the guests. Ryo found Sharon and got her attention, signaling to the wedding coordinator that it was time. With a grin, Sharon nodded and went off to get things prepared.
Dee stood up with a grin, holding his hand to Ryo. Ryo took Dee's hand and stood. Together the couple walked down the steps as the band stopped playing. Even the wedding party looked in curiosity, wondering what was next. A singer called everyone back to gather on the dance floor. Instead of taking the center floor, Dee and Ryo went onto the stage and stood with the band. Everyone was very curious by then.
Dee took a microphone and faced their guests. “Once again, Ryo and I want to thank everyone for sharing this truly wonderful and blessed day with us. It means more than you could ever think.”
Ryo, now holding a microphone nodded in agreement. “It does,” he replied, choked up with emotion. “Thank you all.”
Dee pulled Ryo closer to him, his arm around Ryo's shoulders. “Now, had this been a traditional wedding, this would be the time for the bride to throw the bouquet and the groom to take off the garter and toss it. As Barry mentioned before, just in case someone still have not noticed….” Dee grinned impishly. “There is no bride.”
“Even if one of us is dressed in white,” Ryo adlibbed, his eyes full of love for Dee. “I was almost tempted to get him a bouquet.” He winked as Dee and their guests laughed. “Seriously, Dee and I at first thought to skip this part and just continue on with the rest of the reception. Then we thought that the bouquet and garter throwing can be something to giving back to those who gave so much to a couple on their wedding day. So, we decided we had to do something.” He leaned up to kiss Dee's cheek.
“The big problem with throwing bouquets and garters is it only extends to the single guests,” Dee continued, smiling. “We wanted no guest to be excluded. Also only one person gets the prize. That won't work here either. So, if everyone in the back would just move up a little more toward us please….”
Dee's eyes went up as he finished speaking. The netting on the ceiling above them pulled away, reveling a large oblong object in the wedding colors, that was lowered a few feet. Colored ropes fell from the object, and techs managed to get around the guests to grab the ends and make their way to the stage, handing one end to Dee and another to Ryo.
“Can we ask everyone to countdown from ten please?” Ryo asked. “Ten….”
Most of their guests started to countdown along with Ryo and Dee, the anticipation growing. At zero, Dee and Ryo pulled on their ropes. The object pulled apart with a sound like a large Chinese party favor, and hundreds of silk fans with silk flowers attached to them fell. The favors went blowing in the wind of fans turned on so the favors would scatter and not fall down in one place. Most of the guests, caught up in the excitement, found themselves scrambling for a prize. To Ryo's amusement, he hoped someone was getting on film the image of some of his more uptight relatives actually scrambling for a prize. He had seen it only once or twice before, and only when those particular family members were having the time of their lives. Ryo felt proud that his wedding to Dee was now included among the best times in the MacLean family event history.
As the last of the favors were picked up from the floor, Ryo and Dee both believed there were fifteen more minutes of dancing before the last song. It was to their surprise as they stepped off the stage, and joined by Estelle, Franklin, Mother, Akira, Elena and Rick, that a singer asked if everyone would now gather over on the South Street side of the room. Dee and Ryo were led to the corner where the cake had been and now cleared away, leaving an open spot. Bikky and Carol were waiting for them, having been directed to the spot too.
More photos were taken as when Ryo and Dee went to stand with Bikky and Carol, they had Bikky stand just before them, in the middle, both men having a hand on their son's shoulders. There were other photos of the three through the day, but the first with the bridge in the background.
“Can we ask everyone to give their attention toward the Brooklyn Bridge please,” a female singer asked. “Estelle and Franklin MacLean have a special wedding treat for our happy newlyweds. We have worked together with them to hopefully make this work to everyone's satisfaction. I have also been told by Estelle and Franklin that while this was their doing, for Dee and Ryo to consider this a gift from their families. So from Estelle, Franklin, Maria, Akira, Elena, Rick and Bikky… Ryo and Dee, this one's for you.”
Murmurs went around the room as Ryo and Dee gazed over at Estelle and Franklin. Estelle giggled and indicated that they look out the window toward the bridge. Mother hugged onto Rick's arm, laughing with delight and excitement, alerting Dee that she was let in on the surprise. Akira, Elena and Rick also seemed to be in on the know. Bikky looked up in wonder, and Carol gazed at them in curiosity.
“You heard them,” Ryo told the teens. “Just look and we'll find out.”
Dee gasped as all the lights on the Brooklyn Bridge went out.
“Oh my God, Grandma….” Ryo uttered, remembering Estelle telling them over that first lunch meeting she had a special surprise for them. “Only a MacLean,” he whispered to Dee.
The band struck up the first notes of “I Am What I Am” as the first flares of fireworks went upward into the sky from the East River before the Brooklyn Bridge. The bridge lights went on in pink and lavender as the firework show started.
“Oh holy shit,” Dee gasped, eyes wide with wonder as he watched a firework show by the Brooklyn Bridge in honor of his wedding. His face was split in a wide smile, his eyes sparkling as bright as the fireworks before him.
All the fireworks were in wedding colors, along with white.
Ryo hugged onto Dee tightly and Dee managed to tear his eyes away from the display long enough to kiss Ryo.
Gasps and cheers went throughout the guests as everyone got caught up in the firework show. The band went into a few more songs as the couple in the front hugged each other, watching the city sky light up with fireworks for their wedding.
The last song played was “When You Wish Upon A Star” which had not only Dee, but Mother, in tears, knowing it was Dee's very favorite song as a young boy. A song that still held as much magic to grown up Dee as he held the love of his life in his arms, watching the grand finale start off.
JJ, Drake and Barry started to laugh when the song started, but ended up giving each other intrigued looks as they noticed Dee's reaction to the song.
“Now this is interesting,” JJ chuckled.
“I will have to find out more about this,” Barry stated.
Julie slapped Barry, causing him to quickly kiss his wife before going back to looking at the fireworks show. JJ's attention was already back on the fireworks, appearing to ignore Drake.
Cheers got louder when a banner fell from the side of the bridge, saying, “Ryo & Dee - 3/11/06” as the Brooklyn Bridge went bright in all the wedding colors. Ryo was openly weeping with joy, and with love for his grandparents. If there was ever a proclamation to the city that this was his wedding day to Dee, there it was. He knew what it took his grandparents in permits and planning, getting police and officials involved to close off the bridge for the time, to have a barge with fireworks on the East River before the bridge and to get the lighting to bathe the bridge as it now was in colored lights. Dee was standing behind him, his arms around Ryo and resting his head on Ryo's shoulder.
“My God Ryo,” Dee croaked. “This is… beautiful.”
“It is,” Ryo sighed, turning his head to kiss Dee. “It's us. It's our love.” He twisted in Dee's arms, moving them so he was behind Dee, holding Dee tightly, one hand stroking the swell of Dee's abdomen.
“This is amazing!” Carol crowed excitedly. “Oh wow, you two had a fireworks show off the Brooklyn Bridge.”
“That is the coolest!” Bikky exclaimed, looking up at his Dads.
Dee ruffled Bikky's hair. “Yes, it is. The coolest and amazing.” He glanced back, realizing the orphans surrounded them so they could get a good view without looking over adults. He caught Estelle's eyes and mouthed, “Thank you,” to her.
She winked. “You're welcome, grandson.” She smiled, resting her head against Franklin's shoulder.
Mother was still dabbing her eyes after the show was over and Dee and Ryo made their way over to the elders. Orphans were jumping up and down in excitement, clapping, from the fireworks, excited it was for their older brother and his husband. Dee and Ryo ruffled heads and bent down to hug little ones as they made their way.
Ryo reached his grandparents first and flung his arms around Estelle, kissing her cheek. “Thank you, Grandma. Oh my God! This was wonderful!”
Estelle giggled, hugging Ryo back. “Well, I figured you'd approve of announcing to the city in that way after the way I heard you wokw everyone up this morning,” she teased her grandson.
Akira laughed, patting Ryo on the back. “I agree,” she said. “I told you he'd love it.”
“I do,” Ryo agreed, hugging his grandfather. He went over to Akira and Mother. “You all knew?”
“We knew last night,” Mother replied. “They told us at the rehearsal dinner.” Mother looked at Estelle. “I didn't know which songs were selected, but now I know why you called asking Dee's favorite songs and if there was any special childhood songs that still was special to him.”
Dee came up to Estelle, hugging the MacLean matriarch. “You have no idea hearing that song today, right then, at that moment….” He shook his head as Estelle wiped the tears on his cheek. “Damn, I'm speechless. Just…. aw crap, thank you doesn't seem enough.”
“You don't have to say anything, Dee,” Estelle laughed, hugging Dee. “Just seeing the looks on your faces was thank you enough. It was our pleasure.”
“But Grandma, that had to take a lot with permits and city planning and…,” Ryo started.
“And you keep forgetting that we have ins with the brass of the city, including the police department,” Franklin stated. “And we're just as proud of you for not taking advantage of that with your career.”
Ryo blushed, knowing for the most part, he would forget that he came from a very influential and powerful family, who could pull their weight with city bureaucrats. Thankfully, they were also the type of family who did not throw that weight around for little things, like so many other powerful families he had encountered while on the job. He knew if the MacLeans stepped in to make noise, it would be for something very important. He also knew what it meant to his grandmother to pull what she had for the fireworks show, and for his grandfather to support it. Whatever ties he had started to sever over the years, he found himself wanting to bind with them again. His grandparents were truly very special people. They may have their differences again through the years, but Ryo knew it would never stop them from loving him.
Dee decided not to think too much about what he had just married into. It was too overwhelming for him. That they were able to afford the wedding day they had was enough, along with the wedding night in one of the most prestigious hotels in the city. The Plaza might be the most photographed and known among the 5 star hotels in the city, but the Pierre was the most expensive and posh. While planning for their wedding night and honeymoon, Ryo and Dee found out that the year before the MacLeans acquired the Pierre, planning to make it the flagship hotel in a new chain the MacLeans were currently planning and acquiring more hotels worldwide. It was really nothing to the family to allow the best suite in the hotel for use for their wedding night. The hotel they were to stay in Atlanta had also been recently acquired and undergoing transition to become part of the new, still unannounced hotel chain.
Shortly after, the wedding reception came to an end, with the Brooklyn Bridge still aglow in wedding colors as the guests danced to the final song - “New York, New York”.
All the older guests took their leave from the happy couple, most stating they would see them at breakfast the next morning. Mother hugged Dee and Ryo, then allowed the orphans to say their good nights before she lead them off, following Estelle and Franklin out of Bridgewaters and to the waiting limos to take them home. The 22 passenger Escalade stretch limo that had been for use for the children waited to take the orphans, along with Mother back to the orphanage. Estelle and Franklin were to get into their Bentley to go to their own hotel room in the Pierre, deciding to stay the night in the city, rather than drive in from Long Island in the morning. Many of the family who were to attend the breakfast and lived outside the city were staying at the Pierre. The Lanes were also staying at the hotel, while the Aokis went to the Kitano hotel.
Dee and Ryo left Bridgewaters, once again dressed in outer wear and to their surprise found all their guests lined up along the street mall to the waiting hansom cab. Guests threw paper hearts and origami cranes as they walked, and got into the horse drawn carriage. Behind the hansom cab was a line up of stretch limousines and Roll Royces for wedding party and family to get into for their next destination of the night.
Only the older guests and children went home or to hotel rooms for the night. Dee and Ryo, while being the first to leave for the after party were the last to arrive.
Dee and Ryo were pleased to find that Vince and David had made it to the after party. The party was held in a large loft in Soho. It was divided up into three sections, each section decorated differently, but belonging to the same theme. The color was mostly blue, white and silver, using the pastel colors as accents. One section was the dance floor. In another section, there were light late night snacks, such as knishes, mini quinces, pigs in blankets, pizza, bagels with a variety of cream cheese spreads, a sweets table and a popcorn machine. The bar was also in that section, and high tables and chairs set up. The third section were couches and tables for guests to lounge and relax between dancing.
Drake had come up to Ryo and Dee, greeting them when they arrived and asked them what he had asked everyone else since he started to leave the reception to discover JJ had already left by himself.
“Hey, you wouldn't happen to know where JJ went, would you?” he asked the grooms.
Dee frowned. “Yeah, we do. JJ came up to us right after the last song, saying he had a headache and gave his apologies that he won't be here.”
Ryo, holding onto Dee's arm nodded. “Yeah. He looked really bad too, so we didn't try to talk him into going. We just told him we hoped he felt better and we'll see him at breakfast tomorrow.”
Drake sighed. “He was pissy for most of the last part of the reception and I don't know why.”
“Don't you?” Dee remarked cryptically. “And here I was going to ask what you did now.”
“Me? Why would you ask that?” Drake asked defensively.
“Because you're the one who seems to put JJ in a bad mood of late, that's why,” Ryo answered. “Stop the bullshit, Drake. Okay? Something is going on, and whatever it is, it's not what JJ is expecting it to be.”
Dee looked at Ryo in surprise. He did not expect Ryo to confront Drake, especially at that time.
“Oh, don't look at me like that, Dee. I'm getting sick of this horseshit already. You ask me, Drake, instead of drinking and partying more, you'd be best to go and see if there's anything you can do to make it right for JJ. If it isn't too late.”
They watched as Drake turned pale at Ryo's last statement. “I don't know. Maybe it is,” Drake replied defeated. “Look, it's your wedding day. Go off and enjoy yourselves. I'll take care of JJ. And if there's still something to talk about when you get back from your honeymoon, I'll come to you.” He looked at Ryo pointedly. “If it's all right with you.”
“Of course it is,” Ryo said, rolling his eyes. “You should have come to me sooner, you know.”
“I know, I know. I kept telling myself you had the wedding to think about and stuff.”
“That doesn't mean I would neglect my friends when they need me. You know that too.”
“I do know it. It was an excuse. I'm sorry.”
“Don't tell it to Ryo. You should be saying that to JJ,” Dee stated.
“I know that too. So… we'll see you at breakfast tomorrow. And Ryo, I'll hold you to that when you are back from the Bahamas.”
“I'll hold you to it,” Ryo replied with a wink. “Now go take care of your man.”
Drake smiled weakly, realizing it was no longer a secret with Ryo and Dee. “Yeah. I'll do my best. God, I never wanted to fuck this up like I do everything else. See ya, guys. And again, congratulations. This wedding… wow, dudes.”
Ryo and Dee smiled at Drake. “Yeah, that's what I'm still saying,” Dee laughed.
“Good luck,” Ryo said as Drake started to leave.
The newlyweds watched Drake for a minute more, then went onto mingling with their guests at the after party. They talked, ate more and danced. Before they knew it, their hour was up and they were saying good night to their guests who were still to party until the last one left.
“You were right,” Dee sighed happily, snuggled in Ryo's arms as the hansom cab made its way up Sixth Avenue. “Tonight went too fast for all the memories it had.”
Ryo nodded, his head against Dee's. “Yeah. I know. It was all so wonderful. Everything. And Grandma and Grandfather… my God. I'm still stunned.”
Dee giggled. “I'm still speechless. Last I heard the Bridge is still lit up.”
“It will be until dawn, so I heard. I guess it'll be in the papers, and not some small article in the society page.”
Dee smiled. “You mean that Dee married Ryo will make page 5?” he asked.
“At least.” Ryo grinned and kissed Dee. “Hang on a moment, love.”
“Huh?” Dee asked as Ryo pulled away from Dee.
Carefully, Ryo stood up in the carriage and with his arms wide open toward the sky yelled at the top of his lungs, “I'M MARRIED TO DEE!!!! THE MOST WONDERFUL MAN IN THE WORLD!!!! WOO-HOO!!!!!”
Dee laughed, holding onto Ryo to make sure he didn't fall. Ryo dropped in the seat next to Dee. “There. I got it out.”
Dee laughed more. “I love you so much,” Dee intoned, managing to take a deep breath, before kissing Ryo deeply.
The two hardly noticed the snow started to come down again, nor those still out in the streets of New York on a snowy Saturday night. The driver smirked with amusement as they hardly acknowledged horns honking in response to the “Just Married” sign. She took the cab up Sixth Avenue to Central Park South. At Central Park South, the cab went east, along the hotels and luxury buildings on their right and Central Park on their left. She made a left on Madison, while the couple in the back continued to kiss and nuzzle like the newlyweds they were. She went north the three blocks and made a left on 61st Street. The carriage made its way west the one block to Fifth Avenue, going past brownstones and luxury buildings along the partially tree lined street. Another left and down the street a little and she was directed into the loading zone by the doorman who were expecting their arrival.
She had to clear her throat loudly several times before heads moved apart, and the couple looked around them.
“The Pierre Hotel, gentlemen,” the driver announced. “Enjoy your visit. And it's been a pleasure being your driver tonight.”
Dee chuckled as he sat up more in the seat, helping Ryo. “It's been a pleasure having you as your driver.”
“And thank you for allowing me to be part of that glorious wedding reception. I'll remember it for the rest of my life,” she said with a smile, watching the two handsome men start to stand.
She was already paid by Barry at the reception, but as Ryo started to depart from the carriage first, he handed her an envelope. “Please, take this as a token of our appreciation for being a part of this special day.” He winked at her and once again, jumped down with a flourish, causing the waiting doorman to jump to the side, and Dee to start laughing.
Ryo held up his hands to help Dee down, while another doorman went around the other side to collect their overnight bags.
It was no secret that this was the grandson of the hotel's owners, along with his new husband for their wedding night. The staff on duty that night were instructed to give them the utmost attention and courtesy.
As Dee's feet touched the sidewalk, he was once again pulled in for a kiss. With arms around each other, the couple followed the doormen into the hotel. There was no check in. They were greeted by the manager on duty, was told if there was anything they required to call, and that all amenities were already covered, and to enjoy their stay. They were escorted to the elevator taking them to the top floor and the best suite in the hotel.
The bellhop unlocked the door to their suite as Ryo and Dee kissed again. They broke apart to find the door open and the bellhop already placing their bags on a chair just inside the room.
“Will here be okay, gentlemen?” he asked.
Ryo nodded. “That's fine.” He looked at Dee. “Baby, I hope you don't get mad, but if you tried this, you'd have a miscarriage, so…” In one quick swoop, Ryo gathered Dee in his arms. “May I carry you over the threshold?”
Dee flushed, his green eyes glowing. He kissed Ryo's cheek. “I love it when you take charge,” was his reply and he rested his head against Ryo's as Ryo entered the room.
The bellhop chuckled delighted. “I'm glad to see tradition still holds true.”
Dee winked at the bell hop. “Well, I am the one in white. And pregnant. So.” He kissed Ryo again.
“And on that note, I will be leaving you gentlemen to enjoy the rest of your wedding night. Congratulations, Mr. & Mr. Laytner-MacLean.”
“Thank you,” Ryo replied. He continued to kiss Dee as the door closed behind the doorman. He walked across the lavishly decorated room to the couch near windows overlooking Central Park below. Gently he settled Dee on the couch, and looked around. The room was ready for them, he noticed. Only one light was on dim by a doorway leading to the bedroom. Candles were lit in the living room. There were calla lilies and blue iris in vases on tables. Also on a table near the couch was a bucket with sparkling cider chilled in ice, and crystal champagne glasses. Next to the bucket were chocolate covered strawberries. Ryo smiled.
“Grandma told me not to worry about tips,” he explained to Dee as he removed his coat and scarf. “She said that anyone who caters to us during our stay will get bonuses, which will be more sizable than tips.” As he spoke, he watched Dee take his coat and scarf off. He took the items from Dee and went to hang them up, along with his.
“Ah… gotcha.” Dee looked around the room as he unbuttoned his jacket. “Damn, I could get used to this pretty fast,” he remarked. “This is even nicer than the Plaza.”
“It's a finer hotel than the Plaza,” Ryo replied, going over to the ice bucket. “The Plaza is just better known among the masses.”
“And this belongs to your grandparents?” Dee asked.
“Yes. So Grandma explained to me. They bought it last year, and a few months ago bought out the Peachtree Plaza in Atlanta. They're in negotiations to buy another hotel, then I believe they'll start remodeling and marketing the campaign for a new hotel chain.”
“And buy more over the years, I'm sure,” Dee replied, watching Ryo take the bottle out and dry it with a nearby towel.
“Yup. It's another family holding, so I'm told. I guess that would mean that we'll have at least a few shares in the venture, since we've been told repeatedly that we're family, and how I'm the current MacLean heir, and that Chibi there is the future heir.”
Ryo pulled the top off with a pop, and then looked at the bottle. With a snort, he shook his head. “Only my family. Fine imported sparking grape juice from France.”
Dee laughed. “One thing I always wonder about when I hear them talk of heirs. What do they mean? I mean, like, isn't all the kids heirs to their family fortune? Dani and Stefen will get whatever Elena has and so on?”
“Something like. There's the MacLeans as a family. And then the direct central line. In our branch of the family, the one that made money and a name for themselves, my dad's line is the central line. Grandfather is the oldest child of the oldest child. My dad was born before Elena. So the major portion of the MacLean fortune went to Dad. Apparently now that I'm accepted into the family with open arms again, instead of it going to Elena, it'll go to me, as the oldest, and only child my dad had. Chibi, being my first born child of blood, will be my heir. That makes me and Chibi the MacLean heirs. And you, my wonderful husband, are the heir apparent. Meaning, you're included in everything I get. Just as Grandma was when my great grandparents passed on and Grandfather got everything. Mostly it means that one day down the road, we'll be the heads of the MacLean family, making most of the decisions that affect the family, yadda yadda yadda. Supposedly we won't have to worry about the businesses. There's people to do that and report to us. We'll merely make decisions based on what we're advised. And make sure all the shares go out as they should to other family members. Again, there will be people doing all the brainwork for that.”
“Oh…” Dee sat on the couch, looking stunned.
“And of course, since Bikky is our son, while he can't be direct heir since he's adopted, he's still our son. So he'll probably see the next biggest inheritance after Chibi. Which will come from us, unless Grandma or Grandfather survive both of us, then it will be from them.”
“Gotcha. But, how about let's leave that talk about who survives who for another day besides our wedding day?” Dee asked.
“Of course,” Ryo replied. “You asked, I answered. And now….” Ryo poured the grape juice into the glasses and went to sit down next to Dee. He handed one glass to Dee. “Now a private toast, a little snack and then let's check out the master sleeping chamber, shall we?”
“Now that sounds like a plan,” Dee said. He accepted the glass with a kiss. “To forever and a day.” He intertwined his arm with Ryo's as they sipped the grape juice.
After another kiss, Ryo smiled at Dee. “To being lucky enough to marry our soulmate.”
“Agreed,” Dee said, taking another sip.
“Here, get comfortable,” Ryo said, as he started to loosen Dee's tie. “I'm surprised that stayed even through the after party,” he said with a giggle.
“I'm so ready to lose it now. Please.”
“Of course.” Ryo set their glasses on the table as he continued to take Dee's tie off.