Fake Fan Fiction ❯ The Unexpected II ❯ A Wedding Interlude ( Chapter 29 )

[ Y - Young Adult: Not suitable for readers under 16 ]

Title: The Unexpected II
Chapter 27-A - A Wedding Night Interlude
Rating: 18+
Fandom: FAKE
Pairings: Ryo/Dee (mostly), some Dee/Ryo
Warnings: Yaoi, Male/male, Smut and Smex, MPREG, AU If you don't like, don't read!
Disclaimer: FAKE is not mine. We have Sanami Matoh for giving us Dee, Ryo and the rest of the 27th precinct characters. Any OCs appearing in this fic are mine.
A/N: Anyone up for one more chapter? I'm going to start calling this the wedding weekend. LOL! Coming up shortly (as in within the hour) will be an interlude for Dee and Ryo's wedding night (but over at the real adult places, like AFF and , so if you're of age, keep an eye out over there). Once I get through the wedding, the rest of The Unexpected II will be posted through the month of August.
# # # # # #
The newlyweds pulled apart from the latest kiss. They had remained on the couch in the living room of their suite, exchanging kisses and caresses, while nibbling on chocolate covered strawberries and drinking sparking grape juice. It was getting later, but despite Dee's earlier anticipation of getting to the wedding night part of the day, they both welcomed the chance to just sit back and relax, glowing in the aftermath of their wedding day.
“Now that it's all over, I feel as if today was a dream,” Dee softly said, holding Ryo close. He rested his chin on his new husband's shoulder. “It was amazing enough just marrying you. But the ceremony and reception, then that after party… my God, Ryo! I can't believe it was for our wedding and not one of your cousins.”
Ryo chuckled and kissed the side of Dee's face. “It's real, Dee. We'll have pictures and video to prove it. But I know what you mean. I can't wait to see the wedding DVD when it's ready.” Ryo started to rub Dee's back. “When I asked you to marry me, I agreed to simple because at the time I thought it was all we would be able to afford, and I didn't want to put us in hock, especially with a baby on the way. I wasn't even sure if Grandfather would go at all, or even Obasan and the rest of my mother's family would. I didn't care. I wanted to marry you, and that's all that mattered to me.” Ryo smiled warmly. “But knowing we got married in front of all our family makes today so much more special.”
“Yeah, it does,” Dee agreed. “There's nothing left to make us feel we have to hide from anyone anymore. Damn, I swear I feel like I just had another `coming out', or something.” He laughed softly.
Ryo smiled and laughed with Dee. He kissed Dee's head again, knowing it was not just his decision for the hiding. Dee had a few reasons of his own to keep things under wrap for a while. The most important was to remain partners. When they were getting ready to move in together, they did sit down and discuss the pros and cons of coming out at work, but decided against it, not wanting to take any chances of one of them finding himself reassigned to another precinct. So they kept it quiet, until they knew they could no longer keep it a secret. Wedding plans and a baby on the way would have made it difficult. Ryo was glad it was all in the past. He preferred to be open about how he felt about Dee. Everyone knew the truth now. Family, friends, acquaintances and those at work knew they were married.
“That's the past,” he said to Dee. “This is now, and you are my husband, Dee Laytner-MacLean. I never want us to deny that.”
“I have no intention to.” Dee pulled his head away enough to gaze at Ryo's face. “I love you.”
“Love you, too, Dee.”
Their mouths met for a long, languid, lingering kiss. Dee stood up, holding his hand out. “Would you like to join me in the bedroom?” he asked.
Ryo smiled up at Dee, at the look that promised many delights in the bedroom. Ryo also noticed something else that he found amusing. When they first entered the suite, Dee's face reflected his awe of the opulence of their wedding night suite. Shortly after they settled down on the couch, Dee's eyes seemed fixed on Ryo, as if their surroundings did not matter to his dark haired husband, as long as they were together. It made Ryo feel as if he truly was the center of Dee's world that night, and loved how it felt.
He took the offered hand in his, caressing it. “I'd love to,” he replied, standing up. He found himself being pulled close, with Dee's arms around him and being kissed again.
“I want to make love to my husband tonight,” Dee softly said.
Ryo replied with a deep kiss, as hands started to undo shirt buttons.
The short trek to the bedroom reminded Ryo much of the night he had told Dee that he loved him three years ago. They had left a trail of clothes strewn across Ryo's apartment, from the front door to his bedroom. Now the trail went from the couch in the suite's living room to the foot of the bed. Ryo found himself standing next to the bed in only his boxers, his fingers running through Dee's thick hair.
Dee was kissing his way down Ryo's torso until he was on his knees before the man he loved heart and soul, pulling down light blue boxers. He smiled and licked his lips as Ryo's erection sprang free.
Dee smirked, staring at his husband's manhood. “My, I don't think you need to get in the mood,” he commented.
Ryo looked down to find Dee's head was tilted up, gazing at him. “Are you going to sit there and just state the obvious? Or are you planning to do something about it?” he asked.
Dee chuckled. “Talk about stating the obvious. Of course, I intend to do something about it.” His tongue darted out to run along the length of the underside of Ryo's cock, then back along the top. Reaching the head, Dee ran his tongue around the ridge before taking it in his mouth.
Ryo moaned loudly, then again as more of him was taken deep into Dee's mouth. His fingers clenched locks of hair as Dee brought him closer to release. When Ryo felt he could not hold back anymore, he tried to pull Dee's head away. “Dee… stop,” he gasped. “I'm going to…”
“Then do it, baby,” Dee said, pulling his head away long enough to speak. “Cum deep inside my mouth for me.”
Ryo groaned, loving when Dee would talk dirty during sex. “B-but you… I'm sure you're in as much need….”
“We'll take care of me next,” Dee assured him, then went back to his task.
There was no further protest as Dee took Ryo to orgasm. Ryo ended up pulling Dee's hair, trying to stay on shaky legs as he came loudly. Dee's arms held him in place, assuring he would not fall. Only when Dee stood up, did he allow Ryo to fall back, controlled by him until the older man's back hit the mattress. Dee crawled onto the bed, hovering over Ryo, kissing him, allowing Ryo to taste himself.
“I hope you find you taste as good as I find you,” Dee murmured as they kissed.
“Mmm…” was the only reply Ryo had as he ran his hands across Dee's firm chest, up to his shoulders and then to his upper back. Ryo still had enough presence of mind not to bring attention to Dee's swell whenever Dee was top. It was the reason Dee topping had started to happen less with each week, as he filled out more, looking more pregnant. He wanted Dee to have that on their wedding night. The first time they made love as a married couple, he wanted Dee to have the honors. There would be enough times after for Ryo to return the favor.
“Dee,” Ryo moaned as Dee's fingers played with hardened nipples. “Don't take the long way tonight. Just do it. Please. I want to feel you deep in me.”
Dee smiled. “Oh?” He nipped a nipple, causing Ryo's back to arch as he cried out. “You want it that badly?”
“Tell me, Ryo. Tell me what you want,” Dee insisted, before he dragged his tongue across Ryo's well defined chest to the other nipple. He clamped down on it with his teeth, tugging.
Ryo cried out again. “You…” he replied. “I want you. Fuck me, Dee. Please. Hard and deep.”
“I can do that,” Dee remarked, licking the abused nipple. He kissed Ryo again. “You stay right there, while I dig out some stuff.” Dee smiled, his eyes meeting Ryo's, a wicked glimmer in dark green eyes. “Make sure you stay in the mood.” He grabbed one of Ryo's hands from his shoulders, and moved it between their bodies until it rested on Ryo's hardening cock. “You know I love it.”
Ryo sighed as he started to stroke himself as Dee went to the bag he packed with goodies from their bachelor parties. His eyes settled on Dee, as the other man bend down to quickly rummage through the bag, wearing just his boxers. “Hurry, Dee,” he said.
Dee turned, a small pillow pack of lube in his hand and grinned at Ryo. “Oh, what a naughty boy,” he commented, licking his lips. He went back to the bed, and crawled on it until he knelt next to Ryo. “Baby, you have no idea how sexy you are when you do things like that.”
Ryo moaned softly for a reply. “I'm imagining this is your hand doing this to me, Dee. But I want more than your hand on my cock.”
Dee positioned himself so he was able to kiss Ryo again, replacing his husband's hand with his own. “I should make you beg, you know,” he said between kisses. “But you get a free ticket because of our wedding night.”
Ryo chuckled. “I take it no free ticket during the honeymoon?” he asked.
“Nope.” Dee helped Ryo sit up, and the two settled more in the middle of the bed.
“Fine. I'll remember that. Payback's a bitch, you know.”
“I'm looking forward to it,” Dee leered.
Ryo started to turn around and get on his knees, when Dee stopped him. “No. Not that way,” he stated.
Ryo was surprised. In the last few weeks, whenever Dee topped, they had done it with Ryo on his knees or stomach. It was easier not to bring attention to Dee's swollen abdomen. Ryo could not grab, or pet or rub it during the act, while Dee was able to just barely ignore it long enough to give them pleasure.
“No?” Ryo asked.
“I want to see your face tonight. I want to see my husband's face in the throes of our lovemaking.”
Ryo smiled warmly, caressing Dee's face. “I'd like that too.”
Dee started to kiss Ryo again, as he opened the pack to apply some to his fingers. It did not take him long in probing in Ryo's tight opening to know the other man was ready. Ryo was moaning and begging Dee to take him. As Dee positioned himself between Ryo's legs, the other man wrapped his legs around Dee's waist, lifting his body a little to make it easier for Dee to enter him.
“C'mon, nail me good, Mr. Laytner-MacLean,” Ryo urged him.
“With pleasure,” Dee remarked. He entered Ryo, and before giving the other man a chance to accommodate himself, he thrust forward, filling Ryo to the hilt.
Ryo lifted his hips more as he cried out. “God, yes, Dee!” he cried.
Dee chuckled and leaned over to nip Ryo's shoulder. “If you feel that way about it,” he stated, and started a steady rhythm of pulling out to the head and filling Ryo completely again.
Ryo clawed the sheets, gasping and moaning as Dee continued to drive him further and further to the edge.
It was just as well, Dee thought. As much as he would have loved to take his time, make Ryo beg more, tease him and make it last as long as he could, it was late. It was going onto 2 am, and they had to be up by 8 the latest to get ready to leave for their honeymoon, and head over to the wedding brunch. It was to start at 10, and by noon, they will be on their way to LaGuardia airport for a 2:15 flight to Atlanta. Dee also knew that it would be soon enough when the high of their wedding day will wear off, and they'll be exhausted.
“Harder,” Ryo groaned, lifting his hips more as Dee continued to thrust in and out of his husband. “God, you feel so great.” His eyes fixed on Dee. “It feels better than the last time.”
“That's `cause I'm making love to my husband tonight,” Dee rasped. He moaned again too, loving the sensation of filling the man he loved so deeply. He watched Ryo's face, knowing it was a turn on of itself. “You're beautiful,” he sighed.
“I'm so close, Dee,” Ryo groaned. He was at the point when he needed completion, but he didn't want the moment to end. He wanted it to last through the night, feeling Dee make love to him for the first time as his husband.
Dee nailed his sweet spot in his next thrust, making Ryo cry out again. A hand grabbed Dee's arm, clenching it tightly. “That was good, wasn't it?” Dee sighed. Sweat dripped from his face and chest, from the exertion. He managed to nail Ryo again, causing both men to moan loudly. “Come for me, Ryo. My love. My husband.” He moaned again, feeling he was so close now. He found himself holding back, waiting for Ryo. “C'mon, baby. I want us to cum together.”
“Me too,” Ryo moaned. “God, yes, just like that, almost….” He started to breath heavier, both hands once again clenching the sheets, balling them up in his grip. “Dee,” he sighed.
Dee felt it in Ryo's body and stopped holding himself back. One more deep, swift thrust and both men cried out as Dee filled Ryo with his seed. Ryo's cum splattered onto his lower body, some splashing onto Dee's. Ryo gasped loudly, as the world turned white for a few seconds. He felt Dee start to drape over him. With shaky arms, he grabbed onto Dee and moved them so Dee collapsed on the mattress alongside Ryo, both of them face to face.
Ryo started to kiss Dee's face. “I didn't want it to end, but I couldn't hold out anymore.”
Dee nodded, gasping to catch his breath. “Yeah. Me too. We won't have another first time like that,” he said, nuzzling Ryo's chin.
“Not this way, no. But perhaps tomorrow night there will be another first time married?”
“I'm looking forward to it,” Dee said, putting his arms around Ryo and pulling him close. “I love you, Ryo. Forever.”
“I love you too, Dee. So so much.” They kissed again.
They lay quietly for a few minutes with Ryo in Dee's arms.
“Dee?” Ryo asked into the contented silence. He noticed Dee was starting to drift off.
“I know you're probably comfortable, but I think it's a good idea for us to take a nice bath, even if a short one. You'll probably be grateful in the morning for it, because I'm sure you're bound to be sore otherwise.”
Dee sighed. “I don't want to move.”
“Then stay here while I go run the bath,” Ryo suggested.
Dee shook his head. “No. I'll fall asleep and you won't get me to wake up for a few hours at least.” He chuckled and kissed Ryo again before pulling away to sit up. “C'mon. You're probably right. And I think you'll be a bit sore yourself too. It's been a very long and exciting day.”
“And beautiful.”
“Definitely beautiful. Thank you, Ryo.”
“For what?” Ryo asked, sitting up and putting his arms around Dee's shoulders.
“For being my husband. You have no idea how wonderful I feel knowing we're married now.”
“Oh, I think I have some idea,” Ryo replied with a sly grin. “Because I feel the same way, gorgeous.” He kissed Dee's chin and got off the bed, grabbing the two hotel robes set out. He went over to hand one to Dee. “Here. Put this one and let's go take that bath. The sooner we do, the sooner we're back here and getting some sleep.”
Dee took the robe with a smile and another kiss. He put it on and followed Ryo into the bathroom.
In the bath, they settled with Dee between Ryo's legs, and leaning against his chest. Ryo had his arms around Dee, finally able to pet the swell that was their child as they relaxed in the large sunken jacuzzi, the room cast in candlelight. He softly kissed Dee's shoulders and neck, and rubbed his shoulders and back. When Ryo caught himself yawning for the 5th time, he noticed Dee was once again dozing off, nestled comfortably in Ryo's arms. Ryo felt guilty for having to nudge Dee and making him move again, but they could not spend the night in the tub. He stirred Dee to semi-alertness with nibbles and licks on his neck.
Dee groaned, but by then was too tired to do anything but shiver and enjoy how it felt.
“C'mon Dee. Let's get to bed now. You're not going to get eight hours sleep as it is.”
Dee sighed and slowly started to get out of the tub. “At least I can sleep on the plane, I hope.”
“The pills Vince gave you should help if there's still an queasiness to be felt,” Ryo assured him. “Besides, I think that last time was mostly because you were in that morning sickness stage, and flying didn't help it at all.”
“No, it didn't. Vince is probably right.” Dee had grabbed two soft fluffy oversized towels from the rack and held one out to Ryo as the other man got out of the tub.
They quickly dried off, blew out the candles and arm in arm, went back into the bedroom. Not very long after, Dee was asleep in Ryo's arms, a soft smile on his face. Ryo dared to lean over just enough to kiss the bump. With a gentle smile, he said, “Good night, Chibi. I'll bet you're all worn out too from all the excitement today.”
Dee's smile grew and he snuggled further into Ryo's arms when Ryo settled himself for sleep. Ryo had his own big grin as he felt a little movement from Dee's abdomen. “I'll take that as a yes,” he said, then closed his eyes to go to sleep.