Fake Fan Fiction ❯ The Unexpected II ❯ I Never Took You For A Quitter ( Chapter 35 )

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Title: The Unexpected II
Chapter 33 - Never Took You For A Quitter
Rating: R
Fandom: FAKE
Pairings: Ryo/Dee (mostly), some Dee/Ryo
Warnings: Yaoi, Male/male, MPREG, AU If you don't like, don't read!
Disclaimer: FAKE is not mine. We have Sanami Matoh for giving us Dee, Ryo and the rest of the 27th precinct characters. Any OCs appearing in this fic are mine.
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March 23, 2006
With a huge grin Ryo entered the squad room. “Morning everyone. And look who I have with me.”
Those in the room looked over to Ryo. Immediately JJ was on his feet and making a dash for the man who appeared behind Ryo. Ryo grabbed onto JJ. “Easy there, remember?”
JJ nodded. “I remember.”
Ryo stepped out of the way.
JJ's eyes went wide. “Holy…” He went over to hug Dee. “Welcome back, Dee.”
Dee laughed as he hugged JJ back. “Thanks.”
Drake and Ted chuckled as they went over to welcome Dee back. While Ryo looked sharp in his dark blue suit, complete with jacket still on, his blue pinstriped shirt crisp with his tie in place, Dee wore a pair of black cargo pants and red dress shirt, both of them of fashionable Carrier style that Estelle had bought for him before the honeymoon.
“Dee, this isn't the Bahamas anymore,” Ted said, shaking his head amused as he slapped Dee on his arm in greeting.
Dee pinned Ted in his wrinkled shirt under a zip up hoodie and jeans. “You're one to talk, bud. Let me tell you, after the last week, this is dressed up.” He crossed his arms stubbornly, dark green eyes flashing to Drake, daring the other detective to say anything.
“I think you look great, Dee,” JJ stated. “May I?”
Dee chuckled. “Sure. Go ahead.”
JJ gently patted the swelled which appeared to be bigger to the smaller detective. “Hi there, Chibi. Did you have fun this week too?”
Drake's mouth dropped. “Whoa Dee! Not to get you upset but you're bigger than I last saw you.”
Dee's eyes went to Drake as JJ pulled away, smiling. “Duh, growing baby here,” he remarked, his hands indicating his swell. “But really I'm not really much bigger than when I left. I think it's only because you didn't see me for almost two weeks. “ He lifted his shirt. “See?”
Ryo laughed.
“Dee!” Ted remarked. “There's a lady in the room!”
“Oh, it's nothing that I don't see on my husband,” Dana remarked, getting up. “I think it's wonderful.” With an amused look, she looked at Ryo. “He's probably like my husband too. One minute showing off, the next acting all shy, trying to hide the bump.”
Ryo laughed more, putting his arm around Dee. “Oh, definitely Dee. I see you'll know how to handle him then. Dee, this is your new partner I told you about last night, Dana Jensen. Dana, Dee Laytner-MacLean.”
She held her hand out to Dee. “It's a pleasure to meet you, Dee. I'm looking forward to working with you. When I was asked if I wanted to join this unit, it was like a dream come true. I know we'll make a difference.”
Dee smiled at the petite blond. “Hi Dana. I agree. I was pretty excited when they told me the news. I'm looking forward to it. Of course, best would be if we don't get too busy, if you know what I mean.”
“It means then he could slack,” Drake called out.
“Fuck you, Drake. Oh… I'm sorry, Dana!”
“That's fine. My husband is in construction and I was in the Navy. Nothing you could say will offend me,” Dana assured him.
Ryo turned to introduce Dee to Andy and noticed the frown on his younger partner's face.
“That's not politically correct. In sensitivity training, they say there's no tolerance for language like that.”
Drake nodded. “I can see that outside, dealing with the public, but it's not all that easy when you see what's out there.” He patted Dee on his back. “Glad to have you back, Dee. I see vacation was very good to you.”
“Being that the vacation was a honeymoon made it more than just very good,” Dee grinned.
“I've seen a lot back in patrol, and with CSU, but I don't swear,” Andy stated.
“JJ doesn't either,” Ryo pointed out.
JJ shrugged. “I let it roll off me. Most of the time, they get downright funny when they start up, so it's entertainment.”
“I don't find it funny,” Andy stated. “How many times do I have to tell you that.”
“Fine! I'm sorry,” Dee snapped. He gave Ryo a glance. Ryo had warned him about Andy when he filled Dee in on the new faces in their unit.
“Being that you're both in charge, I would think you'd be more of an example,” Andy said.
“I do make an example,” Dee remarked. “Believe me, I've made examples over time.” He looked annoyed.
Ryo almost laughed, catching Dee's meaning of making examples of others, and the reason for so many creatively written reports in the past. “Dee, this is my new partner, Andy Rozinsky. Andy, my husband, Dee.”
Dee nodded toward Andy, immediately put off by the young detective. He looked around the office. “Where's Diana and the other FBI agent?”
“They're at their headquarters, still ironing out the wrinkles of their inclusion to this unit. Then they're going to run a few things through the FBI database for us,” Ted explained as he sat down at his desk.
“I hear that once again, Diana will be handling food with her return,” Ryo stated with an impish grin.
“Oh?” Ted asked.
Ryo nodded. “I made her promise when I spoke to her last night.” He laughed.
“Cool!” Ted said.
“I think we can all sit down and go over things with Dee before he has to go through the rest of settling in,” Ryo said. “Diana and Dom will fill us in on anything new they have when they get back.”
“Sounds like a plan,” Dee agreed. “Just let me grab my tea and some notes.” He leaned over to lightly kiss Ryo's cheek. “I'll get your coffee and notepad.”
“Thank you,” Ryo said with a smile. Out of the corner of his eyes he noticed Andy frown again. He shook his head. To everyone else, he said, “Let's get comfortable then.”
~+~ ~+~ ~+~ ~+~ ~+~
An hour later, things were winding down. Ryo stood up and stretched. “I think that'll be enough for now,” he stated, looking at his watch. “Diana and Dom should be back in an hour or so.”
Dee sighed, his eyes flickering to Andy, and then away. It was a good thing Ryo was partnered with the rookie detective and not him. Ryo had better control on his language usually, but while they talked, even a few words that met Andy's disapproval slipped from Ryo's mouth. Particularly since Ryo's favorite word to use referring to the killer was `bastard', and it came up quite often. As the others filled Dee in to bring him up to par on the case, each time a word that Andy didn't feel was right to say was said, the rookie would have a frown on his face.
Dee stood up too, getting ready to go into the office he shared with Ryo. “An hour or so?” Dee asked. “Dude, I'm fuckin' starving now, dammit.”
“I replenished your supply yesterday, remember?” Ryo remarked amused. “I'll get you a yogurt and you can have some pound cake too, if you like.”
“I want a SnoBall,” Dee remarked. “Several of them. I want to sink my teeth into that gooey marshmallow and chocolate cake and cream.”
“I think I saw some in the snack machine, Dee,” JJ said.
“Oh? Good, then I'm here,” Dee said.
“Does your mouth ever stop?” Andy asked Dee with a deep frown. “Honestly, I would think you would consider keeping your language under control while Carrying that baby. Or do you plan for your kid's first word to be the F-word?”
“Now wouldn't Bikky get a kick outta that shit,” Dee stated, making sure he included the last word.
“You don't talk like that around your son, do you?” Andy asked. He looked over to Ryo.
Ryo nodded. “Well, we try not to, but Bikky was a child of the streets too long by the time I took him home, and while he's getting better, I doubt we can completely take the street kid out of him.”
“Yup. That's our boy,” Dee agreed. “But he's come a long way from the kid Ryo took in. He's a good kid.” Dee fixed Andy with a glare. “So don't go dissing him because he says a few bad words here and there.”
Andy sniffed and stood up. “Excuse me, but I'm going to find some coffee.”
The others watched him walk out of the room.
“I heard he went to Chief and complained about language used around here,” Ted remarked.
JJ nodded. “Chief told him to grow up and get back to work.”
“Then he went to the Commissioner in the afternoon yesterday,” Drake stated. “I don't know what became of that, but obviously we haven't heard anything from Rose yet.”
Ryo snorted. The others all looked at him. “Rose told him to get the hell out of his fuckin' office and don't come back unless he's accompanied by one of us.”
Marty's mouth dropped. Ted's mouth twitched. JJ pressed his lips together tightly, his cheeks puffing out slightly. Drake covered his mouth. Dana couldn't quite his her snicker.
Dee burst out in laughter. The others joined Dee, all of them having a good laugh.
When they were all laughed out, Ryo placed his arm around Dee's waist. “Time for you to go inside and see what reports are waiting for you.”
“Reports!” Dee cried out, not entirely in mock terror. “I wanna go back to the Bahamas.”
Ryo looked back at the others who laughed again and winked. “Dana, in a little while, he'll be all yours to start going over your cases.”
“Should we let you know when the food gets here?” JJ asked.
Ryo lifted his free hand and gave JJ the thumbs up before he guided Dee all the way into their office, closing the door behind them.
~+~ ~+~ ~+~ ~+~ ~+~
Not more than a half hour later, Ryo's extension rang. After a few quick uh huhs, he hung up the phone. Dee was staring at Ryo as the other man stood up casually and sauntered over to stand by Dee.
“Dee, come on. Chief and Rose want to give you the official run down of while we've been gone.”
Dee studied Ryo with intense dark green eyes. “Hm?” Noticing Ryo's face, he added, “What's wrong?”
“Well…” Ryo took a deep breath. “Dee, I'm sorry, but there were some things I was told that I was not at liberty to tell you last night.”
“What?” Dee stood up, glaring at Ryo. “What things?”
“Come on and you'll find out. This is not something I could talk about at home. It was an order, and I'll have to admit I understand the reasoning. Which is why I waited until today. Chief got me nice and early yesterday and they're doing the same for you.” Ryo caressed Dee's arm before turning to start heading out of the office.
Dee realized he had no choice but to follow his husband out of the office and followed Ryo. “Okay, so why did you just get Chief yesterday?” he demanded as he caught up to walk next to Ryo.
“Because something came up yesterday that the Commissioner had no choice but to take care of. Otherwise he would have been with Chief yesterday.” Ryo glanced at Dee and tried giving him a teasing smile. “What's the big deal anyway? Less than a year ago, you would have been complaining because I'm certain Rose would have made himself available for a meeting with just me, and disappeared when it was your turn. Should I be getting jealous.”
Dee snorted. “Not on your life. You might have noticed that I married you, not him. Heaven forbid,” he stated. “Perish all thoughts of me and Rose from that pretty head of yours before you make me nauseous.”
Ryo giggled, thankful to get Dee in a better mood before the bad news was told. “Gone already. I was making myself sick.”
“Thank goodness,” Dee sighed as Ryo came to stop before Chief Smith's office door.
Ryo knocked on the door.
Before he had a chance to grasp the doorknob, they head the Chief grump, “Come in.”
Ryo opened the door and held it for Dee.
“Ah Dee. Welcome back from your honeymoon,” Commissioner Rose greeted from his spot, which was a corner of the Chief's desk. “Good morning Ryo. I trust the rest of your first day back was good.”
“It's good to be back, sir,” Ryo replied.
“Diana told me you had a lovely time in the Bahamas,” he said, his eyes going to Dee.
“It was a great place for a getaway,” Dee replied. “But it's good to be back in the city. And at work.” He smirked, his eyes going from the Commissioner to the Chief. “As hard as you might believe that.”
Rose chuckled.
“Sit down, you two,” Chief ordered. “And welcome back, Dee. I take it you met your temporary partner?”
“Dana? Yes. I think we'll work well together. Not as well as me and Ryo, but well enough to do more than just a decent job.”
“That's good.”
As Ryo sat next to Dee, he noticed a Starbucks cup sitting on the other side of Chief's desk from the Commissioner.
“I understand you made my husband lie to me last night,” Dee remarked.
Chief shrugged. “Not exactly lie. More like omit information. It's better you hearing this officially.”
Dee peered at the Chief, then over at Rose. What he found in their faces caused him to frown. “What is it? What happened?” he asked, realizing both men appeared nervous. Something Dee would never have thought to see, especially with them having something to tell him.
“Well Dee,” the Commissioner started, “we don't want you to take this the wrong way.”
Dee started to look confused. He looked at Ryo, hoping to get some answers from his husband's answering gaze. Instead, Ryo glanced away, looking uncomfortable.
Ryo gaze wavered for no more than a second or two before his attention went back to Dee, placing a hand on the dark haired detective's shoulder. “Dee, hear them out before doing anything rash. Okay?”
Dee started to scowl. “Okay, pass on the bullshit and get to the point,” he demanded of all three men in the office with him.
Rose picked up a manila folder. He opened the flap but did not put his hand in it as he started to talk. “One of the victims found on your wedding day came with a bonus,” he explained.
“Bonus?” Dee snapped. “Come now, Commissioner. You could do better than that, sir.”
Rose came around the desk to stand before Dee. “This is difficult because this is going to upset you. Just promise me we'll think of the baby and let us finish what we have to say. Okay?”
Dee's eyes met the Commissioner. He hesitated on making any promises. He felt Ryo's hand that was still on his shoulder give an encouraging squeeze. The simple action reminded him that he was not alone in whatever it was. He had a husband to consider, along with a baby on the way. He took a deep breath, attempting to calm himself before he nodded. “I'll do my best.”
“Fine.” Rose handed the envelope to Dee. “Our killer decided to make a demand. One we have no intention of giving into him.”
Dee removed the photos of the note.
The three men watched the play of emotions on the pregnant man's face. First his eyes went wide with shock, then he paled. A deep frown followed as he got his color back. Finally as he turned to stare hopelessly at Ryo, the horror of realizing the full implication sank in. He paled again.
“Oh my God,” he croaked past suddenly dry lips, his eyes fixed on the photos in his hand.
Chief stood up, carrying the Starbucks cup Ryo had noticed. The Chief handed Ryo the cup, his eyes indicating Dee.
Ryo nodded, accepting the cup. The aroma of fresh chamomile wafted up to his nose. Meanwhile Dee was doing his best to keep breathing against his rising horror.
Ryo held the cup out to Dee. “Drink this, Dee,” he spoke, somehow sounding calm. Inside he was raging with anger at the Carrier killer, and filled with fear of what could happen if they did not get Dee to calm down.
Dee reached for the cup with a shaky hand. Ryo ended up helping his husband take a sip. After urging Dee to take a couple of deep breaths as they had learned when they took the partner pregnancy yoga classes during their honeymoon, he managed to get Dee to have another drink. He made sure he maintain hold on the cup, watching for signs of when to offer more to his husband.
“Dee, we're all standing behind you,” Chief assure the distraught man as Dee's eyes went back to the photos again.
When he finally looked up to face his superior, his face still held the horror to the truth he had come to, while his eyes flashed with pure fury.
“They're dead because of me,” he finally spoke, his voice lower than normal for Dee.
“Because of the killer, Dee,” Chief corrected.
“Five men and five fetuses - innocent unborn babies - died because of me.” His eyes went from Chief to Rose. “Why?”
“Our killer is a sick bastard,” Rose stated. “Anyone who could commit such atrocities as he had done has no scruples. This son of a bitch is among the worse of the worse criminals out there. It's him, Dee. Not you.”
Dee shook his head. “Bad enough I would have had two deaths on my hands, but there's more now. How come you didn't say anything? Why did you let it happen again?” Dee sounded anguished and infuriated. His voice continued to rise as he continued to speak. “And how fuckin' long do you have to make the announcement finally before four more die?”
Rose shook his head firmly. “I can't let you do that, Dee. I'm not letting him tell us what to do.” Rose pointed a finger at Dee. “He is not making the rules. We are. That's an order, Dee.”
“I KILLED THEM!!!” Dee roared, his face going red.
“The killer did, Dee,” Ryo stated forcefully, realizing Dee had to calm down soon or it could be dangerous to Dee and the baby. He pushed past Rose to grasp Dee firmly by his shoulders. “Not you! This is not your fault, Dee.”
“It is, dammit!” Dee stood up abruptly, the envelopes and photos falling to the ground. He pulled his shield out from a pocket of his cargo pants and threw it at Rose. “This has to stop! Right now! I quit!”
“Dee!” Ryo yelled, even if he was not surprised by his husband's action.
Dee looked at Ryo. “I can't do it, Ryo. If it means more people will die, I can't stay on. I'm sorry.”
“Dee,” Chief Smith called out, coming from behind his desk. “Do you honestly thing this is going to take care of the problem?”
Dee nodded.
Ryo moved closer, putting his arm around Dee. “Seriously, Dee. Think. You've been a detective long enough to know the truth.”
“I have to try, Ryo.”
“I honestly do not believe that your quitting the force is going to stop the killing, Dee,” Rose stated. “Can you look me in the eyes and tell me that you believe that our killer is going to go off into the sunset, and no one else will die? Do you really believe that, Dee?”
“I don't know!” Dee cried out anguished. He ran his hand through his hair. “All I know is that even if he doesn't stop, then maybe there won't be 4 dead this week. And five the next. At least let me try to slow the killings, if not stop them.” Dee's eyes fixed on Rose's. There was a conviction in them. “I need to do this, Commissioner. I need to know that I did all I could to keep at least one Carrier alive, who otherwise might die because of me.”
“Dee, you want to do all you could?” Chief Smith said. “Then you take your badge back, get back there with your unit and find the killer. That's the only way to stop this, Dee. If you quit, then he wins.”
“Don't…” Dee started, pointing his finger at the Chief. “Don't try to feed me that crap.”
“It's not crap, Dee,” Ryo insisted. “The Chief is right. The only way to stop this is to find him. And our best chance is if we all are working on this together. If you quit, there's one less on this case.”
“Then find another, `cause I'm done,” Dee snapped. He pulled away from Ryo and headed for the door.
“Dee, you need to calm down,” Ryo insisted, not liking the color Dee turned. It reminded him of that time when they fought.
“I'm going to take a shower,” Dee said from the door. “This is going to help me, Ryo. Knowing I'm doing what I feel is right. I'll see you in a bit when I'm ready to go home.” He opened the door to the office and walked out, slamming it behind him.
Ryo sighed, sagging against the wall. “That went exactly how I expected.”
Rose nodded as he walked to where Dee's badge was on the floor. “I assume you're going to let him take his shower?” he asked as he picked up Dee's badge.
“Yeah,” Ryo replied. “I'm thinking to let him believe he's getting his way for now, and a cold shower should prevent him from needing to go to the hospital. I'll check on him in a few minutes.”
“Of course.” Rose came over and handed Ryo the badge. “Plan B. Let him believe he's not on the force. You can safekeep this for him.”
Ryo took the badge from the Commissioner, giving him a grateful look. “Thank you, sir.”
“When you go check on Dee,” Chief Smith said, “tell him that we still need him to stick around for a while so he could give Sgt. Carey his statement for the press release.”
Ryo looked over to the Chief in question.
“Well, you don't expect us to put words in his mouth, do you?” He gave Ryo a grin.
“Oh. Of course, you're correct in that, Chief. I'll tell him. I should go.” Ryo pocketed Dee's badge and went for the door.
“Randy, would you mind closing that door with a little less force than Dee?” Chief asked.
Ryo snorted. “I don't think the glass will withstand another slam like that. I'll check in with you later. Chief, Commissioner.” Ryo gave them a salute and started to leave.
“Ryo,” Rose called out.
Ryo turned back. “Commissioner?”
“Tell Dee that while Chief Smith and I are no longer his superiors, we're still his friends, and that he can call us anytime he needs,” Rose stated.
Ryo gave the Commissioner a small smile. “I will. Thank you, sir.”
The two men watched as Ryo left the office. Chief sat down heavily behind his desk. “Randy was right.”
Rose nodded. “That did go exactly how we expected it.” He sat down in one of the chairs formerly occupied by Dee and Ryo, and looked over to the Chief. “Warren, I do believe Dee was more angry than upset. I take that as a good sign. I don't believe we'll have to play out this little charade for too long.”
“I hope not.”
“Well, since I'm here, Warren, shall we discuss what should we do about Detective Rozinsky's complaints against his co-workers?”
“You mean other than having the others have to walk on eggshells?”
“I'm willing to make them monitor how they act when they are with citizens. I might even suggest a sensitivity training course for the entire unit,” Rose suggested. “But I'm afraid that if we give in completely to the complaints, then I'll have an entire precinct on egg shells. No, it's not politically correct. But I have to deal with enough of that with the brass.” He snorted. “Hell, even the mayor uses quite a few words that will make the rookie complain.”
“Sensitivity training is a start. We need to let him know we're doing something about the situation before he goes running off to bring the hammer down on all our heads. It's a damn wonder he didn't complain about me,” Chief snorted.
“You're worse than the lot of them,” Rose agreed with a smile. “And he did. He clumped you into the complaint. Unfortunately, he caught me at a wrong moment and he most probably has a complaint about me now.”
“We have no choice but to come to some sort of conclusion.”
“Yes. We do.”
The Rose pulled the chair closer to the Chief's desk, and together they started to hash out a tentative game plan.
~+~ ~+~ ~+~ ~+~ ~+~
Ryo took the time to make some tea before going to the locker room. He heard the water running, saw Dee's clothes on a bench and his locker open. He set the mug down on the bench next to Dee's clothing, and took off his clothes, grabbing one of Dee's extra towels. He went over to the showers.
He peeked in to see Dee standing under a stream of water, his eyes closed and leaning against the wall.
“Dee,” he said softly. “How are you feeling?”
Dee opened his eyes. “How do you think I'm feeling?”
Ryo was studying Dee's skin tone, relieved to see that while it was still flushed it wasn't the type of red that meant danger. He took a step in the shower room. “I meant physically, with the overheating situation.”
Dee sighed. “It's fine.”
Ryo moved closer to Dee, just watching him. He wasn't surprised when a sob escaped from the other man.
“But physically,” Dee continued. “Still not good. Damn, that was like a sharp blow somewhere. My head hurts, my stomach's in an uproar and… I… feel empty.”
“It was your choice, you know.”
Dee glanced at Ryo. “And if it was you, your choice would have been different?”
Ryo shook his head. “Nope. I'd have done the same thing. Which means I have a good idea how you're feeling about it now. The same that I would have.”
“I had to do it, Ryo.”
Ryo remained quiet.
“If I didn't, there will be five Carriers killed this weekend.”
Ryo sighed. “Dee, you're not thinking clearly. So if you want to go home and rest, I'm sure I can check out a car and take you home.”
“I've never thought more clearly.”
Ryo moved to stand next to Dee, leaning against the wall. “Dee, think. I know there's more facts than when we left, but can you name me one victim that was a fresh kill? I mean that was dead for less than a day.”
Dee turned his head to Ryo, his eyes widening with horror.
Ryo hated to do this, but he had to try, and was willing to deal with clean up.
“Oh God,” Dee whispered hoarsely. “It's fuckin' Thursday.”
Ryo nodded, putting a hand on Dee's arm.
“It's too late,” Dee croaked. “There's at least one or two, maybe all five… already dead.”
“It's not your fault, Dee,” Ryo tried again. “It was a nice try on our killer's behalf to get a Carrier off the force, but I don't believe for a moment he's stopping the killing until he hears word that you are no longer a cop.” He struggled to keep his voice even, steady and calm. “You happened to be the scapegoat, Dee. The killings had already started and then he saw you at the press conference. He remembered it for when he decided to make some more publicity. Sensationalism. Maybe gloat that he's cleaning up the world in more ways than not. If he didn't notice you, then he would have found someone else to pick on. You know, a doctor or a nurse. A school teacher.” Ryo shrugged. “Who knows. Now that he got you to quit, he'll start demanding for more. Have Carrier teachers lose their jobs and so on. The killings will increase again until someone else steps down, and it'll keep going on and on.” Ryo clenched Dee's arm tightly, pushing himself off the wall to face Dee, dark intense eyes looking up at Dee. “It's never going to stop until we get his ass where it belongs. In jail.” Ryo snorted. “Fuck, I want to see him dead. I want to be the one pulling the trigger. I want to for you. For all the others who will end up jobless because of his demands. For all those he killed.” Ryo's voice was rising. “For everything he has done, dammit!” He shook Dee's arm, gripping it tighter. He felt Dee's arm go around his waist and realized he finally had eye contact with the taller man. “But I can't. He can't die. Not yet.” Ryo laughed coldly. “Because that'll be the easy way for him. The only thing that will stop me from pulling the trigger if I ever have my chance is because I want to look him in the eye and laugh at him. Taunt him, remind him that he's not a God and has no right to judge and decide who lives and who dies. Who's more superior. He's weak. Weaker than you, Dee. It takes a weak person to do what he's doing. Dangerous, yes. But the weaker ones always are.” Ryo's gaze penetrated Dee's, looking deep past dark green eyes and into the soul of the man he loved. “You're stronger, Dee. Much much stronger than him.” He clenched his teeth, releasing Dee's arm and placing his hand flat on Dee's chest. “Which is why it pisses me off that you let that bastard win. Not this round, but opened the door to win all the other rounds after you.”
Ryo pushed away from Dee, out of his arm, still glaring. “Dee, I love you. I love you with all my heart and soul, and nothing, not even today will change that. I'll always be your husband and looking forward to raising our baby. But….” His fists clenched as his eyes turned stormy. “I never took you for a quitter. I never thought you'd be so weak as to give in as easily as you did. I guess I was wrong about some things about you. That's okay, Dee. I still love you.”
Ryo started to walk out of the room, not quite yet realizing that he did not follow through with his original plan of placating and soothing Dee. He looked over his shoulder, eyes pinning the still man against the wall still under the cold running water. “Did you think about us? We were depending on both our paychecks with the baby coming. And if you can find something you could do as well as you're a detective, do you really expect to get hired at this point of pregnancy? Oh well. We'll get by. I'll borrow from my grandparents, and you can be a house husband until you have the baby and ready to go back to work.”
Ryo walked out of the shower room. Only when he noticed the mug of tea on the bench did it hit him what he had done. He dropped heavily on the bench, resting his elbows on his legs and burying his face in his hands. `Oh my God,' he thought. `What did I just do?' Still he could not find it in himself to back down now that he threw down the gauntlet to Dee.
He sat with his face buried in his hands for a few minutes, listening for signs of distress that could mean danger to Dee. There was nothing. Just a sob, and the sound of water running. Five minutes later, he heard the water go off.
Ryo was staring at the lockers when Dee approached, a towel wrapped around his waist. He noticed that his husband was still naked, not thinking to put on a towel.
Ryo picked up the mug and handed it to Dee without looking.
“I forgot to tell you that the Commissioner and Chief want you to hang around a bit to speak to Sgt. Carey and give him your statement. They want you to have your say in the official press release on your quitting,” Ryo stated, still not looking at Dee.
Dee sighed heavily for a reply, and Ryo heard him take a drink from the tea.
“They also said that you shouldn't forget that they are still your friends and to call whenever you need.” Ryo stood up, grabbing his boxers and started to put them on.
“I don't want to make a statement for a press release,” Dee remarked.
“They don't want to fill your mouth with words, either, Dee. It's best this way. So let's get dressed, see if we can locate Carey and then when you're done, I'll take you home.” He started to put on his pants.
“I want a press conference.”
Ryo lifted his head. “What? Do you want to make him feel that important?”
Dee shook his head as he put the mug down and grabbed his own boxers. He grinned at the sight of Ryo halfway in putting on his pants, staring up at him.
The fire was back in Dee's eyes. The intensity, the fight. He picked up the mug and casually took another drink. “I want to make him feel like the slug that he is.”
Ryo looked confused.
“Finish dressing, hubby,” Dee said with a chuckle. He had another sip and started to get dressed.
“I want to have a press conference so everyone knows that Dee Laytner-MacLean doesn't bend to anyone. Especially fuckers like him.”
“You're right, Ryo. About everything. About needing a job, and how hard it will be right now. And as much as I'm settling into this pregnancy thing, I'm not really cut out to be a house husband, no matter how much I love you. But most important, you're right about him. He's already killed for this week and my quitting today can't bring that back. I don't want those deaths to be in vain. So,” Dee grinned roguishly at Ryo, “I want him to know that I am stronger than he is. A better person and that he's weak. Who knows? Maybe I might piss him off enough to come out of hiding and do something stupid to trip him up.”
“Dee, I don't want you to put yourself out there as bait,” Ryo warned. “Just don't back down.”
“You want me to be a detective? Then let me do what it takes to be a detective. I promise you I won't do anything stupid. Hell, I doubt Rose will allow me to anyway. But I already have his attention. Why not use it to our advantage?”
Ryo studied Dee, and knew he had no chance in making Dee change his mind on that. It was all his fault. For pointing out the truth to Dee in the shower. Dee was strong. Dee was the strongest man Ryo knew in the places that counted.
He found himself being pushed up against the lockers and kissed passionately. “Thank you,” Dee said tenderly when he broke the kiss, leaving Ryo feeling weak-kneed. “I trust only you to dare go where no one else could with me. I'm a better man because of you.” He kissed Ryo again.
Ryo put his arms around Dee's neck and kissed him back. “So am I, Dee,” he sighed into the kiss.
The two men broke off the kiss when they heard someone cough. They both looked to find Hernandez and Ferguson standing a few feet away.
“Oh God, the newlyweds are now breaking in the locker room!” Hernandez remarked in mock horror.
“I'm afraid to ask if they hit the showers already?” Ferguson asked.
Hernandez shrugged with a grin. “Who knows. But from the looks of things here, a cold shower wouldn't be a good idea.”
Dee laughed, pulling away from Ryo to gather his belongings and place them back in his locker. Ryo was buttoning his shirt and tucking it in his pants.
“We were just on our way out, dudes,” Dee stated, securing his locker.
Ryo put on his jacket and shoved his tie in his jacket pocket. As he did, his fingers brushed along Dee's badge.
Dee picked up the mug of tea and took Ryo's hand in his free one, starting to lead them past the two police officers to the door. “Excuse us, gentlemen,” Dee said with a teasing smile. “Oh, and what makes you think we didn't break in this area before the wedding?” He winked and grinned as he walked on.
Ryo blushed as he found himself being pulled along by Dee.
~+~ ~+~ ~+~ ~+~ ~+~
Instead of going directly to Chief Smith's office, Ryo diverted them into their office. Once behind the closed door, Ryo pulled Dee into a kiss.
“Do what you need to do, Dee,” Ryo said when he broke the kiss, grinning when he realized Dee looked like he was feeling the same he had back in the locker room while Dee kissed him. “I trust you in keeping yourself safe. Besides, he'll have to get past me first. And I have no intention of going down.”
Dee smiled. “I believe you.” He lightly kissed Ryo. “Thank you.”
“One more thing,” Ryo said. “Chief and Rose were not so willing to let you go easily. You should know that.”
“I guess.”
“That is why they gave him this after you left the office. In case you should ever have a change of heart.” Ryo removed Dee's badge from his jacket pocket and reverently placed it in Dee's hand. “Don't you ever do that again.” He patted Dee's hand, smiling up at him. “Besides, I don't think you know how to be anything other than a detective.”
For a reply, Dee pulled Ryo into another kiss.. They kissed until there was a knock on the door going into the squad room.
“Yoo-hoo lovebirds,” Diana called through the locked door. “Food is here.”
Dee rolled his eyes and groaned, while Ryo giggled. Ryo gave Dee a quick kiss. “You better go tell Chief that you're back. Meanwhile I'll save some food for you from the savages.” He rolled his eyes. “Except for Andy, of course.”
Dee laughed. “I'm on it. I'll be right back.”
Ryo watched until Dee left the office before he went into the squad room. By the time Dee joined them, their late breakfast turned into a celebration because Dee was still with them on the force.
And in doing whatever it took to find the Carrier killer.
~+~ ~+~ ~+~ ~+~ ~+~