Fake Fan Fiction ❯ The Unexpected II ❯ Press Conference ( Chapter 36 )

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Title: The Unexpected II
Chapter 34 - Press Conference
Rating: R
Fandom: FAKE
Pairings: Ryo/Dee (mostly), some Dee/Ryo
Warnings: Yaoi, Male/male, MPREG, AU If you don't like, don't read!
Disclaimer: FAKE is not mine. We have Sanami Matoh for giving us Dee, Ryo and the rest of the 27th precinct characters. Any OCs appearing in this fic are mine.
A/N: Muses gone wild! Two chapters today! And I'm about to start another. The muses aren't going to let me go until it's done.
March 24, 2006
“Are you sure this is a good idea?” Drake asked Ryo as they stood inside the room designated for Dee to get ready for the press conference. Currently, Dee was across the room, grumping about the hair stylish who did his hair all wrong and how they used more than just a light coat of stage make-up.
“Relax Dee,” Ryo said instead, looking over to Dee. “It looks fine. A little different from how you slick your hair back. And honestly the make-up is no different than the last time.”
“She used mascara this time,” Dee complained, looking himself over in the mirror. “Do I look like I need mascara?”
“Nope. Have to agree with you there,” Ryo remarked with a grin. “Because you have the longest, darkest eyelashes I've ever seen.”
“They're clumping!”
“Stop fussing with it, Dee,” Ryo stated. He cast an apologetic look to Drake and went over to grab a tissue and stand by Dee, turning the distraught man around to face him. “Try to stay still, will you?”
Dee was smiling as Ryo gently removed as much as the mascara as he could. “There. Much better.” Ryo winked at Dee. “You do have gorgeous lashes.”
Dee batted said lashes at Ryo. “Thank you.”
Despite his reservations, Drake had to laugh at the two. “Okay you clowns, cut it out.”
“I was just testing to make sure they don't stick together like they were doing,” Dee remarked amused.
Ryo started to fuss with Dee's suit, making sure it draped over his shoulders the right way, the buttons of the double breasted Carrier jacket were centered within the buttonholes and that the front of the jacket draped just right over the bump. Dee remained still, enjoying the attention. Ryo adjusted Dee's tie and smoothed the shirt collar. “You look wonderful,” Ryo stated, and lightly kissed Dee's lips before moving back a step to continue to study his husband.
Dee had one of the better suits that was bought by Estelle. It was dark green/black fine pinstripes, with a double breasted jacket and pants that, to Dee's relief, zipped up and closed just under the belly.
“Stunning,” Ryo remarked with a grin. “And I'm lucky enough to call you my husband.”
Dee grinned back at Ryo. “I'm glad I'm still sexy to you.”
“Always, Dee.”
Dee winked. “Give it another month. There's already enough of a bump here.”
“You'll see.”
Drake cleared his throat. “Ahem, dudes. But I just got the message that Dee needs to start making his way down.”
Ryo laughed and held out his hand to take Dee's. “Go wow `em, Dee.”
Dee nodded, taking out the notes he had prepared with the PR Chief that morning.
When they got down to join the others near the door Dee was to make an entrance, Ryo took advantage of the fussing and last minute attention Dee was getting before he once more stood in front of the cameras and pulled Drake aside. They both laughed as Dee batted JJ from touching his tie. Once Ryo gave his attention to detail on Dee's suit, Dee was not about to let anyone undo what was done.
“Look, I'm a nervous wreck here, but I'm glad it's not showing. But we all went over this. If there's a chance Dee can piss off our bad guy enough to slip up, then Dee's doing his job. I'm prepared to do what it takes to keep Dee safe. And I trust the rest of you to keep him safe too.”
“Of course we will. Dee's our priority, besides finally getting handcuffs on the killer,” Drake commented.
“Anyway, Dee made another point. We're taking control of the situation. Instead of sitting around and wondering if he'll strike at Dee, we're calling him out. At least we hope.”
“I hope so too.”
A plainclothes officer from the NYPD media department who helped stage publicity events came over to guide Ryo over to Dee's side. “Once I give the signal, you are to enter with your husband. While he goes over to the podium, you're to go off to the side a little, but remain a few feet from him. Dana, since she's now Dee's partner will follow you two out, and then the rest of the unit.” He glanced around assuring everyone was getting in place. This time, the unit included Diana and Dominic. There were other FBI agents roaming the area, along with cops in uniform and plainclothes. “Remember that this is not only about Detective Laytner-MacLean standing up to the killer, but it's about solidarity and unity among the NYPD.”
Drake sighed. “Even if it sometimes feels like it's just our unit.”
“It's the naysayers that usually get the most attention,” the officer from Media officer stated. “Don't let it fool you. There's more behind you than you think.”
Ryo nodded. “Dee got an interesting phone call just before lunch. He's supposed to follow up on it this weekend.” He looked over at Dee. “Ready?”
“Remember, we already concluded that there's going to be a dump no matter what you say. Right?” Ryo asked.
“I'm ready, Ryo.” Dee clenched the notes in his hand with a look on conviction on his face. “Believe me, I'm ready.”
Applause filled the room on the other side of the door as the Media officer grinned. “It's showtime.” He opened the door and stepped aside for Dee and Ryo to enter to applause and cameras flashing.
Unlike the first press conference, Ryo immediately located his aunt and uncle in the front row. Dee waved to the crowd, waiting for them to settle down and winked at Elena and Rick in the interim.
When he received the cue, he spoke into the microphone, “Ladies and Gentlemen, yesterday upon returning from my honeymoon with my new husband,” he paused to look over to Ryo before giving the audience his attention again, “I found out that there was a demand to resign as a detective in the NYPD. Why? Because I'm having a baby, and because I'm a man. It certainly put a damper on the post honeymoon glow, let me tell you.” He looked out at the assembled members of the press, making eye contact with as many as he could in the brief pause. “For a little while. You see, the only thing I know is how to be an officer of the law, to protect and serve. I can't see myself doing anything else when it's in my blood. It's my passion.” He paused again to make more eye contact. “It's my passion,” he slowly repeated again, going away from the prompt card on the podium and speaking from his heart, “to protect as many of you, your families and children as I possibly can.” Murmurs of approval and some applause caused Dee to pause again. When he spoke, he went back to the cards. “So to the Carrier Killer who dared to demand of the NYPD that they let me go, I have this to say. I'm here. I'm having this baby. And believe me when I say, I'll see you in the interrogation room when we finally have you off the streets and within the justice system.” It was pure Dee Laytner who spoke the last few lines, his passion, his roguish cutting edge street style and Dee at his most defiant. The words he spoke were on the card, but they were memorized and as planned, delivered in his unique way. “No one makes demands on the NYPD. I would betraying everyone in blue if I backed down tonight. The NYPD does not allow killers to make their rules. NYPD makes the rules as they carry out the law and bring justice to this city. Remember that.”
The planned pause went longer as people stood to their feet, applauding and cheering. Representatives from not only local, but national GBLT media were present and they were almost the loudest, publicly backing the pregnant detective. Many others raised their voices to lay the same claim. The single one person who made the most noise of approval was Elena, with Rick clapping wildly. Dee stayed silent for a few more seconds at the prompt of the Media officer to allow for photo ops since except for the first blinding lights of flashes, the photographers choose to cheer.
Sgt. Carey nodded, giving Dee the approval to continue. “Thank you,” Dee stated, humbly. “But before we go any further, you all should be aware of the price that will be paid with this announcement. We are prepared to find five more victims within the next week. However, we are also of the belief, because of official ME reports on our previous victims that even should we collar the perp tonight, we will still find bodies. Apparently they are killed in advance and waiting for the dump.”
Disapproving murmurs went about the room, none directed at Dee, but at the audacity of the killer.
Dee continued to speak, mostly following the cards set on the podium before him. This time his speech was stronger. He was allowed to use words as `hell' and `damn' and whatever else could be used in all forms of media. He allowed himself to get angry, and to taunt the killer. He spoke more of the note, and the victims since. He went on to talk about what they knew of Carriers Inc. The game plan was that if they couldn't bring the killer out in anger of Dee telling the press as much about the case as they dared, then at the very least, Carriers would be warned about the website, and hopefully putting the killer out of commission long enough for them to find him without many more victims.
The press conference was mid-afternoon. Dee was not as tired as he was at the first press conference. Instead of it being at the end of a very long day, it was in the middle of his day. When he was finished with the speech, and they opened the mics for questions from the press, they allowed the conference to go on until the last reporter was satisfied.
It was an hour later when Commissioner Rose stepped up to stand besides Dee. “If there's no more questions, Detective Laytner-MacLean is anxious to get back to his real work. So let's give him a round of applause for taking the time, and once again speaking about something that is very important to him.”
More applause and flashes went off. Dee grinned roguishly at the cameras. Instead of going for the sympathy vote like the previous press conference, Dee went for the heart of any decent person, as well as appearing as a pillar of strength and courage, of conviction. He represented the NYPD as one of the finest of the finest.
As the Commissioner stated, after the conference, the members of the CHCI went back to the 27th Precinct to finish their day, going out on interviews, looking over the files looking for anything that might have been missed. Ted searched other police departments in the tri-state area online, looking for other possible cases. Dominic and Diana went through the missing persons, pulling names of Carriers and opening files for them. If a Carrier was among the missing persons, if was their task to find him. For local people on the list, the files were put on Dee's desk to start interviewing family and friends in the first attempts to locate the missing Carrier. There were currently 8 files in the basket designated for that particular file, and Dee and Dana were making lists on where to start with each one. Ryo and Andy going over the victims' files with Drake and JJ. Marty went over to the Bronx headquarters with Jim to pick up whatever there was for Jim to bring back to his labs and analyze.
~+~ ~+~ ~+~ ~+~ ~+~
It was 3:55 when Dee's extension rang. He looked up from a discussion with Dana, going over their plans for first thing the next morning. “Excuse me,” he stated, picking up the phone. Ryo looked up from his notes, noting his rookie partner continued to work on, sitting in the chair pulled to the side of Ryo's desk.
Dee shrugged at Ryo as he answered the phone. In another five minutes, they were to call it a day and get ready to go home. Dee had to admit he was not ready yet. The day before, aside from the short period of trauma was mostly settling back into routine, getting filled in on cases that went on without him, getting to know his new partner, and working with her on how they plan to run their responsibilities. That day had been really back to work for Dee, not only from his honeymoon, but back in a way he had not been for months. It felt good to Dee. He felt revitalized and full of energy. He felt useful. He felt like a detective again. If he could get away with it, he would have preferred to call a break for dinner and return. Unfortunately Ryo would not allow it. Worse, Ryo had the Commissioner and Chief Smith backing him up.
So as he noted the caller ID, he was curious why Rose would be calling him.
“What can I do for you, Commissioner?” Dee asked.
“Dee, I know you and Ryo are scheduled to go off duty in five minutes, but can we have a brief meeting in my office. Nothing bad, I assure you.”
Dee chuckled. “We'll be right down. As soon as we cut everyone else loose.” Dee hung up the phone. “Dana, get out of here and cuddle up to your husband.”
Dana smiled at Dee. “I love how you think. So we have a game plan for tomorrow?”
“Yup. That we do. Have a good evening, Dana. And I'm really pleased to be working with you.”
Dana's smile got wider. “It's an honor to be working with you, Dee Laytner-MacLean. I feel like I'm partners with a legend.”
“Please,” Ryo groaned. “Don't swell his head anymore than it is. I have to go home with him, unlike you.”
Dana laughed and looked at Ryo. “Oh go on. One look at your face and anyone can tell how proud you are of your husband.”
“Aw dammit, busted,” Ryo grumped good naturedly.
“Good night, Ryo. Enjoy your day off, Andy,” Dana said. “I'll see you bright and early tomorrow, Dee.”
Andy waved as she left.
“Andy, you could go too.”
“I'm still working on this preliminary,” Andy started to protest.
“All reports for this week are due by noon on Monday,” Dee spoke up, “now scat. Ryo and I need to see the Commissioner.”
Andy stood up, gathering his paperwork.
“Leave it, Andy. It's neat enough,” Ryo stated, eying the stack that was in front of his partner. It looked like paper right out of the package, it was so neatly fixed. Andy was carefully placing the paper he was working on at the top. Ryo's eyes flickered to his own paperwork. The out basket had a small pile of papers and folders sitting the way they were dropped. The in basket had a haphazard pile that did not seem to go down no matter how hard Ryo had concentrated on it during the last three days. There were folders and envelopes and papers in another pile in the middle of his desk.
“Good night, Ryo. Dee.”
Dee waved to the rookie as he sauntered over to Ryo's desk.
“Night Andy,” Ryo called out. “Enjoy your day off with your son.” Ryo stood up as Andy left. “What's up?”
Dee shrugged. “Dunno. He just said that it's nothing bad but he needs to speak to us.”
“How about making him wait a few minutes while we get ready to go home?”
Ryo laughed. “Is this really the man who would watch the seconds tick away to this time?”
Dee grinned ruefully. “It's just good to be back and all.”
Ryo nodded. “Yeah, it shows. You've been glowing this afternoon and more than just from the baby.”
“Janet said I seem to be doing more of that too.”
Ryo laughed as they gathered their things. As they were getting ready to leave the office for the night, Ryo paused by his desk. He stared down at Andy's pile. “Nah.”
“Go on,” Dee remarked with a devilish grin. “You know you want to.”
“I couldn't.”
“If you say. Let's go.”
Before Ryo made a move to follow Dee, his hand swept out, scattering the pile. “Oops.”
Dee laughed. “Blame it on the cleaning crew on Monday.”
~+~ ~+~ ~+~ ~+~ ~+~
“So it wasn't just me,” Drake remarked, amused.
Marty shook his head. “Nope. Not just you. Ryo's put on a little weight. He's getting a little pooch.”
“Aw, I think it's adorable,” JJ said.
“Yeah, we know. You like Buddha bellies,” Ted quipped, managing to tease both JJ and Drake with a single one-liner.
Drake put on a confused face, while JJ frowned at Ted, afraid that once again, teasing could lead to another argument between him and the man he was dating. JJ pushed that out of his head before he started to fume on not feeling it was right to call Drake his boyfriend, or lover. Definitely not a lover yet.
JJ turned his thoughts back to his original comment. “You know that means?”
“Yeah,” Ted snorted. “Ryo's going for Chief.”
JJ shook his head, but chuckled anyway. “If he doesn't get a reign on it, he might.”
“Couvade syndrome,” Marty remarked, wincing.
“Wha?” Ted asked. “Speak English, man.”
JJ laughed.
“Oh holy shit!” Drake remarked. “I remember Darla's last pregnancy. Marty decided to join her.”
“It happens. Especially to close couples,” Marty explained.
“Does this mean Ryo's gonna have to go shopping for Carrier clothes too?” Ted asked with a snicker.
Everyone got quiet as the door to Ryo and Dee's office open. Dana entered and went over to her desk. “Quitting time everyone,” she announced.
“Outstanding,” Marty remarked.
Andy joined them and quietly packed away his things. “Good night,” he said as he left the office.
Dana shook her head. “Night everyone. See most of you in the morning.”
Before the long time partners got a chance to start talking about Ryo again, the two leading detectives entered. “Get outta here everyone,” Dee announced. “Drake and JJ, you have first call, if needed. Marty, you and Ted have second. Let's hope it's quiet tonight.”
Drake's phone rang. “Oh crap.” He answered it, taking down notes. Dee and Ryo waited as Ted and Marty got ready to leave.
“What's up?” Ryo asked, putting his arm around Dee.
“It's started,” Drake said tensely. “JJ, no going home for us just yet.”
“That's fine. Let's get going.”
“Where?” Dee asked.
“The Pathmark at Pike Slip downtown,” Drake stated.
“That's our Pathmark,” Dee remarked, nervously.
“My guess it's not so much that it's the one you shop at, but probably opportunity arose to make the dump at this time of the day, rather than wait until the middle of the night,” JJ thought out.
“You believe that?” Ryo asked. “That this one was dumped after the press conference?”
Drake looked up from his notes. “The body is in the loading bay. Currently there are no trucks in the bay.”
Dee's mouth hung open.
“He's pissed,” JJ said. “I was hoping for a dump before the middle of the night.”
“You know what else that means, right?” Ryo asked. “We're right. He must have bodies on ice and….” Ryo's eyes went wide. “Oh holy shit! How could we miss that. Dee, I'm dropping you off and then I'm joining you guys at the scene.”
Dee shook his head. “No. I'm staying here. I'll be with Jim. You might be onto something.”
“What?” Drake asked.
“Bodies on ice,” Dee repeated. “How the fuck else could he hold bodies without neighbors smelling something to give it away?”
“Drake and I were on the assumption that maybe he has a shack away from the city, with no neighbors,” JJ said. “After all, we discussed how there were no complaints of disturbance or domestic violence leading patrol to our killer.”
Ryo nodded. “That's one possibility that we're not dismissing.”
“Right,” JJ said. “So wanna ride with us, Ryo?”
“I can't. Dee and I have to meet with the Commissioner now.”
“He did say brief meeting,” Dee pointed out.
“We'll wait. If it's taking longer than short, we'll come get you,” Drake offered.
“I think once the Commissioner knows about this,” Dee said.
“Hang on,” Ryo said, and went over to the phone.
As he hung up from speaking to the Commissioner, Ryo said, “Dee, he said when you're done with Jim, to go to his office. He'll drive you home tonight. Okay?”
“I might end up going back down to Jim's. Depends on how I'm feeling down there. I mean I think I can stand being down there for a while at least.”
“Okay.” He leaned over to kiss Dee briefly. “If you miss the Commissioner's ride, I'm going to trust you'll find a safe way home when you're done here. If not, call me and I'll come get you. Otherwise, I don't know what time I'll be home.”
“Gotcha.” Dee left the office with the others, but got off the elevator on the forensics floor, wishing the others luck.
~+~ ~+~ ~+~ ~+~ ~+~
“Dee?” Jim asked surprised when the dark haired detective entered the lab technician's office. “What are you doing here?”
Dee took a look around the office, breathing in deeply. He placed his hand on his bump and gave Jim a smirk. “Second trimester, second wind, I guess.” Dee sat down in a chair. “I've notice in the last month things have been calming down a lot. I haven't had any sign of nausea in about three weeks. There are still some smells that get to me, but a lot don't either. And don't give me anything out of a can, `cause I'll be tasting metal into the next day.”
Jim smirked. “Okay, that explains why I'm probably going to be stuck with you for a few minutes, but what brings you down here. I don't have anything new for you.”
“Yet,” Dee said. “We have a new dump. Already.”
“Already? You mean, you think it's because of the press conference. Which by the way, as much as I hate to say this, but you were awesome, dude.”
Dee chuckled. “Thanks. And yeah. Apparently he did a quick drop-off at the loading docks of the Pathmark downtown.”
“Holy shit. He had… what? No more than two hours tops.”
“Yup. That's what we thought too. We're right on with the theory that there are dead, ready to drop off bodies somewhere.”
“Yeah. I'm trying to find some evidence that could lead us to where.”
“Look Jim. We find a decomposed body and put it on ice, right?” When the forensics technician looked at Dee in thought, he continued, “It could be possible they were iced before the dump.”
“That's a thought. Our victims had hours, at least, if not days, before they were discovered,” Jim mused. “So you think we're looking for what? Some large freezer room where they are stored like sides of beef?”
Dee's stomach did lurch and he shivered at the mental image. “Thanks, Jim.”
“Anytime, Dee. Just making sure you don't stay down here too long and end up doing my job.”
“Ass,” Dee remarked. “I just wanted to toss that out to you to check as a possibility.”
“I'll look into it. Do you think they'll be doing an autopsy tonight?” Jim asked.
“Mostly likely. If not, then before the morning. I don't see how we can come across any of that red tape bullshit and have to wait until Cantrell can do it.”
“I'd like to know when, if I can.”
“I'll have them call you.”
Dee stood up, starting to walk to the door, then paused. “Say Jim?” He looked back.
“What now?”
“I just had another thought. I was looking through the files today and this odd thought went through my mind.”
“If it was an actual thought, then I agree, it had to be odd.”
Dee glared mildly as Jim laughed. “What is it, Dee?”
“The fetuses. They found all except for Brent's.”
“Yeah. Chances are they did something else with it, or it's still in the East River somewhere. What about it?”
“Did we, or could we, do any paternity tests between the fetus and the victim found?”
“What? I would tend to think that if the fetus came from the Carrier, then it's his,” Jim stated.
“That's it. How do we know with the last few victims that it is theirs? We find a fetus. If he's killing in advance and removing the fetus, then he must be very good at organization. I mean, if he has more than one body at the time.”
“Hm. You're right about that. I'll look into that angle too, Dee and get back to you on it.”
“Well, I'll leave you now. I have a meeting with the Commissioner and then I'm off for the night. If you find out anything tonight, give me a call.”
“You're off duty.”
“I'll be on my duff, with some snacks that Ryo's grandmother gives me, and relaxing. I can handle calls with information that could bring this case to an end sooner than later, Jim.”
“Isn't she flying back to Japan tomorrow?”
“Yeah, we'll be in a little late, since we're dropping her off at the airport.”
“It's a shame Ryo ends up having to work on her last night before going home.”
“I know. I hope he gets home at a decent time. But it won't be years until he sees her again. She's coming here when the baby is due, and will probably be staying for a few weeks, maybe even a month.”
“Aw, that's sweet, Dee. Okay, I think your second trimester super powers are draining and time's up here. You're starting to look pale.”
“So I just noticed,” Dee said, realizing he was starting to feel ill. “Call me on my cell if you find out anything.”
“Will do, Dee. Night.”
~+~ ~+~ ~+~ ~+~ ~+~
Commissioner Rose asked Dee the same question about Akira Aoki that Jim had.
“I'll call over to the scene and make sure Ryo calls it a night at a decent time to spend at least a couple of hours with his grandmother,” Rose stated.
“Thank you, sir. You had something to tell us?”
“Yes. It seems that both our PR office and the NYPD Media Unit have been getting flooded with offers this afternoon.”
“Offers?” Dee asked, leaning back in his seat and getting comfortable.
“Interviews, TV appearances. This has turned into a real human interest story, with you at the heart of it, Dee. Good morning, America wants you on next week. Larry King. David Letterman. You name it. Magazines want interviews. Media has decided that if you agree, we can work this to our advantage with the case.”
Dee groaned and sat up in his chair. “Commissioner… Berkeley, I can't. I don't mind doing press conferences, but I can't do talk shows and interviews.”
“Of course you can, Dee. You know how to charm when you want to. You know how to take your street style and make it work to your advantage. Which is most probably why this is happening. You're not just a detective. You're not just the detective who is Carrying. You appealed to people, you caught the public interest. Chances are someone who might have tuned out anyone else talking about the Carrier Killer listened to you. Because you got them interested in you.”
“Gee, thanks,” Dee mumbled, still not used to hearing direct praise from Berkeley Rose. “But still. It's not so much inability, but not having the desire to become this celebrity for the next week or even month. I don't want having this baby to turn into a circus.”
“I understand that, Dee. But your story goes beyond finding our killer, which if we work things out right, your appearances will focus on. It's about inner strength. Carriers have far more rights these day than ten years ago, but there are still blockades. You might be able to open one or two more of them. You might be able to make another cop or someone in a career that Carriers are not known to be in, stand up and be proud. Andy, Ryo's partner, took a 12 month administration leave of absence. He didn't dare tell anyone on the job that he was pregnant. He came back to work, and went to a new precinct and for the first two years of his son's life, he told everyone that it was an ex's. A female ex's, who left them both.”
Dee sighed. “I have to meet someone from the 7-5 sometime Sunday. A detective. He's hoping to get pregnant, but he's been holding it off, afraid of how it might affect his job. He asked if I could have lunch with him, talk to him.”
“Encourage him to go ahead with it?” Rose asked.
“See. You're becoming a role model. But then again, I never expected you to stay low or lay down… for too long, at least, but that was yesterday. And this is now. We didn't plan it this way, Dee, but you're a celebrity. It may only be your fifteen minutes of fame, but think of the good you can do if you use it properly.”
Dee was quiet for a few minutes, the Commissioner allowing the other man to think. At last Dee looked at him. “When do you need a firm yes or no?”
“Sometime tomorrow, if we're going to get this rolling during the week.”
“I'll talk to discuss this with Ryo - if I agree to it.”
“Of course. That is why I called for both of you. But I understand why Ryo can't be here right now.”
“Tomorrow afternoon, I'll give you my answer.”
“Fair enough. Can I give you a lift home now, Dee?”
“Ryo isn't getting jealous of us yet, so I'll say, thank you, sir.”
Rose laughed as he stood up and prepared to leave for the night.
~+~ ~+~ ~+~ ~+~ ~+~
“What?” Ryo asked in surprise. He gazed at Dee with amusement. “They want you to do TV next week?”
After Rose had dropped Dee off at home, he went down to the scene to join his other detectives. After a short while of being there, and seeing things were well in hand, he went to Ryo, reminding him that he was not the on-call detective that night, and that it was his grandmother's last night in New York City until the baby was to be born. Not long after, he watched as Ryo hailed a cab and went home, making JJ and Drake to promise to have information for him the next morning.
He had a good night with Akira. The only problem was Ryo was reluctant to say good bye to her so soon. After all those years, a few days and evenings did not seem like enough time. After his grandmother had said goodnight to him, Dee and Bikky, Ryo went to take a shower, while Bikky went to bed.
By the time Ryo entered their bedroom, Dee had the lights turned down low, and had snacks and tea waiting for them. He took Ryo in his arms and held him for a while, promising him that the time would go by fast. That soon, their baby will be born and his grandmother would be gushing over her great-grandchild. Then he just talked. About how much he loved Ryo, about silly things, about anything that would make Ryo smile.
Once Ryo was in a better mood, Dee told his husband about his meeting with the Commissioner over green tea and Japanese wheat pastries.
Dee smiled at Ryo's reaction. “I was shocked too at first.”
“Do you want to do it?” Ryo asked, then sipped his tea, looking over at Dee over the rim of the porcelain cup with no handles. They had received several more expensive tea cup sets as wedding presents, but the cups they drank from came from one of the sets Dee returned to New York with from Japan.
“I'm not sure,” Dee admitted. “I mean, he made sense. About using it to help us, and how it could make a difference to others who might be scared about Carrying while on the job. It could even help Carriers in general, although this is me, we're talking about. I could end up hurting the image.”
Ryo laughed, seeing that Dee was joking. “I think you'll do just wonderful,” he stated anyway, leaning over to kiss Dee's cheek. “Seriously.” When Dee remained quiet, staring into his teacup, Ryo leaned against Dee, putting an arm around him. “Dee? What's the problem?”
“The usual. I just don't want this to be a circus. I don't want the baby to be born in the spotlight.” Dee turned his head to look at Ryo. “I just want to have a baby.”
“And do whatever you can for your job until then,” Ryo pointed out.
“I know. Personally, I don't feel right about it. I feel uncomfortable with all the attention.” Dee leaned back, allowing Ryo to hold him more and laughed softly. “You know, ten years ago, I'd have killed for this attention. For me, by myself. But it's different now. I think I've become more a private person since I met you, especially after we started to go together. I just want to have a normal life and a normal baby.”
“If that's what you want, then say no.”
“It's not that easy. Because it's hard to just think of myself. Especially after everything we've been through since I found out I was pregnant.” Dee shrugged. “I guess I went out there tonight, like the last time, thinking I was just doing my job. It never occurred to me that I might be of public interest. Or I could make a bigger difference than by just talking at a press conference.”
Ryo rubbed his head against Dee's, then settled quietly next to his husband, still holding him. They drank their tea in silence. When Dee was done with his, Ryo took the cup from Dee's hands and placed it on the nightstand with his own. He held Dee with both arms. “Well, what's your answer?” Ryo asked softly.
Dee sighed and turned his head to look at Ryo. “Even if there's things I'd rather do low key, I guess I'm not one to be soft spoken.”
Ryo grinned. “Nah, never you. You're more of the loud and proud type, you know.”
“Would you mind if I said yes?” Dee asked, after laughing at his husband's comment.
“Not at all. I'd be pretty damn proud, you know.” Ryo made a face. “God knows, I've been pretty damn loud lately.”
Dee broke out in laughter, Ryo joining him.
“I love you,” Dee stated. “I'll keep you, quiet or loud.”
“I'm glad, because that seems to be a problem with me.” Ryo kissed Dee's nose. “And it's all your fault.”
“My fault, huh?”
“Yeah. You went and got yourself pregnant, which cause this whole `coming out' ordeal for me. And decided that I want equality.”
“Hm?” Dee mused with a teasing glint in his eyes.
“If you really think about it, I didn't just get myself pregnant. I had help, you know.” Dee's hand cupped Ryo's groin, tugging it just enough to make Ryo groan with pleasure. “It's all your fault.”
Ryo smiled, licking his lips, then moaned as Dee repeated his action. “Yes,” he sighed. “My fault. Wanna punish me?”
Dee grinned wickedly. “That sounds like fun.” He captured Ryo's mouth in a kiss as his hand made its way into Ryo's pajama bottom.