Fruits Basket Fan Fiction ❯ Stripper By Day, Gangsta By Night ❯ Act 2: Scene 1 ( Chapter 4 )

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Act 2: Scene One:
[At Shigure's house. Tohru is upstairs in her room sitting on her bed with thick books encircling her. She's reading a heavy book on her lap.]
Tohru: [mumbling under her breath as she circle things in the book with a pencil]
[A knock at her bed room door]
Tohru: [not looking up] Come in.
Yuki: [opens the door looking up] Honda-san?
Tohru: [looks up] Yes?
Yuki: [searches the room and notice the books surrounding Tohru] Are you okay in here? Just what are you doing?
Tohru: Oh, I'm looking at different designs and uniforms for the club. I'm also looking at different types of drinks.
Yuki: Wow, you're really working hard on this aren't you Honda-san?
Tohru: [smiles] Yes, I suppose so. I want to do my very best no matter what.
Yuki: [moves closer and picks up a book looking through it] These are really good, where did you get them from?
Tohru: Shigure-san got them for me from Ayame-san.
Yuki: [to himself] No wonder these uniforms are so graphic and familiar. [to Tohru] Wouldn't it be better if Uotani-san and Hanajima-san was here to help?
Tohru: Well, Uo-chan has work and Hana-chan is out with Megumi-san today. I wouldn't want to bother them.
Yuki: [nods and puts the book down] Hmm…I see. Well if you need anything just come to me okay?
Tohru: Yes, thank you Yuki-kun.
Yuki: [smiles and leaves the room]
[At the main Sohma house]
Maid 1: Akito-sama….I'm sorry to interrupt you but…
Akito: [In a hot spring] Don't you see I'm in the middle of something?
Maid 1: Yes ma'am, but this is important.
Akito: [turns head around] What is it?
Maid 1: [nervous] It seems that in less than a month The Red Butterfly will be reopening.
Akito: [stands up in anger] What? How could that be? I killed that yankee of an owner!!
Maid 1: It seems that she left her club to her only daughter.
Akito: And just who would that be? Do you know?
Maid 1: You know her as Tohru Honda Madam. The outsider that lives with Shigure-san.
Akito: [gets out, putting on a robe] Is that so? Well I guess we'll just have to take her down as well. [snickers] Like mother like daughter. [leaves the room, the maid following behind her]
Maid 1: Uh, Ma'am what exactly do you plan to do?
Akito: Ha, just wait and see. Get me Kisa and Hiro right away.
Maid 1: Yes Madam, as you wish. [rushes off in the other direction]
Akito: [walks in a dark room and sits in a chair] My oh my I can't wait till I see her fall beneath my knees. [turns her head] Come on out Rin, I know you're there.
Rin: [ comes out of a dark corner]
Akito: What is it this time?
Rin: I'm guessing you found out about The Red Butterfly.
Akito: Yes, so what business do you have here?
Rin: It's about Kagura and that outsider. They seem to be in on the club.
Akito: Is that so?
Rin: Yes it's so. Aren't you furious?
Akito: Who else is there?
Rin: Yuki, Kyo, and a couple others that are friends with the girl.
Akito: I see, well, no worries. I can handle them on my own.
Rin: And just how is that? You're too damn sick to do anything! Dumbass!
[A knock at the door]
Akito: Come in! [door opens and Kisa and Hiro walks in silently] Ah, just the two I wanted to see. Kisa…
Kisa: Yes Akito-san?
Akito: You be friended with that outsider, am I right? You too Hiro-kun?
Kisa/Hiro: [nods slowly]
Akito: [bangs fist on the arm of her chair making the two kids jump] Damnit!!! I am God!!! Why do my children disobey me!!! [scoffs and stands up and storms out the room] Get me Hatori!!!
Rin: [sighs and glances at Kisa and Hiro] If I was you I'd be more careful now. [leaves the room]
[Hatori's Office]