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[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Ryosei Takashi Hime took in a deep breath and smiled as she watched the empty road in front of her with an occasional glance at the trees as they whizzed by. She was enjoying herself completely, loving the feel of the wind in her hair and the sound of the radio in her ear. This was what she loved more than anything else. Driving along without a care in the world. No bothers. No screaming family. She grimaced as loud voices filled the air. Well...no screaming family was right.
"Dammit! There is no way I am shorter than you, kid! Look at yourself!"
"Yeah, well your hair doesn't count! That gives you almost a full extra foot!"
"You little shrimp!" Vegeta cried, clenching his fist and resisting the urge to smack him one.
"Shrimp?!" Ed cried, trying to stand up in the car and wave his arms around. "Who're you calling a tiny bean sprout you can't even see with a microscope you jerk?!"
"That's not what I said but I'm sure it applies as well!"
"Oro...." Kenshin muttered, putting his hands up as he dodged Ed's fists. "Why don't you calm down a bit. There's not enough space in this carriage for all that, that there isn't."
"For the last time Kenshin this is a car." Kurama muttered with a sigh. "There's a huge difference."
"Ah, of course. Gomen." he replied, putting a hand behind his head and smiling.
"Yeah, well, atleast I'm taller than him!" Ed cried, pointing at Hiei who was sitting in the front passenger seat with his arms crossed and heels up on the dash board.
"Size is not everything. I'd remember that if I were you." he whispered simply.
"What're you sayin'?" Ed demanded, not one to drop the subject. "You tryin' to challenge me shorty?"
He smirked happily, enjoying the oppurtunity to call someone else short for a change. Hiei put his feet back on the floor board and opened his eyes. Ed shrank back into his seat as he glared at him. Kurama laughed a little, trying to hide it behind his hand and Ryosei just shook her head. This was going to be the longest three hours of her life. Ed started looking bored once the commotion he'd started had settled down and he looked around for something to entertain himself. He found nothing and sighed as he put his hands on the front seats and poked his head between them.
"Where are we going again?"
"To this airport waaay in another state just to pick up my little sister from her 'fabulous' vacation in California cause my grandparents are too lazy to do it. This is their car by the way. You break you buy it! Is that clear?!" she shouted, glaring at Vegeta in the rearview mirror.
"What?! Don't look at me! I don't even know why I'm riding with all you idiots!"
"Bulma made you promise to ride with me so you could protect me, remember? Otherwise you gotta sleep on the couch. I think I'll remind you of that every hour or so that way you don't forget." she added thoughtfully.
Vegeta just crossed his arms and glared out the window angrily. He was cramped in the back seat with Kurama, Kenshin and Ed. He was not a happy camper at the moment and Ryosei hoped he didn't lose his temper to the point that he didn't care about not getting any nookie for a year. She wouldn't want to die before she got her sister back. No, wait...That might be better than what would occur after she brought the spoiled princess home to face her cantankerous, bitter, anger management reject brother. That thought wasn't a pretty one though so she decided to focus on the matter at hand. Ed was finding something to complain about already.
"I have to go to the bathroom."
"Ed, you're a state alchemist. You do all kinds of amazing things. I'm sure you can hold your bladder for a few hours."
"Nope. That's one thing I can not do." he said with a big grin. "I could pee on Vegeta if it came down to it of course."
"You do and you die!"
"Yeah, I'm sure." Ed began, obviously not worried about the bathroom now. "I don't mean to brag but I'm the Full Metal Alchemist. There's no way you could beat me."
"The idiot driving was afraid I'd break her car. With my hands." he informed him. "Doesn't that tell you something?"
"So what? I could break it with my hands too. Without the use of alchemy at that. There's nothing you can do that I can't."
"Can you fly?"
Ed's smile faded and he looked surprised. Then very, very surprised. Kenshin looked a little worried at the shock on his face and poked him to make sure he hadn't had a seizure. Ed's only response was to grin rather widely.
"You can fly?!"
"So, what were you saying again?" Vegeta asked with a smirk.
"Hey, teach me how to fly!"
"No. I'm not spending one minute more than I have to with any of you morons."
"Aw, come on! I wanna learn how to fly! You gotta teach me!"
"Being a man of science, Edward," Kurama began. "I doubt you could learn. Vegeta flies under his spirit's power. Correct, Mr. Vegeta?"
"Something like that." he muttered, returning to staring out the window.
He obviously wasn't going to bother to explain the difference between the real thing and Kurama's theory and Ed had become a little less excited about the flying.
"Stupid, spiritual mumbo jumbo." he grumbled, crossing his arms. "Has anyone ever even seen you fly?"
"Many people. Now, shut up."
"I don't have to do what you say!"
"Onna, tell him to shut up before I kill him!"
"Alright children." Ryosei sighed. "Ya'll don't make me come back there."
"I'm bored." Ed complained after a few moments of silence.
"I thought you had to pee."
"Now I'm bored and I have to pee."
"You're worse than a five year old Ed."
"I am not."
"Are too."
"Am not."
"Are too."
"Am not!"
"Are t- I rest my case dammit! Shut up and I'll look for a bathroom!"
He crossed his arms and pouted again and the only sound as they rode along was the radio. Hiei and Vegeta were ignoring everyone while Kenshin and Kurama sat in polite silence, staring out the window. Or straight ahead in Kenshin's case. The minutes rolled by and with nothing to distract his mind the fact that he had to pee suddenly became very prominent in Ed's mind. So prominent that he had to cross his legs and began to fidget around, obviously annoying Vegeta even more. He suddenly felt like the world was closing in on him. The car was getting too small and his fellow passengers were getting too close. Sweat was dripping down his face as he gritted his teeth.
"Aaaah! I gotta go!" he cried after only five minutes. "Pull over now!"
"Now!" he repeated, already going for Kurama's door, crawling over the two red heads' laps in the process.
Kenshin and Kurama grimaced in pain as Ed's metal leg dug into their's and Ryosei pulled over so quick she almost ran into someone. Ed practically fell out of the car and dropped his pants immediately. Ryosei turned her head and sighed as she watched the other cars go by. Kenshin and Kurama rubbed their legs a little, tears in their eyes and Ed didn't seem to notice their pain as he relieved himself with a content look. This time they got out to let him slide in and gave him slightly angry looks as he did so. Which he also didn't notice. Before she could take off however Hiei opened his door as well. She watched for a moment, not sure if he was getting out to run away and blushed when he dropped his pants as well. She quickly turned her head and Kurama laughed, distracting him from his pain for a moment. Kenshin laughed a little as well and had to make an effort at quieting himself as Hiei got back in and slammed the door. Ryosei stared at him and when he noticed he looked anywhere but at her.
"We were already pulled over."
"Kay. Anyone else gotta pee? Vegeta?"
Vegeta glared at her in the review mirror and she smiled.
"Well, in the words of the almighty Ace Ventura, alrighty then. Let's get a move on."
"Can we stop for something to drink? I'm thirsty."
Ryosei stopped in the middle of cranking the car and turned to stare at Ed like he was crazy. He just grinned and laughed.
"Ed you just peed. You just crawled all over Kurama and Kenshin while we were still on the road to get out so you could pee. You aren't getting anything to drink!"
"What about something to eat?"
"I'm hungry." Vegeta stated in slight agreement.
"I can't afford to feed you Vegeta!"
"Why not? We can go to a cheap burger place." Ed said, giving her one of his grins, knowing she couldn't resist his smile.
"No matter how cheap a place is I will never have enough money to feed Vegeta." she stated, starting the car and taking off.
"Why not? Is he a pig or something?"
Vegeta glared at him but in his hungered state he obviously didn't have the strength to bother punching the chibi alchemist. He grinned into the review mirror and "please"-ed her a few times. Ryosei sighed and started looking for resturaunt exit signs, knowing she was going to regret it later.
"Alright. I'll stop at Burger King or something okay? But I'm limiting you to five combos at the most Vegeta."
"Whatever." he grumbled in response.
She pulled into the first exit that lead to a Burger King and parked, scrambling out quickly. She was relieved to have some time to stretch her legs. She had already been riding in the car with them for hours before the argument between Vegeta and Ed had started. Vegeta threw the door open and Ryosei gaped as it flew across the parking lot. He watched it hit a dumpster and gave her a look. She gave him a look right back and crossed her arms. He sighed as he went to retrieve the broken door.
"Great! Now we gotta find a mechanic too!" she groused as he returned with it.
"No you don't. I'll fix it. Free of charge."
"You sure?"
"Yeah. It's no problem."
Ed took the car door from Vegeta and fixed it using alchemy. He grinned as the others stared in amazement, particularly Kenshin and Ryosei.
"Bravo. Can we eat now?" Vegeta demanded, ruining Ed's glory.
He gave him a dirty look and marched in ahead of them. Vegeta gravitated to the table in the very back right corner. Ryosei was glad for the selection of table but had to run over to him to find out what he wanted. He said he didn't care and Ryosei believed him of course so she ordered him combos one through five and the woman almost turned from the cash register, assumming they were done.
"Wait a minute!" Ed called. "We gotta order!"
"...But...didn't you just...."
"That was for him." Ryosei said, pointing to Vegeta.
"He's a pig!" Ed added with a laugh.
"Shut up you shrimp!" Vegeta shouted from the back of the room, drawing everyone's attention.
"I am not a shrimp dammit! Everyone stop calling me short! I'm not short! I'm not! I'm not! I'm not!"
The attention was averted to Ed and the others as he pitched a fit and the woman at the register raised an eyebrow. Ryosei, Kenshin and Kurama grinned and sweatdropped, trying to give excuses at the same time so that it came out in a confusing jumble.
"He's just a little hyperactive." Kurama explained.
"You know how children can be." Kenshin stated.
"He's retarded!" Ryosei exclaimed like it was the most brilliant idea in the world. "We didn't give him his medication this morning!"
"Hn." Hiei decided to add.
All the while Ed and Vegeta were still screaming back and forth.
"You're the shortest, most pathetic human I've ever encountered!"
"I'm not SHORT!!!"
"Ed...EDWARD ELRIC!" Ryosei screamed, causing everyone to stare at her with wide eyes. "Order already!"
"Number two please!" he said, turning to face the woman and grinning brightly.
They all sweatdropped and Ryosei shook her head, muttering "Why me?" as Kurama tried to help Kenshin and Hiei order. They all went to sit down as they waited for their meals and Vegeta glared as Kurama and Hiei slid into his booth. Ryosei grinned as she sat between Ed and Kenshin. If she weren't so tired from the driving and refeering she might've attempted to hit on one or the other. Instead she tapped her fingers on the table a few times before sighing deeply and leaning back in her seat, crossing her arms. She finally leaned over and hugged Kenshin's arm, recieving a surprised look.
"I'm tired." she explained.
"I should be having fun." she complained. "I'm on a mini roadtrip with five hot bishies and -"
"Hot bishies?!" Vegeta demanded.
"That's a disturbing thing to hear someone like you say." Hiei muttered.
"Hot bishie, eh?" Ed asked, grinning. "Then why aren't you on my arm?"
She transferred herself to Ed's arm and smiled happily as she rubbed her face against his coat sleeve with a sigh of contentment. Ed used his free hand to pull his eyelid down and stuck his tongue out at Vegeta. He rolled his eyes.
"I suppose you think that's supposed to make me jealous?"
"It should. It means I look better than you, right Ryo-chan?" he asked with a wink.
"...Yeah. Ed's hotter than Vegeta. Hiei's the next hottest. Then it's Vegeta and then Kurama and Kenshin are kinda tied cause they look like each other."
"We don't look that much alike, do we?" Kurama asked, sweatdropping.
"Well..I do like your eyes better so I guess that makes Kenshin the last. Sorry Kenshin. You're still hotter than alot of other bishies though."
Kenshin just smiled and blushed slightly as he looked at the table. They called their number and Ryosei sighed as she had to let go of Ed's arm and retrieve their meals. Kurama and Kenshin helped her carry them back to the table. Although Vegeta finished before the rest of them he attracted alot of attention with his manners or lack thereof. He left them there to finish and returned to the car to await their return. When they did get back Ed caused more trouble by demanding that Vegeta give him the window seat.
"Hell no. The less people I have to touch the better off we'll all be."
"I'm not being squished in there between you and Kenshin anymore! I demand that I get a window seat!"
"Edward, why don't you take mine?" Kurama suggested, opening the door and planning to scoot into the middle with Kenshin.
"No! I want this side!"
"Why does it have to be this side Ed?!" Ryosei screamed. "They're the same thing! Just get in the freakin' car!"
"I don't wanna sit behind Hiei! He'll probably lean back and crush my legs on purpose!"
"What reason would I have for that?" Hiei asked calmly.
"You'd do it just to cause someone pain."
"Really, Ed-san." Kurama consoled. "Hiei would never do that. Just sit over here so everyone will be happy."
"How come I can't sit in front anyways? He's been sitting up there since we left. Don't you think it's someone else's turn already?"
"Ed. You have done nothing but cause trouble so why don't you just get in and shut up so we can leave? I'd really like it if I could get there on time."
"I'm starting to regret coming on this stupid trip!" he complained, crossing his arms and still refusing to get in the car.
"I didn't force you. In fact I didn't even invite you. You invited yourself."
"I just wanna sit up front for a little while."
"I'm not moving." Hiei stated simply.
"Hiei...just let him sit there for awhile." Kurama pleaded.
"If he doesn't get in soon I'm leaving without him." Ryosei sighed, tapping her fingers on the stearing wheel impatiently.
"You wouldn't do that now would you Ryo-dono?" Kenshin asked, smiling.
"He's a big boy. I'm sure he'd find his way home eventually."
Vegeta growled in agitation and grabbed him by the collar of his jacket. He gasped as he jerked him up and prepared to toss him into the car while Kenshin braced himself for the human missile that would more than likely crush him in mere moments. Suddenly Ryosei's door flew open and she stepped out, stopping Vegeta in his tracks. Ed continued to thrash wildly for a moment but stopped, realizing he wasn't being thrown anymore. She pointed to the ground and Vegeta dropped him with a sigh.
"Ed, if you want to sit up front so badly then you can sit between Hiei and me."
Ed stuck his tongue out at Vegeta and pulled his eyelid down before laughing and scrambling in beside Hiei. He grimaced at him slightly and scooted closer to Ryosei instead as she slammed her door and waited for Vegeta to slide in again. Once she was certain everyone was in, and that Kenshin didn't strangle himself trying to buckle up, she took off for the airport again. All was peaceful for awhile as Ed sat between her and Hiei, fiddling with the radio. Just when Ryosei felt it was safe to let out a sigh of relief Hiei reached over and turned the radio off while Ed was banging his head.
"Hey! What'd you do that for?!"
"I would have done it sooner if it hadn't taken me so long to figure out what all the buttons were for."
Ed turned it back on and glared at Hiei as he growled in the back of his throat. He bared his fangs at the short alchemist and all the color left Ed's face. Kurama sighed in the backseat and put a hand over his face, seemingly ashamed at his partner's actions. He reached over and snatched the entire radio from the car, crushing it in his clawed hand. Ryosei let out a cry of surprise and protest which Vegeta seemed to find amusing.
"And you were worried I'd break something." he laughed.
"Yeah. It's always the quiet ones in the end." she muttered as Ed gathered the pieces of radio into his lap frantically.
She was relieved when he clapped his hands together and a blue light surrounded the pieces, drawing them back together into their original form. He put it back into the car and grinned as the music started immediately. Hiei swore and went for Ed's eyes causing him to back up into Ryosei's lap with a scream of utter fear. She screamed as well and swerved over to the median strip where she slid to a stop and everyone slammed into the right side of the car, ultimately squishing Kurama to death. Ed only made contact with Hiei briefly before scrambling back into Ryosei's lap and shaking.
"He tried to claw my eyes out! What is he?! Some kinda cat or somethin'?!"
"Ed, get outta my lap!"
"Hell no! I'm not going anywhere near him!"
"Hiei, get in the back." Ryosei pleaded. "Just please, get in the back with Kurama."
"No. I won't listen to that racket any longer."
"Look, I want to listen to the radio anyways so it doesn't matter. It's going back on no matter where you sit."
"Over my dead body." he growled, baring his fangs at her this time.
"Oh yeah. Let's invite a demon, a pissy alien and a short-tempered alchemist on a car ride with us Kenshin." she muttered under her breath. "It'll be fun. I promise. How could that plan ever go wrong? I mean I got Kurama here to control Hiei. Everything'll go smooth."
"You've lost your mind now, haven't you?" Vegeta asked with a smirk.
"What mind? I had no mind to begin with." she mumbled, turning the radio off. "Hiei, get in the back and I'll leave the radio off."
"Fine." he consented begrudgingly.
Ed grinned and hopped into his seat as he got out and moved to the back. Ryosei was considering herself the luckiest person in the world as the next few hours slipped by in peace. She was thanking every god and goddess under the sun as she pulled into the airport and searched for a parking space. She wasn't even angry when her space was taken three times. As long as Ed stayed quiet she was happy. The doors survived their departure from the vehicle this time and she walked ahead of everyone with a bounce in her step. She was so happy to finally have peace despite the hectic nature of those around her. She pushed through people the best she could to get to the place where she would meet her intolerable sister. She turned around with a sigh as she broke through only to find herself virtually alone.
"...Kenshin? Where did the others go?" she asked as calmly as she could.
"I'm not really sure Ryo-dono." he admited with a nervous grin. "I thought they were right behind us, that I did."
"Obviously they weren't." she muttered taking out a cell phone. "Amanda? I have to go find some idiots. When you get here look for the red-head with the scar. Yeah. The guy with the sword. It's not my fault they wandered off! Don't start yelling at me or I'll have to stick my foot up your ass when you get down here! Yes I did have to bring 'all those anime freaks'....Because I could! I don't know! You can sit in Vegeta's lap for all I care! Just stick with Kenshin when you get off!"
She sighed loudly and handed the cell phone to Kenshin, pointing at one of the buttons.
"If it rings push this and talk into the bottom part. Listen to the top part. When you're done push this button." she continued. "Now go down this hall until you find 35B okay? That's where you'll meet her. You got it?"
"...Oro...I suppose."
"Kay. Be careful." she whispered seriously. "She's dangerous."
She disappeared into the crowd in no time and Kenshin stood there for a moment, staring after her forlornly. He finally sighed and looked up to see a huge white sign that read 20-25B on one side and 30-35B on the other with an arrow pointing right. He followed this arrow and was strolling down a mostly empty hall when a whistle was suddenly blown. He turned to look curiously as someone called for him to stop. He stared at the man in uniform for a moment in confusion and looked around.
"Now drop your weapon!" the security gaurd demanded. "You heard me! Drop it!"
"Oro...What's the problem?"
"Don't play dumb with me. What moron brings a sword into an airport? Where are you from?"
"Why are you carrying a sword?"
"I always carry my sword with me, that I do." he replied with a smile.
"Not onto a plane you don't! Give it here!"
"Gomen nasai." Kenshin whispered, looking slightly startled. "Demo, I can't do that."
"That's it. I'm calling for back-up."
"Ah! Please, sir, there's no need for that. Really. I'm not going to harm anyone, I promise."
"That's not the point sir. Give me the sword."
"If I give it to you...." he started uncertainly. "May I have it back once I retrieve the person I'm here to collect?"
"Sure. I'll take it to the lost and found luggage department."
"...I suppose..." he muttered, removing his sword as the security gaurd approached. "Onegai, be very careful."
"Don't worry, pal." he assured, taking it from him. "It's in good hands. Sorry for the misunderstanding."
"That's alright."
The security gaurd placed the sword against his shoulder and Kenshin grimaced as he turned a corner and whacked his precious reverse-blade sword against the wall roughly.
Ed cried out in frustration as he was pushed aside again and growled under his breath as he tried to keep up with Vegeta. It was just his luck to be stuck with him, lost in an airport. He was grateful it wasn't Hiei he ended up with but he'd have felt much safer with Ryosei or one of the redheads. Vegeta grabbed his arm roughly and jerked him over to a resturant table.
"Stop lagging behind shrimp." he snorted irriatably. "I'm not going to take the blame for losing you."
"Shut up! I don't need you to keep track of me! I'd be fine on my own!"
"Sit down!" he shouted. "I have to concentrate to find that weak onna's energy. Especially here. It's like finding a needle in a haystack and your mouth isn't going to help."
Ed just crossed his arms and sat down at the table with a huff. Vegeta closed his eyes and tried to concentrate on finding Ryosei's energy signal. He thought he had her on several occasions but they turned out to be other females of her age and strength. Ed started tapping his fingers on the table impatiently and Vegeta's eye began to twitch with the urge to open. He decided to switch strategies after making the eighth mistake in identity and began to look for Hiei's energy, being the strongest of the others. This time it wasn't very hard. His youkai energy stood out like a swore thumb in this place. He and Kurama seemed to be wandering about somewhere near a terminal.
"Come on." he ordered, shoving people aside to create a path.
Ed followed him sullenly and they pushed through the people a little easier this time as Vegeta was starting to push those that got in his way to the floor. Ed apologized for him over his shoulder as he tried to keep up. They got to the terminal and spotted Kurama's firey red hair instantly. Vegeta stormed over her and Ed ran to keep up.
"Where's the onna?" he demanded.
"I don't know. I got a little sidetracked." he muttered, pointing up.
Ed and Vegeta looked up curiously to see Hiei standing on the edge of the railing of the floor above them. He'd originally jumped up there to get a better look around when security gaurds and some guy with a microphone showed up claiming to be his friend.
"Just don't jump." the man was saying. "We can work this out. Tell me what's wrong."
"You won't leave me alone! That's what's wrong!" Hiei shouted back, obviously annoyed.
"Please sir." the man continued. "Step down from the railing."
"Every time I try you scream at me not to jump! Make up your damn mind!"
"Please sir. Step down on this side of the railing and walk towards me."
"Kurama!" Hiei shouted, looking down. "I'm going to kill him!"
"Stay calm Hiei. They think you're committing suicide." Kurama explained.
"Why the hell would I do that?!"
"Just go ahead and jump. They'll realize you're alright once you do and we can keep looking for Ryosei."
"Fine. But you make up your mind too. Last time I encountered men in these sort of uniforms you told me to do what they say."
"Normally yes. But we're in a hurry."
"Alright. I'm coming down." he muttered, turning around to face the man. "Sayonara."
He grinned a pointy-toothed grin briefly before stepping off the railing backwards. The man and security gaurds all ran to the rail to look down. They were shocked to see Hiei land on his feet beside Kurama easily with no injuries.
"Sorry." Kurama called up with amusement in his voice. "He's not quite human and we're in a hurry."
With that they all ran off, leaving the men above staring down in shock for a good thirty minutes. Meanwhile Kenshin was standing around, waiting for Amanda nervously. People were staring at him like he was crazy and it was a little uncomfortable. He had never seen the girl before so he had no idea who he was looking for as the passengers of the plan began to file past him, in a hurry to get their luggage and get out of the airport. He didn't have to wait long when a girl with light blue eyes and several rings and balls sticking out of her face at various places walked up to him and shoved a backpack into his arms.
"Where's Ryosei?"
"Oro..she's looking for everyone else at the moment. She asked me to meet you here."
"Yeah? Well now what do we do?"
"I'm not certain. Perhaps she wants us to wait here for her."
"Well, I'm tired and I ain't waitin' nowhere. Let's go. I'm getting my suitcases."
"Now!" she demanded.
"Demo, Ryosei.."
"I'm going with or without you." she stated, setting off down the hall.
Kenshin had to run to keep up with her and she forced him to jerk her two large suitcase from the conveyer belt as they went by. One almost took him with it and he had to let go so it could circulate a second time. Afterwards she forced him to lug the two extremely heavy, pink suitcases to the front desk so they could call for Ryosei and the others. While Amanda told the woman who to call Kenshin ran to retrieve his sword from the lost baggage department. The woman at the desk looked at Amanda like she was crazy and asked if she was sure those were the names. She just nodded her head.
"Alright." she said uncertainly as she made the announcement. "Poo Head and the Anime Freaks, please come to the front desk. Poo Head and the Anime Freaks, Amanda ... Noneya is waiting for you at the front desk with Gayass Pink Man. Thank you."
Ryosei stopped as she was approaching the terminal and slapped a hand over her face in annoyance. She should have expected nothing less. If only Vegeta had been the one to pick her up. Then she would have stayed where she was. She sighed and turned to the front desk to meet up with her and the others were there when she arrived.
"It's about time stupid. I've been waiting a freakin' hour."
"I don't think it was quite that long Ryo-dono. Perhaps six or-"
"Shut up, Gayass." she snapped. "Let's go and I'm sitting up front. Pointy hair...."
Ed laughed at the look on Vegeta's face.
The laughter stopped and he attempted to attack the unknowing Amanda as Vegeta held him by his coat with a smirk.
"Get my suitcases. Gayass already has my backpack."
Kenshin sweatdropped as he held the blue bag up and stepped closer to Ryosei. He leaned over to whisper as Vegeta and Ed grabbed her suitcases and everyone headed for the front door.
"I'm afraid to say your sister is frightening."
"No. She's a punkass brat." Ryosei replied as they followed. "Spoiled to the core. My grandma's fault."
"Oh. I see."
When they finally found the car and all Amanda's luggage was forced into the trunk there arose a new problem. No one wanted to sit up front with Amanda and Ryosei. Ryosei sighed and wished she had a choice but wasn't going to subject the others or herself to her sister's horrendous driving. She finally got tired of them arguing while Amanda sat in the front seat oblivious to their plight. She shoved Kenshin into her door and he schlumped between them as everyone else got into the backseat. She sighed sadly as she fiddled with the radio and managed to find the worst band ever as they pulled out. Kurama, Ed and Kenshin endured the horrible sound she called music but Hiei and Vegeta weren't as tolerant. After several extremely nerve-wracking songs Vegeta threatened to squeeze the life from her and Hiei was trying to break the radio again. Kurama was forced to hold him back for the safety of the princess in front of him. He laughed quietly as he was tempted to remove his arms from the koorime's waist and let him take her out. Ryosei put her forehead to the stirring wheel as they reached a red light and sobbed into it. This was not going to be a pleasent drive and she hoped they all fell asleep soon.