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Sweet Distortion
Kingdom Hearts fanwork:  Drabble challenge by Bond Of Flame08, written by Raberba girl

Summary:  For Bond Of Flame08's 100 Song Theme Challenge, focused on Demyx & Zexion/Ienzo, though not in a romantic context and not always together. Includes some AUs.

Introduction:  Seeing as how my first attempt at a challenge (Fire & Moonlight for Axel & Saïx) is going quite well, it's awakened my interest in drabbles, both checking out other people's and trying my own.  I love writing a lot of contextless scenes according to a list of themes, so I wanted to try it again with two of my favorite characters, Demyx and Zexion.  Since in my mind, Dem & Zex aren't closely linked together the way Axel and Saïx are, I'm not planning to have them do stuff together in every single drabble, but I wanted the entire series to focus on one or the other or both of them, no one else.  (I'm letting their Somebodies in on it, too, unlike with Axel & Sai.)  I failed so epically at getting them together in Christmas at the Castle that I want to try again with hopefully better results, and dang it, there needs to be at least one fic out there with these two that isn't yaoi. ^^;

There was never any doubt about which challenge to let them have.  Bond Of Flame08's "100 Song Theme Challenge" caught my eye at once because I LOVE the Kingdom Hearts soundtracks, and she even included my favorite Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core track, "The Price of Freedom"! :O  So no way I could pass this up, particularly since she so graciously lifted the one requirement that was causing me anxiety.  I feel really bad about asking to break the word limit, therefore I'm going to try to make 300-words-or-less versions of each drabble, if only just to prove to myself that I'm not the jerk I feel like.  I'll post them in batches after every ten or so drabbles.  And, just as a warning, they probably won't make any sense out of context, but again, it's a personal challenge that I've set myself since Bon-Bon was so wonderful and sweet in allowing it to not be an official one.

As far as the series title is concerned, both illusions and water cause distortion.  I don't have as good a reason for the "sweet" part...I just needed a positive adjective, it seemed to fit the overall tone, and Demyx is my sweetie-pie. *sweatdrop*

1. The Promised Beginning

Summary:  It doesn't always have to have a point.

A/N:  This one's AU.


Demyx loved to see children's smiles, which was why he had the best job in the world.  "All-righty!  Seems like I promised you a beginning, huh?"

There was a high-pitched surge of cheering, the kind only a crowd of very young people could make.

"Ha ha, sounds like you're looking forward to it!  Well, does anyone know how it starts?"

"ONCE UPON A TIME!" they all shouted at him in eager unison.

"Exactly!  You guys are just amazing!  So, once upon a time, in a faraway desert land, there lived this kid with a pet monkey who was running through the marketplace clutching a loaf of bread...."

When Demyx finished the story, he took a break to sell sweets to the kids.  They nearly mobbed him in their eagerness to obtain the goodies that were difficult to find anywhere other than at festivals like these.  "Okay, okay, okay, hold up, I don't wanna be sold out before lunchtime!" he laughed.  "Four more - lessee, you in the checkered shirt, you with the - wow, honey, does your mama know you're waltzing around in a skirt that short? - you in the black coat, aaaaand, this little cutie in white!"

Then he firmly locked the compartments containing his candy stock and earnings, climbed back onto the small temporary stage, and clapped his hands for attention.  "Next up!  The amazing Melodious Nocturne shall now perform, for your pleasure, wondrous feats of MAGIC!"

"Whoooo!" was the enthusiastic response.

Outrageous lengths of scarves out of his sleeve; snowy birds flying out of a hat; a reflection that made faces at him whenever he turned his back.  The kids ate it up.  As Demyx joyfully ran through the act, he glanced through his audience and occasionally out to the bustling streets beyond, where festival-goers were enjoying the numerous booths and amusements that were crammed together with winding paths in between.

The sky was overcast, but the rain was still a long way off.  This was better for business, but just the approaching scent of the storm filled his nose, seeming to sing through his blood and make him feel more alive.  He wished he could have them both, the pouring rain and the crowd of delighted young expressions....

One expression.  One face not lit up with joy; one eye, the one not obscured by a fall of dark hair, regarding him soberly, without a trace of sparkle.

'I'm going to make you smile,' Demyx thought instantly.  Then he chuckled at himself.  'I don't know who you are,' he thought at the quiet little boy standing a little way behind the crowd of other children, 'but somehow, I'm going to find out what will make you smile.  No one should be unhappy today, of all days.'  "And now for the finale!" he announced aloud.  "Heeeeere it comes!"

Explosions like fireworks, a rain of colored ribbons and lush feathers, flowers landing in the hands of the girls.  And candy, of course, enough so they wouldn't hurt each other (hopefully) when they pounced on the stuff like starving wolves.  Demyx laughed as he watched, like when a little girl knocked her older brother over the head to reach a piece of candy first, or when a boy fought like a savage for an armful of sweets, only to turn red-faced and bashful when he trotted over and offered the whole heap to a pretty girl he'd been eyeing during the entire performance.

As every last bit was claimed and the children started drifting off, Demyx picked up his sitar and began to play quietly.  "Come," he whispered, speaking not with words or lyrics, but through the music itself.  "Don't be afraid, I just want to talk to you...."

When he opened his eyes, the boy was standing right there at the edge of the stage, gazing at him with that same humorless look.  Now that the two of them were alone, surrounded yet untouched by all the noise and motion of the festival around them, they could talk.

The boy blinked when Demyx stopped playing, and looked around a little nervously.

"Hi, I'm Demyx," he said brightly, before the kid could make up his mind to bolt.  "What can I call you?"


"So you hated it, huh?" Demyx tested.

The boy blinked, as if buying time to measure his words.  "Not really.  I just didn't see the point."

"Candy doesn't have to have a point!  That's why it's candy!" Demyx insisted.

"It has no nutritional value, wastes resources, and serves as a corporate manipulation tool."

Demyx blinked.  "How old are you?"

The answer was ever-so-slightly sullen, which was a good sign.  The boy's total lack of emotion had been starting to creep Demyx out.  "I'm ten."

"Cool!  So am I!  At least, I was about ten years ago."

Ienzo gave him a dubious look.  "I wasn't talking about the candy, by the way," he finally said.

"What?  You mean my stories were pointless, too?" Demyx exclaimed in grossly exaggerated horror.

"Those so-called 'magic' tricks.  There was never a coin behind that girl's ear, you had it in your palm and just made it look like you'd obtained it from a different source.  Those images in the mirror were pre-recorded.  That dove--"

"Now, now, just because I'm super-good at sleight-of-hand doesn't mean I'm not a real magician!" Demyx declared, waggling his finger playfully.

Ienzo folded his arms.

"Prove it, you say?  Well, I will."  Demyx smiled, strummed his sitar, called on the magic he had not had to use all day until now, and summoned a water clone.

Ienzo gasped and stumbled backward as the clone reached to glomp him.  "Wh-Where did that come from?!"

"Told ya," Demyx said, pretending to be smug.  "Magic."

Ienzo struggled out of the clone's arms and hurriedly stepped behind Demyx for protection.  "Stop it.  Make it go away."

"Aw, but he likes you."

"Make it go away."

Well, he didn't want to scare the kid, after all.  Demyx let the clone dissolve into a puddle of harmless water, most of which drained quickly off the stage.  "Heh.  Explain that one away with science, I dare ya!"

He couldn't see the boy now that Ienzo was standing behind him, but there was a long silence.  Demyx finally turned around so that they were face to face, surprisingly close together.  "Would you rather have some candy?" he asked gently.


Demyx invitingly held out a few colorful treats in his palm.  "Go on.  Take them!  They're yours, pointlessness and all."

There was a long moment of hesitation.  Then Ienzo reached for a green one, unwrapped it slowly, held it poised at his mouth, then set it on his tongue.  Another pause.  Then that one visible eye slowly widened.

Demyx grinned.  "Yummy, right?"

The boy closed his eyes.  Good.  Best for savoring.


Both of them jumped at the sudden harsh call.  Ienzo looked like he suddenly didn't know what to do with the candy in his mouth.

"Don't swallow it," Demyx warned quickly.  "It hasn't melted small enough yet."

Ienzo maneuvered the sweet into one cheek so that he could whisper, "I'll get in trouble."

"What?  What kid gets in trouble for enjoying a festival?"

"Not supposed to be here...the Professor...I--"

"Ienzo!"  Whoever was yelling sounded impatient, cranky, and like they were ready to kick someone's butt.

"Spit it out," Demyx ordered, tucking more sweets into the boy's coat pockets.  "Just on the platform here, it's fine.  Don't worry if they take these away, I'll leave some more in the General's statue before I leave, that little space between his armor and his shoulder, 'kay?"

"Okay," Ienzo whispered.  "Th...Thank you."

Demyx smiled.  And was rewarded when the kid gave him a small, shy smile back.  'Bingo.'

Ienzo turned, climbed off the platform, and hurried to catch up to a fussy-looking guy in a lab coat who immediately started in on all the "Ienzo, where have you been?" lectures.  They didn't last long, though.  And when the guy turned to march away and Ienzo trotted hurriedly after him, he paused a moment to glance back and wave to Demyx.

Demyx grinned as he lifted his hand in response.  "See ya next year, kiddo."  Satisfied, he picked up his sitar and began preparing for the next show.


Author's Notes:  Mrgh, this one seems a little creepy to me.  Demyx means well, though.

"Candy doesn't have to have a point!  That's why it's candy!"  Quote from the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie (I don't remember if it's in the book, too).

Useless trivia - Kidz who got the last bits of candy between the storytelling and the magic show!  Roxas, Kairi, random male Org member of your choice (though obviously not Zex or Dem), and Naminé. :p

Complete:  1/100.  Next:  "Dearly Beloved"
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