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Sweet Distortion, a Kingdom Hearts fanwork:  Drabble challenge by Bond Of Flame08, written by Raberba girl
4. Laughter and Merriment

Summary:  Karaoke time!

A/N:  Takes place in the Christmas at the Castle universe; possible spoilers for that fic.


No work today and lots of snacks and getting to play music and so many colorz, whoooo!

Demyx tipped another cupful of punch down his throat, gestured enthusiastically at the Dancer in charge of the playlist, then hit a chord on his sitar.  "Raindrops keep fallin' on my head!" he belted out.  "And just like the guy whose feet are--"

He squealed when Zexion suddenly lurched into him out of nowhere, knocking them both against the wall as they lost their footing.

"Demmyyy," Zexion mumbled happily.  "You're singing...a music...thing."

"Hey, do karak-- Coke-- Carrie--" Demyx tried, then gave up and resorted to, "Sing with me, Zexy!"

"I never singed before," Zexion confessed, which set them both off into peals of laughter.  "How do I...move my feet again...?"

"Like this."  They stumbled over to the sound equipment, where Zexion draped himself over the table and gazed lovingly at the mouse cord, while Demyx addressed the playlist Dancer.  "Jenx, my honey!" he cried, even though he had no idea what the Nobody's human name had been.  "Play somethin' for us...somethin' happy!"

The Dancer poked uncertainly at a few buttons until new music started blaring out of the speakers.

"Nice, nice!  C'mon, Zexy!"  Demyx pushed a microphone in Zexion's direction, accidentally almost bopping him in the face with it.  It didn't occur to either of them to be surprised when Lexaeus's large hand reached between them to grasp a third microphone.

"Me, too," the Silent Hero said.

"Super!  The more, the merrier," Demyx said happily, and all three of them took more generous swigs of punch before tumbling back onto the little stage.

"We've been waiting so long, just can't hold it back no more...!"

For Demyx, singing a Backstreet Boys song with Zexion and Lexaeus was the most beautiful thing ever - unless you counted pretty much every piece of music he had ever heard or performed when sober.


Author's Notes:  In case you haven't read CatC and it was not otherwise obvious, that "punch" is not actually punch. ;)  And if you have read CatC, this trio sang several songs together, so the "popular in Twilight Town" song was not the Backstreet one.

WHOO, I ACTUALLY MADE THE WORD LIMIT WITHOUT HAVING TO TRIM ANYTHING! :D  ...In the initial draft.  When I went back to edit it, it ended up 19 words over. *headdesk*  Oh well!

Quotes were from "Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head" by B.J. Thomas and "We've Got It Goin' On" by the Backstreet Boys.  I picked that Backstreet song half because it was the first one I saw, and half because once I read the lyrics, I couldn't resist referencing a song that contained the words "wet," "granite," and "special effects," considering who was singing it in this drabble.

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