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[ P - Pre-Teen ]
Master Mosquiton: New Beginning.
By Mari
Disclaimer: Mosquiton, Inaho, Hono, Yuki, Sangermaine, Camille, and
Rasputin are the (c) property of Mosquiton Project. Lady Natasha
DeMon-Hitomebore, Sargent Crondar, Malariya, Mahno, Max the loyal
German Shepard, and Raul are the (c) property of me.

One year ago, just three hours since Grandmother Elenore passed
away. Three shadowy figures appeared in the doorway of a secret
passageway that leads to the castle's hidden catacombs. The first
figure appears to be Malariya who is carrying a flashlight as she
descends downward on the staircase. She is wearing a black jacket, red
shirt, black denim shorts, and black boots, no gloves but is wearing
the blood colored diamond ring and a gold wedding band.The second
figure revealed itself as man who is about thirty one years old and is
following Malariya on the stairs.

He has medium tan colored skin, which was impossible since it
there's hardly any sun in Transylvania. Chestnut brown hair that is
wavy on the front and well trimmed in the back, squared glasses, and
small brown eyes. He is wearing a faded brown leather sports
jacket, white tee shirt, blue jeans, and dark brown boots. He is also
wearing a gold wedding band that is the exact match as Malariya's. I
guess this means that he and Malariya are husband and wife. The last
figure is none other than the loyal German Shepherd, Max, who is right
behind the man and Malariya.

When they finally reach the bottom of the stairs, Malariya
slowly turns the flashlight around a few times. Then she stops the
light to reveal a wooden door that seems to be worn out for years.
"Yes this is it." Malariya told her two companions and went over to the
door. "Are you sure about this dear?" The man asked Malariya as she
grabbed hold of the door's ring handle and tries to push it open. "I am
positive my beloved Mahno." Malariya called the man. "This were I kept
my brother for all these years." "I've been waiting so long for this
moment to come."

Then Mahno decided to help Malariya open the door. With the
extra weight the door easily gave in and slowly open. Seconds later,
Malariya, Mahno, and Max are now in some kind of tomb that is only
illuminated by the Malariya's flashlight. In the tomb was a long human
shaped coffin that stood on top of a pedestal. The coffin looked like
it was in here for a long time and was cover with lots of dust. "There
he is." Said Malariya as she and Mahno and Max walked over the coffin
and dusted some of the dust away. She hates getting her hands dirty but
she just got to make sure that if it is in good condition.

The coffin only has a large cross on with some writing that
looks like it was eaten away. "Yes it's him alright." Malariya
acknowledge. "Mahno dear, would you be a sweetie and help me get this
open please?" She asked politely. "Very well Malariya." Mahno
volunteer with a sigh as Malariya take the head of the coffin and he
got the feet. They try to lift the cover very hard with plenty of
effort. "Explain to me why do we need to bring him along?" Mahno
questioned as he straining to open the coffin. "You know that he gets
on my nerves a lot."

"As I already told you, Mahno. I need to tell him about our
quest to find the Hitomebore sisters and about Inaho." Malariya
explain while struggling to get the cover off. "But it's been over a
hundred and seventy six years since he's been revive." Replied Mahno.
"And besides, the girl he once knew back then gotten married to
someone. And when he heard about that, his heart was broken and he
ended up staking himself." "Well it was own fault." Malariya responded
as the cover started to move with some ease.

"The poor girl did not want to wait anymore and decided to get
on with her life." "And how are you going explain to your brother about
Inaho." Mahno asked wittingly. "Let me worry about that later." Said
Malariya as she looked into the coffin and sees what she was looking
for. "Hello!" She greeted whatever it was in the coffin. "Did you have
a good sleep?" "I got some good news and some bad news." "First the bad
news, Lady Elenore Hitomebore is no longer with us." Malariya announced
with a mournful voice.

"But the good news is that she asked me to find her missing
granddaughters and one of them looked exactly like the girl you loved
so much." She clasped her hands together and sighed. "Soon my dear
brother the two of you will be together again." "For this I promise."
"So you better not blow this one off like you did the last time!"
Malariya scold at the mystery contents in the coffin. "You are that
determine to want him to have a family, are you my love." Said Mahno
with a smirk. "Well I just wanted him to be happy that's all." Malariya

"Well let's just hope that he'll have better luck with Inaho
then last one." Mahno declared. "Do not fret my dear husband." Malariya
reassured. "He will like Inaho." While they were discussing about what
to do in order to find the girls and figure out how to bring Malariya's
'brother', Max decided to see who was Malariya was talking to. To his
surprised the coffin contain nothing but ashes, some strange looking
clothes, and a pair of round sunglasses. Max has no idea what is going
on, but thought he would rather just leave this enigma to his new
masters and help them find his real ones.

And as we leave the heroic trio, their quest of the Hitomebore
sisters have just begun as the room started to fade in darkness.

Master Mosquiton: New Beginning
Starting a new life

Chapter 2: prt. 1

Returning to the present time, we enter into a city where
everything is filled with life. A city where we can her jazz music
playing almost all day and all night. Where the smell of curry and
spices cooking as it fill the air with its delicious scent. Where we
can hear children laughing as they get ready for school. And tarot and
palm readers and curio shops are just opening. Yes my friends, this is
the city of New Orleans, Louisiana. As we stroll down to the streets of
the Uptown area, we come across a simple yet elegant three-story house
that looked like it's been around since the late 19th century.

It was mostly white stucco covered in ivy and canopy above the
door at the front. Two narrow windows on each side of the door two
large windows the front of the house. One at the top, one at the
bottom, and small one above the door with a balcony. Which the two
pillars are holding. And a staircase to the door. A dark gray shingled
roof with a matching colored chimney, and an attic window. And also on
the roof was one of those small satellite dishes. The upper part of the
house was about 4840-sq. ft.; the lower was 2264 sq. ft., and
efficiency with 450 sq. ft.

There is even an iron fence with a cemented gateway decorated
with wild pink roses and an Iron Gate door. And last there is a small
black mailbox with a nameplate that proclaims to whom is the resident
of this house. "2000-10 Hitomebore". Inside the house were special
features like hardwood floors, Berber carpeting, high ceilings, walk-in
closets and great storage. The furnishing of the house are amazing
unique in their simplicity. In the living room there's a dark brown,
velvet plush sofa with golden yellow trimmings.

In front of the sofa were an antique early 20th century coffee
table and 20' screen color TV and VCR, and a ceiling fan above.
Inside the dining room was a medium size antique medieval dinner table
with matching chairs. A large dark oak 18th century display case
containing decorative dishes, saucers, and teacups, and a chandelier
above. Both of these rooms and the Foyer were decorated with whimsical
and enchanted pieces. Like murals of forest landscapes under the
nighttime stars. Small pictures of fairy folk and woodland elves
playing happily with the forest animals.

And tapestries of unicorns, dragons, ancient Celtic and
Romanian Wiccan symbols, and kind looking white magic magicians
performing spells and rituals. We now come into the kitchen that is
decorated with daytime forest mural with a sea of flowers and innocent
looking forest animals. A white tiled floor, granite kitchen tops, and
a light yellow refrigerator with the freezer on top and brown handles
on both doors. A small black microwave on the far right corner on the
kitchen top. A stainless steel dual kitchen sink with a wooden pine
cabinets below it for cleaning products.

Two other cabinets made of the same wood as the sink cabinet,
above the tops for dishes, bowls, and drinking cups. Two smaller
cabinets next them for medicines and ointments in case of an emergency.
And two slightly narrower cabinets for drinking glasses and glass jars.
Beneath the kitchen tops are four drawers. One is for eating utensils
like fork, butter knives, and spoons. The second drawer contains some
kitchen towels and dishrags. The Third drawer is for cooking utensils,
and the forth has baking utensils. Below the drawers is another cabinet
for plastic storage and pots and pans.

A kitchen knife holder is on top of the kitchen top next to the
microwave. Across from the refrigerator is a gas stove with large oven
below it, and standing next to the stove is a young lady about the age
of seventeen with short red hair just below her earlobes. She is
wearing a white apron over a white blouse and brown pleated skirt that
came down to her knees. She is also wearing white socks about knee high
and brown loafers. The young lady was making some pancakes for
breakfast and she seems to be very good at it.

When she turned off the stove, she went over to one of the
cabinets to get a serving dish to place the pancakes. And when she
turned around, she had blue eyes and feather bangs above her eyebrows,
and is wearing a gold cross earring on her left ear. It was Inaho and
she alive and well. Inaho gently put the pancakes on the serving dish
and carry them out of the kitchen into the breakfast nook that is
decorated with a mural of grape vines and is furnished with a simple
kitchen table and chairs. The breakfast nook also contain three
pantries. One is for dry and wet ingredients like flour, seasonings,
sauces, and spices. The second is for canned food.

And the third one is for jarred food. Inaho placed the pancakes
on the table and went out to the hallway. She came across a door that
is slightly across the kitchen with a heart shaped sign that proclaims
to whom the room belongs to and knocks it. "Tearesa honey, it's time
for breakfast." Inaho called out. "I'll be right there." A cheery
little girl's voice responded and Inaho went back to the kitchen. When
Inaho was about finish setting the table, enters a little girl who is
about ten years old with light brown hair past her shoulders and down
to her back, brown eyes and her bangs were about the same style as

She is wearing a white button down blouse with a dark navy blue
collar that is ellipse shape on both sides with a little red bow tie on
the front and puffy sleeves with little laces on the cuffs. A dark navy
blue skirt in the same style as Inaho's brown skirt, white sock that
comes up to her knees and black strapped shoes. This little girl is
none other than Tearesa. "Good morning Tearesa." Inaho greeted with a
smile as filled the last glass with orange juice. "Good morning Inaho."
Tearesa returned the greeting with a smile. "Are you ready for you
first day back at school?" Inaho asked while pulling a chair for

"Yes and I'm so excited about it." Tearesa answered cheerfully
as she got on the chair and sit down. "Well you should be." Replied
Inaho encouragenly, putting some pancakes on Tearesa's plate and on her
own. "Ten years old and already in the 5th grade. I am so proud of
you." She complimented while pouring some syrup. "Thank you Inaho."
Tearesa accepted the compliment with her sweet smile, as she is about
to get ready to eat. "But what about you?" Tereasa asked curiously.
"You about to start 11th grade and you can drive a car."

"Well it's one of the few things that I have to know how for us
to get around in this city." Said Inaho while removing her apron to
reveal the blouse she's wearing has v-neck collar with little white
lacing around it, pearl like buttons buttoned down and ruffled sash on
the front. Inaho sat down to her chair and started to eat some of the
pancakes. "And let's not forget cooking." Tearesa mentioned, pointing
to her pancakes. "That too." Inaho giggled a bit and so did Tearesa and
they continue eating. A few minutes later, Inaho and Tearesa just step
out of the door of their house and already in blazer jackets and book
bags and each carrying a lunch bag.

Inaho is wearing a lime green blazer all buttoned up to the
ruffled sash, a wide collar overlapping her shoulders, and a golden
olive branch head piece standing straight up with the letters 'W', 'L',
'C', 'S', 'H', 'S' sewed in the left. Her book bag is simply a black
canvas with some light brown leather on the sides. Tearesa's is simply
a dark navy blue cardigan sweater which the collar of her blouse makes
it look like a blazer and her book bag is pretty pink canvas bunny bag.
Both Inaho and Tearesa never did trust school lunches because they know
all the horror stories.

So they decided to make their own lunches. And besides it's
like their mother said, 'If a meal is not made with love then it's not
worth eating.' They came upon to a small red convertible with the top
down, that looked like it has seen better days. It has two circular
headlights that have some permanent smudges and the red paint looks
like it was fading away. The inside wasn't so bad thought. The seats
were simply white with some black smudges and a couple of scotch tape
to keep it together. The dashboard is the same color as the seats.

There's a glove compartment on the passenger side where Tearesa
is sitting in. A regular dial car radio, and the usual mileage and gas
meters and thermometers that lots of cars have. Inaho could've gotten a
nicer car, but with paying the rent of their house and fixing the
utilities, and repairments, and all the other expenses, this is all she
can afford one. Tearesa doesn't mind it though. She just like the
color and having the top down so she can feel the wind in her hair.
Tearesa once told Inaho that their car might be related to Herbie, the
love bug.

They both had to laugh at that remark, thinking it might be
true. Like Herbie, their car also seemed to have character. "Someday
I'm going to give this car a makeover." Inaho thought to herself as she
and Tearesa place their book bags inside and enter the car. They both
put on their seatbelts and Inaho started the car. The car got out of
the driveway and drove off. Five minutes later, the car stopped in
front of a large squared red brick building with seven windows on the
right, eight in the middle and a doorway, and eight more on the left.

High above the doorway between the top and bottom large
windows, there is a yellow sign with red lettering that proclaimed the
name is this building. "New Orleans Free School". This is Tearesa's
elementary school. There are some a lot of kids' ranges from ages 5
through 13+, waiting outside for school to be open. "You know the
routine Tearesa." Said Inaho with a smile. "Be a good girl and mind
your teachers." "I will Inaho." Replied Tearesa as she undoes her
seatbelt. Inaho kissed Tearesa on the cheek for good luck. "Have a
good day at school." Said Inaho.

"Don't worry I always do." Answered Tearesa as she grabbed her
bookbag and lunch bag and opens the car door and got out. Tearesa
trotted down to the school as she and Inaho waved good-bye and joined
up with the rest of the kids. The car simply took off and left the
school driveway. Moments later as a school bell rang; we now come
across large brown brick, historic/modern day building. It has several
windows up front, a stairway to the entrance, two monumental statues on
the stair posts, and a large concrete sign that reads "Walter L. Cohen
Senior High School". This is where Inaho goes to school.

It is now 8:30 am and Inaho is already in her first class,
creative writing. Standing in front of the class is a woman around her
late thirties. She raven black hair that she kept in pony tail at the
nape of her neck, curly bangs on the front, and blue eyes. The woman is
also wearing a white silk blouse and flowing light brown floral print
skirt that goes all the way down to her ankles, a small brown beaded
necklace, white stockings, brown dress shoes, and gold wedding band on
the fore finger of her left hand. "Good morning class." The woman
greeted with a warm inviting smile and a Cajun accent.

"I hope you all have an excellent summer." "I'm Mrs. Deerwood
and I'm going to be your creative writing teacher for this year."
"Good morning Mrs. Deerwood." The class greeted back. Inaho can tell
she's going to like Mrs. Deerwood. For some reason she reminder her of
her mother. Then Inaho started to remember what her mother used to look
like. Her kind and loving face her light brown hair that comes down to
her shoulders, and her tender brown eyes. The image saddens Inaho but
it makes her feel better remembering her mother.

Inaho quickly snapped out of her gaze when Mrs. Deerwood is
telling the class about their first assignment. "And what I want for
you to do class is to write a short story of your summer vacation and I
wanted on one page." Mrs. Deerwood told the class. "All right!" "Cool!"
"Yes ma'am." "Great" The class replied happily in unison. They believe
that Mrs. Deerwood is going to be a great teacher and getting started
on their assignment. A few hours and classes later, Inaho was in the
school cafeteria, eating her Tupperware bowel of jambalaya and drinking
a thermos of lemonade, when two of her classmates came up to her table
and joined her.

"Hey Inaho." "Hi Inaho." Said the two girls in unison. "Mind if
we sit with you?" Asked the first girl. She has dark blonde hair in a
French braid that is being held together by a blue scrunchie. The girl
also has light blue eyes and is wearing the same uniform as Inaho. "Hey
Carla and Linda." Inaho greeted them. "Sure go right ahead." She
invited the two girls. "Thanks Inaho." Replied Linda. She has frizzy
orange hair, is a little plump, green eyes, small specks of freckles on
her face. She too is also wearing the same uniform as both Carla and

"So what did you do this summer?" Carla asked Inaho. "Oh
nothing much, just working full time in the Neutral Ground Coffeehouse
at June." "Then my little sister and I spend two weeks in the cabin at
the bayou for the forth of July." "And finally work part time as an
intern in the veterinary office at the Audubon Zoo and did some
volunteer work at the Southern Repertory Theatre and took some summer
art classes at the Academy Gallery New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts in
August." Inaho answered. Both Carla and Linda were speechless when
Inaho told them her summer.

"Wow Inaho you did all that in one summer?" Carla asked
stuningly. "Well you know that I take weekends off so I can spend time
with Tearesa." Replied Inaho. "But don't you ever have time to do
something fun?" Linda questioned. "I wish I could, but with my jobs,
school, taking care of my sister, making payments, and the rent, I'm
just lucky that I can afford time for myself." Said Inaho, sorrowfully.
"Gee that's a shame." Said Carla, trying to sound concern. "Yeah wish
we could help." Added Linda, wanting to volunteer.

"Thanks you, guys but I don't want to trouble you two." Replied
Inaho sounding modest. "Oh it won't be any trouble." Carla
acknowledged. "We're your friends we'll do anything to help." Linda
reassured. Then Carla looked at her watch. "Uh-oh lunch time is almost
over." Carla announced. "We gotta go now Inaho, remember our offer
still stands." Said Linda as she and Carla got out of Inaho's table.
"Bye girls." Said Inaho as she packed up her lunch. "If have anything
I'll let you know." "Okay bye Inaho see ya in next class." Replied
Carla and Linda and they walked off.

"That Inaho is some girl." Carla whispered to Linda "Yeah she
is lucky." Linda whispered back. "She has her own place, takes care of
her sister, her own car, two jobs, and she's great in art and theatre."
"But I do wish she wouldn't work so hard and have some help." Said
Carla hoping that Inaho wouldn't hear her. "Careful she might hear
you." Linda warned. Apparently Inaho did hear them. Even though what
they said is nice about her, the last part kind of hurt her. But Inaho
does admit that she could use some help. At least around the house and
making ends meet.

"I wish someone can really help us." Inaho wished silently as
she looked up in the sky. Little does she know that her wish is about
to come true when she felt a strange energy from her earring. "What was
that?" Inaho asked herself as she felt her ear with the earring. Then
she sees it glowing brightly. "Must be from the sun." She told herself
as the glow faded quickly. Inaho herd the bell rang grabbed her lunch
bag and book bag and took off for her next class. Meanwhile, just about
2.4 miles from the high school, is the New Orleans Lakefront Airport.

There were people who were getting on and off the planes.
Planes were taking off and landing in. Baggages and luggages were
placing on and taking off of the conveyer belt. We see a lone figure
just walking around the airport. It was a woman who looked just around
her late twenties. She has cream colored skin, platinum blonde hair,
long eyelashes, and crystal blue eyes. The mystery woman is also
wearing a form fitting black top and matching skirt that comes down to
her knees. Black high heels, small black gloves, a black cotton woven
hat with the top cut off to reveal the top of her hair.

A black lace fan that she held close to her face only revealing
the eyes. A small black purse over her right shoulder. The two rings
on her fore finger. The blood red colored diamond and the golden
wedding band above it. And last but not least, the golden heart locket
pin that Grandmother Elenore gave to Malariya before she passed away.
The pin is on the middle of the woman's black top and it was glowing
quite brightly. "She is here." Whispered the woman. "I can feel her
presence." Then she turned around to the direction she was coming from.

"Mahno my love." The woman called out. "We have finally found
her." "Are you sure Malariya my dear?" Replied Mahno who just now
appear in the scene. He was pushing a cart that has their luggage on
top of one and other. He is wearing a pair of blue jeans, a white
button shirt, the brown leather jacket, and white tennis shoes. His
chestnut brown hair is still wavy at the front and clean cut at the
back. Tanned skinned and small brown eyes and wearing the squared
rimmed glasses and yes, the golden wedding band on his forefinger.

He looked a little tired from pushing that cart around and
Malariya hold him so he wouldn't collapse. "I am positive, my husband."
Malariya reassured him and giving him a kiss on the cheek. "This pin
that Lady Elenore gave me before she died, tells me that Inaho is here
in this city." "But how can pin determine that Inaho is around here."
Mahno asked. "Elenore told me that the pin is made out of the same
material as the earring that she gave to Inaho the before ran away."
Malariya confirmed. "So what are saying if the pin can find the
earring, then we can find Inaho and Tearesa." Mahno acknowledge.

Malariya gave him another kiss for guessing right. "Exactly.
And once we find them we can finally bring Inaho and my brother back
together." "The things you do just to get become an aunt." Said Mahno
chuckling and holding Malariya close to him. "Just one of my many
dreams, next to marrying to you of course." Said Malariya giving him a
quick kiss on the nose. "Now lets go to customs so we can get Max and
my brother." "As you wish my dear." Mahno agreed and they both took
off pushing the cart. "I just hope that we don't run into any

"Relax Mahno. What could possibly go wrong." Malariya comfort
Mahno. If only she knew how wrong she could be. When just about 14.9
miles from the New Orleans Lakefront Airport, there is another one
called the New Orleans International Airport. But it's not really in
New Orleans. This airport is in Kenner, LA. Coming out of the airline
are five suspicious looking characters. An old man in wheelchair with
long silvery hair and beard that cover most of his body. Even though
he is wearing a robe. Four rings on each hand and sunken eyes. It can
be no other than Rasputin.

Behind him pushing his wheelchair is another man with the skull
like face, ridges all the way down to his nose, and bulging icy blue
eyes. Dark blonde hair with the two horn like cowlicks on each side of
his head. Wearing a gray suit with matching pants. A white shirt, black
necktie, and black shoes. This man is Sangermaine. A woman with dark
green hair in a bun and violet eyes under a small rectangular frame
sunglasses. A black blazer over a white blouse, black skirt that came
down to her thigh, and black high heels. It's Camille.

Following her is another woman with dark brown hair being held
with a gold plated berret on the nape of her neck. Ferocious looking
green eyes, wearing a dark blue blazer over her silk white blouse. A
dark blue skirt that comes down to the bottom of her knees. And dark
blue flats. It's none other than Inaho and Tearesa's worst nightmare.
Their wicked stepmother, Natasha. And the last in line is a large burly
man with a blonde buzz cut under his green army cap. Wearing dark
sunglasses, a soldier's uniform, black combat boots. This man is one of
palace's guards, St. Crondar.

"So this is New Orleans." Said Camille as she removed her
glasses. "My what a quaint little city." "Actually this is Kenner, LA."
Rasputin informed her. "Just a town that is over fourteen miles from
New Orleans." "But then why did they name this airport New Orleans
International Airport if it's not really in New Orleans." Crondar
asked. "Because Kenner is part of New Orleans you imbecile." Natasha
answered irritatedly. "Have patience my dear Lady DeMon-Hitomebore."
Replied Sangermaine. "Once we get to New Orleans for real, we can begin
the search for your two missing stepdaughters."

"But first we must go to customs so we can claimed our
belongings." Rasputin suggested. "Yes Master." Sangermaine and Camille
obeyed. "This outfit is making me uncomfortable." Camille complained.
"As I already told you we need disguises so we can blend in with these
people." Sangermaine confirmed. "But your boss doesn't need a
disguise." Said Crondar and Natasha elbowed him in the rib. "Do not
fret my burly comrade." Replied Rasputin. "To these humans, I am just
an ailing old man who is being cared for by his two caretakers."

"As you say so my Lord." Added Sangermaine and the three of
them laughed viciously. "Are you sure about trusting these people Lady
DeMon-Hitomebore?" Crondar asked in a nervous whisper. "Are you
questioning judgement?" Replied Natasha in a harsh tone. "It just that
they give me the creeps, at least the two men are." "I kinda like the
dark green haired woman." Said Crondar with a goofy smile. "Look we are
not here for socializing, we are here to find the girls." Natasha told
Crondar. "So you better keep your eyes open and your mouth shut before
someone gets suspicious." "Yes m'lady." Crondar obeyed and they all
went over to customs.

While back to the New Orleans Lakefront Airport, Malariya and
Mahno have just retrieved Max in the animal carrier and their other
'shipment' on the customs conveyor belt and are trying to get past
customs. "So do you folks have anything to declare that is over a
hundred dollars?" The security guard asked. "No my dear officer."
Malariya answered politely while giving him their passports. "Only our
dog sir." Added Mahno addressing to Max in the animal carrier. "Oh
really, then what's in this box?" The guard questioned referring to
the over 6ft white box that has a large sticker that said
'Transylvania, Romania'.

"Only what's left of my brother." Malariya replied working on
some tears. "Were bringing him home with us so we can bury him next to
my parents." "Oh really I'm sorry about that Ms." Said the guard with
sympathy. "If you pardon me for asking you this, what did he died on?"
"He was trampled by a herd of elephants while on an African
expedition." Malariya told the guard while dabbing her fake tears with
a handkerchief she recently pulled from her purse. "Do you care to see
it for yourself?" "He's still recognizable in three large and flatten

"Um no that's okay, I'll take your word on it." The guard
responded as though he looks like he's going to cry and throw up at the
same time. He gave them back their passports and told them "Have a nice
day." "Thank you kind sir." Said Mahno as one of the airport bellhops
came in with a large pushing rack. The bellhop, Malariya, and Mahno
carefully lifted the large white box and gently place in on the rack.
Next they place Max in the animal carrier in front of the box. Then the
bellhop effortlessly pushes the rack out of customs with Malariya and
Mahno pushing their luggage cart from behind.

"I can't believe you actually told him that." Mahno whispered
while pushing the cart. "Well I have to think of something or else we
won't get on with our mission." Malariya whispered back, helping Mahno
with the cart. The guard made a quick recovery and asked the next
person to come up. Moments later, Malariya, Mahno, the bellhop are now
out of the airport and into the car rental section. "Are you sure you
folks will be alright here?" The bellhop asked. "Yes we'll be just
fine." Answered Malariya. "Thank you for service." Added Mahno while
giving the bellhop a ten-dollar tip.

"Thank you sir." "And I hope you folks enjoy your stay here in
New Orleans." Said the bellhop as he accepted the tip and went his way.
"Thank you again my dear boy." Malariya called out. A woman in her late
twenties with chocolate colored skin, black hair being held together
with a white berrette and brown eyes approached towards Malariya and
Mahno. She was wearing a blue suit with a nametag that tell them who
she is, 'Susan Brown'. A matching skirt, white ruffled blouse, and blue
flat shoes. Small golden round earrings, two rings on her forefinger:
an engagement ring and wedding band. And a gold Rolex watch.

"Hello and welcome to New Orleans, Louisiana." Susan greeted them with
a welcoming smile and a Cajun accent. "My name is Susan Brown and I'll
be any help if you need me." "Thank you my dear." Said Malariya as she
shook Susan's hand. "The name is Malayira Mosquiton-DuBua and this is
my husband, Dr. Mahno DuBua." She introduced themselves to Susan.
"Hello it's very nice to meet you." Said Mahno shaking Susan's hand.
"We want to rent a car." "Well of course that's what we're here for."
Susan joked. "Do you have any particular car in mind?"

"Something that will carry all of our belongings." Replied Malariya.
"Including this special package." Addressing to the large white box.
"Ruff ruff!" Max barked. "And our dog." Added Mahno. "Well see if I can
find you something." Susan responded. "How long are you folks planning
on stayin' in New Orleans?" She asked. "We're not really sure I'm
afraid." Mahno confessed. "Well I think I just have the plan for you."
Susan reassured them. "It's the 'What ever you wish' plan. It allows to
hold the car for as long as you like."

"Then you can call us and asked to take the car back if you
like." "Thank so much dear Susan." Malariya accepted. They've been
searching around the car lot to find the car that they can use. Till
Malariya found one that she believes is perfect. It's a large black
Saturn van with two regular doors on the driver and passenger side. Two
sliding doors, and two doors that open in the back. The inside of the
van is reddish brown plush with two seats on the front: driver and
passage. Matching dashboard and steering wheel. Gas meter, thermometer,
and mileage meter.

A digital car radio with a CD/cassette player. A glove
compartment and three stereo speakers on each sides of the doors. The
back seat was like a couch and seems to fit three or four riders. And
there's lots of luggage space in the back. Mahno came up to her and
look inside the van. "This is great Malariya." Mahno complimented.
"But are you sure your brother will be able to fit in here?" "Not a
problem m'love. We'll just push him under the back seat." Malariya
confirmed. "Did you find the one you were looking for?" Susan asked
from behind.

Malariya and Mahno quickly turned to her. "Um yes we have."
Malariya replied. "We decided on this one." Said Mahno addressing to
the van. "Excellent choice folks." Susan complimented. "Now if you all
just follow me we can begin the paper work." They all went into the car
rental office. Meanwhile just a several miles from New Orleans are two
black cars on the road. The one in front was black roles Royce with
metallic gray trimmings around the headlights and matching bumpers, and
tinted windows. Inside the car are the three of the five villains.

Sangermaine on the driver's side. Camille on the passenger side
looking bored. And of course Rasputin in the back seat. "How much
further do we have to go?" Camille sighed. "Not much further. Just a
few more miles till we enter the New Orleans city limits." Sangermaine
confirmed. "Have patience my dear Camille." Said Rasputin. "Once we get
there we can find a place to rest then start looking for the missing
children." "And if we find them we'll have what we've been looking
for." Added Sangermaine. "And then soon all these pathetic humans will
be at our mercy." Added Camille with a sly smile and the three of
laughed wickedly.

Behind them is the other black car, which is a large
Oldsmobile station wagon. Inside this car is Sr. Crondar who is doing
the driving and Natasha in the passenger seat and bickering him during
the drive. "Will you slow down! We don't want to ram them." Natasha
barked. "I'm sorry Lady DeMon-Hitomebore." Crondar apologized. "I was
just trying to keep up with them." "Well try to without running over
them." Said Natasha icly. "We hired these people to find those brats
and I don't want to deal with a lawsuit right now!" "Yes ma'am."
Replied Crondar as set the car in a steadier pace.

While back at the New Orleans Lakefront Airport, Malariya and
Mahno have just turned in the already written paper work to Susan.
"Thank you folks and here are the keys." Susan offered. "Thank you my
dear." Said Malariya as Mahno accepted the keys to the car. "I'll go
and get the car dear." Mahno volunteer. Malariya gave him a quick kiss
on the cheek. "Thank you sweetie." Mahno walked out of the office and
headed towards the car. "Is he that helpful?" Susan asked. "He's that
loyal." Malariya answered with a smile. Seconds later Mahno drove the
car to the office entrance and they started loading up. First they
managed to fit the large white box under the back seat. Then they place
Max in the carrier next to the box. And finally they loaded the rest of
their belongings into the car. "Remember you can keep the car as long
as you wanted and call us if you want to return it." Susan reminded
them. "Thank you again." Said Mahno as he and Malariya got into the car
and started to drive off from the airport parking lot. When the day is
almost over the school's bell rang and all the students got out to

Inaho was heading towards her car when she heard an annoying
voice behind her. "Hello there Inaho." Said the voice. It sounded kind
of nasal and male with a Cajun accent. When Inaho turned around she
sees a young man who is about a year older than her. He has curly black
hair, strong cheekbones, a small but pointed nose, a squared jawline,
brown eyes, and very tanned skin. He also very well and muscular built
and was wearing light yellow short sleeved button shirt with two open
buttons on top. A white undershirt, blue jeans, and brown loafers.

Sure he's very handsome, and charming, and rich, and his mother
is the chairperson of New Orleans, but there is only one problem. Inaho
can't stand him. "Hello Raul." Said Inaho grudgingly. "What pray tell
do you have any plans for this weekend of vision of loveliness?" Raul
asked with a sly smile. "Same thing I always do Raul. Spending time
with my sister and trying to avoid you." Inaho replied with some
annoyance. "Grrl!" Rwowed Raul. "I love it when you get feisty." "But
seriously Inaho, you need to spend some time with people who are about
your age."

He pointed out. "Raul, you know with my jobs, and making
payments, and taking care of my sister, I don't have time to spend with
someone, and if I did it would never in a lifetime be you." Inaho
informed him with her sharp tongue. "Well if it's finance you are
worry about then let me do you a favor." Raul offered but Inaho
declined. "Not in this lifetime Raul!" Retorted Inaho. "I know that
all of your 'favors' comes with a price." "Oh come on now my dear, I'm
not asking much." "All I just wanted was to spend some time with you."

"So what do you say hmm?" Said Raul, as he was about to place
his hand around Inaho's arm. But she manages to catch it and flip him
over her shoulder. "When I said no I mean no Raul!" Inaho told him off.
"Remember I still have that restraining order for you when you tried to
break into my house." "Now if you excuse me I don't want to be late for
picking up my sister Tearesa." Inaho got into her car and slammed the
door shut. She started the car and drove off leaving Raul coughing of
the dust. While driving, Inaho notice that her earring was giving of
that strange glow and was getting that feeling again.

"Why does it keep doing that?" She asked herself. "Someday my
lucious Inaho, you shall be mine." Raul thought as he picked himself
and dusted off, trying to regain some dignity. About moments later, we
now see the black van parked in front of a small white house liked
building that is entitled 'Laurel Street Bed and Breakfast'. As the
door in one of the rooms opened, we see a young man wearing a light
blue shirt with the name of the bed and breakfast sewed on and a
nametag with his name, 'Bob', on it. He is also wearing long khaki
colored pants and white tennis shoes, carrying some luggage.

"Welcome to the Laurel Street Bed and Breakfast, folks." Said
Bob with the Cajun accent as enters the room carrying the luggage into
the room. After him are our friends, Malariya and Mahno, wheeling a
cart with the rest of their belongings and the large white box,
followed by Max. "Oh I just adore these little bed and breakfasts."
Malariya complimented while fanning herself. "Thank you Ma'am." Replied
Bob. "This here is the Tchouptioulas Room, it has a queen size bed and
a single bed. The ceilings are 19ft high, beautiful fireplace, wood
floors, Jacuzzi bathtub in the private bath."

"There is a refrigerator and a CD/stereo located in the large
closet. All rooms have irons, and boards, hair dryers and extra
towels." "There are also more amenities available in this room like a
clock radio, a modem jack in room, internet access, a television with
cable / movies, air conditioning, smoke detector, sofabed / foldaway /
z-bed, a desk, free local phone calls, complimentary breakfast, and is
accessible without stairs." Bob continued. "Thank you my good man."
Said Mahno and gave Bob a ten-dollar tip. "Thank you sir and enjoy your
stay." Replied Bob as face lighted up by the generous tip and left the

A second later, the heart shaped locket pin started to glow
again. "She's here!" Malariya announced. "She's is very close." "I can
sense her." "Relax we will look for her and Tearesa as soon as we can,
but first we need to get your brother to his room." Mahno suggested as
he and Malariya wheeled the cart with the large white box into another
room. I was a quaint simple room with violet wall to wall carpeting,
white walls, and light white curtains. The single sized bed has a
multi-colored comforter and white bed sheets with matching pillows and

A pine wood drawer cabinet, a bed stand on the right side of
the bed with small lamp on top, and last a walk in closet with white
sliding doors. Malariya and Mahno open the white box and revealed the
six-footed human shaped coffin with the large golden cross in the
middle. With all of their strength they lifted the coffin and placed
it on the bed. "There now he can get comfortable." Said Malariya as she
and Mahno went to their room. Max decided to stay behind. He maybe a
dog but even he knows that these two need to be alone.

Malariya and Mahno enter their room which looks similar to the
other one except it's a little bigger and it has a queen-sized bed and
there are two bed stands on both sides. One has the lamp on top and the
other has the alarm clock. Mahno sat on the foot of the bed with very
little effort and started to relax. "Boy, after being asleep for over a
hundred and eighty-eight years, you think that he might be able to
loose some weight." Mahno joked tiredly. "Oh come on now Mahno, you
know that my brother is only heavy in strength." Malariya confirmed.

"I know." Mahno chuckled. "It's just that I so tired after all
this traveling." "But we are so close at finding the girls my love."
Malariya whined a bit. "The sooner we can rest the sooner we can find
them." "I know what can get you started again." Malariya proclaimed
with a sly smile. She closed and reopens her fan and in an instant, her
crystal blue eyes became almond colored. Her cream colored skin is now
snowy white and when she took off her hat and throws it at the floor,
her platinum blonde hair is now bright silver. And last she has now
two small fangs at each corner of her mouth.

Malariya seductively swing her hips as she walked towards
Mahno and sat on his lap and then playfully unbuttons his shirt. "You
always know how to make me feel better." Said Mahno with a goofy grin.
"I always do." Malariya purred as they kiss with great passion and
bringing themselves on to the bed. Their sounds of passion can be
heard through out the room yet are muffled by the door. And thus
ending part one of this chapter.