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Hello everyone and welcome to a brand-new Mega Man Legends fan-fic.

This story is an adaptation of what I want to happen in the Mega Man Legends 3 Prototype.

Notes: I personally found this chapter to be boring. It will be more exciting next chapter.

Characters (c) to CAPCOM
Story (c) to me, Steffie

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Adventures of the Bright Batz: Chapter 5 Take Me Somewhere - Barrett the Chauffer

*The next morning, Goodwin residence*

Aero quietly stood in front of her vanity mirror as she studied her reflection.
"Hmm, should I do something with my hair?" the pinkhaired girl pondered aloud as she ran her fingers through it. She shook her head in defeat.
"But, what if Barrett doesn't like my new hairdo? Hmm...I know, maybe I should put some make-up on!" the Spotter smiled proudly to herself as she quickly scratched through her drawers and pulled out her make-up kit. She grinned when she noticed the pale pink lip-gloss. She carefully coloured her lips and pursed them together. Satisfied, she decided to scratch through her make-up kit until she found nail polish that was the same shade as her hair. She painted her nails with careful precision to make sure that she will not smudge them. Everything had to be perfect for the date she will have with Barrett later that day.

*Later, Goodwin living room*

"Goodbye, Dad. I'm going out." Aero called out to her father as she was about to open the front door.
"And where are you going, Aero?" Gonzo called out from his armchair. Although it sounded friendly, the pink-haired Spotter could sense the hint of suspicion and dread in it.
"Exploring Teoma City with a friend of mine." Aero shrugged in response.
"I hope it's not one of those Bright Batz boys."
"Sorry to disappoint you, but it is."
"Aero, you know that I don't support you hanging out with any of those Rebel Riders. It's bad enough that you dyed you hair pink out of rebellion!"
"Dad, the Bright Batz aren't that bad. They never attacked anyone or committed any crimes, besides being Rebel Riders. Besides, meeting Barrett had been the best thing that happened in my life."

Gonzo's blood boiled. He jumped from his armchair and stomped towards his daughter.
"Is this Barrett your boyfriend?"
"Not yet, but we'll soon be."
"I don't believe that it's such a good idea."
"But, why not? Barrett's a cool guy. He's the best thing that had happened to the team."
"Aero, how much do you know about this guy?"
"Everything that I need to know about him."
"How old is he?"
"He told me that he's fifteen years old."
"Fair enough. What are his hobbies?"
"He said that he's quite an expert when it comes to Digging. In fact, he can quotes paragraphs from the books Professor Caskett had written as if he had written them himself. He likes playing chess too."
"What is his surname?"
"Erm, I never asked him." Aero muttered sheepishly as she made circular motions with the toe of her foot.
"You don't his surname? How could you not? This boy could actually be a dangerous criminal, or even an air pirate, yet you don't know! He might even be lying about his name to you!"

Aero felt her cheeks burn hot from anger.
"He's not lying! He's a decent guy. He's a cool guy. He may sometimes be a bit strange when he acts old-fashioned, but he's a wonderful guy! You're just can't accept that I'm no longer your little girl!" the Spotter stormed out of the house and hurried towards the hideout.


Aero quietly sat in front of the hideout as she waited for Barrett to pick her up. Despite greeting them, she had avoided the rest of the Bright Batz the entire time she was there. She was afraid that she would burst into tears in front of them if they asked why her face was so red...

Moments later, Barrett had finally arrived on his Motor Horse. The Spotter climbed up and wrapped her arms around her date's waist.
"Hey there, Aero. Sorry that I'm late.", Barrett grinned, "Are you ready?"
"I'm ready."
"Hold on tight, then. We're hitting the road."

As the pseudo-leader of the Bright Batz drove through Teoma City, Barrett and Aero noticed that seem to be a few police officers on the road. The redhead would try his best to sneak past them. After he was satisfied that the coast is clear, he stopped his Motor Horse and turned his attention to his passenger.
"Is something wrong? You seem glum today."
"It's so unfair. My father and I had another argument today."
"What about?"
"The same thing we're always fighting about. It's unfair."
"He's only doing it because he cares about you, Aero."
"...I'm feeling hungry. Instead of exploring the city, how about we go to that new stand GyroBon? Their gyros are gigantic and fantastic."


Barrett raced towards the GyroBon stand while he tried to avoid being spotted by the officers. To the disappointment of both members of the Bright Batz, the stand had a giant closed sign on.
"...I guess that it's a public holiday then. How about we go and visit the park?" Aero sighed in defeat for a moment. She quickly switched her mood to appear more perky.

*Later, the park*

Aero and Barrett lazed on the soft grass of the park as they admired the beautiful view of the island.
"Pity that we don't have a picnic basket or any food." the pink-haired girl sighed in disappointment.
"Don't worry about it. It's not everyday that we get to sit down and have a nice view of the island." the redhead grinned.
"That's true. Hey Barrett, can I ask you something?"
"You can. What is it?" the Digger asked. His tone sounded suspicious.
"Could you please tell me your surname?"
"...I'm sorry, but I can't."
"But why not?"
"I don't see why anyone needs to know it as it's not important."
"But, why not?"
" surname is Smith. Barrett Smith sounds terrible, right?"
"It's not as bad as Aero Goodwin. So, you were embarrassed about your surname this entire time. To think I almost believed my dad and thought that you were trying to hide something from me."
"...Let's go. It's late and I bet your father's worried about you."

*Meanwhile, Teoma City police headquarters.*

"It's finally complete, Mr. Goodwin." Roll stated as she gestured at the mecha behind her.
"Thank you, Roll, it's perfect. Just what I need to stop those Bright Batz and to finally rescue your grandfather from them."

To Be Continued...

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