Mega Man Fan Fiction ❯ The Best Henchman ❯ I Quit! ( Chapter 3 )

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Story, Berelf Island (c) Steffie

The Best Henchman
Chapter 3: I Quit!
Much later, Dr. Madd's medical ward

"That was a very nasty slash." Dr. Madd grimaced as she bandaged Glyde's left shoulder. Said boy sat on the side of the bed while Dr. Madd sat in a chair next to the boy. The brunette only wore a pair of blue jeans and black boots. On the floor laid his former digger armour and black bodysuit. The digger outfit was made from cheap metal, which was the reason why it hadn't prevented Glyde from the injury he had received from Mr. Dark's mecha.

"It's not that bad." Glyde bragged, before he winced as the doctor touched a particular sore spot.
"Not bad, hm?", Dr. Madd laughed in sarcasm as she studied the digger outfit. It had a giant slash across the shoulder, "Then how come your digger armour received so much damage?"
"It's more of an outfit, than armour."
"You should get yourself proper armour. And, get your Glyder equipped with weapons."

"What do you mean? Why would I need proper armour and my mecha weapons?"
"Er...forget what I've said, Glyde."
"Never mind what I've said. I'm just giving advice, as your doctor. Nothing to do with your job. Heh heh."
"Oh. Okay."
"You know, you're very lucky. Those claws were an inch close of giving you a haircut from the neck." the doctor smiled in relief. The henchman paled when he had realized how close he was from certain death.

Much later, Mr. Loath's office

"You allowed them to leave with my livestock?" Mr. Loath's spoke in a dangerous tone. He eyed his nervous henchman that stood in front of him.
"I tried my best to stop them, but they got away." Glyde bit his lip as he stared at his injured shoulder from the corner of his eyes.

"Did you at least use your Glyder's weapons against them?"
"I--I didn't have any equipped, sir."
"!! What was that?"
"I didn't have any weapons equipped in the mecha. Nor did I carry any."
"You idiot! Don't you know that one of the terms and conditions you had to fulfill would be to have weapons?"
"Your my henchman and underboss. You need weapons."
"You need to fight fire with fire. Mafia use weapons to accomplish their goals."

Glyde's visible eye was wide in horror as his mouth was agape. Mr. Loath and Dr. Madd's words finally sank in. The entire week had finally made sense as well.
"I can't believe it. You're actually a crime boss, right? I--I quit! I won't work for you anymore! My daddy was right all along. Good bye, Mr. Loath. I quit."

"You can't quit. Nor can I fire you."
"Huh? Why?"
"The contract."
"What about it?" the brunette whispered as he watched the portly gentleman take the contract out from the drawer. The crime boss flipped through the pages until he found what he had searched for.
"As long as Mr. Lex Loath and Glyde are both alive, Glyde may not quit Loath Inc. Nor may Mr. Loath fire Glyde."
"See why you must always read the fine print, or in your case, read the entire contract?"

"..." Glyde rubbed his sore shoulder as he felt his nerves on edge.
"As you can see, I can't fire you; despite the fact you really did disappoint me with your very first real task I had given you."
"What can I do now?"
"Try and get the livestock back from Mr. Dark, or don't bother. Your choice."

Later, outside of Dr. Madd's medical bay

"I can't believe Mr. Loath was so...upset with me. I didn't expect those thieves to appear from nowhere." Glyde huffed as he sat cross-armed. Dr. Madd sat in the chair next to the youth.
"But, Mr. Loath had expected you to succeed. He knew you had it within yourself to defeat the thieves. He's just disappointed that you didn't live up to his expectations." Dr. Madd cooed as she rested her hand on Glyde's uninjured shoulder.

"Really?" the young henchman's facial expression lit up at the words of the lady. Nothing else seemed to have mattered, not even the fact his boss happened to be a mafia crime boss. It was as if the little praise had brainwashed him.
"Yes, he sure had lots of faith in you." Maddie gave the brunette a kind smile.
"That settles it. I shall get the livestock back for Mr. Loath, even if it's the last thing I shall do. If he believed in me, I should believe in myself!"
"That's the spirit. Good luck, kiddo."

Glyde had spent a week to prepare himself for the rematch with the arrogant Mr. Dark. He had returned back to his home. He had rebuilt the Glyder, and had equipped it with various weaponry. With the help of experts, he had built a special kind of bodysuit. Although it was skintight and a bit on the uncomfortable side, it was meant to be a psuedo second armour. He had also built himself, with the help of experts, digger armour that was made with special metal that made it flexible and durable.

A week later, Mr. Loath's garage

"Master Glyde!" Beta shouted as she ran up to her master, whom was busy to polish the Glyder. She held a piece of paper in both her wings.
"Hm?" the svelte man mused as he took the paper from his most loyal birdbot.
"What does it say?"
"To Glyde: If you want to retrieve the cows and horses from us, you must come see me at the Sart Farm at 10:00 today. Only bring yourself and your mecha. From: Mr. Dark."

Glyde only grinned in bemusement as he stared at the face of the clock on Mr. Loath's garage. It read 09:25.

To Be Continued...