Mega Man Fan Fiction ❯ The Job Interview ❯ Male or Female? ( Chapter 2 )

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Characters (c) CAPCOM
Story, Berelf Island (c) Steffie

The Job Interview
Chapter 2: Male or Female

Mr. Loath's eyes nearly bulged from their sockets. His jaw nearly hung down to the floor. He felt as if a giant group of Karubun trampled over him twice. Standing in front of him was the most androgynous-looking person he had ever seen in his entire life. This person wore a blue business suit, black tie and black business shoes. Yet, this outfit looked more like a school uniform than business outfit. The person stood below the crime boss' eye level. The person's hairdo was quite flamboyant and the long fringe hung over the one eye. This person's revealing eye is a beautiful shade of ruby. This person had long eyelashes as well. The face living-proof that it's possible to look both extremely handsome and beautiful at the same time. The shoulders aren't as broad as most men, but not as narrow as most women. The person had a svelte figure as well. Not one trace of masculinity in this person's figure at all, yet no hint of a busty chest either.

"Hello, sir. Pleased to meet you!" the person spoke and he reached his arm out, offering a handshake. The loan shark swore it sounded like either a young girl's. Or a twelve year old boy whose voice broke. He also noticed that this person's hand was bigger than most women's, but smaller than most men. This is getting stranger and stranger.
"Pleased to meet you!" Mr. Loath greeted as he shook the person's hand. Quite a strong handshake for someone so frail-looking,
"What's your name? " The person told Mr. Loath his name. The loan shark thought it was a strange name, but at least he knew that this person was male.

A few minutes later, Mr. Loath took the interviewee to the training room. This room was build by his previous henchman to keep himself (the henchman) fit. Maybe this is the best way to test this boy's skills?
"Okay, let's go to part one of the interview. You must show me how fast you are!" Lex thumbed at the mini-racetrack. It was only 3 meters.
"Huh? In my business suit?" the boy looked confused.
"I'll time you." Mr. Loath replied. The boy readied himself at the starting point.

"Go!" Lex shouted on top of his lungs as he started the timer. To his amazement, the boy finished the track under fifteen seconds. This boy almost--glided across the racetrack.
"How did I do?" the boy asked, huffing only a little bit.
"Not too bad.",Lex mused, finger and thumb resting on his chin, "but let's see how good you are at fighting." Lex Loath lead the boy to the training room, unaware of the boy's frightened face.

To Be Continued...