Mega Man Fan Fiction ❯ The Job Interview ❯ Welcome to the Loath family ( Chapter 4 )

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Characters (c) CAPCOM
Story, Berelf Island (c) Steffie

The Job Interview
Part 4: Welcome to the Loath family

Mr. Loath finally arrived back in his office. He sat in behind his desk while the boy sat in the seat in front of the needle-nosed man.
"Okay, so do you have any experience?"
"No, I don't have any." the boy admitted shyly. Mr. Loath sighed mentally in relief. That explained the boy's shyness and nervousness. It was his first interview, and many people are extremely nervous and withdrawn during their first interview.
'Sometimes it's best to teach someone from scratch. Sometimes the experienced would act like they know everything, and disobey you.'

Minutes later

"Why do you want to work for Loath Inc.?" Mr. Loath asked, sounding scarier for the poor boy.
"Well, you are the known worldwide as the most fair and compassionate businessman on Terra, and I want to help the most fair and compassionate businessman on Terra with my skills."
'You have to be kidding me...he must be really naive to believe that.' Mr. Loath's eye twitched, "How much are you willing to work for per month?"
"Since I have no experience, I'm willing to work for One thousand zenny a month!"
'A thousand zenny per month?! This is way too good to be true. That's a quarter of a person's starting salary. He's a great mechanic and extremely healthy too. Being a pretty boy is an added bonus too. He's inexperienced, but with me training him, he'll be a force to be reckoned with.'

"Excellent. Final question: When are you willing to start working?"
"As soon as possible, sir!" the boy perked up.
"Are you still interested?"
"Yes, I am extremely interested, Mr. Loath." the boy replied eagerly.
"You're starting tomorrow morning, eight o' clock."
"Thank you so much, boss!" the boy thanked Mr. Loath, nearly leaping out of his seat in excitement. Lex Loath stretched his arm out to shake the boy's hand. Crime boss and henchman shook hands.

"Welcome to the Loath family, Glyde."

The End