Original Stories Fan Fiction ❯ He Loves Me Not ❯ Sakura Spends The Night ( Chapter 2 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Sakura let out a heavy sigh that blew his bangs away from his face and rolled his eyes ever so slightly as Yusuke clung to his neck. Here it had been four months since he began to "tutor" the pervert and all he ever did was copy his homework and harass him relentlessly. Today they were sitting in his parents bedroom which Yusuke had long ago claimed as his own and homework was the last thing on his mind. He'd been attempting to convince Sakura to kiss him all day with compliments and even bribes of money.
"Come on Sakura!" he pleaded, burying his face in his shoulder. "Just one kiss. It's not gonna kill you or anything."
"How about just on the cheek then?"
"Please?!" he cried, falling into his lap and staring up at him with a sad look. "I promise I won't ever ask again."
"Pleeeeease?" he whispered, increasing the saddened look of his eyes and poking his bottom lip out.
Sakura chose not to answer this time and pulled his book up close to his face so he could block out Yusuke's pouty expression. Yusuke sighed and sat up, staring at the cover with a look of defeat. He was never going to get Sakura to kiss him. It was such a shame that someone as adorable as he was had to be straighter than a ruler. He smiled after a few seconds and grabbed the top of his book, pushing it down so he could look him in the eyes.
"Hey, let's go to the store or something. I'm tired of studying."
"Tired of studying?" he asked incrediculously. "Don't you mean tired of copying my work?"
"Yeah. That."
"Why don't you shop for yourself?"
"Cause you get me good stuff. Then cook it for me. If I go I won't know what to get."
Sakura sighed again and snapped his book shut almost taking Yusuke's fingers off as he did so. He had suddenly become Yusuke's personal chef one day and he still couldn't remember how it had happened. Now he had to cook not only for his parents and himself but for Yusuke as well. He was just glad nagging was enough to make him pick up after himself or he might have to do that too. He acted like a five year old sometimes.
The trip to the store was actually pretty quiet for once. Sometimes he got like that with Sakura. He couldn't think of anything to say so he just smiled and enjoyed his prescence for a little while. Unfortunately for Sakura he decided to express his "close friendship" with physical contact while he did the actual shopping. He had everyone in the store staring at them as he wrapped his arms around him from behind everytime he stood still for more than five seconds. And when he wasn't standing still he held onto his arm and tried to guide him over to the junk food like a little kid.
While they were waiting in line Yusuke noticed him staring at a girl two aisles over and got a little huffy. Especially when the girl looked back and smiled at him. That day taught Sakura to be more descreet about such things around Yusuke when he got so jealous and possessive that he hugged him close again. The girl looked a little surprised at first but Sakura could hear her laughing as he struggled out of his arms. He was rather relieved when the whole ordeal was over and they were on their way back though Yusuke still looked a little upset. Sakura decided not to say anything and he was obviously giving him the silent treatment so the ride back was just as silent as the one on the way there though this one wasn't quite as comfortable as the last.
They didn't say anything to each other as they put the groceries up either though Yusuke kept looking at him like a cat whose pride had been wounded. He debated on whether or not he should even stay with him in such a mood as he watched him sit down with a sigh. He decided it would be best if he left so he headed for the door but before he could make it all the way past the couch Yusuke grabbed his shirt sleeve. He turned to look down at him but he looked away with the same hurt expression as before. He pulled his sleeve away gently and continued to stare at him expectantly but he wouldn't say anything.
"What?" he asked finally.
"Don't go." he muttered.
"Why? You're not exactly being warm and caring right now."
"I thought you might like that for once." he replied sincerly. "You don't like it when I touch you after all."
Sakura couldn't even pretend to be cross with him when he made such a pitiful expression. He wouldn't look up at him so he just sat down beside him with a sigh and there was more silence. He didn't understand why he had suddenly gotten that way when he'd have been blind not to notice it before. Sakura wasn't a pervert or anything but if there was a pretty girl around he couldn't help but stare a little. Yusuke had plenty of guys over anyways so he shouldn't have gotten so possessive. Sakura, of course, was blind himself considering he hadn't noticed the sudden increase in Yusuke's playful affections. They had been growing increasingly since the first day he came over but it was only in the most recent weeks that he'd been begging for kisses and such.
Yusuke was surprised he didn't see it yet glad all the same. He didn't want to scare Sakura away or anything. He'd rather just stay his friend and live for the moments he could spend alone with him. He sighed again and leaned on his shoulder, slowing lowering his head to his chest. Sakura blushed but didn't reject him either so Yusuke just wrapped his arms around him and snuggled closer. He couldn't believe he didn't see this feeling in his eyes whenever he looked at his beautiful face. He smiled all the more when he felt Sakura's arms come up around his waist gently. Sakura was probably the sweetest, most compassionate guy in the world. He was always worried about hurting his feelings at times like these.
"I don't really mind it so much." he muttered with a blush. "When we're alone."
"It's not killing me or anything, right?" he added as he usually did. "I just don't want people thinking I'm....that way."
"I know. Sorry."
"Well, if you want something I better start cooking now before it gets dark."
Sakura loosened his arms and started to stand but Yusuke wasn't letting go. He just held onto his waist firmly and hid his face in his shirt. There was probably a light blush on his cheeks and he didn't want him to see it or he might suspect something. He still hadn't asked Sakura this question yet though they'd known each other for a while now. He wasn't sure it was such a good idea either but if he was going to do it he had better do it now while he had the nerve. Yusuke couldn't believe he was actually having to work up courage to ask a guy something so simple.
"Why don't you......spend the night tonight?" he whispered, burying his face even further into his shirt. "Ya know....it's the weekend and...."
"I don't think my parents would let me. Besides.....I have church on Sunday and my Mama doesn't let me miss a day unless I'm....sick or something."
Yusuke's eyes saddened a little at the fervent excuses spilling from his friend's lips. So he was afraid to stay the night with him. He didn't blame him though. He was straight and Yusuke was far too overly affectionate everytime he got around him. He'd probably be afraid to spend the night too if he was in his position. He sat up and let go of him, muttering an "okay" and Sakura apologized as he went to the kitchen to cook.
Yusuke grabbed a pillow and hugged it to his chest as he watched him cook. His back was to him the majority of the time because the stove was facing the living room. However as he was straining the pasta in the sink he happened to look up and notice his stare. This wasn't too uncommon because Yusuke always watched him cook. Another reason he couldn't believe he hadn't noticed his feelings. This time however he must have thought it was due to the fact that he'd said no. Yusuke couldn't blame him because he probably did have a pathetic expression on his face right about now even if it wasn't on purpose.
"Sorry Yusuke." he repeated, staring down into the noodles. "I really can't....It's not because I don't want to. My parents won't let me go anywhere. They've never let me go to other people's houses over night."
"What if I asked for you?" he whispered, looking away. "I'll give them a thousand dollars. I'll bet they'll say yes then."
"Yusuke..." he sighed, looking up at his grin. "If you want....you can call and ask but they'll say no. And then I'll get in trouble later for 'putting them on the spot' as they'd say."
"Why would you get in trouble for something I did?"
"Yusuke...." he muttered, gripping his wooden spoon and turning his back to him to continue cooking. "Just go ahead. It doesn't matter. They'll just fuss at me for it. That's all."
"Are you sure it's okay? I don't wanna get you in trouble."
"Go ahead. It's alright."
Yusuke pick up the phone and stared at it uncertainly but he really wanted Sakura to spend the night. He was sure he could convince his parents. He could be very persuasive when he wanted to and they couldn't be that strict. He decided to go for it and dialed the familiar numbers that normally lead him to Sakura's sweet voice. This time however a sharp, shrewd voice answered.
"Yeah? Who is it?"
"Ano....Ito-san?" he asked cautiously.
"What?" she replied.
"This is Yusuke Takahashi. Your son's friend."
"Yeah. I know. He ain't got any others. Is he over there cause he still hasn't washed the dishes and it's almost time for him to cook anyways."
"Oh...well....I was actually wondering if he could spend the night tonight."
Sakura's grip on the spoon tighted so much that he could hear the wood straining under the pressure in the silence that followed. The woman seemed to be thinking about it to Yusuke but Sakura knew it was a moment of angry silence. Anger at him for letting someone ask something he knew he wasn't allowed to do. It felt like ten minutes before she spoke again.
"He has things to do." she gritted out as calmly as she could. "Tell him to come home."
"Demo...Ito-san...I thought it would be..."
"Send him home! He has chores to do!"
"Demo....." Yusuke stuttered, surprised at her anger. "Ito-san I could...why don't I...I can send someone....to do that for him. If you want."
"What?" she demanded, sounding almost interested.
"I could send you a maid for that if you want." he repeated with a sigh of relief. "She could cook and clean while Sakura stays with me."
"And you'd pay for it?" she asked curiously. "Just so Sakura could stay the night?"
"Well, it won't exactly be much to me money-wise so..."
"What're you rich, or something?" she asked laughingly.
".Sorta..." he admited. "So it really wouldn't be a bother....if...."
"Sure. I guess that won't be a problem." she answered abruptly. "So long as the chores get done."
Sakura couldn't believe what he was hearing when Yusuke thanked her repeatively before hanging up and calling the maid that would cook and clean in his place. His mother had actually said yes just for a maid. He couldn't believe it. He really didn't think she would fall for that but she did. He was in so much shock that he had actually been allowed to stay the night with someone that he had stopped stirring and was just gripping his spoon again, staring down into the sauce. He was shaken from his state of shock when Yusuke's arms went over his shoulders and he pulled him back against his chest.
"She said yes." he whispered into his ear. "Is that okay?"
"....Yeah." he said with a smile. "I'm glad."
"Really." he replied not even noticing his hug. "I've never stayed the night with anyone before."
"Well, I'm glad I'm your first then." he joked, nibbling on his ear softly.
Sakura jerked and cried out in disgust, pushing him away. Yusuke just laughed and insisted that they go pick up his stuff right after he got done cooking. So they did and Yusuke finally got to see where Sakura lived. They really didn't live too far apart though Yusuke had never known it was an hour's walk and insisted that he pick him up from now on whenever he wanted to come over. He stopped where Sakura told him and was surprised to find himself in front of an apartment building. He'd expected Sakura atleast had his own house. He insisted that he stay in the car but Yusuke wanted to go see his room so he persisted until he got his way. Sakura seemed a little embarassed as he opened the door after their epic climb of the stairs that never ended to reveal his small home.
The living room was immaculate even though it was decorated by old furniture and the carpet was brown from being walked on by all the attendents that had come before. He suspected it had been white originally because the edges around the furniture were somewhat lighter in color. Yusuke barely even noticed the man sitting on the couch. Surprising because he was actually quite large in build. He looked like he might have been a professional wrestler but his face was soft and pretty like Sakura's. He just glanced at him once and nodded so Yusuke waved slightly and followed Sakura to the hall.
They passed the kitchen on the way and he saw the maid he had sent for had already arrived and the pretty young lady was already cooking while Mrs. Ito sat at the table and critisized her uniform for being too revealing. Maybe he shouldn't have used his brother's favorite maid after all. He could definently see where Sakura got his physical build from though. Mrs. Ito was quite slender and curvy though her face was sharp and angular. They continued down the hall and Sakura lead him into his room at last.
It was surprisingly bare. There was a bed against the wall across from the window and a bookshelf that sat beside a desk on the other side of the room. Obviously this was an area meant entirely for studying and the only other piece of furniture was the dresser. Otherwise he didn't see much of anything. Didn't Sakura have any personal possessions at all? Maybe some of the books on the bookshelf were fictional and he saw a few manga hidden under his bed as he lifted the covers up to find a bag to put his clothes in. He pulled out an old bookbag and shoved some clothes into it as quickly as possible before grabbing Yusuke's hand.
"Let's go."
"But don't you want to get your toothbrush or...?"
"Uh uh." he insisted. "I'm fine. Let's go before she notices me."
Yusuke was surprised at the speed and silence of Sakura's footsteps as he pulled him by the door of the kitchen and into the living room quickly. He waved to his father and he waved back slightly with a smile as they exited just before Mrs. Ito stuck her head around the kitchen door. When they got safely down the road Sakura sighed in relief glad that she hadn't caught them. He didn't want her to meet Yusuke at all or she would find out that he was gay and keep him from hanging out with him. Yusuke didn't say anything about them or his rush to leave so Sakura smiled and hugged his bag close as he stared out the window. He felt kind of stupid though being so excited about spending the night with someone at his age even if it was his first time.
Things felt pretty normal while they ate because the sun was still up but as soon as it went down everything felt different for some reason. He had never been at anyone else's house at night before and he liked it at Yusuke's so much that he had wished he could stay forever sometimes even if Yusuke was a pervert. Yusuke was certainly enjoying the change in his mood since he wasn't the slightest bit resistant to his affections. While they were watching TV he wapped his arm around his shoulder and he even leaned against him instead of pushing his arm away. They'd definently have to do this more often.
Sakura didn't even notice they were so close until Yusuke started curling his fingers around his hand and nuzzling his face into his hair with a sigh of utter contentment. He blushed more at the fact that he had been so comfortable with it than the actual touching. He didn't act immediately because he didn't want to hurt his feelings but his blush got deeper the closer Yusuke's lips got to his ear. It had sent a shock through him when he had nibbled on it earlier and he didn't want him to do it again.
"Yeah?" he barely breathed.
"I should proably take my shower now."
He smiled as he sat up and let go of him obviously just glad to have gotten so close to him even for a moment. Sakura started thinking about the look on his face while he was in the shower. He knew Yusuke was promiscuous from the way he talked but he had seen him with other guys before and he was never that affectionate with them even though they slept together. Maybe Yusuke liked him as more than a friend. He had thought that before but Yusuke was probably just gentle and affectionate with him because they were friends. He had come to find that Yusuke really didn't have many real friends. All his male friends came from a gay club he attended regularly called the Kitten though they were only what Yusuke called "fuck buddies". He knew this because a boy name Ryu had come over once to talk to him about how he didn't come there enough anymore and Yusuke had replied that he didn't need those types of friends as much now that he had Sakura, All his female friends went to their school but Yusuke didn't like to bring them over because they either fell in love with his looks or his money and made an attempt to "straighten him out" to get to either. He might just be lonely for real companionship and was grateful for Sakura's. That was probably all it was, he decided as he got out and dried off.
Regardless of his thoughts in the shower Sakura was a little less recieving of Yusuke's affections for the rest of the night and he was a little glad to be going to bed at last. Yusuke showed him his room which used to belong to his brother. He had to clean the bed off because no one had bothered to clean the room since his oniichan had left for China. Yusuke just knocked the manga and clothes to the floor and pulled the covers back to make sure the sheets weren't coated in crumbs or something. Sakura fidgeted slightly as he stood there.
"Night." he muttered.
"Goodnight Sakura." he whispered, pulling him into a gentle hug. "See you in the morning."
"Night." he whispered again as Yusuke flipped the lights off and left.
He shut his door before crawling up into the unfamiliar bed which proved to be slightly difficult because it was raised further off the floor than a normal bed for some reason or another. He got the feeling that Yusuke's oniichan must have been pretty tall or maybe Sakura really was just short for his age. He sighed as he finally made it and curled up under the covers, burying his face into the pillow. It was a pretty comfortable bed he found and quite worth the climb to get to it. It didn't take him long before he was out like a light. He was sleeping peacefully without even the slightest bit of a dream to disturb his slumber when he was suddenly awakened by a loud crack of thunder and a flash of lightning. He shot straight up into a sitting position and grabbed the pillow by reflex alone, hugging it close to his chest as he stared around the dark room.
He was unable to see anything which left him feeling a little frightened. More than anything in the world he hated not being able to see what was going on around him. He sat stone still and listened to the sounds of the house settling while he tried to get himself together again. He was fine. He was just at Yusuke's. Who forgot to lock his doors on a regular basis. Which meant there could be a guy standing outside his door right now with a shotgun. That thought of course wasn't helping him any but he couldn't get the image out of his mind. He just kept staring straight ahead at the door, flinching each time the lightning lit the room up causing him to see shadows flash across the room briefly before sinking back into darkness.
Without even thinking anymore, clearly overpowered by his fear of the dark, he slid to the floor and searched around under the bed until he found an old baseball bat. He suddnely felt very ridiculous as he approached the door slowly and reached for the knob. He was too old to be afraid of the dark. He slept in the dark all the time. He shouldn't be acting this stupid just because it was a different room. At a rich guy's house who didn't lock his doors. The perfect target for robbers.
He stopped his hand just before it touched the doorknob as he thought about the guy with the shorgun again. What good was a bat going to do against a shotgun? He was practically shaking by the time he convinced himself to open the door. He did so very slowly and stayed well behind the wall as he stared, waiting for the lightning to flash again and give him a glimpse into the hall. When it did and he saw nothing he relaxed a little. He creeped down the hall as quietly as he could, looking over his shoulder every five seconds and slipped into Yusuke's room as quickly and quietly as possible. Now he felt very ridiculous as he stared across the room at his bed. The room was lit up by the light of a television which Yuusuke had fallen asleep watching and it made Sakura feel far better. In effect it made him feel completely stupid and he laid the baseball bat on the floor silently, considering returning to his room.
He turned and opened the door again but as soon as he stared down the long dark hallway he immediately changed his mind again. He sighed as he closed the door and put his head against the frrame. This was the stupidest thing he'd ever done. He sighed again as he turned around and walked toward the sleeping Yusuke slowly. He stopped at the end of the bed and watched him for a moment. His arms and legs were spread out at wide angles and he was snoring slightly so he was most definently asleep. Maybe he should wake him up and ask him if he could stay. Then he'd think he was an idiot. He didn't think Yusuke would mind exactly and there was no reason to bother him with his childish fear so he just crawled up into the bed beside him.
He was careful not to wake him as he slid under the covers and settled in trying not to move the bed too much. He checked to make sure he was still sleeping before he closed his eyes to go to sleep but unfortunately he found him staring right back though he still seemed a little dioriented. He rubbed his eyes and smiled as he stared at him. Sakura felt like jumping up and fleeing as though someone were trying to kill him but Yusuke's arm went around him before he could do so.
"So, am I still dreaming or is there a beautiful man in my bed?" he laughed.
"S-sorry." Sakura whispered. "It was dark and...you never lock your doors. I keep telling you someone's gonna....well....I started thinking about...."
"You're scared?" Yusuke supplied.
"No....I just...."
"I'm not laughing at you." he assured him, pulling him close. "I did forget to lock the door by the way."
"Don't worry. I won't let anyone get you." he whispered softly. "I would never let anything bad happen to you."
"I don't need you to protect me." he huffed, turning his back to him. "I'm just not used to that room."
Yusuke grinned and struggled not to laugh at his indignation. He didn't lift his arm from his waist but Sakura didn't say anything about it so he laid his head against his back and whispered goodnight one more time. Sakura didn't reply because he was too embarressed to speak but Yusuke was surprised with a gentle touch to the hand he had on Sakura's stomach. It was brief and could pass for an accident but it was also possible that it wasn't so Yusuke smiled all the more as he drifted off to sleep, letting himself dream about the boy he held against his chest.
Sakura regained conciousness slowly this morning as oppossed to his usual arrousal which consisted of an annoying alarm clock or the shrill of his mother. He was warmer than usual as well, altogether more comfortable than usual. He blinked his eyes against the sun which was the only thing ruining this newfound comfort but he couldn't keep his eyes shut with it shining so brightly. He yawned and rubbed his eyes as he got used to the rays of the morning light only to stop with his mouth still open as he realized he was pinned to the bed by Yusuke.
He was sleeping nearly on top of him with his smiling face against his chest and his arms around his waist, fingers curled around the arms of his pajama sleeves. He remembered sneaking into his room and falling asleep with him against his back but he couldn't imagine how he'd ended up under him this way. They both must have rolled around alot in their sleep. Well, he was sure Yusuke would have no qualms about laying atop him if he were the one rolling around too much. He could certainly imagine that to be Yusuke's solution to such a problem.
He shifted under his weight but Yusuke wasn't budging. He was too heavy to push off though he tried and he was sleeping too heavily to be awakened without an outright shout into his ear. Sakura wished he could just fall back to sleep until he woke up on his own but that wasn't happening anytime soon. Once Sakura was up that was it. Nothing could put him to sleep again. He laid there for a moment as he tried to think of a way out of this awkward position in which he'd put himself. He could try to lift Yusuke up long enough to slide out from under him and roll off the bed though there was a very high likelihood of him hitting his head on the side table. He sighed as he decided there was really no helping the situation. The only thing he could do was watch the news until Yusuke woke up which he hoped was sometime very soon. It wasn't as comfortable a position awake as it was asleep.
Yusuke was very pleased to wake in the manner that he did. It wasn't as though he'd never woken in such an intimate position before but the fact that Sakura was awake and enduring the physical contact in order to keep from waking him was very encouraging. He laid there with his eyes shut as he tried to pretend to be asleep though from his position he probably could have had his eyes open and Sakura never would have known. Sakura muttered a few times about Yusuke being heavy and he wiggled under him from time to time but that definently didn't bother Yusuke. It caused a grin to spread over his face and he snuggled against his chest with a sigh of contentment, hoping Sakura would assume he was doing so in his sleep.
Sakura responded to this with a blush and a sigh. He hesitantly put a hand on Yusuke's head and smiled. He was probably having a perverted dream. He didn't even notice for awhile that he was stroking his hair softly with a glazed over look to his eyes. It made Yusuke's act alot harder to pull off considering he hadn't expected such a thing from him. It made his eyes water and he knew there were tears in the corners of them now. He had never really felt this way about such a simple gesture before he met Sakura. He'd never even liked to cuddle or be held. It had always made him feel smothered but it wasn't that way with Sakura and that pleasure only succeeded in making him sad, knowing that he could never have it this way with him. The more he thought about it the more the tears in his eyes threatened to spill over. He was surprised into opening them however when there was a knock on the door. He sat up immediately and rubbed his eyes as though he were still sleepy with a fake yawn. Sakura blushed lightly as he smiled at him briefly before leaving to answer it.
He wasn't too surprised when he opened the door to a blue-eyed blonde with a half hearted smile on his tear-stained face. Sakura stared over his shoulder at the boy. He was very beautiful. So beautiful that even Sakura had to admit it to himself without the least bit of shame. His face was soft and feminine and he could pass for a woman with such curvey hips. In fact, if he had long hair there would be no way Sakura would think he was a boy. Even his voice sounded somewhat like a girl's with only a hint of his true gender in the tone. He was dressed all in black and his hair looked like it hadn't been brushed all day.
"Hey, Yusuke. Sorry if I interrupted anything."
"Nah." he laughed as Sakura blushed. "He's my hot straight friend I can't get in bed, remember?"
Sakura looked completely mortified as the boy laughed slightly and came in. His name was Hoshiko and from what he could gather he was a friend from the Kitten. Of course he couldn't make out anything past the introduction because everything he said was muffled and distorted by sobs and sniffles. All Sakura could pick up on was the name Seiryo and it didn't take long before all comprehension was abandoned. He just made strange choked sounds into Yusuke's bare chest as he hugged him.
"Come on, now." he comforted. "You know he doesn't hate you."
"Yes he doooes!" Hoshiko cried.
"You know what I think?"
"What?" he sniffled.
"I think he only treats you the way he does around other people to protect you."
"How's pushing me away so he can go hang out with other guys protecting me?!" he retorted, more angry than sad now. "He doesn't even say, see you later or I gotta go or nothin'! He just sees 'em coming and pushes me away!"
"Maybe he doesn't want to give them the chance to pick on you Hoshiko. I know you let the idiots in your school pick on you alot."
"You get picked on too." he muttered, blushing.
"But I don't let it get to me and they get bored. You should try it sometime. Maybe then he wouldn't have a problem with those guys seeing you."
"He's just embarressed by me." he sobbed, shaking his head. "He doesn't want them to think he's gay."
Sakura blushed and Yusuke's eyes narrowed in slight sadness, an understanding light in his eyes. Sakura didn't think it could be anything concerning him that caused that look. He didn't have any friends to abandon Yusuke for after all. Maybe someone he knew in the past had treated him like that. Regardless of who it was that Yusuke was thinking about he didn't let it rest on his mind long. He smiled and pushed Hoshiko from his chest, rubbing his shoulders as he wiped at his eyes.
"How about you invite him to the Kitten one day? Then he doesn't have to worry about anybody thinking anything about him. I'll even see if I can convince Sakura to go so he won't be the only straight guy there."
"He won't come." he whispered. "He'll be afraid someone from school will see him and start rumors."
"Then you just tell him that anyone who saw him there would have no reason to start telling other people. Half the people there are closets, right? Why would they start telling on other people?"
"He won't come." he repeated, tears rolling down his still wet cheeks. "He doesn't like me."
"Hoshiko." Sakura sighed in exasperation. "I'm sure he likes you as a friend at the very least. Otherwise he wouldn't hang out with you. Right, Sakura?"
"See. Sakura should know. He's straight and if he didn't like me at all he wouldn't just hang out with me cause he felt sorry for me. Would ya?"
"...No." he whispered, blushing. "Not if I didn't like...him."
"Kay." Hoshiko consented, wiping his nose with his sleeve. "I'll ask him."
Hoshiko didn't stay much longer and Sakura was almost glad to see him go. Somehow all his sobbing and whining over Seiryo made him uncomfortable though not as uncomfortable as he would be for the rest of the day. Yusuke stared at him even more than he usually did all day and he knew why. He was probably waiting for him to say something about whether or not he was going to go to the Kitten with them. They had decided it would be next Saturday if Hoshiko could convince Seiryo so he had a whole week of this uncomfortale staring to wait through. He wasn't sure himself if he wanted to go or not. He wasn't worried about anyone seeing him or being around a bunch of gay guys. He was only worried that it was too much like a date and he was somewhat suspicious of Yusuke's real intentions. He doubted the plan was entirely for Hoshiko's benefit but then he could be a little paranoid.
There was also another reason he didn't want to go. This reason kept his attention distracted all week though he was barely concious of it's prescence at all. He knew that when they went he would see all Yusuke's lovers in one room which was already making him uncomfortable just by thinking about it. And no doubt Yusuke would be less than shy about it. He blushed slightly at the thought of him hanging all over other guys and a slightly angry frown split his face in half. He had no idea why that made him angry so he pretended it was because he didn't want to be embarassed though somewhere in the back of his mind he already knew he was getting jealous.

To Be Continued.......