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Hybrid: Annoyance (theme 69) [rough draft], a DreamWorks' How to Train Your Dragon fanfic series by Raberba girl
List of themes by AngieChild, Variation 1 for the 100ThemesChallenge group on DeviantArt

A/N: I think Hiccup is four in this one.


"Swim and sail," Hiccup requested as his mother tucked a blanket around him.

"Ask like a human, sweetheart."

"[You know what I want!] Swim and sail! Sing!"

"Ask like a human, Hiccup."

He sighed and grumbled to Toothless, who croaked back in a teasing sort of way. "...Mama, please sing--" He had to think a moment. "Please sing...'For Dancing'...'For THE Dancing...and...THE Dreaming'...song. Please sing this song that I like, Mama."

She leaned to kiss his forehead, then softly started his favorite song, the one that he liked better than any of the proper lullabies she sometimes used. He sang along with her - or, more accurately, hummed and warbled, only very occasionally breaking out into a word or two before reverting.

When she had finished, there was silence for a while. She lay stretched out beside her son, caressing him absently, watching him watch the ceiling as the already-asleep Toothless ruffled his hair with each breath. "...Do you remember what that song is, Hiccup?" she finally asked.

"Mate song for you and him."

"Who is 'he,' Hiccup?"

"...Papa," Hiccup finally grumbled.

"Don't be angry at him for not being here, Hiccup...we took you away from him, he couldn't come with us here...."

"Papa help Mama take care of hatchling." Hiccup paused. "Not hatchling. [Cub.] Human word?"

"Human word for what, Hiccup?"

"Baby that drinks milk, no egg."

"Er...isn't it just 'baby'?"

"Baby is all! I am baby, [Half Of Me] is baby. But He is 'hatchling,' I'm not. What am I?"

"You're a little boy, Hiccup."

Hiccup thought about this. "Baby bear is 'little boy'?" he then asked. "Baby wolf is 'little boy'?"

"What? No. A baby bear, or a baby wolf, they're cubs, not boys. Only humans are boys."

"Cubs," Hiccup repeated, testing the word. "I am 'cubs'?"

"Remember singular and plural. 'Cub' if it's just one, 'cubs' if there are more than one."

"Cub. I am a cub. [Half Of Me] is a hatchling, came out of egg. An egg."

"When you use human words, Hiccup, please use his human name."

"*siiiiiiigh* Toothless. Toothless is a hatchling. He is Half Of Me, my 'Toothless' that I love."

"I'm glad that you're friends. I don't know what I--"

"Two halves," Hiccup insisted. "More love than friends."

"Two...two halves." She hesitated, wondering how to clarify the human approach to relationships, or if she even should, considering that she still wasn't sure of the extent to which it differed from dragon relationships. "...You know, Hiccup, it's a little different for humans."

"[Duh!] Different, different, different, humans always different! Annoying!"

"Hiccup...you know that your father and I are two halves, right?"

He stared at her. "Mama and Cloudjumper two halves."

"Y...Yes." She couldn't deny that after more than three years together, she felt like her dragon was an essential companion, like she knew him and he knew her almost as well as she knew herself. "But Hiccup, listen to me. I know it's hard for you to understand, because it's different for dragons, but I am two halves with Cloudjumper and with your father."

Hiccup growled and hid his face under the blanket.

Valka leaned over and tugged it slightly, so she could murmur into his ear, "I love your father very much. That's why you exist. Your father and I love each other so much that we made you."

Hiccup peered out at her with a dubious look.

"That's why that song is special to us. It's not really a mating song, it's a love song. Even if we never 'mated' again, we still love each other so much that we would follow each other to the ends of the earth, we would overcome any obstacle to be together--"

"[Your mate NOT follow] NOT together, far away, [human] not-true, [I hate human things; dragons dragons] dragons dragons [I love very so much dragons; human things are too difficult!!]" He flopped over, yanked the blanket back over his head, and practically rammed himself into Toothless. The dragon started awake, gave Valka a confused look, then licked Hiccup and rumbled soothingly.

Valka sighed and gave up for the moment and wondered what she kept doing wrong.


Author's Notes: I have no idea if Norse does singular and plural the same way English does....

Lol, Hiccup kept going off on rabbit trails. XD Every time I'd try to bring the conversation back on track, he'd plunge away and get distracted again like he was doing it on purpose. I didn't even get to the main point of why I tried to write this ficlet before it decided it was over, so I had to save it for the next ficlet. Which I've already written, btw. I'm surprised that my muse's attention span for this series has lasted this long.

Ftr, I usually try to avoid English slang for dragon language, but I do use "Duh!" because my dragon language does have a word that means, "Why are you telling me that when it's so stupidly obvious?!" I use "duh" because it conveys the meaning and informal connotation of the dragon word most accurately and succinctly. (Lol, just looked it up and found a great dictionary definition: "Used to express disdain for something deemed stupid or obvious, especially a self-evident remark.")

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