Sailor Moon Fan Fiction ❯ Sailor Galaxy ❯ Prologue ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
The darkness of the night covered the park in a protective blanket of silken silence as rain pattered softly against benches and sidewalks. A long black braid swung back and forth around a pair of ankles as a girl moved across the wet grass. She carried no umbrella and wore no coat. Her black clad body was tall and limber. The body of a runner. Wrapped around her long slender fingers was a small hand, attached to a boy of seven or so. He was running to keep up with the girl's long strides, water shining as it splashed around the blinking lights on his shoes. She stopped in front of a small tombstone and kneeled in the damp grass, a shiver going up her spine as the water soaked through her pants legs. Her thick black braid rested against the ground beside her and she focused on the end of it rather than the grave it was lying on. The boy beside her started to kneel as well, trying to hold his umbrella over them both. The girl put a hand on his chest and shook her head. She raised her dull grey eyes to meet a pair of ebony. He looked confused but she shook her head again.
"You'll get sick Kyoji."
"Neesan....Kaasan's dead." he whispered sternly. "Why do you talk to her?"
Her face softened as she stared up at him adoringly. He was only eight and usually so timid. She was always afraid the world would run him over. But whenever he spoke of their mother he showed such a fierce resolution of hate and anger....She wasn't sure if this comforted her or not. She moved her hand from his chest to grasp his right arm firmly. He looked a little surprised as tears fell down her face. Surely it was the rain...It must have been the rain.
"Because now she will listen." she whispered sadly. "Now she will protect us."
"Protect us?!" he cried, jerking his arm away. "Why didn't she protect us while she was alive, Seiun?!"
The expression on his face was one Seiun hated. Her brother shouldn't be looking like this. He shouldn't be talking like this. He should be....a child. Why wasn't he a child? She sighed as he dropped his umbrella almost in defiance of her wish to keep him well. She picked it up, fingers numb from the cold as she wrapped them around the handle lazily. She tried to close it but her fingers wouldn't seem to work right. And she was starting to have trouble seeing as Kyoji continued.
"If she wanted to protect us she wouldn't have been drinking! She wouldn't have left us alone all the time!" Kyoji's voice was starting to crack now. "She would have helped us when we needed her! She wouldn't just pretend we didn't exist! And she wouldn't have died!"
He dropped to his knees weakly and wiped at his eyes as he started to cry. Seiun grabbed his arm and pulled him into a gentle hug. He curled into her, sobbing and she couldn't help but feel that this was the only time he seemed to act his age. When he cried. Yet it somehow wasn't the same as the other children. Kyoji would never be the same as the other children. She patted his back soothingly as she rocked him softly.
"It's okay Kyoji. Sssh. Everything's going to be okay."
The cemetary was close to the road and Seiun saw cars slow down to look at them now and then but she ignored them. She knew they looked strange but it didn't matter. As she embraced Kyoji the night seemed to embrace her. It almost felt like being in her mother's arms again. If she closed her eyes.....almost. She gasped and looked up suddenly. A very large black dog was standing in front of them. It was the biggest dog she'd ever seen in her life. Why was it staring at her like that? Kyoji looked over as well, sniffling. He smiled slightly and crawled over to the dog before she could tell him not to. Luckily it didn't even move when Kyoji threw his arms around its neck and hugged it close. She gaped. It was still staring at her. Like Kyoji wasn't even there.
"Kyoji.....Don't touch it. Let's go home."
"But he's nice. See." he said, scratching him behind the ears. "Can I keep him? Please?"
"No. We can't afford a pet. I've told you that before."
She stood and brushed her pants off before taking Kyoji's hand and pulling him away. He pouted and Seiun sighed. They continued on their way and when they reached their destination Seiun turned around to see that the dog had followed them. She opened the door quickly and shoved Kyoji in, locking the dog out. Kyoji complained and tried to go back out but Seiun dragged him up to their apartment and got him ready for bed. She sighed as she turned out his light and went back to the living room. She sat down on the floor and looked around forlornly. There was no furniture. They couldn't really afford much. The living room and kitchen were connected and almost blended in with one another completely if not for the fact that one was carpeted. A short hallway lead to Kyoji's room where he was snuggled safely in his bed. Across the hall from his room was her own. It was completely bear but for the mattress in the corner and the little clothes she owned in the closet. A few books were strewn across the floor but they were her only real possessions. She stood and walked to the window to see a cat on her window sill. It was a small white one with black splotches, like it had gotten into a bucket of paint. She almost smiled at the sight until she saw the way it was staring at her intensly. Just like the dog. She looked over the cat to see the aforementioned canine sitting out on the sidewalk, staring straight up at them. She narrowed her eyes and closed the blinds, blocking out the strange sight. She didn't have time to worry about the strange behavior of stray animals. She drug herself down the hall and crawled onto her matress. She didn't know where her covers were. Kyoji must have had them. She sighed and curled into a tight ball, hands between her knees. She stayed awake for hours, staring into the mostly empty closet across from her. She didn't want to sleep. She didn't want to remember her mother only to wake without her once again. But mostly it was the other dreams she was afraid of. The ones she used to have even when her mother was alive. Dreams that were filled with blood and death.
She jerked up suddenly and stared up at Kyoji, disoriented. Sun was shining through the window and into her room. When had she fallen asleep? What time was it? She scrambled to her closet and rummaged around for her school uniform. It was dirty which wasn't uncommon but she cursed anyways as she stuffed her gym clothes into a bag.
"Sorry." Kyoji whispered. "You wouldn't get up. You kept saying you wanted to sleep for five more minutes."
"You should've kept on me!" she cried, before tripping over the cord to her alarm clock. She picked it up and looked at it. "Fuck!"
She was already an hour late. She threw it halfway across the room, plug snapping from the wall and ran into the bathroom. She skipped her shower and sprayed herself down with bodyspray. She hoped that would hold the stink off til gym when she'd atleast have time for a quick shower. She ran to the kitchen to see Kyoji pulling a pan of eggs off the stove, trying not to spill them as he poured them onto a plate.
"Oh, Kyoji." she whispered, stopping finally. "What are you doing?"
"I made you breakfast." he answered quietly, sitting down in front of his own plate.
She layed her gym bag down and dropped to her knees beside his chair. Kyoji looked down at her curiously and she layed her head on his shoulder, arms around his waist. He put his fork down and returned the embrace.
"You didn't have to do that. You should have just went to school yourself. Now you'll be late too."
"I know but we didn't eat last night. I thought you'd be hungry."
"I was going to eat breakfast at school."
"I know." he said, fidgeting. "We shouldn't have to eat all our meals at school."
"I'm sorry. I'll look for a better job."
She flinched as he knocked his plate off the table and it crashed to the floor on the other side of his chair. He tried to leave her arms but she held him there tightly. Sometimes Kyoji did act his age when he was upset over something.
"Please, Kyoji. Don't do that."
"Let me go!"
"Otoutochan, stop it!"
"You can't tell me what to do! You're not my MAMA!"
She let go of him and he fell out of the chair, landing on the broken plate. His eyes filled with tears as he lifted a hand to see blood trickling from his palm. Seiun stood from the floor and turned her back to him. It seemed like she would just leave him there and go to school but she sighed after a few minutes and returned to his side. She picked him up and cradled him as she looked for a bandaid and a washrag. She sat him on the bathroom counter and washed his hand as he stared at the floor angrily. She put a bandaid on the small cut and kissed it softly. He jerked his hand away.
"I'm not a baby anymore."
"Of course you're not." she whispered. "That's what's so sad. I wanted you to have the childhood I couldn't. I'm not doing a very good job am I? I'm sorry for that."
Kyoji put his hand back in her's and looked away. She kissed it again and smiled as she tilted his face up so that his eyes met hers. He blushed and looked away again so she helped him down from the counter.
"Let's skip school today."
"We'll go to Uncle Hoshiko's after everyone gets back from school and hang out. How's that sound?"
"In the meantime, what do you want to do?"
"You're not going back to sleep?"
"Well I couldn't if I tried now."
"I wanna go to the playground!"
"Alright." she said laughing. "Then let's go. I know you can't wait to bully all the little toddlers around."
He grinned and Seiun took his hand as they headed out of the apartment building and into the sunlight. She knew Kyoji didn't like the fact that his sister acted more like his mother. She didn't particularly like having to be Kyoji's mother. She would much rather be his big sister. But even before the accident her mother hadn't given either of them that choice. She put a hand behind her back and wrapped it around her braid as they walked. She still missed her though. No matter what kind of mother she had been she'd still been just that. Her mother.

To Be Continued.....