Sailor Moon Fan Fiction ❯ Shades of Purple ❯ Don't Say You Love Me ( Chapter 1 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

A/N: As the description says, this story is based on M2M's album Shades of Purple. Each chapter title is the name of the song that inspired it. I tried to stay true to the song meanings each time, without getting too carried away. This is a Silver Millennium story, written in a more modern setting than most.

Disclaimer: I do not own Sailor Moon, M2M, Gilmore Girls, Pokemon etc etc etc. Everything referenced in the story belongs to the respective owners.


I walked through the door and found them cuddling on the living room couch. Again. I knew they were just being cute, but I felt pretty awkward as I quietly walked through the room towards the next hall.

"Venus, you're back!" Princess Serenity excitedly jumped up and ran over to hug me.

"Good to see you again, Princess. Hey, Endymion."

"Hi Venus. How was the trip home?"

"Oh, the usual. Nothing exciting. Although, during my parents' Sunday tea last week, my snobby cousin tripped over Artemis' tail while carrying a full pot of hot tea and spilled the whole thing all over her thousand-dollar dress. I quite enjoyed that."

"Oh my gosh, Abbey?" Serenity clasped her hands over her mouth as to avoid laughing obnoxiously loud.

"Yeah, Abbey. I would pay good money to see her face again."

"Me too, that sounds hilarious!"

"You two seem to have a strange sense of satisfaction over other this person's misery," Endymion joked.

"Oh Endy, if you only knew that girl," Serenity flopped back on the couch and wrapped her arms around him.

"Cool. Well, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to retreat to my room to unpack my things."

"See you later."

I wrapped up the sufficiently awkward moment and descended down the hall.

Serenity looked at her prince. "We need to get her a man."

"What?" he laughed.

"I'm serious! She's the Senshi of beauty and love, and she's been single all her life. I think she'd be happy if she found someone."

"You can't just force romance like that. It needs to happen naturally, like ours did." He locked hands with her. "Please don't try anything to intrude in her life."

Serenity sat there and snickered.

"Serenity? I'm being serious here."


It was a regular evening at the moon kingdom. I was patrolling the palace for my usual night shift. I enjoyed being scheduled at this time because I got to watch the sunset. It was a different view than from earth, but still so beautiful.

Serenity would probably be having Endymion over tonight. Jupiter was on Earth on a date with some mystery guy who she's refused to disclose information about as of yet. Mercury would be in the library all night as usual, and Mars in the temple meditating. Since there was nothing out of the ordinary going on and I had no plans for after the patrol, I figured it would be a good night to put on slippers and read my book with a cup of cocoa in hand.

The sun went down and it was completely dark other than the shining palace lights, signifying the end of my shift. I locked up the gates to the garden in the back and went inside.

The moment I walked in, zoning out and staring at the ground, I jumped back in shock as I almost ran into someone standing there in front of me. Some man I never met before.

Serenity happily ran up and placed a friendly hand on his shoulder. "Venus, this is Adonis. He's from your home planet. We met the other day, and he's really great! I thought you two should meet and spend some time together? You'd make great friends!"

She nudged him towards me.

She didn't. This isn't happening. I don't believe this…

"It is an absolute honor to finally meet you, Princess Venus." Adonis looked into my eyes and kissed my hand.

"Um… yeah. Hey, could you excuse us for just one quick second? Thanks!"

I grabbed Serenity by the arm and dragged her into the kitchen.

"What the hell is this? What in the world were you thinking? Setting me up with some guy I don't know? You KNOW how I feel about these things, Serenity! You couldn't have at least asked me first?"

"Look, I know you're mad, but I knew you'd act this way if I asked first! Just give it a chance… you might have a really good time."

"No way."

"Come on!"

"Serenity I am NOT doing this."

"Well he's already here. We can't just turn him away and tell him to go home. That's rude. Just one night!"

I rolled my eyes and sighed heavily. "Fine. You owe me BIG TIME for this."

I shoved the door open and walked back out, forcing a smile. "Hey… Adonis, was it? Look, I've had a long day and I'm pretty worn out… what do you say we just hang out here and watch TV? Ever heard of Gilmore Girls?"

I hoped the suggestion would turn him off.

He gave a slight smile. "You're funny. Actually, I have a plan for the evening. Would you kindly accompany me?"


We pulled into the local drive-in theater. Endymion had sent some people over to the moon to build it a while back. The first Pokemon movie was playing that night; apparently a popular film on Earth. I was so not prepared for going out that night, but appreciated the silence. We would watch the movie, eat popcorn, and then I could go home.

About halfway through the film, I felt him put his arm around me. I chose to ignore it and not make a big deal about it. I mean, I guess this was technically a date, so that kind of gesture was to be expected. I can't lie, he was cute and what many girls would consider "all that". But I just wasn't interested. He's not my type. After some time, I turned to ask him to pass the popcorn, and before I could even blink, he kissed me.

Once I realized what was happening I pulled away. "Whoa. What's that about?" I asked in mild disgust.

"I love you, Venus. I have since the moment I laid my eyes on you."

"No, don't say you love me. You don't even know me. If you really want me, then give me some time. I-" I let out a soft sigh. "You know, maybe I should just go. Don't worry about driving me, I can protect myself. I'm a guardian. Thanks for the movie, it was nice, and… um, bye."

I shut the door to that cheap rental car, walked past some dancing teens over by the snack bar, and made my way back to the palace.

"Sooo," Serenity had been waiting up on the couch. "How did it go?"

I couldn't even speak to her. I just sighed angrily and kept walking to my room.


A/N: Yes, I know Venus and Adonis aren't supposed to meet during the silver millennium, but I figured I'd explore how it could've gone down if that did happen, while still keeping it a VenusxKunzite ship. Also had to stay true to the song, and so that's why it was so awkward between them.

I'm making this story more modern-day, especially with the technology aspect. I know that's not super realistic but it's just for fun and to make it a little different from every other story.

But anyways. Moving on…