Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan Fiction / Beyblade Fan Fiction ❯ The Decisions We Make ❯ First Training Session ( Chapter 3 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Wingzero: Okay, there has been a change in the couples.

Yugi: I'm not going to be paired with Yami?

Wingzero: You two are paired in every single one of my stories.

Yami: That's a relief.

Ryou: Then who is it?

Wingzero: Tea, won't be dating anyone.

Seto: *huggles Wingzero a little too tightly*

Wingzero: You're .... very.... welcome .......let .......go!

Seto: *lets go and grins sheepishly*

Wingzero: Okay, here's the new list.

Ryou x Bakura (eventually)

Yami x Yugi (Yami: *exhales in relief*)

Seto x Malik (Malik: Since when did I become part of this fic?)

Joey x Mai

Tristan x Serenity (Joey: He'd better keep his hand to himself.)

Ray x Wingzero (Wingzero: Isn't it obvious?)

Kai x Death Scythe (Death Scythe: SAY WHAT!!!!)

Tyson x Max (Tyson: Woooohooooooooooooooooo!!!!!)

Kenny x Dizzi (Kenny: *huggles his laptop*)

Tea x no one (Wingzero: MWUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!)

Death Scythe: My aibou can't stand writing anyone with her.

Wingzero: That's right!

Okay, I can do this. All four of us stretched out in her work out room. Man, does she have a gym or what? Various weights and other training equipment were on one side of the room. It looked like she enjoys working out, not to mention her yami.

"What's my first lesson?" I asked my instructors.

"We're going to teach you the basics," DS answered still warming up. (I didn't take any martial arts lessons, but I watched a lot of martial art movies.)

"Okay," I answered. What were the basics?

"The punch," Wingzero demonstrated on her punching bag. "Kick, and block."

They looked easy enough for me to perform. I was about to attempt it on the bag when DS stopped me. "What?"

"Since you're beginning you should try it without the punching bag."

"Okay," I said again. I extended my arm out with my hand in a fist.

"No, like this," Ray displayed the correct way. I tried again. He placed his hands on my arm to guide my action. His girlfriend and yami watched as he worked with me.

Then he let go of me and I began to do them by myself. Hey, this wasn't that hard, once you get the movement down. They told me to do fifty on each arm before we moved onto the kick. By the time I was finished, I could do them in my sleep.

"The kick will be a bit harder," DS explained. "You have to keep you center of balance or you will topple over."

Wingzero stood next to the punching bag again. She performed the basic kick and looked at me. "Make sure you're balanced and when you're ready, kick."

"Before you start, try it a few times slowly so you can get used to the movement," DS interrupted me. "You don't want to fall on your rear, do you?"

I shook my head to answer no. There was no way I am going to humiliate myself in front of them or my yami. He would be laughing his head off if he ever found out. Then again, he will most likely beat me into a bloody pulp. I tried it slowly my first time. They were right. This took a lot of balance, because I was using only one leg to stand on.

"You're doing fine," Wingzero assured me. She had a smile on her face, as she and her boyfriend stood next to each other.

When I finally got the hang of it, we moved onto blocking. DS demonstrated how to block an attack from different angles. Wingzero attacked her yami as part of the display. The moves were practically identical to each other. I think I can try this.

"You'll try to block Ray's attacks," Wingzero instructed both of us. Ray launched a series of attacks, but he took it slowly at first. I needed to practice the movements before he brought it up a level. His punches and kicks weren't that hard.

"Ryou, you're doing great for your first time," Wingzero praised me. I slightly blushed at her comment. If only my yami treated me the way she treats me. Inwardly I sighed, but that will never happen. Too bad she's seeing someone.

"I'm going to speed up," Ray warned me ahead of time.

"Sure thing," I replied. Secretly, I wished he would so I can get the hang of it. My yami often punches me with speed and brute force. If I could learn how to block it or dodge them, I wouldn't end up with all these bruises.

As he sped up, my reaction speed also increased. Wow, look how I've progressed with a few hours. If I kept this up, I can defend myself against my yami.

A few strangers walked in on my lesson. There was this cold looking person. He had two different hair colors and triangles painted on his face. His long scarf went down to his knees, I think. He reminds me of a certain billionaire. Besides him was a blue haired boy. He had a huge grin on his face as his arm was wrapped around a blonde haired boy. His hair was messy. The fourth one caught my attention. He had glasses on the top of his head. His eyes, where were his eyes? Maybe they're hidden underneath those bangs of his.

"Ray, we're going to practice," the cold one spoke up.

"I'm almost finished here," Ray answered quickly.

"Who's he?" the blue haired boy asked.

"He's Ryou," Wingzero answered. "The cold one over there is Kai. The one with the cap is Tyson. Next to him is Max. And the one with the glasses is Kenny, aka the Chief."

"Nice to meet you," Tyson said cheerfully.

"Likewise," I answered politely. "I'd better be going. My yami will be wondering why I haven't showed up."

"You have a millennium item?" Kenny asked. He brought out his laptop.

"I have the millennium ring," I sighed. It has brought me more pain and trouble than its worth.

"Well, what are you waiting for?" Kai said coldly. Man, what's his problem?

"Don't mind our team captain," Max smiled despite their leader's cold demeanor. "You just have to get used to it."

As the Bladebreakers began filing out, Wingzero tagged along with them. "Where are you going?" I asked out of curiosity.

"I help them train," Wingzero answered before she ran to catch up with the others.

"What about you?" I asked the only person left in this room other than me.

"It's not my game," she replied nonchalantly. "Besides, I'm meeting up with my brother. We have some catching up to do."

"I hope you have a great time," I said as we exited her house.

"I know I will," DS smiled at me. She had gone the opposite direction as me, because the Turtle Game shop was opposite of my house.

Upon arriving home, I found my yami bored out of his mind. He laid there on the couch staring at the ceiling as I walked into the room. "What kept you?"

"It was my first lesson," I informed him as meekly as possible. "The others were ahead of me so I had to catch up with them."

"Whatever," Bakura rolled his eyes. "Don't think I'm going soft on you just because I haven't given you your lesson, yet. I don't feel like moving from here."

It wasn't often my yami wasn't in the mood to use me as a punching bag so I decided to use this moment to flee upstairs. When I was in my room, I collapsed on my bed. I had already shut our link down before I went to ballet. Otherwise, I would be having a hard time explaining myself to my yami.

Homework. Ugh. I hate homework. What does Tea see in it anyways? They're both annoying though helpful at times. I wondered what would happen if she and my yami were locked inside a small closet. He'd probably beat the living day lights out of her, even if she was a girl.

Later that evening I finished up my homework for the next few days. It wasn't that hard, because we just started and most of the stuff was review. I still remembered last year's lessons, which was a good thing.

"Where are you going?" my yami demanded when I had stood up from my desk chair.

"I'm going to prepare dinner," I answered him truthfully this time. My stomach kept telling me it was time to eat.

Bakura glanced at the clock, then realized I was right. It was almost dinner time. Since he was a spirit he didn't eat, but I did. If he didn't allow me to eat, the others will start wondering. That meant Yami and DS coming over to check on me often, which my yami opposed.

As I began cooking my meal, my yami watched the entire time. He didn't attack, because I was holding sharp and dangerous objects. Also, I had one hand on a very hot pan. He learned the hard way not to mess with the stove. I warned him about it, but does he pay any attention to me? Noooo. He has to do everything the hard way.

After a few minutes, Bakura began to grow bored again. He promptly returned to his soul room. Probably he was waiting for an opportunity to teach me a lesson. I wondered why he acted the way he does. What had shaped him into the person he is? Maybe it has something to do with his past life. I will never know, because he refused to open up, let alone reveal his vulnerable past.

I should finish my dinner and get this over with. Sooner or later, he was going to give me my lesson. Why do I even put up with his behavior and his attitude?

Yep, I knew it. Soon, I could feel his knuckles at they came in contact with my body. I can feel the blows as they bruised my skin. His foot made contact with my body several times. At certain points, I couldn't feel anything. I think I have may lost consciousness only to regain it a few moments later. Then, it was all over.

I limped over to the bathroom to take a nice warm bath. Those always relaxed my sore muscles; however, I winced when the water touched my broken skin. One of these days, he was going to be sorry he ever pushed me around. Just you wait.

Now the only problem was keeping it from him. In the past, he was a tomb raider and soul stealer. He will eventually discover my secret. It was only a matter of time. When I begin to train harder, it will become instinct. I'll slip up somewhere along the line and then he'll know. Also he could be following me around without my knowledge. He couldn't have figured out the first day. Also he would be mocking me while he was beating me up, but this time, he simply beat me up.

"I would give anything for you to be like Yugi's yami," I whispered. Every time I made a wish, it seemed more hopeless than the previous one.

"I may have not known what happened to you or why you do the things you do," I whispered. "But I do know somewhere deep inside, you're hurting. If you would only let us help you."

I sighed at my own thoughts. Of course, he would never come to us for help. According to him, it was a sign of weakness. If you had to rely on someone else, then you were weak, in his eyes. He saw me as being weak, because I relied on my friends. Tristan and Joey often protected me against the other school bullies. Yugi and his yami cared for me. Tea, even though she was annoying, helped me academically. Whenever, I couldn't make it to school, she would always lend me her notes and give me my homework assignments.

Quickly I changed into my pajamas and got ready for bed. I don't think I could do anything other than sleeping. It will give my body time to recover from the beatings. Now that I think about it, he has gotten a lot tougher each time. I have more bruises now from the previous. I have to learn how to defend myself or else I won't be doing much.

Morning arrived too quickly in my opinion. Even though I went to bed way earlier than usual, I still required more sleep. Slowly I stretched out my bruised muscles. What a way to start the day, being cautious.

I stumbled over to my closet and searched for something I could wear to today's lessons. Between my lessons and the beatings, I will need all of my strength. Maybe I should try one of those vitamin enriched drinks or those protein supplements. I picked out a navy blue t-shirt and jeans. Even if it was hot, I couldn't allow my friends to see the bruises on my legs. My yami would end up beating me up severely when he got the chance.

This time I started early, because I was somewhat limping. I had to arrive there on time or the others may suspect something was up. Anyways, they would most likely when they see the way I'm walking. I sighed. It was a lose-lose situation for me.

At school, I discovered the entire Bladebreaker team there. Kai and DS were arguing over something. I don't know what, since I didn't catch the first part of the argument. Ray and Wingzero sat underneath one of the trees. She leaned against him, while he played with her hair. Tyson and Max were goofing off. Kenny typed away on his laptop that talks? Since when do laptops have their own personalities?

"Hi," I greeted the Chief.

"Hello, yourself," Kenny returned my greeting.

"What's up with them?" I asked, gazing at the rest of his team mates.

"Oh," Kenny sighed. "Ray and Wingzero have been practically inseparable. Kai and DS really like each other, but they can't seem to admit it. Tyson and Max have declared their love for each other recently."

"And what about you?" I wondered out loud.

"I have Dizzi," Kenny smiled at the thought.

"Who's Dizzi?" I asked.

"This is Dizzi," he pointed to his laptop. He's in love with his laptop? He has got to be kidding.

"What are you staring at?" the computer talked to me.

"Don't mind her," Kenny waived off. "She doesn't like being ignored."


"My bit beast," Kenny explained. "I accidentally trapped my bit beast. It all happened during a freak electric storm. Before I knew what was going on, I found her stuck in my laptop."

"Sure," I said. "What are you doing here?"

"The world tournament isn't until next year," Kenny replied. "So we won't be traveling any time soon. Mr. Dickenson decided that we should all go to school. Of course, the idea didn't go to well with the others except for Ray. He already signed up before we had to."

I glanced over at the two combatants. They seemed locked in a fight, completely ignoring their surroundings. "They are sure at each other's throats."

"It does appear to be true, but we all know they deeply care for each other," Kenny sighed again. "DS doesn't show any affection unless she's with her light or I guess brother, now that she knows he's around."

"You must know about the millennium items," I said out of the blue.

"Not that much," Kenny informed me. "I'm more into beyblades rather than duel monsters. You should ask DS or Wingzero. They know more about them than I do."


Completely caught off guard, I jumped and landed on my rear end. "What was that for?"

Tyson and Max were completely laughing their heads off when I glared at them. "We were just messing with yah." Tyson smiled.

"That wasn't nice," a soft but firm voice called out. I turned around to find Yugi and his yami approaching us.

"Hi Yugi, Yami," I greeted each of them. Where were the others? Usually, they walked to school together. What happened this time?

"It's okay," I assured them.

"Are you enrolling here?" Yugi asked the other three.

"Unfortunately, yes," Tyson groaned. His boyfriend playfully slapped him on the arm.

"It isn't that bad," he scolded the blue haired beyblader.

"Ryou, my grandpa is expecting another shipment of cards this afternoon," Yugi said to me. "I was wondering if you wanted to check it out this afternoon."

"I'll drop by later," I answered. "I have an errand to run just after school."

"Does your grandpa own a game shop?" Max asked Yugi.

"Yes, why?" Yugi asked. Almost everyone here knew his grandfather owned a local gaming shop. They also knew he had some of the best cards. Ever since Yugi and Yami had won the world championship, business for them has sky rocketed.

"My dad owns a game shop, too," Max smiled. He pulled out his beyblade. "We specialize in beyblades, but we have other games as well."

"My grandpa specializes in duel monster cards," Yugi informed the others.

"Well, at least we know they won't be competing for customers," Kenny said. "Since they deal with two completely different games."

Within minutes the rest of the gang walked up. Before the confusion started, we introduced everyone. Fortunately, my yami slept in every morning so I didn't have to worry about him appearing any time soon.

Kai, Tyson, Max, and Kenny headed towards the office while the rest of us went to first period. As it happened, Tyson, Max, and Kenny were just a grade behind us. Kai was at the same grade as the rest of us.

Wingzero: The Bladebreakers will be joining us.

Ray: How come we're joining you in almost every fic?

Wingzero: Cause I like you.

Ray: *blush*

Death Scythe: You're going to make a brief appearance in Yugi's Little Secret and no appearance in Meeting My Yami.

Yugi: Speaking of which, when are you going to update that?

Wingzero: When I get some ideas.

Yami: I don't mind as long as she updates Yugi's Little Secrets.

Yugi: ????

Yami: I get to spend more time with you.

Yugi: *blush*

Malik: I haven't made an appearance.

Wingzero: You'll be joining them in the next chapter.

Malik: ...........

Wingzero: In this chapter, you're signing up, but since Ryou didn't go with the Bladebreakers, the story didn't go there.

Malik: Why does this story have to be focused on him?

Wingzero: Would you like to be receiving the beatings from your yami?

Malik: Never mind.

Death Scythe: Be careful of what you wish for. You just might get it.

Malik: I'll remember that next time.

Seto: *storms into the room* Why am I with him? *points to Malik*

Wingzero: You know I can always arrange for Tea to be your girlfriend.

Seto: *shudders at the thought* On second thought. *wraps his arms around a glaring Malik*

Malik: You'd better let go or else mmfth....

Seto: *kisses Malik*

Malik: *groans as Seto's tongue enters his mouth*

Everyone: O.O

Yami: *quickly covers his aibou's eyes*

Seto & Malik: *break off the kiss*

Malik: *blushes bright red*

Seto: *pulls Malik closer to him*