Fake Fan Fiction ❯ The Unexpected II ❯ Lunch Continues ( Chapter 14 )

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The Unexpected II
Chapter 13
Lunch Continues
“So,” Ted spoke into the sudden silence of the office, “do they have a lover's spat once a day or what?”
Marty choked on his drink. Setting it down, he turned to stare at his partner in disbelief. “What? You're kiddin' me right, dude?”
“Hell's bells,” Ted replied, “Didn't we learn already from Dee and Ryo? C'mon, tell me there's not something going on between those two.” Ted looked over to the couple still sitting together, hoping for some confirmation from them. Both men appeared to be not listening, and involved in their own private discussion.
“Hey, you two lovebirds, stop whispering over there and share. That's impolite!” Marty called out to Ryo and Dee. He balled up a paper napkin and tossed it at the two.
Ryo turned in time to put up a hand and bat it back at Marty.
“Are you sure you want us to share?” Dee asked slyly. “I mean, for all you know, we could be discussing our plans for after Bikky goes to bed.”
“Eww,” Ted remarked. “Don't share, but keep all that lovey-dovey whispering stuff when it's just the two of you.”
“If it's just the two of us, then we won't have to whisper,” Ryo replied, completely deadpanned.
Dee dropped his forehead against Ryo's arm and chuckled.
“Whatever,” Marty said, then snorted. He picked up the rolled up paper napkin that landed on his desk and batted it toward into his trashcan. Looking back to Ted, he said, “Seriously, Ted. You're getting paranoid. Drake's so not into men. So what has JJ's panties in a wad lately?”
Ted shrugged. Dee and Ryo busied themselves with finishing the remains of their lunch.
“I don't know what he's thinking,” Ted remarked thoughtfully. “Maybe that's why he'd been acting weird lately. Drake, I mean.”
Marty shook his head. “Impossible. Besides, I think JJ is still not over….” He gestured with his hand toward Dee, who was currently smiling up at Ryo.
Ryo shook his head and shifted so he could look over at Ted and Marty without twisting his head. “It's not JJ's panties in a wad,” he stated.
“That too!” Ted agreed with Ryo, glad someone was siding with him.
Dee glanced up at Ryo and softly warned, “Baby…”
Ryo looked down at Dee and smirked. He ran his hand through Dee's dark hair, messing it up.
Dee's reaction was to close his eyes, seeming to relax a little and purr under Ryo's ministrations.
Marty snorted loudly at the display. “Whipped,” he muttered.
Ted pointed to Ryo, who was still running his fingers through Dee's hair. “That's what I mean.”
Marty scrunched his face into a slight frown. “Okay, I gotta admit, I'm sorta lost here. So how does Drake's reaction prove your point? He definitely didn't purr, like the whipped one over there.”
“I mean that Dee's the hair mousse queen. Drake never was. Until now,” Ted explained.
Marty stared at Ted, not sure what to say because he still could not make sense of what his partner was saying. He shook his head. “And because Drake suddenly uses gel, that makes him… what? Dude, I don't get you at times, partner or no.”
Dee snickered, reaching around Ryo to grab the bag of popcorn Ryo had gotten for them. He opened the back and sat back in his chair to watch Ted and Marty.
Ted swatted at Marty. “No, numbnuts!”
Marty swatted Ted back. “Meanie!”
Dee and Ryo broke out in laughter, as they shared the popcorn.
“I mean,” Ted attempted to further clarify, “Drake's never cared if suddenly his hair got messed up. But he nearly went through the ceiling just now.”
“Maybe because previously JJ only bothered Dee with messing up some hair, along with other body parts?” Marty countered.
“Man, if I was JJ, I'd have went in for the kill and made sure Drake's hair would stand on end for days,” Ted mused. “I mean, Drake was kinda mean to JJ.”
“Aw, you know how JJ is,” Marty said. “One wrong word and… HUFF HUFF HUFF!” He mimicked his conception of JJ in a snit.
“Well anyway, JJ can't do any of that stuff to Dee anymore. Besides, Dee usually hit back when JJ glomped him,” Ted stated.
“And if he tries now, Ryo will hit back,” Marty snickered.
Dee leaned his head against Ryo's shoulder again, laughing at the other two.
Ryo started to choke on his drink. Dee grabbed the cup from Ryo's hand, and started to rub Ryo's back gently. “Easy there, Mr. Slurpy.”
Once Ryo caught his breath, he looked at Dee, then leaned over to whisper in his fiancé's ear, “I'll Mr. Slurpy you later.”
Dee beamed up at Ryo. “Oh yippee!” He bounced Ryo a little.
“Ah well,” Ted said, unaware of what the two soon-to-be married couple were talking about, “We'll see how this one plays out.”
“Five bucks you are so on the wrong train there,” Marty replied.
Marty held his hand up for a high five, which Ted returned.
Ryo gasped as he was bounced and looked down at Dee's lap. He looked up to Dee, raising his eyebrow in question.
“What?” Dee asked, completely clueless on whatever had Ryo's attention.
“If you don't know,” Ryo replied, then giggled.
Ted and Marty went back to eating their lunch.
Dee's eyes opened with dawning realization, then he snickered. “Baby, sorry to burst your bubble, but that's not what you think it is.”
“Oh?” Ryo asked. “I thought you weren't allowed to carry a gun?”
Ted and Marty looked up as the door opened. JJ entered the office, relieved that he successfully avoided Drake. The smaller detective plopped down on his desk, dangling his feet.
“Not a gun either,” Dee was replying to Ryo as JJ entered. He blushed, looking down, then leaned back so he could reach into his front pocket to pull out a snack bar. He held it up, waving it before Ryo. “This is what you felt.”
Ryo burst out in laughter. “You are so bad.” He took the bar from Dee and looked at it. “Well, at least it's granola. And healthy. Here, you can have it back.” He handed the snack bar back to Dee. “You don't have to hide things in your pocket.” He leaned over to lightly kiss Dee's cheek. “But you're too cute sometimes.”
Dee blushed more. Ted and Marty laughed at Dee.
“Man, I didn't think Dee could go lobster red,” Marty laughed.
“Aw, don't be mean,” Ted replied. “It's all those hormones.”
“Shut up,” Dee grumbled.
Ryo gazed over at JJ, who was still lightly kicking his feet against the desk, looking down and seemingly unaware of what was going on in the office. “Hey JJ. Did Jim like his shake?”
“I guess,” JJ relied. “He grabbed it and went back to business. He's kinda busy today.”
“Hopefully with getting us some answers to finding that asshole,” Dee remarked.
JJ nodded. “Me too. If I have to look at another scene from him….” He sighed. “I feel like we're at a dead end.”
“Yeah,” Ryo agreed. “I'm hoping we can start getting answers without another victim, thank you.”
“So, I think we need to figure out a game plan here,” JJ said.
“Only to bang our heads against the wall more,” Dee grumped. Absently, he started to rub his bump.
“Maybe you guys can go to where the vics lived and ask around more?” Ryo asked.
JJ nodded. “Might as well.”
Everyone looked up as Drake walked into the office. Drake caught enough as he walked in to ask, “We're back on finding our Carrier killer?”
“What else?” Dee asked.
Ryo frowned, covering Dee's hand with his. “Yeah. I want that son of a bitch caught already.” He placed a protective arm around Dee's shoulder.
“Well, I'm going to start with checking phone calls again. Try to trace our victim's steps or something,” JJ added.
Dee let out a heavy sigh. “And I'm gonna be stuck here again. Dammit!”
“I can't go with them either, Dee,” Ryo gently reminded him. “Remember, I'm officially off the case.”
“I know. But as soon as there's another call, you're off, doing your duty. And me? I'm stuck here again.”
“That's exactly why I want him caught,” Ryo replied. “So you can go off on your own whenever you please. That and what he's doing to those poor men.” He took Dee's hand. “But until I'm called out on something else, we can work with what we have from the computers.”
Dee nodded. “JJ, leave the calls for us then. You guys concentrate on doing the legwork.”
“Sounds good,” Drake agreed. “But shouldn't you also be preparing for the press conference tonight, Dee?”
Dee shook his head. “I studied the script as much as I could already. Besides, I need to leave room for sincere replies. So until then, give me something to sink into with this case.”
“This may be a long shot,” Drake said, “but maybe we need to start going through some old cases again. It may not be our killer, but what if there's some cases that got buried? It's only recent that the general public is getting on board with caring about what happens to Carriers.”
Ryo nodded, biting his lip. “Yeah. Don't know what we'll find to help us, but looking can't hurt at this time.”
“Well, bring on the boxes of old files then,” Dee said. “We can all start going through them, but that will also give me something to fill my time while you're all off and doing your jobs.”
“Aw Dee,” Ryo sighed. “Don't start thinking you're useless again. You're plenty helpful. As long as you keep on doing your paperwork.”
Dee made a face at Ryo. “Don't have much of a choice these days, with our agreement, huh?”
“You can be so mean sometimes.”
“Only because I love you.” Ryo stopped any further comments from Dee by softly kissing him.
JJ jumped off the desk. “In that case, I think I'm going to go start hauling some cold cases we have laying around downstairs that didn't make it into the computer system yet.”
Dee rolled his eyes. “I suppose they'll end up in the system anyway, huh?” He let out a heavy sigh.
Drake laughed. “Might as well while going through them. Up to it, Dee?”
Dee grumped. “Shit. I hate to say it, but by keeping busy, it does help take my mind off what I feel I should be doing.”
“That's a yes,” Ted said with a laugh.
“Okay, old dusty cases on their way up, then.” He walked out of the office, brushing Drake's side slightly as he passed his partner.
Drake pulled away. No one but JJ noticed. JJ glared at Drake and with a snort, left the office in a huff, slamming the door enough to make all occupants jump.
“What the fuck?” Dee asked, staring at the door, then to Drake. “Now what did you do to him?” Ryo was standing next to Dee, glaring at Drake.
“Me?” Drake snapped back.
“What's up with you and JJ lately?” Marty asked Drake. “You two seem to get on each other's nerves quite often lately.”
Drake sighed heavily as he attempted to set his hair back into place. “Probably because we do,” he replied.
“But why?” Marty asked.
Ted snorted and looked over to Dee and Ryo. Both men were shaking their heads at Marty. Ted caught Ryo's eye and Ryo merely smirked, before his attention went to rubbing Dee's back.
“Dunno,” Drake answered with a shrug. “We just rub each other the wrong way lately. It's like… JJ's just super sensitive lately.” He sighed again in frustration.
Marty smirked. “Well, maybe he just needs to get laid. Like some other people I know.” He tossed a pen at Ted.
Dee snorted out a chuckle, while Ryo rolled his eyes in amusement.
“Are you trying to say something here, partner?” Ted asked.
“Nuuuuuhhhhh,” came the reply in triplicate.
Drake had to laugh at Marty, Dee and Ryo. “I agree,” he added with a chuckle.
Ryo playfully poked Dee in the side. “Hey, weren't they saying that to you not long ago?” he asked with a wink.
Dee laughed and nodded. “Yup. But once they found out I was knocked up, they had to stop.”
Ryo smiled, running his fingers gently through Dee's hair. “Yeah, huh? And no one's tried to say that to me either since.”
Dee stared at Ted thoughtfully.
“Oh hell no! You're crazy, Dee!”
Dee broke out in laughter, unable to keep a straight face. “I'm just teasing you, bud. We all know you're as straight as an arrow.”
“Well, we used to think that about Ryo - most of the time,” Marty snickered.
“Same with Drake,” Ted added.
“Don't start, Teddy-boy,” Marty remarked.
“Anyway, did you guys ever think that I could have a honey tucked away somewhere because I don't want to expose her to you animals?” Ted asked.
Dee, Ryo and Drake laughed at Ted.
Marty shook his head with a chuckle. “Yeah, right. Like you wouldn't have chewed our ears off already about how great, wonderful, beautiful, and everything else she was. And then we'd have to hear once again that she was THE ONE. You know, Miss Right number 135, or something. I lost count.”
Drake was laughing at Ted's expression and did not noticed Marty's attention turn to him.
“And you, Parker, need to get laid, too,” Marty added.
Drake stared at Marty, and snorted. “What do I need that for?” he asked, annoyed. “What do you get in return for getting some? You get someone on the rag. Well, except Ryo and Dee.”
Marty peered at Drake in confusion. “Huh?” he asked. “Please don't tell me you swore off sex just because you seem to lose `em after you sleep with `em. At least Dee had a good excuse.”
“Well, maybe not Ryo and Dee,” Ted stated. “I mean, look what Ryo has to put up with these days.”
“Stop bringing Dee into this,” Dee remarked. “Dee's gotten plenty in the last 3 years, thank you.”
“Dee!” Ryo remarked, then grinned down at Dee. “Don't be a bad boy.”
Dee merely grinned back at Ryo.
Only Ted caught the exchange. “Oh God… TMI, boys!”
Ryo turned his back to the others and in a low tone, whispered, “Now you're really getting it.”
“I'm hoping so,” Dee replied in the same tone.
They all looked up as the door opened and they watched JJ walk back in, holding onto an envelope. “Dee, this is for you,” JJ said as he went over to his own desk that Dee and Ryo still occupied. “Rose saw me as he was leaving his office. He was on his way out to get things set up for tonight, so he asked if I'd deliver it to you.”
Dee took the envelope from JJ and opened it. Inside he found several printed pages. “Updates on the case in the manner I'm supposed to deliver them tonight,” Dee said.
Ryo nodded.
JJ looked around the office, having a feeling all talking stopped with his entrance. “Did I interrupt something here?” he asked.
“Drake's right hand,” Ted replied with a laugh.
“Screw you, Ted,” Drake snapped.
“Pardon me?” JJ asked Marty. He gazed at the others until his eyes rested on Drake.
Marty let out a snort. “Now that would be great. Would take care of both of you getting laid at once,” he said, then laughed.
JJ frowned at Marty. “Huh?”
Drake waved his hand, as if dismissing Ted and Marty. “This… Ted and Marty being smartasses, again,” he explained.
Ted laughed, then leaned over to whisper to Marty. “Five bucks. You better be warming that up to hand over, dude.”
Marty snorted. “Keep dreamin', bozo. As if Drake would really bat for the other team.”
Ryo settled on JJ's desk, close to where Dee still sat. “Ted and Marty were discussing office politics,” he started innocently. He caught Dee's knowing smirk as he spoke.
Dee chuckled, shaking his head. He had the papers out of the envelope and leaned back in the chair to start reading them.
While it appeared as if Dee was engrossed in the paperwork, Ryo knew his partner well enough to know that while Dee was actually reading and committing to memory as much of the new information as possible, he was also aware of what was going on around him in the office. So many times, at a later time, sometimes even months, or years, Dee would bring up something with precision that was said when he supposedly was not listening. Dee's mind had a way of picking up things and using various references to later recall many things. It was one of the things that made him a great detective - his mind would pick up things after they left a scene that most times would be helpful in getting leads to solving a case.
“Yeah,” Ted stated. “As in fraternization.”
“Well, off I go again,” JJ said. “And you know, along the way I realized what a great help it would be if there were two of us pulling cases. Oh well….” He glared at Drake and went off toward the door again.
This time before JJ could slam it, Drake was right behind him.
Dee's eyes were off the papers and where the others' eyes were, at the now closed door. “Interesting,” he said low for Ryo only.
Ted shook his head. “Man! I have to tell you two lovebirds that you were boring.”
“Huh? How so?” Dee asked.
“Because you and Ryo managed to keep things low key. Not so much drama,” Ted replied. “We had no idea until you told us. Now those two… Sheesh. They might as well just give it up.”
“Dude,” Marty said to Ted, “if you call that drama, you have no idea what to expect once you're married and have a few kiddies.”
Ryo's wide eyes settled on Marty. “Oy!” he exclaimed.
“Whoops,” came from Marty, then he laughed. “Relax there, Ryo. It's a pleasant kind of drama… sort of.”
Dee laughed. “Trust me, we have drama. We're just better at keeping it between us. And Ted, give `em a break. That was not drama. I mean, we've all seen what drama is really like from JJ.”
“Hey Marty,” Ryo remarked, “just try to be nice about the married with kiddies jokes here, huh?” He tried to frown at Marty.
“Well, man, not like I don't know what I'm talking about,” Marty said to Ryo.
“All I'm saying is just be gentle here, for me and Dee. Wedding in less than three weeks and baby already on the way,” Ryo stated.
“You'll do fine, Ryo,” Ted assured. “You're got the `Yes, dear' down very well. Marty is proud of you, dude.”
Marty snickered as Ryo glared at Ted. Dee smothered a laugh, then again when he felt Ryo's glare settle on him.
“Look, as I said, it's a pleasant type of drama.” Marty's eyes settled on Dee's the obvious swell of Dee's abdomen for a brief moment. “And so worth it once you hold your first baby in your arms.”
Ryo smiled gently. “Its so worth it right now, holding Dee in my arms,” he said, his voice warm with love. He smiled at Dee.
“Aw Ryo.” Dee smiled back at Ryo. “Love you.”
Ryo leaned over to kiss Dee softly. “You look like you're finished with your lunch. Let me clean up here. You sit back and relax a bit.”
“Nuh, come on,” Dee protested. “At least let me do some work around this place.”
“And have you collapse again?” Marty asked, standing up and collecting his and Ted's trash. No way, dude.”
“Oh please, no,” Ted remarked. “Never again, okay Dee?”
“Besides,” Ryo said, “you'll work. Or have you been ignoring that pile on your desk?”
“Paperwork again?” Dee whimpered.
“It's detective work,” Ryo replied, putting the trash into a bag. He went over to take the trash Marty held to put into the bag. “Thanks, Marty.”
“No prob, dear,” Marty teased.
Ryo glared at Marty. From behind them came a snort from Dee, as Ted chuckled. With an impish grin, Marty poked his tongue out at Ryo.
“Sheesh,” Dee commented. “How old are you? Four?”
Ryo laughed at Marty. “I'm guessing we should look forward to that, Dee. It comes from having kids.”
“Now you're catching on,” Marty laughed.
“Whelp, that pile won't go away no matter how much I try to make it disappear with my mind,” Dee stated. Sighing heavily, he stood up to go back into their office and tackle the wretched pile of paperwork waiting for him. Reports with no field investigations to precede them. That bothered Dee the most. The majority of his work lately had been reports based on the others' investigations. He felt he had been demoted to CI admin, rather than still being a detective.
“You're so smart, Dee,” Marty snickered, unaware of the depressing thoughts running through his co-worker's head.
Ryo glanced over to Dee. “I can help you for a bit, but then if you finish them, you might have nothing to do.”
“That's okay,” Dee replied. “You've got enough on your plate, baby. But thank you.” He smiled sweetly at Ryo. “Even if I have to ignore half of this stuff later this afternoon to run through all my notes one more time before the press conference.”
Ted did an exaggerated double take at Dee. “Wow!” he exclaimed. “Pregnancy is good for your temper, Dee.”
Ryo snorted loudly. “If you only knew, Ted.” He smiled warmly at Dee. “But I still love you anyway.”
Dee's response was to poke his tongue out at Ryo.
“Geez Dee, like how old are you? Four?” Marty asked, amused. He grinned, winking at Ryo, who was chuckling.
“It's the chibi,” Ryo laughed. He went over to rub Dee's shoulder. “We're just messing with you.”
“I know. Lemme go and see what I can do about that mountain in there,” Dee said.
“Oh, it's not that bad,” Ryo stated.
“For you, it's not. But this is me. And I better get used to it. I still have five months of looking forward to this.”
The others watched as Dee went into the private office he shared with Ryo, leaving the door open.
### ### ### ### ### ### ### ### ### ### ### ### ### ### ### ### ### ### ### ###
As Drake closed the office door, he realized that JJ was walking quickly and already on his way down the hallway. He quickened his pace until he was walking alongside JJ.
“Hey JJ, um… do you want to come over to my place tonight?” he asked his irritated partner.
“Do you want me to?” JJ asked, looking straight ahead.
“No,” Drake snapped, annoyed. “I'm just asking you for some stupid reason. What do you think?”
JJ stopped and turned to face Drake, glaring. “Would you stop talking to me like that? What crawled up your backside today anyway?”
“What? I asked if you want to come over. And you reply if I want you to. What's that? If I didn't, I wouldn't have asked.”
“Well, you didn't exactly give me the feeling my company was appreciated lately.”
Drake shook his head. “Not here, okay. Not like that. Just come over tonight, so we can talk.” Then under his breath, he muttered, “Again.”
“What the heck, Drake? We've had more physical contact at work before we hoo… I mean, before this thing - whatever it is, started. What makes it so different? Because you don't have the excuse of comforting me because of Dee anymore, or what?”
“JJ,” Drake started, speaking low. “It's hard. Okay?”
JJ sniffed in annoyance. “That's not the only thing that's hard around here.” He turned on his heel and started to stomp down the corridor.
“Hey, wait up!” Drake called out. He ran to catch up with his upset partner. “Jemmy, hey!” As he came up to the other man, he grabbed JJ's arm to stop him. “Okay, let's talk now.”
“Oh, now you want to talk? Bite me, Parker,” JJ snapped.
“Yeah, I do want to talk. What's up with you anyway today? I'm not the one going around like something crawled up my ass and died, you know.”
JJ blinked, staring at Drake unbelieving. “What's wrong with me? Let's think about this really hard. I'll even use really small words so you can understand.”
Drake looked affronted. “Hey, wait a minute here. What gives you the right to get pissed off here?” He could not believe JJ sometimes. After all, he was the one who had been on a slow boil since Friday. That day he found himself rapidly reaching the boiling point. He pointed a finger accusingly at JJ. “You go and slobber all over Dee, and then you get pissed off at me? You have to be freakin' joking!” It was getting harder to keep his voice from rising, but he did not want the entire 4th floor to hear their business. Which was why he was hoping to avoid it until later that evening, when they could speak freely.
JJ had no problems with worries about speaking freely. “Slobber over Dee?” he asked, his voice rising. “The only person I've been slobbering over is you.”
Drake shook his head. “Oh bullshit, JJ!” In a bad imitation of the other man, he continued. “Ohh Dee… you look so handsome in your new clothes. Oh yes Ryo, Dee is very sexy….” His voice started to drip with disgust.
“Well heck, Drake, Dee is! And so is Ryo. Matter of fact, so is Rose, for crying out loud!” He took a deep breath to calm himself, knowing from Drake's face, he wasn't helping by listing off every man he found attractive in the 27th, in a tone loud enough for all those men to know it. “Besides, Dee needs a little ego boost. The poor man feels like a freakin' whale right now. He needs to be encouraged. He needs to know how beautiful he is.”
Drake snorted, balling his hands into fists. `And I'm just getting plain old fat, and I most certainly don't have an Adonis body like Dee. Even with Dee pregnant and showing, I still get this sense that I don't stand up to him.” He sighed heavily and turned away frustrated.
JJ stared at Drake with his mouth gaping open. “Wha..?” Quickly, he moved to put his arm around Drake's waist. “Oh Drakey, you're not fat. Besides, I think that your little Buddha belly is adorable.” He smiled up at Drake. “And it means that you're eating my cooking. After all, I've been feeding you long before we decided to become an `us'.”
Drake stiffened in the hug, then sighed again in frustration. “I'm sorry, JJ. I'm just insecure and… God, JJ, I'm just not ready to be like Ryo and Dee yet. I need time. You can't expect me to do this in a few months what it took them almost three years to be able to do.”
JJ leaned up to rest his chin on Drake's shoulder. “I know. But, we can't even touch anymore here. We used to do that every day, but not now. I'm almost about to start acting upset over Dee being with Ryo, just to give you an excuse to touch me.”
After checking that the corridor was still clear, Drake smiled gently at JJ. “That's because when you touch me these days, I just want to do something about it, but I can't. At least not the way I want to. So I pull away. And yeah, I know that's telling too. But I can't help it.”
“Yeah, it is telling when you completely cut me out. People are going to start asking questions because it's odd behavior for us.”
“I don't know. Shit, the guys are already making comments, you know. When you came in and asked what did you interrupt before, it was everyone but Marty interrogating me about you,” Drake explained.
JJ giggled, remembering the atmosphere when he walked back into the office. He leaned up to kiss Drake's cheek. “Maybe it wouldn't be so bad to let the others close to us know. Dee and Ryo already broke the ice, and Ted and Marty have been plenty supportive. Why shouldn't it be the same for us? Huh? Look, why don't you talk to Ryo. He was once in your position. Maybe he's willing to offer some advice so you don't have to wait over two years, or there's a pregnancy, until you feel comfortable about us in public.” JJ placed his fingers on Drake's opening mouth. “Think before you say anything. Remember, Dee is Ryo's first and only male lover. He had to go through just about everything you're going through when he first started to go with Dee. And now, he's out of that tunnel and into the light - or should I say, Ryo's out of the closet now. And Ryo is not the type of guy who would turn down a request for help. Heck, he was there for me at times when I needed someone even back when we were rivals.”
JJ was pressed up against Drake, both arms around his neck by the time he finished speaking. Drake found himself looking around nervously again. “Uh, JJ… oh, Nevermind,” he sighed. “Look, I don't know. Maybe I should talk to him. He probably knows anyway.”
“I'm pretty sure he does.” Still cuddling against Drake, he nuzzled the taller man's jaw line a little.
Drake sighed again and gently tried to push JJ away from him. “He's so busy these days, with the wedding coming up and everything. I don't want to bother him now.”
JJ released his hold on Drake and looked up at the blond man. He nodded in agreement. “But he'll be married in three weeks. So don't hold that as an excuse for the next few months. Or the baby as another excuse.”
Drake held his hands up in defeat. “Okay, okay, I gotcha! But both him and Dee are busy with wedding planning. Every night this week, they have an appointment they need to be at.”
“And by this weekend, they should have all their plans finalized, contracts signed and then two weeks of waiting around for the big day,” JJ pointed out.
“But there's still parties, and showers and getting ready for their honeymoon,” Drake pointed out.
“There you go again. Excuses. I think if you ask Ryo, if he's too busy, he'll tell you and let you know when will be a good time.”
“Yeah. Whatever. Let me think on this a bit, okay? Like a day or two.”
“Dee and Ryo have off tomorrow.”
“And according to Dee, they have practically the whole day planned out. They're having lunch with Ryo's grandmother, Dee has a pre-natal monthly in the afternoon. They also have a food tasting, or cake tasting, whatever. And they're going for a fitting for their wedding suits. Oh shit, speaking of… Did Ryo give you a card for our suit fittings?”
JJ nodded. “I take it Dee got the rest of you while you were waiting, huh?” When Drake nodded, JJ smiled up at Drake. “This afternoon, I'll call and make an appointment for us. The sooner we get our first fitting, the better our suits are going to fit us on their wedding day. And you, Drakey, are going to look sooo handsome. I just know it. Especially since it's obvious Dee and Ryo did not settle for off the racks rentals for their groomsmen. And you have no idea how relieved I am about that.”
Drake laughed and started to walk toward the elevator. “Oh yes, I do. I know you, remember?”
“Yeah you do,” JJ smiled, walking along with Drake.
They remained in a comfortable silence until they were on the elevator. Realizing they were alone, JJ leaned against Drake again, and kissed his cheek. “You know,” he murmured, leaning up so his mouth was close to Drake's ear. “Maybe if we snuck off by ourselves every once in a while and blew off some of the steam would help?”
“Sneak off?” Drake asked. “To where? No where around here, I can assure you. I'd be too nervous to do anything.” He chuckled nervously.
“Maybe,” JJ went on thoughtfully, “we could find a few moments here and there in empty offices, or squad cars? I mean….” He hugged Drake to him. “This is all I want to do at times during the day.”
Carefully Drake put his arms around JJ to return the hug, his eyes on the indicator to alert him if they were stopping soon and possibly picking up more passengers. “Why can't we just call it an early day already, dammit! Oh right, it's only Monday. Shit!”
JJ laughed. “And we have the press conference that Rose wants us to hang around for, to make sure Dee gets away quickly and safely.” He smiled up at Drake, enjoying the feel of his boyfriend's arms around him.
It was only during the long talk he had with Drake on New Year's Eve, that JJ discovered the person he was hoping for was not Dee, but Drake. Drake was normally there for him for almost everything. That night JJ realized how much he relied on Drake and trusted him - much more than Dee. Both men realized that there might be love there, waiting for the taking. They decided to give it a try, and not long after, knew they were right. JJ loved Drake. It was frustrating though, because it had been so long since he dated someone still in the closet. And he had never dated anyone who considered themselves straight. Drake was still working on accepting he was with another man, and that he willingly walked into the relationship. In fact, it had been Drake who first suggested it on New Year's Eve, much to JJ's surprise. Drake did that much for them both, JJ realized. Perhaps, JJ thought, that he needed to see if Dee had some free time for a talk too, so JJ could get some pointers on how to be as patient as Dee had been. If anyone had wise advice on how to be patient for love, it was Dee. And look at the payoff Dee received as a reward for his patience. He not only had his Ryo, but they were getting married, were raising Bikky together and had a child of their own creation on the way.
JJ gazed up at Drake. That was what JJ wanted one day. He wanted it all, like Dee. And he wanted it with Drake.
“Drake?” he asked, smiling warmly.
“I'm sorry if I hurt you,” JJ apologized. He hugged Drake tightly, knowing the moment was about to end. They were nearing the basement.
Drake nodded. “It's okay. I know Dee needs encouragement at times, but it's just hard these days. I can't believe that I have you.” He pulled away from the hug gently and lifted JJ's chin with a finger. “And I'm so afraid I'm going to screw this all up anyway.”
JJ shook his head. “Drake, please don't think like that.” He leaned in to gently kiss his partner.
Drake quickly returned the kiss and pulled away just in time for the elevator doors to open. They stepped out of the elevator, walking in the direction where old case files were kept. The files were what was salvaged from the original building the 27th precinct was in before it was blown up by someone who had a vengeance against Chief Smith. Drake dared to take JJ's hand in his. All sounds of anyone else in the basement were coming from the opposite direction they were walking. “You wanna come over my place tonight then? We can talk more and put in some seriously overdue cuddle time.”
“I guess.” JJ glanced at Drake. “Just, next time you get upset, tell me. Please? We can't work things out if you don't tell me what's wrong.”
Drake shook his head. “That's `cause I felt like an idiot. I was afraid you'd laugh at me, calling me one too. That's why I didn't say anything. Besides….” He left the thought hanging as he opened the door for the file room, holding it open for JJ to enter.
“Besides?” JJ asked, stopping just inside the room.
“I was kinda hoping you'd realize I was getting pissed off every time you were giving Dee what I thought was too much attention,” Drake finished, walking past JJ.
“I did,” JJ replied. “But then you kept quiet.” He closed the door and locked it. “I thought you were just jealous, and you got over it. I didn't realize this was gnawing at you since… well since I don't know how long. At least Friday, since that didn't go very well.”
“I'm sorry about that too. I should have said something then, huh?”
JJ nodded. “Yeah, you should have. Then I wouldn't have been so upset by Saturday night, that I didn't feel like being around a couple in love planning their wedding, and cancel out. Then I wouldn't have missed the fashion show for the women's gowns, darn it!”
Drake laughed at JJ's unique perspective at things. His laughter faded as he looked at JJ seriously. “I thought you were sick?” he asked, which was what JJ told him when he called Drake Saturday night, telling him he was not going over to Ryo and Dee's.
JJ shrugged. “Felt like it, you know….” He dropped his head.
“Aw JJ,” Drake sighed, pulling the other man into a hug. “I'm so sorry. You know I don't want to hurt you in any way.”
“I know. And I know this is all new to you. And I just have to get used to that. I can't force you into anything you're not ready for. And I'm sorry for pushing you when I shouldn't.”
“It's going to also take some time to get over your past with Dee….”
“Past with Dee?” JJ snorted. “I never had anything with Dee. Maybe we were best friends a long time ago, but I blew that when I started to stalk him. Only now we're becoming friends again. I mean, real friends.”
Drake nodded. He could not deny what they both knew was the truth. JJ had to accept the truth of the five previous years. It would be good for them all, not only for Drake and JJ, but Dee and Ryo as well. Drake liked what they had fallen into during the last couple of months. He never went to Dee's place before for anything other than a party or a night of drinking, not for dinner and then a quiet night of talking or playing board games, or playing video games with Bikky, watching while JJ assisted Dee and Ryo with wedding planning. Times he would find himself at Ryo's were even more rare. Yet in the last few months, he would find himself with JJ visiting Dee and Ryo in Dee's renovated apartment that the two men now shared. He had always called Dee a close friend, but somehow it felt as if only lately they had actually become real friends.
“You know, Drake,” JJ started thoughtfully. “I think part of me always knew that it would never have worked between Dee and me.” He looked up at Drake. “The only times I remember being really happy when I transferred here was being out on the job with you. Or the times you would go out of your way to make me happy when I was upset over Dee. And you did. Make me happy again. Very happy.”
“That's because Dee was too busy chasing after Ryo. And I was there, picking up the pieces each time. God, JJ, I don't want someone else to have to pick up anything I might do to you.”
“Drake, you and Dee are two different people. I won't have pieces to pick up, `cause you won't break me.”
Drake hugged JJ tighter. “I don't want to,” he murmured, nuzzling the side of JJ's head. “But I'm afraid I'm going to hurt you while I'm hiding in the shadows. I know that's not what you want. And then there's the wedding. I want to be your partner for it, but I could kill Ryo and Dee for putting us together in the wedding party.”
JJ smiled. “We'll be fine at the wedding. You know, the more I think about it, the more they're saying something with that decision of theirs. I'm more certain now that they know more than they're letting on.”
Drake looked thoughtful. “Maybe,” he admitted.
“Look Drake, we all have to come to terms with who and what we are. I know I have you, so I can wait for everyone else to find out.”
Drake smiled gently. “That wedding is going to be hard as hell, you know.”
JJ giggled and said, “Maybe I'll just get you drunk at the reception, and kiss you stupid. Then you can always blame the alcohol,” JJ teased.
Drake laughed a little. “I'll talk to Ryo whenever he has a chance, and just be patient with me for a while, please.” He kissed JJ's cheek.
JJ smiled brightly. “Of course, Drake. What's really important is that I know you love me, and you know I love you. Everything else is just icing. So I can be patient.”
Drake kissed JJ lightly, briefly, but allowed his feelings for the other man to come through in the kiss. As they broke apart from the kiss, Drake looked around the room. “Well, I guess we should pick a spot to start with and start hauling boxes up soon, or the others will send out a search party for us.” He chuckled. “And you know what they'll be thinking if we find ourselves caught by them locked in here for this long without doing any work.” He winked at JJ.
“Too bad they won't believe we're still waiting for that too.”
“Maybe Dee and Ryo might. After all, look how long Dee held out….”
“I am not waiting for two years, Drake Parker. If you can't do that by then with a man you're consciously dating, unlike Ryo who was unconsciously dating Dee for that time, then you are insufferably straight and….” JJ let it drop, not wanting to finish the thought.
“You won't, JJ,” Drake assured him. “It's taking a little time to work myself up to it, but you know I am not fighting you off. Don't think I don't want to, Jemmy, because I do. I'm just not ready right now. I promise you that we'll do it before the baby is born.”
“You better not be making promises you can't keep.”
“When have you ever known me to do that with you, huh?”
JJ smiled. “Well then, now I really can't wait for that baby of Dee's to be born!” He laughed gleefully. “Can I have one more kiss before we go?”
Drake nodded. “Sure.” He softly kissed JJ again, his arms pulling JJ close to him. JJ clung onto Drake, getting lost in the kiss, as brief as it was. “There's more later tonight. I'm sorry, JJ,” he apologized again. “I'll try to talk to you when something is bothering me. Okay?”
“Okay. And I'm sorry for making you feel like second place, when you're all I want and need.”
Drake smiled warmly at JJ. “So you'll come over for dinner after work?”
“Of course. And I'll bring some wine.” JJ smirked knowingly. “Or I can come over early and cook for you.”
Drake laughed. “And here I was wondering who I could call for some decent delivery.”
“How does spaghetti sound?” JJ asked.
“How about you make the sauce and I do the pasta?”
“That works.” JJ kissed Drake's nose. “Shall we?”
“Yeah. And let's not forget what we came here for,” he laughed. Once again, he looked around for a good spot to start. “Oh poor Dee. I just know he's going to end up going through whatever we pull out.”
“It's good for him. It's not just paperwork. He'll have to use that detective mind of his to see if there's anything that might help us out on our current case.”
“I guess. He'll still see it as more paperwork,” Drake chuckled. He pointed to a spot. “I think those are the oldest files. We should start with them, I guess and work our way up.”
“Yeah. Good point. You know, we might have to let them air out and dust them a bit before putting them in Dee and Ryo's office. We don't need Dee having a sinus attack because of them.”
“Dee doesn't have sinus problems,” Drake stated.
“He didn't. But do you hear his sniffling at times lately? He'll have to worry about things like that until the baby is born.”
“Oh. Well damn. Being pregnant sounds harder than I first thought.”
“Hey Drake… not that I'm expecting you to…. Well, you know, anything like that, but… are you?”
“Nope. Well, I don't think so. I mean I never had a reason to be tested.”
“Well, you still might not, but since you're dating a man, perhaps you should go for the test anyway. Just to be safe, ya know, in the future. I know it's the best thing to happen in Dee's life, next to Ryo saying he loved him, but do we want to take that chance of… I mean, you never know how things might go. Ryo said until that one night, he never gave a thought about topping Dee and, well, you don't want to find yourself in Dee's position, right?”
Drake paled a little. “Look, I'm not saying I don't want a family, but not right now. Probably not for a few more years, and then… I don't know. I mean, right now, I can't see myself going through that. But when the right time comes, if by chance you can't, and if I have the equipment, then I guess I'd be willing to…. Aw, I don't know what I'm saying. We need to get ourselves still settled in the relationship first.”
“Exactly. Which means we both should be taking precautions to prevent accidents. Just in case, you know.”
“Understood. I'll call my doc and see about when I can get an appointment.” Before Drake could take a step, JJ was holding a box.
“Ta da!” JJ laughed.
“Gee, you're so efficient,” Drake laughed.
“I'm just good like that,” JJ replied with a wink. “As you know.”
“That's one of the reasons I kept you around at first.” He chuckled as he picked up a box next to were JJ removed the one he held.
Somehow, JJ managed to blow Drake a kiss and unlocked the door, before heading back out into the hall.
Smiling at JJ, Drake followed him out.
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