Fake Fan Fiction ❯ The Unexpected II ❯ Nerves On Edge ( Chapter 15 )

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Title: The Unexpected II
Chapter 14 - Nerves on Edge
Rating: R
Fandom: FAKE
Pairings: Ryo/Dee (mostly), some Dee/Ryo
Warnings: Yaoi, Male/male, MPREG, AU If you don't like, don't read!
Disclaimer: FAKE is not mine. We have Sanami Matoh for giving us Dee, Ryo and the rest of the 27th precinct characters. Any OCs appearing in this fic are mine.
Beta by: Dawn - she does a wonderful job of picking things I would pass over. I do go back to fix a part at her suggestion most times, so any other typos/errors are all mine, not hers. She offered for me to send it back, but then that would take extra time to get this out. So I'll risk a couple of typos as long as the big errors are caught. Thanks so much for a wonderful job, Dawn!
Ryo stood up from his desk and stretched. He realized that Dee's eyes wandered from his computer monitor and were settled on him. He smiled at Dee, then went to the doorway of the main CI office.
“Break time,” Dee announced, getting up and walking past Ryo to join Ted and Marty in the other office.
“We hardly started working,” Ryo said. “And you're on break already?” He shook his head.
“So?” Dee asked, as he sat on the edge of Drake's desk. “We're waiting for Drake and JJ to come back so we can talk more about the Carrier Case anyway.”
“Speaking of,” Ryo mused, still standing in the doorway between the offices. “Shouldn't they be back by now?”
Dee looked up at Ryo. “Hm, I wonder… maybe they're making use of that one closet,” he snickered.
Marty shook his head. “No, not Drake, man.”
“So Drake, dude,” Dee replied with a laugh.
“Nah,” Ryo piped in. “My bet is Drake wouldn't do anything like that around here.” Slyly he glanced at Dee. “Unless JJ corners him, that is.”
“Well, he cornered me a few times, and I was unwilling,” Dee commented. “But Drake doesn't look unwilling to me.” He laughed again.
“I tell you, partner of mine, kiss that five goodbye!” Ted crowed triumphantly.
Ryo had moved from the doorway and stood next to Dee. Lightly, he smacked the back of Dee's head. “I meant the times you cornered me, horn dog.”
“Oh!” Dee laughed. “Now THAT was fun! And I was VERY willing!”
Marty made a face. “I don't wanna know where Dee cornered you and what you did, because I might be afraid to walk into that room again.”
“Yeah, what he said,” Ted replied, backing up his partner.
Ryo looked over at the two men with a smirk. “Then stay out of our office.”
“Argh!” Marty exclaimed.
Dee snickered, lowering his head. Damn these crazy hormones, he thought.
Ryo gazed at Dee, then did a double take as he noticed Dee's heated cheek. “Wha?” he asked amazed. “Aw baby, you're blushing,” he cooed, and kissed Dee's flushed cheek.
Marty shook his head. “What happened to polite, innocent, way too shy to brag about sex in the office - would never even consider having sex in the office Ryo?”
Ryo's smile was all innocence charm. “What?” he asked. “I didn't give any details. I didn't even mention the word sex. It's your minds that came up with that.”
Ted snorted and traded an amused look with Marty.
“Seriously. I just said cornered,” Ryo further explained. He kissed Dee's cheek again. “But Dee had to go and blow it though.” Although he meant that Dee gave them away, he realized how what he said sounded. Suddenly, he was the one blushing.
Marty's eyes opened. “Argh! No details! Please!”
Ted stood behind his desk. “Go away evil Ryo,” he remarked.
“I, um, meant… Dee giving us away by his reaction just now, not that he….” He looked down, unable to finish. A memory fluttered through his mind. He lifted his head to look at Dee with hooded eyes. “That was good, wasn't it?” he said softly.
Ted made an exaggerated sign of the cross. “BACK EVIL BEAST!” he demanded.
Dee was trying hard not to burst out laughing. “Yes dear,” he simply said to Ryo with a loving smile.
“Hey, did I just hear Dee say, `Yes dear'?” Ted asked Marty. “Is that how it works in those relationships?”
“You know what I think, Teddy?” Marty asked.
“Oh come on now,” Ryo said, amused at the others antics. He moved to stand behind Dee and rested his hand on his partner's belly. “Here's all the details you need,” he said. He kissed Dee's forehead, loving the soft yet radiating smile on the other man's face.
Marty pointed to Ryo. “As I was saying. This is like one of those science fiction movies, and they switched bodies. So nice blushing Ryo's mind is now inside of Dee's body, and Dee's evil, cocky mind is now inside of Ryo.”
“RYO!” Ted gasped. “Stop it! Aw God, now every time I look at Dee, I'm going to have a not so nice mental image there.”
Ryo bite his tongue, catching the words before they left his mouth. He snickered at the thought still in his mind. `That wasn't all that was inside each of our bodies.'
“Well, I had more than just Ryo's mind in my body and now there's a baby,” Dee quipped, amused, almost mirroring Ryo's thoughts.
Marty gazed at Ted. “Dude, grow up. Babies don't fall from the sky after all. And I sure hope you don't get any mental images looking at Darla!”
Ted's eyes opened wide. “I didn't before, but now….”
Marty winked at Ryo and Dee. “Oops,” he said.
Ryo and Dee started to laugh.
“Babies come from storks,” Ted half muttered. “Yeah, nice ugly storks.”
Marty snorted. “I'll make sure to tell Darla you called her that, partner.”
“No, not Darla! Not from Dee. From storks. They drop off babies, from the sky. Yeah.”
Ryo snickered. “You know when it's been too long since a man got some,” he commented to Marty and Dee.
“How so?” Marty asked. “Because the stork needs to look ugly, because if it was pretty, it would be appealing to him?”
Ryo laughed at Marty's reply. “That might work too. I was going to say when he needs to be retaught the birds and the bees lesson.”
“That's it!” Ted remarked “Bees. Nice little bumble bees.”
“Dude, there ain't no way babies come from bees,” Dee laughed. “Trust me on this one.”
“Happy thoughts,” Ted said, appearing to zone into his own world.”
Ryo sat on the desk edge and started to laugh. “Ow, that hurts,” he said through his laughter. He had to wipe his eyes, he was laughing so hard.
Dee and Marty exchanged knowing looks. With a chuckle, Dee asked Ted, “What about you and Janet? I thought you looked very friendly on New Year's Eve.”
Ted glared at Dee. “Shut up!”
Ryo leaned over to say low in Dee's ear, “Meaning, he didn't score.”
Dee raised an eyebrow. “Aw,” he exclaimed loudly. “He didn't get any.”
Ryo smacked Dee lightly, then leaned against him, laughing.
Ted pouted. “Hey, it wasn't even really a date,” he said.
Marty snorted. “Yeah, right. You both showed up together. That sounds like a date to me.”
Dee looked amused. “On that note, Drake and JJ showed up together. So that means that was a date for them?”
Marty glared at Dee. “No! Not them. But for people like Ted and Janet, yeah.”
“You mean straight people?” Ryo asked.
“No! I mean people who are Ted and Janet. Just go with it and don't interrupt. Okay?”
Dee and Ryo held their hands up as if to surrender.
“Please continue then,” Ryo said.
“No, let's go on more about Drake and JJ's New Year Eve date,” Ted said.
“Nope,” Marty replied. “Besides, you sure made enough of a fuss about it before the party.”
“That's `cause I kept begging her until she said yes to go to the party with me,” Ted said, sitting down. “Things were pretty good when we got there, and got better as more booze flowed, but afterward….”
“Oh oh,” Marty sighed.
“Got too drunk to perform, Teddy-boy?” Dee asked.
“I wish,” Ted muttered. “Nothing like that either. She kissed me on my cheek and told me goodnight. That's the last of it.” Ted shrugged.
“How lame of her,” Dee remarked. Ryo nodded his head.
“Yeah. I agree,” Marty said, clapping a hand on Ted's shoulder. “Sorry, man. That sucks.”
“I hear she's been checking out that new guy over in Narc,” Ted remarked sullenly.
“Gee, that sounds familiar,” Ryo mused.
Dee looked at Ryo. “Huh?”
“She asked me out to coffee when I first got here,” Ryo explained.
“Oh right. Humph,” Dee remarked.
“What `humph'?” Ryo asked. “I never took her up on the offer. I kinda found myself with someone else interested in me. And I liked having coffee with him, even if I didn't know what to make of him at first.” He smiled at Dee.
They heard the door open and the four looked over to find Drake balancing a box while he held the door open, stepping aside for JJ to squeeze through with his own box.
As JJ approached his desk, he ran into the corner of the desk. “OW!” he cried out.
“Dude, watch it,” Dee said, looking to see if JJ was okay.
Ryo had already jumped up to steady JJ. “Hey, you okay?” he asked. He took the box from JJ and set it down on the desk.
“Every day, the same old corner of the same old desk,” Marty chuckled.
“JJ, you okay?” Drake asked, putting down the box he carried on his own desk, then came over to JJ and Ryo.
JJ pouted at Marty, rubbing the sore spot. “Doesn't make it less painful. Owie.”
Ryo shook his head. “Someone should just scratch JJ's initials on this beast,” he said, indicating the desk.
“More like the desk should scratch its initials on JJ's hipbone,” Marty snickered.
Dee giggled at the conversation.
“Hm?” Ryo mused, going back to Dee. “Not sure I like that line of thought there.”
“Watch it, Marty, or I'll make you kiss it better,” JJ threatened.
Dee looked up at Ryo in question. “Why not?” he asked.
Ryo started to poke Dee in different places. “Because then you'll have to have JJ's name here, and here, oh and here.” The poking turned to tickling.
“Hey!” Dee laughed, squirming.
“That's what you got a partner for,” Marty said to JJ. “Me not your partner. Me Ted's partner. Entiendes?”
“Marty, I'd make you kiss it, because if that's what my partner wants, then that's what he'll get,” Drake remarked.
“Good God, no!” JJ exclaimed.
Drake laughed.
“Hey guys, stop with the scary mental images, huh?” Ted snapped.
“You know, Tedster, what they say about denial?” Ryo asked.
Marty and Dee joined Drake's laughter.
“You wanna kiss it better, Teddy?” Marty asked, sugary sweet. “I mean, it's probably the closest thing to getting some intercourse as you can get lately.”
JJ ducked behind Drake. “Help! No one is kissing my hip bone better but my… Mama!” he exclaimed, barely catching himself before he said, “Drake.”
Ryo laughed at JJ.
“Nice save,” Dee commented low for only Ryo to hear.
Ted made a face. “I'm going to, um, pretend I smoke,” he announced, going over to where his coat hung.
“Well, at least you remembered to grab your coat,” Marty observed.
“I'd love to say I'd join you, but,” Dee said, and patted his bump gently. “Sorry, but I'll pass.”
Ryo smirked. He leaned up to kiss Dee gently on the cheek. “Wait up, Ted. I'll join you, since you're just pretending.” He laughed, then started to gently pet Dee's belly.
Dee found himself leaning against Ryo, sighing happily. He had no idea why, but a `baby rub' from Ryo always melted him into goo.
“Scary mental image!” Ted exclaimed.
Marty snickered. “I think it's cute.”
“At this rate, we're never gonna get any work done,” JJ sighed.
Drake looked at Ted, who stood by the door, wearing his coat, then to the other three. “What did we miss?”
Ryo laughed. “We'll tell you later.”
“Trust me, Drake, you don't really want to know,” Marty replied.
Ted peered suspiciously at Drake, then at JJ. “Um, you two didn't go near any closets, did you?”
“Wha?” Drake exclaimed.
Ted laughed. “Never mind. Look, I do need some fresh air. I think I ate to much for lunch.”
“I really needed the laugh,” Dee said, winking at Ted. “Thanks, man.”
“Anytime,” Ted said. He looked over to Marty. “But seriously, man, you're so going to owe me a fiver.” He winked and slipped out of the office.
Dee shook his head. “So we start going through the files?” he asked.
“Nope. You go back to your pile of paperwork, while we take these somewhere to wipe them off. Then you can touch them,” Ryo stated. “There's enough dust here that I'm surprised you didn't start sniffling already.”
“Not yet, but I feel it. Yeah, okay. Give me a yell when you're ready. Later.”
The other men nodded and watched as Dee went back into the other office.
*** *** ***
Later that afternoon, Drake entered their office. “Dee,” he called out. “Your carriage awaits you.”
Dee looked up from his work, rubbing his eyes. “My what? Oh. Thanks. I'll be ready in a minute.”
Ryo looked up from his own work and gazed at Dee in concern. “Are you okay? You should have taken a nap earlier, like I suggested.”
“I'm fine. As soon as I step away from the computer for a while,” Dee replied, standing up to stretch.
“We have an unmarked car for you and Ryo to ride in,” Drake explained. “In case he doesn't get a chance to tell you when you get there, the Commissioner said that when he feels the press conference should come to a close, he's going to step in to make the closing comments. That could be because the questioning is getting stupid, or it's upsetting you, or you just start looking like you had enough for the day.”
Dee frowned a little. “So he's making me do this, but can't trust me to make a parting comment?” he asked.
Ryo gazed at Dee. “He's the one who called for the press conference, and he is in charge of this precinct. It's just protocol that it ends with a few extra comments from him. You know that Dee.”
Dee looked confused. “Huh? Oh, yeah, right.” He chuckled, somewhat embarrassed. “I don't know how I forgot that.”
“There's that,” Drake said,. “But in this particular case, he's hoping his closing statement will be long enough that a string of unmarked cars will leave from the underground parking area, with you in one of them, and get you out of the area and home without any chances of being followed.”
Ryo suddenly felt as if someone kicked him in his stomach. “F-followed?” he asked, gripping the desk. “As in… our killer?”
Drake shrugged. “It's just a precaution. After all, Dee is putting himself on television, in his condition, as a detective. Rose doesn't want to take any chances of the killer finding out where it's being held and trying to make a move. Highly unlikely, though Ryo. Because all our victims were alone when they were abducted, as far as we could tell.”
Ryo stood up, suddenly feeling sick to his stomach. “As far as we could tell. Excuse me,” he started out of the office to the hallway. “Dee, stay here. I won't be long.” He rushed out the door, heading for the men's room.
Dee sighed. “I guess he wasn't thinking about that.” He shook his head and said mostly to himself, “Of course he didn't. If he did, he'd have never allowed me to do this.”
“Look, get yourself ready to leave, and grab Ryo's things too,” Drake said. “I'll go make sure he's okay.”
Dee nodded. “Thanks.” He looked up in time to see Sgt. Carey standing by the door. “I guess you want to give me another run through?”
“Of course, while we get you ready for the cameras.”
Drake shook his head. “Good luck, Dee. I'll go get Ryo.”
On the way out, Drake met up with Marty. “Hey, what's going on?” Marty asked. “Was that Ryo that went running down the hall?”
Drake nodded. “Yeah. Seems Ryo didn't think this through until just now.”
“Ahhh,” Marty remarked. “I gotcha. Hey, tell you what. Being I've been there, done that with anxiety over being a daddy to be, how about I go to Ryo and you make sure Dee's ready to leave when the word's given.”
“You know, great idea. Good luck, pal.” Drake slapped Marty on the shoulder, and watched for a moment as Marty made his way to the men's room, before going back into the office.
*** *** **
When Marty entered the men's room, Ryo was leaning over a sink, splashing his face with water. Marty couldn't help noticed Ryo was shaking a little.
Upon hearing the sound of the door opening, Ryo looked up. “Oh, hey there.” He grabbed a paper towel to dry his face. He hoped Marty did not notice anything odd about him.
Marty stopped next to Ryo. “You all right? From what I've seen, you were looking pretty pale there when you left the office. Actually, you still do.”
Ryo shook his head, knowing he could not lie to Marty. “I just never thought about Dee being targeted for his press conference today.” He hung his head. “I don't know how I didn't think of that.”
“Don't stress yourself over it, Ryo. You shouldn't kick yourself for not thinking about everything. As long as someone did to assure Dee is safe, it's all good.”
Ryo shook his head stubbornly. “It still doesn't change the fact that he will a target now.”
Marty put a big hand on Ryo's shoulder. “Look, as far as we know, our vics were alone at the time of abduction. So as long as Dee isn't alone in the streets, he'll be fine.”
“I know, but….” Ryo took a deep breath, trying not to give into panic again. “Dammit, Marty. He's my husband! Almost husband. I should have been looking out for him on that too!”
Marty let out a heavy sigh. “I can't say I know how you feel at the scale you're at. Crap, I'll admit I don't know what to do. But, Ryo, I do know about the anxiety of worry while Darla was pregnant. So I can relate somewhat. That can drive a man crazy already. But you can't let it get to you, Ryo. It's not good for you, and it won't be good for Dee.” He patted Ryo's shoulder. “I also know this much too,” he smiled at Ryo, “I might actually feel sorry for the son of a bitch who tries to get past you to Dee. Of course, he'd have to get past the rest of us first before he could reach you.”
Ryo managed a shaky little laugh. “Yeah, huh?” Marty noticed Ryo was still shaking. When Ryo noticed the other man's study of him, he shook his head. “I'm sorry. It's just that I'm… so terrified,” Ryo found himself admitting.
“We're all going to do our part in helping you keep Dee safe, buddy.” He tightened his grip on Ryo's shoulder. “You're not alone.”
Ryo nodded. After he took a deep breath, he smiled and gave Marty a big hug. “Thanks, Marty.”
Marty laughed and hugged him back. “No problem. Hey, you know, if you find you need to talk about anything, I'm here, you know. That includes griping about Dee's mood swings and stuff like that. I've survived mood swings three times. I'd like to think I can help others.”
Ryo's smile got brighter. “I'm sure you could relate to a lot of my stuff.”
Marty laughed. “Of course I could. Hell, Ryo, preggo hormones are preggo hormones, from what I've seen of Dee at times. So hell, don't be afraid to call me at 2:30 am to bitch about having to go out and get Dee something silly because he's craving it and it's not in the house.”
Ryo rolled his eyes. “God, I know. We've been stocking up on milk and yogurt Pocky ever since his first 3 am craving for it.”
Marty laughed. “That's what happens when you get some of your Japanese blood filtering through him.” He slapped Ryo on his shoulder in a friendly gesture. “Look, for what it's worth, we have it all planned out to confuse our killer if he tries to follow you guys home tonight. He'll never find you. Okay?
“Okay,” Ryo replied with a nod.
“Pocky,” Marty mused with a chuckle.
“I have my dear aunt to blame for giving Dee ideas on that,” Ryo said. “And my aunt blames my mom.” Ryo rolled his eyes. “Dee better not try to blame my mom, even if in a way, it is her fault.” He grinned at Marty.
“So tell me, since this is Dee, does he crave sushi too?” Marty asked, realizing the conversation was helping Ryo relax some. “Must suck to deal with someone craving something they can't eat.”
Ryo laughed, rolling his eyes again. “Dee craved sushi at weird times before he got pregnant. I've been trying to get him to eat more onigiri. It seems to work a little.”
Marty shook his head. “I believe that about Dee before pregnancy. The man loves that stuff. Too bad he didn't lose the taste for it to make things easier.”
Ryo shrugged. “We're doing the best we can. I think the seaweed in the onigiri seem to work. And there are some items that aren't raw fish that he can have in moderation.”
“I'll tell you this,” Marty said. “Before she was pregnant, Darla hated sushi, but each time she was pregnant, she started to bitch and moan about wanting it and not being able to have it. Go figure. I'll have to remember that just in case.” He winked and lightly punched Ryo's shoulder. “Thanks for the good tip, Rookie Papa.”
Ryo laughed at Marty's comment, then smiled. “It's always impossible when they crave things they can't have. I've already promised him a whole tray of sushi when he has the baby.”
“Well, knowing Dee, by the time that baby is born, you better include some good sake or plum wine to drink it down with. Just because he finally can.”
“I may be new with dealing with this 24/7, but I do have my Aunt Elena to thank for all the helpful tips. And Rick, who survived Elena being pregnant twice. It was the advice my cousins in Japan gave my dad when Mom was pregnant with me. When I spoke to my grandmother in Japan recently, she said that she'll have my cousins send me recipes of stuff Dee can eat during the pregnancy. So, while it's not sushi, maybe just having Japanese food that's good for him might soothe him somewhat. Or so I'm hoping. But having fish once in a while is okay, as long as it's cooked and doesn't have too much Mercury in it. Hmm… I think I'm make some broiled miso trout for Dee tonight when we finally get home. And he's allowed to eat oysters, as long as they're well cooked. They're good in helping keep his iron level up.”
Marty smiled at Ryo. “You see? You're such a good husband already, Ryo. That ceremony you're planning is just a formality.”
Ryo gave Marty a big grin. “Yeah, I know. Dee's a good husband too.”
“I'm sure he is. I do know that he loves you more than anything. Dee changed a lot from before you got here, and I can see he has no regrets.”
“I know.” Ryo's smile got brighter again. “He's having our baby.”
“Yeah, that he is. That says enough right there. And wonder of wonders, he seems to enjoy it more often than not.” Marty checked his watch. “You okay now? We should be joining everyone and get Dee down to the car.”
Ryo nodded. “I'm okay enough. No way I'm going to hide in here while he goes off to that press conference.” Ryo turned on the sink to quickly rinse his face again, and grabbed a paper towel to dry it.
“Just stick close to Dee, and we won't be far from you two all night until you're locking your apartment door. Okay?”
“Yeah,” Ryo said with a nod. He took a deep breath. “Oh well. Here we go.”
“Yup. Come on, pally, and let's meet up with the others. Or else Dee might think we ran off together.” He winked at Ryo and turned to open the door for them, holding it for Ryo to pass.
“Hey Marty, thanks.”
“No problem, Ryo.”
___ ___ ___
Ryo stood a few feet behind Dee for the press conference. He knew each time the TV cameras pulled back from close-ups of Dee, he most likely ended up in a shot. The same with all the photographers. Dee, seemed unfazed of the cameras as he fielded questions from the press. There was a moment of initial anxiety before hand, but once the importance of what Dee had to do struck him, all fears were gone. The passion for his work came through as he spoke, along with his passion of having a baby. Ryo could tell from looking out at the sea of faces before them, that Dee was making points. He had the majority of the press behind him. Most likely by the end of the night, he'd also have everyone who watched it, or read the articles, on his side too.
Despite Ryo's misgivings for Dee's safety, he was proud of his husband-to-be. He also knew he could not face off Dee later and go into a snit about Dee's knowing the implications but not sharing them with Ryo. Because Ryo knew if it was him, instead of Dee, he'd have done the same thing, no matter what Dee thought of it. It still unsettled him that he'd have to be more careful than ever to assure whoever was behind the killings did not get to Dee. That was his first and foremost task that he assigned to himself.
As Dee spoke, Ryo noted that Dee looked more vibrant while on duty than he had in weeks. It was easy for Ryo to guess that Dee was currently feeling far from useless, and he was thriving on it.
Rose stood off to Dee's side, just out of camera range next to Sgt. Carey, looking impressed with the man who was speaking. Lined up against the wall, and flanking Ryo, were the other four men that made up their unit. Surrounding the platform were cops from the 27th. Ryo was not surprised when he first looked around at the various reporters and camera people, that his Uncle Rick and Aunt Elena were there, covering the press conference for their own work, yet looking very proud of Dee.
Rose cleared his throat and stepped up to the podium. He placed a hand on Dee's shoulder and spoke before the detective could field another question.
“Detective Laytner has had a long day now, but it was important to him to be here today,” Rose spoke to the press gathering. “I think we allowed Detective Laytner to stand up here long enough, and we seem to have answered all questions. So perhaps it's best to allow him to finally get off his feet and relax.”
A murmur of assent went around the room, but the flashes from the cameras increased. Only Ryo seemed to notice the small sigh of relief from Dee. He moved from his place to stand next to Dee, placing his hand around the taller man's arm.
“I have just one more very important question,” a reporter called out. “Detective Laytner, are you hoping for a girl or a boy?”
Laughter went out across the room as Dee looked out at who asked. He smiled and replied, “I just want a healthy baby.”
“No seriously. I mean, I believe you want a healthy baby, but you got to have a preference.”
Dee looked back at Ryo and grinned, before looking over to the woman asking the question. “My fiancé keeps telling me he swears I'm leaning toward a girl. Since he sometimes knows me better than I know myself, that's your answer.” He smiled out at the reporter, who smiled back at him, amidst laughter and more photos being taken.
“Everyone, let's show Detective Laytner our appreciation for the superb job he has done in bringing light to this atrocious hate crime,” Rose continued.
Applause started. Dee grinned in his most charming way and leaned toward the mic. “Thank you, everyone.”
“That's enough, Dee,” Ryo spoke low, gently pulling his partner from the podium and toward the back. “You were great, baby!”
“It just felt good to feel useful again,” Dee said with a tired grin.
Rose started on his closing statement as Ryo continued to hold onto Dee's arm.
“I know you want to sit,” Ryo stated, his hold now becoming support, “but that has to wait until we get you in the car. If you need, I'm here. Okay, Dee?”
“Yeah fine. I haven't been on my feet for this long straight in I don't know how long,” Dee sighed.
“Because you shouldn't be,” Ryo remarked, noting with satisfaction that Drake and JJ took up the other side of Dee, ready to also give a hand, while Ted and Marty closed in behind them. They were being escorted by the uniform cops, through a corridor leading to an elevator that would take them to the underground parking garage.
Ryo also noticed Diana, along with several FBI agents standing in the corridor. When they entered the elevator, Diana joined them.
She leaned up and kissed Dee's cheek. “You were wonderful,” she gushed.
“Hey!” Ryo complained. “I wanted to be the first one to do that.”
“Well, if all you were planning to do was kiss my cheek,” Dee remarked with a grin.
“You…” Ryo shifted to put his arms around Dee's neck and kissed him hard on his mouth. “I'm so proud of you. You did good tonight.”
Dee was smiling brightly. “Yeah, I did, huh?” He had his arms around Ryo and kissed him back. “Did you see Elena and Rick out there?”
“Yeah. I shouldn't be surprised they came, even if they didn't mention anything to us,” Ryo replied.
“It is their job,” Dee said.
“Yeah. And much more,” Ryo agreed.
“I thought you were fabulous, Dee,” JJ gushed. “I'll bet you'll have any decent person in New York City eating out of your hands now.”
“If nothing else, it might encourage people who might have seen even a small thing to finally step up and let us find our perp,” Drake added. “Great work, Dee.”
“Thanks, everyone.”
The elevator doors opened and only then Dee realized they had gone up a couple of floors. “What?” he asked.
“Relax,” Ryo assured him.
Hernandez and Feguson joined them in the elevator, dressed in similar colors and style of what Dee and Ryo were wearing. Hernandez was taller than Ferguson with the same coloring as Dee, if not slightly darker, with dark hair, while Ferguson was ivory toned with light brownish hair. Up close in the light, it would be obvious they were not Ryo and Dee, but in a car in the fading sunlight, the difference would not be so quickly noticed.
“Oh,” Dee remarked.
“They're going out first,” Diana instructed. “You and Ryo get to duck in an unmarked car for a few blocks going back to the precinct. From there, you'll get your ride home. Our bait is going to take a nice ride into Brooklyn, then Queens and then back again to end up in Staten Island. If anyone would attempt to follow them, and still manages to hang on, they'll realize it's a dead end, while you and Ryo will be long home.”
The elevator was moving again as Diana spoke, and the doors opened in the garage.
“Okay, quickly, everyone into position. Dee, Ryo, just allow yourselves to be guided,” Diana said.
Inside the garage were more cops and agents, and basically created a chaotic scene, obviously choreographed. Before Dee and Ryo knew it, they were in the backseat of an unmarked car, driven by two detectives from the Hate Crimes Bureau, and ducking low. The car waited a few minutes, obviously allowing the lead cars to leave, along with the decoy car, and then they were moving.
Ryo continued to stay low, his body slightly covering Dee's. He had his arms around Dee, holding him tight. “Don't move, sweetheart and we'll be safely home before you know it,” he murmured into the other's ear. He knew Dee was uncomfortable in that position. He softly kissed the dark hair, affirming that while he made their dinner, he would make sure Dee was settled in a nice warm bath to soothe any aching muscles. Then dinner in bed for that night.
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February 21, 2006
Ryo stood with Dee on E. 60th Street, just outside Serendipity's. Dee was currently picking at his coat as if removing invisible threads. Ryo smiled when he caught Dee's attention, taking his hand and squeezing it. “You ready to meet Grandma?” he asked.
Dee shrugged, looking slightly nervous. “I'm not too sure. I hardly know her.” He sighed heavily. “She all but ignored me for most of your cousin's wedding last year.”
Ryo reached up to kiss Dee on his nose. “It'll be fine. She'll love you.” He smiled up at Dee again.
“Well, here's hoping she's like Lady Chantrel then.” He managed to give Ryo a little smile. “You know, having a soft spot for cute pregnant people.”
Ryo squeezed Dee's hand again, as he chuckled. He lightly kissed his fiancé's lips. “Let's go inside and wait for her. Okay, Dee?”
As Ryo opened the door to the legendary restaurant that was known to serve sundaes and desserts to the rich and famous, Dee commented, “At least she picked a place known for their sweets.”
Ryo smiled as he followed Dee through the door. He stood at his partner's side as they walked up to the front counter. “There's a reason for that,” he replied, reaching to rub Dee's belly.
Dee giggled a little, then allowed Ryo to do all the talking. Within a minute, they were being taken to their table. “I'm guessing she's a nice old lady married to a grouch, by what I get from you,” he said as they stood at their table.
Ryo thanked the host, then looked up at Dee. “Yes, yes. She'll probably fawn all over you.” He pulled the chair away from the table for Dee and smiled, watching Dee take his coat off.
“If I don't make a fool of myself,” Dee remarked. He sat down as Ryo took his coat. “You're such a gentleman,” he said with a wink.
“Of course,” Ryo stated, kissing the top of Dee's head. “You are carrying our baby.” He neatly placed their coats on the chair next to him and sat down next to Dee, smiling. He took Dee's hands, his smile growing warmer.
Dee hardly took notice of the few celebrities dining with their families. He had no interest in gazing at them. Not when he had Ryo to look at. Ryo, who was intimately holding his hands on the table for all to see. There was no prouder man than Ryo as Dee's pregnancy became more noticeable. Dee was a very happy man.
They did not notice when Ryo's grandmother entered and approached their table, being escorted by the host.
“I feel sorry for the first sucker who won't give me a seat on the subway.” He laughed softly.
Ryo glanced up and noticed his grandmother nearing their table. He let go of Dee's hands, and with his right hand, waved to his grandmother. “I'll give up my seat for you,” he answered Dee.
Estelle MacLean waved back with a smile. Her eyes were on Ryo as she came over to the table.
“And if we both don't have seats?” Dee countered with a knowing grin.
“Well….” Ryo gave Dee a sheepish grin. “I'd carry you.” He squeezed Dee's hands once more before standing up to greet his grandmother.
“Randy, my darling!” Estelle greeted. “It's so wonderful to see you again.” She hugged him tightly. She was a tiny woman, making Ryo tower over her thin, fragile frame. Her hair, long gone silver, was pulled up in a stylish chignon.
As Dee watched them, he could not help notice that as frail as she appeared, there was also a strength about her. She seemed almost regal to Dee in the way she carried herself. He noticed her eyes were grayish-blue. He quickly knew her pants suit cost more than he could imagine spending on clothes. He also saw enough similarities in her face to see Ryo was her grandson.
“Hello Grandma,” Ryo greeted, kissing her cheek. “You're looking well.”
His grandmother grinned up to him. “Especially for a poor woman being put through the ringer, if you listen to your grandfather.” She rolled his eyes. “That let that old windbag get to you, Randy. I'm working on him.”
Ryo laughed and hugged her again. “Then he doesn't have a chance.” He winked roguishly at his grandmother.
She pulled away until she was arms' length and looked Ryo up and down. “Oh my baby boy is all grown up now,” she gushed. “You look great!” Still smiling, she looked at Dee, who was starting to stand up to greet her. “Sit, sit, sit,” she insisted, waving her hand toward Dee to make him stay seated. She walked a few steps to stand next to Dee.
With his arm around his grandmother's waist, Ryo said, “Grandma, this is Dee.” He put his free hand on Dee's shoulder.
She held her hand out to Dee to shake. “We met very briefly at Shandi's wedding last year,” she recalled. Her eyes gazed down at Dee. “And look at you, darling boy! Already showing that baby!”
Blushing slightly from the attention, Dee took her hand and kissed it. “Pleasure to meet you, ma'am,” he said.
Estelle hugged Ryo again. “Oh, you got yourself quite a handsome one there. And so charming too.” She took Ryo's hand. “I'm so happy for you, Randy.”
Ryo smiled, his eyes going to Dee. “Isn't he?” He stroked Dee's dark hair before releasing his grandmother and pull out the remaining chair for her.
Estelle handed Ryo her coat and sat down. “Thank you, Randy. You're still the charmer too.”
Ryo smiled as he set her coat with his and Dee's. “I had a good teacher, Grandma,” he said as he sat down in his seat. He took Dee's hand in his and squeezed it.
“Ah, and I see you also learned how to flatter quite well too,” Estelle said, a teasing glint in her pale eyes. “Now,” she announced, picking up a menu from the table, “order up, Dee. Whatever you and that baby of yours want, it's yours, darling.”
Dee was smiling as he looked over his own menu. His eyes lighted up as he got to the sundae section. Ryo chuckled softly as he stroked the back of Dee's hand softly. Instead of picking up his menu, he glanced at Dee's. Estelle glanced up from her menu and could not help but smile as she saw how happy her eldest grandson was.
Estelle laughed when she noticed Dee's eyes as he studied his menu. “I was that way too when I was having your father,” she said to Ryo. She winked slyly at him, making her grandson laugh. “I had Franklin take me here all the time for both Frankie and Elena. They also do have fabulous food, but I guess you both already had lunch? Hopefully you did. I would have made it earlier, but I had a dress fitting for your wedding.” She smiled. “It took me forever to settle on the perfect dress for my eldest grandson's wedding. But Dee, you're eating right, aren't you? I heard all about that horrid episode the other week. You need to keep yourself well.”
“Dee ate, Grandma,” Ryo said with a smile that reached his eyes. He knew his grandmother enough to know she was all for the marriage and the upcoming baby. He was glad. He saw his grandmother infrequently, but he had no reason not to love her. His relationship with her was unlike that with his grandfather, who every time they spoke, they bickered. It usually wasn't as amusing as when Dee and Bikky bickered most of time either.
A waitress came over to the table. “Are you ready to order?” she asked them politely.
Ryo nudged Dee slightly. “Dear? Know what you want?”
“Uhh,” was the only reply from Dee as he continued to stare at his menu, trying to make up his mind.
Ryo chuckled and looked up at the waitress. “I think we need a few moments more, I'm afraid.”
Estelle laughed. “Try the Forbidden Broadway, Dee,” she suggested with an impish, knowing grin. “I think I'm going to have one myself for the special occasion.”
“I think I'll go for that, Mrs. MacLean,” Dee agreed. He read the contents of the sundae, which included chocolate blackout cake, 3 scoops of ice cream, hot fudge and whipped cream. “Gee, I'm glad I don't feel the baby kick yet, because after one of those, she'll be running like a hamster in a wheel.”
Estelle laughed. “I remember that feeling too. Randy, do you know what you want?”
Ryo grinned like a kid up to no good. “That sounds good. I think we'll make it three then.”
“Delightful,” Estelle laughed. It was obvious that Dee was good for Ryo and it made her like the dark haired detective even more. “You heard them, dearie,” she stated to the waitress. “And I'll have a Perrier. What would you boys like to drink?”
“Just some water for now, please,” Dee said. “Although I'll probably be wanting some peppermint tea later.”
“One Evian for now and peppermint tea when the sweetheart is almost finished with his sundae,” Estelle ordered. She looked at Ryo.
“Iced coffee, please,” Ryo told the waitress.
“Would you like that sweetened or unsweetened?” the waitress asked him.
“Which do you like?” Ryo asked.
The waitress laughed. “I prefer tea,” she replied with a sly wink.
“Oh now, don't go flirting with my grandson there,” Estelle commented. “He's practically a married man. With a darling baby on the way.”
“Grandmother!” Ryo exclaimed, as Dee laughed.
“She was,” Estelle replied.
“She was,” Dee repeated with a wink at the waitress.
“I'll have it unsweetened, please,” Ryo stated, once again squeezing Dee's hand.
“Unsweetened coming up.” The waitress wrote down Ryo's request with a sigh and left the table. “Mama keeps telling me I'll never hook up with any rich handsome boys around here,” she muttered under her breath.
“Now on the subject of almost married,” Estelle said, her attention on the two men. Elena tells me your wedding plans are coming along nicely. From what I've heard, it's going to be a charming event.”
“Well, Dee has a great eye for things, and with Elena, well, `helping', things are happening sooner than we thought. We'll actually be able to have everything we want by the date of the wedding.”
“Plus Elena found us a wonderful wedding coordinator, who seems to do miracles in making things happen last minute,” Dee added.
“And the ceremony in a rooftop atrium. That sounds fabulous. It should be truly elegant considering the time you settled on. I can't wait for the big day to arrive,” Estelle remarked, excited.
“Neither can we,” Dee said.
“It's going to be beautiful,” Ryo said, smiling at Dee.
Estelle took Ryo and Dee's hands in hers and squeezed them. She leaned toward Dee. “You've done wonders for my little Randy, Dee. He's blossomed so much. Thank you, darling. And before I forget, it's Grandma, not Mrs. MacLean. Got it? Why, you're family now, Dee.”
Ryo was beaming as he listened to his grandmother speak to Dee.
Dee chuckled. “Thank you… Grandma. I feel like I'm the one blossoming.”
“You're not blossoming,” Ryo laughed. “You're seeding.” He grinned playfully at Dee.
Estelle laughed. “Oh, I would say that Dee is blooming.”
“Yeah, he is,” Ryo replied softly, squeezing Dee's hand again.
Dee sat, looking half embarrassed, half overjoyed at the talk about him. Especially hearing it come from Ryo's grandmother. It meant a lot to Ryo, so it meant just as much to Dee.
“Now Dee, we do have some members of our family who still live in the dark ages. Just don't let them get to you when you meet the family on Saturday,” Estelle said to Dee.
Ryo looked at his grandmother confused. “What about Saturday? Elena told us she's just taking us out to eat.”
Estelle smiled gracefully. “She is. We rented out a lovely place for Saturday in your honor. A MacLean can't be married without an engagement party. Or a wedding shower. But being that your wedding is so near, Elena and I decided to combine the two.”
Ryo seemed to start to sweat as he glanced nervously at Dee. “Grandma,” he warned.
“Now now. It's already taken care of. We have the venue booked, the menu planned, the invitations our with RSVPs returned. I do believe you'll love the place too.”
Dee gulped, starting to sweat himself, faced with the prospect of dealing with rich opulence and richer future-in-laws.
During the pause in conversation the waitress returned with their drinks. “Your sundaes will be ready in a few minutes.” She took one look at the sullen faces on the two men and hurried off.
“Um, where exactly is this venue?” Ryo asked.
“We wanted it to be close to the homestead, so it will be held on Long Island,” Estelle explained, not one bit unruffled. “Elena and I did a little research and came across quite a lovely place. In fact, Elena remembers that your mom and dad would like to go there. It's called Land's End in Sayville.” She smiled at the two men.
Dee's jaw dropped for a moment, then he started to smile. “Sayville, huh?” He squeezed Ryo's hand assuredly. “I know of Land's End.”
Ryo looked at Dee and was visibly relieved. “Okay. I guess it sounds good. Am I right, Dee?”
Dee nodded. “Very much. We'll deal.” He smiled at Ryo and Estelle.
Ryo glanced at his grandmother. “You will warn those old dinosaurs to behave themselves, right, Grandma? I don't want Dee getting upset.” He grinned wickedly at her. “Or me. I get just as high strung as Dee now.”
Dee laughed. “It's true!”
“A few might make remarks here and there, but then they'll have to deal with me.” She grinned back at Ryo. “Don't worry. Once they find out that I'm on Dee's side, no one will dare cross us. And actually, quite a few of your cousins are very excited. It's the old coots we'll stick in a far corner. Elena said there's a lovely window that they could watch the ferries go by.” She smiled wickedly.
Dee laughed, patting Ryo's hand. “Loaded with fairies,” he joked. “Seriously, I've passed that place going to catch the ferries to Fire Island, but never had the opportunity to go inside.”
“You'll love it, Dee. And Elena made sure that it's decorated in your wedding colors,” Estelle said. “Even the invitations were. And the favors. She has quite the knack for pulling together a nice party for 50 or so people.”
Ryo was smiling. “Dad took me there once with Mom,” he said. “I was younger, but from what I remember, I think you'll like it, Dee.” His smile turned warm as he gazed at Dee.
“Well, Land's End, huh?” Dee mused. He smiled happily at Estelle. “Thank you.” His gratitude was heartfelt. By picking the place they had for the engagement party, Estelle showed Dee that she was approving of his upcoming marriage to her grandson, even if he was another man.
Estelle reached out to grab his hand in her thin bony one. “It's no problem. I'm just so happy Randy found someone to settle down and spend the rest of his life with. And a baby on the way too! I'm just so happy.”
“You're just happy you have a great-grandbaby to spoil,” Ryo teased her.
“Of course. I'm also thankful that I am able to be around for this glorious time.”
Ryo hugged his grandmother. “I'm glad, too, Grandma. But you need to remember to leave some for Obasan and the crazies from Mom's family. Okay?”
“Randy, sweetheart, that baby will have plenty of love, I can assure you.”
Ryo couldn't help smiling brighter, happy that he had his grandmother on their side.
“Speaking of, have you heard from your Obasan lately? Does she know about all these delightful things happening in your life?”
“Yes, she does. I called her and told her everything and we sent invitations to everyone over there in Japan. Since then, she's been calling almost every day asking for `baby updates'.”
Dee laughed. “Including putting the receiver to my belly,” he added. “This baby is going to be born bi-lingual,” he said, laughing more.
Ryo and Estelle laughed with Dee.
“Really? Now that sounds like an wonderful idea,” Estelle said to Dee. “Be prepared, sweetling.”
“Oh…” Dee started to chuckle. He looked down, placing a hand on his bump. “You hear that, Chibi? You'll get to hear your other great-grandma talking to you on the phone.”
“Aww, isn't he just most darling,” Estelle gushed, hands to her face. She leaned over to pat Dee's swell. “Of course I want to speak to you, little one.”
Ryo was glowing with how things were proceeding with the little get together. “Obasan is also on the RSVP list for the wedding, along with a few others from the family there.”
“That's good news, Randy. I'm sure you'll be thrilled to have her in for your wedding. I know after she buried your mom, she swore never to come back to New York. That she changed her mind for your wedding, it's delightful news. If they want, I can let them stay at the summer place while they're here. And if they want a hotel in the city the day of the wedding, that could be arranged too. You grandfather and I are planning on staying in the city from the day before the wedding until the day after.”
“Thank you, Grandma, but Obasan said she already has reservations at some hotel around here that caters to Japanese tourists. They'll be coming in during the week before the wedding and staying on for some sightseeing while we go on our honeymoon. Some of my cousins have never been to America before, you know. But if you two want to fight over the hotel bill, be my guest.”
“I'll have to give her a call soon then,” Estelle said.
Dee sighed, then chuckled. “I'm just hoping that a few family members don't mean filling an entire 747 themselves.”
“I'm hoping that too, Dee,” Ryo laughed.
“Once, I had a friend from Japan come to visit New York. I went to Kennedy to pick her up, and the entire flight was all her friends also visiting New York,” Dee explained, then laughed at the memory.
Estelle chuckled. “Yes, Randy's mom's people are very well known for that. In fact,” she laughed, shaking her head, “they did do that for his mom's wedding. Raina did not know what to do about it, but I managed to get it to all work out, and everyone enjoyed themselves at the wedding.”
Ryo nodded. “Mom told me that when I was looking through her wedding album one time. What was it? 50? 60?” To Dee, he explained, “The whole family, plus close family friends decided at the last minute that they had to see the wedding. That's why we're going to give that extra head count when we call in our final numbers to the caterer, Dee. Then again they might be kind, since they all know there's a baby on the way, and let us know for sure exactly how many are coming before then.”
“I'm glad we opted for the buffet spread, instead of sit down meal,” Dee remarked. “Gives us room for extras without losing too much on the money putting in extras that don't show.”
“Now you don't be worrying over details like money, Dee,” Estelle stated. “I have everything under control. Which reminds me, you're going on a honeymoon, yes?”
“Yes,” Dee replied. “We're thinking about the Caribbean for a week.”
“You're going to need clothes to wear and be comfortable in, Dee,” Estelle pointed out. “So go out and buy everything you think you'll need. Honeymoon clothes are part of the wedding budget.” She looked at Ryo pointedly. “Do you understand me, Randy?”
Ryo nodded with a huge grin. “Yes, ma'am. I understand. Take Dee shopping for new Carrier clothes he'll need for the honeymoon.” He winked at Dee. “I was going to take Dee shopping tomorrow anyway because we only just started to shop for him.”
“That's fine, Randy. Just remember honeymoon. And remember what that involved when your cousins got married.”
“Thank you, Grandma.”
“My gracious, this is going to be such a lovely wedding,” Estelle said. “I'm so glad you went for a weekend event. It will give those from out of town more to look forward to. And I have a special surprise for you both on the evening of your wedding.”
“Oh oh,” Ryo remarked.
Estelle patted Ryo's hand. “Now don't you worry. You'll love it. And you'll have to wait until then, or it won't be a surprise. It's from your grandfather too, even if he doesn't know it yet.”
Dee decided he did not want to think too hard on it. Instead he smiled gratefully at her for thinking of planning a surprise and went back to her previous comment. “Elena made sense when she said we'll have lots of out of town guests. So a breakfast party the day after seemed like a nice idea. So does the after party following the reception.”
“Oh yes. You boys are going to have the wedding that will be talked about for a long, long time.”
Ryo squeezed Dee's hand, noticing that the waitress was coming over with their sundaes.
“And one most fitting for the current MacLean heir, and the future one.” She smiled down at Dee's swell again. “That baby is direct line MacLean of eldest of the eldest in our branch. Just as Randy is,” Estelle announced.
“But grandfather….” Ryo started, remembering his grandfather's earlier comments on his inheritance.
“Is an old windbag who does not know his own mind. Did you ever doubt that you are our heir, Randy? If you do, get that out of your silly mind. Of course you're going to have to wait quite a while to get any inheritance, because I have no plans of going anytime soon. Especially with this little one on the way.”
“I'm glad to hear that, Grandma. I'd like you around too and see our baby grow up,” Ryo stated.
Everyone grew silent as the sundaes arrived. Dee's eyes grew wide when he noticed the size of the sundaes. Ryo wondered if he'd be able to eat all of his. Worse, he wondered how he would stop Dee from finishing up his own, plus what was left over from Ryo's and his grandmother's.
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