Fake Fan Fiction ❯ The Unexpected II ❯ Well Wishes and Blessings ( Chapter 16 )

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Title: The Unexpected II
Chapter 15 - Well Wishes and Blessings
Rating: R
Fandom: FAKE
Pairings: Ryo/Dee (mostly), some Dee/Ryo
Warnings: Yaoi, Male/male, MPREG, AU If you don't like, don't read!
Disclaimer: FAKE is not mine. We have Sanami Matoh for giving us Dee, Ryo and the rest of the 27th precinct characters. Any OCs appearing in this fic are mine.
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February 21, 2006
The rest of the get together with Ryo's grandmother went very well, to Dee's surprise and Ryo's relief. The two men found themselves inviting Estelle to join them for Dee's appointment. Having some time to kill, Estelle took them shopping - mostly took Dee shopping, picking up some every day clothes for him as well as a few more suits for work.
Previous to her hearing her grandson's announcement about his upcoming marriage and the baby, she knew nothing about Carriers. Unlike the rest of her family, Estelle researched everything she could, to know what to expect of the pregnancy. Her research included getting locations on several Carrier boutiques in NYC that were more expensive than the few Ryo sought out. By the time they got to Vince's office, Ryo was loaded down with shopping bags, and grumbling good naturedly since his grandmother refused to allow Dee to carry anything but the lighter bags.
The exam went well. Vince had sent Ryo off to meet with Tim, for another counseling session while Vince went through the rest of the exam with Dee. Estelle decided to leave and Ryo walked her out to her car that was waiting. When the car was out of sight, he went back inside the clinic to meet with his counselor. Once Vince was done with the exam, instead of releasing Dee once the pregnant detective was dressed, he had Ryo called to return to the office.
“What's up, Vince?” Ryo asked, noticing Dee sitting, looking impatient to be finished.
“Time for several big questions,” Vince stated, indicating Ryo to sit next to Dee. “One, that you both will have a couple of weeks to think about, and another you have a couple of months to toy with the idea.”
Dee frowned a little. He had already read what to expect to be asked for this exam, and had talked it over with Ryo. He had a firm decision on one question and was still wavering on the other.
Ryo had a look as if he also knew what was coming. He took Dee's hand in his and held it between his two. “Go ahead, Vince,” he quietly said.
“As if this is a surprise, but have you given any thought to taking the amniocentesis test, Dee?” Vince asked.
Dee nodded. “Enough thought,” he replied. “And the answer is no. I'm not taking it.”
Vince sighed, but otherwise did not seem surprised. “Forgive me, but it's my job to make sure here. Are you sure you gave it enough thought?”
“Do I sound like someone uncertain to you?” Dee asked, slightly annoyed. His brows almost came together as he started to frown. “I gave it enough thought, Vince. Thank you. Now next question.”
Vince looked at Ryo in question.
Ryo raised his hands, leaving Dee's hand in his lap. “I had no part of making the decision. Dee and I talked about it, we discussed the pros and cons, but I told him the final decision will be up to him. I also promised to back up whatever that choice was. Since Dee says no, then it's no.”
Vince sighed again, picking up Dee's record, pretending to flip through it. “Considering your case, Dee, I have to at least try to change your mind.”
“My case? What? Do I have something you're not telling me?” Dee demanded.
“Dee, listen to reason here,” Vince replied, keeping his tone steady. “You have no idea who your biological parents were or what they passed down to you - other than your carrier gene. There are many medical conditions that could have skipped a generation. Meaning it won't show up in you, but it will show up in the baby.”
Dee rolled his eyes. “And if it's something that will be debilitating to the baby, you'll then have to try to talk me into aborting while we have the time. Right?”
“You obviously have caught up with your reading, Dee. Yes, but I can't force you either.”
“I wouldn't. Ryo wouldn't want it either. We'll take our chances. And if there's something wrong with the baby, we're prepared to still love it. Give it as normal a life as possible, even if it's short. We want to give our child a chance at life. There's stories of babies beating the odds. They never would have had that chance if their parents aborted them. We want to give our child that chance - if it comes to that.”
Ryo cleared his throat. With a finger, he indicated the medical record still in Vince's hand. “Are you seeing something there that might give us reason to prepare ourselves for the worse?” he asked.
Vince shook his head. “In this? No. Nothing. So far with Dee and the baby, the same. Despite the little setback this month, everything is pointing to normal. Carriers are usually placed on the high risk pregnancy alert, but some managed to drop below it. Dee, you're one of them.”
Dee folded his arms, resting them on his swell. “Well then, that's my answer.”
Vince sighed. He flipped through the medical record again, looking at Dee's childhood records. “You were a sickly baby and toddler, I see. But it's more from the conditions your parents left you in, rather than from inheriting from them. That didn't stop you from being an active little boy at 5, I also see, judging from that broken arm of yours. Injuries playing sports from age 8 up. Roller skating, skateboarding… falling out of a tree in a park.” Vince snorted. “I see you once tried to be a daredevil with a bike too. All normal injuries for a boy. By 6, you didn't get sick as often and your medication was adjusted. By 8, no more meds and just seasonal flu. And since 11, you hardly ever got sick.” Vince closed the record and put it down on his desk. “That's quite a remarkable recovery. Most kids who were sick and shy strayed away from windows and trees.” Vince smirked in amusement. “I'll bet those sinuses are driving you crazy by now, huh?”
Dee nodded. “Yeah. Not used to it.”
Vince nodded too. “I'll admit, there's nothing to further push you. Ryo, I also looked through your medical record. No reason for alarm from your side either. I just want you to know that by your next visit, it will be too late. It'll be all the way from there.”
“It's all the way from here,” Dee insisted. His voice cracked and Ryo turned to look at him with concern. Dee's eyes were wet.
“Dee?” Ryo asked.
Dee shook his head, roughly wiping his tears with his hand, ignoring Vince's offer of a tissue. “Nothing. Everything. It's just… when he made it seem like I could actually consider… to… you know… It hurts, Ryo.”
Ryo put his arms around Dee and held him. He spared a glare at Vince before murmuring soothing, loving words to Dee to calm him. “Don't worry, sweetheart,” Ryo assured Dee as he kissed the last of the tears that streaked Dee's flushed cheeks. “No one is taking our baby from us. We won't allow it. Right?”
Dee nodded. “Yeah.”
Vince was busy putting things away, getting the office ready for his next appointment. Dee was far from the first to breakdown during that particular topic and wouldn't be the last. Vince broke down himself when it was strongly suggested he take the test himself when he was Carrying Jason. He'd finally agreed, with fear in his heart, and assurance that no matter what the results, he was going to bring Jason to full term. The test came back clean and Jason was a normal, healthy baby, if a little on the underweight side.
Most women feared the AFP, even with only a 1% chance of the long needle used puncturing the baby. Any normal person would not relish the idea of having something that long stuck into any part of them. The womb definitely was an area that women felt protective over. The uterine lining of a Carrier was more so. The chances of puncturing increased to 10% because of the murkiness in imaging involving the uterine lining. In Carriers, there was also a 5% chance of the temporary womb rupturing and causing spontaneous abortion. Vince did not like administering the test, but sometimes it was a necessary evil. And it was part of the practice to play devil's advocate when there was a quick reply of no, such as with Dee. He had to do it, it was his job. And he was satisfied with the results.
He was sorry he made Dee cry, but even that action in itself spoke volumes of how the brazen detective had adjusted to the pregnancy. Vince was happy to note that it was most positive. Ryo had also proven to have adjusted well, his support being a strong foundation for Dee whenever the pregnant man needed it. Vince also decided that this baby was going to be raised and nurtured in a very positive environment of love.
“Sorry, Vince,” Dee's rough voice broke him out of his musings.
Vince nodded. “It's a necessary evil, Dee. Sometimes my job isn't easy and sometimes I won't be on a client's most favorite list.”
Dee chuckled. “No need to send in your invitation checked no, dude.”
“Good.” Vince wiped down a surface and turned to Ryo and Dee. “Now, are we ready for public enemy question number two?”
“Is it always that way?” Ryo had to ask.
“No. Depends on the client. I'd say Dee is going to give me a firm, `Hell-fuckin'-NO!' for a reply.”
Dee laughed. “Honestly? I'm undecided.”
Vince blinked, staring at Dee. “Are you serious?”
“Yeah. I am.” Dee chuckled. “When I first read about the idea, I said what you thought I'd say, but Ryo made us both sit down and read through everything on the subject. Now, I admit that the pros and cons are pretty much equal. You say I have another two months or so to think about it, and I'd like to take those two months to completely think it through. See which way the scale tips.”
“And if it's still equal by then?” Vince asked.
Dee shrugged and blushed slightly. “Well, then I'll have to go with it's the baby's nutrition versus my masculine ego being bruised. But fuck, by then I'll definitely be very pregnant, and if my masculine ego survives that, which I'm sure it will, then the baby wins hands down.”
“Of course. I'll leave that open for another two visits. Your visit after next, I'll need a firm answer. Particularly if it's yes, so we have time to start the treatments that will help you be able to breastfeed.”
Hearing the word spoken aloud, Dee flushed more. Ryo kissed Dee's cheek. “And as usual,” Ryo said, “whatever Dee decides, I'll back him up.”
“Of course,” Vince replied smiling. “Now have you had any thoughts to change any of the birth plans since last time?” Vince sat down, pad and pen in hand to finish off the rest of the exam with Dee and Ryo. “By the way, I haven't had a chance to tell you that those clothes look great on you, Dee.”
Ryo giggled. Dee smirked. “Yeah, I know. I've been told.” Dee turned his head to kiss Ryo's cheek. “Isn't that right?”
“You betcha, sexy.”
“Oh God,” Vince muttered, then laughed.
=== === === === === === === === === === === ===
February 24, 2006
Ryo found himself teasing Dee over the cake tasting. When Dee was informed they were to take only a bite from the samples, the dark haired, pregnant man looked downright disappointed. Second bites, Ryo explained, were for those samples he was unsure of, or they still had too many selections and had to narrow it down more.
Dee had a lot of trouble deciding, to Ryo's chagrin and humor. Sharon and the representatives from the bakeries may have been fooled with Dee's act, but Ryo was not. On the way home, Ryo made sure Dee knew it, teasing his husband-to-be pretty much for the rest of the night.
The next day for the food tasting, Ryo made sure Dee was forewarned. At first Dee looked at the food offered in confusion, since much of it were items he had never encountered before. It was not long after they started that he appeared to attempt the same trick as with the cake tasting. By the time they were halfway through, both men were full. Dee had a good idea of what he preferred. He let Ryo know what he liked and did not like, then left the rest of the final decisions for his husband to be to make.
During the week they also had their first fitting, having already picked out their wedding suits. Despite going together, they managed to keep their choices from the other, both men deciding to surprise the other on the day of the wedding.
On the way home, they had grabbed dinner to go from Zabar's. After Bikky and Carol had gone off to the movies and then going to Carol's for the night, Ryo ushered Dee into the bedroom to relax.
By that time, they had the food and drinks picked out for the reception, the after party and the morning after wedding breakfast. The venue for the rehearsal dinner was booked, as well as for the after party to follow the reception. The cake design and fillings were picked out and ordered. Flowers, linen, favors and the extras were selected and on order. All the paperwork and contracts were signed. All they needed now was to give Sharon the final head count the following Friday. Dee and Ryo felt Sharon was a blessing. They went to her with ideas, she produced vendors and samples. Dee, being an artist himself, sketched out concepts on what he and Ryo imagined, and handed it to Sharon and they had contracts to sign to make it happen.
It was almost too perfect. Ryo felt Dee was worried about that. He could not blame his fiancé. He felt a little apprehensive too. However, all they could do was wait until the big day, hoping that everything worked out okay and that the customized concepts actually looked the way they hoped. Despite his own fears, Ryo had to admit that as long as they were married on March 11th, the did not care what might fall apart by the wedding date.
While they lounged on the bed, they went over the checklist of everything they needed for the wedding, just to make sure no one forgot anything.
“Diana wants to treat the women to a day spa earlier in the day of the attendant party,” Ryo said to Dee as they got to the checklist for the attendant party that was to be held the Sunday before their wedding.
“If you think we can afford it, then give them a hen's day,” Dee chuckled. He came across the term while looking through a British wedding magazine and could not stop laughing. Almost on top of that, he discovered that the bachelorette party was called a hen's party. He had been waiting to use either one of those terms ever since.
Ryo nodded. “We're fine. If you're okay with it, then I'm okay with it. I'll tell her tomorrow that she can book the reservations. She has a tentative hold on a resort in New Jersey.”
“Just as long as they're back in time for the party.” Dee glanced over the list for the attendants' party. “Man, I'm glad Elena is handling the….” Dee abruptly stopped, drawing in a deep breath.
“Dee?” Ryo asked in concern, sitting up.
“Wow,” Dee uttered, placing his hand on his belly. He rubbed in a gentle small circle.
“I felt something… a… flutter.” Dee smiled. “Not a real movement, but something real enough to know it came from the baby.”
Ryo's mind quickly searched for the word from the terminology he had recently learned. “Quickening?” he asked.
“Yeah.” Dee nodded. “That's it. That's what just happened.” He took another deep breath. “My God, Ryo! I just felt our baby flutter.” Dee's face was flushed with a huge happy smile.
Ryo placed his hand over Dee's, realizing the flush as a glow more than a blush or from overheating. Ryo had noticed the difference of that coloring on Dee lately, but at the moment he could say that his husband to be was definitely glowing more than he had so far.
“Really?” Ryo asked, excited. “That really was it?”
“Yes. There was this… flutter. It didn't feel like much, but damn, it took my breath away. Because I knew it came from the chibi.”
Ryo grinned and leaned over to kiss Dee's tummy. “Hey there little one. Are you finally letting Daddy know you're in there?” He rested his head lightly on Dee's tummy, looking up at Dee.
Dee's hand moved to run through Ryo's hair. “I think Papa is excited too,” he softly said.
“Yup,” Ryo quickly agreed. “I love you, Dee.” He kissed Dee's tummy again. “And I love you too, little chibi.” He pressed his lips to the bump. He blew a raspberry next, causing Dee to jump and laugh.
“Hey!” Dee protested, chuckling.
Ryo grinned up at Dee. “I can't wait for the baby to move while I'm down here,” he said.
Dee continued to play with Ryo's hair. “The baby is moving while you're down there, silly. Just because I can't feel her except that one time, doesn't mean she's not.”
“I mean when he moves and I can feel him with my head resting on you,” Ryo said with a smirk.
Dee raised an amused eyebrow at Ryo. “He, huh? Who knows. I just don't like `it' anymore.”
Ryo nodded, patting Dee's tummy softly. “Agreed. He, she… better than it.”
“That's why I want to know the sex for sure,” Dee remarked.
“You don't have to explain yourself to me, Dee. I told you, anything you want. But to be honest, I'm glad. I'd like to get that pronoun right.”
“And choose a name and start calling her by it.”
Ryo nodded again. “Yup. Maybe we should start looking at names soon? Then maybe by the time we find out, we'll have some names narrowed down.”
Dee looked thoughtful as he smiled gently at Ryo, his fingers still going through silky strands of chestnut brown hair. “Did you ever think about that in the past? Even before me. Like if you had a child, did you ever have a name you liked?”
“I would like to have a son named after my dad, but that would mean he'd be a Franklin like my grandfather too. So that's out,” Ryo said with a shrug. “Other than that…” He laughed. “Before I met you, I figured I'd let my wife do the picking, and I'd help narrow it down.”
Dee mussed the hair in his fingers. “You're going to help me look for names, `cause I ain't your wife, Mr. MacLean.”
Ryo laughed. “Damn, that's going to be a shocker to some of my relatives tomorrow when they find out that Dee is a he.”
“You…” Dee laughed. “Come up here.”
“Hm?” Ryo asked, looking as if he was getting comfortable in his current position. He glanced up at Dee with hooded eyes, hair falling into his face, while the rest of it was still rumpled from Dee.
“Just come.”
Ryo raised an eyebrow. “Baby, as much as it's a turn on to see you looking all sexy like this, I'm going to need more to `come'.”
Dee's hands went to Ryo's chest and started to tickle him. “You know what I mean, you horn dog!” He laughed harder at Ryo's expression at being called `horn dog'. “But if you do what I say, it could possibly lead to that.”
“Oh?” Ryo twisted to roll away from Dee and sat up. He scooted up the bed to sit next to Dee. “Okay, what do you want?”
Dee laughed. “Hopefully the same thing you want.” He drew Ryo close for a lingering kiss. “I love you too, Ryo.”
“Is that all you have for me?” Ryo asked, with a silly pout.
Dee shook his head, amused. “No. I want to show you just how much.”
“In that case, I'm willing to return the favor.”
As Dee went to kiss Ryo again, Ryo met him halfway. Their kiss was deeper, more passionate, eliciting moans from the two partners. They broke the kiss long enough to catch their breath, before resuming. Hands started to wander, articles of clothing started to be removed.
When clothes were off and they lay on their sides, facing each other, bodies pressed close, legs tangled, Dee murmured, “I want you, Ryo.”
“Then take me, Dee,” Ryo sighed.
=== === === === === === === === === === === ===
February 25, 2006
“So there you are,” Dee heard Ryo's voice.
Dee turned in the direction it came from to find Ryo going down the few steps from the patio behind the Land's End restaurant to join Dee. Dee was standing on a path that ran along the edge of the water and had been looking out into the Long Island Sound. It was a clear cold night. The stars glittered in the dark sky brighter than in the city.
He held out his hand to take Ryo's as the other man approached.
Ryo stopped next to Dee, holding hands. “Aren't you cold?” he asked, shivering a little. They both wore no outer coat other than their suit jackets.
“That's why I'm out here. It started to get too warm in there,” Dee replied softly. “It feels good actually. So I don't mind the heated patio belonging to the smokers.”
Ryo smiled and squeezed Dee's hand. Less than 15 yards from where they stood were family members and friends that Ryo once thought he'd never be able to admit the truth about himself to. He felt liberated, knowing some eyes were on the happy couple that this party was thrown for. He leaned over to kiss Dee lightly, and tugged at the tie which miraculously remained intact for the evening so far. “This must be more uncomfortable than usual then,” he remarked.
Dee looked scandalized. “Ryo! It was hurting keeping myself from pulling at it all night. And then you just undo it like that?”
Ryo laughed. “It's okay. Dinner is over. Some of the others are now working on getting drunk, while everyone is dancing. It's okay to look casual now. You'll see what I mean when we go back in.”
Dee sighed with relief. “In that case,” he started.
“Allow me,” Ryo finished for him, unknotting the silk tie and then opening the top two shirt buttons. He removed the tie, rolled it up and put it in Dee's jacket pocket. “Well, imagine that. Still looking sexy.” He put his arms around Dee's neck and started to kiss him.
Dee hugged Ryo, returning the kiss. They pulled apart at the sound of crystal chiming. The couple looked up to the patio, where some of Ryo's younger female cousins stood, chiming on their glasses. They laughed and kissed again, to applause and laughter.
“Most of my female cousins my age and single are so jealous of me,” Ryo grinned.
Dee laughed again.
“Want to take a little walk to get away from the giggling?” Ryo asked.
“Yeah. Just for a few minutes. It's a nice night and I feel I could use the walk.”
“Then let's go.” Ryo placed his arm around Dee's back and guided him further along the walk, both men turning to wave to Ryo's cousins.
“Is everything alright, love?” Ryo asked as they slowly walked along the path.
Dee nodded. “It's just perfect.” He smiled at Ryo. “At least no one gave me any shit to my face. All those biddies can do is gather in the corner and talk just loud enough to be overhead. I don't waste my time on cowards like that.” He shrugged. “I suppose your grandparents will be the subject of gossip for holding a shindig like this to celebrate your upcoming marriage to another man.”
Ryo smirked. “Grandma will put them in their places. And Elena. I learned to ignore them myself. If they took the time to talk to you, you'd find out I became something of a rebel after my parents died.”
“Oh? Maybe I should go up and strike up a conversation with them then. A rebel? You?” Dee laughed.
“Well, not exactly. But to them, yes. And to be honest, a lot of choices I made for a few years after I lost my parents were based on, well, the opposite of what they wanted of me. My grandfather included. They wanted me to go to a prestigious university for college, and I took time off to figure out things for myself. I settled on the Army. Grandfather expected me to attend West Point. One of those biddies had the right connections that all it would take was a contribution, and I'd be in. So I up and enlisted and packed my bags to go off to boot camp. Franklin MacLean III's grandson an enlisted grunt. Yup, I was a rebel. They expected me to go to Yale or Harvard after that first tour, but I had already been taking classes through the University of Maryland while I was stationed at Camp Zama. I was a MP, and had training to be a sniper. I came back to New York with enough credits that when I entered the academy soon after, the credits I accumulated there was enough for a bachelor's. So I never had a big graduation, never went to a big name private institute. After that, I dated girls I knew my grandfather would hate, and a few other things.”
Dee laughed more. “But basically I'll bet you had a 4.0 index for those classes, you were a 4.0 soldier and became a good cop. Plus you treated your ladies with respect. Right?” Dee winked.
Ryo grinned. “You know me too damn well. But you know, Grandfather likes you. He didn't say it directly, but I could tell by what he did say. And what he didn't have to say about you. Besides, he came up to you several times to talk to you, to get to know you. I think he's more impressed with you attending National Yokohama University than he was with me in Camp Zama taking classes from the University of Maryland. He may not be in good terms with my mother's family, but he has a high respect for people who can embrace other languages and cultures. To him, he sees you as cultured, having studied in Japan, in Japanese, and being raised bi-lingual with Spanish as your 2nd language.” Ryo smiled up at Dee. “I don't think he sees you as the street rat you claim you are.”
Dee shook his head. “When I decided to go for the student exchange program, I never thought it would give me brownie points with my future in-laws.”
“Grandma adores you. And more than Grandfather, having her on your side, there's no one in my family that can attempt to hurt you with words, or they'll have to deal with her. Elena gets most of her spirit from her mother, you know.”
“I've noticed the similarities. Yup, she's her mother's daughter.” He squeezed Ryo's hand. “I adore your grandmother too. She went totally out of her way tonight to make me feel comfortable and part of the family.”
“You are part of the family as of tonight, Dee. That's another reason for the party. A welcome to the MacLean clan.”
Dee stopped walking to gaze out into the water again.
Ryo came up behind him and wrapped his arms around Dee, pressing up against Dee. “So what is on your mind? Something is bothering you.”
“It's not bad,” Dee replied. “It's just… when I first came out here for a breather, I looked out at the water and remembered when I was younger. Jess would take me to Jones Beach, for swimming, sometimes for fishing. I'd play in the water, thinking it was the Atlantic Ocean and try to imagine that the next body of land was way on the other side of the Atlantic. Turns out it's only the Sound, and the next body of land is a 20 minute ferry ride. At least the times I went to Fire Island, I got to swim in the Atlantic, but by then, I was too old to care if England was on the other side.” He smiled back to Ryo. “Even if I could say I've been there too.”
“And this got you thinking what else?”
“Jess would also take me once a month when it wasn't too cold out to Jones Beach to go stargazing. He'd pack the telescope he got me, but there were others with these large ones set up and allow others to look through them at the stars, constellations, even planets. It was something that I shared only with Jess. I had things I shared only with Mother, but the stargazing and fishing are Jess' memories. I realized that when I looked out. And… I just wish he was here.”
Ryo rested his chin on Dee's shoulder. “I know. I'd love for Mom and Dad to be here too. They'd love you, Dee. I know they would.”
“I know Jess would adore you too.”
“You know what I'd like to think,” Ryo said softly. “That wherever the afterlife is, that they're together, the three of them, and somehow, someway they are looking at us now and happy. They're great friends and they're so happy that we're getting married and having a baby.”
Dee started to smile. “I like that.” He turned in Ryo's arms and kissed him. “Thank you. For everything.”
“Only giving back what I receive,” Ryo remarked and kissed Dee.
“Now, how about we go back and check what Mother has gotten herself into,” Dee said.
Ryo laughed. “I have to say, those biddies didn't have a clue what to think about her.” He laughed more. “The look on their faces when you introduced a nun as your mother. Priceless!”
Dee snickered. “It does tend to throw people off balance. Then Mother has a way of taking advantage of that.”
“Let's go. I'd love to have a dance with you with my family watching before we collect all those gifts and head back to the homestead.”
“I'm worried about tomorrow when we go back to the city. Where are we going to keep everything?” Dee asked as Ryo took his hand and lead him back the way they came.
Ryo shrugged. “I guess we can ask Elena if she can store some of it until we figure out everything. I really don't feel like putting more stuff in the guest room, since before we know it, we'll be taking everything out to redo it.”
“Maybe your Japanese family can give us a few hints on space saving,” Dee said with a wink.
“Who knows. Maybe. I'll have to ask next time they call to speak to your bump.”
Dee pulled Ryo close to him, laughing. “I believe I'm also very fond of the Aoki family too.”
“I'm glad. They're fond of you too.”
=== === === === === === === === === === === ===
When Ryo and Dee returned inside, it was just as Ryo told Dee. Most of the older guests had left, leaving the younger generations to take over the dance floor and relaxing the dress code. The music playing was popular disco and love songs from the 70's and 80's, which was a contrast to the jazz and classical that was played during dinner.
When Helen Reddy's version of “Somewhere in the Night” came on, Dee stood up and held his hand out to Ryo. Ryo smiled and the happy couple took the center of the floor. They swayed to the music in each other's arms, sometimes singing to the other. They were so into each other that it was only when the song neared the end they realized they were the only dancers on the floor, while everyone watched. Since the music was slow, they continued to dance for the last few songs.
=== === === === === === === === === === === ===
After the party, Dee and Ryo sat in the stretch limousine, accompanied by Ryo's grandparents and Mother, going to the MacLean homestead where they were to spend the night. Their gifts had been loaded into a van and were on their way to Elena's house, where she was to safeguard everything until after the couple returned from their honeymoon. She promised to get a list to them of what they had received and from whom so they could write out the thank you cards.
“Well, that was quite an interesting evening,” Franklin MacLean stated. “Did you have fun, Dee?”
“Yes, sir. I did. Thank you very much for the wonderful party,” Dee replied. He was tired, but he still sounded excited.
Mother smiled. “It was a very lovely party, Mr. MacLean. And thank you for allowing Dee to invite me.”
“Pish,” Estelle remarked. “First, Mother Maria, it's Estelle and Franklin, please. And second, what's an engagement party without parents?” Estelle's eyes changed. “Oh, I'm sorry, Randy. I didn't mean….”
Ryo shook his head, shaking off the momentary sadness. “I'm fine, Grandma. I had you and Grandfather, and Elena and Rick. And Mother.” He took the elderly nun's hand. “Considering the circumstances, I couldn't have asked for more. Besides, I felt as if they were around anyway. Dee felt the same about his dad.”
Dee nodded. “Yeah. We're okay.”
Estelle laughed. “Oh, when we introduced Mother Maria to Bernice and Antoinette.”
Dee, Ryo and Mother laughed along with her. “It's gotten to we expect those reactions,” Dee said with a smile.
Franklin chuckled. “It was fun to watch those old hens' feathers get ruffled.” He extended his hand toward Dee. “I think I forgot to say something earlier tonight. Welcome to the family, Dee. The circumstances may have put me into shock at first, but I am looking forward to becoming a great-grandfather.”
Ryo smiled warmly as he watched Dee's face change color as the dark haired man took Franklin's hand in his for a firm handshake.
“Thank you, sir,” Dee stammered.
Ryo took his other hand and squeezed it. “Thank you, both of you. Grandfather, I know we said some words over the upcoming marriage, but the party tonight tells me we're all past that. You have no idea what that means to me.”
Franklin winked at Ryo. “You're your father's son, Randy. I'm sure he's proud of you, I know I am.”
“Thank you, Grandfather.”
“And Dee,” Estelle added, “please call me Grandma. You're family now. That child you're carrying has MacLean blood. That makes you a MacLean.” Estelle smiled. “You do have good taste, Randy. My, you picked a man with looks, charm, intelligence and a sense of humor. And you're both so in love. You don't know how many times I heard over the evening that a love like yours cannot be wrong. How true that is.”
It was Ryo's turn to blush. “Thank you, Grandmother.”
Mother was beaming upon hearing the sincere assessment Estelle had about her son. “I'm glad Ryo came into our lives,” she said. “He was everything Dee needed and so much more. There is nothing wrong with that.”
“That is true, Mother Maria.”
“Please, Estelle. Call me Maria. We are family now, are we not?” Mother stated.
Of course we are, Maria.” Estelle's eyes wandered to the happy couple. Dee was leaning against Ryo and his eyes were starting to droop. “And as soon as we get to the house, it's right to bed for Dee.”
“Ah please,” Dee sighed. “It's been a wonderful evening, but we had to work earlier today and I think I'm starting to feel it.”
“No problem, Lamb,” Mother said with an affectionate smile. “I think we're all looking forward to a good night's sleep after this delightful evening.”
“Indeed,” Estelle agreed.
“By the way, Maria,” Franklin spoke as the car started to pull into the driveway leading to the MacLean manor. “Did I tell you that we feel truly blessed having a nun in our family?
Mother smiled as she softly pushed the hair from Dee's face. “I just feel blessed these days,” she stated. “Just a few more minutes, darling and you'll be heading toward a nice comfortable bed.”
Ryo chuckled as he kissed Dee's cheek. He felt giddy and happy. He knew he'dstill butt heads with his grandfather at times over things, but he knew one of those things would no longer be his decision to marry Dee, or create a child with a Carrier. Dee had managed to charm his way onto Franklin's good side and had a feeling that was the way it would be from now on.
=== === === === === === === === === === === ===
February 26, 2006
Dee and Ryo returned home early afternoon on Sunday, only to head out to Barry's house for a previously accepted invitation. Barry came by to pick them up, along with Bikky and Carol, for what they had been told was a cookout.
When they arrived at Barry's refurbished Victorian home in Flatbush, Brooklyn, they found more than just Barry's family waiting for them. All their friends were there, and the main room was decorated, including a large banner exclaiming, “Congratulations, Dee and Ryo”. Barry and Julie had contacted all their friends and planned a wedding shower. Dee and Ryo were shocked, Carol was excited, and Bikky realized he had not been able to avoid all the parties for the upcoming wedding.
Not too long into the festivities, Dee had to excuse himself. Ryo, knowing his fiancé all too well, gave Dee a few minutes before setting off to find him. He found Dee in the bathroom, overwhelmed by the party.
“Dee?” Ryo asked, knocking softly on the door.
He heard the door unlock, and he entered to find Dee washing his face.
“You okay, Dee?” Ryo asked.
Dee nodded. “Yeah. It's just… dammit, I nearly started to blubber like a child in there several times since we walked in. So….” Dee shrugged helplessly. “I figured to find a nice quiet place to get it all out and then go back out there to join in on the fun.”
Ryo smiled softly as he stood close to Dee, gently rubbing his back. “It's okay, Dee. Hell, for a moment there I thought I was going to start crying too. That was quite a surprise. We knew about the intention of the party last night, but I didn't think that any of our friends would throw anything.”
Dee smiled. “Actually, I was expecting Diana to, since she is the happy occasion party queen. So I honestly was expecting this to be one of those Sunday afternoon cookouts with the Wilsons.”
“No shit,” Ryo remarked. “I see everyone possible out there, so I think this is the last of the surprises. At least concerning the weddings. We'll have a break for a few months and then baby showers. At least Grandma will give us warning. However, I believe she's already started planning them.”
Dee laughed. “Yeah. She mentioned it several times last night.”
Ryo smiled at Dee as he put his arms around the other man. He hugged Dee, reaching up to lightly kiss Dee's lips. “Are you ready to go out there and see what else we accumulated that we'll have to find room for?”
Dee chuckled. “In a moment. I think I need another kiss or two.”
“I think I can do something about that.” Ryo touched his lips to Dee's again for a longer kiss as he continued to hold Dee. Dee's arms went around Ryo as he hungrily returned the kiss.
“Well,” Ryo remarked as they broke the kiss to catch their breath, “I'd say from that kiss that if you're not too knocked out by the time we get home, I know what we're doing before going to bed.”
“Believe me, Ryo, I am intending on not being too tired for that. And if I am, well,” he shrugged, gazing innocently at Ryo, batting his long lashes, “I'll just make you do all the work.”
Ryo laughed and kissed Dee's nose. “You're a crazy bastard, you know.”
“Oh, I do know. And you make me crazier. And horny.”
Ryo smirked. “As much as I'd love to take all the credit there, I'm guessing it could also have something to do with your crazy hormones lately.”
Dee gave Ryo a mock glare. “Oh? And who's fault is it that I'm having these raging crazy hormones?”
Ryo grinned devilishly. “Putting it that way, that would be me.” He winked at Dee. “So I guess I'll have to make it my duty that I make sure you get relief from those crazy hormones.”
“I think so too.”
Ryo moved so his face was close to Dee's. “You know what? I think you being pregnant is producing some crazy hormones in me too. Because I'm hoping you're not too tired. Or willing to try to find a way around that if you are.”
Dee laughed and kissed Ryo. “I should be scared, knowing you're getting so turned on with me like this.”
“Why? You're afraid of too much sex?”
Dee shook his head. “Never. But you might decide to see to it that I'm pregnant often.”
Ryo shook his head. “I might. Then again, I might give you a chance to understand what I feel whenever I look at you these days. My God, Dee, you were already incredibly handsome and sexy, and even beautiful before all this. But now….” Ryo sighed happily. “Hard to describe.”
Dee grinned. “You're just one of those men who get turned on by their better half being pregnant and we're both discovering that. That's fine. As long as you still find me a turn on after the baby is born.”
“Always, Dee,” Ryo stated sincerely. “I will always find you sexy and handsome and beautiful and the most wonderful man on this planet. Even when we're in our 80's.”
Dee's eyes started to tear up again as he smiled lovingly at Ryo.
“Aw Dee,” Ryo softly said, and he leaned up to lightly kiss Dee's eyes. “All this celebrating and parties are because we want to spend the rest of our lives together. That includes after all the children are grown and on their own. Don't ever start to think that I'm marrying you to do the right thing because of the baby. Growing old together, and raising a family along the way is what feels right to me, Dee. I'll love you forever. And in less than 2 weeks, I'll be vowing to do that with you before all our friends and family.”
“I love you, too, Ryo. I feel the same. But, I guess after all that time of wishing and hoping, then with this little one hanging out in here,” he took one of Ryo's hands to rest on his tummy, “it just gets overwhelming when I realize that we're really doing this. And our wedding day will be here before we know it.”
Ryo nodded, smiling. “I sometimes wonder how did I get so lucky to have found not just a partner, but the other half of my soul.”
Dee kissed Ryo deeply.
As they broke apart that time, Dee smiled again at Ryo. “I think I'm ready to head back there now. Everyone might be starting to worry.”
“They'll understand. But come on.” He took Dee's hand in his. “Let's go join our friends who want to wish us well on our upcoming marriage.”
Dee squeezed the hand holding his, then allowed Ryo to lead him out of the bathroom and into the living room with all their friends, the food and the gifts.
The end of the night found Diana and Rose driving them home, with Barry following. Barry's mini-van was filled with gifts from their friends.