Fake Fan Fiction ❯ The Unexpected II ❯ The Parties Begin ( Chapter 17 )

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Title: The Unexpected II
Chapter 16 - The Parties Begin
Rating: R
Fandom: FAKE
Pairings: Ryo/Dee (mostly), some Dee/Ryo
Warnings: Yaoi, Male/male, MPREG, AU If you don't like, don't read!
Disclaimer: FAKE is not mine. We have Sanami Matoh for giving us Dee, Ryo and the rest of the 27th precinct characters. Any OCs appearing in this fic are mine.
Beta by: Dawn - thank you so much!
March 3, 2006
Ryo had just gone into the kitchen to do the dinner dishes, while Dee sat on the couch, his laptop on his lap. While Ryo was under the impression that Dee was working on something wedding related, he was really writing in his online journal that he had started sometime after they returned from LA. After everything he had to say about it initially to Ryo, Dee felt embarrassed to admit he had a journal, particularly one online. He did not write in it everyday, not like he had to do with the one he had to show Vince during his pre-natal exams. Ryo knew about that one. He made certain Dee made all the proper entries daily. Dee's private journal were entries related to the pregnancy, the wedding and whatever he felt like adding here and there.
Dee was just about done with his latest entry when the doorbell rang. Putting the laptop to the side, he got up. “I got it,” he called out to Ryo. He didn't hear Bikky stir from his room.
He opened the door to find two cops in uniform. “Is there a Randy MacLean living here?” the taller of the two cops asked.
Dee studied them, realizing that they did not look even vaguely familiar to him. “What's this about?” he asked.
“Are you Randy MacLean?” the second one asked.
Dee shook his head. “No. I'm not Detective MacLean.”
“Is he home, sir?” the first one asked.
Dee studied them again. “And you are?” he asked.
“Dee, who's at the door?” Ryo asked, coming into the living room.
“Is that Detective MacLean?” the second cop asked.
Ryo came to stand next to Dee. “Yes, I'm Detective MacLean. What is this about?” he asked with a frown. He tried to gently shove Dee from the door.
“Can I see your ID?” Dee requested. “Then tell us what this is all about?”
The first cop took out his handcuffs. “Detective Randy Ryo MacLean, you're under arrest. You'll have to come with us.”
Ryo's mouth dropped as he took an instinctive step back.
Dee took advantage and placed himself between Ryo and the cops. “First off, care to tell us what is the reason for this arrest? And second, I did ask for your ID.”
“Dee!” Ryo snapped, grabbing Dee and shoving the other man behind him. “Don't make me lecture you again about doing shit like this, dammit.”
“But Ryo!” Dee started to protest.
Ryo turned to the two cops, studying them intently. “But you heard Detective Laytner. Care to show me some….”
“Ryo?” Dee asked in concern as Ryo continued to stare wordlessly at the two cops.
The first cop pulled out a military ID and flashed it before Ryo's face.
“Oh shit,” Ryo gasped, then laughed.
The second cop chuckled and took advantage of Ryo's pause. He pulled Ryo's hands behind his back and started to cuff him.
“Goddammit,” Dee growled, about to spring into action and get Ryo away from the cop.
“We're the party SPs. Randy Ryo MacLean, you're under arrest for getting married. We're going to have to take you to your bachelor party,” the second cop stated. “Anything you do there will not be held against you.”
“What?” Dee remarked, blinking.
Ryo chuckled. “You assholes! You actually got me going there for a bit. It's been years. Dee, calm down. I know them.”
“Bachelor party?” Dee asked, bewildered. “And who are they? I've never seen them before.”
Ryo laughed. “You have. In my photo album from Japan. These are a couple of the guys from my SP unit at Camp Zama. Kevin Jackson and Eddie Stewart. Guys, this is Dee, the man I'm going to marry.”
Kevin placed a large hand on Dee's shoulder. “Sorry, man. I hope we didn't unsettle the baby. We didn't think about Ryo forgetting what we looked like.”
“It's been years,” Ryo defended. He looked over to Dee. “Dee? Are you okay?”
Dee nodded. “Yeah. I had the crap scared out of me for a moment there, but yeah, I'm fine.” He winked at Kevin and Eddie. “Carry on. Just make sure there's something left of him for me to marry next week please.”
Ryo chuckled. “One thing, Dee. Don't you just open the door like you did, without checking first while I'm gone. Got it?”
“Yeah. I won't. Just go out and have fun,” Dee said.
“Nice to meet you, Dee,” Eddie said, as they hauled Ryo away, still in handcuffs.
Dee stood by the door a minute, chuckling as he listened to Ryo's good natured grumbling as he got reacquainted with his two Army buddies. As he heard the elevator door open, he finally closed the apartment door, then made sure all the locks were set.
As he went back to the couch, Bikky came out of his room. “Hey, where's Ryo?” he asked. “I didn't see him in the kitchen.”
Dee chuckled. “Bachelor party.”
“Oh,” the teen said, sitting down next to Dee.
“It was a surprise. For both of us. He was just picked up by some old Army buddies of his.” Dee chuckled again.
Bikky rolled his eyes. “Jeez, let's hope they don't make homemade bombs for party games.” He snickered.
Dee laughed. “Let's hope not, Biks. It's just you and me tonight. Who knows what time they'll drag him home.”
“Yeah, huh. Good thing they waited until after Ryo fed us.”
“I'd have fed you, brat.” Dee picked up his laptop. “But that reminds me to check the kitchen. I don't think Ryo was done with the dishes. He'll have our heads if it's exactly the way he left it.”
Bikky shrugged. “He'll get over it. He's the one who left it like that.” He turned to look up at Dee. “Hey Dee, can we do movie night? I'll go out and get us some snacks we don't have in the house.”
Dee grinned. “You know, that sounds like a great idea.”
“Cool! Let me get my coat and you give me some money….”
“After we finish the kitchen,” Dee cut in.
“Aw man,” Bikky pouted, leaning back into the couch. “Yeah, alright.”
Dee logged out of his journal and closed the laptop. “C'mon, bud. The sooner we're done, the sooner I'm giving you money for snacks.”
Bikky rolled his eyes. “As long as there's snacks tonight.”
“That's what I'm saying,” Dee said with a grin as he ruffled Bikky's hair.
*** *** ***
In the elevator, Eddie looked at Ryo. “Nice shirt,” he laughed.
“It was a random gift from some of the guys I work with,” Ryo replied with a chuckle. “I thought I wasn't going out tonight, so I put it on.”
The shirt in reference had a drawing of a target with many multi-colored sperm within the target, including one in the center and the saying, “My boys can score!”
“Akemi would never allow me to wear something like that, even after the 4th kid,” Eddie remarked with a laugh.
As Ryo was escorted from the elevator and through the lobby, they noticed a few of Ryo's neighbors waiting for a cab or someone to pick them up. They all stared at Ryo, who they knew was a detective, being led out in handcuffs by two police officers.
Kevin smirked. “Just a bachelor party gag, folks. No need to gawk.”
Ryo laughed. “Even if I have no idea where it is.” He winked at his neighbors, letting them know all was well.
The others in the lobby looked relieved. They knew of the baby and the very eminent wedding. They had already sent back their RSVPs to attend.
“Have fun, Ryo,' one of the women called out. “And you boys don't make him do anything to upset Dee.”
“Wouldn't think of doing such a thing,” Ryo grinned.
As they left the building, Ryo looked at Eddie. “Glad to hear you're still with Akemi. And making lots of babies, too.”
Eddie laughed. “Well, all I can say, Ryo old bud, is that tonight I finally get to pay you back for that hellacious bachelor party you threw for me.”
“Yeah, but we all had fun,” Ryo grinned.
Kevin slapped Ryo on the back. “That would be an affirmative. Just as we will tonight.
They stopped before a sedan with New Jersey license plates that was parked down the street. Kevin opened the back door. “Get in.”
Ryo got into the backseat, then looked up. “I'm gonna have a little trouble with the seat belt here.”
Eddie laughed, looking into the car at Ryo. “Lean forward. If you promise not to bolt, I'll uncuff you for the ride.”
Ryo looked thoughtful, a playful grin on his face. “If I bolt, I get a feeling you'll have at least a few pissed off people waiting somewhere.”
“Don't even try it, MacLean,” Kevin warned with a laugh, as Eddie uncuffed Ryo.
Once they were on their way, Ryo asked Eddie, “Are you still living in Japan?”
Eddie shook his head. “Unfortunately no. We ended up in California about 5 years ago. Then last year, I got stationed in Fort Dix.”
“So this is your car then?” Ryo asked.
“Huh?” Eddie asked.
“New Jersey plates,” Ryo replied.
“Oh,” Eddie laughed. “Yup, you're a detective. Yeah, this is my car. Akemi has the mini-van.”
“What about you, Kevin?” Ryo asked.
“I came up here from Alabama. Took a week's leave when I got the news, so I can hang out for the wedding.”
“What are you doing now?” Ryo asked.
“Oh. I'm sorry,” Ryo replied deadpan.
“You cops all think like that,” Kevin grumbled.
“With good reason,” Ryo laughed. “Relax. I have a very dear friend who is FBI. She managed to get Dee and me to work quite a few of her cases over the years. And currently she has Dee working on a case for her to keep him off the streets.”
“Well then, you've been properly contaminated,” Kevin said. He changed his voice to continue, “Come to the dark side, Ryo.”
Ryo laughed. “Hey guys, I just got to say thanks. I mean for treating everything so normal.”
“I'll admit when I first heard the name Dee, I thought woman,” Eddie stated. “But hell, Akemi's family has Carriers. We have a nephew from her brother. And it's most likely our kids all are too, because of her. So I can't freak out over stuff like that, in case one year, one of my sons comes home with news like Dee's.”
Kevin sighed. “I was one. Carrier, that is. But being 35, still single and not finding Mr. Right yet to have kids with, I doubt I could now.”
Ryo looked at Kevin. “Did you know back then?”
“Yeah, but I was afraid to admit it to you guys. You both had girlfriends, just like all the others, so…” Kevin shrugged. “I made like I was dating girls too.” He turned his head to fix his eyes on Ryo. “Took me a few years to finally get to the point of not caring what people thought. So I decided to get out of the Army before I was asked to leave, and applied for the FBI. I'll admit I was shocked to hear you're getting married to a man. Did you know back then?”
Ryo shook his head. “I should have, but I was in total denial of half of myself,” he replied. “Until Dee. I can admit I'm bisexual now, but Dee's the only male I've been with.”
Eddie smiled. “Well, from our brief encounter, he seems like a keeper, Ryo.”
“Oh he is,” Ryo said with a soft smile.
“And the reason why we are,” Eddie announced as he pulled the car up to the curb by a fire hydrant, “…here. We need to cuff you again.”
A petite Japanese woman came over as they got out of the car. “Ryo!” she exclaimed. She hugged and kissed his cheek. “I'm so happy to see you again!”
Ryo hugged her back. “Same here, darling. I hear Eddie's been treating you well.”
“Very. You and I catch up tomorrow. Hai?”
Ryo nodded. “Hai.”
“Excuse me. I need to take the car now.”
She smiled up at him, then after going to give Eddie a quick kiss, got into the car. As she pulled out, Kevin cuffed Ryo again.
“Okay, you. Party time!” Eddie said, giving Ryo a slight push forward.
Kevin and Eddie guided Ryo to a refurbished brownstone that had a steakhouse on the main and upper floors. Instead of going up the stairs to the steakhouse, they went down the stairs to the basement, where there was a club.
“Blame it all on your uncle,” Kevin snickered as they pushed Ryo into the darkened entrance.
They entered the club, Ryo blinking his eyes from the darkness of the small hallway they came from. “SURPRISE!” was yelled out.
Ryo grinned, his eyes scanning the faces of everyone gathered before him. His uncle was there, along with his partners from CI. There were some other detectives and uniforms that he had gotten to know over the years at the 27th. Pedro and Adriano were there, standing next to David. He noticed Barry was also there. Along with many other people Ryo knew, including some of his cousins from his generation from the MacLean family. To his surprise, he recognized a few of his cousins from Japan.
Rick came over to him and noticed where his nephew's eyes had settled. “They came in a few days earlier than the rest of the family to be here for this party,” he said with a smile.
Ryo was grinning as the rest of the guests came over to greet him. Eddie released him from the cuffs and he started to shake hands and pat backs of people he had seen recently, along with some he had not seen, except for pictures, for at least a few years. He was overwhelmed, especially at the people who had traveled a distance to be there. By the time he finished greeting everyone, he found himself with his first drink of the evening.
Rick grasped Ryo by his arm, chuckling at his nephew and lead him to a huge chair fixed up to look like a throne. “This, my boy, is your chair for the night. Now have a seat and we can get this show to start.”
“What show?” Ryo asked as everyone sat down at tables scattered around the club.
Rick cleared his throat and announced loudly, “Randy Ryo MacLean - THIS IS YOUR LIFE!”
Ryo's eyes went wide as the lights dimmed in the club. “Uncle Rick,” he hissed low in warning.
** ** **
To Ryo's surprise, a spotlight fell on a figure that walked to the center of the floor. A figure that revealed itself to be a drag queen. Ryo studied the face hard, trying to figure out if it was anyone he knew, but drew a blank.
“Good evening everybody,” the drag queen announced, obviously the MC for the event. “My my my, we have a fine selection to go around. I'm Mimi Aflame, and I'll be your MC for tonight.”
She walked around the club, checking out everyone, making a few comments at each table. Finally the MC came over to Ryo.
“And you… it's a damn shame you're taken. It's true what they say, you know. Isn't that right, ladies? All the best men are either taken or gay. It's more terrible to us girls to find a few of those men who are both.” The drag queen sighed heavily.
“He's bisexual,” JJ's voice called out to laughs.
“Same thing. He's getting married to a man, isn't he? I'll have to keep looking then.” The drag queen turned toward JJ. “What about you, sweetie? Are you free?”
Everyone laughed again. Except Drake, who decided to drink from his glass.
“Uh… well, I'm sorta dating,” JJ remarked, which elicited a few surprised gasps. “No one any of you perverts know,” he added hastily.
“I was afraid there for a moment,” Ferguson called out to JJ from his table with a few other cops, including Janet and her partner. “I was wondering who else out of CI could get Teh Gay!”
Everyone from the 27th Precinct laughed, including Chief Smith, who was also present with his wife.
JJ sat back down. “No.”
Ryo covered his face and laughed.
Mimi looked back to Ryo. “Nice shirt there. Did you buy that yourself?” Everyone laughed, some just noticing Ryo's shirt. There were teasing jeers and comments thrown at him.
“No.” Ryo looked over to the tables that the others from CI were sitting. “One of them did.”
Mimi turned to JJ. “Was it you?”
“No ma'am,” JJ replied with a grin. “That would be Ted.” JJ pointed to Ted.
“Ah, Ted… Are you taken?”
“Nope. But I'm not gay either. Or bisexual,” Ted remarked with a smirk.
“That's okay. Give me a year and I'll look you up after the operation,” Mimi said and blew him a kiss.
JJ almost spit out his drink, while Drake and Marty started to howl in laughter. Ted turned beet red as everyone else laughed, including Ryo. Already he was enjoying himself and they barely got started.
“Look! Ted's face is the same color as his hair!” JJ announced.
“My hair's not that red, dumbass!” Ted quipped, then hid his face to take drink from his glass.
Mimi waited until everyone settled down some and turned her attention to Ryo. “I was asked to MC this fine event, but I don't know this delicious specimen of manhood. So I asked if one of his friends could help me out. Especially if I'm supposed to take him for a stroll down memory lane. So, without further adieu, I'd like to bring out the witty and beautiful - Diana Spacey.”
“Oh my God…” Ryo uttered as he watched Diana come out in a flashy sequined tight dress with her cleavage spilling out and stiletto heels. Ryo could almost hear Dee's voice say something about her breaking the dress code even with club wear. He snickered at the thought.
“Didn't I warn you that she was beautiful?” Mimi asked.
Diana giggled. “Good evening everyone. It's nice to see everyone in such an informal setting. We must do this more often. Now, we do have a show to put on.” Diana came up and kissed Ryo on his cheek. “Hi cutie. This is your night. So just sit back and enjoy.”
She looked out to the gathered guests and started her speech. “Ryo was born Randal Ryo MacLean, to Franklin MacLean and Rayna Yoko Aoki on November 25th… we'll leave the year out on account of the privacy act… in New York City. He was called Randy or Ryo by his parents and family. If you ask him, he'll say he's a true blue New Yorker, but he did spend a few years here and there outside of New York. The first of which was during this first five years, he spend a few years in Kamakura, Japan, in the home of his mother's mother. Even when he returned to New York with his parents, little Ryo's favorite songs were Japanese.”
She looked back to Ryo to see how he was holding up. She knew his parents were a touchy topic and was hesitant, but Ryo's aunt and uncle assured her it was okay. To her relief, Ryo was smiling, obviously the memories coming back to him.
“So now, we're going to let everyone present get to hear what Ryo's favorite songs were when he was five years old.”
Diana stepped back to stand next to Ryo's chair. “You okay, cutie?”
Ryo nodded. “Yeah,” he said, then smiled. “I am. I'm really okay.”
“Bring out the singers, if you will.”
Ryo's eyes went wide, then he laughed and finally joined in the applause as several drag queens dressed as geishas came out and started to sing three songs that Ryo remembered would calm him down whenever he heard them. Whether it be on the stereo, or sung by his mother and grandmother, or Elena, who taught herself the words, it would always make Ryo feel happy.
He sat back, his spirits humming as the first of the entertainment performed for his bachelor party.
*** *** ***
“Hey…. This is where that ghost thing appears,” Dee said, munching on the squid flavored rice chips that Bikky had picked up during his snack run. He smirked as Bikky tried to be not too obvious as he moved closer to Dee.
More than the ghost thing appeared that Dee forgot about since the last time he saw the movie. He ended up moving closer to Bikky, while Biks tried not to scream.
There was a lull in the movie, while two sets of eyes peered at the TV screen, watching for any sign of what might happen next.
Both jumped with a yelp when the doorbell rang. “Huh?” Dee asked, looking at the door.
“Ryo said we're not allowed to open the door when he's not home,” Bikky reminded him.
“But…” The doorbell rang again. Dee started to get up. Someone screamed on the TV.
Bikky jumped up and grabbed onto Dee's arm. “Dee, no!”
They heard keys in the first lock. Dee checked the time. “That can't be Ryo already.”
The second lock opened. Dee looked to the bedroom. Despite what he was told about using it while pregnant, his gun was still in the lockbox in the closet with Ryo's. He started for the bedroom, gesturing for Bikky to go with him when he heard the last lock being unlocked. As they reached the bedroom door, they heard a voice call out.
“Dee? It's me, sweetling. Aunt Elena.”
Dee sagged against the bedroom door. “Holy crap, Elena! You scared the shit outta us.”
Bikky stood, still clinging to Dee, nodding his head.
Elena stood in the living room, holding onto a shoulder cooler bag. She peered at the two across the darkened room, standing in the doorway leading to Dee and Ryo's bedroom, then at the TV.
“Well, it's no wonder why your both spooked out of your wits. Last I checked, you two were not allowed to watch this type of movies, unless you had the lights on and a supervising adult present. And with good reason.”
“The so-called supervising adult won't let us watch them even with him present,” Dee remarked, going back to the couch and grabbed a handful of chocolate covered caramel popcorn.
Bikky plopped down on the couch next to Dee and picked up the remote to stop the DVD, making sure it was bookmarked for the next time they were able to watch it.
Elena sighed, much as she would to Dani and Stefen. “That's because Ryo doesn't want to deal with one or both of you having nightmares. Once you finally understand that it's only fantasy and things like that don't happen, you'll be able to watch them.”
Bikky and Dee traded knowing looks. “Realist,” Bikky muttered.
Dee nodded. “I know where Ryo got it from.”
Elena shook her head, having heard of their adventures in England. She went over to a floor lamp and turned it on. “Anyway, I decided to bring a few things over so you can have snacks while Ryo's at his bachelor party.” She looked at the coffee table. “I see you already have snacks. Does Ryo allow all this to be kept in here?”
Dee shrugged.
“Did you go out on your own?” Elena flashed accusing eyes on Dee.
“No ma'am,” Dee uttered. “Uh… Bikky did. I sent him out to get everything for us.” Dee felt foolish because a 14 year old boy could go out at night while he couldn't.
Elena was starting to pick up things from the table. “Sushi, Dee?” she asked, holding up a half eaten bento box.
“California roll,” Dee corrected. “Imitation crab meat.”
“It's still fish and you have no idea if it's been properly cooked or not. And what was in this box?” Elena asked, pointing to a smaller empty bento box.
Dee sweat dropped. “Aw crap. So I had a few spiced tuna rolls.”
Elena's eyes flashed at Dee as she collected all she could hold and stormed to the kitchen.
Dee looked down at what was left and said to Bikky. “Grab whatever you want and run to your room.”
“No shit,” Bikky replied, already getting what he wanted, then grabbed a plastic shopping bag on the side of the couch and jumped up to head toward his room.
Dee got up and went into the kitchen. He found Elena taking out a plastic shopping bag from the holder hanging on the wall. “Elena, please. It was only a few, like four. It's not like I eat it everyday.”
Elena turned and glared at Dee. “Only when no one is around to tell you not to, right Dee?”
Dee's look was rueful as he nodded. “And that's not very often these days. Especially with that sonovabitch out there.”
Elena shook the bag at him. “Don't you understand? Dammit, Dee. Look, I'm not going to tell Ryo. But unless you promise me not to eat any of that stuff again, I swear to God, I will go and tell your mother.”
Dee's mouth hung. “Aw c'mon, Elena. You're not playing fair!” he protested.
“I don't have to always play fair. Look, I may act like a good friend, but I'm your aunt. That means I look after you and do what's right. Not only for you, but for that baby of yours.”
“Ah shit,” Dee remarked, rolling his eyes.
Elena hit him with the plastic bag. “Don't you roll your eyes at me, young man. You're lucky I don't give you a good wallop like I give Ryo when he does that shit. And I don't care if you're 30-something and having a baby of your own. Ryo is still my baby, and through time, you've become the same. You got that?!? I don't want a repeat of what happened last month. God knows what could happen to you or the baby. And where would that leave Ryo, huh?”
Dee sighed heavily. “I honestly didn't think it would hurt to have once in a while. I mean, I do tell Vince.” He held his hands up defensively. “I do! Even if I don't put it in the journal.”
“You don't put it in there so Ryo won't know about it.”
“I can't help it!” Dee burst out. “You know what it's like to have cravings. And for something that the craving won't go away and everyone is continuously telling you that you can't have…. And I'm stuck here like a friggin' prisoner and can't go anywhere without a fuckin' bodyguard and I'll be too afraid to try, so I hope to relieve some of the tension by sending Bikky out when there's a chance and…. Oh God!” Dee covered his face with his hand and turned away from Elena.
Elena watched as Dee's shoulders heaved. She put the bag down and carefully came up behind Dee, wrapping her arms around the sobbing man. “Shhh baby boy. It's okay. I know it's hard but everyone wants you to stay safe. Even you admitted to wanting to stay safe.”
Dee nodded, still covering his face with his hand.
Elena turned him around. “It's okay to cry, sweets. It's all part of having a baby, so don't be afraid. Are you afraid of being pregnant?” When Dee shook his head, she asked, “Are you ashamed?” Again Dee shook his head.
He removed his hand from his face and hugged Elena, leaning down to rest his head on her shoulder and started to sob more.
Elena moved them to a stool by the breakfast bar and sat Dee down, allowing him to hug her as he cried. She rubbed his back in soothing strokes while murmuring it was okay over and over.
When Dee finally pulled his head away from her to wipe his nose with the sleeve of his jersey he was wearing, Elena reached over to grab a paper towel and handed it to him. “Sorry sweetness, but this is all that's in reach for now.”
Dee accepted it and blew his nose. “It's fine. I'm sorry, Elena. I didn't plan to start bawling like a baby on you.” Dee had noted that while it felt different than from when Ryo would comfort him, knowing there was someone there who genuinely cared about him helped much.
“It's okay, Dee. Remember, I was there twice.”
“But you're not a man.”
Elena brushed the hair off his face. “So? Real men aren't afraid to cry. And real men aren't afraid to have babies either. Don't think of yourself as less than the man you are, Dee, just because you need a good cry sometimes. Or because someone else has to protect you, while you protect your baby. I already respected you, Dee. But ever since you first told us about the baby and seeing you go through this without having a thought otherwise, my respect for you grew. And I'm so damn proud of you, sweetling. So happy that my nephew found someone like you to spend the rest of his life with.”
Dee smiled up at Elena, tears still shining in dark green eyes, making them glitter. “Thanks, Elena. I mean it. For everything.”
“Of course, darling one. After all, you're my nephew now too. Especially Carrying that sweet little great niece or nephew of mine.”
Elena went to the fridge and took out a bottle of apple juice, grabbing two glasses and sat down next to Dee.
Dee watched as she poured them some apple juice and smiled again as he accepted the glass she held out to him. After taking a few sips, he asked, “How did you deal with it?”
“Craving stuff I couldn't have?”
Dee nodded.
Elena grinned ruefully. “Ask Rick,” she said with a laugh. “You know me, Dee. I was a bear, of course. I think there were times when Rick didn't think he would survive my pregnancy.”
Dee chuckled. “I can believe that.”
Elena caressed his cheek in a motherly manner. “I'm sure Ryo will wonder the same thing at least once before this baby is born. Don't worry about it. It's good for them.” She winked at him. “It'll help him build more character.”
Dee laughed. “You're too much.”
Elena winked once more, grinning.
“Did you ever give in?”
Elena sighed. “Of course I did. Ryo's mom did too.” She rolled her eyes. “Oh boy, did Ryo's mom give in at times. Rick and Ryo still blame her for my cravings when I finally got pregnant - years after his mom passed away. I think Ryo was ready to leave the police force and enlist back in the Army just to get away from me. And my mother came down on Ryo's mom because her own mother was in Japan. And she came down on me, of course. Just like I did on you.” She smiled. “Just as you will to Dani one day, or your own little girl, if you have one. Maybe even to Ryo one of these years, if he manages to conceive your baby.”
“Yeah. I guess,” Dee said softly. Unconsciously, he rubbed his tummy.
Elena smiled. “I don't mean to unsettle you more, but every time I see you lately, whether it's a week or a few days, you're blossoming more.”
Dee nodded. “I gave up on not looking pregnant for my wedding. I realized that's not so important after all. As long as I marry Ryo and have his baby, it's all good. So I chose a suit that would enhance that there's a baby instead of hiding it. Besides, it's not as if everyone doesn't know, so why hide it?”
“You're still very handsome, Dee. And I'm sure Ryo finds you very sexy.” She laughed as she watched Dee blush. “Oh come now. I know it's true. Especially if he's anything like his dad. Or his Uncle Rick.”
“Elena! I don't need to know that,” Dee laughed.
Elena winked at him. “Now before you get the thought in your head that I cheated and I still had two healthy babies, I want you to think about this too. I think we both know at least one person who smoked throughout their entire pregnancy and still gave birth to a perfectly healthy baby. Does that mean you want to take that chance?”
Dee shook his head. “It was hard to quit at the time I did, even if cigarette smoke started to nauseate me, but… It was my choice, not Ryo's, not Vince's. Yeah, I know what you mean.”
“Just remember that. Now, Ryo's grandmother in Japan sent me some recipes of food, including fish, that is approved for pregnancy. I made a few things and it's now sitting in that cooler in the living room. So how about it? Feel like having some Japanese food with me?”
Dee grinned and hugged her. “I sure would. Let's go.”
*** *** ***
The party had progressed to Ryo's young adulthood, discreetly skipping over that fateful day he had lost his parents, and they were up to his Army days. Diana and Mimi had Eddie and Kevin with them, to help them out, as they reminisced through their time spent in Camp Zama, including some embarrassing stories. Much to Ryo's surprise, they had also brought out an ex-girlfriend of his, who sang Ryo's favorite Japanese song of the time.
“It was 4 months before Ryo was to return to the U.S. and looking forward to enter the New York Police Academy when one of his best buddies announced he was getting married,” Mimi said.
“I do believe that was you,” Diana said to Eddie.
Eddie laughed. “Yes, it was.”
“I understand it was a bit of whirlwind romance,” Diana remarked.
“And instead of making it a long engagement, you decided you had to be married before Ryo left, so he could be your best man. Am I right?” Diana asked.
“You most certainly are.”
“So what happened next?”
Eddie rolled his eyes and looked at Kevin, before both men grinned at Ryo. “My best man threw me a bachelor party.”
“Oh?” Diana asked. “What was it like?”
“Raunchy from the very start. Not like this, where we're building up to the raunchy,” Eddie replied.
Chuckles went around the room. The guys from CI cheered Ryo on for a raunchy bachelor party for his Army buddy. All eyes of those in the spotlight turned to Ryo.
“Hey, I was Army at the time,” he defended with a silly grin.
Diana took a step up to Ryo. “I'm going to put the pressure on you, cutie. What was the highlight of the evening? Do you remember?”
Ryo shook his head, laughing. “Oh my God.”
“Tell us. Either you do, or Eddie will,” Mimi cajoled.
“Yeah, Ryo,” Ted called out. “What was the major naughty that you provided for that party?”
“Inquiring minds want to know,” Jim called out.
“Well, I happened to have heard from some of the guys about this girl from Thailand that would perform for parties in the barracks over at the Navy Base. So I went over to Atsugi to inquire about her and… got her to perform for Eddie's bachelor party.”
“Do you remember her name?”
Ryo rolled his eyes. “There's some things you never forget. Martha. She went by Martha.” His eyes widened. “Oh no! You didn't….” He put his hand over his face.
Eddie and Kevin broke out in laughter. Eddie grinned wickedly. “Dude, that was the best damn entertainment we had ever! I just had to pay you back for that favor. We found out she's still hanging out in Atsugi and performing for the military guys over in the Kanto Plain. I just had to fly her in. So….” He looked at Diana.
Diana laughed. “Let's bring out Martha and see what's so special about her performances.”
A petite, but vivacious woman with long brown hair sauntered into the spotlight, wearing thigh high white boots and a micro mini-dress. A pole and a counter was rolled up as the sultry music started. She had an exotic, sensual face with wide dark eyes and pouty lips. Men in the club already had their attention fixed on her.
The woman hypnotized her audience, including the men who had previously seen her perform. Diana noted with a giggle that Ryo was leaning forward in his chair to watch her every move. Even the women seemed intrigued with the familiar, yet exotic moves of the dancer as she stripped down to paisties, but kept her skirt on.
In the second half of the song, she used the pole to hoist herself up onto the counter to continue her dance. She turned her back to the audience and bent down slowly. She looked over her shoulder and winked at Ryo.
Everyone in the club gasped loudly as a ping pong ball shot from her lower regions and flew across the room, hitting Ryo on the forehead. Ryo fell back, laughing, then started to applaud. The rest of the men followed his example, starting to cheer and clap their hands. Men were standing. Several more ping pong balls flew across the room, hitting random guests. Including JJ, who was shocked when the ball hit him. He remained still, with his mouth hanging open, the ball on the table next to his hand that griped his glass. Ryo noticed it and bent over in laughter, hoping to hell that whoever was taking pictures for the night got JJ's expression on camera.
Drake picked up the ball and popped JJ lightly on the head, making the smaller man jump and then glare at Drake, who laughed more.
At the end of the song, everyone, except for a few still shocked ladies, were on their feet, whistling and applauding. Martha jumped off the counter and ran to Ryo, giving him a big hug and kiss.
“Congratulations on your upcoming marriage!” she exclaimed.
“Thank you,” Ryo laughed. He glanced up at Eddie, who was smirking and laughed more.
Martha was asked to sit down and join in on the rest of the party.
“Well now….” Diana remarked, seeming slightly stunned herself. “I want to know your secrets,” she said to Martha, who was now seated at a table with a few others from Ryo's old unit. “I have money. Lots of it, and willing to pay.”
“Me too!” Rose called out from his table in the back.
Diana laughed.
“Well, well well. I'm not sure how we're to top that,” Mimi said, “but we'll try.” I think everyone needs to take a break now, `cause I'm sure most of us need a drink - or five - by now. There's food along the far wall over there. We'll pick up things in about a half hour. But be warned. Little Ryo is all grown up now. So from this point all, it's all going to be grown up fun! See you in a half hour!”
Ryo thought he was going to wet himself from laughing. He stood up to excuse himself to the men's room, then figured he'd get more to drink, some food and make his rounds to mingle. He was having a great time. Even at the big skip. To others, it might not have seemed obvious, but it was to him.
On the way out of the restroom, he looked up to the ceiling. “Oh Mom… Dad… just so you know. I feel so damn lucky these days. And it's all going to be fine now.” He smiled and went back into the main room to be met by his uncle.
“Holding up?”
Ryo hugged Rick. “Thanks so much! This is an awesome party!”
Rick laughed and hugged Ryo back.
“I guess I should go and mingle with my guests, huh?”
“Of course. And refill your glass, while we're at it,” Rick laughed.
Ryo went first over to the CI guys, who were gathered in the far corner of the bar.
“Whoa, what a party, dude!” Marty announced.
“Can you get me that chick's number?” Ted asked.
“Forget it, dude,” Drake remarked. “Unless you're planning on moving to Japan.”
“Yeah,” JJ added. “Who would stay in the U.S. for you, man.”
“Why you little twerp,” Ted growled as the other laughed.
As Ryo continued to mingle, he made a note to talk to his uncle and Barry, to see if there was a party planned for Dee and if so, could it be possible to have Martha do one more performance. He felt guilty for enjoying himself, unless Dee was offered the same pleasure of watching Martha do her dance.
*** *** ***
It was after 3 am when Rick finally poured his partied out nephew home. They found Dee sleeping on the couch, waiting for Ryo.
Elena was sleeping in the guest room. Earlier in the evening, after hearing that she was to drive Rick home after the party, Dee decided they were to both stay for the night, since Dani and Stefen were at a friends for the weekend. Elena looked grateful at Dee's offer and did not attempt to protest.
Dee opened his eyes to look up at his husband-to-be and uncle. He wrinkled his nose as he sat up. “Phew, you both smell like a friggin' bar,” he exclaimed.
“That's `cause we spend the night in one,” Ryo drunkenly replied as he dropped on the couch next to Dee.
“Club, Ryo. We were in a club. A very fashionable one, at that.”
“Of course, Uncle Rick. I'll remember that,” Ryo grinned and laughed.
Dee shook his head. “Elena is in the guest room. I told her you're both staying here overnight. So perhaps you should let your wife know you more or less made it back in one piece?”
Rick grinned and ruffled Dee's hair. “You're a good boy, Dee. That's why you're marrying my nephew.”
“Yes sir,” Dee simply said, trying not to smile.
“G'night Ryo. G'night, Dee. Hold on, Elena… I'm coming.”
Ryo giggled.
Dee smirked. “Do we need to know that?”
“Relax,” Ryo said, putting his arms around Dee's neck. “He's too drunk to do anything but pass out in there.”
“Ahh… gotcha.” Dee rubbed his nose next to Ryo's. “And you?”
“I'm willing to negotiate.”
“I'm glad you put it that way,” Dee replied, pushing himself away from Ryo. “Because you're going to have to do something about that smell or else I'll be too sick to do anything.”
“Aww Dee,” Ryo pouted.
Dee laughed. Ryo was cute when he was drunk. And usually ended up being a very horny drunk. However, the smell of stale alcohol and the smoke in Ryo's clothes did not fare well for Dee.
“Jesus! Were you smoking?” Dee asked. “I thought you couldn't smoke in clubs.”
“We all went out to the back patio and had a cigar in my honor,” Ryo replied. He grinned. “Me too!”
Dee rolled his eyes, trying not to laugh. Ryo's enthusiasm was from the alcohol.
“Then at other times of the night, I was talking to someone and followed them out while they had a smoke on the patio,” Ryo added. He tried to drape his arms around Dee again. “Mmm…. I wanna kiss you. Damn baby, there were strippers and pole dancers and naughty games and… well… let's just say I'm horny now.” He leered at Dee.
Dee pulled away again and sat up, stretching. Ryo's eyes watched and he put his hand out to rub Dee's bump. “Are you trying to make me hornier?” he grinned.
“Maybe,” Dee remarked. “But put it all on hold, lover.” He grabbed the hand resting on his tummy and pulled Ryo to his feet. “First, how about shower time and brushing your teeth. If you brush your teeth first, I might see what I can do about helping with the shower.”
“Shower sex! Let's go!” Ryo exclaimed, pulling Dee toward their bedroom, weaving along the way.
Dee shook his head. But he knew the night was going to be interesting before they finally fell asleep. He decided he would do his best to do his party in making it interesting.
++++++ +++++ ++++++
A/N: Some notes about Ryo and Dee's backgrounds in this fic. According to stats by Sanami Matoh during the time of FAKE's run in BexBoy magazine, Ryo's birthday is listed as November 25th. I try to add in as many of what the stats say, treating them like canon. While we're at it, Dee's favorite food is listed as sushi, and later in an “interview” with Dee (supposedly in his handwriting - in Japanese), he mentions that fact about sushi too. I know it was in Japanese only because magazine was published in Japan, to a Japanese audience, by a Japanese manga-ka, but still, it gave me food for thought once I managed to get that interview. That is where I decided that in my fic, Dee can speak, read and write Japanese, and in this fic, went as far as having him accepted in a Japanese college (and after research, Yokohama National University does accept foreign students for 4 and 5 years programs). Meanwhile, even if it hasn't been mentioned yet, but Ryo's favorite food is shichi - a Japanese stew. I think one day in a future chapter, Dee is going to make it for Ryo as a “just because I love you” type meal. The rest of their backgrounds are my imagination, and hopefully fits the characters. Oh, and I put Ryo in the Army because of what he said in that first case with Dee, about learning how to make bombs from an Army buddy. Being ex-military, I'm used to hearing something like that and referring to someone you served with, as opposed to a friend who is in the Army. I know I stretched one thing a little, because I tried to work it out with someone who is a FAKE fan in the Army (thank you, irishKaoru). I wanted Ryo to have his roots in sniper training while in the Army, but also seeing him more as being an SP, because of his eventual goal of becoming a cop. Sniper training would have been through Special Forces. So I stretched and had him go off for specialized training at some point, but then going back to his SP unit. Also in that interview with Dee, he says he doesn't own a car. So they don't have a car in this fic. For now. Besides, I know what a pain in the ass it is to have a car in NYC, and to park it in Manhattan if you're not rich is a nightmare. Anyway, there are times when it's faster to go without a car in Manhattan. That's the benefit of the subway.