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Master Mosquiton: New Beginning By Mari Edited by ArtzAngel.  

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The year: 1992

The place: Transylvania, Romania

Flyers were handed out left and right and on every notice the announcement was the same. You are courtly invited to the wedding of Gregory Hitomebore and Natasha DeMon The wedding will take place in Hitomebore Mansion’s Cathedral A Glorious feast will be held in the Ballroom after the ceremony Please arrive at 4:00 Sunday the 20th. The dress code is Formal Show this invitation to the men at the gate for entry Please Join us in this marvelous occasion. ~Gregory and Natasha

It was the biggest announcement since the man’s first wedding and everyone was chattering like hens about it. The man was rich and every man in the country envied his wealth and looks,’ it was a pity that his first wife died so young, yet the girls do need a mother’ the women remarked to the news. It had been only two years since the death of Amelia Hitomebore and it was no wonder that Gregory’s wedding was the topic of everyone’s conversation for a month after they announced the engagement. Yet, here they were on the day of the event and neither of them had stalled in any shape or form.

The Hitomebore Cathedral had been decorated as if the whole place was an illusion. The stained glass windows were replaced with color etchings of white roses under a light blue sky filled with long white clouds. A long velvety white rug stretched from the flower and silk enlaced alter, reaching through the two columns of black cherry aisle towards the main door. Each flower was placed one by one around the alter creating a perfect harmony of being in a personal white garden. The whole church was packed with friends, family, and news reporters. Each one wondering the becoming of Natasha and Gregory’s grand event.

Silence took the stand as the organ player began to play "Here Comes The Bride" Everyone faced the back of the room awaiting for the bride and her father to walk down the aisle.

She was wearing a beautiful white wedding gown with silver flowers sewed on the front. It was created and made by a very famous clothing designer, and just looking at it made you wonder how much was spent on this beautiful eye candy. The dress had an extremely long wedding train on the back that was being carried by the Maid Of Honor. The wedding veil was a lightly strung net of diamonds connected by clear strands and it draped over her dark brown hair caused the whole area to shine and sparkle as the sun reflected off the rare jewels: It was as if her hair hand been intertwined with diamonds.

Everyone whispered how beautiful the bride looked, but the truth was that underneath that layer of beauty there was nothing but a woman waiting for the riches to come from her marriage. When she finally, yet gracefully reached the altar, the minister began saying the marriage rites.

Standing next to Gregory was his nine-year-old daughter, Inaho, who kept looking up at him with admiration, yet she felt unsure about her new stepmother-to-be… something in her gut told her that something was terribly wrong with this picture, but she kept smiling.

‘Be happy, Daddy’s counting on me to be happy.’ She thought to herself. ‘But… I miss Mommy… Why does Daddy need to get a new Mommy? No, I need to be happy for Daddy so he can be proud of me.’ She scolded herself as she looked back at her father quietly.

(Of course Inaho had every right to feel this way. She may not have known it yet, but this woman that her father was marrying would be the cause of her family’s downfall.)

Near Inaho stood Grandmother Elenore who was holding her squirming two-year-old sister, Tearesa. "Yes, I know that you are not happy with all of this, little ones." Whispered Elenore to the confusion on their faces. "But your father made this decision, you have to be happy for him…. I just hope that he isn’t making a big mistake." She added, the last part she muttered under her breath as she stared at Natasha.

(We all know how this will turn out.)

In the far end of the church sat Malariya and Mahno who stayed as far away from the procession as possible. They were both completely against the whole marriage… It was rushed and the fact that something didn’t smell right about the woman made especially Malariya concerned.

(Co. A.N: in case you are wondering why Malariya said "she doesn’t smell right is because it is said that each person has their own unique smell that screams out their personality. It’s mostly a form of Chi but to detect it means that you are either A) an animal B) you can use magic or C) if you’ve lived so long that you’ve learnt it from observing life from yourself or others, and then there is D) You are a Chinese Vampire or… you’ve taken this form of feeding.) (Vampires that can smell Ki, or the life essence of a person… these are actually Chinese Vampires in which they Suck humans dry of their life essence… but some English Vamps have taken this way of feeding to gain more power… Some Vamp Information ^_^)

"I don’t like this, Mahno." Malariya whispered to her husband. "Something’s just not right."

"Yes I know, Dear. But there’s nothing we can do right now. He made this decision and he’s going to stick by it… no matter how hard we try to stop him... you know how stubborn that man gets… follows his mother really."

"I know, but still, he barely knows this woman I mean it was only a short while and we never got to know her completely… I doubt the Master does either… I still wonder how he got permission from the Madam? Anyways, she just doesn’t smell right… Her Ki is tainted."

"It’s too late now. The Minister had already passed the ‘Let them speak now are forever hold your peace.’ Part."

"Well you should’ve let me said something!!"

"Now you know we can’t reveal ourselves to just anyone, especially since Gregory and the girls still don’t know us. Remember? Madam Elenore made us promise that."

Malariya let out a soft sigh and the couple remained quiet for the rest of the wedding.

When Gregory and Natasha said the vows, they kissed and proudly walked down the aisle together arm in arm.

Little Inaho stayed behind with her Grandmother and sister. "Do you think she’ll be a good mommy, Grandma?" She asked.

"To tell truth, child. I’m not really sure." Lady Elenore replied giving her an honest answer. "But I will tell you this. No one will ever replace your real mother." She added as she watched the two walk through the doors of the church proudly.

Master Mosquiton: New Beginnings

Chapter 5: To the Rescue (prt. 1: Ready to Fight)

"Inaho. Wake up my dear." Chimed a female voice.

"Um...uh...where am I?" She asked as she opened her eyes slowly.

At first she saw a blurry image and it began to slowly focus back allowing her vision to return. Yet, the moment her eyes focused on the object she wished she never opened here eyes for the one thing she hated most in the world stood before her with a smirk on her face and a devils chill in her eyes.

"Natasha!" Inaho said with a mixture of fear, hatred, and shock in her voice. "What the hell are you doing here!?" She demanded as she realized that she was tied up to a chair rather tightly.

Natasha raised her hand in the air and placed all her strength and weight into her hands to slap Inaho harshly on her face. "Didn’t I tell you never use that kind of foul language with me young lady!?" She yelled. "All those times that I have tried to be a good mother to you girls and you two just ran away. It breaks my heart." Natasha mocked as she stared at Inaho’s face where her red handprint laid.

"You are not our mother and you never will be you heartless bitch!"

Natasha had retained herself from plucking the girl’s eyes out and strangling her, settling with another slap and a heel to the stomach, this little wise crack was starting to piss her off… and it wouldn’t be good if she killed her, oh no, It was too early for that.

Inaho fought back the tears refusing to allow that monster see her cry with pain from the she had to stay strong.

"Calm down Natasha. There’s no need to use that kind of discipline." Replied a voice that Inaho didn’t recognize. Inaho lifted her head lightly to see an old man in wheel chair coming out of the shadows.

"LIKE HELL SHE DOESN’T!" Natasha growled.

"What’s the point of killing her, if she dies you lose, remember?" Rasputin replied sternly and with that Natasha backed down, muttering profanities under her breath.

"Who-who-who are you?" Inaho asked, she was a bit frightened by this old man.

"Do not fear, child. I am Grigormore Rasputin." He introduced himself. "You stepmother hired me to help you find you and your sister so that all of you can be together again."

"Well then you are just screwed up in the ass aren’t you?" Inaho replied. "Because we are never going back to that gold digger! Ever!"

Natasha rose her hand to strike Inaho again when someone grabbed her hand sternly.

"That’s enough of that Natasha." Rasputin replied with annoyance lingering in his eyes and his stern tone caused Natasha to stand in place like a dear caught in headlights.

Sangermain’s hold on her hand was like having 50lbs sit on her arm. Natasha writhed in pain as the old man’s henchman kept his hold on her. "I got it!" Natasha replied as she wriggled her hand out of Sangermain’s grip.

Rasputin turned his attention back to Inaho. "Now then my dear, if you be a good girl and cooperate, I’m sure we can work out these issues you have with your stepmother." He added, he reached his bony hand to her face. Inaho flinched away from him.

"There’s nothing you can do to make us go back with HER!" She countered with a venomous tone in her voice as she emphasized the word ‘her’.

"Ah, but I’m afraid you have no other choice." Rasputin disagreed as he snapped his fingers.

Sangermain and Camille took their positions with Rasputin’s orders.

"Hey, I know you two!" Inaho screamed as she recognized them "You were those so-called child welfare people that came to my house!"

"How nice, she remembers us." Camille replied with a mock tone that accompanied her smirk.

"Now then Miss Hitomebore, if you be so ever kind and collaborate in a peaceful manner," said Sangermain as he reach in the pocket of his jacket, fishing for something when he continued. "Perhaps you can have this back." He added as he pulled out Inaho’s gold cross earring. When Inaho saw her prized possession her mind went into a state of confusion.

"My earring how did you..."

"I took the liberty of removing it while you were sleeping." He answered with a wicked grin.

"I don’t see what the big deal is." Natasha added as she took the cross into her hands and handed it back. "It’s just some old earring."

"Ah, but it’s more than that, my dear Natasha." Rasputin informed her. "That old earring is the key to finding ultimate power."

"Ultimate power?" Natasha repeated in disbelief, but she was beginning to get interested in what this old man was saying.

Inaho began to worry when her late conversation with Malariya popped back in her mind "That won’t make any difference because you won’t be able to even make it there." She said with a smirk.

"Oh really, then what makes you think that?" Camille asked as a cat like grin crossed her facial features.

"Because my friends has something that is similar to that." Inaho replied, feeling a bit more confident about her answer. "It too is made from the same material as the earring and it acts like a homing device… so they will find me, and you’re going get what’s coming to you." She added, her smirk grew wider as her confidence grew.

Sangermain smiled evilly at her comment because that could ‘Have’ been a problem if they didn’t have their little ‘insurance’. "I truly hope you join our little treasure hunt." He proposed wickedly

"Forget it! If you three are working for Natasha then there’s no way in hell that I’m going to help you!" she screamed as she declined the offer with a sour note.

"Fine if that’s how she wants it!" Natasha scolds and she snaps her fingers. "Srg. Crondar." She called out. Crondar walked out of the shadows with a struggling but bound Tearesa.

"Let.. Me.. Go.. You.. You.. Big Bully!" Tearesa protested as she tried to free herself from one of the guards.

"Be quiet you little brat!" Crondar shouted as he glared at her with daggers in his eyes.

Inaho gasped in horror as she saw her younger sister captive… knowing that whatever decision she made would result in Tearesa’s life or death situation.

"You Rotten No Good Piles of Shit!" Inaho yelled in frustration. "You Let Her Go Right This Instant Or I’ll..." Rasputin raised his hand, cutting her off in a semi polite manner.

"Now now Miss Hitomebore, there’s no need for any threats." Rasputin interrupted. "You help us find what we need and we’ll let her go."

She hung her head low in defeat; it was too much of a risk.

(Looks like Poor Inaho has no other choice…)

"That’s a good girl." Rasputin replied to her actions with a mocking grin. "I knew you’d finally see things our way."

Everyone was so engrossed to the conversation that they did not realize that the cross-shaped O-part earring had begun to glow a bit.

Meanwhile, driving around in the rented mini-van, Mosquiton and the gang began searching everywhere in the city for their kidnapped friends. "Keep driving, Mahno!" Malariya ordered, as she looked the glowing locket pin. "They can’t be too far!"

"Don’t worry, Malariya!" Mahno reassured. "We found them once with the pin and we’ll find them again."

In the back Mosquiton, Hono, Yuki, and Max were still upset over what had happened, especially Hono and Mosquiton who had (to them) failed to protect the ones they cared about.

"How could I let this happen?" Mosquiton asked himself as he thought back to the event that had taken place. "I promised Inaho that we would never let anything happen to her and Tearesa." His face darkened as he thought of the past more and more… It was like having a wooden stake rip through his heart and just sat in his cavity waiting for him to feel the slow, burning pain before he died. "I failed them both. I failed her."

"Stop blaming yourself, Mosquo!" Malariya snapped, bringing her twin brother back in to reality. "You haven’t failed Inaho YET so don’t get so down about it!" She added with a twinge of anger in her voice. Those people were going to pay dearly for what they had done in a slow and painful manner. "There’s still a chance to save them." Malariya was still determined to get Mosquiton and Inaho together and she was not going to let something like this keep it from happening.

Back at the Queen and Crescent Hotel. The villains are making some last minute preparations before their departure. Rasputin had placed Sangermain and Camille in charge of guarding the girls. The two sat inside Natasha’s rented Oldsmobile with their two guards in the outside next to both doors.

Inaho had recently gotten her earring back but she didn’t like they way the two were looking at her. Camille just wrinkled her nose at the girl her darling Mosquiton had eyes on as if she was a piece of rotting carcass covered in maggots. "I still have no idea about why my husband would fall for a little girl like you." She said with a huff as she eyed Inaho up and down. "No figure, no nothing… He had gotten so weak after all these years."

Sangermain just gave Inaho a look that made shiver’s run down her spine. His cold eyes just sneered at her with a smirk… his eyes wanted to see her blood… every drop that flowed through her veins, and he wanted to see it.

"What do you think they are going to do to us?" Tearesa asked her big sister, still frightened from what was happening.

"I’m not too sure, really." Inaho answered truthfully. "But we can’t let them see that we are afraid." She advised to her little sister. "Don’t worry, we’ll get out of this. I hope." She added trying to act as fearless as she could although hints of fear panged at her harshly.

In one of the rooms of the hotel, Rasputin, Natasha, and Srg. Crondar were tying up any last minute loose ends. "Is everything ready?" Natasha demanded.

"All set and accounted for Lady DeMon-Hitomebore." Crondar responded with a salute.

"Excellent, now we can finally leave this city and be on our way." Rasputin declared as he and his two companions left the room.

At that exact moment locket has lead them. "They’re here!" Malariya proclaimed as she pointed at the Queen and Crescent Hotel.

"Excellent! Let’s go!" Mosquiton proclaimed as he and Hono were about to rush out of the car but Malariya held them back.

"Not so fast you two." Malariya replied with a scolding tone to her eager twin brother and the young fire sprite. "I know you want to help Inaho and Tearesa very badly, but we must be patient." She reminded them.

"Besides if you two try anything now, who knows what both Sangermain and Camille will do to them…. especially Camille to Inaho due to the fact that you married her" Mahno concluded.

Mosquiton and Hono hated to admit it but they were right. They would never forgive themselves if anything happened to the girls. "Fine" Hono huffed in defeat while Mosquiton nodded his head in agreement. They hated being wrong in any case… but especially this one.

"Good one darling!" Malariya replied to her husband with a small kiss on his lips.

"Same to you my honey" Mahno replied as he kissed her cheek.

"ALRIGHT ALREADY! STOP THAT!" Mosquiton replied to their affection… it sickened him "Get a damn room." He huffed out before he crossed his arms and fell back into his seat of the car.

"Mou…. Honey I think he’s jealous cause he never showed his affection to Inaho like we do." Malariya added with a small smirk as she poked fun of her brother.

Mosquiton blushed at the comment a bit flustered to say the least. "I… I… I am not Jealous of you two!" he managed to say before looking out of the window. He watched a car that sat in front of the hotel. It was still running and from what he could make out of the tinted windows there were people inside. When a familiar figure rolled his way out of the hotel.

"It’s not possible! It can’t be him!" Mahno muttered in slight shock as Malariya shifted over to see whom Mahno was ranting about. The sight of the figure drew her breath.

"It couldn’t be…. I…I thought he was dead." She stuttered as she covered her mouth with her hand slightly.

"Who is it?" Mosquiton asked as he looked out at the old man that wheeled his way to the car. "Rasputin." Malariya and Mahno answered in unison.

What really caught their attention were the two very familiar figures that they wanted to forget. "Natasha!?" Malariya screamed as utter shock finally took over her. ‘What the hell is she doing here?’ she thought to herself as she watched Natasha and her little dumb ass of a human follow Rasputin.

"I don’t like the looks of this hun… It seems that Rasputin and Natasha are working together" Mahno stated as he leaned back in his chair with his right arm rested on the steering wheel.

"Ah… I’m guessing that Natasha needs the girls for the title and Rasputin needs them to be able to find the O-Parts. That geezer is a power hungry bastard! How dare he use them for that kind of stuff and WHY THE HELL IS YOUR WIFE HELPING THEM OUT?!!" Malariya screamed as she pointed to Mosquiton who sighed in frustration. "Probably cause she’s pissed off at you for finding another girl"

"Mama Inaho’s here too?" Hono and Yuki chimed as they looked around the area looking for Camille whom they had called ‘Mama Inaho’ when their Master and she got married and when they all lived happily in a little cave.

Mahno sweat dropped lightly. ‘I’m guessing the three like the name Inaho’ he thought to himself with a sigh as he kept his sights on the cars they were to follow.

"We’ll worry about that later, right now we got to follow them so we can get Inaho and Tearesa back." Malariya concluded as the villains’ soon began to drive away from the hotel and the heroes followed them immediately.

It didn’t take long when Inaho’s earring started to glow again. "They’re coming." Inaho thought to herself with a small smile of relief.

But unfortunately, Sangermain, in the roles Royce with Camille and Rasputin, can sense them too. "So Mosquiton has come to rescue his precious human." He thought to himself. "Master, I think we are going to have company on our trip." He informed Rasputin.

"So we have, have we?" Rasputin replied with a wicked smirk. "Camille, call Lady DeMon-Hitomebore and tell her about our situation." He ordered.

"Yes, Master." Camille obeyed and dials the number on the cell phone.

In the Oldsmobile, Natasha’s cell phone rings and she answers it. "Yes what is it?" She greeted with her usual way.

Camille told her what is happening over the cell phone. "Crondar, check over the rear view mirror and see if we are being followed." Natasha ordered him.

Crondar did as he was told and looked at the mirror. "Just some mini-van right behind us." He informed her.

Natasha repeated the answer to Rasputin’s employees.

"Then it is Mosquiton and his company." Sangermain confirmed.

"At last, my Mosquiton and I will be together again." Said Camille with delight.

"Enough of that!" Sangermain barked with annoyance. "Mosquiton is here to try to get the girls." He reminded her.

"There is no time to argue about it." Rasputin quieted them both. "We must not let Mosquiton and his companions get the Hitomebore sisters."

"I have an idea, My Lord." Sangermain declared. "There’s an abandoned factory warehouse just up ahead. We might be able to loose them there." He announced the idea.

"Excellent my servant." Rasputin approved it.

"I’ll tell Lady DeMon-Hitomebore about it." Added Camille and she went back to the cell phone.

Natasha just got the message. "Crondar, keep following them to the direction they are going." She demanded.

"Yes My Lady." Crondar obeyed and speed up a bit, nearly knocking the girls in the back.

"YOU IDIOT!" Natasha barked.

"Sorry Lady DeMon-Hitomebore." Crondar whimpered and kept on driving.

"Blasted! We’re going to loose them!" Said Hono with impatience in his voice.

"Not if we can help it!" Replied Mahno as pressed the gas pedal a bit more to make the car go faster as they managed to keep up with the villains.

Moments later, the two villains’ cars, with the heroes’ car still following from way behind, have drove up to the place that they were going.

They stopped at a run down building that it looked like it hasn’t been used in years. The windows have some broken glass with a few spider webs on the panes and some of them are boarded up. The bricks looked a bit worn out and there's a lot of graffiti all over it.

Sangermain and Camille got out of the car and wheeled out their master while Natasha and Crondar are trying to get the struggling sisters out of theirs.

"No! No! Let Us Go!" Inaho screamed as she and Tearesa tried to escape their grasps.

"Quiet You Two!" Natasha yelled at them but the two of them keep fighting.

"We don’t have time for this!" Rasputin cued in. "Quickly, everyone in the building." He instructed and they headed towards the building with Natasha and Crondar dragging the resisting Inaho and Tearesa.

It didn’t take too long for Mosquiton Company to catch up with them.

"Look! There they are!" Mahno called out as he spotted the kidnappers two cars. "They must be in that building over there." He pointed out.

"Then we have no time to waste." Malariya replied.

They parked their car and got off to search for the Hitomebore sisters and their kidnappers.

"Now remember everyone. This could be dangerous so be on a look out." Malariya warned them and they nodded in agreement and went into the building.

The inside looked pretty dangerous. There are rafters that it looked like they are going to fall off from the years of rust. The conveyor belts have years worth of dust and mold. The metal gears are completely covered in rust and there is dust and cobwebs everywhere.

"Man, will you look at this place." Said Mahno while they are exploring the abandoned warehouse factory trying to find the girls. "You think that Natasha would have picked something a little more efficient."

"Now is not the time to be critical." Mosquiton responded, growing impatient. "They have to be here somewhere."

"They can’t be to far. I can still smell their presence." Malariya added, sniffing around.

"But what I don’t get is that why is Mama Camille helping them?" Yuki asked curiously.

"I don’t know why but they better not hurt Tearesa." Hono answered with a tint of anger in his voice.

Yuki decided not to poke fun at him about it since she sees that he really does care for her.

Just then they heard a sound of a small object falling onto the floor. "What was that?" Mosquiton asked perking up his ears to pick that faint sound.

Then a small cruel laugh came out of nowhere. They all recognize that kind of laugh. "Sangermain! Show yourself now!" Mosquiton called him out to make him reveal his presence.

Sangermain step out of the shadows of his hiding place with a cruel smile on his lips. "So we meet again, Mosquiton." Sangermain greeted his nemesis, mockingly.

"Enough with the false hospitality!" Mosquiton returned the fake greeting with a growl. "Now tell us where you hid the Hitomebore sisters!"

"Now why would you think that I have anything to do with the girls disappearance?" Sangermain acted like he doesn’t know.

"You can’t fool us Sangermain!" Malariya stepped in. "We know that you are working with Lady DeMon-Hitomebore and your master is searching for the O-Parts!"

"Why Malariya, I am hurt." Said Sangermain with false sentiments "We haven’t seen each other for a long time and already you all are making accusations about me." He added his cruel smile.

"Enough stalling!" Mahno shouted out. "Just tell us where are the girls now!"

"There is no need for shouting." Said another voice coming out of nowhere. "They are here with us."

Then four more figures came out of the shadows. They are Rasputin, Camille, Natasha, and Srg. Crondar with Inaho and Tearesa in their clutches as they struggle to get free.

Mosquiton and Hono’s blood are boiling with rage when they saw the girls being held captive by Natasha and Crondar.

"We demand that you release them at once!" Malariya demanded with up most authority.

"Oh really, and just who the hell are you?" Natasha asked with Inaho still in her grasp.

"I am Malariya Mosquiton-DuBua!" Malariya announced herself. "And we are the true guardians of the Hitomebore sisters."

"Impossible!" Natasha responded not believe what she just heard. "I was appointed as the girls’ guardian."

"That’s what you think." Mahno added in with a smirk. "It was Lady Elenore who trusted us with them."

"What the? How do you know the old bat?" Natasha demanded an explanation.

Malariya’s eyes glow red with anger. "Never insult Lady Elenore Hitomebore in our presence." She growled then her eyes went back to normal. "Mahno and I were her faithful servants back in her youth."

"Bu-but how can you know her back then?" Natasha is flabbergasted. "You looked like you are in your mid twenties."

"Because they are the same kind like us." Sangermain stepped in.

"Same kind?" Crondar repeated since he has no clue what they meant.

"Immortal." Rasputin put it matter of factly.

"Immortal? But that means that they are." Natasha is lost for words.

"Vampires." Malariya finished for her with a hiss.

Then she and Mosquiton revealed their true selves. Their eyes glow a golden light and their fangs glisten from the light of the broken windows.

"Of course not all of us are vampires." Mahno hinder as he took off his glasses and starts to go into a transformation of his own. His eyes glow a pale moon yellow and his breathing begins to get heavier. Then his muscles grow larger, ripping his clothes apart. Next his nose, mouth and ears grow longer and he has grown dark brown hair all over his body. Finally, his transformation is now complete and he let out a mighty howl. "I’m part werewolf from my father’s side and my mother was a pagan priestess." He said it with a deep growl and showing his sharp teeth.

"Hono! Yuki! It’s your turn now." Mosquiton order.

"Yes Master." They obeyed and start doing their transformation. Flames and snow swirled around them and their bodies went from children to grown-ups. Hono’s body is about 6 ft. and is well muscular and his hair went from black to flaming amber. Yuki’s body is about the same height as Hono’s and is very well developed and her hair turned from dark greenish blue to a light aqua color.

Natasha and Crondar watch in horror but Inaho and Tearesa weren’t afraid, although were taken back by their transformation, and the villains are not surprised.

"Now you release both Inaho and Tearesa or else we’ll fight you for them." Mosquiton commanded with a low growl.

"Very well then." Sangermain agreed with a wicked grin and gets ready to fight.

"Sangermain will take care of them." Rasputin predicted. "Meanwhile we must escape with the sisters." He starts to roll away with Natasha and Crondar following behind carrying Inaho and Tearesa.

"But I don’t want to leave my Mosquiton." Camille whined.

"We don’t have time for your broken romance, we have a plane to catch." Rasputin scolded.

Camille whimpered as she followed him she then turned and snarled at Sangermain "If you hurt one hair on my Darling, Hono, or Yuki… I will kill you" She threatened as she continued her way behind Rasputin

"I’ll stay here and fight Sangermain, the rest of you go after them and get the girls." Mahno volunteered.

"Just be careful my dear Mahno." Malariya supported her husband and gave him a quick kiss on his furry cheek for encouragement.

"Just remember, Sangermain is not only powerful but he also very cunning." Mosquiton warned his werewolf brother-in-law.

"Don’t worry about me, just go." Mahno concluded and the others went after the rest of the villains.

"So it just me and the doggy." Sangermain poked fun at Mahno with a smirk.

Mahno growled in anger at that remark. "It’s bad enough that I get kind of treatment from my brother-in-law!" He told him off. "I don’t have to take from you!" And at that he and Sangermain charged at each other.

Meanwhile, Mosquiton, Malariya, Hono, Yuki, and Max are chasing after the rest of the kidnappers.

"Faster you dolt! They’re gaining on us!" Natasha barked at Crondar who is huffing and puffing.

"I’m going as fast as I can Lady DeMon-Hitomebore." Crondar replied while trying to catch his breath.

"We must split up if we want to loose them." Rasputin suggested. "Crondar! You take the sisters to the left. Camille! You take the right! Natasha! Follow Me!" He ordered and they took different directions.

"There’s no way we are going to loose them!" Mosquiton declared.

"We’ll take them each at time." Malariya proposed. "Mosquo! You, Hono and Max go after Crondar! Yuki! You’ll take Natasha and Rasputin! I’ll go after Camille!" They break and went after their suggested targets.

Somewhere in the right side of the abandoned building, Camille is trying to figure out how to get shake off the pursuers. "Once I find my Darling Mosquiton we can be together again." She thought to herself.

"Not if I got anything to say about it!" Said a shrilling familiar voice that cut off Camille’s train of thought. Followed by a flying fan which nearly cut her head and it returned to the one who threw it.

"Malariya!" Camille growled in annoyance as her attacker captured the fan that she boomeranged.

"Camille!" Malariya hissed with venom and jumped off from one of the still sturdy platforms and faced her former sister-in-law.

"I don’t understand why you wouldn’t let me have my Darling Mosquiton back!" Camille demanded and explanation.

"Do you honestly believe that I would after what you done?" Malariya replied with much hatred for Camille.

"What did I ever do to you?!" Camille responded with an equal amount of hatred for Malariya.

"You ruin my chances of me becoming an AUNT!" Malariya reminded Camille with her eyes glowing red.

"You mean you canceled my marriage to Mosquiton because I couldn’t have any brats!?" Camille retorted.

"Everyone knows that vampires can not impregnate each other." Malariya educated Camille. "Their reproduction system cancel each others out. You still needed to be a human to have a vampire’s child. You made my brother changed you! You could’ve at least waited until you have one child!"

"But I wanted Mosquiton to turn me into a vampire so I can be with him forever." Camille tried to convince Malariya. "And besides was willing to find someone to have a child with another human and then Mosquiton and I will raised as our own." But unfortunately Malariya wouldn’t buy it.

"But it won’t be yours and my brother’s!" Malariya pointed that out. "It will just some stranger’s child!" Her voice filled with sorrow. "You may not give my brother a child but I’ll make sure that Inaho will!" She avowed.

"Her?!?" Camille went into shock. "How could you choose a little girl for Mosquiton over me!?"

"Because unlike you, Inaho is more patient and most likely willing to start a family with my brother." Malariya answered with a grin.

"Hmph like it would matter." Camille debated with her own grin. "Once we find the O-parts we can rule among the humans! And Mosquiton and I will be together again!" She stated with triumph. "And even you, Malariya will be serving us!"

Malariya gave a small dark giggle. "Obviously you don’t know Mosquo and I very well." She added with her grin growing wider.

"What’s that suppose to mean?!" Camille not getting the whole idea.

"You only see our outer surface but now is the time I should you our true power!" Malariya proclaimed as she slightly raised her hand with the rings. Then she flip open the top of her red colored diamond and bring it to her lips. The diamond is now white and she begins a transformation. She grew about a few inches taller. Her hair grew wild in different directions. Her fangs and fingernails grew several inches longer. And red blood tears run from her eyes.

Camille just stood there staring at Malariya and gaping at sheer horror. "Wha-what is that!?" Camille queried while trembling in fear of the sight of Malariya’s new form.

"This, Camille Darling, is the power of the Mosquitons." Malariya explained with a mixture of deep growls and hisses. "My engagement ring, that my beloved Mahno made it himself so that he can use it to ask me to marry him, contains his blood that I can consume incase of emergencies. All I have to do is to take one sip and my powers increases." She gave Camille an evil looking grin.

Camille covered up her fear with some false bravado. "I… I’m not afraid of you!" She debated. "And I can transform as well." The she summoned up what ever powers she has and begins her transformation. Her skin turns into a deathly white color. Her fangs grew a few inches longer and her eyes also run blood red tears. She may not be as tall as Malariya but she thinks that she can defeat her.

Malariya got a good look at Camille’s transformation and gave out a cruel laugh. "Do you honestly think that you can defeat me with such minimum power?" She asked in hissing mock tone. "You are forgetting that my brother and I were born ¼ vampires and you were just turned."

"I may not be born vampire but I’ll do what it takes to get Mosquiton back!" Camille barked back with a hiss.

"Then let the games begin!" Malariya finished and the two female vampires started charging at each other.

While Malariya and Camille are having their battle, Crondar was having trouble finding an exit while carrying the two struggling sisters.

"Oh great!" Crondar complained. "Now how am I going to get out of this place!"

"You better let us go right this instant!" Inaho demanded while she and Tearesa are trying to break free from his grip.

"Shut up you little brat!" Crondar shouted back but then something hit him on the head. "Ow! Okay Who Threw That!" He commanded. Then he sees three shadowy figures emerged from platforms.

One was tall and lean with light reflection off his sunglasses on top of its head. The other one was almost as tall but has a well built body. And the last one is in a shape of a large dog.

Only Inaho and Tearesa know right away who they are.

The three mystery figures stepped out of the shadows and revealed that they Mosquiton, Hono, and Max.

"That’s no way to treat a lady!" Mosquiton lectured the not-so-bright palace guard.

"So if you know what’s good for you, you better do what she says!" Hono warned giving Crondar a menacing look.

Max just gave the guard a deadly growl.

"Oh it’s you three!" Crondar stated the obvious. "You think I can be beaten by some skinny guy, a smart-ass punk, and a mangy mutt like all of you?"

"Oh no Master. He figured out our plan." Hono playfully mocked at the head guard.

"Maybe he has at least one brain cell in that spacious head of his after all." Mosquiton joined in making fun of Crondar.

That last remark made Crondar so mad that he forgotten all about the girls as he tossed them aside and challenges the three of the rescuers. "You Think You Guys Are So Smart!" He called their bluff.

"Well we like to think so." Mosquiton replied with a smirk.

"Most definitely." Added Hono also with a smirk.

"Well come on!" Crondar dared them. "I can take all three of ya!"

"Well if you insist." Mosquiton accepted then the three heroes and Crondar started charging at each other.

Crondar thought he was going to get a victory but all he got was a punch on the left side of his face by Mosquiton. A punch in a gut by Hono and bite on the end by Max. "EEEEEEEYYYYYAAAAAAAOOOOOO!!!!!!!" Crondar cried in pain as Max got a good hold on his posterior and runs around crying "Oh No Not Again! Get Him Off Of Me! Get Him Off Of Me!!"

Mosquiton and Hono simply watched this little humorous event. "That was way too easy." Mosquiton specified with a bored smirk.

"Feh." Added Hono. "He was pathetic to begin with." Then he and Mosquiton went over to the girls and help them up.

"Inaho." Mosquiton called out to her. "Are you okay?" He asked with concern as he offered his hand to help.

"Yeah, I’m fine." Inaho answered and is happy to see Mosquiton again. "Thank you for coming to help me." Then she accepted his hand and Mosquiton brought her back up to her feet.

Then Mosquiton hang his head in shame. "Inaho, I’m sorry for not being there to protect you and your sister like I promised." He apologized with a sad look in his eyes. "I should’ve stopped them when I had a chance and I messed up." Tears were about to form. "I understand if you don’t want speak to me again and…" He was cut off when Inaho kissed him fully on the lips.

Inaho broke the kiss and said to him. "It’s alright." She reassured him as she hold him closer. "It wasn’t your fault. Everything was happening so fast I didn’t know what was going on." This made Mosquiton feel very better

"Tearesa?" Hono said her name with much concern as Mosquiton’s. "Are you alright?" He too also offered his hand to help her get up.

"Uh-huh." Tearesa blushed brightly. She could hardly believe that this big, muscular, tanned, redhead hunk is Hono. ‘I’ve always thought he was a cute boy but…. Wow!’ She thought to herself as she accepted his hand. "Th-thank you, Hono." She tried to speak but was too taken in by Hono’s new appearance.

"Um, you’re welcome." Hono returned with a blush. Even in his transformation, he is still shy around Tearesa. ‘I’m glad that Yuki isn’t around to see this.’ He thought, hopefully. ‘Or else I’m going to keep hearing about this for years.’

"Oh God! Make It Stop!" Crondar shouted, still running around with Max on his end.

"Well I think we should find the other and try to get out of here." Mosquiton implied.

"Good idea," Inaho agreed, "Max come." She called the dog and later followed by a tearing sound of fabric and then Max comes up to the girls and their rescuers with part of what was used to be Crondar’s pants.

"Good boy, Max." Mosquiton complimented the dog as he scratched him behind the ears. "That’s a good boy." And Max gave Inaho the piece of Crondar’s trousers. Then they leave the premises with a badly wounded Crondar.

"Oh dear God!" Crondar whimpered in pain with tears running down face. "The pain!"

Somewhere on the other side of the abandon warehouse factory, Natasha was wheeling Rasputin while looking for a possible way out.

"Is there any way out of the miserable place?" Natasha asked harshly. She couldn’t stand staying at this factory any longer and couldn’t wait to get out.

"Patience, my dear Natasha." Rasputin confides to her as he can. "I assure you that my servants will properly taken care of our guests."

"Don’t bet on it." Said a feminine voice from the shadows. Then mysterious speakers stepped out and it turns out to be Yuki in her transformation stage.

"So you must Yuki." Rasputin presumed with a wicked smile.

"And you must be Rasputin." Yuki acknowledge with an icy glare. She doesn’t like the way this old man is looking at her.

"Let me guess," Natasha spoke out, "you’re here to try to stop us." She assumed. Natasha didn’t believe that some young hussy was going to prevent her from getting what she wants.

"That’s right," Yuki confirmed with her arms crossing over her chest, "I’m here to freeze you two in your tracks."

"Are you sure you’re strong enough to take on the two of us?" Rasputin questioned the ice sprite. He knew that she’s not powerful enough to stop him. Natasha on the other hand may not be so lucky since she is a mere mortal.

"I know that I may not able to destroy you Rasputin," Yuki admitted, "but I do what ever it takes to make sure you’ll never hurt those girls!" She shot out an icy blast from her hand which Rasputin quickly avoided but hit Natasha dead on. "Rats, missed him," Yuki scolded herself, "well at least I got the wicked step-mother."

"Very impressive little ice nymph," Rasputin applauded Yuki’s abilities, "perhaps you might to come to work for me."

Yuki just simply hmphed with a smirk. "Sorry but my services are devoted to the Mosquitons." She declined his offer.

"Then perhaps you need some more persuasions." Rasputin’s rings began to glow and Yuki could feel her energy draining from her as she started fall to the ground. "Now I’ll ask you again, will you work for me."

"Never you evil old fossil!" Yuki spat as she struggled to keep her control.

But Rasputin’s power is much stronger than she is and he kept on drawing out her energy. That is until a shot of flames came out of nowhere and burned his hand. Causing Rasputin to cried out in pain and stopped from draining Yuki.

"You okay Yuki?" Hono called out as he, Mosquiton and the sisters and Max ran up to help her.

"Yeah I’m fine," Yuki responded weakly but she’s alright, "just a little tired."

"So you must be Mosquiton." Rasputin assumed while still rubbing his burned hand.

"And you’re the one they called Rasputin." Mosquiton unspecified to the man who was in charge of the Hitomebore Sister’s kidnapping.

"I hear many great things about you young vampire." Said Rasputin, "perhaps you and I may work together someday."

"Tempting but not interested," Mosquiton refused, "see I’m not into this taking over the world and enslave all mankind kind of thing."

"So I see," Rasputin implied that Mosquiton is not what he seems, "I guess you need more convincing like your little ice friend."

"Watch out Master," Yuki warned, "he’s too powerful!"

Rasputin was about to activate the rings on his good hand, Mosquiton took Inaho in one direction while Hono and Yuki took Tearesa and Max in the other before the ancient evil send out some kind of force wave and blast a hole in the wall. "There’s no point of fighting like this," He kept on firing force waves until he gets his target, "just say yes and you’ll have more power than you can ever imagine."

Mosquiton and Inaho found a hiding place somewhere in a corner. "This is not good," Mosquiton faced the fact, "he’s too strong for any of us to handle."

"So what are we going to do?" Inaho asked with concern.

"I never wanted to do this," Mosquiton looked into Inaho eyes with much regret, "please forgive me Inaho but the only way we can defeat this Rasputin, I must drink some of your blood."

Inaho didn’t know what to think of.

"Please Inaho," Mosquiton begged, "if I drink your blood then I’ll be strong enough to fight him." Then he gives her a small warning and a small wooden stake that he pulled out of his cape." But if I started to get too out of control then promise that you’ll have to kill me."

"But… but… but I could never…" Inaho just didn’t want to bear the thought of killing Mosquiton.

"It’s okay Inaho," Mosquiton was giving her some reassurance, "all you have to do is to revive me with your blood once I turn into ashes."

"I don’t know if I ever could." Inaho was still debating about this.

"I’m sorry Inaho but we have no other choice." Mosquiton was being stern about this choice.

Inaho still doesn’t like the thought of having to kill Mosquiton after he gains his full power. But the look in Mosquiton’s eyes says they this is the only chance they have to beat Rasputin. "Alright, just do what you have to do." She offered her neck to the 1/4th vampire.

Mosquiton pulled Inaho closer to him went over to her neck. He sniffed it to find a blood vessel and in an instant he bit her.

Inaho took a sharp gasp after Mosquiton pierced his fangs into her tender flesh. Never in her life has she ever felt this kind of sensation.

Mosquiton was still drinking the blood of Inaho. He realized just how sweet and pure her blood tasted. Thinking that she is still a virgin. But he can’t think like that right now. He has to concentrate on fighting Rasputin. Mosquiton only took what he need when felt Inaho going limp and just simply place her on the ground.

Rasputin stopped using his power once he saw Mosquiton rising from the ground. "So have you decided to join me?" He asked but didn’t get a response.

Instead Mosquiton slowly turned and revealed his blood red eyes and blood tears running down his and he had this cruel and evil smile. He also gave out a mean laugh to match his appearance.

"So this is your true power." Rasputin presupposed as he felt tremendous amounts of energy coming from Mosquiton.

"That it is," Mosquiton confirmed in dark evil sounding voice, "now that I am at my full potential I can be able to destroy you."

"Do you really think you can annihilate me?" Rasputin scoffed Mosquiton’s threat of trying to rid the world of him. "I’ve been alive since the man first stepped out of the primal ooze." He lectured the now powerful vampire. "Meaning that I am the most prevailing being on the face of this Earth."

"We Shall See About That!" Mosquiton took it up as a challenge and leaped into the air and dives directly at Rasputin.

Back at the fight between Malariya and Camille, it looks as though that Camille seems to have the upper hand but Malariya has more of the advantage.

"So it seems that you can fight." Malariya taunted Camille as she dodges her various hits and kick.

"Just be silent and hold still!" Camille shouted irately still trying to land a punch on her former sister-in-law.

"Poor Camille," Malariya mocked the ex-wife of her brother, "why must you continue this foolish charade?" She grabbed hold of Camille’s writs and squeezed them tightly. Causing the dark green haired woman vampire to fall on her knees. "You’ll never defeat me so just give up and never bother my brother nor Inaho ever again!" Mosquiton’s twin sister demanded with an evil smirk.

"Never!" Camille refused to admit defeat; "Mosquiton and I are destined to be together!"

"I tried to make this easy for you," Malariya growled, "but now you’re really trying my patience!" She started swinging Camille around and around causing her to scream in pure terror. "Now get out of my sight and never go near Mosquo ever more!" And in a second Camille was tossed out through a window by a still vampiric Malariya. "Phea, such a pathetic creature." Malariya gave her final insult.

Then suddenly she felt an electric charge and was shouting in immense pain. The next thing you know, the diamond rose on her ring was now red again and Malariya was returned to normal. "I really need to talk to Mahno about this time lock spell on my ring." She was breathing heavily while still recovering from her spontaneous shock treatment.

"What the," Malariya felt a twinge of energy out of nowhere, "That’s Mosquo’s but he can’t possibly be this strong unless… oh no!" She came to the conclusion about her brother’s strength. "Inaho!" The female 1/4th vampire took off to the direction where the others might be.

Returning to the fight between Mahno and Sangermain, the count was seemed to have better luck than Camille does. Yet Mahno looks like he may actually win.

"Do you think a flea ridden cur like you stands a chance against me?" Sangermain goaded at the werewolf Mahno, but he was covered in cuts and bruises from the transformed doctor.

"You think just because I’m part werewolf you assumed that I may be weak." Mahno snarled at his opponent.

"Bah your species are all the same," Sangermain ridiculed, "All brawn but no brains!"

"You’re racist views of my people really amuses me!" Mahno concurred as the two of them still giving each other a thrashing beating.

"I wanted to fight Mosquiton not some mangy mongrel like yourself!" Sangermain bark, growing board with his fight against Malariya’s husband.

"Sorry, but that’s my wife’s department," Mahno snide, landing a couple of good kicks on Sangermain’s sides, "besides I haven’t been reaching on my full strength yet." He was been toying with Rasputin’s right hand man the whole time.

"What the…?" Sangermain couldn’t believe that Mahno was just playing with him.

Soon a strange blue-white glow was surrounding Mahno and tribal symbols appeared all over his body. "Didn’t I told you that my mother was a priestess?" He reminded the flunky with a deep growling voice and glowing yellow eyes.

"But how is this possible!?!" For once Sangermain was scared for he has never seen this kind of power before.

"If one side doesn’t work the other side kicks in" And with that Mahno let out a loud howling blast that struck directly at Sangermain. Shooting him through a wall of the building.

"HOW CAN THIS HAPPEN?!?" Sangermain screamed in pain when Mahno shot him with his never before seen ability. "I WAS DEFEATED BY SOME LOW CLASS MUTT!" Now he has another enemy to sworn revenge against.

Soon Mahno was back to himself but realized that he is now naked. "Sheesh I need to remember to bring a long an extra set of clothes after my transformations." That’s when he felt some kind of energy. "What the…That Idiot!" He exclaimed, know full well whose power belongs too. "He knows that he can’t control himself when he’s at full power." And so grabbing the closest thing to cover himself he follows to wherever Mosquiton might be at.

So now Natasha and Crondar have been defeated as well as Camille and Sangermain. But what about Mosquiton? Does he have enough strength to defeat Rasputin? And where Malariya and Mahno so worried when Mosquiton went into his full power? And will Inaho have to kill Mosquiton if he gets out of control? Find out in part two of this chapter of Master Mosquiton: New Beginnings.