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Master Mosquiton: New Beginning
Mari (A.K.A Maric [Sonic the Hedgehog], MissRE [Daria],
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The time: 1990

The place: Transylvania, Romania

The event: The burial of Amilia Hitomebore

It was a sad November day as rain continually poured down on
the gravesite at Transylvania Cemetery. A seven-year-old Inaho was
wearing a black dress with a white doily on the collar and laces on the
cuffs of her sleeves. She also wore white stockings and black shoes
with the straps and buckles that matched her dress. Tears of sadness
ran down her face from her puffy red eyes as she watched a black coffin
being lowered into the ground.

"Mama!" Little Inaho cried out in sorrow. On her left was her
father, Gregory, holding a three-day-old Tearesa, covered in a white
blanket wearing a small black dress and a little matching bow tie in
her light brown hair.

He was wearing a black suit and tie over a white dress shirt.
His red hair was wet from the rain and the tears that were quietly
flowing from his eyes. He had just lost his beloved wife, Amilia, his
lovely Amilia when he suddenly heard Inaho cry out with so much pain he
knew what he had to do. He needed to be strong for their daughter's
sake. To Inaho's right was her Grandmother Elenore. She too was also
wearing a black dress with a white pearl necklace and the golden heart
shaped locket pin. Like both Inaho and Gregory, she was also
heartbroken over the loss of her daughter Amilia.

Some of the family's servants were there holding some umbrellas
for family so that they wouldn't get drenched from the rain. Both
Gregory and Elenore took hold Inaho's hands and squeezed them in
comfort. A two-year-old German shepherd name Max stood next Inaho and
sadly nuzzled up to her neck, as the priest stood at the foot of the
grave and read the last rites in the passage.

At the far edge of the cemetery two figures watch the burial
under their umbrellas and a pained look in their eyes. "Oh Mahno, the
poor dears." Said the woman in a sad sorrowful tone as she looked at
the man next to her.

"Yeah I know Malariya, the poor kids had just lost their
mother." He said in the same sorrowful tone as he held the young woman
closer to him. With a sigh Malariya fixed her gaze on the figure of
Grandmother Elenore. "Poor Elenore, She must be heartbroken at this."
She said as she worried over the grandmother and Mahno nodded in
agreement. As the priest said the final words, the surviving Hitomebore
family walked slowly away from the gravesite as the diggers filled up
the hole. On the tombstone it read "Amilia Hitomebore. 1959-1990.
Beloved wife, mother, and devoted member of the clan."

Then the thunder roared softly into the distance.

Master Mosquiton: New Beginning

Chapter 4: Setting the Trap

In a place called "La Madiline's". Malariya was having another
helping of Sacher Torte. "Mmm this is delicious." Said Malariya as she
enjoyed her dessert.

"Easy there dear, that's your sixth slice today." Said Mahno as
he tried to slow his wife down.

"But it's so sweet, creamy, and chocolaty. I just couldn't help
myself." Malariya defended herself as she continues to devour the sweet

The rest of the group proceeded to watch the two couples debate
on the amount of the torte while trying to eat their own meals.

"Boy Malariya sure likes that torte a lot." Tearesa proclaimed.

"She likes anything that has sugar in it." Hono enlightend her
as he ate his grilled chicken sandwich.

"Having her try a new taste is easy. Getting her away from it
is the hard part." Yuki added, as she ate her wild field salad with

Inaho and Mosquiton watched them from another table with sweat
drops forming on their heads.

"My goodness, I had no idea that Malariya liked sweets that
much." Said Inaho as she ate her quiche lorraine that she had just
recently ordered.

"That's nothing, you should see her when she has fudge."
Replied Mosquiton, as he ate his pizza riviera.

"Oh yeah that's right. You said that she once snuck some fudge
from the kitchen." Inaho said as she remembered.

"Huh? You mean you heard that?" Mosquiton asked with a
perplexed look on his face.

"Hey, I was unconscious, not deaf." Inaho answer with a playful
smile. Luckily for him, Malariya was too busy eating her latest order,
the new raspberry crème brulée.

"Well, like I said before." Mosquiton said as he began to tell
the story.

"We were both six years old and she was 'borrowing' some of the
fudge that our parents made for a party that they were having." He said
with an ashamed look on his face. "She has so many problems that it's
embarrasing." He said with a sigh as he looked at Malariya gobbling
down dessert after dessert.

"Did she ever get caught?" Inaho questioned innocently.

"No, but luckily there was some evidence." Mosquiton replied
with his goofy smile. "Like the stain on one of her doll's dresses and
her unique and generous way of returning the fudge. "I don't think I
should I tell you how." Mosquiton said secretly warning her not to
ask. "I don't want you to loose your appetite."

Inaho sort of knew what he meant and decides to let that one
slide. "I'm going to get a refill of some tea. Do you want some?" She
offered politely.

"Yes please." Mosquiton said with a smile and Inaho took the
glasses and got up to leave the table.

When she was getting the refills she bumped into the last
person that she wanted to see. Raul LaRouse.

"Could my eyes be deceiving me or is the lovely Ms. Inaho
Hitomebore here in one of the finest café's in New Orleans." He said
with a leering smile. "And on a school day." he added with the smile.

"Sorry Raul, but I don't have time for your lame come-ons."
Inaho declared.

"Well I am surprised to find you here." Raul proclaimed
innocently. "Word around school says that you weren't feeling so well.
Yet I find you here. If I didn't know any better, I think that you were
skipping." He said as he covered his mouth in exaggeration.

"I was feeling tired from all the jobs I did during the
summer." Inaho said as she hoped he took her fake story.

"I see." Raul confirmed. "You are not well enough for school
yet just fine to come here." He said as he walked a bit closer towards
her making Inaho more annoyed of his presence. "Oh, do not worry,
Lovely One, I promise I won't tell anyone about this. That is if you go
out with me." He said with a sleazy grin.

"No way!" Inaho refused with sour note.

Mosquiton turned around and saw Raul hitting on Inaho as she
tried to back away from him. He didn't like seeing that guy bothering
his Inaho. So he got up and approached the matter in his own hands.

"Oh come on now, Inaho." Said Raul as he took another step in
front of Inaho as she took another step behind. "Just one date with me
and I won't tell a soul." He said as he cornered her to the wall.

He laid his hand on the wall next to her head and began to lean
in when an arm reached out in front of her.

"Excuse me but is there a problem here?" Mosquiton asked
suspiciously of Raul as he stepped between him and Inaho.

"Pardon me, I don't know who you are or where you come from but
this is none of your business." Raul answered sternly as he examined

"Well it looks to me that you are bothering MY Inaho."
Mosquiton replied as he motioned towards Inaho, laying his arm across
her shoulder and pulled her close.

"Listen Buddy, why don't you buzz off somewhere and leave me
and Inaho alone?" Raul ordered.

"That's enough, Raul!" Inaho countered. "It just so happens
that I do happen to be with him." She said as she wrapped her arm
around Mosquiton's waist.

"Huh? You mean you are really seeing this guy?" Raul questioned
with astonishment.

"That is right. This is Mosquiton. Mosquiton, this is Raul
LaRouse." She introduced them to each other.

"We've just started. So if you don't mind, we'd like continue
on with our date." Mosquiton told him with a small grin as he kissed
her on the forehead making Inaho blush.

"He's a really good actor." She thought to herself.

"This is ridiculous!" Raul cried out, flailing his hands in the
air. "You are coming with me, Inaho!"

He was about to grab Inaho's hand when Mosquiton quickly
grabbed his and starts squeezing it.

"Yeow! What are you doing to me!?" Raul cried out as he winced
in pain.

Even Inaho was amazed by Mosquiton's strength.

"I don't think that the Lady wants to be taken by force."
Mosquiton pointed out to Raul, emphasizing on the word lady. "So if
you just honor her wishes and let her be." He threw Raul's hand back to
him and Raul fell to his knees in agony. "And you won't be dealing with
me." Mosquiton said with a smart smirk.

Mosquiton and Inaho simply walked past Raul with their arms
around each other.

"How does guy that scrawny get to be that strong?" Raul thought
himself as he is looking at his poor hand. "Who is he and what the hell
does Inaho see in him?" He said, a little enraged as he looked up at
the couple. "Nobody tries to take something that rightfully belong to
Raul LaRouse!" He declared. "When I am finished with that guy, Inaho
will be mine!" He said forcefully as he slowly got up and walked away
from the scene with some little dignity he has left.

"Thanks, for that thing you did." Inaho said thanking him.

"Ah, well, it was nothing really." Said Mosquiton with a blush,
in fact he really didn't want to let go of her.

When they returned to their table, the others witnessed
Mosquiton's valiant emancipation.

"Bravo!...Now was that an act or something you wanted to do for
real" Said Malariya with a sly smirk.

"Come on Malariya. That guy was bothering Inaho." Mosquiton

"But still that was a gallant effort." Added Mahno with a bow.

"Yeah, what you did was super." Tearesa praised. "That was Raul
LaRouse, and he's always bothering Inaho." Tearesa informed them with
a sour look on her face.

"He has?" Mosquiton asked her as he turned to Inaho.

"He's been stalking me ever since we moved here." Inaho told
them with a slight shiver.

"Well if he's a problem then why didn't you report him to the
police?" Mahno asked with slight confusion.

"Well for one thing, his mother is the chairman of New
Orleans." Inaho notified with a slight scoff.

"Chairman?" asked Hono as he and Yuki pictured a human like

"It's a person who helps runs the city." Tearesa enlightened

"Oh yeah, I knew that." Hono said with a sheepish grin as he
scratched the back of his head. "Oh great! Now she's thinks that I'm a
total idiot!" He thought to himself, mentally kicking himself to boot.

"We learn new something new everyday, huh Hono?" Said Yuki as
she smirked at his suffering.

"That's favoritism for ya." Mahno said nailing the whole
concept on the head. "That is why I never got into politics." He said

"Well don't worry Inaho Darling, if that harasser bothers you
again, Mosquo will take care of him." Said Malariya insuring Inaho of
her safety with Mosquiton who now had his hands full protecting Inaho
and Tearesa from two lowly predators.

"I don't know who's worse." Mosquiton thought to himself. "A
wicked stepmother who abuses them or the creep who tries to get into
Inaho's pants." He growled at that last part and his fangs scraped
against each other slightly. After lunch, they realized that they still
had a whole day left.

"So what are we going to do the rest of today?" Asked Hono as
he stared at Tearesa.

"Inaho, do you have any suggestions?" Malariya asked looking at
Inaho for any suggestions.

"Well how about we go to the park." Inaho recommended. "It
shouldn't be too crowded since it's still a school day, plus they have
a zoo." She said with a smile as she thought of her little sister.

"How wonderful! An afternoon in the park!" Malariya approved
with fanaticism. "Everybody to the car." She said with delight as they
all left the café.

Meanwhile, back at the Queen and Crescent Hotel, Rasputin,
Natasha, and their lackeys were going over the plan on how to capture
the Hitomebore sisters.

"Alright let's discuss the plan." Said Rasputin. "At 5 o'clock
pm, we arrive at their house, that's when Sangermain and Camille go
over there and tell them that they are from child welfare." Rasputin
said with a slight smirk yet he was interrupted.

"Wait a minute. Won't they resist if the they told them that?"
Natasha questioned his strategy.

"Not if we tell that we want to provide them with funds that
will help live with expenses." Sangermain said enlightening Natasha's
little mind.

"They'll have to believe that." Added Camille with a proud

"And once they gain their trust Sangermain and Camille will
invite the sisters here to discuss what funding plan they will need."
Rasputin said tying the ends of the whole operation.

"Oh I get it now, then Lady DeMon-Hitomebore and I will meet
them here when you bring them." Srg. Crondar replied as he began to
get the idea.

"It's nice to see that you are using your brain for once." Said
Natasha with a snide.

"Then it's settled." Rasputin said as he ended the discussion.

"Fine then." Natasha agreed with a large smile. She was going
to have what she wanted soon. "Crondar, you'll make the arrangements
for our trip back home." She ordered

"Yes Ma'am." He obeyed and went to do as she said.

"Have patience, Dear Natasha." Rasputin said reassuring her.
"The sooner we can get the girls the sooner you'll have what is yours."
He said, smirking at the woman's small mind. His plans have gone
perfectly according to fate,

"And the sooner we get the girls," said Sangermain as he
whispered to Camille.

"The sooner we get what we want." Camille finished.

"This is finally happening!" Natasha was overwhelming with
happiness. "At last we can put this foolish cat and mouse game to an
end! And all the castle property will one day be mine!" Natasha let out
a loud and evil laugh as the others joined her.

Over on the other side of the city Inaho, Malariya, Hono, Yuki,
Mosquiton, Tearesa, and Mahno had made their way to Audubon Park.

The park was filled with all kinds of trees, which was the only
thing that made it so popular.

"Wow it's so beautiful." They all said in unison.

"Well it would be prettier if it had more white around them."
Yuki said as she looked at the trees.

"No if they were orange it would be better." Hono argued.

"Relax, it's still the fall season." Tearesa reassured them.
"In a few more weeks, the leaves will turn into red, orange, yellow,
and gold." She smiles at Hono direction that caused him to blush and
smile back. "And sometimes, we get snow around here." Yuki was glad to
hear that.

"So first, what does everyone want to do." Mahno asked as he
tried to keep things in order.

"Well how about we go visit the zoo." Inaho suggested.

"Wonderful, Inaho Darling." Malariya favored. "Just let me
change into something more comfortable." She opens and extends her fan
and quickly closed. Her clothes are now a red short sleeved shirt; a
black long flowing dressed shirt over the red one. A pair of black
denim shorts and matching boots. She was still wearing the black sun
hat with the top cut off.

Inaho and Tearesa were amazed by Malariya's quick costume

"Ah, that's more like it." Said Malariya as she admired her

"Now why didn't you think of that before we left?" Asked
Mosquiton with a sigh. "Well it takes me awhile to find the right
outfit." Malariya answered with a pout.

"Wow, will you teach me how to do that, Malariya?" Tearesa

"Of course, Dear." Malariya said with a smile.

"How did you do that?" Inaho questioned.

"Well Inaho Darling, I did dabble in some witchcraft when I was
serving your grandmother," Malariya replied proudly. "It comes quite
handy when you are in hurry."

"Perhaps I can teach you and Tearesa sometime." She offered

"Okay, now lets get started." Announced Mahno and they headed
towards the zoo.

Once they got there, the group decided to go to the exhibits
they wanted to see the most. Yuki was enjoying herself at the Polar

"Hello in there." She greeted as she admired the seals.

"Arf arf." They replied, making Yuki giggle a bit.

Hono and Tearesa were in the Desert exhibit, looking at some of
the animals.

"And this is where they keep those cute prairie dogs." Tearesa
said as she directed him to the cage.

All this would interest Hono, but he seemed to be enticed by
something, or more or less, someone else.

"Man she is so cute." He thought and he quickly shook his head.
"What am I thinking!" He scolded himself. "I shouldn't be having these
kind of thoughts. She's too young and a mortal and I'm...I'm.....But
still..." he groaned as his thoughts confused him more "No no It would
not work out!....but Why do I keep having this feelings?" Hono thought
as he scratched his head in frustration "AHHG!!! This is driving me
crazy!" He screamed mentally not realizing that Tearesa was staring at
him very oddly.

"Hono, are you alright?" Tearesa asked with concern which
brought Hono back to reality.

"Huh? Oh, yeah, I'm fine." He answered as he scratched his
head, now of embarrassment.

"Are you sure, you seemed to be stress out or something."
Tearesa replied with care.

"It's nothing really. I'm okay. Thanks for asking." Hono
reassured her.

"Okay." Tearesa accept his words with a smile.

"Come on, if we hurry, maybe we can see the coyotes." She said
as she directed him to the area.

"She was worried about me!" Hono told himself in happiness. And
with that thought he just smiled a bit and followed her.

Meanwhile, Mahno and Malariya were at the canine exhibit
observing a family of wolves.

"Ooh, look how the little wolf cubs play with each other while
the papa wolf tends the mother." Said Malariya with deep admiration.

"Yeah, reminds me how my family was like when I was little."
Replied Mahno as he drew his wife closer to him. Then he noticed the
soft look on his wife's face. "Honey, are you thinking what I think
you're thinking?" Mahno playfully asks her.

"What! particularly." Malariya stammered as
she rapidly blushed. "Well...that is...we did talk about it...but I
always thought that we should wait until Mosquo and Inaho have theirs
first.." she was interrupted as Mahno silenceed her with a kiss.

"It's okay, I was thinking the same thing." He gave her a warm
smile. "If you want then someday we will have children of our own." He
said as she smiled lovingly towards him. "Besides, your brother's kids
will want to have cousins to play with." He said comforting his content

"You are so sweet to me." Malariya said softly with a smile and
gave him a sweet kiss.

Meanwhile Inaho and Mosquiton were in the nocturnal animal
exhibit. Mosquiton is being fascinated by the bats while he is asking
Inaho some more questions.

"So you and Tearesa like to come here often?" He inquired.

"Yes, Tearesa come here all the time every last weekend of the
month." Inaho answered. "We just love the animals." She continued.

"Really?" Mosquiton persecuted modestly.

"Yes, we used to play in the woods when we were little." Inaho

"Tearesa would try to make friends with any animal she sees."
She said with a small laugh.

"Um....Isn't that kind of dangerous?" He asked with concern.

"Well...Not really, most of the animals in the woods were
either friendly...or faster than her." She reassured him with another

"Is that so." He asked with a questionable look.

"Oh yes, we used to love it." She said becoming more nostalgic.

"So what made you stop?" Mosquiton queried some more.

"Natasha." Inaho responded bitterly.

"Let me guess, she doesn't like animals." Mosquiton assumed.

"No, she hates them," Inaho expounded with a sour note. "She
thinks that they are nothing more than disease carrying beasts that
have no purpose on this Earth except for being food and clothing."

"Sounds like she not a particular favorite to the animal
kingdom either." Mosquiton said as he lightly chuckled.

"'fraid not." Inaho said in agreement. "She even once tried to
do away with Max. But Grandmother Elenore wouldn't even let her go near
him." She said as she retraced her memories.

"Your grandmother sounds like very brave woman to put up with
your stepmother." He complimented.

Inaho's face softened a bit. "Yes, she was one of the bravest
women Tearesa and I know." Mosquiton laid a hand on Inaho's shoulder
and drew her closer to him.

"It's okay, Inaho. Your grandmother just wanted you and Tearesa
to be happy. I promise you that we'll do what ever it takes to keep
your stepmother away from you two." He said with a determined look on
his face that made Inaho smile

"Thank you." Inaho replied as she buried her head on his chest,
which caused him to blush. "You don't know how much this means to me."
She said softly as they just stood there and held each other for
several seconds.

Inaho lightly wiped the tears from her eyes. "I think it's time
we find the others and start heading back home." Inaho proclaimed.
"Tomorrow is a school day, and I need to think of something to say to
both Tearesa's and my principals." She said with a sigh.

"Yeah, you're right." Mosquiton said in agreement. He
understood what she was saying. "We might as well before my sister
discovers a gift shop." He said with a laugh.

"Really!" Inaho said as they laughed in unison but soon stopped
and looked at each other with worried looks and started to quickly

"It's a good thing Malariya didn't see what we were doing."
Mosquiton thought to himself. "Or else I'll never hear the end of it."

Moments later, the groups met up at the assigned location.

"Okay everyone, it's been fun, but I'm afraid that it's time
for us to go home." Inaho announced.

"Ooh, but we we're just started to have fun." Malariya pouted.

"Now Malariya Dear, you know that Inaho and Tearesa have school
tomorrow." Mahno said as he reminded her.

"Besides, you have to help Inaho and Tearesa write a couple
notes excusing them from today." Mosquiton ordained with a smirk.

"Very well." Malariya said as she sighed in defeat. "But you
two will have to help me explain how Inaho and Tearesa suddenly have

"Fair deal." Mahno said and accepted the offer.

"Fine by me." Mosquiton added.

"Thanks for the help everyone." Inaho said reassured that
everything would be ok.. "Luckily tomorrow is Friday. Um... Maybe after
school we can all go see a movie together." Inaho recommended as a
light bulb appeared above her head..

"Yeah, great idea!" Tearesa agreed.

"Wonderful, I just love the movies." Malariya said happily in

"Maybe you and Tearesa will hold each others hands." Yuki
teasily whisper to Hono.

"Shut up, Yuki." Hono said as he growled at her.

"Oh come on." Yuki said as she pushed even farther. "I thought
you like being alone with her." She smirked. "Did you two kiss?" She
asked with sly looking smile.

"Listen, all we did was talk and look at some animals!" Hono
screamed in defense as a blush crept up his face. "We did enjoy
eachother's company, but that was it! End of story!" He said as he
allowed everything to slip.

"A-ha, so you admit it!" Yuki said with a counter.

"Admit what?!" Hono sounded a little panicky.

"You do like her." Yuki said with a smirk as she held the upper

"I Said No Such Thing!" Hono agitated in fear.

"You mean you don't like her?" She asked him with a look of

"That is not what I meant!" He replied leaving himself to be
the mouse and her the cat.

"What did you mean?" Yuki demanded

"Well it's just that...she makes me feel comfortable around
her." Hono said as he tried to hide it.

"So you do like her." Yuki taunted with wide smirk.

"I Did Not Say That!" Hono quietly screamed so only Yuki could
hear. "Now will you please be quiet before she hears you!?" He pleaded

"Hear what?" A soft voice asked which made Hono freeze, without
the help of Yuki. He slowly turned to see Tearesa standing next to him.

"Oh, uh, we were just talking about what a great day we have
today." Hono replied, scratching his head lightly and hoped that she
didn't hear anything.

"Oh yeah, we had some fun I hope that we can do it again
sometime." Yuki chimed in covering for Hono.

"Yeah me too." Tearesa replied cheerfully. "I wish you could've
joined us in the desert animal exhibit, Yuki." Tearesa added

"Yeah well, that's more of Hono's thing." Yuki said, sticking
her tongue out playfully.

"That's okay, I enjoy his company." She smiled sweetly at him.

"Y-y-you do?" asked Hono with a nervous blush on his cheeks.

"Yeah, you're fun to be with and you know a lot of desert
wildlife." Tearesa said with a smile towards him.

"Yeah, well desert, heat, and fire are my specialties." Hono
said as he tried to act manly and macho in front of her.

"Great, maybe when we go to the movies, we'll find something we
all like." Tearesa said with a slight nod and a smile.

"Yeah, I would like that a lot!" Hono agreed happily with

"Okay everyone, let's head back home." Mahno announced which
brought Hono's wandering mind back to reality.

Tearesa quickly joined up with the rest of the group.

Hono and Yuki are just a little far behind.

"You lucked out on that one, Hot Stuff." Yuki whispered to Hono
with a small laugh.

"Not another word." Hono grumbled under his breath while Yuki
just snickered. They finally got to the car.

"Finally! Geez, I never thought you guys would stop jogging in
slow motion!" Inaho said with a playful smirk.

Meanwhile, the five villains were making last minute
preparations for the plan.

"Is everything all set for our plan to get the girls?" Rasputin

"Yes, My Lord." Sangermaine informed with a bow.

"We have all the preparations set for capture of the
Hitomebore sisters." Camille added with a similar bow.

"Finally, now lets get moving!" Natasha barked horsely. "We are
wasting too much time as it is!" She ranted as she looked around at the

"Please relax, Lady DeMon-Hitomebore." Srg. Crondar said as he
tried to calm her down but she gave him a dirty look that made him
cringe in fear.

"He is right, Dear Natasha." Rasputin said interrupting the
battle. "Soon we will have your stepdaughters return to you in no

"Yes, now let's go!" Natasha replied in a fury as she and
Crondar began to pack their belongings.

"The sooner we find the girls, the sooner we ditch her."
Camille whispered.

"Do not worry, soon it will be all over." Sangermaine whispered
back as he wheeled Rasputin.

"And soon the world will belong to us." Rasputin added with an
evil chuckle.

Hours had passed and the clock had struck 3 o'clock and the
group had recently returned to the Hitomebore Sister's home.

Mosquiton and Mahno helped Malariya with an excuse to the
schools explaining why both Inaho and Tearesa were both absent.

"To the Principle, We humbly apologize for the girls absence
yesterday...." Said Malariya reciting what she wanted on the letter to
Mahno and Mosquiton who were writing the words down. "So what do you
two think?" She asked a bit enthusiastically.

"Looks fine to me." Mahno answered approvingly.

"I don't know, it sounds a bit overly formal." Mosquiton
debated as he looked at the letter upside down.

"Will you relax, Mosquo, the girls are going to need these
notes for school tomorrow." Malariya reassured him.

"Okay, but in case their schools call, you go and explain why
suddenly both Inaho and Tearesa feel tired from today and how their
guardian just appeared." Mosquiton informed her.

"Fine, I'll try think of some explanation." Malariya confirmed
and went back working on the notes.

In the mean time, Tearesa was giving Hono and Yuki a tour of
the backyard of the house.

"And here is where we have our garden." Tearesa indicatedas she
pointed to the two small gardens.

One for flowers and the other for fruits and vegetables. "You
really grew all of these yourselves?" Yuki asked admiring the flowers.

"Yup, Inaho and I like to grow our own plants and gives us a
chance to play in the dirt." Tearesa answered proudly.

"Feh, you'll never catch Mistress Malariya getting her hands
dirty." Hono pinpointed with a smirk as he leaned back on a nearby
cage. Yet a loud "Squawk" behind him made him lose his balance and fall
on the ground. "What in the world..?" He exclaimed as he continued to
point at the bird in the cage

"That's just Rodan." Tearesa giggled as she got up to the cage.

"Rodan?" Yuki repeated.

"She's our baby hawk." Tearesa concluded.

"You have a hawk...for a pet?" Hono queried calming down a bit.

"Yeah, but don't worry she won't hurt you." Tearesa assured

"Didn't we have Hawk once for dinner with Mama Inaho?" Hono
asked as they looked inside the cage. A female brown hawk with piercing
brown eyes and long tail feathers looked back at them with confusion as
if it was examining them in and out. It had white spots on its crest; a
sharp hooked beak, and long talons.

"We had Rodan for about a year now." Tearesa explained. "Inaho
brought her home when she was just an egg." She remarked with a smile.

"An egg?" Hono asked slightly confused "Um... why not cook the
egg??" He asked wondering why she wanted to keep the egg when it was a
considerable food source.

"Uh..... we eat chicken eggs... not Hawk eggs." Tearesa said
with a slight sweat drop. Hono's face fell when she told him that.

"Um uh no, of course you don't. Heh heh." Said Hono with a
nervous grin and matching chuckle. "Now why did you have to go and ask
her that!?" Hono mentally scolds himself. "Like she can eat hawk eggs!
Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!" Hono subconsciously hits his head. Then he
quickly recovers as Tearesa continues.

"Um... Inaho works at the zoo as in intern for the veterinary
department. Sometimes they let her take home animals that too sick or
too young for the zoo." Tereasa said with a smile as she cooed to
Rodan. "It's alright, Rodan. These are our new friends." Tearesa
soothed the curious winged creature.

"This is Hono and Yuki." She introduces Rodan to the elemental
twins. "You guys, this Rodan." Hono and Yuki gave the little bird a
small and friendly wave. Rodan just made baby hawk noises. "I think she
likes you." Tearesa said it with a giggle.

"How can you tell?" Yuki asked as she looks at Rodan curiously.

"It's the way she looks at you." Tearesa confirmed.

"Would you two like to pet her?" She asked as she opens the

"No, that's okay." Hono replied, nervously.

"We don't really like to bother." Yuki added in the same way.

"It's okay." Tearesa insisted, brining out Rodan from her cage. "Inaho and I trained her not to bite people." Hono and Yuki look at each other for approval, then look back at Tearesa and Rodan. They decided to take her word for it.

"Well okay." "If you say so." Said Hono and Yuki simontaniously
as they carefully approached Rodan. Both of them were amazed when Rodan
accepted their presence.

"Wow, they must've trained her really well." Hono complimented
in thought as he and Yuki petted the little hawk hatchling.

"See I told you she likes you two." Said Tearesa and all three
of them laughed quietly.

A couple of more hours passed and Inaho is in the kitchen
making something for dinner.

"I hope our guests like beef strogenough." Inaho assured
herself as she is cooking the noodles. Then the doorbell rang.

"I'll get it." Tearesa called out as went to the door. Inaho
set the stove to simmer and decided to join her little sister. They
looked through the side window and saw a man with skull like face and
bulging icy blue eyes and dark blonde hair with two horn like cowlicks.
He was wearing a brown suit over a white dress shirt, a black tie, and
matching shoes.

Standing next to him was a woman with dark green hair in a
tight bun and violet eyes. She was wearing a black blazer over a white
blouse, black skirt that came down to her thigh, and black high heels.

"Any idea who they are, Inaho?" Tearesa whispered.

"I'm not sure, we're going to find out." Inaho replied as she
opens the door.

"Hello, may I help you with something?" Inaho greeted the two
interlopers while holding Tearesa close to her.

"Good day, Ms." The male stranger returned the greeting.

"Are you the current resident of this house?" The female
stranger asked.

"Yes ma'am," Inaho answered honestly. "Is there anything I can
do for you?"

"We are from Child Welfare." The man proclaimed. Inaho and
Tearesa got nervous when he told them that.

"Listen, I can explain everything." Inaho tried to confirm.

"There is nothing to fear Ms." The lady confided.

"We just wanted to tell you about a special funding plan for
under aged families." The male visitor concluded.

"Funding plan?" Inaho repeated.

"Yes, Young Lady." The female visitor reassured.

"We understand how hard it for people around your age to try to
raise a family." The Male visitor concluded. Inaho and Tearesa became
anxious at this

"This plan will provide all the money you'll need for any
expenses." The dark green haired lady declared.

"Really?" Said Tearesa getting all excited.

"But of course, Little One, with the money from the funding
plan, your big sister will be able to buy some nice things." The lady
tried to sound sincere.

Inaho tried to think this through. "With the funds I'll be
able to make all the payments." She said it to herself.

"If you like, we can discuss the plan over at our office." The
skull-faced man suggested.

Just as Inaho was about to reply, another male voice called out
to her. One that the man and the woman recognized all too well.

"Hey Inaho, can you help us with the letter writing?" Mosquiton
requested as he walked into the foyer holding a letter.

"I think Malariya mistook the word 'absent' with
'disappearance'." Then he looks up and sees the two visitors that she
was talking to and went into complete shock.

"Mosquiton, what's the matter?" Inaho asked, trying to figure
what is wrong with him. Mosquiton managed to make a quick recovery.

"Inaho! Tearesa! Get Away From That Door, Now!" He shouted.

"Huh?" Was Inaho could say. Still have no idea what is going
on. Then by an instant, the two strangers grabbed both her and Tearesa
and quickly dragged them out of their house.

"Inaho!" Mosquiton yelled as he charges after them.

Upstairs in one of the two rooms in the addict, Hono was just
thinking about today when he heard a knock on the door. "Yeah, who is
it." He greeted in his usual way. The door opens and in comes Yuki with
an urgent look on her face.

"Hono, you've got to come downstairs quick!" She directed

"Mama Inaho and Tearsea are being kidnapped!" Hono rapidly sit
up straight when Yuki told him that.

"Tearesa?" He whispered her name with fear. Right now his mind
is running thought of what kind terrible things that are happening to
her. "Well come on we have to hurry!" He returned back to reality and
jumped off his bed and ran out of the room with Yuki close behind.

"Hey! What Is The Big Idea!" Inaho demanded as she and Tearsea
struggle to get out of their grasp. The two kidnappers injected the
sisters with tranquilizers that render them unconsence.

"Sorry for the aggressive action, Ms. Hitomebore." Said the

"But there's has been a change in plans." Added the woman.

Just as they about to two sleeping girls into their car, out
comes Max running after two invaders who he believed did something
wrong to his two masters. He instictivly bites the mans legs which
caused him to shout in pain.

"Release me you wretched beast!" Growled the man and kicked Max
off from his leg with extreme force. Making hit against the house and
knocking the poor German Shepard out.

The two kidnappers quickly got into the car with the two girls
when they saw Mosquiton and his two servents appeared right infront of
them. "Mosquiton." The man snarled with pure hatred.

The woman, on the other hand, was happy to see him. "Oh how I
waited for this day to come." She said it with romantic visions her her

"That's enough Camille! We have a job to do!" The man snapped
at her, bringing her back to reality.

"Sangermain!" Mosquiton called the man. "What are you doing
here!" He commanded. As much as Sangermain wanted take on Mosquiton, he
and Camille are wasting enough time.

So he starts the car and hits the gas at full power.

"What are you doing!?" Camille shouted. "You're going to hit my

"That's the whole point!" Sangermain barked.

Even though Sangermain hates Mosquiton, Camille is not going
sit back and watch. So she grabs the wheel and the cars begins to

"What do you think you are doing!" Sangermain charged while
struggling to take the wheel back.

"I'm not going to let you squash my Mosquiton like a bug."
Camille rebutled, wrestling Sangermain for control of the car.

"Master, they are out of control!" Hono called it out.

"Everyone get out of the way!" Mosquiton ordered and he, Hono,
and Yuki ran off in different directions.

Sangermain missed his target but manages to get the wheel back
from Camille. "Well I hope you are happy!" Sangermain snide at Camille.

"Well there's no way that I'm going to let you kill my
husband!" Camille countered.

"First off, he is not your husband anymore, second, we are not
here to satisfied your pleasure, we are here to bring the girls back to
Lady Demon-Hitomebore and that's final!"

When Camille was about to make a come back, they heard a loud
thump on the car roof. It was Mosquiton and he's trying to pucnh a hole
through the car and stop the kidnappers.

"So Mosquiton want to play chicken does he." Sangermain thought
out loud with an evil grin. "Then lets get this over with." Sangermain
makes the car rock sidesways, causing Mosquiton to loose his grip and
gets thrown off the car and hit the streets.

"Darling!" Camille shouted in dismay.

"Forget about him!" Sangermain debated. "We have work to do."

Mosquiton watch the car drove off leaving him behind. He feels
frustrated and hurt for what those two did him and the girls"Inaho." He
whispered, sorrowfuly. Then he looks up at the sky and shouted out her
name. "INAHO!"

What will happen to the Hitomebore sisters when two of the villians
bring them back to their hotel? How will the heros be able to bring
them back? And what will happen if they ever face Lady
DeMon-Hitomebore? Find out in chapter five of Master Mosquiton: New
Beginning, To The Rescue.